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Default Smelting Silver (mixed maledom)

This was a custom story posted here with the commissioners permission, if you’d like me to write one for you leave me a private message

Smelted Silver
A Custom Story by Stone Kidman

The crowd was cheering as the two fighters were introduced; many applauded the statuesque amazon, Silver. She stood six feet tall, her tanned body on display as many eyes were drawn to her full 34D cup breasts barely covered by a pair of suspenders. She was 205 pounds of muscle with only a slim pair of black Lycra booty shorts preventing the audience from viewing her smoothly shaven pussy.

Her opponent stood across the ring, naked as the day he was born. The little pipsqueak that had beaten her friend Diamond; Silver was determined to get some payback from the sawed off little runt. He was only 5’6” and 145 pounds but Silver almost couldn’t believe the announcer when he stated Pip indeed had a thirteen inch cock.

Silver felt her nipples stiffen as she was unable to take her eyes off his impressive organ. It went past his knees like some kind of third leg growing from his waist. She tried to focus; this about revenge, she tried to tell herself when the bell rang. The pair marched out into the center of the ring.

Silver towered over the shrimp, looking him up and down as if there should be more of him somehow. “I don’t know how a sorry excuse for a man like you could beat Diamond but I’m here to make sure I take out of you so I can tell her I had her back.

“Although I have to say I’m not impressed,” Silver said with a snort as she kept glancing down to the python between his legs. Being so close to it was making her incredibly horny. When Silver saw the replay of the match she had been a little envious of her friend; she secretly wanted herself to be impaled on that massive hunk of cock.

“I’ve broken men twice your size, lil guy,” she said, putting her mind back on the subject at hand. “I could probably snap you across my back with one arm,” she said, flexing her bulging bicep. “So what’re you gonna do you little shit stain? How do you think you’ll be able to handle a real woman, peasant?”

Pip was silent, as if calculating every word with measure. His only reply was a courteous deep bow, bending at the waist as Silver just snorted. She attempted to knee her opponent in the face but Pip was too quick and caught her leg. Silver hopped on one foot before Pip shoved it back, sending the amazon crashing onto her back.

Before she could get up, Pip was between her splayed legs; slapping the fat head of his enormous cock against the outline of the amazon’s pussy lips through her booty shorts. Silver, shocked at the speed with which not only she was taken down but also the boldness with which her opponent checked her with his dick, made her yelp in surprise as she scooted backwards on the mat with her hands; scooting her butt like a bitch in heat.

In truth feeling the weight of his manhood touching her cunt had sent an electric shock of arousal through Silver’s buff body. She slowly got to her feet, her breasts now completely exposed as her suspenders had come dislodged during her fall.

Shamed by a runt like him taking her down so easily Silver charged at Pip. He backed up into the corner; Silver contemplated squashing that up-jumped midget against the turnbuckle like roadkill as she sprinted towards the dwarf. At the last second, Pip rolled out of the way as Silver crashed chest-first into the pads; squashing her large breasts.

The little pipsqueak grabbed the back of his opponent’s leg as Silver came stumbling backwards out from the corner and flipped the amazon onto her back in a roll up pin. The referee got down on the mat, slapping it for two before Silver kicked out.

The force of the busty amazon breaking the pin launched Pip off her, knocking him back into the corner. Silver sees the diminutive man-ling getting to his feet slowly so she decides to charge in again since she had the element of surprise. At the last second Pip sees her coming and bounces off the bottom rope to uppercut the amazon in the jaw with his hard cock.

The blow sent Silver tumbling across the mat; when she finally begins to stir the amazon rolls onto her stomach to try to get up when she feels Pip landing on her lower back. She instantly winces when the runt spreads her leg in a painful wishbone; almost like a Boston crab as her toned thighs are pulled back so she’s folded up on the mat.

“Oh god,” Silver moans softly when the unmistakable feeling of the pipsqueak’s girthy cock rubbing against her pussy sent shivers through her body while his heavy gonads were essentially teabagging her ass. She was trying to push her way free but her body felt like it was on fire with desire. Silver wanted to scream not only from her legs being split apart but also from how horny she was getting.

God that cock is fucking huge, she thought while aware of how wet she was getting. Whenever the bulbous tip rubbed against her clit she moaned and felt a small shudder rush through her.

I’ll have a good cum then I’ll power back and show this pathetic wimp who the stronger sex is, the amazon told herself. But Silver didn’t want to break the hold as she was panting while face down on the mat, letting the shrimp grind his manhood against her toned ass and tender pussy; waiting for him to just finish her off.

She was on the verge of a colossal orgasm when Pip stopped. He released Silver’s legs and got behind the amazon; pulling her onto all fours. She did not resist or even fight back, instead looking over her shoulder to see the runt behind her tearing at her Lycra shorts.

“Do it you little puke, stick it in me,” she demanded. “Fill me up with that meat; do it now!”

Obeying her words after ripping a hole in the crotch of Silver’s skintight booty shorts, Pip ran into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to get a head of steam then dove at the dripping wet hole between her legs.

Silver’s screech echoed throughout the arena as he went all the way in until his balls smacked the amazon on her throbbing clit. The shock of her pussy so full of Pip’s kielbasa made Silver tremble on the mat like she was in the fit of a grand mal seizure. Pip, overcome by the pleasure of her pussy spasming around his dick, caused his balls to explode; filling the Amazon with so much cum it was spewing out the sides.

When he finally caught his breath the runt pulled himself out with an audible popping noise. He stood as the ref raised his arm while the ring announcer declared him the winner by undisputed climax. Silver, finally coming to her senses rolled onto her back and tried to catch her breath.

She couldn’t believe a little turd like that had defeated her so easily. As she rubbed her pussy, enjoying the way it still tingled, Silver reflected on how much she loved the feeling of that gigantic dick inside her. She scooped up a handful of his spent seed and brought up to her pouty lips, enjoying the taste of his victorious cream as she rubbed her sensitive clit; reflecting that she’s never had a man let alone a dick that had ever conquered her like that before.

Silver continued lapping up his semen hoping the little man would use her like a toy. She wasn’t just broken physically or emotionally but sexually too; no feeling would ever compare to being destroyed by a dick like that.

If you want to read more of my stories go to [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
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