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Default Fighting Tina Armstrong

I was upset that I didn’t have any good challenges yet, so I put on my trunks and walked into the middle of the ring, demanding anyone who could come and challenge me to see if they could compete. I was just a kid with a chip on my shoulder, I had no idea what I was doing or who I may challenge. Well, I did actually say “any man or woman who wants to fight me should step up…” but I didn’t really expect one of the girls to come.
A girl walked up and said she’d take my challenge, before giving me (and the camera) a date and time. “Be there and face the real champion!” she chided, dancing at me just a bit “I can make any man submit, especially a wimp like you. You will be my boytoy before everything is over with!” She said I was too big for my britches and knew nothing about real wrestling, before shaking her assets for the camera. I was going to wrestle Tina Armstrong. She was a pretty famous female wrestler who had participated in a few world martial arts tournaments
I could have trained more for opening night, but I didn’t. I mostly counted on my maleness to win me the match, big mistake on my part. The audience was packed, and much to my chagrin when I walked in I could hear the entire audience chanting, in unison, TI-NA! TI-NA! I’d never experienced fighting someone with that much fan support, it was definitely kind of strange.
I tried to look cool but she beat me, seeming absolutely graceful as she jiggled her way toward me, a half-smirk on her face as she eyed me up and down. She was so confident when she walked up, her blonde hair flowing freely and her bikini barley containing that lithe but curvy body. She swayed her hips, mocking me with her presence as she came. I was more than a bit flustered by her beauty. She was wearing a silver brassier that didn’t look like it could support her heavy breasts very well and a pair of super-tight shorts that had ovullar hole sto show off hip skin.
Thigh was exposed down to the top of her silver boots. They were reflective and skintight, covered in flame patterns, and did nothing to hide the contours of her legs. She looked great, er white skin showing off, she looked me in the eye “Well, seems like somebody can't keep his eyes off my body” she poked me in the chest and laughed at me.
She was a bit taller than me, as much was confirmed again when our stats were announced. I didn’t exactly have the most cut physique out there, really I have a bit of a tummy if I’m being honest. Despite being two inches taller than me at 5’10, I was 65 lbs heavier at 210. And not all of it was muscle.
“Oh come on” I say smugly “You are tall and fit, I Guess, but you are a girl. I’m a lot bigger than you and definitely a lot stronger. You have a few fancy moves and stuff, but there’s no way you could ever actually compete with me in a real sense. So just...do whatever you want, I won’t hurt you too bad”
She looked stunned for a moment, then a smile creeped across her lips “Oh of course!” she said in a condescending tone “I’ll make sure to try my lady-best against you” her hand shot out and rustled my hair as she began laughing “Just don’t come crying to me when I completely obliterate your fragile masculinity”
The bell rang and I immediately ran toward her, she picked her hands up and charged me. Our bodies slammed together in the middle of the ring for the start of our match, a test of strength, our palms crashed into each other and both of us began to push, I was forcing my entire body against hers but she just smiled and took a step forward. I anchored myself to the ground but felt myself getting pushed backward, my torso failing as my hands slowly got pushed back into my chest “What’s wrong, big boy? This girl pushing you around like the little leaf you are?!” she said before pushing harder
Step by step I found her overwhelming me, forcing me into the corner with her awesome strength until I was smashed into the ring buckle. Already out of breath, I was stunned by how completely refreshed and confident my female opponent looked.
She started laughing at me “Oh my god you are such a wimp! Like seriously, every guy I ever wrestled was tougher than you are!” she said as she prepared to face me again. She took a grappling position and I mirrored it, we stared down and she struck first.
“I can toss around a wimp like you, no sweat!’ she sweetly mocked as I came in to grapple again. She lifted me up and held me upside-down, finding my body easy enough to play with “Time to get your seminar on moves. I am more than happy to show you the ropes!” she said before tossing my body in a devastating Brainbuster. I scrambled to my feet, already dizzy from exhaustion and head trauma
She walked into me again, and as I tried to press against her she just hooked a hand under me and lifted me from the ground. I was amazed by how easily she picked me up, then simply stunned as she easily manipulated my 210 lbs mid-air like it was nothing, so now my head was facing the ground. I was over her shoulder and she was forcing my head into her breasts, i could hardly even breath with those mounds of meat in my face! “Haha, don’t get too used to that. You are about to encounter something much less soft!” Then, suddenly, her arms started wrapping even more tightly around my neck and she lowered my face until my nose was in her navel. With a sudden jerk she jumped into the air and slammed me into the canvas, leaving me discombobulated as she manhandled me to set up her next move.
I was placed in the corner as she did some stretching, before motioning for me to come and get some. She faced me again and charged. I was ready this time, or I thought I was, and for some stupid reason I tried to grapple with her again. “Oh no you are soooo much stronger than me!” She seemed to relent this time, I felt almost no pressure on my hands as her body went back. But as I charged forward her body went down instead of following mine. “Just kidding, you are still a wimpy little boytoy for my amusement. Sorry to break it to you, but you!” An arm was under my crotch, and before I knew it she was holding me in her arms as easily as if I were a baby. She grunted as she spun me once, and I knew then that she was going for a Body Slam.
When I hit the ground, my bell was rung and my confidence was shattered, but she just walked around and let the crowd cheer for her as I recovered. She didn’t take me remotely seriously as a threat, she just wanted to show off some moves for her adoring audience, and I was just a dummy.
I felt her arms snake behind mine and I realized she was going for a German suplex. I tried to muscle out, but at that point I was really just deluding myself. She easily threw me into the air and slammed me down. I hadn’t even gotten back on my feet before I felt the grip returning me to the same position, and as her breasts pushed into my back I realized she was definitely going for a Double German Suplex! I slammed down hard a second time, and then she got up and smiled at me.
I was definitely reeling from her last blow when she finally decided to showboat some more, shaking her body for the adoring fans. I looked up, feeling jealousy in my heart as she controlled the adoration of the crowd. Sh wasn’t just a hot girl, she was way better at wrestling that I could ever hope to be! Suddenly, she reached down and extended a hand. She wanted me to get up. Reluctantly, I grabbed hers and she pulled me up, before walking behind me and placing her head between my thighs. Oh no, this was bad, she was aiming to use her finishing move, the Japanese Ocean Cyclone!
My first reaction was just to go limp, but I underestimated her strength AGAIN! She just let me fall on her before straining her thighs and shooting her body into the air, carrying mine along with it! I felt her powerful hands grab my wrists, forcing my arms to cross as she walked into the middle of the ring and started spinning. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do this with someone my wight, but Tina was doing it was easy and grace that made such actions seem positively simple!
Suddenly she arched her back and I found my entire weight, plus hers, slamming my back into the canvas. I was completely exhausted after that, and Tina’s prone back stretched more so she could look up at my face as the ref counted us out. I had just lost my first big match to a woman. It wasn’t even close, she completely manhandled me!
After that, I felt her pick me up, placing me on her shoulder as she walked out of the ring. She waved at the audience and her fans cheered her again, very excited at the prospect of their heroine so easily manhandling me.
She looked up at me ‘SO I guess we know which sex is really stronger, huh wimp?” she said as she carried me out “But you were a nice training toy. Tell ya what, wimp...from now on I may use you as my own personal doll...and training dummy, maybe even as a sex toy. Sound up your alley?” I wanted to say no, but realized that would be a bad idea...


Just a story I did for a user here. It was a 5 page ($15) commission. contact me if you want a commission of your own?

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