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Default Enslaved by Ava

Every semester, our coed fraternity hosts a wrestling tournament. Men and women from their second year or above are randomly paired into partnerships for the semester, with the dominant partner being decided by a wrestling match in front of the rest of the fraternity. The rules are simple - best of five falls, each decided by forcing your opponent to tap or orgasm (the second condition evens the playing field for the girls a bit). The loser essentially becomes the winner's slave for the semester, which generally consists of doing chores at the fraternity house mostly naked and having sex.

Starting my senior year, I was excited - I had won both semesters in my sophomore and junior years, and had missed having a sex slave over the summer. The possibility of loosing didn't really occur to me - after all, men won just shy of three-quarters of the matches, and I was undefeated. The second semester of the previous year I had even gone up against Cassy, a senior with an undefeated record and by far the toughest girl in the frat, and won - she had even come to enjoy her submissive role by the end of the semester.

I looked around at my fellow fraternity members, imagining what it would be like to have each as a slave. The women looked fantastic in the bikinis they had decided to wear this year - small things with connecting ropes wrapping around their bodies - and I noticed with amusement that a lot of the guys were already tenting their speedos. As the first few matches proceeded, there was a lot of nervous tension, since you never knew when your name was going to be drawn. The first match, between a sophomore guy and a junior girl, was pretty even but ended with the girl tapping to lose 3-2. The second match was between two of my own class mates, Julie and Luke. With Cassy having graduated, Julie was probably the toughest girl left and she proved it by forcing Luke to tap twice and then catching him in a head scissor which gave her unrestricted access to his genitals. Soon Luke was spasming and Julie claimed the win.

The day wore on with matches, with only a few surprises. Another undefeated senior, Gary, lost to a junior girl. Though he pinned her and made her submit easily in their first fall, he couldn't deal with her sexual attacks and ended up cumming three falls in a row. Jessica, Julie's twin sister, lost 3-1 to a sophomore guy that didn't look that strong but was very quick and had some great wrestling technique. Turned out he had wrestled in high school. Finally my name was called, along with Ava. She was a gorgeous sophomore girl that I didn't know well. She was toned but not muscular, and seemed like a cakewalk. I was already imagining what I would do with her when we got back to my room.

We went out to the mat and locked hands, with my superior strength driving her back a bit. All of a sudden Ava darted to the left and hit the back of my leg, bringing my to my knees. It happened so quickly that I wasn't able to respond before she had me in a headlock and took us down to the mat. I tried to push her off and nearly succeeded, but she swing herself around to lie across my chest with her headlock still secure. I struggled but couldn't dislodge her, though she was unable to apply the pressure needed to make me consider tapping. Finally she decided to shift positions, and moved to lie flat on top of me. I arched my back to buck her off, but she held on and looped her legs through mine, spreading them painfully. I started to roll side to side, but she still held on and stayed on top. I heard her whisper "congratulations" and then the world went dark - she had encircled my neck with her arms and pulled my face into hear luscious breasts. A dream come true for many men, but I thrashed about trying to get our of her hold. It didn't work, and when I had to either breathe or pass out I tapped. Ava released me and sat on my chest looking down into my eyes as I gasped for air. I was down 0-1 to a sophomore girl, having hardly gotten any offense in.

I started the next fall a bit more cautiously, slowly circling Ava. I had underestimated her at the beginning, but was still certain I'd be coming away the winner. As we batted at one another's hands seeking to gain advantage, I lunged forward and rammed Ava with my shoulder, driving her to the mat. I followed her down, but she got her legs up in time to stop me from going for the pin. Unperturbed, I grabbed her legs above the knees and flipped her over as I turned around so that she was face down on the mat with me sitting on her back. I crossed her ankles and held them with my right hand as I reached back with my left to lift her chin. Though this was a hold that I had used last semester to make Cassy submit, it didn't have as much effect on Ava as I had hoped - she was way too flexible. I let her face fall to the mat as I considered my next move when she suddenly started twisting out from under me. I put her in a headlock from behind, but as we rolled I found myself on the bottom. Ava bridged to try to get away but I was able to hold on, though my stretching hold had no more effect than the first. As I was considering how to turn up the pain to get her to surrender, she drove her right elbow backwards into my ribs several times, forcing me to double over and let go of her. Ava quickly flipped herself and trapped me in a reverse head scissors, though I got my arm up before her legs closed so I knew I'd eventually be able to force my way out. Ava must have had the same realization, because as I started forcing her legs apart she reached into my speedos and pulled my cock out. I was already pretty excited from rolling around the mat with her, not the mention her breast smother, and it only took a few seconds for her to have me completely at attention. I was still struggling with her headscissors as she took me into her mouth, which made it a lot more difficult to focus. In what seemed like no time at all, I was cumming. I was now loosing 0-2 to Ava, and though I had wrestled quite well this fall, I didn't seem to have come close to forcing her to tap. As Ava released me and stood up, she took my speedos with her, to much applause from the crowd. I would fight the rest of the match naked.

As our third fall started, Ava grinned slyly and made me an offer. "If you surrender now I'll be a merciful mistress." In retrospect my reply was foolish; even having lost twice and beginning to doubt myself I was still cocky and told her to go fuck herself. Ava smirked. "Actually thats going to be your job."

This time we approached one another on our knees and locked up, both going for headlocks. I was much more careful than in our first fall, and this time I took Ava down in a headlock and cross-body pin. As she squirmed beneath me I lifted slightly to allow her to roll over and then sat down hard on her crossed legs. I grabbed her arms and pulled her backwards, applying a painful hold that had her moaning in pain but not giving up, though it did engender cheering from the male portion of the crowd as Ava's perfect breasts were on display. She managed to shake loose her arms, so I grabbed her chin and applied a camel clutch, but Ava was just too flexible to submit this way. I didn't notice her raise one of her arms between mine as she was thrashing back and forth, and she broke the hold by putting me in a headlock and dragging me down to the mat. I rolled out of the headlock looking to restart things when her legs flashed toward me and pulled me into a figure four headscissors with Ava behind me. I used all of my strength in a desperate attempt to escape, but Ava kept ratcheting up the pressure. I lasted four minutes, and then tapped.

Ava slowly got up, seeming tired, and looked at me with a blazing smile as she put her foot on my chest while the crowd applauded. For the first time my situation struck me. I had lost to Ava and was now her slave - and not just lost, I had beaten 3-0 by a sophomore girl on her first semester in the fraternity tournament. Ava removed her foot from my chest and went to her bag at the side of the mat. I started to get up and was on my hands and knees when I heard Ava's voice. "Did I tell you to move, slave?"

Bewildered, I looked up as Ava approached me. "Well slave?"

"No" I replied.

"No what?"

"No, mistress." Saying that was hard, but my life was about to become more difficult.

Ava kicked my arms out from under me with one of her shapely legs, causing me to fall on a heap at her feet. She then kicked my side to roll me over and held up something she had retrieved from her bag with a huge smile. It was a chastity cage. Ava reached down to finish her enslavement of me, but I still had a very hard erection from our last fall.

"Hmm... we'll need to get rid of that before this fits." Ava laughed, placed her foot on my erection and started to rub up and down the length of my cock as she locked gazes with me. I tried to resist this final humiliation, but all to soon I was orgasming. When I finished, Ava reached down and secured the chastity cage around my penis. She put the key on a necklace which she looped around her neck, with the key falling tantalizingly between her breasts. My freedom was over. Ava smiled.
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Default Re: Enslaved by Ava

Yes, to lose to a girl is one thing, but to be completely shut out and lose in three consecutive falls is far more humiliating. To lose to a girl that looks like the pic of Ava, above, adds a whole dimension of excitement to that humiliation.

I really enjoy stories where arrogant and self assured guys learn respect for females after life altering experiences like this one. I hope Ava goes on to reinforce her physical superiority with more wrestling lessons in the future.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us, mate.
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