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Default Playwrestling with WAG takes surprising turn

!Disclaimer! Although this story contains real characters the events in the story are entirely fictional.

Note 1. WAG is a term made best English football fans referring to the 'wives and girlfriends' of the players on their national team. Since then it is now used to refer to any partner of a famous athlete.

Note 2. Was kinda inspired to make this story after seeing how hot some of their girlfriends were when watching the world Cup. This one is based off of English player Kyle Walker, and his fitness model girlfriend Annie Kilner. Here's pictures of the two. She is 5'6 but couldn't find her weight, guessing 120-130. He's 5'10, 180lbs

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It had been a couple days since Kyle Walker helped lead England past sweden into the semi finals of the world Cup and he was feeling on top of the world. He was making headlines, getting closer to his lifelong dream, and had a model girlfriend with him at home. Today he had a practice later but he was still lying in bed at 1:00pm in his boxers watching tv and eating the breakfast she made when Annie came home from her workout and walked in the room.

"Have you still done nothing all day?" She said with a frown.

"Hey making it to the semis of a world Cup means a free pass for me." he joked back.

To kyle's delight his girlfriend was seductively pulling off her tight workout clothes to reveal the much skimpier yet langerie underneath, exposing her sexy body.

"Maybe, but if we keep this up I'm gonna get even stronger than you!" Annie teased as she climbed up the bed and mounted him.

"Yeah right." Kyle laughed as he pulled her in to make out.

The couple enjoyed eachother for a little while before Annie pulled away and scooched up on Kyle in a school girl position, and grabbed his arms and pushed them to the mattress

"Bet you couldn't escape my pin." Annie teased again.

Kyle laughed but only pretended to try to escape because he could tell pinning him was turning her on. Annie was softly counting to 10 but eventually stopped at 9.

"Tap if I'm too much for you." She said seductively and put her hands on her hips.

Kyle smirked but slowly reached over and tapped her ass three times. He let her enjoy her victory for a bit but then pushed her off and rolled over wanting to start having sex. Annie knew that he had let her win but was still surprised to find herself very turned on, femdom wasn't something she had ever really experimented with before but she was enjoying it througly and she wanted more time to dominate him.

"Hey I'm not done with you yet!" She said as she whipped her legs up and around his neck in a scissor. Not squeezing but pulling them both down to the mattress. Kyle was now very surprised as she was usually submissive but decided to let her setup the scissor because one- he didn't know what it was, and two- he realized wrestling her was acting as a great foreplay. But he didn't realize how painful it would be until she squeezed, Annie barely used 50% her strength but his blood and breathing was completely cut off and he started to claw at her legs as his head turned a darker shade.

"How does that feel?" She pouted, "Are you going to tap out again?" Annie said assuming he was still letting her win.

Kyle was now in a great pain physically, but also mentally as he realized he actually couldn't escape his girlfriend during their playwrestling. He heard her teasing him about tapping out again and realized he could take the easy route and tap out too her and blow it off as losing on purpose again but he felt like he had to prove to himself that he could escape and refused to take the tap still uselessly clawing at her model legs. Annie was now beggining to get confused as to why he wasn't tapping and eventually realized something, he was really trying to escape! She had been working out alot lately and was taking jujitsu classes for self defense, where they taught her how to even beat bigger untrained males, but she had never imagined being able to beat Kyle, he just seemed to be too big and masculine. I mean hes a pro athlete!
But here he was squirming between her legs, and a part of her was really enjoying it. Her smile now turned to a face of determination and she started to apply as much pressure as she could. Instantly Kyle made a gurgling noise and tapped out on her thigh. She rolled back on top of his chest and her hair was pouring out over his face.

"You couldn't escape!" She said finally bursting out into a beaming smile.

Kyle met her eyes for a second then darted his away and caught his breath for a second.

"In your dreams." He responded but not so sure himself.

She just smirked back down knowingly and raised her left arm into a bicep pose, her small but toned bicep peeking out her arm. Kyle knew he couldn't let her think she had beat him in a physical competition and decided to end her little idea decisively. He grabbed her around the waist and tried to pull her to the mattress but she was using her grappling experience to stay in the mount. Annie couldn't help but giggle as she noticed his frustration. Finally hearing her giggle activated a switch in him and he mustered up the strength to flip her over. Now having her in the mount he didn't know where to go to submit her from there so he decided he would just be pinning her for long enough that it was obvious he was stronger. Annie was determined to get him off though and was constantly bucking and trying to get in the position to use one of her grappling flip techniques. Kyle was surprised at how hard it was to keep her contained, especially with him feeling so drained from her headscissor but was just as determined not to let her up. Eventually however Annie was able to grab his right arm with both of hers and wrap his right leg with her left so that both his stabilizing limbs on the right were immobilized and was working to flip him over.

'There's no fucking way' Thought Kyle as he felt his weight lifting.

Kyles success and pride was completely based off his athleticism yet here he was getting flipped by his girlfriend who weighs 50lbs less than him. He was fighting desperately to stop her but he didn't even realize what techniques she was doing and it was hopeless. He knew he couldn't let her get a physical dominance on him and thought his strength would be an easy ticket to victory, but their 'playwrestle' seemed to be getting closer and closer to the impossible unthinkable result of her beating him. It was like something out of a nightmare as she flipped him on his back and broke out into a smile at his astonished look. Her girly and feminine face staring down at his felt very unfitting for the situation. He was now bucking wildly not caring now if she realized he needed all his strength but only wanting to avoid the humiliation of her getting to submit him again this time in a real wrestle. But somehow with her wrestling knowledge she rode him the whole time while Kyle now felt more tired than ever before, the effect of the scissor feeling like somebody vacuumed up all his energy and all his limbs felt heavy. Even she felt heavy on-top of him despite being so much smaller and her weight was making it harder to breathe.

The pair of them said nothing as she athletically rode his efforts while staring him in the eye. With the two of them making so much contact Annie's skimpy bra kept getting out of place so eventually Annie just undid it and tossed her bra to the side. Seeing her large ample breast Kyle got the reminder of his perpetrator being female and summed up some energy to fight again, although he was turned on by them he still had a point to prove, but again to his frustration it came to nothing. She was just easily draining his energy until his movements were much slower and weaker. Sensing this Annie took the opportunity and lifted herself up only to slam her torso back against his and wrapped her legs quickly around his in a grapevine and grabbed his wrists. The two were fighting for control of his arms and Kyle was shocked and embarrassed to find with the leverage of being on top she was putting up some competition with his weakened arms, him fighting desperately to keep them off the ground. Suddenly, he was distracted from the battle with their arms as she was pulling his legs open into a painful position for his groin.

'theres no way she has stronger legs than me' he thought

Kyle knew she worked her legs out alot to keep that amazing ass, but always thought it was kind of his treat rather than the muscles that could contend with his. But with his exhaustion they seemed closer to even footing. And here he was, a pro soccer player, who prides in leg strength getting his legs forced open by his girlfriend. Worse yet with the distraction she was now able to push his arms down to the mattress. Annie fighting the hardest she has yet to keep the muscly man in control, and she felt more turned on than ever before as she noticed him wince from the pain in his legs. Then she got an idea and it became even worse for Kyle as she raised her upper body to smother him with her big exposed breast. She wasnt even content on winning anymore but now on dominating him as much as possible.

"Are you trying now?" She teased as Kyle
Was wiggling his head around struggling for air, but getting nothing.

Kyle was in complete disbelief of the situation, he felt like this had to be a nightmare and he would suddenly wake up and laugh at how silly it was but knew he had to deal with this, and fast as he couldn't hold his breath much longer. Finally he was able to slip one arm out and mustered up every ounce of remaining strength he had to push her off and away from him, knowing he couldn't go through the humiliation of tapping out to her boobs. Still he didn't have any energy to mount her and soon again found himself under her in a side mount. He struggled to push her off but his attempts were barely noticeable and she was rotating around him easily to face his feet. And quickly pulled his head up against her butt in a reverse headscissor. Kyle knew this was the end of his fighting chance but still couldn't come to tapping out and was futily trying to pull her quads away from his neck. She just laughed and grabbed his hands with hers easily immobilizing them. Annie was in just as much shock as Kyle to be dominating this much and felt a rush of pride and arousal as her man was completely in her control. Her gym workouts and wrestling class had proved worthwhile in the best way. For Kyle it seemed to be the opposite, he too worked out a ton and was looked at around the nation as a hero of Athletics, yet here he was his training came to nothing in this most humiliating opportunity with his head forced up in the ass of his model girlfriend. Plus, even though he conciously hated this and realized how much it was negatively effecting his masculinity. He was also fairly turned on by the combination of her dominance and the sexual contact, (not to mention being forced to stare up at her perfect ass) and that was something he definitely didn't want. He was fighting to stop her before she would notice his boner would rising up but it was useless and she was just giggling while keeping him contained and lighlty squezing. Finally he gave up his struggles.

"Annie. Stop." He said a little too sternly for his position.

"I didn't hear a please." She said pushing him to his limit.

Kyle pulled at his arms again but barely moved an inch and was instead bouncing his legs up and down in a tantrum.

"Please!.. Annie.." he said weakly.

Annie glanced back at him with a look of contempt and excitement, "Tapout then." Instantly Kyle tapped the bed. She gave one hard squeeze forcing his face back in her butt.
"On my butt." Kyle was looking close to tears but complied, hoping it was the end of his torture.

To his dismay however she just sat her plump butt back on his face covering his breathing. This was the most humiliating thing Kyle could imagine yet he knew he couldn't do nothing. Kyle was sure Annie would pass him out under her butt, but instead Annie rotated around his face easily as he was a rag doll under her and scooched back into the school girl pin. But it was worse than even the facesit... Annie momentarily lifted her bum off his chest and pulled her panties down to her knees. Revealing her cleanly trimmed pussy, Before sitting back on his chest. Her bare butt on his chest and exposed vagina completing his erection. She reached her hand back and squeezed his testicles getting bored with his lack of struggling, and he fought momentarily until she stopped.

"Don't worry I'll be back for you, me first this time though." And she pulled Kyles face into her mound.

He hesitated for a second and she squeezed her legs together crushing his neck. Instantly he obeyed and started licking away.

"Good boy," she laughed pulling him deeper by the hair. She was FORCING a fitness icon of the nation to give her oral and was more turned on and wetter than ever before. She had never realized this part of her that enjoyed so much humiliating men into boys. Or even thought she would have the skills to do anything close to this. But here he was, the muscly athlete, licking away.

Kyle had given her oral before and usually enjoyed this but at the moment he was blushing a bright red and begging himself not to cry. He was trying to get in the mindset of just an average day of having sex with his girlfriend, but couldn't shake the reality that he almost felt like he was getting... Raped? An athlete by his girlfriend? Which was all humiliating, angering, condescending, and sexy. His whole pride was based off his athleticism and masculinity and she took that away in the most convincing way possible. He couldn't help feeling an overwhelming inferiority to her. Still he obeyed her command and after what felt like forever she shuddered and came on his face. She gave a final moan/sigh and sat back relaxingly on his chest and let his head hang loose again. She was studying his face and easily noticed his discomfort between her legs.

"Ohhhh, honey. Don't worry, I can be stronger than you. That was so sexy!" She said ruffling his hair. Kyle didn't feel very sexy. "You can't say you didn't enjoy it too." She said as she reached back and forced his underwear down despite him squirming against it. He was moaning and bouncing his hips up and down trying to avoid her hand but she easily gripped his cock by the base and started jerking him off. With his arms pinned under his knees there was nothing he could do. He laid back and relaxed trying to imagine a normal handjob.

"Shhhhh" she whispered placing a finger on his lips.

Kyle did enjoy her hand jobs but felt like this was not meant to be as much him enjoying the sexuality but more conforming to her superiority through the forced excitement. He felt like he was just a sex toy for this dominatrix to use however she pleases. Despite himslf he was getting quickly close to cumming as she expertly but slowly pumped his cock and he started bouncing up and down again trying to escape her hand. Finally it was too much and he felt it coming. She noticed too and grabbed the base of his penis tightly, controlling his ejaculation as well. She was grabbing it extremely tight and with the combination of the pressure, the injaculation, and how hard his dick was, his cock was super swollen and throbbing with pain.

"Who's your master?" Annie said.

"You are...."

"Am I too much for you? She said as she started to pump him again.

"Yes" and almost on queue he burst into a massive ejaculation. Leaving him huffing and puffing under her.

"I know honey"

With his ejaculation it felt the final ounces of his masculinity came out of him as well as he had now enjoyed his girlfriend raping him. He had now undeniably submitted to her physicaly, mentally, verbally, and sexually. Kyle was staring up at her big breasts almost cutting off his view and was wondering what would happen next. Annie enjoyed her last moments on her throne, before giving him a light slap on the cheek. And getting off him.

"Thanks for the fun, I'm gonna make lunch." She said as she walked out the door, her naked butt that he usually found so sexy, but he now found both sexy and taunting swaying behind her. He knew things would be different now that they knew that her perfect ass could kick his.
And he dreaded it but a part of him he wanted to ignore also enjoyed feeling like a slave to this sexy master.
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