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Default Re: EWF Domination

Here are the results of the EWF's 7th event, which took place on 11/04/2016. Anyone who is curious about joining us, please email me at [email protected][Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail.com - I'll get back to you ASAP.

Voting is currently underway for our 8th event. If you'd like to help decide the results, you can find the poll at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] - Voting goes through Sunday, November 20th at 12:00 PM MST.

EWF Domination - 11/04/2016

As the opening music fades and the pyro dissipates, "Yeah, Yeah" by Bodyrox plays over the speakers and Commissioner Chloe Mason struts down to the ring. She's all smiles, waving to the everyone in attendance.

She reaches ringside and receives a microphone from the referee before climbing the steps and entering the ring proper. The crowd continues to buzz and she paces a bit while she waits for them to quiet down.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Chloe begins, smiling radiantly, "I am out here tonight to make an official announcement. Although most of you know this already, I am going to make it official: In two weeks, the Erotic Wrestling Federation presents Champion of the Sexes! You will see a champion crowned in several divisions; each match a battle of the sexes!"

The crowd pops again for this and Chloe pauses dramatically before continuing. "Nearly all of the title matches will be announced on Monday, with the exception of one... The Wrestling title. That honor goes to Super-Grrl as she takes on the epitome of male arrogance: Super-Stud!" The fans boo as his name is mentioned.

"But not to worry," Chloe smiles once again. "Super-Stud, as you knew him, no longer exists. After I conquered him in the middle of this ring two weeks ago, I officially own him body and soul. He is no longer allowed to make any derogatory comments about women, nor is he allowed to act out in a violent manner. He is, for all intents and purposes, my property now. He is no longer an annoyance to the women of this federation, or a blemish on the EWF's reputation.

"Now this match between Super-Grrl and Super-Stud has been a long time coming. And there's nothing he can do to weasel his way out of the match-up. In fact, you will all get a chance to see the new and improved Super-Stud in action later this evening as he humiliates and destroys Lacey Sky!"

The crowd obviously has a mixed reaction about this as Chloe pauses. She obviously wishes the people were cheering this fact, but she knows that everyone has their favorites... Even if one of those favorites is somehow Lacey Sky.

"Now... as for Lacey Sky... Let's talk a little bit about-"

"You're The Best" by Joe Esposito plays out over the arena speakers and Chloe, a look of shocked anger on her face, turns and glares up at the stage as Super-Stud steps out with a microphone in hand.

"What do you think you're doing out here?" Chloe demands as the music fades. "You were told explicitly to remain in my office until it was time for your match!"

"You know, Commissioner..." Super-Stud begins. "I've always had a hard time taking orders from women. Even now, after that stupid match stipulation that enforces my behavior. So I've been doing some thinking..."

"That's never a good sign," Chloe laughs. "Look, I'm in the middle of something important here. Go back to my office and we'll discuss whatever is on your mind in just a bit."

"I'm not going to do that, Commish," Super-Stud says, ignoring the thunderous look that has spread across Chloe's features. "I have something important to say, and I'm going to say it in front of all these people."

"This is a direct violation of last week's stipulations," Chloe replies. "You are treading on thin ice. Get back to my office before I terminate your contract!"

"Then this is perfect!" Super-Stud laughs. "Because I quit!"

"You what!?" Chloe says, barely heard above the crowd reaction.

"I will NEVER be controlled and manipulated by a woman!" Super-Stud nearly screams into the microphone. "I will NOT follow your orders. I will NOT restrain myself! And I am NOT your property! All this bullshit ends now! If I'm not allowed to be the man I am, then the EWF has nothing for me!"

"You agreed to those match stipulations last week and you LOST!" Chloe nearly snarls up at him. "Fair and square! You are MINE now!"

"Just like a woman to not listen... I'm being dead serious here, so get the wax out of your ears. I'm not getting involved in whatever stupid game you're trying to play. It's over for me. I'm done here. I quit!"

"You can't quit!" Chloe seethes. "You're fired!!!"

"Fuck you too, Commish!" Super-Stud gives Chloe a double middle finger salute after he drops the microphone and walks off the stage.

"Get you're ass back out here! I'm not done with you yet!" Chloe calls out, but Super-Stud keeps on walking. "For fuck's sake!" she mutters as she throws down the microphone and heads towards the backstage area.


Match #1

Johnny Flash vs. Lindsey

Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Johnny Flash enters the arena to "Unchained" by Van Halen. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has shaggy dirty-blonde hair and is wearing long black trunks with blue lightning bolts and light blue kickpads.

Lindsey enters the arena to "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. She is a Caucasian female with an average build, standing at 5'1" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long & straight brunette hair and is wearing a black & red flannel shirt, blue jeans and brown ankle boots.

The Match:

The match begins, the two opponents find themselves at opposite ends of the ring. Lindsey hangs on the ropes, arms over the cables, showing not a modicum of respect to her opponent, he’s beneath her. He's a rookie and she’s been in EWF for ages.

Johnny's voice raises as he stares at her, steely. "I hope Taylor is watching this. Takes a lot of balls for you to come out here and take her medicine."

Hanging on the ropes, a picture of cockiness, Lindsey smiles. "Taylor's going to watch you wear my ass around your face like an oxygen mask. Taylor’s gonna watch you bow to the Southern Princess” She says, before bringing up her arms, calling up for a tie up. Her arms close, hands about two inches apart from his before she tries to bring her knee up between his legs. “Fuck you, Johnny."

He catches her foot, holding it tight up in the air, looking at her incredulously. "Lins, I'm from New Orleans. I knew a skeezer like you would go for the dick. It's in your nature!” Johnny shouts back, venomously, before Lindsey throws her hands up, in a pleading motion.

"Hey! We can talk about this!!”

Flash smirks and tosses her boot down before his hand darts back. In a flash, he backhands the diminutive Southern Princess across the face with a massive pimp slap that would have taken down an elephant, ripping her right off her feet, sending her to the mat in a pirouette of humiliation.

Johnny smiles, widely, before he tosses a hip out into Lindsey's side, buckling her to a knee, as he slides around, belly to her back locking his wrists tight above her navel, hands in an embrace. The Southern Princess grips his wrists, knowing what's coming and knowing that she's not big or strong enough to stop it.

With a pop of his hips, Johnny hoists her off the ground and plants her to the mat with a bridging German suplex. Lindsey's head is jolted awkwardly down as she lands on her neck and shoulders, letting out a cry on the impact as her legs jut out, bridging up and sliding out like the limbs of a dying insect.

They lie on the mat for another few seconds before Johnny sits up, pulling her up as her legs hang rubbery, shaking in his grip like a marionette. "D-don't." She says, softly, he's wrapped around her waist, holding her off her feet, her back arches against his broad shoulders.

"Don't what?" Johnny says before pumping his hips once more, humping her ass and then flinging her up and over his shoulders with a sickening release German suplex, dropping her to the canvas like a spiked football, she lands and her fingers tingle inward as she rolls to the ropes, holding her head and crying out, seizuring a bit from the impact, head shaking and legs kicking.

The two wrestlers are on their knees, panting, bodies glossy with sweat, the two battered and bruised. Tongues hanging out, body language spent. Lindsey rushes forward, arms out, defiantly. "I hate you!" She spits, "I fucking hate you!" As she does, Johnny scoots with his hips only to reach out, his arms sliding under her armpits and pulling her forward , into him, his arms around her head in a tight, can opener style sleeper, her soft throat in between his forearm and bicep, wrist clasped next to her ear.

He whispers, "You remember what's going to happen, don't you?"

She begs, "I submit. Just let me go."

Johnny clasps, pulling up, Lindsey hanging in his grip like she's strung on the gallows, feet doing a little jig as he pulls her up, on her tiptoes and then finally off her feet. She gurgles, tongue flopping out, mouth foaming a bit, face getting redder, her thumbs moving out. "Take your panties off or I won't let go until they bring out the bodybag." Lindsey looks out, with wet, teary eyes, blood vessels in her face popping, giving her a red expression as the makeup dribbles from her eyes like a weeping angel. She complies, unhooking her belt, dropping trouser and then pulling down her panties, giving the crowd a glimpse at that sweet, beautiful pussy and voluptuous ass. Johnny holds the rear naked choke, MMA style as Lindsey reaches out, hands gripping for anything she has, the southern princess desperate to survive this. Her brain cells dying as she seems to cease to believe this is a real match, almost involuntarily she grabs the ropes, hands gripping the rubber wrapped cables.

After what seems to be the lead in to the first actual in-ring murder in EWF history, Johnny releases, as she slumps into the ropes, sucking air and sobbing simultaneously. "Hunhh..hu..let me go...please...I'm sorry..."

As if on cue Johnny tucks his fingers into the elastic of his tights and pulls them down, exposing his hard, 9.5 inch cock, a meaty wand of flesh. He's not Joel big, but he's not bad. "Joel was bigger than me, so you won't be that sorry, but you still have to make me feel that you're sorry. Ready?!"


Johnny bends her over the ropes like a broken puppet, a hand sliding behind her neck as he bisects the diminutive Southerner and slides his pork sword deep into her pussy, her ass up as she lets out an involuntary moan, "oh fucking fuck yes!!!" She lets out before a hand covers her mouth in shame.

In a perfect world, Johnny would reply with something cocky. Something like "I knew you wanted me."

But he can't. She feels so good.

Lindsey lies. She lies in trash talk. She’s a flippant and pathological liar. She was right about one thing. She wasn't lying about the quality of her pussy.

Her walls are so soft and warm and wet, they fit his cock so good as he arches his back, shunting the cock deep into her outstretched cunny as he fucks her doggy style.

The Flashman's hips slap against her ass as she arches her head up, his hands gripping her hair as she is arched like a Kama sutra page in the throes of her ecstasy and humiliation, he pulls her head back as the crowd quiets, eager to hear the CHUT CHUT CHUT of his hips and thighs smacking against her ass, taking her like an animal. They start to cheer when they hear her crying, tears rolling down her cheeks as she bites her lip, trying not to enjoy it. She has no choice. Her efforts are futile.

And contrary to his name, Mr. Flash is lasting FAR too long for the tastes of the southern princess. The humiliation won't end. It can't. Destiny has seen to it.

After what seems to be an eternity, Lindsey's whimpers grow in timbre and pitch, trembling, until Johnny feels her coil in him, tightening up. Tensing up. And the tears really flow. She's going to have an orgasm. A great one. And it's a gift from a man she hates. This could be the birth of a rivalry for years.

Lindsey's cries get louder as her shoulders arch, one of her hands reaches back and against her will, grabs Johnny's wrist; squeezing as she lets out a hard, ear splitting orgasm.

Johnny's not far from cumming and immediately pulls out, slapping his dick a few times to try and stem the blood flow as Lindsey hangs, limp in the ropes, letting out a low moan. "Oh...ohhhhhh...ohhhh." She says, involuntarily.

Johnny's breathing in quick, staccato, sets of three breaths. Breathe in, breath in, breathe in, breathe out. Holding his throbbing dick.

Lindsey hangs in the ropes like a scarecrow. Johnny turns her around as she moans, a hand weakly pushing on his hips. "No..please.." She says.

Johnny snarls. "Apologize and I'll let you go." He barks at her, panting.

"I'm sorry..." Lindsey says, deliriously.

Johnny grips her hair. "Good. I'm sorry too. About this." He grabs the stem of his cock with his other hand and Rams it through her open lips, her mouth hanging agape like a fish as he pushes back and hears the gag of the deep throat. Ack! Ack! Tears run down her face as he only make it three pumps before finishing in her mouth, causing her to choke, gurgling as he fills her with his hot spunk. He tosses her to the mat like garbage as she rolls on the side, dry heaving as she coughs, spitting the cum out on the mat.

For a moment neither of them move, Johnny holds onto the ropes, as his dick dribbles cum, catching his breath before pulling his trunks up, over the bulge. Lindsey curls up in a fetal position, whimpering, totally beaten and fucked.

The crowd chants. "Holy shit! Holy shit!"

Johnny moves over, slowly on his hands and knees and starts gripping at Lindsey's clothing, pulling all the articles off her body. She's already bottomless but he grabs her shirt and rips in in two before putting a ripped piece of shirt in his mouth, holding it like a lion with a piece of a fresh kill. The fans are going nuts. Lindsey is on the mat, shaking her head, spasming like a smallmouth bass, repeating a maddening mantra of "please...please..please.." Over and over before Johnny pulls her up to her feet, unhooking her bra and wrapping it snugly around her neck, walking her around the mat like a dog. Her legs give out, as she drops, only for him to drag her, under the ropes, and hoist her up over his shoulders like a trophy kill in a firemans carry. As he's on the way, Alex Curry walks out to a standing ovation. The interviewer of EWF stands on the entry ramp, smiling. She leans in and kisses Johnny on the cheek, before slapping Lindsey's ass. They exit to the back, the two friends with Lindsey in tow.

Match #2

Kim Kardashian vs. "Weak" Dan

Sex-Fight Match

Participant Statistics:

Kim Kardashian enters the arena to "M.I.L.F.$" by Fergie. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long raven hair and is wearing a short black leather jacket, a black thong and black thigh-high stiletto boots.

"Weak" Dan is a Caucasian male with a skinny-fat build, standing at 5'11" and weighing around 180 lbs. He has a brown buzzcut and is completely naked.

The Match:

Dan maniacally runs toward Kim, his out-of-shape body bouncing in a tornado of gluttonous rage. Kim sighs, casually stepping to the side. Dan bounces backwards off of the ropes, backing his ass straight into a boot from Kim. Dan falls through the ropes, hitting the floor hard. Kim leans against the ropes, impatiently waiting for the blundering imbecile to reenter the ring.

Kim easily takes control, grabbing onto Dan's bare balls and dick, she crushes it in her hands. Kim cruelly twists and yanks, crushing his nuts against his dick, her fingernails cruelly digging into the sensitive, soft flesh. Dan cries out, hopping up and down, trying in vain to pry apart his tormentor's grip. He is unsuccessful, falling to his knees, face turning red, eyes burning holes into Kim's giggling, mocking face.

Near the end of the match Taylor Swift runs down the entrance ramp, intent on getting revenge on her tan rival. Kim has taken the fight to the outside of the ring. She pushes Dan against the guard rail, plowing her boot into his balls, causing Fan to cry out in agony. Taylor blindsides Kim, kicking her long leg up, her foot nailing Kim's pussy. Taylor whips Kim around, grabs the front of her panties and rips up, giving the socialite a massive front wedgie. Kim squeals as the fabric of her panties cuts into her sensitive lips. Taylor grabs her rival by the hair, bends her over the railing and spanks her famous ass until Kardashian's tan skin turns crimson. Satisfied with her handiwork, Taylor rolls Kim back into the ring and, forcing a fan to vacate their chair, takes a front row seat.

Kim lays in a daze on the mat as Dan crawls towards her lower body. Just as Dan draws near, she kicks her foot up, connecting with his bulge Dan falls face-first into Kim's crotch. Thinking quickly, Kim positions Dan onto his back, nestling her famous, tan ass over his face, causing him to thrash about. Kim leans forward, her hand gripping the base of his shaft. The socialite strokes the weak man off, grinding against his face as she pumps his rod. Kim easily forces Dan to climax, his spunk shooting upwards like a geyser, spraying her hand. Kim grimaces in disgust, wiping her hand on his red, frustrated face. Kim gives a final stomp from her stiletto down on his dick before leaving him in the ring, crying in pain.


"Oil... bloody oil. Jesus." DJ was sitting on a bench in the locker room, waiting for his match to start, headphones in and a towel over his head. This was not what he had envisioned for his career, and his disaster of a trip to the Commissioner's office hadn't improved his mood. DJ continued to mutter away to himself "Oil wrestling, like some freak sideshow... what do I need to do to get to punch someone out?" a grim smile crossed his lips "Other than security guards, of course..." The black man drummed his fingers on the bench in rhythm with the music pumping into his ears as he began to let go of his agitations and clear his mind. This was a new style of match, needing a new level of focus. Distractions, his frustration, he had to let it go and beat this Grace girl at her own game. If Sophie could beat her... Sophie! DJ's eyes widen, he had been so consumed with his own stuff that he had completely forgotten that the Scottish girl was also in the EWF. Christ, thinks DJ, there's a lot going on here. I have to take this one step at a time or else I'm gonna end up like so many other men here do. Keep the big picture in mind, but focus on the small steps... and maybe figure out what the hell to do in an oil wrestling bout. He pulls his legs under him and begins to empty his mind, half-meditating, lost in the music, allowing himself to be calm for the first time in a few weeks. Tonight, he'd show Chloe Mason that he was equal to whatever crap she threw at him.


Match #3

David "DJ" Johnson vs. Grace

Oil Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

David "DJ" Johnson enters the arena to "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols. He is an African American male with an athletic build, standing at 6'2" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has short, curly black hair and is wearing a Union Jack patterned Speedo.

Grace enters the arena to "So What" by Pink. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'3" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a leopard-print bikini top and black bikini bottoms.

The Match:

DJ is having trouble moving around the oil effectively, unused to dealing with the surface. He tries to circle around Grace but almost immediately loses his footing and slips down onto his muscular arse. The crowd howls in laughter and Grace wastes no time leaping on top of the disorientated man. As she wraps her arms around his head, looking for a smother, DJ grabs her by the waist and uses his brute strength to lift her vertically into the air and toss her to one side. As Grace skids away, face down, DJ, sliding and flailing on all fours, scrambles over to her and leaps onto her back, locking in a rear naked choke. "Come on, give it up, save yourself more pain" he grunts. Grace wriggles and flops as his huge biceps cut off her air, but the slippery oil allows he to wriggle out! She scampers away, looking to reset, massaging her throat and coughing. DJ also stands, but is now smiling with a newfound confidence!

DJ's movements are still a bit uncomfortable but he's a quick learner and seems to be adapting to the oil, using his momentum over the slick surface to repeatedly barrel his weight into Grace and knock her around the ring. As he bounces off the ropes and charges in one more time however, Grace proves she's no slouch herself, sticking out a leg and tripping DJ. The big man falls face-first and skids forward on the oil, his arse in the air. "Oooh... nice buns!" smiles Grace, giving him a quick slap across the butt. DJ cringes a little but as Grace goes in for another spank he uses the oil to spin rapidly onto his back and grab her descending hand.

"Got you now!" he snarls, pulling Grace on top of him and wrapping her up in full guard before turning it into a crushing bodyscissors! Grace moans as her toned torso is compressed and DJ smiles "You women think you own this move... but DJ owns you!" His thighs bulge with corded muscle like ebony pythons as Grace's hands scrabble ineffectively over the smooth muscle, slick with sweat and oil. Soon she is gasping, barely conscious from the air being forced out of her lungs. DJ drops the hold and shoves her aside, getting to his feet and standing over her as she flops on the oil, breathing raggedly. "Come on, we're putting on a show for the fans... and for the commissioner. And you can't have a show without a grand finale!"

Grace is battered and exhausted as she attempts to haul herself up using the ropes. Just as she's about to regain her feet, DJ appears behind her, grabbing her by her hair. "Nope." he says flatly, pulling her away, her oil-slicked hands unable to maintain their grip. DJ winds up his arm and slides Grace along the ground before letting go, her momentum gliding her over the oil until she collides head-first with the turnbuckle. "Hah!" laughs DJ "Looks like I'm good at more than just curling weights." The crowd is silently confused "Oh come on that was funny!" he groans as he strides over to a basically incapacitated Grace and hauls her up before pressing her high over his head, arms outstretched, his back rippling with power. "Come on, is this the best you can throw at me?" he roars, figuring correctly that intimidation will get a better crowd response than puns about obscure winter sports "Well bring on the next one, Commissioner, and I'll break him or her too! I don't care what happens backstage, this ring, this is DJ's house now. Come and try to take it from me, Chloe, see what happens!" With that, DJ slams Grace to the floor and pins her with his foot across her chest, power flexing for the baying crowd.


The cameras cut to the parking lot where Super-Stud is walking towards his truck. He has his bags packed after cleaning out his locker and is walking with determination.

"Hey! Wait up!" a voice calls out after him. Although he obviously hears it, Super-Stud keeps walking.

"Super-Stud! SCOTT!" the voice is even more insistent. It belongs top Super-Grrl who runs around in front of Super-Stud, blocking his path. "I said WAIT!!!" she heaves in air, obviously out of breath from giving chase.

"Get out of here, Bianca," Super-Stud brushes by her, continuing to walk. "I've got nothing to say to you."

"But I have a lot to say to YOU! So HOLD UP!" Super-Grrl grabs one of the straps of Super-Stud's bags, forcing him to turn and face her.

"Let go of this bag before I bash your face in. I don't care if the cops are called. I sent you to the hospital once, I'll do it again!"

"You CAN'T leave!" Super-Grrl tells him. "You and I are finally facing each other in the ring for the wrestling title! I've waited so long for this moment... YEARS of my life devoted to the moment when I could finally face you in the ring and give you the beating of a lifetime. I'm not going to let this opportunity slip away!"

"And you can't stop me. You, the wrestling title, Chloe, and the EWF can all go fuck yourselves!"

"How can you run away like this!?" Super-Grrl nearly barks in frustration. "I thought you were a man! Men don't run away from their problems! Isn't that what you always say?"

"I'm leaving so I can continue to be a man!" Super-Stud fires back. "Commissioner Mason has fucked everything up for me here. She wants me to be her little slave, obeying her orders and licking at her boots all day long. That's NOT being a man! I have no say in any of my matches... I'll be stuck doing her dirty work... And most importantly, I can't show the women of the world where they belong: with my dick in their mouth!"

"Then where are you going? What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to find another wrestling league. One that treats all of their members fairly. No bullshit stipulations... No bullshit matches. A place where a MAN runs things, and won't hold any of us down! A place were men are men, and women are cum-dumpsters!"

"You are such a fucking asshole!" Super-Grrl is on the verge of frustrated tears. "You and I were supposed to settle things NEXT WEEK!!!"

"Yeah, life sucks like that. I would have loved beating your ass in again, but I won't do it as someone else's property. Goodbye, Bianca. I hope we never meet again."

Super-Stud turns and walks off. Super-Grrl clenches her fists and calls out after him. "You CAN'T escape from me! Wherever you go, I will FIND YOU AND GET MY REVENGE!!!"

Super-Stud tosses his stuff into the passenger seat of his truck and gives Super-Grrl a one-fingered salute before driving off and exiting the arena grounds.

Super-Grrl watches him go, a look of furious anger washing over her face. Slowly she turns around and walks back into the building.


Match #4

Annie Lind vs. Taylor Swift

(Kick-)Boxing Match

Participant Statistics:

Annie "The Karate Kid" Lind stands at 5'1 and weighs around 115 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is dressed in a White Karate Gi, a brown belt and black sparring foot pads and gloves.

Taylor Swift enters the area to her own song: "Bad Blood". She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'11 and weighing around 119 lbs. She has medium length blonde hair and is dressed in a black one-piece and black boxing gloves.

The Match:

Looking confident, Taylor Swift walks right up to the middle of the ring and Annie does the same. Easily towering over her with a haughty arm at her waist, Taylor sneers down at the small karateka. Annie bows to the pop diva, showing courtesy before the match, but Taylor is having none of this and she snaps her long slender leg forward, her pedicured foot slams on Annie's pussy! Annie's eyes widen as her knees buckle in shock. "Can't believe I'm in this match with you. You do not deserve to be in the ring with me!" A roundhouse kick to the temple forces the karateka to collapse in a heap.

Taylor stumbles back as Annie pelts her with a barrage of lighting-fast punches and kicks. The pop diva grunts as Annie's fist buries in her stomach, bending her over. An ear-splitting scream emits from the leggy blonde's lips as her tits are crushed with a front snap kick. As Taylor slumps, Annie drives her knee deep into Swift's crotch. Collapsing to her knees, hands clutching her breasts and vagina, sobbing in pain, Taylor is unable to prevent a brutal roundhouse kick that strikes her temple. "Sorry Tay, but you should have been nicer to me." Annie glares, lifting Taylor's slender legs, snaking her foot into the bottom of Taylor's one piece. Taylor wails in agony as Annie's barefoot penetrates. Swift sobs hysterically as her vagina receives a wicked foot fucking.

It turned out to be a one sided slaughter as Annie dominates the match, her skills too much for the leggy blonde. She sighs as she watches a dazed Taylor stumble around the ring. "Guess I better end this now..." She shrugs her shoulders before charging in at her and then leaps up in the air, twisting her body clockwise as she whips up her trailing right leg, swinging her leg up for Taylor's face. Pointing her toes, she brings her sole across her face like a powerful bitch slap with the Agony of DeFEET! The slap can be hear around the ring! Taylor's body is whipped violently as she twirls before she falls like a tree, completely knocked out! Annie pins the pop diva under her size 6 foot and the ref counts her out. Taylor couldn't respond and Annie is named the winner! She takes a moment to observe Taylor's's defeated visage before sitting on her chest and raises her foot over her face. "I wonder if you're good at worshipping feet, cause you're certainly not good at fighting!" Annie slides her foot inside Taylor's slack mouth, playing with her as she shakes Taylor's head back and forth a couple times before releasing the hold and slapping Taylor's head back and forth with her other foot a couple times. Satisfied, Annie steps on the blondie's face a final time and poses for victory pictures.


For the first time in the EWF, Sophie was a bit rattled when she heard she was to have a bout with Joel. The Australian's record belied the fact that he was bigger and stronger than anyone she had taken on before, and as she has seen from tapes of his matches, when he wasn't shut down, he was a sexed up monster... even in non-sex fights. "Oh girl" she said to herself, "I have to stop forgetting what the E in EWF stands for..." She knew she had consented to whatever happened in the ring when she signed up, but as she looked at his matches, his gorgeous bronzed body and bulging package, she felt something she hadn't in a while - intimidated. She shuddered, hating the feeling as she watched him monster Lindsey on the screen. Sure, she'd humiliated Lindsay herself, and Dan too, but this was... this was a new level. She wasn't just going to be taking on Joel. She was going to be taking on herself. Her stomach went in and out, her abs defined as she exhaled and pulled her stomach in, practicing yoga breathing in an attempt to calm down and find her own zone. He's no different, she thought, no different from any opponent. That's how I have to see him - he seems nice outside the ring, but once he's in it... I can't make any mistakes...


Match #5

Joel vs. Sophie Anderson

Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Joel enters the arena to "How you like me now?" by The Heavy. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 185 lbs. He has short and trimmed brunette hair with a matching beard and is wearing a blue Speedo.

Sophie Anderson enters the arena to "Pressure" by Paramore. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 4'11" and weighing around 95 lbs. She has long red hair and is wearing a white blouse with tartan trim, tied up above her midriff, and a grey pleated skirt.

The Match:

Sophie barely comes up to Joel's chest as they face off in the ring. Immediately she is on the defensive, darting away from the big Aussie's grasp and waiting for an opening to present itself. Joel moves forward, Sophie braces, reaches out, turns her hip to use his momentum to flip him and... nothing. Joel has stopped of his own accord, giving her no momentum to work with. Sophie squeals and steps back just in time as Joel counter-grabs, his fingers catching and ripping the sleeve of her blouse from the shoulder. Joel grins "First spoils of war... gonna have a lot more of your outfit like this at the end of the match!"

"You bastard" Sophie fires back "Rip my clothes again and you'll finish this match with your speedos in your fucking mouth!" Joel laughs and tosses the sleeve aside, only to be met with a palm strike to the jaw that makes him step back. "There's more to me than just judo you know" snarls Sophie "Step over here if you want to be knocked out!" Joel charges in, but Sophie drops down and slides between his legs, throwing her small fist upwards where it crunches into his balls!

Joel is completely maddened as he chases Sophie around the ring, unable to lay a finger on her lithe form, while she darts out of danger, avoiding grappling, landing quick kicks and punches to Joel's torso, legs and crotch. "This is a wrestling match!" protests Joel, "Not point-fighting!"

"What?" giggles Sophie "Does the big man need the little girl to fight fair? Ooooh, are you scared?" The bout is taking its toll on Joel - his legs and ribs are starting to bruise, his breathing is slowing and he's no longer light on his feet. "And what's that in your pants?" asks Sophie, cocking her head, one finger to her lips in mock innocence "Are you... enjoying this?" The crowd roars in approval and a few laughs echo through the arena as she points out the huge erection bulging in Joel's skin-tight trunks, leaving nothing to the imagination. As he surges forward again, Sophie curls her toes back and lands a perfect push kick, the pinkish ball of her foot smashing into Joel's thigh, just above the knee. The man's leg can't take any more punishment and he collapses to the ground, nursing his battered leg.

Sophie stalks around a prone Joel. Suddenly, his hand shoots up and grabs Sophie's skirt, wrenching it down her toned legs, leaving her stumbling away in just her white panties. "I warned you" she says, somewhere between irritation and amusement "And now I'm going to break you." A barefoot stomp to the face leaves Joel dazed, and Sophie grabs both his ankles, firing more stomps onto his balls and erect cock. As Joel lets out a high-pitched scream, she reaches down and whips off his speedos. Joel clutches his balls, barely awake as pain wracks his body. Sophie lies down behind him and applies a hadaka jime, hooking one leg over to fire heel kicks at his crotch. She loosens the hold as Joel's mouth opens in pain and gasping for air, and makes good on her earlier threat, shoving in his own speedos. Seconds later, the big man is out like a light, "Might wanna get some mouthwash after this big boy" Sophie chirps "I reckon there's more chlamydia on these than there is on a koala!" She exits the ring, blowing kisses to the crowd.


Match #6

Emily Waters vs. Melody Sky

Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Emily Waters enters the arena to "One For the Money" by Escape the Fate. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'8" and weighing around 135 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a silk navy blue Gi top with matching bra and thong.

Melody Sky enters the arena to "Domino" by Jessie J. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'0" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has long brunette hair with blonde hi-lites and is wearing a pink halter top, denim booty shorts and brown cowgirl boots.

The Match:

Melody and Emily approach each other in the middle of the ring as the match begins. "I don't appreciate what you did to my sister last week," Melody tells Emily. "We Sky sisters humiliate others, not the other way around!"

Emily laughs and replies with: "Then you're REALLY not going to appreciate what happens tonight!" Before Melody can reply, Emily launches a perfect series of kicks that knock the cowgirl across the ring... A kick to the chest, the stomach and the face all connect! A final sweep kick knocks Melody's legs out from under her and she hits the canvas hard!

Melody finds herself in trouble as Emily's dangerous legs close around her midsection. Realizing that she's about to be in huge trouble, she puts her hands to work... One goes for the nearest nipple while the other goes to the clitoris. Emily soon finds herself awash in a pain/pleasure combo as Melody alternates between caressing and squeezing. Soon enough, the sensations become too much of a distraction and Melody manages to escape from the scissorhold. She doesn't get far, however, as Emily's foot comes up and smashes her in the back of the head!

Emily's foot drives into Melody's navel and the cowgirl is obviously winded. Emily then hops up, using her palms to leap up and is perched on her shoulders, her crotch on her face. She locks in the figure-four scissor, chocking the cowgirl out. "I would have thought you'd like that! Don't want to eat me out from here?" Emily giggles. With Melody feeling the debilitating effects of the scissorhold, and the semi-crotch smother, Emily then leans back and flips her onto her own head and knocking the cowgirl out! She remains perched on her face, her hands behind the cowgirl's head and she goes for a ride. Her pussy grinds on Melody's features hard and soon enough, she can't help but cum all over the unconscious cowgirl. Melody, unaware of this, is unable to respond as she is counted out, giving Emily the win. Emily gives a double bicep pose as while she remains sitting on the girl's face, using it to bring herself to another victory orgasm.


"Yeah, Yeah" by Bodyrox hits the speakers and Commissioner Chloe Mason walks down to the ring. She has a microphone in hand and a bemused look on her face. As she enters the ring she immediately motions to cut the music, wasting little time.

"As you all know, we hit a slight snag tonight as I had to fire one of our most unprofessional wrestlers. As disheartening as such a thing is, it was completely unavoidable. Let me assure you all that Super-Stud will NEVER compete in a EWF ring again. Now then, you are all aware that he was supposed to compete tonight in a match against Lacey Sky. Since he is no longer a part of the EWF, that match will not be taking place. Lacey Sky, however, is not getting off that easy. Lacey... I know you're listening back there... Get your ass down to this ring, NOW!"

There is a short pause before "Naked" by the Goo Goo Dolls hits and Lacey walks out onto the stage with a microphone of her own. She shakes her head as she looks down into the ring at the Commissioner.

"Chloe, Chloe, Chloe... This is quite possibly the saddest display of leadership I've ever seen. How many employees has this company lost now because of you? Five, I believe? Yes, that sounds about right."

"Shut your mouth, tramp!" Chloe snaps. "I didn't call you out here to run your mouth."

"No, I'm sure you didn't. I'm sure you don't want anyone to point out the fact that these five individuals are gone because YOU were more interested in creating and establishing YOUR powerbase, instead of looking out for the welfare of your own employees."

Chloe grins and shakes her head. "Nice try, but no one cares about Super-Stud or the Fraternity of Misogyny. They were dead weight and the EWF is far better now that they are gone."

Lacey rolls her eyes. "You've been doing this how long now, Chloe? How many years have you been in charge of the EWF? You should know by now that EVERY. SINGLE. wrestler is important! Sure, Super-Stud and his cronies were assholes. No one is denying that. But people PAID MONEY to see them get their asses kicked! I bet you good money that at least half the people in this arena loved to see them humiliated!"

The crowd cheers for this and Lacey pauses, glaring down at Chloe.

Lacey smiles a bit at the people before looking back at the Commissioner. "And now you've deprived the people of that experience. EVERYONE loves to see a misogynist get an ass-kicking. That's more money the EWF is going to lose because of your own personal pride!"

The hatred on Chloe's face is palpable as she brings the microphone up to her lips. "You want to talk about money and ratings? Well, I have a match that's going to put asses in every single seat in this arena. It involves you and Lindsey, and it's going to take place in two weeks!"

"I thought the title matches were going to be male versus female? Breaking your own rules again?"

Chloe laughs. "You and Lindsey are the LAST people who deserve a title shot here. Instead, the two of you are going to compete in something different..."

"What is it? Dildo on a pole match? Sorry, Chloe, but everyone has already seen Lindsey get fucked."

"This is going to be a Punishment Match. The winner gets to humiliate the loser any way they desire the following week. It's going to be broadcast LIVE. Either way, one of you two sluts is going to be embarrassed in front of the world! Now, as for tonight..."

"Sorry," Lacey interrupts. "There won't be a match for me tonight. My contract was with Super-Stud. That's now null and void."

"As Commissioner, I can order you to do whatever the hell I want! At any moment's notice! And at this moment, I order you to take on Super-Grrl!"

Before Lacey can reply, "For Once In My Life" by Mel B. hits the speakers and Super-Grrl walks out onto the stage. She stops next to Lacey, gestures down at Chloe and asks for the microphone. Shrugging, Lacey hands it over and steps back.

"I'm definitely ready to kick some ass, tonight.." Super-Grrl begins. "But it's not Lacey I want in the ring... I want you, you stupid BITCH!!!"

Chloe nearly drops her microphone in shock as she takes a couple steps back. "What are you talking about? I-"

"You ruined everything, Chloe..." Super-Grrl begins as she slowly starts walking down to the ring. "EVERYTHING! I was supposed to fight Super-Stud next week. The ENTIRE REASON I JOINED THE EWF was to get a shot at him! But what did I hear from you week after week? 'Oh, just hold off, we can build this into something special! I'll book you against people you don't care about and drag this feud out to make it mean something!' And then what did you do? You came up with those shitty stipulations for your match with Super-Stud and you RUINED EVERYTHING!"

"Now calm down," Chloe says, backing away as Super-Grrl climbs the ring steps and enters the ring. "No one knew that Super-Stud was going to react the way he did..."

"*I* DID!" Super-Grrl nearly screams. "I TOLD YOU that nothing good was going to come from that match... That you should have dropped those stipulations! But you went ahead with it, anyway! You drove away the one reason that brought me to the EWF!"

"I fired him and for good reason!" Chloe shoots back, standing her ground now that her back is flush against the far turnbuckle. "He was a loser and this Federation is better without him!"

"You have one chance to make this right," Super-Grrl says, approaching Chloe so that they are face-to-face. "Swallow your pride. Bring Super-Stud back. Release him from those stipulations."

"And if I refuse?"

"I'll destroy you in his place. You cost me my chance at revenge. If I can't hurt him, I'll settle for hurting you."

There is a long pause before Chloe raises the microphone to her lips. "My answer is no. Go fuck yourself!"

Chloe attempts to slap Super-Grrl, but her wrist is easily caught! Super-Grrl pulls the Commissioner to the middle of the ring where she drives her knee into Chloe's stomach. But before she can do anything else, a large contingent of security pours into the ring and separates the two women. Super-Grrl tries to fight her way through the masses to the Commissioner, but she's dragged away and out of the ring. Chloe angrily taunts Super-Grrl as she's escorted backstage. Chloe is shown composing herself and fixing her outfit as the show goes off the air.
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Default Re: EWF Domination

the maledom matches were awesome
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Default Re: EWF Domination

All of the matches were awesome as always!
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Default Re: EWF Domination

Here are the results of the EWF's 8th event, which took place on 11/18/2016.

Voting is currently underway for our 8th event. If you'd like to help decide the results, you can find the poll at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] - Voting goes through Sunday, December 4th at 12:00 PM MST.

EWF Champion of the Sexes - 11/18/2016

Match #1

Candy Cane vs. "Weak" Dan

Sex-Fight Match

Participant Statistics:

Candy Cane enters the arena to "California Girls" by Katy Perry (ft. Snoop Dogg). She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 125 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a white short sleeved shirt with a green and blue tartan detail on the short sleeves, collar and front tie and a matching tartan pleated skirt. White fishnet stockings cover her legs, capped off with black stiletto heels.

"Weak" Dan is a Caucasian male with a skinny-fat build, standing at 5'11" and weighing around 180 lbs. He has a brown buzzcut and is wearing an over-sized padded muscle suit.

The Match:

Candy stands on the turnbuckle, waving to the audience. Dan silently sneaks up on her, looking to surprise the blonde. He catches a glimpse of under her pleated skirt and Candy sees this as she looks back. "Like what you see down there?" She giggles. Dan is flustered at the response, trying to find the right words. While he panics, Candy hops off the rope and wraps her legs around Dan's head. She acrobatically flips him to the mats and squeezes him in a reverse headscissor, her hands finding his cock and begins to stroke it.

Dan is completely maddened as he chases Candy around the ring, unable to lay a finger on her lithe form, while she darts out of danger, avoiding grappling, landing quick kicks and punches to "Weak" Dan's torso, legs and crotch and even tripping him up. This almost looks like something from a Benny Hill show and it's starting to take its toll on Dan as he's out of breath, holding his side's and wheezes. "This is supposed to be a sexfight!" He says almost breathlessly.

"Oh it is? Whoops! Sorry, I forgot!" And with that, Candy turns around and dashes at Dan, picks him up and slams him down with the Peppermint Twist Spinebuster! She straddles his waist, wraps her hands around Dan's head and pulls his face between her D-cup breasts, motorboating him as he thrashes his upper body.

Candy and Dan roll on the mat, with Candy getting in top and holding him down. The sensation of their bodies pressed together causes Dan to stiffen and poke out, allowing Candy to wrap her thighs around his shaft. Instinctively, Dan thrusts his dick up and down, thinking that he's grinding his dick on her ass and crotch but not even close. Candy plays along and fake moans, the acting so flawless that it makes Dan to believe she's getting her to cum. "Yeah, that's right, bitch! Does it feel good?"

Her moans get louder and Dan is close to orgasm itself. Once she feels his dick throb and getting near his peak, Candy stops with the acting and giggles. "Just kidding!" Dan is surprised, she played him like a fool! Before he could stop, he explodes between her legs! "Well! That was easy!" Candy wipes the cum off from her legs and wipes it on Dan. "Now THAT is how you sexfight! Thank me later for the lesson!" She stands up, placing her foot on his chest and poses to the crowd.


Match #2

Grace vs. Joel

Oil-Wrestling Championship Match

Participant Statistics:

Grace enters the arena to "So What" by Pink. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'3" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a leopard-print bikini top and black bikini bottoms.

Joel enters the arena to "How you like me now?" by The Heavy. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 185 lbs. He has short and trimmed brunette hair with a matching beard and is wearing a blue Speedo.

The Match:

Grace confidently looks the big man up and down, giving him a wink and eyeing the bulge in his speedo. "Remember what happened in our last oil wrestling match? This time I'm going to have even more fun!" Joel looks annoyed and charges at Grace, only to have her duck under his clothesline attempt and trip him flat on his face in the oil. Grace is on Joel's back before he can get up, rubbing his face in the oil and slapping his ass. "Oh, you're no match for me big guy!"

Grace tries to strip Joel of his speedo, but the Aussie manages to stop her, grabbing a handful of her long locks and whipping her into the turnbuckle. Grace slams back first into the corner, her back arching, chest pushed out, and Joel can't help but take advantage of the lovely targets. Joel rips Grace's top clean off, exposing her breasts, and she squeals and tries to cover up, blushing red, but Joel bats her hands away and grabs two handfuls of firm jiggling flesh, working Grace's bare tits over, making her squirm and moan against the turnbuckle. "Looks like it's my turn to humiliate you, Gracie. Hope you enjoyed the view last time, 'cause I'm sure enjoying this one!"

Grace manages to yank Joel's speedo down, exposing his large cock, but she hesitates as she watches it bounce free, smirking, and it is just enough time for Joel to take the advantage, lifting her up in a bearhug. Grace moans and squirms as the air is driven from her and she is pressed firmly against Joel's naked form, his cock rubbing against her inner thigh. Grace is moaning out as Joel crushes her and then throws her to the mat, mounts her and slaps her face back and forth with his erect cock. Joel shoves his cock in Grace's mouth and forces her to suck him off as he reaches back and pumps his fist inside of her, bringing her to orgasm just after she taps the mat wildly in submission. Just as she explodes, Joel also cums, straight into her mouth. Joel is declared the winner and Oil Wrestling Champion as he poses atop Grace, his cock smothering her pretty features.


Match #3

Lacey Sky vs. Lindsey

Wrestling Match w/ Special Guest Referee Alex Curry

Participant Statistics:

Lacey Sky enters the arena to "Naked" by the Goo Goo Dolls. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'7" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a shimmery blue and white bra, a matching G-string, white knee-high socks and white patent leather stiletto boots.

Lindsey enters the arena to "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. She is a Caucasian female with an average build, standing at 5'1" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long & straight brunette hair and is wearing a black & red flannel shirt, blue jeans and brown ankle boots.

The Match:

As the bell rings, the two women meet in the middle of the ring, breast-to-breast. Lacey and Lindsey both look supremely haughty and arrogant, both believing themselves to be the prima donna of the EWF.

Lacey begins the trash-talking right away: "Lindsey, you are a complete slut; far worse than my sister. You've been fucked by nearly everyone in the EWF... ON CAMERA, as a matter of fact. You are NOT a princess. I'm going to prove tonight, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who the real royalty is in the EWF!"

Lindsey rolls her eyes at this and shakes her head. "You know what, bitch? You can run your mouth all night, but it doesn't change the fact that the Southern Princess is the ONLY royalty in this ring." Lindsey glances at Alex Curry standing nearby. "And if you lay a single hand on me, so help me God, I will claw your face to shreds!"

Ever the opportunist, Lacey quickly grabs Lindsey by her long brunette hair and begins yanking her head back and forth! Lindsey cries out in shock and pain. The blonde quickly slams Lindsey's head into the turnbuckle, dazing her.

"You're completely pathetic, you little slut!" Lacey laughs. She punches Lindsey across the jaw and the brunette's head snaps back against the top buckle. Lindsey slowly slides down the turnbuckles and comes to rest seated on the canvas, dazed and almost out. "Out cold, bitch!" Lacey says, smiling arrogantly.

"Step back!" Alex demands as she steps forward and pushes Lacey away from Lindsey.

"Relax, Alex," Lacey replies. "When I'm through with this little hussy, I'll let you have some fun as well." Lacey steps forward, kneels down and grabs Lindsey by the ankles, pulling her across the canvas so that she's laid out on her back. Lacey pulls off the girl's boots and wriggled her jeans off her legs, throwing them into the crowd. Pulling Lindsey into a seated position by her hair, Lacey roughly tears off the brunette's flannel shirt, sending buttons flying. She unclasps Lindsey's bra and removes that as well, allowing Lindsey's breasts to sprang free. The brunette was laid out on her back again, now reduced to her panties.

"Now THIS is the Lindsey we all know!" Lacey laughs. "Isn't she the trashiest, Alex?"

Alex grabs at Lacey's wrist. "That's enough Lacey, let me check on her."

Lacey shakes her head: "No, I'm going to finish this now."

Alex increases her grip on Lacey's wrist and physically pulls her away: "No! Not yet!"

Lacey gives Alex a suspicious look, suddenly realizing that something might be up. Behind them, Lindsey shakes her head and sits up, realizing that she's now nearly naked!

Lacey turns back to Lindsey, thinking she has her foe beat as she kneels down to put the brunette away for good, and is surprised as Lindsey crosses her legs around Lacey's neck in a tight scissorhold!

"Let go of me you, little tramp!" Lacey whines as she struggles.

Lindsey wrenches on the hold. "You're mine now, you miserable bitch!" she growls as Lacey's arms flail in the air, still on her knees. The brunette continues to apply pressure as her blonde foe begins to tire.

Lacey groans as she weakens, her arms gradually dropping until they dangle limply at her hips. Lindsey releases the hold and the semi-conscious blonde tumbles onto her back on the canvas, her long booted legs spring outwards and splay wide open.

"Stay back, Lindsey - Let me check on her!" Alex says, stepping forward.

"Get your fucking ass out of my way!" Lindsey nearly screeches, shoving Alex back several steps. Lindsey straddles Lacey on her knees and pulls off the blonde's lingerie top. Lacey's pert breasts are revealed with her erect nipples standing tall. "Look at your cute little titties!" Lindsey teases, pinching Lacey's nipples.

Next, Lindsey grabs Lacey's frilly G-string. "And you think I'M a slut!?" Lindsey laughs. She proceeds to yank the g-string upwards, pulling it up Lacey's ass in a major wedgie!

The brunette then pulls Lacey up by her long hair into a seated position, holding her in place with a handful of hair. Lindsey softly pats the blonde's cheek. "Not so tough now, are you bitch?" she taunts.

Lindsey slaps Lacey's breasts and laughed again. "I see why you're so bitchy! I would be cranky and jealous of other women as well if I had such small breasts. I'd seriously look into getting a boob job if I were you."

Lindsey pinches Lacey's nipples again causing her to stir. The groggy blonde slowly wakes up and Lindsey stands up, pulling Lacey up with her.

The brunette holds her rival by her hair as Lacey mumbles: "You little... slut... I'm going to... kick your... ass..."

Lindsey releases Lacey's hair and backhands her across the face! Lacey yelps and staggers sideways, looking incredibly clumsy in her stiletto boots.

Lindsey follows and slaps Lacey across the face, knocking her into the ropes. A vicious belly punch crumples the blonde to her knees as she leans forward, grasping her abdomen. "What's the matter, 'Queen Bitch', are you having a tough time?!" Lindsey laughs as she lifts Lacey's head up once again by the hair.

The blonde groans in pain as Lindsey applies a face claw... squeezing Lacey's temples and restricting the blood flow as Lacey weakly paws at her. "You... slut..." moans the blonde as she weakens and her hands fall motionless to her sides.

"How do you like that?" Lindsey says gleefully as Lacey moans and releases a defeated sigh.

With an impressive display of strength, Lindsey leans forward and drapes Lacey over her shoulder. She carries her to the middle of the ring and drops her face down onto the canvas. "I don't think you've learned your lesson quite yet," Lindsey grins.

She peels Lacey's g-string out of her crotch and ass and drops it with a look of digust. "I want to hear you beg, bitch!" She kneels beside Lacey, reaches between her legs and begins to squeeze her pussy. "How long has it been since a guy has touched your cunt? Probably YEARS! How terrible for you!" Lindsey laughs.

Lacey is jolted awake to full consciousness by the sharp pain in her crotch and she moans in agony. "Let go of my pussy, you slut!" she screams.

Lindsey ignores the blonde and continues crushing her foe's cunt.

"Stop!" Lacey cries, her voice trembling.

"C'mon 'Queen Bitch', you can take it, can't you?" Lindsey teases as she continues to squeeze away at Lacey's pussy.

Despite not being held down, Lacey lays motionless under the vagina assault, moaning and whimpering. Grinning, Lindsey halts the attack and rolls her overwhelmed foe onto her back.

Lacey's face is flushed red with humiliation as she begs for mercy. "I'm sorry!" she whines. "Please stop!"

Lindsey runs her finger along Lacey's slit, unsurprised to find that it came away wet. "You must like all the attention your pussy has been getting! You're exactly like your sister!" Lindsey giggles.

Lacey whimpers pitifully. "Leave my pussy alone!"

Lindsey lays on her side beside her foe, her head at Lacey's boots. She grabs the blonde's ankles and smiles. "Call me your princess!" she orders.

Lacey whimpers, her eyes closed. She was at Lindsey's mercy, and she shamefully knew it. "Please, no more," she whines.

"Call me your Princess or I will kick your face in!" Lindsey growls.

Lacey stubbornly shakes her head no and Lindsey delivers a hard kick to Lacey's face! "You need to learn who's royalty around here!" Lindsey smiles. "Now call me your princess and kiss my royal foot!"

Lacey's cheeks burned with humiliation as she slowly says: "I will NEVER call you a princess!"

Lindsey shakes her head: "I think your new name is STUPID bitch!"

Lacey immediately receives another kick to the face that completely dazes her.

Lindsey laughs: "If you won't admit that I'm you're princess, I'll just have to use you as my royal throne!" The brunette rolls onto her knees and reverse straddles Lacey, placing her ass above the beaten blonde's face.

Lacey looks up at the firm perfect ass inches from her face and moans in humiliation.

"Poor little bitch, I think you've just about had enough for today," Lindsey says. "Take a long look at the ass that is going to own you!" So saying, Lindsey settles onto Lacey's face, smothering her.

The blonde struggles as her cries are muffled by the brunette's ass.

Lindsey grinds her ass into Lacey's face, grabbing the blonde's long booted legs and pulling them up, hooking them under her arms and holding them there.

Lacey squirms in vain, completely subdued as the brunette lightly spanks her wet pussy.

"It's time for the Stupid Bitch to take a nap!" Lindsey say gleefully as Lacey's struggling ebbs and her legs go completely limp. The brunette gently strokes the blonde's pussy as her whimpering ceases and she passes out.

Lindsey remains seated on her foe's face as she caresses Lacey's now-cumming vagina. "I think I need to call a repairman to get this leaky throne fixed!" Lindsey giggles as she releases Lacey's legs and watches as they flop onto the canvas, spread wide open to give everyone a clear view of her leaking pussy.

Lindsey climbs to her feet and picks up Lacey's discarded g-string. "Alex, come count this slutty bitch out!" Lindsey says, pointing at the destroyed woman. She tucks the g-string into Lacey's slack mouth and softly pats Lacey's still-cumming pussy one last time. "Now we both know who the true royalty is around here, you miserable slut!"

Lindsey smiles as Alex steps forward to count Lacey out. After the 10-count, Lindsey poses arrogantly with her foot on Lacey's chest, demanding that pictures be taken to commemorate this occasion. She gets several pictures of this as Lindsey poses like a supermodel over Lacey's limp body, followed by several showing Lindsey - with more supermodel poses - sitting on Lacey's face - her 'throne'.

Finally, Lindsey stands up and grabs Alex by the hair, dragging her back over to Lacey. "I hope you were paying attention, Alex. It's not over between us! You saw how I conquered and humiliated this slutty bitch... I'm going to do the same thing to you! Now clean this mess up!" Lindsey shoves Alex down between Lacey's legs, where a puddle of cum is pooling in the ring from the blonde's still-leaking pussy.

Lindsey struts away - all smiles - as she leaves the ring completely victorious.


Match #4

Annie "The Karate Kid" Lind vs. Johnny Flash

(Kick-)Boxing Match

Participant Statistics:

Annie "The Karate Kid" Lind stands at 5'1 and weighs around 115 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is dressed in a White Karate Gi, a brown belt and black sparring foot pads and gloves.

Johnny Flash enters the arena to "Unchained" by Van Halen. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has shaggy dirty-blonde hair and is wearing black boxing shorts and black kick-boxing gloves.

The Match:

The bell rings as Johnny and Annie slowly bow to each other before Annie's leg extends, arms out, elbows in, a traditional martial arts stance. Johnny's stance is a modification of his own traditional boxing stance complete with the bent knees of a traditional full-contact kick-boxer, similar to his favorite, Badr Hari. He's got the reach advantage, while her compact body is a series of tightly coiled springs just ready to lash out in combinations.

Punching his fists together, feeling his knuckles contour to the inside of his boxing gloves, Johnny's eyes focus on Annie who stares at him dispassionately, with steely disinterest. After a moment, Johnny speaks, his voice raising as the low candor of the crowd forms a wall of sound. "Annie, straight up, I don't have a problem with you. I don't. I just have to win this match. My revenge depends on it. My future depends on it. Nothing personal."

Annie smirks, more curious than affable. "It's nothing personal to me either. It never is. Chloe lines opponents up for me. I knock them down. That's it. You're all insects in the presence of a striking God. Tell me, Johnny... when you step on ants inadvertently, do you worry about whether they are red ants or black ants? No. They are inconsequential. As are you. You'll fight me. I'll knock you out. Simple as that. It's what I do. If you fight hard and don't piss me off, maybe I won't absolutely humiliate you to the point of tears and begging when I finish. Deal?"

Johnny grits his teeth, sucking air in and out before closing his eyes and opening them bringing his arms out. He tucks his elbows in and stalks forward as she plans a defensive stance, knee walking backward before chambering a knee and slamming out a hard push kick into Johnny's abs knocking him back. Her foot pressing hard against his lower belly and sending him into the ropes. She rushes in to try and capitalize on the push by rolling off the ball of her back foot with a roundhouse, surprisingly onto the have the bigger man roll his shoulders and duck, the top of his hair actually catching a bit of her ankle but as a guy who's boxed would know, getting clipped just a bit in the right space. He rolls his shoulders once more before bringing out a left straight from the arm opposite her round housing leg, his long reach tagging her hard, gloved knuckles cracking tight into her breasts as she lets out a soft croak, falling back and covering before letting out a soft chuckle, a soft pained chuckle. "Did your homework, eh? Clever boy."

"More clever than you." He says, breathily, a faux false reassurance.

Johnny rushed forward, stalking with his arms in like a prime Tyson, knees bent and arms up in a classic shell, as Annie knee walks closer to him, strafing towards him as if she's walking on air clouds, almost ethereal, a little tiny specter of striking death. She brings up a leg as if to go for a close knee strike to the midsection, her back leg pushing off as she leaps off the ground only to have Johnny close the distance, side stepping, moving around her hip before digging a counter uppercut deep into the soft flesh of her belly, knuckles cracking hard against her abs, pressing up into her solar plexus, taking her off her feet as she lets out a gurgle, a thin dribble of saliva dribbling down the corner of her mouth.

Johnny crumples her, the striking God of EWF holding her stomach, gasping as Johnny respectfully takes a few steps back, pressing the leather of his gloves together, taking a few breaths and allowing her time to get up as the ref counts. Annie beats the count with time to spare, glaring at Johnny, shooting a gaze of pure murder. It's nothing funny anymore. He might pull off this upset after all. She wipes the drool from her mouth and lets out a dry heave before getting up, the body-shot was perfect in form and technique.

"Need a minute?" Johnny asks, his voice full of genuine concern.

"You mock me with your prattle." Annie says, hissing before reaching her feet once more, she brings out her arms, before rushing forth, as if she was going to for a savate style side kick to the chest, only AGAIN Johnny sidesteps, following this one with a pair of quick, piston like straight punches to her chest, followed by a hook to her temple. Her breasts catch the brunt of the impact, swaying to and fro with his shots before following up with a hook he'd been practicing for months. Annie's mouth pops open as she lets out another guttural moan before slumping against Johnny in a clinch. He holds the diminutive Asian up, still being rather sportsmanlike, his hands sliding under her arms as her feet go a bit rubbery.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm a huge fan, but I can't lose." He says, holding her as she leans against him before locking both arms behind her head in a muay thai plum and bring a knee up hard into her belly, dropping her, causing her to gag loudly, trying to resist the urge to vomit.

Overconfident, Johnny brings his arms up, rushing in, arching his shoulder down before coming in with a heavy overhand right. Annie could see it coming from a mile away, bringing her foot up in a front snap kick, crane style, the ball of her foot cracking into his jaw. Johnny collapses, falling flat on his back, eyes rolled back in his head, done before Annie starts tracing her foot over his head, his eyes, his nose, his mouth as the ref counts, she pinches his nostrils shut for a minute, enjoying the feeling of his heartthrob features under her toes.

The ref counts to 10 as Johnny lies underneath, moaning. Annie's foot pats him softly on the face. "Wake up, wake up Johnny boy."

Johnny's eyelids flutter. Images of Annie's past matches flow through his head, her foot torture sessions, the agony of DeFEET. "Don't hurt me.." He says, softly, begging.

Annie smiles. "I don't want to. Tell you what, if you be a good boy and kiss my feet, I'll let you walk me to the back from this ring."

Johnny gasps. "What?"

Annie pressed the ball of her foot under his chin, into his throat. firmly enough to let him know she's serious but still kinda playful. "Kiss them."

Nodding submissively, Johnny grips her ankle softly, his warm lips kissing over her sole and heel, tongue tracing up over her toes as he sucks on each of them. Annie smiles, looking like she's happier than a honeybee in a field of roses. "Good. The other one." Johnny obeys, switching hands softly, kissing on her feet, sucking the soft skin covering her toes, rather lovingly. "Put it in your mouth." She says, and he does, holding it back, fitting four toes into his mouth before gagging as she presses on him gag reflex. "Shh..shh..it's okay. I told you I wouldn't torture you, as much as I'd like to. You can stand up now. Follow me to the back. If you ever want to work on your striking, let me know."

Johnny extends a hand and she helps him up, tucks his arm between hers and walks him out of the ring, total respect.

"What about Taylor?"

"Small fed, Johnny. You'll cross paths sooner or later."


Match #5

David "DJ" Johnson vs. Emily Waters

(Kick-)Boxing Championship Match

Participant Statistics:

David "DJ" Johnson enters the arena to "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols. He is an African American male with an athletic build, standing at 6'2" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has short, curly black hair and is wearing a Union Jack patterned Speedo.

Emily Waters enters the arena to "One For the Money" by Escape the Fate. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'8" and weighing around 135 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a gold metallic bikini with a black rhinestone Fleur-De-Lis, a black belt with gold border trim and gold metallic platform heels.

The Match:

DJ is clearly uncomfortable and he can't tear his gaze at Emily's feet, remembering how they managed to beat him last time. 'Got to stay focused' is what he tells himself... but her feet are very, very soft and sexy looking. He swallows hard and brings his guard up but his mind drift out of what was going on. "Oh, you see something you like, baby?" Emily smirks and catches that his eyes aren't looking where they should be so she takes the advantage and drives her heel into his hard abs with a side kick! "Didn't you learn from last time? Focus on the match!" Emily taunts, keeping her leg up as DJ bends forward from the kick, opening up for a hard stinging hook kick to his cheek and a roundhouse kick that smacks at his other cheek sending him to the ropes. "Alright, warm up is over. Time for the main event!"

Emily is goofing around and having fun - she's figured DJ can't hurt her while his mind is distracted and is fighting defensively, slipping away from his moves and not going for the kill just yet. DJ is getting frustrated, struggling to land one blow to Emily even as she keeps slipping away and countering each time with kicks and strikes. catch Emily in his grasps as she keeps slipping away and countering each time with kicks and strikes. "Come on, big guy! Are you really trying to catch me?" She giggles as she continues to punish the bigger fighter.

Getting furious, DJ charges at Emily and goes to swing a wild punch but Emily is quick on the trigger, firing a perfect front kick. His face hit the ball of Emily's foot hard enough for them both to feel it, as he landed on his knees, her leg still outstretched, his nose perfectly wedged in the gap between her big and second toes. "What the fu..." he gasped, the current position causing an uncomfortable stirring underneath his shorts.

"Ah, there he is! Was wondering when the little guy would show up!" Emily giggles and DJ tries to muster a response but he can't, her toes pinching him, and literally leading him by his nose has him so hot and bothered he can barely think!

The golden clad fighter has taken control of the match and still looks fresh while DJ's breath is ragged, his ebony skin covered in a sweaty sheen. She stalks around him like a lioness to wounded gazelle. "Come on baby, don't tell me you're beaten already?"

"Bring it..." DJ nearly smiles.

"You're on!" And with that, Emily delivers a face kicking clinic to DJ that would bring a tear of joy to Cro Cop himself. DJ is kicked around the ring, his tights stretching from his erection to a comical degree as many hits land on his body and mostly to the face. "Well you've been such a great sport! Shame we gotta wrap this up. But I will make this spectacular!" Emily giggles as DJ struggles to keep upright. She dashes towards the black fighter and then leaps up, placing her left foot on his knee as she uses it as a stepping stone, leaping higher. Her right leg swooping up and out in a wide arc, the outside blade edge of her foot aimed for the side of his face for a an inside out crescent kick! DJ takes the kick hard and she watches the display in awe as his cry of pain pierces her soul. Feeling the impact smack against his jaw and energy displace from the momentum of her foot to his head, whipping his body about in true gymanstic fashion, wondering if ballet is something he does in his spare time, as he twirls along the ropes and then crashes down in a spent heap. She lands on her bare feet in sync with him. She takes a moment to take in his defeated visage with a sigh, letting the tension roll off my lips as I relax some, his cock still in full mast and saluting the new Champion, now knowing the worst is over.

The ref counts the unconscious DJ out to 10 and Emily is crowned the new Kickboxing Champion! Emily receives the belt and she celebrates, climbing on the turnbuckle and blowing kisses to the crowd! Afterwards, Emily then saunters over to DJ, unties her belt and ties his hands in a knot behind him. "Alright, baby. Let's have some fun..." She mutters as she secures his hands. DJ slowly recovers his consciousness and she sees Emily standing over him with the belt around her waist. Emily raises her foot near his face, letting him witness the foot that had been battering his body a moment ago. "Hey, boy! I'm glad you're up. I really wanted you to be awake for this!" Emily grins. "Now that I got what I want, I might as well give you what you most desire. Think of it as a 'thank you for the match and this belt!'" She then places her right foot onto his erect crotch and she starts to stroke it under her sole, bringing out a soft moan as waves of desire start flooding over him. DJ struggles but he succumbed to the immense pleasure as Emily's soft sole strokes his cock inside his briefs. "Now...how about you tell all the people here who the champion is and I promise I'll let you cum."

DJ grunts and moans, gritting his teeth, reluctant at first but he can't hold it anymore as he's brought near to climax. "You are! You are the champion! Emily's the champion!"

"Good... and don't you forget that..." She smirks as she strokes him harder. Not too long before his dick explodes inside his briefs under Emily's soft sole. She wipes some of his cum on his belly before she places her foot on his chest, blowing a kiss to him. "Call me." Emily gives a flirty wink at the defeated DJ as she raises the new title belt and poses for the cameras.


Match #6

Commissioner Chloe Mason vs. Super-Grrl

Wrestling Championship Match

Participant Statistics:

Chloe Mason enters the arena to "Yeah, Yeah" by Bodyrox. She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has long curly blonde hair and is wearing a red bell sleeve romper playsuit, her legs covered with black fencenet stockings. Chloe is accompanied to the ring by Annie Lind

Super-Grrl enters the arena to "For Once In My Life" by Mel B. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a patent leather Supergirl costume along with blue fishnet stockings and red stiletto boots.

The Match:

The bell rings and Super-Grrl and Commissioner Mason face-off in the middle of the ring. Super-Grrl says something and Chloe counters, poking her finger into the 'heroine's' chest. Super-Grrl immediately grabs Chloe's wrist and wrenches it behind her back! The Commissioner tries to fight free but falls prey to Super-Grrl's superior experience as she's immediately flipped off her feet! Super-Grrl immediately kneels on her back and places Chloe in a painful Bow-and-Arrow submission hold! She cranks Chloe's body hard, eliciting a scream from the Commissioner before letting her go.

Holding Chloe by the hair, Super-Grrl drags the Commissioner to a turnbuckle and slams her head into it several times. Chloe attempts a kick, thrusting her leg backwards at Super-Grrl to catch her unawares. But Super-Grrl catches the Commissioner's leg and deliver a painful reverse Dragon Screw! Chloe attempts to escape by crawling out of the ring, but Super-Grrl grabs Chloe by her ankles and delivers several painful knee smashes, removing the Commissioner's mobility AND her primary offensive weapons.

Chloe grabs at the referee to pull herself back to her feet, nearly dragging him down on top of her. As she does so, Annie makes her move. The diminutive karateka gets into the act and enters the ring. Super-Grrl has Chloe pinned to the ground, her boot sole on Chloe's throat, choking her out. Annie pulls Super-Grrl off the Commissioner and then throws Super-Grrl over her in a perfect tomonage! Super-Grrl tries rolling to her feet, but Annie makes that impossible as he deliver a solid hook kick to her face! Super-Grrl is groggy and shakes her head clear as Annie haul her to her feet and holds her steady. "Just like we did at practice!" Chloe grins an sends multiple kicks to Super-Grrl's body, working her like a heavy bag. "You WILL regret trying to attack me now!" Chloe spits in Bianca's face.

The karateka then picks Super-Grrl up and throws her over her shoulder to on the canvas! Annie then locks her in a armbar, her feet pressing around her neck and choking her! Chloe watches with glee as Annie takes a moment to insult her dazed opponent. "What's the matter, Super-Grrl? Is my feet too much for you? Just be lucky you're not fighting me! I'll break you!" Chloe orders Annie out of the ring. Annie grins as she turns and exits the ring.

Super-Grrl forces herself to her feet, still obviously hurting from the interference. She braces her back against the nearby ring rope and she notices Chloe leaving the ring and grabbing a chair. Behind her, the referee is admonishing Annie for getting involved in the match and ordering her to the back. The referee makes the mistake of shoving Annie and gets a foot to the side of his face for his troubles! He collapses to the ground as Chloe enters the ring with her chair. The Commissioner realizes that Super-Grrl has seen her enter with the chair, and quickly runs forward to attack. And Super-Grrl, acting completely on instinct, leaps into the air and delivers a Dropkick at the chair as Chloe swings it as her. Super-Grrl's booted feet knock the chair back into Chloe's face, KOing the Commissioner immediately! Chloe hits the canvas and lays there, completely limp.

Annie, seeing what just happened, rolls into the ring and takes up a defensive stance as she steps in front of the Commissioner. The two women exchange harsh words and are about to get into it when the security forces exit from the back and enter the ring. The two women are prevented from attacking each other and the ring announcer tells the audience that Super-Grrl is the winner by knock-out!

Super-Grrl is handed the belt as she's escorted out of the ring. The victorious blonde walks up the ring ramp and stops before exiting backstage, holding up the title to a big pop from the crowd. Chloe has regained consciousness in the ring and glares at Super-Grrl, saying some not-too-flattering words. The two women lock eyes in a death stare as the show goes off the air.
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Default Re: EWF Domination

Here are the results of the EWF's 9th event, which took place on 12/02/2016.

Voting is currently underway for our 10th event. If you'd like to help decide the results, you can find the poll at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] - Voting goes through Sunday, December 18th at 12:00 PM MST.

EWF Domination - 12-02-2016

The opening music fades, the fireworks come to an end and the gathered crowd starts to quiet down before "Yeah, Yeah" by Bodyrox plays over the arena speakers. Commissioner Mason walks out onto the main stage, along with Alex Curry. The two women head down to the ring amid a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Once there, Alex stands by one of the turnbuckles as Chloe paces a bit, waiting for the crowd noise to die down. Microphone in hand, Chloe begins to address the people.

"Two weeks ago at the Champion of the Sexes event, the EWF, by all accounts, had a successful evening. We crowned new champions. We had several fantastic matches. And several of our employees showed what kind of character they truly possessed. One of them good, two of them bad.

"So let's start off the evening with the GOOD employee, shall we?" Chloe turns to look at Alex. "Miss Curry, if you would step forward please?"

Alex does so amid some cheers and wolf whistles from the crowd.

Chloe smiles at her as she approaches. "Alex, you had one job to do that evening, and you did it well. You referee'd that match between Lindsey and Lacey Sky flawlessly. I was so impressed by what I saw that I have a special announcement to make!"

Alex grins, trying to look happy but obviously taken aback. She obviously has no idea what Chloe's special announcement might be.

Chloe steps closer to Alex as she speaks. "I am giving you a promotion and a raise! You are no longer merely a Interviewer. You are now officially the EWF's Head Referee, with all the power, privilege and pay that come with it! Congratulations!"

Chloe reaches out and shakes Alex's hand. Alex smiles at first, overjoyed by the announcement, but her face takes on a look of concern again as Chloe turns away, trying to fathom what new responsibilities she now has.

"And with that out of the way..." Chloe continues, "That brings us to our first BAD employee. Sadly, she isn't here to take the full recriminations of her actions, but that's okay. She quit like the gutless coward she is, INSTEAD of facing me here tonight, after using a weapon to secure a win for herself in the Wrestling Championship match. As you all know, I'm talking about Super-Grrl!"

Chloe pauses to allow the crowd to boo. She gets even more upset when most of them cheer.

"Oh, you all like what she did, do you? You were all impressed by her cheating ways? She should NEVER have won the title after what she did to me! If the referee had seen what she did, she would have been disqualified! Sadly, he was unconscious at the time after Annie Lind RIGHTFULLY knocked him out. The man was unjustly trying to send her away from ringside. That is why he has been fired and Alex is taking his place!"

More boos greet this news. Alex looks quite uncomfortable as well.

"But what's done is done," Chloe sighs. "That match, and those BAD employees, are gone from the EWF forever. And that leaves us with a vacant Wrestling title belt. But not for much longer. Alex?"

Chloe turns to Alex, who dutifully nods and exits the ring. She grabs the Wrestling Championship belt from the timekeeper's table and returns to the ring with it.

The Commissioner smiles. "As Super-Grrl cheated to win the belt in the first place, she is officially disqualified and the match ruling has been retro-actively changed to show that she LOST the match! Therefore, your first-ever EWF Wrestling Champion is... MYSELF!"

The boos are louder now as Chloe turns to Alex and gracefully receives the wrestling title belt from her. The Commissioner proudly holds it up in the air as she walks around the ring, displaying her 'hard earned' title.

She's about ready to speak into her microphone again when "Mars, The Bringer of War" by Gustav Holst begins playing over the arena speakers.

Chloe and Alex both look confused as they look up at the entryway. Soon enough, Mister Raymond, owner and founder of the EWF steps onto the stage. Those that know him give a loud pop, but most look on curiously, wondering who the older gentleman is. Chloe looks like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar, while Alex looks like she would rather be anywhere else than in the ring.

"Chloe, Chloe, Chloe..." Raymond begins. "I see that you're now in the habit of giving yourself Championship titles. How disappointing."

"Uncle Raymond, this isn't what it looks like-" Chloe begins.

"No, this is EXACTLY what it looks like," Raymond interrupts her. "There's a lot I can look past, Chloe. I know how hard it can be to run a wrestling federation and keep it profitable. I even understand why you made some of the decisions regarding booking and matches, even though I don't personally agree with the grudges you hold. I can even understand your misuse and appropriation of company funds as you tried to drum up business. But this is something else entirely. You just broke my number one cardinal rule: The Commissioner must NEVER involve themselves in Championship matches and Title decisions!"

The crowd pops for this, obviously agreeing with Mister Raymond.

Chloe shakes her head vigorously in denial. "No, you don't understand! Really! This is all just a big joke! I just thought-"

"You just thought nothing!" Raymond interrupts her again. "It saddens me to think that you're putting your personal goals over the goals of the EWF. You want to play the part of wrestler, Chloe? Then that's what you are going to be. You are NO LONGER Commissioner of the EWF!"

"WHAT!?" Chloe looks horrified, her face frozen in shock. The arena explodes into cheers at the announcement. A mixture of anger and disbelief war with each other on Chloe's face. "You can't do that! No one else here is fit to run this organization!"

"Oh, but there is," Mister Raymond grins. "In fact, she'll be taking over your duties as temporary Commissioner as I look deeper into what you've been doing around here. In fact, she'll be starting this exact moment. I believe you know her VERY well..."

"Naked" by the Goo Goo Dolls plays over the speakers and Lacey Sky walks out onto the main stage and stands next to Mister Raymond. The crowd's reaction is mixed, but VERY loud. Chloe looks like she's been stabbed through the heart as Lacey looks down at Chloe and gives her an arrogant little wave.


"I'm sorry, Chloe, but you've brought this on yourself," Mister Raymond replies. "In accordance with her new duties, Miss Sky here is released from all in-ring activities tonight. She has much more important things to be doing than playing 'wrestler'."

"No!" Chloe responds once again. "Lacey has a punishment match tonight against Lindsey! It's a stipulation that can't be broken!"

"As owner of this company, I'm breaking it," Raymond returns. "Miss Sky will be busy getting used to her new duties. However, I'm not one to remove a match from the card without replacing it with another in return. Seeing as how Lindsey is losing out on a match, she'll be getting one in return. A match, I'll wager, she'll have no problems with. I see she's been having issues with Miss Curry for a little while now. Tonight, she'll be able to vent those grievances." Raymond turns to Lacey. "Miss Sky, if you would?"

Lacey steps forward, smiling broadly, bringing a microphone up to her mouth. "With pleasure. Alex Curry, tonight you will be facing Lindsey in a 'Loser Gets Fucked' wrestling match! 'Good luck', sweetie!"

Alex looks completely mortified, turning to Chloe with begging eyes. But Chloe ignores her as she glares up the ramp at Lacey.

"YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!" Chloe screams. "There's NO WAY you're taking my job from me! It's MINE! MINE! I'LL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS!"

Lacey laughs at Chloe's ranting. "Chloe, if you want a fight, you know where to find me. But just remember your own rules: No violence allowed outside of sanctioned matches. But we can always do it the old fashioned way. If you really want me, we can settle things out in the parking lot after the show's over."


Mister Raymond's music plays again as he turns to leave the stage. Lacey gives Chloe a triumphant 'I told you I always get what I want' look before turning and following Mister Raymond into the backstage area.

Chloe begins to follow after them, but Alex grabs at her blouse. Chloe immediately slaps Alex's hand away and then stomps her way backstage. Looking like a nervous wreck, Alex can only follow.


Match #1

Taylor Swift vs. "Weak" Dan

Oil-Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Taylor Swift is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'11 and weighing around 119 lbs. She has medium length blonde hair and is dressed in a sheer gray tank top over a white bikini top and white booty shorts.

"Weak" Dan is a Caucasian male with a skinny-fat build, standing at 5'11" and weighing around 180 lbs. He has a brown buzzcut and is wearing a blue T-shirt, gray sweat-shorts and black shoes.

The Match:

Dan wobbles in the oil, barely able to stand as Taylor stalks him moving across the oil with ease. "You going to jump on me from behind? Like a little howler monkey? Fitting, since you're voice reminds me of howler..." Taylor shoves Dan. He falls back but his hands cling to Taylor's shirt tearing it off and exposing her breasts. Taylor covers herself up in terror as the audience starts whistling and cat calling her. The distraction allows Dan to grab her legs, he pulls them forward and Taylor tumbles onto head. Dan lumbers on top of her pinning her down. Taylor kicks and screams unable to move the heavy man.

Taylor and Dan are stuck together as they roll across the ring. Dan tries to stand but Taylor has a hold of his briefs and tears them off exposing him. Dan falls onto his ass then Taylor boots him in his little dick. Dan curls up, shrieking and shielding his member. Taylor's on him in a heartbeat, grappling him into bodyscissors and a rear naked choke with Dan on top. Taylor cranks on the pressure but quickly realizes she made a huge mistake: his weight is crushing her. Taylor's grip loosens so Dan takes the opportunity to flop up and down on top of her, pounding Taylor into the oil causing it to drip into her mouth, eyes and nose blinding and gagging her.

Taylor belts out a harsh, derisive laugh as Dan whimpers in the pool of oil. He rolls from side to side, courteously of a kick to the groin. "Why do you even try to wrestle? It's not like you're ever going to win, especially if your in the ring with me. Now," Taylor graps a handful of Dan's hair, "let's get you to your feet so I can end this swiftly." Swift smirks at the pathetic man, "You know, I almost feel bad for you. You probably haven't had any in years. Just promise me you won't think about me during your alone time, kay?" Taylor laughs, spinning on her heel.

Dan drops to his knees, narrowly dodging Taylor's finisher. Taylor spins around, shocked that she missed. Dan takes advantage, ripping off Taylor's top, exposing her breasts. Taylor squeals, her hands shielding her exposed flesh. "Don't worry, Tay, I won't think about you if I pleasure myself tonight," Dan grins, shoving his hand down the front of her bikini bottoms. Taylor screams as Dan's invading fingers crush her pussy. The leggy blonde attempts to lunge forward, but Dan's fingers scrape the inside of her sensitive pussy. She falls to her knees, Dan following her into the pool of oil. Tears cascading down her face, Swift screams out her submission. Taylor falls to her face as Dan celebrates his first victory. "In fact, I won't masturbate at all tonight," Dan smirks, lowering his shorts. Taylor attempts to crawl away, but doesn't get far as Dan grips her hips. He tears off her bikini bottoms and proceeds to fuck her sore pussy doggy-style as the crowd cheers. Dan ravages her vagina with his small package. Once he is close to climax, he retracts his wet cock and kneels beside his defeated rival. Pushing the side of her face into the oil, holding her head still, he gives his shaft a few pumps, groaning as he douses Taylor's face. He leaves Taylor in the pit of oil, her ass up and her sobbing, cum splattered face down.


Match #2

Blair Dame vs. Johnny Flash

Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Blair Dame enters the ring to "I Am Electric" by Heaven's Basement. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'7" and weighing around 130 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a white crop top, daisy dukes and brown platform heels.

Johnny Flash enters the arena to "Unchained" by Van Halen. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has shaggy dirty-blonde hair and is wearing black trunk-style shorts.

The Match:

As the applause dies down from their introductions, Johnny Flash slinks in his corner, staring pure determination across the ring, eyes like searchlights as he exudes pure competition. His body’s looking tighter, fitter, he’s evidently been training hard. Blair Dame is no slouch either, her tall, lithe body in incredible shape, a pure athlete. Their body language is both a bluff, a poker face and an intimidation attempt. Johnny shakes out his neck, presses his shoulder blades together and brings his arms up as Blair places her hands on her knees, popping her hips, shifting weight from one knee to the other before heading out to the center of the ring to meet him.

“...Blair Dame...” Johnny says, almost spitting the words out of his mouth, it wasn’t a question.

Similarly, Blair’s frowning, the blonde giving him a disapproving scowl, cracking her knuckles. “The Flashman. You know what? Fuck it. Better do this right.”

Blair extends a hand for the shake as the crowd pops, going absolutely nuts, loving the show of respect.

Johnny stares at her hand, his icy blue eyes drilling into it, shooting beams of pure disapproval before reaching out and taking it, shaking it firmly. “Yeah. Fuck it. Good luck.”

Eyes meeting each other’s, teeth gritted, both of them have something to prove.

The handshake lasts for about 11 seconds before they both release, and the bell rings about 2 seconds after. The two come crashing into each other repeatedly for a tie up before Blair tucks an arm behind his and clutches his wrist in her hand before jolting his arm up between his shoulder blades in a hammer lock.

Johnny let's out a sharp, pained gasp as he's quickly taken to school. "Fu-fuck! You can wrestle!"

Chuckling, Blair responds with a sultry Canadian "Duh. Sure can." Before she wrenches the hammerlock roughly before releasing, leaving her feet and dropping both boots in the center of his back, dropkicking him from behind, sending him over the top rope, cartwheeling to the floor.

A little dazed and disoriented, Johnny gets to his feet only for the Canadian to run the ropes and jolts up the turnbuckle. "Watch out!" Blair says, as the fans leave their seats, cheering and hollering before she leaps off the top turnbuckle, flying off the corner with a thunderous leap and coming down on her opponent with a fluid, beautiful cross body drop. The flashbulbs of the camera's go off as she leaps to the outside, a memorable moment in EWF history. She crashes into him, full weight cracking into his sternum with all of her weight, sending him sprawling to the floor in theory.


There's no floor. She slams into the Flashman and he hits the barricade back first. Wouldn't you know? It fucking gives, as her body drives the jovial jock heartthrob of EWF through the rubber and wood barricade and sending the two of them to the concrete floor, Johnny's body snapping through the wooden surface and crashing underneath Blair's as she rolls off, quickly, holding her chest.

Johnny's lying on his back, hands cupping his spine, teeth gritted, sucking in air as his feet tap, having a mini seizure, his tongue heavy in his mouth before rolling over to his belly and tucking in his knees in a fetal position.

Abandoning all pretext of competition, Blair Dame rushes down to check on the fallen man. "I-I didn't think the barricade would break." She says, bending down, touching him by the nape of his neck, a hand gently on his shoulder. "Can you continue? We-We can call this a no contest if you wa-"

Johnny reaches out, gripping her by the shirt and brings his head up under her tits with a bullet like headbutt as she falls over, air knocked out of her solar plexus, letting out a harsh, dry heave. "..This fight won't be a contest."

Johnny grips her by the hair, getting up on shaky legs before walking her to the ring. He starts to push her under the bottom rope but not before Blair locks her ankles and snaps her leg inward, driving his hurt sternum into the apron itself, cracking his chest across the hard wooden edge of the ring as he falls to the mat once more, letting out a hard cry.

"Not now, it won't." Blair reaches down and cup him under the chin before rolling him in the ring and getting back in herself.

Blair is holding her head, dizzy and shaken but still up to fight as Johnny doesn’t let up for a second, the two rush at each other, she’s pretty shaken, feeling the size difference and the impact from fighting outside. Johnny’s no spring chicken either. However, she's much faster than he is.

Blair rushes up, sliding into him with another european uppercut, rocking him back, causing him to hang against the upper rope, draped over the rope itself. She quickly follows up with hard chop to the throat, causing him to gasp, taking a bit of the fight out of him. "Big man, eh?” She says, her soft Canadian voice a counterpoint to the ruthless strikes beforehand as she slips both arms in the ropes, twisting them around him. “I’ll judge how big.” She says, before dropping down and slipping a hand underneath his trunks, moving over the bulge, gripping the stem and moving to the base. She gives a few firm strokes. “Ohh, pretty big,..good boy...nothing personal, guy...this doesn’t have to be painful the entire time...relax and enjoy it. Easy way, not the hard way. Say it…say, 'I want to do things the easy way' and give Ms. Dame her first win, eh.”

In response, Johnny grits his teeth, shaking his head, wrenching his arms to no avail. “Fuck you!”
Blair snarls, her Canadian purr now a harsh bark. “Wrong Answer!” She says as pulls her hands out out his pants before chambering back her fist and slamming a hard uppercut deep into his belly, her fist cracking into his abs like a piston.

Johnny slumps, letting out a guttural suck of air. “Hard way it is, Flash.” Blair says, tucking his head under her armpit as she grips his tights with the other hand, setting up for a snap suplex, trying to be the first superstar to suplex Johnny Flash off his feet.

She arches her back only to have his wrists clench, tight, super tight behind the small of her back, fingers clenched as he pops his own hips, still in her reverse headlock/front face lock, taking her over him with a northern lights suplex and slamming her on that back of hers. The same back he’s been going after the whole match!

“Nobody suplexes me, Blair!” He says, with a laugh before rolling off. She lets out a high pitched whine, holding the small of her back. Johnny scoots over before reaching out, placing both of his knees into her back, then cupping her chin with one hand and her knee with the other, he rolls over onto his back, taking her over with a bow and arrow stretch, his knees jolting into her body, bending her like a pipe cleaner.

Blair lets out a howl of agony, tears dribbling down her face as Johnny stretches the shit out of her raw, ripped back. “Oh, don’t stop on my account. Relax and enjoy it!" He reaches down with the hand on her chin, his hand sliding down her neck and into the cleavage of her top, sliding over her supple c-cup breast, pinching the nipple softly between index and middle finger. “..Easy way or hard way? I think hard way works best…and you got erotic first, didn't you? You had this coming.” He says, pulling her against his knees as his fingers pinch her nipple and then start rubbing counter clockwise around the arreola. “F-flashman..” She gasps, breathlessly, a low erotic moan as the tears stream down her face. “You-you could break my back.”

Flash responds with a cruel laugh. "Maybe so. I’m the rookie of the year in 2016. Me. You’re just a pretender. Nothing personal, my ass.”

Johnny gives her breast a firm squeeze as she lets out a guttural moan before shoving her off his knees and to the mat.

The two panting, sucking air from the fight, legs heavy, muscles sore and aching, the adrenaline dump hitting the two competitors hard.

Blair brings her arms up, for one final tie up.

"All right Mr. Freestyle Wrestler. Mr. Match of the Night. Mr. Flash. Let's see if I'm not just as good as you are."

Johnny rushes in, obliging, their sweaty arms cracking together as they scramble at each other, a twisting maelstrom of limbs grasping at limbs, before Johnny hits out a final, bullish headbutt, swirls to her back, grips her wrist and brings her arm across her neck with his Caught In A Flash cobra clutch. Blair's eyes pop as her face drains of color. She pleads softly, a damsel in distress.

"C'mon, Johnny...you wouldn't knock me out in my first match..."

His eyes cold as he wrenches back, pressing deep into her carotid, her arms forming a noose.

"Sure I would. I'll fuck you too, since you chose to get erotic. You're going to be in for the time of your life. I'll be gentle though. You seem like a good girl."

Blair starts to leave her feet, gasping as Johnny shakes her in his grip, shoulder blades touching, bicep bulging as she starts to gasp and paw at his arm before she starts walking the two of them over to the turnbuckle, she places her feet on the second rope, and then the top, and pushes the two of them back to the mat, using the structure of the corner itself to push them to the mat, causing Johnny's fingers to slip.

"Oh, we can fuck, Johnny. When I fuck though, I'm on top."

Blair says, in a soft Canadian bark, she scoots back and then grips his arm, sliding her leg up over his shoulder blade in the lotus lock variation she calls the Trifecta, her heavy, toned calf pressing down on his neck, her arm wrenched back, his abs condensing as she just torques and tears. His feet stamp on the ground as he cries out. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Blair wrenches hard, putting more pressure on, a strained look on her face as she leans in. "TAP, JOHNNY! GIVE THE FUCK UP!"

Johnny shakes his head, knowing he's too beat up to power out of it. "I CAN'T!!"

Blair snarls, "Your abs are ripped to shreds, I could break your arm in this. Just tap and it'll be all over!!!"

The Flashman slams his feet on the group, crying out, wincing but doesn't budge. Blair wrenches for a solid minute or so, as he starts to grind herself against his outstretched elbow, the denim shorts of her attire quickly soaking. "Just give, Johnny. Wh-what do you have to prove?!" She say with a breathy, lusty tone, but a frustrated look on her face. She wishes he'd just give already.

Johnny raises an arm. Blair keeps grinding for a few more minutes as tears drop down Johnny's face...before his hand taps the mat. Blair gives a few more whirls on his elbow, letting out some low, sensitive moans from the friction before they rise in pitch and timbre, eventually grinding out a fierce orgasm on his arm. She loosens the hold for just a sec before reapplying and sitting up.

"I said I give!!" Johnny says, his voice breaking, before she sits up, sliding a hand into his shorts, gripping his piece once again.

"I know you did. You fought hard. I'm going to give you something to remember me by. Good boy...shh...man you were tough.."

Blair's hand works on his shaft, stroking it expertly from base to tip before he erupts in her hand, she gives a few more pumps, gets it all out, smiling like a cat in cream. "Good boy..that's a good boy..."

Johnny lies slumped as she takes her leg off his neck and bends down, gripping him softly by the arm. "Need a hand?"

Looking up angrily, spitefully, Johnny looks up at her and gives her a full shove before taking a few steps back.

Kinda mournfully, Blair extends a hand. "Come on, Johnny. We can't be friends? I told you it was nothing personal and you were tough as hell. Truth be told, I don't know who'd take it in a rematch.

Johnny stares at her hand before slapping it away. "Fuck it." He says, rushing in for a hug, their bodies clasping as they grip eachother warmly as he kisses her on the chin.

"Welcome to the EWF, Blair. Thank you for the match."

Blair smiles, kissing him back. "Thank you for giving it to me. Round two at my hotel room tonight. I'd love for you to stop by."

Draping one of Blair's arms over his shoulders, Johnny nods as they exit the ring.

"Sure. I'll be there."


Match #3

Candy Cane vs. Levi - The Great

Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Candy Cane enters the arena to "California Girls" by Katy Perry (ft. Snoop Dogg). She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 125 lbs. She has long blonde hair done in two ponytails with red and blue tips. She is wearing a White and Red Cropped Baseball Shirt, Red and Blue Booty Shorts, Black Fishnet Stockings and White and Black Ankle Sneaker Boots.

Levi - The Great enters the arena to "War" by Linkin Park. He has a skinny build, standing at 5'5" and weighing around 111 lbs. He has short black hair with blonde hi-lites and is wearing black elbow pads, black hand gloves, black knee pads, black boots and black pants with green flames.

The Match:

Levi enters the ring in his usual attire, staring coldly at Candy his beloved sledgehammer in one hand and mic in the other. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce myself. I'm Levi - the greatest and most lethal wrestler alive right now..."

"And Melody's horse!" Candy jokingly calls out.

"I'm not a horse to that slut anymore." Levi says angrily. "And I'm not the same Levi anymore. I've come a long way since my debut. And tonight, not only will I defeat you, but I'll make an example of you, slut. I'm gonna make you beg for mercy and beat you to a bloody pulp. I'll prove to all of you that I'm the greatest and best ever."

"Errrm, you do know that this isn't a hardcore match, right?" Candy looks at him quizzically.

"Wait...what?" Levi looks at Candy weirdly "Yeah, this is just a wrestling match. You sure you're in the right fed, mister?"

The ref comes towards him and ask Levi if he could take his sledgehammer.

Begrudgingly, he complies. "Fine. But I still mean what I said!" The bell rings, Levi jumping up and down and takes off in an energetic sprint toward Candy, only for her to stop him in his tracks with a well timed kick, the toe of Candy's boot connects with his balls and making him shriek in pain! Levi shudders and fall down, crashing to his knees, clutching his battered groin with his right hand while his left drops down to her shoulder and chest, almost cupping her right boob, she licks her lips and purrs.

"Oh no, you can look, but you can't touch." Her right arm slides under his left armpit and rests against the back of his head. "Feel free to scream if you want!" Candy giggles, taking a wide step back with her left leg, then sending it forwards, leaping in the air and tossing it over his body, she spins her body in mid-air, Levi twisting with her, to land flat on their backs, with Levi's left arm stretched between Candy's legs, that cross over his chest, pulling hard back on it in a armbar!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Levi screams as Candy pulls his arm back. Feeling his triceps against her crotch, and she feels the muscle trembling, bulging and relaxing, flexing and tensing, sending sexy vibrations through her vagina. A sensation she knows well and ADORE, one better than a million vibrators, bunnies, or dildo's, and she licks her lips, hearing the screams as she begins to grind her hips against his trapped arm, each grind putting brutal pressure on his arm, forcing the tendons to creak the wrong way.

"Mmmnnh...you made your big return...just to be my fucktoy..." She moans in hot satisfaction as she pleasures herself, working herself into a hot, glossy orgasm on his arm, smearing her honey on his tricep through her shorts. "MmmmMMMMHHH, yesss..." She groans, her head thrown back, letting go of Levi's arm, quivering as her body spasms in pleasure. "Mmnnh, FUCK, that was good!" She giggles and purrs as Levi clutches his tortured arm.

Even though Levi had the height and weight advantage, he was clearly no match for the diminutive Candy as she whips him into the corner and the splashes him, both of their chests colliding hard! She bounces back, takes him by the hand and whips him to the opposite corner to do it all again! And again... and again... and again, knocking the air out of the poor young fighter, slumping down to the floor with his head resting on the turnbuckle. Candy waves her hand to the crowd, signaling something as she sprints towards him, leaping up in the air and she lands her crotch on his face with her Jawbreaker Bronco Buster! Levi could feel the damp part of Candy's Booty shorts, her scent invading her nostrils as she rides on his face with poor Levi's protests muffled by her damp pussy.

Despite her last and early orgasm, Candy is already hotly aroused by this as she rides him like she's on a mechanical rodeo bull! "Yee-Haw! Giddy up, horsey!" Candy giggles as she loves the ride... And in no time, she cums again, her juices smearing all over his face! She takes a deep breath and gets off, still recovering from the orgasm. Levi cannot believe he's getting brutally dominated by such a small girl. It's humiliating! He can't let her finish him off! He has taken some bad losses but this one would be the worst of all. So he tries to escape, sliding out of the ring. He almost succeeded until Candy grabs on his leg. "Now where do you think you're going, mister?" She giggles as she pulls him back into the ring, his punishment is not over yet! She crouches and wraps her arms around the poor guy. The crowd chants Candy on.

"No! Wait, please!" Levi pleads.

"Teehee! This is gonna be a bumpy ride!" Candy then lifts him up, Levi screaming like a little girl and then slams him down on his back with a Rolling German Suplex, impressive for a girl her size! But she isn't done yet as she lifts Levi up again and slams him on his back. She does it for another two times before she releases the young fighter and ragdolls him to the middle of the ring. "Whew! That was hard work! I could ask Melody if I could use you for my workouts!" Levi groans and shudders at that thought. That would be hell!

Levi lays on the mat, beaten, bruised and barely hanging onto consciousness. "Ummm...hello? Still awake?" Candy's sweet voice reaches his ears as she is perched on his belly, poking his cheek with her right index finger. "He's not moving much. Guess I'll pin you and end the match then!"

"No!" Levi quickly sits up, getting his back off the canvas, but accidentally bumps his face right into Candy's breasts! The crowd won't see it but Levi's face immediately turns red with embarrassment!

Candy is a bit surprised at this, a man willingly bringing his face towards her tits! "Oh? Don't wanna go without having these in your face?" Candy giggles and wraps her arms around the back of his head, keeping his head between her luscious D-cup tits. "I'll give you what you want!" Candy straddles his waist, as she motorboats Levi, his hands pushing on her waist but to no avail. His muffled protests send vibrations to her nipples and she gets hot again, her hips grind on his as she starts grinding again towards yet another. Levi is in no condition to defy her as much as she wanted, and even he's getting hard! Candy soon cums and the damp patch grows bigger with each passing orgasm. Candy lets go of Levi's head, luckily for 'The Great One', she releases before he fully succumbed to unconsciousness.

"Whew! I definitely see why Melody took a liking to you." Candy smiles sweetly as she looks into his eyes. "It's a shame I have to return you. I was having too much fun. Oh well. Better finish this then!" Candy stands up and, with effort, gets Levi up before lifting him up, positioning him upside down.

"Night night, mister!" Candy delivers her Sweet Dreams finisher, piledriving his head onto the mat! His body stiff like a rail as he lays on the mat, out cold! Candy scoots forward and her firm ass plants itself down on Levi's face. Her knees spread and his face disappears, buried in Candy's cheeks. She slowly grinds her hips, moaning foxily, his nose nuzzled between her cheeks and his mouth housing her damp and soaking sex. Candy ups the tempo, riding his face hard, the ref checks Levi's hand three times, registering no resistance from him whatsoever. Turning, the ref calls for the bell and awards the match to Candy. She keeps on going before she explodes in a violent orgasm that shook her body to the core. His face completely drenched from her juices. Recovering, she straitened up, breathing heavily still, she double bicep pose to the cameras, getting every angle.

Candy disembarks her ride and slams Levi awake, finally he can get air in his lungs. He blearily looks at Candy's cute face. His face is completely red, mostly from exhaustion but from the massive embarrassment that he lost to someone so cute and sweet. He'll never live that down. "Ah! I'm really glad you're awake! This will make this easier!" Candy pushes him forward so that he is on his hands and knees. Levi knows this position very well...the flashbacks haunting him. This couldn't happen again. Well it's happening!

Candy kicks him in the butt so that he crawls out if the ring. Having done so, he remains in that position as Candy sits on his back. She takes her shirt off, showing off her red bra that contains her breasts. She wraps the shirt and it acts as reins. "Come on, horsey! Giddy up! Let's get back to Melody!" Levi is in tears as he crawls down the aisle and exits the stage, carrying the victorious Candy out of the arena.


Match #4

Alex Curry vs. Lindsey

'Loser Gets Fucked' Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Alex Curry stands at about 5'7" and weighs approximately 120 lbs. She has long, wavy brunette hair and is wearing a black leotard and black athletic shoes.

Lindsey enters the arena to "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. She is a Caucasian female with an average build, standing at 5'1" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long & straight brunette hair and is wearing a black & red flannel shirt, blue jeans and brown ankle boots.

The Match:

Alex cautiously circles the ring with Lindsey. "No where to run, and no friends to help you get out of this. It's just you and me." Lindsey snarls, placing Alex in a headlock."I hate to spoil the surprise but, that strap-on at ringside, the one that was meant for Lacey, well, since she's too scared to fight, I'm going to use it on you," Lindsey wrenches down on Alex's neck, forcing out a pained whimper. "And since you love spanking my ass so much, I will return the favor, by fuckuggh!"

Alex drives her elbow in Lindsey's gut and knees her in the face. Alex grins as Lindsey collapses in a heap, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm about to make you my bitch!"

During the middle of the match, Lindsey has taken the advantage, leaving Alex on the mat. She reaches inside her top, extracting a small whip. The referee quickly confronts the Southern Princess. Lindsey and the referee begin yelling at each other. The referee snatches the whip out of Lindsey's hands and tosses it out of the ring. Lindsey sends a slap at the ref's face, but the referee blocks her hand. Lindsey's jaw suddenly drops, her eyes bulging out. The toe of a boot peeks out between her thighs. Lindsey whimpers, falling on her face, her hands massaging her mound. Alex rips off Lindsey's boots, top and jeans, quickly reducing Lindsey's clothing to the bare necessities. The Princess, now clad in a dainty black bra and matching panties, blushes, her hands covering her body. The mortified woman screams in rage as the flashes of cameras light up the ring.

Alex boots Lindsey in her abdomen and whips her into the corner. Alex skips toward Lindsey as she seethes in anger, "You can't beat me! I'm a Princess. I'm going to prove to everyone how much of a slut you are!"

Alex giggles, "Is that so?" Curry drives her foot up, drilling Lindsey's crotch. The Princess wedges her hands between her thighs and sinks down, falling on her ass. "Well, since I'm such a slut, I should use it to my advantage," Alex wiggles out of her jeans, revealing her black thong to the roaring crowd. "Now, if I was a slut, I would do this next!" Alex sneers as she leaps up, spreading her legs. Curry delivers a brutal bronco buster to Lindsey. Curry slams her ass down on Lindsey's breasts while shoving her crotch in Lindsey's face. Lindsey cries out as Alex's vagina scrubs against her nose and mouth. The thin fabric of her thong doesn't prevent Lindsey from feeling every nook and cranny of Alex's womanhood. Alex laughs as Lindsey's pathetic muffled sobs reverberate against her pussy.

Lindsey wheezes, doubling over, as the toe of Alex's boot slams into her abdomen. Alex hooks her arm around her rival's head and lifts her up as if she is going for a suplex, but instead of falling backwards, she slams Lindsey forward, slamming Lindsey's face into the mat, in-between Alex's spread legs. The Southern Princess twitches slightly, her face and tits taking the brunt of the impact. Alex kicks Lindsey over, grasps her ankles and pulls Lindsey's legs over her head for a humiliating 3 count.

Alex is all smiles as she poses for the adoring crowd. She cuts her eyes over to her rival's body. "Oh, no, no, no, this wont do at all! Lindsey, hunny, your clothing is atrocious! Let's change that, shall we?" Alex snaps the cups of Lindsey's bra up, snapping them apart, and peels her panties down. "Much better, now, one more thing," Alex skips out of the ring, retrieving the strap-on that was intended for Lacey's punishment. "This is quite comfy, it fits me just fine," Alex giggles as she steps into the harness, "but, I don't know if this," she grips the base of the shaft, "will be as comfy for you... hmmm... oh, well!"

Alex kneels between Lindsey's legs, scooping her hands under Lindsey's ass cheeks, elevating her lower body. Alex wastes no time, shoving the dildo deep inside Lindsey's vagina. The intense pain causes the brunette to come out of her stupor. Her screams intensify as Curry drills the arrogant girl. Lindsey slams her palms against the mat, begging for Alex to stop. "I don't think so, Princess. You have been very mean, and mean little sluts get fucked!" Alex smirks as she pumps her hips, driving Lindsey to a humiliating orgasm.

She retracts the dildo and grips Lindsey's hair, forcing her to kneel. "I... ughh.. I'm soghhhhh!"

Alex cuts her off, shoving the juice-soaked rod inside Lindsey's mouth, "Now, now. Don't talk with your mouth full!" Alex smirks, forcing her to suck. Lindsey soon collapses on her back. "Not much stamina for a slut. Well, the least I can do is give you a parting gift," Alex removes the dildo, shoving it deep inside Lindsey's ravaged pussy. Lindsey sobs, her hand grabbing the base, trying to remove the thick rod. Alex knocks Lindsey out with a right cross and forces the dildo in as far as possible. She skips gleefully down the aisle, leaving his rival naked, invaded and humiliated in the ring.


The cameras cut backstage to an office. A calm-looking Mister Raymond is sitting on one side of the desk while an enraged Chloe Mason is standing on the other side.

"Why are you doing this to me!?" Chloe says, the wrestling title belt gleaming on her shoulder. "You told me I could run the EWF any way I wanted! If that includes holding a championship title, I think I'm well within my rights to do so!"

Mister Raymond shakes his head. "Chloe, you need to calm yourself. You know full well we had this conversation on the phone about a month ago. You promised me that you were going to let the competitors fight for the titles and that you were going to be keeping your nose out of it. And what do I come to find as I step foot into the arena? You in the process of giving yourself the title belt. The ONE THING I told you never to do."

"It's not my fault!" Chloe whines. "I had the match all set up! But then Super-Stud went ahead and quit on me, causing everything to fall apart. If that asshole had been able to follow through on his promises, I wouldn't be in this mess!"

"No!" Mister Raymond tells her forcefully. "If YOU had been able to follow through on YOUR promises, you wouldn't be in this mess. Now, I have to say, I've been disappointed in many of your decisions as of late. Under your control, the EWF has lost SIX people in three months. SIX! That must be a record, because I can't recall losing six people over the course of a year, much less three months."

"They all deserved it!" Chloe pouts like a child. "Not a single one of them can fight worth a damn!"

"That doesn't matter, and you know it! Or you would know it if you weren't so concerned in building up your own base of power. The EWF is NOT the Chloe Mason Show. The EWF is an entertainment organization that exists to entertain the fans. Did you know that Super-Stud and the Fraternity had a large following? That some people tuned in just to watch them get their asses kicked? By the look on your face, you seem either disinterested or unbelieving. Well, check out these numbers."

Mister Raymond picks up his laptop and holds it out to Chloe. Chloe rolls her eyes and takes it from him, looking at the screen.

Raymond continues: "You have access to these numbers, but apparently you've been ignoring them. The audience share has dropped since their exit and we've sold less tickets. Polling also shows that there is a 'Very Strong' interest in seeing them return."

Chloe nearly throws the laptop back at Raymond. "Well, it's just too bad that they are in prison, isn't it? The EWF doesn't need any criminals around here."

"It's too bad you feel that way. But it doesn't matter. You are no longer in charge of the roster. And there's a very good chance you will never be again."

"This isn't FAIR!!! I'm not an in-ring competitor, uncle! My job is to run this place."

"You definitely look like an 'in-ring competitor' to me with that title belt draped across your shoulder," Raymond grins. "And champions are never afraid to step into the ring, are they? I've recently heard about your little 'altercation' with David Johnson, and I think a champion of your caliber will have no problems stepping into the ring and defending your title against the young man."

"What!?" Chloe once again looks completely shocked.

"In fact, I'll have Miss Sky pencil that in for the December 16th event."

"No! Uncle! I-"

"Miss Sky will also be inheriting your office, your secretary and the entirety of the EWF computer Network. You will have a meeting with her Monday morning at nine o'clock sharp to hand over your building keys, alarm system passwords and administrative privileges. Now, you had better start training, missy. Championship matches can be pretty rough."

Chloe looks completely enraged. "No! I refuse to accept this! I'm not going to-"

"If you have nothing intelligent to add to this conversation," Raymond interrupts, "then we are done here."

"Uncle! You can't give me job to Lacey Sky!" Chloe whines one last time.

Having had enough, Mister Raymond turns his full attention on his niece. She visibly shrinks back underneath his gaze. "Young lady, if you don't grow up within the next minute, you will have nothing to do with the EWF EVER again. Do I make myself clear?"

Chloe drops her head. "Yes, sir."

"Good, now that will be all."

Chloe does a quick about-face and promptly exits the room. She nearly runs into Marc as she steps into the hallway, the door to the makeshift office slamming shut behind her.

The former-Commissioner stares at Marc, red-faced and shaking in anger. "Marc, thank God!" she breathes, her voice sounding as if she's about to cry. "Everything is falling apart. But we can salvage this! Get on the phone! Call an emergency meeting! I need to speak with Annie, Emily, Vannah, Lindsey and Alex Curry. Oh! And call my lawyer!"

Marc nods once and turns away, pausing when Chloe calls his name again.

"One last thing," she says. "Find Lacey Sky and tell her that we WILL be meeting in the parking lot when the show is over! She's NOT walking away with my job!"


Match #5

David "DJ" Johnson vs. Lizzie Borden

(Kick-)Boxing Match

Participant Statistics:

David "DJ" Johnson enters the arena to "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols. He is a black British male with an athletic build, standing at 6'2" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has short, curly black hair and is wearing a Union Jack patterned Speedo.

Lizzie Borden is a Caucasian female with a toned/muscular build, standing at 5'6" and weighing around 160 lbs. She has long auburn hair done up in a French braid and is wearing a Black Wrap-around Halter Top and a matching tight miniskirt with a studded belt. Black stiletto heels complete the outfit.

The Match:

Lizzie slips off her heels just before the match begins. "Just for safety. Bit dangerous to fight in heels, eh?" She purrs, getting into DJ's head already as she swipes the heels out of the ring with her bare foot, bobbing a bit more in her corner. The bell rings and they both circle each other.

DJ is clearly uncomfortable as he just stares at her feet as they glide on the canvas. 'Got to stay focused' is what he tells himself, but her feet are exceptionally soft and sexy looking. He swallows hard and brings his guard up, but his mind drifts out of what was going on.

"See something you like, there, lad?" Lizzie smirks and catches his eyes looking where they shouldn't be, so she takes the advantage and drives her bare sole into his hard abs with a side kick! "Too easy, you numpty!" She taunts, keeping her leg up as DJ bends forward from the kick, opening himself up to a hard, stinging hook kick to his cheek, and a roundhouse kick that smacks at his other cheek sending him to the ropes. "Now the fun begins!"

Lizzie kicks DJ in the groin, causing to clutch his abused package and fall to his knees, where he receives a kick to the jaw that puts him on his back. "Poor little baby. Can't even fight back against a wee girl." She kicks him in the head and body a few times before resting her foot on his cock and rubbing it through the fabric of his speedo, teasing it to attention in no time. "Like that, baby man? Like having your pecker rubbed by a girl's foot? I bet you do, you fucking wanker." She laughs as he cums, a wet patch appearing on the Union Jack. She drags him back up off the ground. "Okay baby man. Time for mummy to put you down for a nap."

Lizzie kicks DJ around the ring, his consciousness fading with every strike. Eventually, he falls flat on his back and the referee checks him. He is unable to respond to the ten-count, and Lizzie is declared the winner. To wake him up, Lizzie puts DJ over her knee and gives him 40 Whacks, pulling his speedo down and spanking him across the ass forty times, before masturbating him until he cums again. Then, she retrieves something from a bag that is sitting ringside.

"I'd like you to meet someone." She strips until she's naked from the waist down, and dons the strap-on. "This is Abigail. She's been dying to taste someone from the EWF!" She shoves the head in DJ's face. "Say hello. Don't be rude. Give her a kiss." DJ gives the head of the strap-on a kiss, afraid of what will happen if he doesn't. As soon as he does, Lizzie forces it into his mouth. "That's right. Suck it. I'm taking you backstage and putting it in your ass next, baby man, so lubricate it well." She forces his head back and forth, his spit coating the shaft. "This is what'll happen to every single member of the EWF, male or female, that loses to me! Can't wait that long? Knock on my door! Abigail's always hungry!" Lizzie laughs before shoving DJ away, grabbing him by the balls, leading him out of the ring, and taking him into the back.


Match #6

Joel vs. Ryonata Hanzami

(Kick-)Boxing Match

Participant Statistics:

Joel enters the arena to "How you like me now?" by The Heavy. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 185 lbs. He has short and trimmed brunette hair with a matching beard and is wearing a blue Speedo.

Ryonata Hanzami enters the arena to "True Blue" by Kotoko. She is an Asian female with a slim/toned build, standing at 5'5" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has black hair with dark brown highlights and is wearing a Sailor Fuku and boxing mitts.

The Match:

Ryonata bows to Joel and gives a cute smile. "Let's give a good show to the fans!" Joel can't help but be mesmerized by the beautiful Asian in her Sailor Fuku. The bell rings and both fighters touch gloves in respect. Unsurprisingly, he was finding it hard to concentrate and as Ryo sent out two quick punches to his chest and abs, he was too slow to react. Ryo attacks with such blinding speed and dexterity that they seem to come in all directions and is clear that Joel wasn't ready for her. A left-right jab combo followed by a front kick to his chest pushes him back and forces him to raise his guard which earns him quick, snapping roundhouse kicks into each side of his ribs. Joel back up onto the ropes as Ryonata bounces lightly on her feet. "Am I too much for you already, big guy?" She giggles as she gives him the chance to recover. By the looks of it, he definitely needs it!

Ryonata holds back a little, by the way she was going earlier, the match would end very quickly. Joel has the chance to capitalize, throwing kicks and punches of his own, but Ryonata blocks and deflects his attempts and countering with her own accordingly. Her blows doesn't have the knockout power, but the speed they come at as they repeatedly hit it's targets does sap him of his power and stamina. Joel sends a roundhouse kick, getting a little frustrated that he can't hit her, but she stops his leg in his tracks, making it look too easy. "Nice try!" She giggles and counters immediately with a perfect sweep kick that takes his leg from under him, sending him crashing to the floor face first! "Ara? Done so soon, oni-chan? You're making this look easy for me!"

Joel's fists bounce Ryo's breasts about until one suddenly flies out of her top! She looks startled and embarrassed, trying to cover up, and Joel is instantly apologetic. "Sorry! Sorry, I didn't mean-" He is cut off as Ryo angrily kicks out swiftly at his package, and Joel's erect cock bounces straight out of his straining speedo! Suddenly Ryo is apologetic and Joel is trying to cover as his big cock bounces about. As Ryo apologizes, Joel smacks his hand against her other breast, knocking that clean out of her top! With both of Ryo's breasts bouncing free now, a very erect Joel speedbags them until Ryo is crying out , backing away. She trips as she reels back hurriedly, and falls into the corner, sat up against the turnbuckle. Joel leaps into a bucking bronco, and his free cock smacks against Ryo's face repeatedly as he bucks on her again and again. By the time Joel stops the move, Ryo is KO'd, sleeping limply in the corner. Instead of celebrating though, Joel checks on her and pops her jugs back into her top as his name is called out as the victor.


Match #7

Melody Sky vs. Vannah Love

Sex-Fight Match

Participant Statistics:

Melody Sky enters the arena to "Domino" by Jessie J. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'0" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has long brunette hair with blonde hi-lites and is wearing a pink halter top, denim booty shorts and brown cowgirl boots.

Vannah Love enters the ring to "Yeah!" by Usher. She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'4" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long white-blonde hair done up in a ponytail and is wearing a Gold Lace-Up Bra, matching Side Lace-Up Tights and Black Combat Boots.

The Match:

"Domino" by Jessie J plays over the speakers and Melody Sky nearly skips down to the ring, microphone in hand. She smiles and waves to everyone, seemingly oblivious of any negative reaction that comes to her. Entering the ring, she waits for the music to stop before speaking.

"So I get to face off against a complete newbie here tonight, and I'm pretty excited! Okay, maybe she's not a COMPLETE newbie, but she has a lot to learn about the EWF! The first thing to learn is: Don't mess with the Sky sisters! So, tonight we have a sex-fight match, which is great for several reasons. First reason? I am awesome at this kind of match! My pussy is better than any other pussy in the EWF, and I get to prove it tonight! And the second reason? Vannah is pretty cute!"

Melody pauses for the crowd reaction.

"So tonight, I will show you all why cowgirl pussy is the best pussy around! So get on down here, Vannah, and let me introduce you to the EWF the right way!"

Melody throws her microphone out of the ring and moves to her corner as Vannah exits out of the back and makes her way to the ring.

Melody and Vannah stand nearly chest-to-chest as the bell rings. The cowgirl immediately reaches out and starts rubbing Vannah's breasts. "Do you mind if I take a closer look at these?" Melody smiles.

Vannah smiles back: "Actually, I do!" Vannah rockets her knee up into the cowgirl's stomach, following up with a quick modified Armbar that flips Melody off her feet. Vannah drops onto Melody's stomach (knocking the air out of her) and then sticks her chest in the cowgirl's face, depriving her of air. "Here they are! What do you think?"

Vannah laughs as she both makes sure Melody is too winded to get up by bouncing on top of her and pleasuring the little cowgirl. She slides Melody's shorts down her legs, and does the same with her thong. She gets up off the still moaning cowgirl, and pulls her shorts and underwear the rest of the way off before standing her up against the ropes and taking her top off. Now with Melody naked, Vannah slips between the tops and ties her hands together with her top, trapping her in the ropes before slipping back in and pacing in front of the diminutive cowgirl, who is slowly regaining her wits.

"Ah, ah. No struggling, sweet thing. You'll only make it worse." She inspects Melody's thong, and feigns shock as she finds the front soaking wet. "Wow! I must be better with my fingers than I thought, love. You've soaked your knickers and you're still dripping down there. I don't think I've brought you to orgasm yet, though. No, I think I'd have known."

She puts the soaked thong over the poor cowgirl's head, ensuring that the wet front is over her face. "There we go, sweetie! That looks so good on you! Now, this next part might hurt a bit." She punches Melody in the gut a few times until the cowgirl is coughing and wheezing, too winded and in pain to try and escape.

"Sorry about that, my lovely little one, but I had to make sure you wouldn't try and get free, so I could do this!" She starts fondling Melody's breasts with one hand and fingering her already dripping pussy with the other, causing the cute little cowgirl to start moaning anew. "Yes, you know you love it."

Vannah has taken control of the match and forces Melody to the middle of the ring by her hair. Several slaps to the face has the cowgirl looking dazed. Vannah leans forward and brushes Melody's disheveled hair out of her face and patting her cheek. "You want to see who's pussy is best? Well, here's a news flash: The best pussy doesn't belong to a slutty cowgirl!" So saying, Vannah easily gives Melody a Suplex Slam: 'Love Hurts'!

Melody is completely limp as her legs are easily held in the air by Vannah, the heels of her cowgirl boots pointing towards the ceiling. "I bet this position reminds you of every weekend you have out back behind the bar with whatever loser you get to pay attention to you," Vannah laughs.

Melody says nothing, looking completely unconscious as Vannah plays with her easily accessible pussy. And soon enough, Melody is cumming like a fountain. Vannah stands up, letting Melody's legs drop, and steps on the cowgirl's stomach. The referee barely has to check Melody as he announces Vannah victorious.

Bending down, Vannah gives Melody a farewell kiss on the lips before walking away from the spread-eagled slut.


Match #8

Annie "The Karate Kid" Lind vs. Sophie Anderson

(Kick-)Boxing Match

Participant Statistics:

Annie "The Karate Kid" Lind stands at 5'1 and weighs around 115 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is dressed in a White Karate Gi, a brown belt and black sparring foot pads and gloves.

Sophie Anderson enters the arena to "Pressure" by Paramore. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 4'11" and weighing around 95 lbs. She has long red hair, tied back in a ponytail, and is wearing a white gi and black belt over a black athletic bra & shorts combo.

The Match:

The bell rings as Sophie and Annie slowly bow to each other before Annie gets to her fighting stance and Sophie does the same. Annie smirks, interesting that she went with this attire but she appreciates the seriousness and courtesy that she approaches this match as a martial artist. "I won't underestimate you. I owe you that much..." Annie gives an impish grin, a bit amused as Sophie shuffles on her feet, a bit out of her element and depth. "...But you're in my world now!"

Sophie darts forward, feinting an attack she has no intention of landing, trying to goad Annie into attacking. And it seems to work for her as Annie raises her knee, but as Sophie reaches for it to get a grip, Annie drops it away, Sophie's small fingers whiffing at the fabric of the gi. What she thought was a trap for Annie now turns out to be a trap for her, as Annie's gloved fist strikes Sophie's cheek in a jab, her right hand snaps back to her hip, fingers extending like a military salute before trying to jab her finger tips into the toned skin right above the Scot's belt. A shot with a punch is painful, but a knife hand strike like this can be torturous as all of the impact is focused on the tips of my fingers. The judoka let's out an involuntary yelp as Annie's blow landed, her focus broken by the pain with her gut, which opens her up for Annie to grab on the sleeve of Sophie's thick cotton gi and performs a perfectly executed shoulder throw! Sophie lands with a grunt, the impact of her small form crashing to the mat ripples the ground and she can feel it in her feet.

"This will be a lesson you won't forget, hon." She then raise her leg and point her toes down, taunting and teasing the pale redhead before viciously slapping the Scot across the face with her dusty pink sole, hot from friction with the mats.

Annie proves her point that she's not going to play nice or hold back against Sophie, no quarter given as she destroys her opponent with her vast experience in striking and her quick speed. Nothing showy of flashy, but short, simple and hard. And with the power that came from her Kyokushin training, Annie saps the strength and stamina of the petite redhead, bringing a whole new world of pain. "Come on, hun. Are you even trying? I know this is my turf but you gotta at least try to hit me!"

Sophie yells, getting frustrated as she comes in and fires a hard uppercut, but because it lacks speed, Annie catches her hand before it even lands.

"You really are out of your depth, hon." Annie sends a low kick, her heel drills into the inside of her left knee and another to the right knee, causing her to stumble. Now is the time for flashy, Annie thinks as she skips in, still standing on her right leg in a hopping side kick sending off a couple to the judoka with her smooth pink sole, knocking her head back, sweat flying everywhere. A final one is more powerful and knocks her to the ground. "Damn, I could never control how hard I kick. Might need more practice" She says jokingly as she stands with hands on her hips.

Sophie is battered and reeling from Annie's hard shots, could barely stand on her two feet. She barely gives the redhead a moment to rest as she twists on her left foot, spinning sharp and fast into a back kick, her sole drilling into Sophie's gut and knocks her clean off her feet. Her groan is exquisite to Annie as she relishes its melody as she lands in a heap, coughing and gasping for air.

"Awww...what's the matter? Struggling to breathe?" She teases the Scot as she stands over her. "Well Im not done just yet!" She giggles in amusement as she grabs onto the collar of Sophie's damp gi and pulls her up till she stands on wobbly legs. "I'll make this quick for you." And with that, she takes a step back and then leaps up in the air, her left leg streaking up towards her and her sole gives a gratifying slap to her cheek and jaw with the Agony of DeFEET! Sophie lands on her back, completely unconscious.

Annie stalks around her defeated for, looking at her handiwork. Or footwork. "Well that could have gone better. Oh well." She bends forward and unties Sophie's black belt, whipping it off and her gi top opens up, showing her sports bra and her toned abs. The crowd cheers from the visage as she strips off Sophie's gi trousers, exposing her athletic shorts. "More layers to take off. This isn't strip kickboxing you know?" Annie says to herself as she strips that off and leaves her in some white panties.

A few slaps from Annie's glittery grape pedicured foot wakes the groggy and dazed Sophie from her knocked out slumber. She places her foot on her auburn hair and smiles, curling her toes into her hair and rubbing the tips of her scalp a bit soothingly before using it to turn her head some and make her look up to the karateka. Letting the heat radiating off her sole to warm her head. "I'm glad you've woken up. I really want you to be awake for what I have in store for you..." Annie walks up till she's facing her dainty feet. She picks them up and lifts both legs up in the air spreading them wide. "Now I noticed you haven't had an orgasm since you came here. This is the EWF, we can't have that. So let me he the one who holds the honor..."

"N..no...pl... please." Stutters Sophie, but her pleas fall on deaf ears as her right foot snakes into the bottom of Sophie's panties. Sophie wails in agony as Annie's barefoot penetrates. the Scot moans and sobs as her pussy receives a wicked foot fucking.

"Now tell me hun. Who is better?"

"Y..you...you!" Waves of pleasure soon overwhelm her as Annie ups the tempo.

"And which martial art is better?"

"K...K...kuuuahh..." Sophie's back arches coming close to cumming. The crowd chants for Annie, loving what is happening before their eyes.

"Say it! Which martial art is better!?"

"Karate! It's karaAAAAAHHHH!" Sophie explodes, squirting her juices all over the mat, most of it going on Annie's foot.

"Now that is what I wanted to hear!" The Asian slides her foot out, watching the redhead still spasming from the violent orgasm. Annie picks up the belt and looks at it with a smirk. "I think I'll take this belt and hang it up on my wall. At least it has got the name of the person that USED to own it!"

"No... please... don't."

"Yeah well you don't have a say in this. You don't deserve it after my Karate wrecked your Judo."

Annie ties Sophie's black belt under her brown belt, signifying her dominance over the diminutive redhead. She kicks Sophie onto her front and then sits gently on the canvas, extending her legs and crossing them at the ankle, leaning back on her right arm for support, Annie grabs on the ponytail and lifts Sophie's head up before sliding her right foot inside her mouth. "Now...get to work, wimp... Clean up the mess you have made."

As the one bubbly redhead now submissively gives her feet an oral pedicure, Annie poses for the cameras and the crowd cheers for her.


The cameras cut backstage to the arena hallway leading from the locker rooms to the parking lot exit. Lacey Sky struts down the hallway, a huge smile on her face. She's practically glowing with a happy energy.

As she approaches the exit, she slows down as she spies Marc Troyard - Chloe's secretary - standing near the exit.

"Marc," Lacey nods at him. "I'm glad I got to see you before I left. Don't bother coming to the meeting Monday morning. You're being replaced."

Marc merely nods to her as she steps next to him. "As you wish, Miss Sky."

Lacey gives the man a sideways glance, appraising him. "Have you seen my sister? She was supposed to meet me here."

"I haven't seen her," Marc shakes his head. "Maybe she is still recovering from her embarrassing defeat earlier this evening?"

Lacey sighs and rolls her eyes, not surprised in the least about her sister's failures. She then turns and facing Marc. Now smiling once again, she looks into his eyes. "I'm assuming you're here to tell me that Chloe is waiting for me out in the parking lot, just as she threatened? And that you're one of the many people she's called on to surround me and beat me down so that I have no fighting chance? Marc, you couldn't possibly be so stupid as to illegally assault a woman, could you? That carries some pretty hefty jail time. You might want to re-think your role in this little scheme."

Marc stares at Lacey levelly, his dull eyes glinting with some unreadable emotion. He is quiet several beats before speaking. "Miss Mason wanted me to tell you that she will be meeting you in the parking lot."

Having delivered his message, Marc turns and walks back down the hallway to the locker rooms.

Lacey watches him go, shaking her head. "What a buffoon. I need to call Hillary and see if she'll be interested in coming back to work."

Lacey then turns and walks out into the parking lot, wasting no time. Her breath is visible in the cold night air as she walks out into the parking area, looking around for Chloe.

"Well, here I am!" Lacey calls out. "Let's get this over with, you miserable cunt! You want me? Come and get me!"

The reply comes not as a human voice, but as the sound of a gunshot! The camera visibly jumps in surprise as Lacey jerks and takes several steps back, obviously shot as she slowly drops to her knees. She pitches forward onto her chest as the cameraman hurriedly moves forward to check on her. But before he can get close, several more gun shots ring out into the night!

The camera tumbles to the ground, where it shows a long view of the parking lot. The sounds of running footsteps can be heard, fading off into the distance as the cameraman flees and starts screaming for help.

Lacey's arm and hand come into view of the camera, weakly clawing for purchase on the ground as she attempts to crawl or drag herself forward. But her movements stop shortly afterward, her hand and arm relaxing and going completely limp.

We're left with that image - and the sound of sirens as they begin to approach from the distance - as we fade to black.
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Default Re: EWF Domination

Here are the results of the EWF's 9th event, which took place on 12/16/2016.

EWF Domination - 12/16/2016

"Yeah, Yeah" by Bodyrox plays out over the arena speakers as former commissioner Chloe Mason walks down to the ring. She is wearing the Wrestling title belt proudly around her waist, obviously showing it off to feed her ego while she ignores the any negativity that the audience throws her way. She enters the ring and waits for everyone to quiet down before she begins speaking.

"As you all know, we experienced something of a tragedy here last week," she begins, solemnly. "And while some might say Lacey Sky deserved it, we here at the EWF do not condone that kind of violence. Concerns have been raised this past week, and rightfully so, that the premises is not safe for anyone while there is a gun-toting maniac on the loose. So I want to promise all of you here tonight... You are all perfectly safe! No one is going to get shot. We have added extra security and our crack team of EMT's are standing by to respond to anything that might happen."

Chloe smiles benevolently at the crowd, letting them know that their safety is her number one priority.

"Which brings me to the primary point of business we have here tonight. Since Lacey Sky is unable to perform her duties as Commissioner of the EWF, it falls back to me to resume those responsibilities. No one else here is qualified to run this organization and I must once again take up the reins of leadership. So it is with heavy regret that I must tell you all that the Wrestling Championship match will NOT be happening tonight!"

The crowd reacts negatively to this and boos fill the arena.

"I know, I know... You all wanted to see me put Mister Johnson in his place. That match may or may not happen in the future. But for now, we have much more important things to focus on. I have decided to--"

Chloe is cut off as "Mars, The Bringer of War" by Gustav Holst plays over the arena speakers. Chloe looks wide-eyed in a mixture or shock and anger as she turns toward the stage. Mister Raymond makes his appearance, stepping out onto the stage to a large group of cheers, a perturbed look on his face.

"Chloe..." Raymond begins. "Miss Mason. You do not have the authority nor the permission to be out here at this time. If you would kindly exit the ring and head back to the locker room... You DO have a championship match that you need to get ready for."

The crowd pops for this as Chloe looks like she's about to blow her top.

"What are you doing here!?" Chloe says, exasperated. "I thought you had a shareholder's meeting in England!"

"I decided to phone it in, seeing as how our Live product needs direction and organization. Besides, I know you, Chloe. I figured you might try to pull a stunt like this. And so here I am, making sure you know that you are NOT in charge and that you have no more control than you had when I removed you as Commissioner."

"Then who is going to be Commissioner, uncle? You know full well that there isn't a single person in this federation beside me that can handle it!"

"*I* am in charge here," Raymond replies. "As I always have been. In light of recent events, the position of Commissioner has been retired. To repeat: I'm running the show now, and as owner of the EWF, I am ordering you to get your ass back into the locker room before I strip you of that title and remove you from the building!"

The crowd pops for this as Chloe slowly obeys her uncle's command. Her face is livid and she looks like she's about to cry, but she manages to hold it together as she walks down one of the side aisles and into the backstage area.

Raymond watches her go, then resumes speaking after Chloe makes her exit.

"Before we get this show started, I have several announcements to make. First off, Lacey Sky was shot in the stomach by an unknown assailant after the event two weeks ago. She is out of critical condition and is resting comfortably in the hospital. She will not be wrestling any time soon. There is a full investigation being conducted by police, together a small team of FBI agents. I will keep you all in the loop as more information becomes available. And while the suspect is still at large, I want to assure you all that there is no cause for alarm this evening. As my niece already informed you, we have extra security here this evening to prevent further incidents.

"Secondly, I am officially announcing a Tag Team Tournament - beginning at our next event. Everyone on the active roster will be participating. If a particular wrestler does not have a current team, they will be randomly assigned one. The winners of the Tag Team Tournament will receive the Tag Team Titles AND a shot at a single's title of their choosing."

The crowd gives an overly positive reaction for this news.

"As for tonight, we have a solid show booked and the return of some old faces. And despite my niece's protests, it's going to culminate in a battle for the Wrestling Championship! Enjoy!"

Raymond's music plays once again as he turns and heads backstage, clearing the way for the first match of the evening...


Match #1

Johnny Flash vs. Taylor Swift

Oil Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Johnny Flash enters the arena to "Unchained" by Van Halen. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has shaggy dirty-blonde hair and is wearing a black Speedo.

Taylor Swift is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'11 and weighing around 119 lbs. She has medium length blonde hair and is dressed in a sheer gray tank top over a white bikini top and white booty shorts.

The Match:

As the competitors step into the oil covered canvas, the viscous liquid squelching between their toes, soles down on the wet tarp, Taylor Swift's got a bit of a shark-like grin on her face as Flash fires a cold, thousand-yard stare across the ring, his eyes almost dissonant, doll like. The inklings of a minor smile creeping across his lips.

Taylor looks at him coldly, her eyes cruel and cunning as she breaks into her stance, bringing her arms up. "Johnny Flash. I told you I-"

With a Flash (HA!) the Flashman leaps off his back leg and lands a textbook Flash Kick through her enclosed guard, his bare sole cracking the blonde leggy pop queen in the chin, taking her off her feet and sending her to the oil in a heap. He's not fucking around. At all.

Flash chuckles softly, his lips curled into a smile that resembles two hooks pulling on the cheeks of a corpse. He claps softly, "I'm sorry, Tay Tay. Saying something?"

Taylor slowly gets to her knees, holding her jaw. "You motherfu-hkkkkkl!!" Is about all she gets out of cracked lips as Flash reaches out, gripping her throat with oily hands, the glossy sheen of oil meshing against her hair, he grips tight till the knuckles go white. The Flashman chuckles softly as he squeezes, "Shh. Shh. Shhhhh." Johnny says, devoid of his usual attitude and humor. He looks almost high, almost ethereal. Taylor gurgles, her mouth hanging open, fishlike, face getting redder as she lets out a wet cough as the heartthrob pulls her up to her feet, hands wrapped around her neck, digging into her trachea, the tips of his digits pressing into her neck as her hands grip his wrists firmly, trying to snap them down but to no avail. Again, he's not fucking around. He's even coming off as scary.

Notably, the amount of cheers are at a lull, noticibly quieter than the usual Flashman matches.
Taylor shakes her head, tapping his wrist softly, her mouth making a soft clicking sound as she tries to talk. "Joh-Johnn-Johnn-"

The Flashman laughs, before easing up with the choke. "Hm. How come? You wanna say somethin? Maybe an apology?" Taylor nods, tears already streaming down her cheeks within the first few seconds of her match.

Johnny's thumbs leave that soft trachea of her as her dry wheezes pick up, she's sucking in air. "Well?" He asks, smiling.

Taylor rests her hands, gripping his elbow and wrist as her chest expands and contrasts in his grip. "I'm sorr-"

In the blink of an eye Johnny's bare foot comes up, kicking Taylor right in the cunt, smashing the ball of his foot almost THROUGH her sensitive private parts, just CRUSHING her cunny. The snapping motion sends rivulets of pain from her hips to her to her toes as his foot CRACKS into her slit, causing her to slump as his hands leave her throat, tossing her to the mat where her body lies in the oil, curling in a fetal position and dry heaving from the force of impact on her pussy.
The crowd erupts. Cheering their asses off. Liking the new Flash a bunch, so it seems. He bends down and places a hand on the cups of her top before ripping back as hard as he can, tearing the fabric and exposing her chest.

Taylor's on the ground in a crab like position, on her palms and heels, trying to butt scoot away. She can wrestle, but she's used to building momentum. She's panicking and it's showing all over her face as she scrambles away from the Flashman who's coming forward like a slasher villain as the fans chant his name over and over.

Taylor quickly scrambles toward him, thinking quickly and sliding her legs around his calf, before gripping the fabric of his shorts and pulling him down, sweeping him to the mat with a leg trap takedown. She pounces on him, straddling only for him to bring his legs up off the mat before wrapping them snugly around her waist, pulling guard, slinking his toned, cut legs around her snug hips as she moves above him topless, her pert, oily breasts glossing against his chest as he sits up. "I'm going to end you Flash. I'm going to end you. You belong to me."

Flash chuckles, as her hands go for his throat, Taylor's soft palms and delicate fingertips digging deep into his throat as he looks up at her with a teeth gritted smile. "Choke me, then." He says, his hands gripping her wrists and arms.

Shooting Johnny a look of pure contempt, Taylor tightens her wrist, before arching back and spitting right in the Flashman's face. "I will! I fucking will!" She says defiantly, before Flash suddenly grips her wrist and arm and pulls them to the side, looping his arms through her grip, breaking her choke and locking on a kimura/double wrist lock, grinding up with his hips against her oily belly, rubbing his shaft against her as he twists her forearm and elbow brutally.

Taylor cries out, slapping on the mat as Flash pulls back, trying to feel her elbow dislocate or her arm to break. "AH FUCK!! FUCK!! FLASH, MY ARM'S GONNA BREAK!!" She howls.

"I know, right?" He responds with a cackle, twisting her arm like a pipe cleaner before he brings his knees up, pressing her shorts down with his feet, sliding them down to her knees, leaving her naked as he's wrapped around her like a spiteful octopus.

He releases the kimura after a few minutes of whining and pleading before pushes her off, staring down at his naked opponent.

Flash stands over a naked, shivering Swift as she shakes her head, gripping his knee softly as she starts to beg. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry" She blubbers, repeating the word constantly and without interruption.

The Flashman smiles, again almost looking euphoric.

"It's okay. It'll be over soon." He says, before firing a toe kick into her toned abs, bucking her over, causing her to drop to her knees, letting out a cough. He pulls her head between her legs and grabs her by the hips, hoisting her up on her shoulders for the Flash Bomb, rushing forward and planting her hard to the mat with his sitout powerbomb variant, trying to SPIKE her into the mat, her body bouncing off the mat as she lies in his clutches, staring blankly at the audience as they cheer his name.


The Flashman laughs, pulling her back up to her feet as she hangs limply, naked, eyes watery and crusted over with tears and oil, makeup running down her face, chest red, she goes full dead weight in his grip, rubber legged. He turns her around and slaps on a tight sleeper hold, his oily arms squeezing tight against her head and neck, throat in the crook of her elbow as she grips softly as his bicep and forearm, more out of instinct then self preservation, the brain sending signals of defense involuntarily. Arching his back and shrugging his shoulders, he pulls up, his arms a makeshift noose around her neck as she gurgles her few last breaths out before slumping into his arms, her body tensing and releasing for the final time as she hangs, a soft snore exiting her nose as she hangs in the balance, choked out.

The Flashman holds her, squeezing tighter as he chokes his clearly unconscious opponent for a few more seconds, trying to kill just a few more brain cells, show everyone why it pays to take him seriously before he tosses her crumpled, beaten naked body to the mat, the bulge in his black speedo apparent, straining against the fabric.

Flash slowly crouches and slides off his speedo before placing his thick, heavy meat sword on Taylor's cheeks, slapping them softly. "Wake up, Tay Tay." He whispers, creepily before pressing his cockhead against her lips, grabbing her hair as he pulls her head onto his shaft, slowly impaling it on his piece. "Let's see how you like the taste of me. Only fair. You did the same to me last time."

Still out of it, Taylor actually complies, the loss of brain cells evident but the motion familiar as she keeps her eyes shut, moving her head back and forth, sucking the length of the Flashman's unit as he arches his hips, fucking her mouth. He doesn't even need to force her head to suck as she sucks on his dick, deep throating it and making duck noises as he presses himself DEEP into the back of her throat.

A few moments of excellent cock sucking action pass before the Flashman lets out a small moan and holds the tip in her mouth, rubbing his shaft and filling his beaten opponent's orifice with spunk as she sucks, disoriented, before her eyes pop open and she lets out a cough, the cum getting all over the ring as she avoids choking on it.

Flash takes a step back and kicks her in the head, full force, knocking her flat on her back and sending her right back to dream land, cum staining her body as she lies in a heap, whimpering.

"WHO'S NEXT?!" Flash screams to the crowd as they give a reaction. Mostly cheers but a few cries and a smattering of boos as well.

The new Flashman is here.


Match #2

Lindsey vs. Vannah Love

Sex-Fight Match

Participant Statistics:

Lindsey enters the arena to "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. She is a Caucasian female with an average build, standing at 5'1" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long & straight brunette hair and is wearing a black & red flannel shirt, blue jeans and brown ankle boots.

Vannah Love enters the arena to "Yeah!" by Usher. She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'4" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long white-blonde hair done up in a ponytail and is wearing a Gold Lace-Up Bra, matching Side Lace-Up Tights and Black Combat Boots.

The Match:

Vannah circles Lindsey like a lioness circles her prey. She grins at the defiant "Southern Princess". "Cat got your tongue, love?"

Lindsey doesn't say anything, just staring the blonde down to intimidate her.

"Eh. Whatever. Your cat will have mine in a second." Vannah winks and lunges at her opponent, knocking her clean to the floor, where the blonde starts stripping Lindsey's jeans and shirt off, revealing a cerulean bra and thong. "Honestly, who the fuck wears street clothes in a wrestling match, or any kind of match?! Show a little respect for the sport, if not for me as an opponent. At least wear a singlet."

Lindsey manages to fight the blonde away, but only briefly, as the crafty brit stretches her out over her knee, straining her back as Vannah reaches under Lindsey's thong, massaging her pussy.

"See? If you wore a singlet, this wouldn't have happened so quickly. I'd have had to work more to get you out of it." Vannah shoves Lindsey onto the floor again, and puts her foot on the girl's pussy, stimulating it.

Vannah manages to get behind Lindsey and apply a half nelson, subduing her with one arm while reaching down to tweak her breasts, then moving on to rub her pussy, inserting two fingers once she has the brunette moaning. She releases the half nelson, instead forcing Lindsey to turn her head and kissing her deeply.

The blonde grins as she pulls away, seeing Lindsey in a pleasure-induced daze. "You're such a slut. God, you're nothing but a redneck whore, aren't you? Christ, only my second match and I've already been stuck with you. Chloe might consider you an ally, but that doesn't mean I do. Not by a god damn long shot." Vannah switches to a full nelson, instead rubbing Lindsey's pussy with the sole of her foot. "Just sit back and enjoy this like the slut you are."

Vannah giggles as Lindsey teeters across the canvas. The blonde sighs, "I think it's time for the princess to take a nap!" She hoists Lindsey up, slamming her down with a suplex slam! Vannah capitalizes on the maneuver, easily gripping Lindsey's ankles as her legs jut up in the air. "Ooh, Lindsey, I knew you were easy, but getting your legs spread was effortless!" Vannah grins, settling down on Lindsey's chest and pulling the brunette's legs back. Her fingers go to work exploring inside Lindseys shaved pussy, quickly driving the squirming Princess to a panting, leg quivering orgasm.

Vannah beams as her name us announced, the raucous crowd ringing in her ears. She turns around, smiling innocently at her rival, "Okay, I got you off, now it's my turn for some fun." Lindsey tries to protest, but her features are quickly engulfed by her opponent's bare pussy. Vannah pumps her hips, moaning as Lindsey's humiliating moans reverberate against her pussy. The blonde leans back, resting her hands on Lindsey's tits as she grinds out an explosive orgasm, drowning the Princess in her juices.


"One Less Bitch" by N.W.A plays out of the arena speakers and the crowd immediately reacts with a cavalcade of mixed boos and cheers. The Fraternity of Misogny steps out onto the stage and line up, looking out at the audience. Hercules, "Big" Dick Johnson, Mister Machismo and Doug Siegfried - all with smug looks on their faces - slowly start to meander on down to the ring as they soak in the audience's reaction.

Hercules reaches the ring first and takes a microphone from the referee as the rest of the Fraternity piles into the ring. They give a thumbs up to their fan club (who always have front row seats) and taunt a few women who are also sitting up front.

"I have to say, it's great being back in the EWF!" Hercules says, grinning broadly. "Nothing beats this place, that's for sure. I'd like to give a big shout out to Mister Raymond for working a deal out with the parole board and letting us come back here for the bi-weekly events. The man definitely has some clout, I'll give him that.

"Now, before we move on to current business, there's something else I want to get off my chest. The boys feel the same as I do on this, so I'm speaking for all of us when I say this: Chloe Mason, you can suck my big, fat dick!"

Hercules pauses for the audience reaction.

"We were planning on finding you and giving you a "personal" message once we got to the arena tonight, but Mister Raymond strictly forbid us from taking any action outside the ring. So me and the boys will just have to be content with the knowledge that you are no longer the Commissioner here. That's what we call Karma. You fuck with people and you get fucked in return! And I can promise you this: we'll all be gathered around the monitors in back later tonight, watching your title match as you get DESTROYED by a member of the superior gender. It's going to be fun watching you get totally fucked!

"Which brings us to our current business. Speaking of getting fucked... Boys, if you'll do the honors?"

On cue, Johnson, Siegfried and Machismo slide out of the ring and grab the nearest woman from the audience. Knowing what's about to happen, the brunette puts up a fight - as does her blonde friend in an attempt to save her - but they are overpowered by the three bigger men and the brunette is dragged into the ring.

"Don't fight it, honey," Hercules grins as Johnson and Machismo force the woman to her knees and holds her there. "We just need to remind everyone here that women are weak, pathetic and worthless. Well, maybe not entirely worthless. You ARE good for fucking and making babies. So here's a public demonstration for everyone who doubts us!"

Doug steps in front of the woman and begins unbuckling his pants. The woman tries to avert her face and cries out for help. Doug almost has his pants unzipped when...

"One For the Money" by Escape the Fate hits the arena speakers and Emily Waters steps out of the back, shiny (Kick-)Boxing title fit perfectly around her waist. The crowd cheers tremendously. The Four Fraternity members look up, slightly startled but mostly angry, as Emily makes her entrance. She has a microphone in hand as she glares down at the men in the ring. "THAT will be quite enough of THAT," she says.

The young brunette suddenly manages to break away from Johnson and Machismo and rolls out of the ring, running down one of the aisles and out of the arena as fast as she can go. The Fraternity doesn't give chase, giving their undivided attention to the woman on the stage.

"Emily Waters..." Hercules breathes into his microphone. "You stupid twat! You just interrupted our homecoming party!"

"I wish I could say I'm surprised to see you back, but I'm not," Emily grins. "After the comments Mister Raymond made last week, I figured he might be getting you misogynistic assholes to make a return."

"The man understands our talent," Hercules smiles. "He knows that we're the most powerful group of men to ever grace the EWF."

"It's more like the fact that he enjoys watching you get your asses kicked just as much as everyone else!"

The crowd gives a mega pop for this.

"Fuck you, cunt! You've been lucky every time you've fought us! We all know that you're nothing but a weak, little girl. The only reason you have that title belt is because you're fucking the competition AND the referees!"

Emily laughs and shakes her head. "You boys never change. I'll tell you what... I'll put my title on the line tonight against one of you pricks. And after I beat you in the middle of that ring, I'll expect an apology for you calling me a cunt. If I don't get that apology, then I'll just have to take something else from you."

"You're on! We'll be the one's doing the taking tonight! And you won't be conscious to hear anything we have to say to you at the end of the match!"

"Then it's a match!" Emily smiles. "Which one of you little boys wants to take me on?"

Before the Fraternity can put their heads together, Doug Siegfried steps forward and gestures for the microphone. Hercules gives it to him.

"I'll take you down, easy!" Doug grins. "Boxing, Kick-Boxing, whatever. I'm faster, stronger and tougher than you on my worst day. But don't you worry, sweetcheeks, this isn't my worst day."

"Not yet, anyway," Emily replies. "You'd better get warmed up and get some practice in... Leave the girls in the audience alone. You're going to need it!" Emily gives the Fraternity a wink before she turns around and heads backstage.

Doug flips her off, then does the same thing to the audience, as the Fraternity files out of the ring and heads to the back as well.


Match #3

The 69er's: Candy Cane & Melody Sky vs. Joel & "Weak" Dan

Tag Team Match

Participant Statistics:

The 69er's enter the arena to "Bits & Pieces" by Dim Chris

Candy Cane is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 125 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a Christmas costume: a red halter top with whit fur trim, matching booty shorts with a black belt, and white knee-high stiletto boots.

Melody Sky is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'0" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has long brunette hair with blonde hi-lites and is wearing a Christmas costume: a red halter top with whit fur trim, matching booty shorts with a black belt, and white knee-high stiletto boots..

Joel enters the arena to "How you like me now?" by The Heavy. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 185 lbs. He has short and trimmed brunette hair with a matching beard and is wearing a blue Speedo.

"Weak" Dan is a Caucasian male with a skinny-fat build, standing at 5'11" and weighing around 180 lbs. He has a brown buzzcut and is wearing a blue T-shirt, gray sweat-shorts and black shoes.

The Match:

Joel winks cheekily at Candy as he flexes his muscles and showing off. Candy is in the corner with Melody outside as they both match the 'gun' show together. Both admiring his hard muscles and something else that is hard.

Dan, a bit intimidated, tries to do the same with his fake as he comically mirrors Joel's poses, but it's clear that the girls are interested Joel. "I wonder how hard he feels. He looks delicious." Candy purrs to Melody. "I think I'm gonna have fun with this stu-"

"GRRRAAAAHHH!" Dan comes out and pushes Joel aside. "I aint taking shit from you anymore! You're gonna feel how hard I am when I'm fucking you in the ass!" Dan, runs towards Candy, coming towards her in a tornado of fake, plastic rage.

Candy sighs, casually stepping to the side. Dan misses the small girl and he gets Melody's boot in his face! He stumbles backwards from the corner clutching his face, backing straight into a hard dropkick by Candy.

Dan falls through the ropes, hitting the floor hard. The two girls wait impatiently for the glutton to re-enter the ring, Dan taking a long time to recover, panting hard in his suit.

"Soooo... how's the weather?" Candy tries to break the awkwardness in the ring, getting a chuckle from the Aussie and the Cowgirl.

Joel and Melody face off mid-ring, and the Australian is having nothing to do with Melody's attempts to fluster him or keep him off balance. He easily grabs her by the forearm and flips her off her feet before dragging her across his knee like he's getting ready to spank her. "I think you girls need a good spanking," Joel says matter-of-factly.

Melody kicks her legs, and in a mock-damsel voice, says: "Oh no! I'm trapped! What ever will I do!? Is there any decent soul out there brave enough to save me!?"

Joel rolls his eyes and says, "Will you please shut up!?" While this is taking place, Candy climbs up the turnbuckle in her corner and launches herself through the air! Joel looks up just in time to get a pair of boots right in the face! Candy expertly rolls as she lands from the dropkick, getting to her feet just before Melody does. The two vixens immediately performs Double Knee Drops onto Joel's dazed form, Melody's landing on his head while Candy's lands on his crotch! Joel curls up into a fetal position, trying hard not to retch.

"Whoops! Maybe I shouldn't have gone so low," Candy bites her lip as she looks down at Joel.

"No, it's fine. He's wearing a cup!" Melody says joyfully.

"I don't think he is..." Candy looks down at the telltale outline in Joel's Speedos.

Melody slaps away Joel's hands and kicks him in the crotch! Joel bucks and rolls out of the ring. "You're right!" She gives Candy a wide-eyed look. "Poor Joel! We're Sorry!" the little cowgirl cries out to Joel, who is out of his mind with pain outside the ring.

Candy flings Joel to the ropes, bouncing off from them. As she comes, Joel tries to counter with a hard clothesline but Candy ducks under the Aussie. She leaps up, bounces off the ropes with the Candyland Moonrise moonsault, her crotch hitting him in the face and knocks him down to the mat. Candy couldn't help but grind her hips on Joel's face, quickly grinding to an orgasm.

"Hey girl! You seem to be having fun there. What about me?" Melody pouts.

"Oh don't worry, sweetie! You'll certainly get your turn!" Candy brings a dazed Joel up to his feet, before she gets him in a hammerlock. Candy strokes his cock teasingly. "I think you'll love this!" Candy hooks her right leg on Joel's right leg and she rolls him over forward, the Aussie's leg hooked by her own in a cradle. Candy gets his other leg and pulls it towards him, locking in the Lady Liquorice hold. With the hammerlock still on, Joel cries in pain. He tries to get free but it's not use.

Melody pads towards the two tied up wrestlers, kneeling down and grabbing his cock, expertly masturbating him. Joel is overwhelmed by the pain and pleasure combo and he can't handle it anymore as he cries out his submission, tapping out as well. Just as the bell rings, Joel cums.

Soon, Candy let's go, leaving him spread-eagled in the middle of the ring. Candy strips off her shorts and then settles down on his cock. "Oooo...this feels soooo good!"

Melody follows her lead, stripping her shorts off then gives Joel a naked pussy-grinding facesit! Working her hips in a fluid spiral motion around his cock, Candy spun her tight pussy around his shaft while groping and kissing Melody's breasts. Soon enough, all three reached a encore performance, in complete synchronicity Melody loudly cums all over Joel's face, Candy reaching her own peak of ecstasy explodes her juices uncontrollably and Joel unleashing a load unlike no other.

Both Melody and Candy still basking in the afterglow of their own respective orgasms, the two passionately kiss while Joel is unable to respond. Candy disembarks Joel's cock, sitting on his abs. Both the two girls rubs out another orgasm, adding more of their sticky juices to Joel's slack face and body.


Bonus Match

Doug Siegfried vs. Emily Waters

(Kick-)Boxing Championship Match

Participant Statistics:

Doug Siegfried enters the arena to "A Bitch Iz A Bitch" by N.W.A. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 225 lbs. He is wearing a black and gray patent leather Lucha Libre mask along with a matching bodysuit. Black leather boots and gloves complete the outfit.

Emily Waters enters the arena to "One For the Money" by Escape the Fate. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'8" and weighing around 135 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a Blue Miss Santa Tube dress, White boxing gloves and white stiletto heels.

The Match:

Doug comes out to the middle of the ring nonchalantly, not even concerned about his opponent in the least. "You picked the wrong type of fight to face me in. You're just some weak little girl. What are you gonna do, slap me?"

Emily grins, knocking her gloves fists together. "Well I can't really slap you with these. But I can do this!"

Doug is surprised by the speed from her right hook, the white leather strikes at his jaw, sending him back a step!

"Aww, did that 'slap' hurt, little boy?"

Doug gets angry, a WOMAN has hit him! "You fucking cunt!" Doug fires out a left-right hook combo towards Emily but she quickly dodges his punches before nailing him with a swift roundhouse kick to his liver. The kick obviously winded the bigger boxer as Doug gasp, struggling to breathe, falling onto one knee.

"You should probably stop calling me a cunt, ya know. It won't go well for you..." Emily giggles as she waits for Doug to get back up. "Let me show why I earned this title, boy."

Doug is overwhelmed and pretty much outmatched against Emily, the champion kicking his ass all around the ring. All that bravado and pride of being a better boxer isn't showing here as Emily makes him into her personal heavy bag, landing shots into many places, both going around every inch of the ring. Knowing that he's getting his ass handed to him in (kick-)boxing, Doug decides to cheat. He sprints away from Emily.

The brunette looks confused and stays on the defensive. She watches as he reaches the ropes and flips off them, going for a plancha, but ends up getting a superkick counter instead! Emily's foot plows right in the kisser and Doug falls onto his back, holding his mouth in absolute pain. "This isn't a wrestling match, you know?" Emily chuckles, pretty amused as she looks down at Doug writhing on the floor.

Doug is reeling and battered, barely on his feet. Emily watches, shaking her head in disapproval. "Wow, you really suck, you know that? All that talk about 'woman being nothing but fuck-toys and servants' and yet you can't even hit a little girl like me! I thought this was your turf. Or are you all tired out already?" Emily lightly darts forward, easily deflecting another tired punch as she lands two jabs and a right hook sends him reeling back, arms flailing and completely rocked. "Surely you are good at something? Probably running that mouth of yours because it sure isn't fighting!" A kick to the stomach bends him over - Emily gets Doug into a clinch and delivers a knee into his face, causing his head to shoot up as he stumbles backwards. "What's the matter, big guy? Surprised a woman is kicking your ass?"

Two more punches from Emily sends Doug back another two steps and a heavy front kick to Doug's chest knocks him back several more steps. Doug straightens up, completely out of it from the pounding the small girl has been given his muscular body. "Well you better better believe it! Your a man and a loser! I'm a woman and a winner!"

Emily leaps up, stepping on, Doug's knee, using it to propel herself up before her knee slams into the underside of his chin! Doug falls backwards like a tree, unconscious and spread-eagled in the middle of the ring. The referee counts him out and awards Emily the KO victory. She grabs her belt and stands over Doug's splayed body and places a white platform heel on his chest, posing victoriously with the belt raised over the conquered misogynist.


Match #4

Chloe Mason vs. David "DJ" Johnson

Wrestling Championship Match

Participant Statistics:

Chloe Mason enters the arena to "Yeah, Yeah" by Bodyrox. She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has long curly blonde hair and is wearing a red blouse with the top few buttons undone, and black miniskirt over her black fencenet stockings. She is accompanied to the ring by Vannah Love and an unhappy-looking Sophie Anderson

David "DJ" Johnson enters the arena to "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols. He is a black British male with an athletic build, standing at 6'2" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has short, curly black hair and is wearing a Union Jack patterned Speedo.

The Match:

"Looking at something?" smiles Chloe as she stands in front of DJ, rubbing one foot against the other. "Because you should be looking at--" she is abruptly silenced by DJ grabbing her legs, hauling her over his head and roughly tossing her into the turnbuckle, his back muscles rippling with the follow through as he throws her as if she weighs nothing! Chloe lands upside down and DJ is on her in a flash, grabbing her by the hair and bouncing her head off the mat.

"You have friends Chloe, but so do I! I got some help and now I'm feeling a lot more focused in the ring. Here, let me show you!" DJ reaches down and grabs Chloe by the foot as if it were nothing and, wrapping it under his armpit, drops down into a nasty heel-hook, putting early hurt on his female opponent.

"But... but..." Chloe gasps.

"Hey now, there's a time and a place for everything" DJ smirks "And the ring is the place for fighting!" Having hurt Chloe's leg, he rolls off, leaving her struggling to stand. A quick low kick to her good leg drops Chloe to her knees, where DJ quickly DDTs her before holding her in a guillotine choke, his powerful arm muscles compressing her neck and making the blonde squirm in pain as she feels her vision start to go blurry.

DJ quickly releases her, not wanting this to end too quickly, and gives her a few quick slaps on her arse as he stands up. "Come on Chloe, give the fans something at least, since you'll be giving me that belt soon enough!"

Chloe unleashes a series of stinging kicks to the body that drive a distracted DJ back across the ring, before he collapses into the corner, holding himself up with the ropes. Chloe's leg shoots out into her taller opponent's throat as she pins him there with the ball of her foot in his throat, her toes pressing up under his chin.

"Now, you big dumbass, you shut your damn mouth and listen to me!" she says with fury. "You do not EVER try to fuck with me again. I'm going to be a champion, you're going to be a sad loser and this is MY ring, no matter what Mr. Raymond says. Am I clear?" When DJ doesn't respond, she whips her foot away from his throat and lands two brutal sole slaps, one to each side of his face, before driving her foot back into his throat. "Am I clear?" She repeats the process, each motion accompanied by one of the words of her phrase.

DJ never manages to get out a response as her feet slap him silly. After repeating this about ten times, DJ is only being held up by her foot, with clear imprints of her soles and toes bruised into each of his cheeks. Chloe's gaze drops down between his legs, where his erection still rages, the only part of him capable of being upright. "Huh" she giggles "I'll take that as a yes! But don't think I'm done with you yet...!"

As the action in the ring heats up, Vannah decides it's time to earn her keep and heads towards the ring. Sensing an opportunity, Sophie also decides to act...

Vannah sidles up to the ring and starts getting onto the apron, when she notices Sophie, who was also on deck to help Chloe, trying to slip away. She saunters over towards Sophie and kicks her in the back of the head, causing her to fall to the ground, where Vannah gets her in a rear naked chokehold. Sophie bucks and thrashes, trying to get loose, but Vannah holds on tight.

The crowd's attention is now divided between the action in the ring and outside of it, as Vannah and Sophie scrap back-and-forth. Within a minute, it's over, as the following scene plays out...

Vannah has easily knocked an emotional and confused Sophie out. As the redhead comes to, she sees Vannah standing over her with a steel chair. Vannah fakes as if to hit her with it and laughs as Sophie flinches before hauling her up and ripping off her blouse. The crowd hoot as Sophie squeals and tries to cover herself up. Vannah shreds the garment, using the strips of white fabric to bind Sophie's hands and feet to the chair. Sophie starts to cry a little, so Vannah reaches under her skirt and roughly rips off her pink knickers before shoving them in the diminutive Scot's mouth. She then grabs Sophie by the chin and with a snarl of "Now, watch!" forces her to turn her head toward the ring and watch the action unfold.

DJ has battered Chloe from pillar to post, his own strong will re-enforced by the knowledge that the fate of the EWF, to some extent, rests on his shoulders during this match. He powerbombs Chloe to the mat before hauling her up, holding the groaning blonde up by the collar of her blouse. "So this is it Chloe, your big chance to show Mr. Raymond what you're made of. And what did you do? The same thing you've done with everything else you laid your stupid hands on - you ruined it!"

Holding her up by the back of her collar, DJ lands a series of brutal punches to Chloe's midriff, each one lifting her feet off the floor and causing her to whimper in pain. "This is the new EWF, lady, this is my chance and I'm not going to fuck it up like you did with every single one of yours. Hey, maybe when we're done here, you can go apologize to Mr. Raymond, and the cops, and Lacey and everyone else you tried to screw over... or you can stew and slide into obscurity. I don't care."

DJ flings Chloe off the ropes and clotheslines her to the floor as she bounces off them towards him. "I'm just happy to play my part in your downfall." He scoops her off the floor and slams her again, toying with the over-matched blonde "I can't believe a puffed-up bureaucrat like you thought you could take on a real fighter..."

With that he launches into his finisher, the rolling maul, but drags it on longer than usual, bulling the smaller woman around the ring and smashing her hard into the canvas with a few extra slams. It only takes a few seconds but it's a whirlwind of destruction and by the end of it, Chloe lies on the ground, her clothes in tatters, bruises from the impacts appearing all over her pale flesh as DJ sits astride her, his muscles pumped up and his face burning with adrenaline. "This is my belt now, Chloe, if you can hear me, and this is no longer your plaything. The grown ups are in charge now." DJ simply grabs Chloe by her hair and slams her head off the canvas as until she is knocked out.

While she is out, he accepts the belt, and then turns and strips her naked, savagely ripping her clothes to ribbons as he does so. As she comes to, he drags her to her knees by her hair. "Kiss it" he says, pointing to the championship belt around his waist, his voice dripping with menace. Scared by the implication of what was unsaid, Chloe plants her lips on the belt.

"Good girl. Maybe you're learning your place at last!" DJ smiles before hoisting a naked and sobbing Chloe over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. "Come on, we're going to pay Mr. Raymond a little visit" he says as he carries her up the entrance ramp and out of the arena, his free hand alternating between saluting the crowd, rubbing his newly won belt and slapping the bruised ass of the humbled and beaten former commissioner.
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won't there be anymore ewf events?
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There is more coming. We took a small break for the holidays but are getting back into it.
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Default Re: EWF Domination

Here are the results of the EWF's 11th event, which took place on 01/13/2017.

Voting is currently underway for our 12th event. If you'd like to help decide the results, you can find the poll at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] - Voting goes through Sunday, January 29th at 12:00 PM MST.

EWF Domination - 1/13/17

Match #1

Hercules vs. Lizzie Borden

Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Hercules enters the arena to "One Less Bitch" by N.W.A. He is a Caucasian male with a muscular build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 285 lbs. He has short brunette hair and is wearing a brown leather loincloth and brown leather gladiator sandals.

Lizzie Borden enters the arena to "Blood In The Cut" by K. Flay. She is a Caucasian female with a toned/muscular build, standing at 5'6" and weighing around 160 lbs. She has long auburn hair done up in a French braid and is wearing a Black Wrap-around Halter Top and a matching tight miniskirt with a studded belt. Black stiletto heels complete the outfit.

The Match:

Lizzie strolls down to the ring, taking her sweet time, and making Hercules impatient. When she finally makes her way into the ring, the musclebound misogynist is itching for a fight. The ref signals the start of the match, and Hercules lunges for Lizzie, but she sidesteps, and when he passes her, she sends a foot slamming into his package, prompting a yell of pain. "Yes! Tell Mama Lizzie all about it. I get off on that shit." While Hercules is clutching his balls, Lizzie aims a kick at his head, sending him to the mat.

"Silly me, did a little girl do that to the great Greek hero? Damn! How the mighty fuckin' fall!" She presses a foot into Hercules' head and presses down hard, listening to the audible crunch as something in his nose cracks. "Oh fuck! I wasn't supposed to do any lasting damage! Well, at least it won't keep you from fighting, eh?" She gives him another punt to the balls as she cracks her knuckles.

Lizzie is beating Hercules around the ring, eventually getting him in a standing arm bar. "Luckily for you, I made a promise to Raymond that if he let me fight this week, I'd not snap you like a twig." There's a snapping sound followed by a pop. "Oops. Lizzie was a bad girl. No match next event."

She releases Hercules, who grips his now useless arm, howling in pain. "Oh, quit your bitching. You've still got one left." She kicks him in the balls again, forcing him to his knees. "Kneel to me, you pussy! If you're Hercules, I'm Zeus."

Hercules looks up at her, confused. "Zeus was Hercules' father."

Lizzie grins. "That's right, bitch, so why don't you call me daddy?" She kicks Hercules in the face, breaking his nose further. She puts a foot on his package and starts grinding down, causing the large man to start screaming. "Sing for me, big man!"

Hercules is cowering in the corner, beaten and bloody. Forget driving anywhere, he'll be taken out on a stretcher after this match. Lizzie smirks at him, pacing back and forth in front of the pathetic man. "Look at what this 'man' has been reduced to! The Fraternity of Misogyny is a fucking joke, if this is the best one of their members can muster! What'd you ladies and gentlemen think? Shall I put him out of his misery?"

She listens for the response of the audience. She gets nothing but boos. They like seeing the Fraternity punished, but this is something else entirely. Someone is getting seriously hurt. "I'll take that as a yes!"

She leans down in front of Hercules. "Hear that? They're booing me. They've found someone they hate more than you assholes. Congratulations." She kicks him in the face one last time and the combination of the increased pain on his shattered nose and his head getting slammed backward into the turnbuckle knocks him out. Lizzie puts her hands in the air, does a little dance, and skips out of the ring. "This fucker isn't worth Abigail's time."


[B]Match #2

Team Japan: Hikaru Aoyama & Ryonata Hanzami vs. Lindsey & Taylor Swift

Tag Team Tournament Match[/B]

Participant Statistics:

Team Japan enters the arena to "True Blue" by Kotoko.

Hikaro Aoyama is an Asian female with a slim/toned build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 100 lbs. She has black hair and is wearing a black and white Sailor Fuku.

Ryonata Hanzami is an Asian female with a slim/toned build, standing at 5'5" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has black hair with dark brown highlights and is wearing a blue and white Sailor Fuku.

Lindsey enters the arena to "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. She is a Caucasian female with an average build, standing at 5'1" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long & straight brunette hair and is wearing a short red dress that matches Taylor's with black high heels.

Taylor Swift enters the area to her own song: "Bad Blood". She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'11 and weighing around 119 lbs. She has medium length blonde hair and is dressed in a short red dress that matches Lindsey's with black high heels.

The Match:

Ryo and Lindsey starts off in the middle of the ring. The southern smirks, flaunting her arrogance to the Japanese girls. "It's time I send you chinks back to where you came from. Right before I make you kiss my a-AUUUGH!" Ryo socks the Southern girl with a right hook which causes Lindsey to spin round 180° degrees, facing her partner Taylor before Ryo grabs her shoulders and throws her down onto her back. She doesn't get much time to let out a moan as an axe kick smashes onto her lips. Lindsey clutches her mouth, already crying in pain.

"Well somebody has to shut you up." She kicks Lindsey in the butt to her corner where Taylor tags in immediately and the Pop Diva charges towards Ryo. Ryo prepares but Hikaru has other plans as she jumps off the top rope and flies in between the two legal fighters, Ryo surprised by that, and before the blonde could do anything, she takes her off her feet with a missile dropkick. Taylor writhes in pain as Hikaru smirks at her.

"Could have given me a warning next time!" The ref tells Hikaru she must go back to her corner, but there still that language barrier and Hikaru doesn't understand what he's saying. She gets a little rowdy to the red and Ryo has to break it up before they get into trouble. But she is blindsided by Lindsey as she sends a dropkick to her back and onto Taylor! The two short girls get into each other's face while Taylor and Ryo struggle for dominance on the canvas.

Ryo and Taylor are struggling in the middle of the ring. Ryo manages to get the upper hand as she manages to get her legs around Taylor's neck and pour on the pressure in a mounted scissorhold! Taylor starts whining, reaching out to her corner with a pathetic look on her face, though it's half covered by the blue skirt of the fuku. Ryo grins and grabs Taylor's bodysuit near the ass, yanking it upwards and giving the out-classed Diva a major wedgie!

Lindsey immediately enters the ring and swings a kick at Lacey's head! The impact has the Japanese seeing stars as she releases Taylor and rolls across the ring. Taylor immediately gets up and gives Lindsey a tag, retreating to her corner. As Lindsey reaches the downed Jap, Ryo reaches up and grabs Lindsey by the front of her shirt, performing a flawless tomonage, yanking her forward and out of the ring!

Lindsey lands hard and as she tries to get back in, she finds herself being tackled to the ground by Hikaru and the small girl starts pounding on the Southerner, raining down punches on Lindsey. The referee is distracted from all of this as he prevents Taylor from entering the ring.

Having had enough of Hikaru's interference in the match, Taylor leaves the ring to put an end to the little Asian. Lindsey, meanwhile, is getting battered by the ground and pound, almost on the verge of unconsciousness. Taylor sends a roundhouse kick to the Asian on top, knocking her off Lindsey. Taylor grabs Hikaru by the hair and begins shaking her, telling her to stay out of her business before obliterating her skull with a Swift End, Hikaru collapsing to the ground from the spinning heel kick. Smirking at the downed Asian, she doesn't know the Ryo is waiting for her and she has been greeted with a superkick to the jaw! Taylor reels back and falls into the steel steps, unable to escape Ryo who then sends a axe kick, the diva's head smashes between her heel and steel! Taylor falls to the ground unconscious.

Ryo drags the still semi-conscious Lindsey into the ring. Ryo slips one of her tits out of the sailor Fuku and crams her nipple past her lips. Lindsey looking like she's a baby sucking on a mother's teet. "Not all Asians can't speak English and are flat chested. Pretty sure you haven't gone outside this country." Lindsey tries to squirm but as Ryo pulls her head closer, her tits mushrooms and it covers her nose as well. Her struggles start to weaken, but just before she falls into unconscious, Ryo picks the arrogant southern up and lands her back to belly slam finisher: Phoenix Melody #13!

Ryo sits on Lindsey's face and grinds on. Team Japan has been awarded the victory and not far off, Lindsey is also awarded with Ryo's juices. After recovering, she goes to her friend outside, who has recovered from the knockout. Slinging her arm over her shoulder, Ryo carries her friend up the ramp, with Hikaru swearing revenge.


Match #3

"Big" Dick Johnson & Mister Machismo vs. Candy Cane & Melody Sky

Tag Team Tournament Match

Participant Statistics:

"Big" Dick Johnson enters the arena to "So Much better" by Eminem. He is a Caucasian male with a muscular build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 250 lbs. He has short brunette hair and is wearing white posing briefs and black engineer boots.

Mister Machismo enters the arena to "Bitches Ain't Shit" by Dr. Dre. He is a Caucasian male with a muscular build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 223 lbs. He has short brunette hair and is wearing a black mankini and black wrestling boots.

The 69er's enter the arena to "Bits & Pieces" by Dim Chris.

Candy Cane is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 125 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a Red Ruffled Satin Corset and Panties with Ankle Boots.

Melody Sky enters the arena to "Domino" by Jessie J. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'0" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has long brunette hair with blonde hi-lites and is wearing a Red Ruffled Satin Corset and Panties with Black Stiletto Ankle Boots.

The Match:

Melody stands in the middle of the ring, watching as Mr Machismo and Biggie Johnson go through their pre-match taunting with the women at ringside. She turns to her partner and both women roll their eyes, tired of waiting for the boys to get into the ring. Seeing the perfect opportunity as Machismo has his back nearly against the ring, Melody gives Candy an mischievous smile before running forward, sliding on the canvas, and delivering a Dropkick that nails Machismo right in the back! The misogynist stumbles forward and hits the retaining wall crotch-first! The women in the front row grab his hair and start slapping the hell out of him while Melody and Candy laugh and give each other a high-five!

Johnson helps extract his partner from the grip of the fans, then stomps over to the women's corner and tells them to shut their whorish mouths. Candy responds to him with action rather than words, jumping off the ring apron, landing on his shoulders, and giving him a Hurracanrana that slams his head into concrete! Machismo looks like he's going to go help his partner, but Melody steps behind him, reaches between his legs and grabs his balls through his mankini. "You're being a bad boy, Mister M!" Melody scolds him. "You're supposed to be fighting us in the ring! Why are you attacking us out here? Don't you know the rules!?"

Shaking her head in disgust, Melody forces him up into the ring by the balls. While she does so, Candy kicks Johnson across the floor, making him crawl to his corner. As soon as Melody has Machismo in the ring, she lets go of his balls. Machismo immediately thanks her by calling her a "stupid bitch" and attempts to take her head off with a right hook! But Melody easily sidesteps and spins back around to deliver more crotch punishment: a kick to the balls! Machismo collapses to the canvas, nearly retching from the pain.

It's now 'Big' Dick Johnson's turn to square off with Candy. Johnson tries a different take and attempts to brawl with her, swinging punches wildly at the diminutive girl, but Candy barely dodges them. "Oh so you wanna fight now, do ya?" Candy surprisingly puts her fists up, going into a boxing stance that seems to resemble from the old days. "Put 'em up! Put 'em up!" She does her best Cowardly Lion impression. Johnson looks at her confused as she bounces around him. "I'll fight ya with one hand tied behind my back! I'll fight ya standing on one foot! I'll fight ya with my eyes closed!"

"For god's sake, just hit the guy!" Melody calls out.

"Oh come on! I was doing a cool speech!" Candy turns to Melody. "That's from the Wizard of Oz!"

"Will you two sluts shut up!?" Dick rushes forward and does a sloppy right hook attempt but Candy easily ducks underneath and sends a hard right hook of her own to his jaw!

"Sneaking up on me eh? Why you!" Candy proceeds to throw jabs which all connects, knocking him around till he has his back on the corner. Candy then uses his face as a speedbag, making him loopy already. He slumps onto the floor, punch drunk. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!" Candy giggles before she she runs to one corner and then back to give Johnson The Jawbreaker bronco buster! 'Big' Dick Johnson's protests are muffled as Candy grinds her hips on his face!

Machismo enters the ring and attacks a distracted Melody from behind, grabbing her by the hair and whipping her head backwards and slamming it into the ground. He's about to follow up with another attack when Candy flies at him and blasts him across the face with a flying Dropkick! "Well, that was incredibly rude," Melody says as she gets to her feet, delivering several pointed kicks to Machismo's balls as he tries to recover on the canvas.

He isn't even allowed to curl up into a ball to defend himself as Candy grabs his ankles, spreads his legs, and jabs his balls with her heels! "I normally don't like destroying a guy's balls," Candy says. "You know how much I love sex. And without balls, guys are just worthless! But, seeing as how you are completely worthless WITH balls, I can make an exception with you!" Candy rears back and starts giving Mister Machismo a ballbusting session of a lifetime!

Johnson tries to go to his partner's aid, but Melody grabs his engorged dick and starts fondling it. Johnson immediately goes glassy-eyed and is easily led around the ring like a puppy on a leash. Machismo is just about unconscious from the treatment of his balls at Candy's feet as Melody leads Johnson over to his frat brother. She forces him to face Machismo, steps behind him and puts her magic fingers to work, causing Johnson to spew his cum all over Machismo's chest and face. Candy bursts out laughing and drops Machismo's legs as she tries to control her fit of laughter. Johnson is out of it on his feet, his big dick still dripping cum as Melody turns him to face Candy. "Will you do the honors?" she smiles.

"Certainly!" Candy grins. She steps in front of Johnson and starts winding up a punch like they do in the cartoons. As soon as she has enough force, she delivers a solid uppercut to Johnson's crotch, smashing his balls and knocking his penis skyward! The remainder of his jizz flies out into the sky, and for a moment, it's raining cum. Big Johnson falls backwards and lays unconscious at the feet of two little girls, his big johnson taken out of commission.

It's all over but the count as Candy and Melody pose with their boots on the conquered misogynist's cocks. Before they leave the ring, Candy wipes a bit off jizz off of Melody's cheek and licks it. "Gross!" she wrinkles her forehead. "Mind helping me get rid of this taste?"

Melody laughs. "Wait 'til we're back in the locker room. My pussy is ready to go if your tongue is!"

Candy turns and give's Johnson's cock one last kick. "Definitely! It's so much better than these worthless dicks!"


Match #4

Johnny Flash & Vannah Love vs. Justice & Sophie Anderson

Tag Team Tournament Match

Participant Statistics:

Johnny Flash enters the arena to "Unchained" by Van Halen. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has shaggy dirty-blonde hair and is wearing black trunk-style shorts.

Vannah Love enters the arena to "Yeah!" by Usher. She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'4" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long white-blonde hair done up in a ponytail and is wearing a Gold Lace-Up Bra, matching Side Lace-Up Tights and Black Combat Boots.

Justice enters the arena to "Help Is On The Way by Rise Against. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'6" and weighing around 125 lbs. She has short raven hair and is wearing a red, white and blue flag-themed latex bodysuit, star-spangled leg warmers and beige platform heels.

Sophie Anderson enters the arena to "Pressure" by Paramore. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 4'11" and weighing around 95 lbs. She has long red hair and is wearing a white blouse with tartan trim, tied up above her midriff, and a grey pleated skirt.

The Match:

The applause dies down as the match begins, as Justice smirks on the outside, sliding her arms over the top rope as Sophie and Flash are slated to start the match. The little red headed Scot walks out to the center ring, knees out as she shoots Flash a steely glare before her eyes move to Vannah on the outside of the ring, glare moving from steely to malevolent.

"Tag in your partner, lad. She and I have a little unfinished business. She saw happy to choke me out a few weeks ago and I'm going to return the favor."

Flash looks back as Vannah shrugs, pressing down the bottom rope and placing a leg through it. He shakes his head.

"No. I'm afraid I can't do that, Sophie. You're not going to fucking touch Vannah. Over my broken body."

Sophie sighs, before focusing on Flash with an angry look, bringing her arms up.

"Chivalry will get you nowhere. Fine. Over your broken body."

The two circle a bit before Sophie presses a leg out into a general judo stance, arms out.

Flash gulps, seemingly realizing what he's getting into, eyes growing saucer-wide. "Fuck, man. I've never faced a judoka before."

Sophie gives a forced, false smile with and eye roll. "I'm sure. Come into my clinch and I'll be the last you ever fight."

In response, comically, Flash holds his hands up for a time out. "C-can I tag in Vannah after all?" Vannah shakes her head on the idiot, slowly mouthing the word 'idiot' as she extends her hand.

"Please do." Sophie says, responding to smile at the long haired blonde Brit, walking kinda closer to the corner as Flash makes his way over, hand extended. Sophie follows in turn, only to have Johnny rush in with a Flash Kick, his superkick coming out of left field as Sophie was totally unprepared. Justice boos on the sidelines as his boot cracks hard under her chin, dropping her to the mat with a crack as Vannah cackles. "It worked! It worked, mate!"

The Flashman bends down, trying to pick his opponent up off of her feet before Sophie tucks his arm over her shoulder and hiptoss him to the mat with an overhead shoulder throw, before clinching the straps of his singlet and pulling them across his neck with a modified gi choke. "That was cute, Flash. I'm going to end this early for your little-"

In response, Flash reaches out and wraps both wrists around the back of her head before pulling her face into the crown of his skull and bridging up with his legs, the sheer weight of his skull smashing into her nose and mouth as she gurgles. "No, you're not."

Flash rolls the two of them over, bringing his forehead head down into her face multiple times, once, twice, three times, head butting her from the top before he sits up, leaving her holding her face on the ground. He rushes in and tags in Vannah who's smiling like a cat playing with a crooked mouse, moving towards the fallen judoka. "Teach me a lesson, mate? I give lessons, love, I don't take them." Vannah bends down, gripping Sophie's arm and placing her arm up in a folded position behind her head before jumping off and dropping a knee on the outstretched limb, hyperextending , causing Sophie's eyes to pop open as she rolls over, holding her sore arm and yowling.

"Flash ain't the only one that's technically better."

Justice grips the rope, scowling as Flash claps, before he extends his arm. "Lemme back in."

Vannah tags him in, and brings Sophie back up to her feet in a waistlock, holding her from behind as Flash leaps off of his feet, cracking into her chin with a superkick, another Flash kick, Vannah carrying her up and over with a German suplex. Sophie lands in a heap, a twitching, mewling heap as he tosses her up and over her shoulders.

Vannah is tagged in, and Sophie is in the ring with her. She's easily handling the Scot, just like in their last encounter. She windmill kicks the redhead in the face, sending her to the ground. Vannah descends upon Sophie and gets her in a rear naked choke. "Just like last time, Sophie. Remember? You're going to be defeated by the same person with the same move twice in a row." Hearing this, Sophie breaks out of the hold with a roar and launches herself at an unprepared Vannah, who takes Sophie's onslaught and redirects it, sending her sliding across the ring on her chest.

"Stupid bitch. And they say blondes are the dumb ones. We've got a stupid redhead here, folks!" Vannah giggles as she drags Sophie back to the center and puts her in a figure 4 leg lock, prompting shrieks of pain from the redhead. "That's right! Let it all out, girlfriend. I'm right here." Vannah's mocking imitation of a supportive best friend, the pain of the hold, and the large-looming idea of losing to the blonde again are all too much for poor Sophie to bear, and she starts crying.

"Jesus fuck. Put your big girl knickers on. Don't cry in front of the audience. Come on, now." Vannah releases the hold, pulls Sophie to her feet, and helps wipe the tears away. "Come, now. Let's get on, shall we?" Vannah goes to ringside and tags Johnny in. "I'm not someone she wants to see right now. Take care of her, mate. Treat her with respect while you're beating the shit out of her."


Vannah is in a bad spot, her head wrapped between Justice's legs as the American hangs from the top ropes, choking her with a powerful figure four.

Sophie points at this as she cuts the ring off from Flash, jerking her thumb over her shoulder. "Bet you wish that was you, huh laddie? Sorry to disappoint but it's just little ol' me..." Johnny tries to shove his way past Sophie, who easily turns her body and uses his momentum to roll him over her in a textbook o goshi hip throw. The man lands hard on the small of his back and arches in pain on the canvas, one hand under his spine. The redhead is all over him, grabbing his free arm and applying an armbar "You're such a bimbo, Johnny, still thick as two short planks... In more than one way, if word in the locker room is to be believed!" Sophie's tongue flicks the fingers of the hand of his she has under control, her small but hard biceps pumping as she restrains his arm. She places her lips around Johnny's index finger and gently sucks the tip of it, her right calf pressed into his face, the toes of her left foot on his chest, tracing the outline of and then tweaking his nipple as Flash bucks and writhes in response "Plus I hear you have a wee thing for Scottish girls" she smiles lightly biting on his finger "You wee slut" her tone is playful, her voice sing-song, the chirpiness that hasn't been seen for weeks now coming back as she starts to enjoy herself once again. "Let's make this easy, Flashman" she moves his hand away from her mouth and presses it between her breasts as she transitions her feet onto his face, one set of toes in his mouth, the others clamping his nose closed, as she applies her Juji-Ga-Toe-Me finisher. The man seems too dazed and confused - where did this confident version of Sophie come from? - to fight back properly and although his usual willpower stops him from submitting, the lack of oxygen catches up with him and he passes out.

Sophie gets to her feet and is greeted by Justice. "Took your time!" the taller girl smiles and gestures at a crumpled Vannah "This ones been out for a few minutes!" Justice drags her opponent over and drapes her on top of Johnny as the two victors pose over them, arm-in-arm and ready for the next round!

The Trans Atlantic Partnership are reeling in the ring after their heartbreaking loss. Johnny Flash is slumped against the bottom rope as Vannah Love is seated in the center of the ring, not happy at all. Johnny won't stand up, looking out at Vannah with hurt, angry eyes. They're saying something to eachother but with the applause of the crowd, we can't really make it out.

Frustrated, Van calls for a mic. "What the fuck!? What the fuck happened?!"

It takes a minute but Flash stays in the corner, eyes water, staring daggers at his friend.

"Flashy, get up, mate. Get up. Come on."

Van pleads, a look of both sympathy and frustration on her face. They lost. Both of them dropped the ball at some point and they underestimated the opponents. They're great friends, but maybe great friends doesn't translate into great partners.

Placing a hand on the ropes, Flash sits up, pulling himself to his feet. As usual, the bigger guy took a hell of a beating this fight, taking heavy, clubbing, freight train like blows from Lady Justice, and being stretched and tossed a bit by the judoka.

He complies, calling for a mic himself. He stares out into the crowd, blankly.

"I'm tired of this. How come this keeps happening to me? I'm tired of losing so fucking always, Van. I deserve better than this."

Sympathetic and understanding and acting as the Adult of the team, Van brings up her mic in response.

"Johnny, listen. I'm not happy about this either but standing here and moping or pointing fingers isn't help-" She's interrupted.

"NO!" His voice barks, loud and harsh, sending a shit ton of feedback.

Van takes a step back.

"I. DESERVE. BETTER. THAN. THIS." Flash says, taking a few steps toward her, eyes intense, a trickle of red tinged drool dribbling from his busted lip. "Do you understand what it is that I'm telling you? I deserve better than this! I go out here and the way I wrestle I probably shorten my fucking life to put on a show they way I do and I give TOO fucking much to lose all the time."

Vannah thinks of his record and what that must feel like and nods, cringing and involuntarily taking a step back. "Yeah. You do. Mate, just calm down and we'll get you back on the road. I don't think anyone here considers you a loser. I love ya, mate. Pack it in."

The fans cheer in response, they've grown to love the Flashman.

Flash spits on the ground, angrily. "The record books give a shit, Van. I'm sick of taking all the ass kickings in our friendship. I am. I'm probably going to piss blood after this match and nobody cares. I've gone through a fucking crowd control barricade here. Nobody fucking cared. They chanted Dame's fucking name as I pulled splinters out of my back. It's a bullfight. You people, all of you just wanna see my blood. Like this is a bullfight. It's okay. New star to get over? Give the match to Flash. Van's been here for three or four weeks less than Flashy but lets put her in the main event as Chloe's assistant. It fucking hurts, Van. I just want to be somebody here. I want to be recognized. I love it here. I fucking love it here and I just want EWF to love me back. And none of you fucking DO!! Can't you see?!"

Her eyes tearing up subtly in response, Vannah holds the mic up. "Listen to me, big guy. We love ya. Can't you see that we love ya? Hell, Blair loves ya. Alex Curry loves ya. The fans love ya. You're like a fuckin' brother to me, you are. Just calm down. Hug me. Right now. I'll make it better. I'll fix this, I promise." Vannah opens her arms, taking a step forward before wrapping her arms around Flash. He doesn't reciprocate, stiffening up.

"Get your hands off me." He growls, angrily into her mic. She does, realizing he's not listening to reason or compassion. Unraveling around him she looks up, and it dawns on her that she might pay to be a little afraid.

"Well, Flash, y-you wanna break up the band?" She says, her voice soft, dreading the thought.

Flash stares ahead, his eyes surprisingly blank and wet, like a little kid that watched an atrocity and is still in shock. For a moment, he's totally silent.
"I don't know, Vannah. I don't know. I do know one thing, though."

Vannah takes a soft breath, as the fans quiet in anticipation.


Gritting his teeth, Flash brings the mic up to his lips. "You and me are gonna fight."

The crowd pops, exploding in boos and jeers and a few gasps.

Vannah shakes her head, softly. "Yo-you don't mean that. You don't. You're just mad. Hey, if this is some kinda question about my decision making or my leadershi-"

Flash says, his voice a low monotone, a far cry from his excited boyish drawl form earlier. "I'm not questioning your leadership ability. I'm denying its existence. You fight me. Next show. Winner makes the decisions for this team. You do it or I walk. EWF'll be without its Flashman."

You can pinpoint the second her heart rips in half. She worked her ass off to try and help the big guy, and for him to throw it away and quit would be like spitting in her face. "Damn you, Flash. I love you, you stupid wanker. No, mate." She says softly, before the loveable silk gives way to cold steel. "I ain't gonna fight you. You do what you have to do."

Flash smiles, a disgusted and fake smile. "Count on it."

He says, before shoving the mic into her chest, and limping to the ropes.


Match #5

The Royals: Blair Dame & Emily Waters vs. Joel & "Weak" Dan

Tag Team Tournament Match

Participant Statistics:

The Royals enter the arena to "Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory.

Emily Waters is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'8" and weighing around 135 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a white crop top, trousers and blue heels.

Blair Dame is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'7" and weighing around 130 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a White jumpsuit and blue heels.

Joel enters the arena to "How you like me now?" by The Heavy. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 185 lbs. He has short and trimmed brunette hair with a matching beard and is wearing a blue Speedo.

"Weak" Dan is a Caucasian male with a skinny-fat build, standing at 5'11" and weighing around 180 lbs. He has a brown buzzcut and is wearing a blue T-shirt, gray sweat-shorts and black shoes.

The Match:

As the match begins, it is clear that Joel is visibly impressed, a noticeable bulge forming in his blue speedo as he admires Emily and Blair's warm-up routine. "Are you gonna focus this time or what?" Weak Dan snaps at his partner as the two girls eye Joel eagerly and confidently.

Joel, unhappy with his partner's outburst, turns to him, raising a dubious eyebrow. "Hey, mate, if there's a weak link here, I hardly think it's me." The two start quibbling, and Emily and Blair have a good chuckle before deciding to interfere.

Blair boots Dan between the legs, dropping him instantly to the mat with a howl, while Emily grabs a handful of Joel's speedo and forces him back against the ropes. "As if you two weren't going to be easy enough," Emily giggles as she keeps Joel docile in her grip and Blair goes about stomping all over Weak Dan.

Blair slings Joel to the girl's corner in a Irish Whip, sending him back first on the turnbuckle before a running knee strike to the stomach knocks the air out of him. She does several more knee strikes to his hard, chiseled and before tagging in Emily. Blair wraps her arm around the Aussie's neck before planting his face on the canvas with a running bulldog.

Emily comes flying off the top ropes and delivers a flying elbow drop right to his spine. Joel howls, feeling the pain on his back. Both Emily and Blair work quickly to keep the match in their favor and Emily gets him into a Boston Crab, Blair following up with a Camel Clutch! Joel cries in pain, struggling but nowhere to go as the girls work him over in two different moves. Emily eyes his tenting erection inside his Speedos. "Ooo, you're getting hard from this?" Emily let's go of one leg to work on stroking his erect member inside the blue thong, eliciting moans of pain and pleasure.

Joel is pretty much out of his element, struggling to get a hold of Emily as she keeps evading his hands and send devastating kicks to his body and his legs. One swift kick to that right knee takes him off his feet and onto the floor. Emily drops down and applies a figure four leglock on the Aussie, making him scream in pain more as she stretches his legs. He tries to reach for the ropes but Emily pulls both of them to the middle. Joel manages to use his strength to turn onto his belly and break the hold.

Emily turns to Blair in the corner, pleading for a tag and to finish him off. She's about to tag her in, before Joel grabs onto her ankle and trips her up, not before their hands make a light touch. Joel gets on top of Emily and he attempts to snake his arms around her neck, his bulge rubbing up her butt. He's about to trap Emily in a Rear Naked Choke but Blair comes to save her partner with a punt kick right to the temple! His body lays on top of Emily, convulsing. Blair drags the non-moving Aussie off from Emily and to the middle of the ring where she isn't done with him. She locks him in her variation of the lotus lock, the Trifecta and he moans in pain. She strokes on his cock, pumping his meat has her legs stretches his arms and back. "I wonder which one will come first. The tap, the begging or the orgasm."

Joel groans, his mind overload with the pain and pleasure combo. Finally, he taps, spurting his load inside his Speedos, the tapping out comes at a close second with his cries of submission coming last. Getting what she wants, Blair let's go and the girls are awarded the victory!

Emily comes to congratulate her partner, both celebrating with the crowd. Emily kicks Joel onto his back, grabs her ankles and sits on his face, holding his legs straight up in the air in a humiliating facesit matchbook pin. The brunette remains perched on Joel's face and grinds out a loud victory orgasm. Blair steps between Joel's legs and places her foot on the conquered Aussie's devastated crotch, posing victoriously. After a minute or two, Blair helps Emily to her feet and the two girls exit the ring hand-in-hand; leaving Joel sprawled out in the ring.
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Default Re: EWF Domination

Here are the results of the EWF's 12th event, which took place on 1/27/2017.

Voting is currently underway for our 13th event. If you'd like to help decide the results, you can find the poll at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] - Voting goes through Sunday, February 12th at 12:00 PM MST.

EWF Domination - 1/27/17

"We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

The Robert Oppenheimer quote that starts off the moody synths of Lost Year's "In Vain" begin to seep eerily through the sound system of the arena as the lights turn a sickly green glow onto the entrance ramp.

After a few seconds of build up, the fans give a decidedly mixed reaction to former golden boy Johnny Flash when he walks out the curtain. Hair dyed black, clad in a pair of white jeans, black knee pads and kickpads, grey taped fists with nurses tape and a white headband across his head, the Flashman doesn't play to the crowd at all, merely stalling, leaning against the entry ramp for a moment before bringing his eyes up to the ring and moving slowly, almost zombie-like to the ring steps. He ascends the steps before heading to one of the corners and resting his arms over the turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent to show.

Match #1

Johnny Flash vs. Kim Kardashian

Wrestling Match

Participant Statistics:

Johnny Flash enters the arena to "In Vain" by Lost Years. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'0" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has shaggy black hair and is wearing a white headband, white jeans, black knee pads and kick pads.

Kim Kardashian enters the arena to "M.I.L.F.$" by Fergie. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long raven hair and is wearing a black leather bodysuit and beige stiletto heels.

The Match:

Kim circles the ring, stalling a bit on the outside as she smirks, trying to figure what to make of Johnny Flash, who seems to be pacing back and forth like an angry gunfighter, the sheer level of anger and unease visible in every facet of his body language, hands shaking and eye twitching, like he's containing a combustive element just waiting to explode.

Arms shrugging, Kim turns to the fans as if to say what gives.

"This is it? This is the guy everyone's been talking about? What is he, a fucking loser that can't handle failure? I wish I knew what it felt like, but the Kardashian brand doesn't cater to losers, do we?"

Her fans cheer.

Two seconds later, they gasp.

During her little diatribe, Flash comes right through the ropes with a suicide dive, the fallen babyface shooting through the cables like a human bullet and crashing right into the reality star with an elbow and shoulder to her back, sending the two of them crashing into the guardrail.

Flash, sucking air, gets up first, before bending down, gripping the woman by her face. Not by her hair. Not by her neck. But by her face. His ring finger hooking her lip, her nose between his thumb and pointer finger as he pulls her up roughly as possible. "Get up. We're gonna find out what color you bleed."

As he pulls her up, Kim's elbow shoots out, jutting into his lower body, catching him right in the flank. "Uhn!" The olive skinned reality goddess wipes her mouth before bringing her hand out and going for a decent boxing overhand to his chin. "Did you really think I'm Taylor Swift? Or Lindsey?"

Flash eats the punch, his back leg buckling before me smiles through red tinged teeth, his lip busted. He's smiling, eyes almost glittery in the light. "No. Of course not..nnh..Swift hit harder for one."

His hands reach back, gripping her hair roughly before he brings his forehead up into her eye socket with a piston like motion, the sound equivalent to two bowling balls clacking into each other. Kim's hands fly to her face as if burned by the light of the sun. "Aaaigh! My eye! You fucker! I can't see."

The Flashman laughs, a soft, eerie laugh. "Your eye, I'm sorry! I meant to hit you in the FUCKING MOUTH!" His says, suddenly screaming before putting her hand on her throat, arching back his fist and just DRILLING her in the mouth with a right cross, her latex hanging from his fingers.

He grips her limply and rolls her back in the ring. Now the bell rings.

The match hasn't even started yet.

Kim brings her hands up, shaking subtly. She's scared. Flash has proven to be much more than anything she expects.

"..Y-you know, we have rules here. You gotta obey the rules."

Flash cackles, that a mirthless laugh. "Do I?" He cracks his knuckles, staring at her, before dropping down to one knee and tapping his chin.

"Tell you what. Give you a free shot. Come hurt me."

Kim hesitates, bringing her hands out before rushing into him with a flying knee attempt, trying to catch him on the chin before the window of opportunity escapes.

Too late. Far too late.

The Flashman ducks under her knee before bridging up with his back and rolling over, rolling on top of her as he wraps his hand tight around her tan throat, fingers digging deep into her neck as he throttles, her hands gripping his wrists softly and weakly.


He says, straining, seeing a bit of foam show in the corners of her mouth as he squeezes and squeezes, his own knuckles getting white, her face turning red, eyes getting bloodshot as she struggles to breath through a trachea that's forced shut.


He tenses his wrists as her hands slowly side off his, her legs fluttering on the ground as he squeezes so tight and so hard.


He holds for a few more seconds as she goes totally limp. Rag doll. Letting out a snore/gurgle.

Releasing her, Flash makes his way over to the farthermost turnbuckle before slipping his hands behind and removing something from in between the pad and the turnbuckle, it's a small, wand like implement.

As his thumb hits the toggle, it's revealed.

It's an electric razor.

"You need a haircut, bitch."

The Flashman smirks, cruelly as Kim starts to crab walk away from him as he revs the electric razor.

"Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide."

He smirks, a bulge in his pants as the fear she displays excites him.

"You don't have to do this." She says, running her hands through her hair.

Flash chuckles. "I imagined you'd say something like that. You don't have to do this. I'm doing this because I WANT TO. No other real reason. I don't like you, Kim. Never did."

Flash rushes over, before sliding to the mat hard and smacking a Masato Tanaka-esque sliding forearm to his crab walking opponent, taking her over as she rolls, the tan star selling the blow as if it was a blast from a twelve gauge.

Kim lies on the mat, holding her face as Flash grips her hair and starts revving the razor.


Flash ignores, laughing a genuine laugh as he starts shaving large tracks of hair off of her head, giving her a reverse mowhawk, leaving only two tufts of her beautiful black mane. He tosses Kim to the mat as the audience boos, throwing trash.

"Are you fucks entertained?"

He asks the crowd, sarcastically before grabbing the crying Kimmy by her head and pulling her between his thighs. He locks his arms under her waist and pulls her up to his shoulders before spiking her to the mat with a Flash Bomb.

Kim's body seizures a bit from the impact as Flash rolls her to her back and starts unbuttoning his pants.

"W-what are you doing?!" Kim asks, crying.

His hands grabbing the two rows of unshaven hair, he pulls her face to his now exposed cock.

"Don't cry. Just suck."

He says, jamming himself down her throat as she gags. The fans are livid now.

Arching his hips back and forth it's not too long before Flash's throbbing cock shoots a fat, man sized load into the back of Kim's throat. She gurgles, choking, mucus running down her nose and tears and makeup down her cheeks as he holds for a few seconds, nodding before tossing her flat on her back.

The reality tv goddess crying, bald and coughing up cum.

Flash raises his arms to the boos of the crowd and makes his way to the back.


Match #2

David "DJ" Johnson vs. Lindsey

Sex-Fight Match

Participant Statistics:

David "DJ" Johnson enters the arena to "Wearing My Rolex" by Wiley. He is a black British male with an athletic build, standing at 6'2" and weighing around 200 lbs. He has short, curly black hair and is wearing a full-body yellow hazmat suit.

Lindsey enters the arena to "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. She is a Caucasian female with an average build, standing at 5'1" and weighing around 115 lbs. She has long & straight brunette hair and is wearing black lingerie, black see-through panties and black high heels.

The Match:

DJ saunters down the ring, waving as his unusual attire draws whoops and laughter from the crowd. As he slides under the ropes, the ref comes over to tell him that he can't dress like that. DJ gesticulates in an exaggerated manner, mock-protesting with his arms as the suit muffles his voice, before shrugging his shoulders in fake dejection. He removes the helmet, a broad smile across his face, and begins to step out of the suit as Lindesy approaches, staring daggers.

"Is this meant to be funny, you mo--" she doesn't get another word out as DJ pulls a disinfectant squirt bottle out of leg of the suit and sprays it into Lindsey's face, sending her stumbling away, wiping the water from her eyes.

The crowd laugh and jeer as DJ looks at the bottle. "It's just water! Hey Slut-bert E. Lee, you like things to be white, should I use bleach to clean you next time?" The crowd is reacting well to DJ's antics, apparently pleased to discover that the wrestling champ does have a sense of humor after all. He sheds the suit fully to reveal his usual attire underneath as Lindsey swings around and rushes back towards him. DJ stands stock still until the last possible second before shooting out his muscular arm like a piston. His open palm impacts into Lindsey's throat, reducing her breathing to a rasp, her eyes rolling back. Keeping up a fluid motion, DJ closes his fingers around her neck and in an impressive display, a ripple of power staring in his calves, running up through his thighs and core before exploding into his shoulders, hauls her into the air one-handed! Lindsey dangles and kicks her feet ineffectually as the black fighter holds her aloft, savoring the moment.

"Now, George Lincoln Cock-well, you're about to find out what happens to bigots who let their nasty little mouths write cheques their blubbery asses can't cash!" With that, DJ brutally slams Lindsey down with his full weight behind it, the noise from the impact of her back on the canvas echoing through the arena.

Lindsey is writhing on the ground in agony, rolling over face-down and trying to get air into her lungs. DJ saunters over casually and puts his foot on the back of her head, rubbing her face off the canvas as he taunts her: "What was with that stupid red hat, Trumpette? Are you just jealous your hero doesn't want to bone you as much as he wants to bone his daughter? Don't worry, you can simulate what that'd be like by shoving a cheeto into your snatch!"

DJ grabs Lindsey by the hair and hauls her off the canvas as she squeals and tugs at his wrist, trying to break free. The Brit responds with a huge headbutt, driving his forehead into his opponent's and sending her reeling back, where she falls on her ass in the corner. DJ sprints over before she can gather her wits, turning at the last second and slamming his muscular glutes into her face, full force.

"Kiss my black arse, Roy Skank-houser!" he yells, adding a few extra thrusts, squashing Lindsey's features under the marble hard muscles of his rear. DJ pivots abruptly to face her before moonwalking away, mock-yawning, driving home his easy dominance. "Is that all you got? Really? I'd hardly call this supreme. But you are white, and you're a cyst on the face of this organization, so... two out of three isn't bad!"

DJ stalks forward again and grabs Lindsey by her bra and her panties, roughly ripping both of them off. "Ewww..." he sneers, holding the garments at arms length before flicking them out of the ring "You know, fans would pay for some fighter's clothes... I think we'd have to pay them to take yours!" DJ follows this up with a kick that sends Lindsey's battered body sideways on her knees, the Southern girl grabbing desperately at the ropes.

"I almost forgot" DJ grins "Well. I didn't forget. I tried not to remember. But this is a sex-fight after all, so let's give the people what they want!" He taps his chin in mock thought. "I don't think anyone wants to see me tarnish my beautiful black dick in your manky clunge. But I came prepared!" DJ reaches into the front of his trunks and pulls out two latex gloves. He pulls each one over his hand, letting a menacing snap ring through the arena each time as he stretches and releases the gloves. Lindsey is trying to climb up the ropes, but a swift kick to her ribs sends her flopping to the ground on her stomach.

"Now now, Richard Cunt Butler, you can't just crawl away... this isn't the Battle of Gettysburg!" DJ grabs her by the back of her neck, pinning her to the floor as his other hand finds the squirt bottle and unscrews the top. "You're so full of shit, maybe an enema will help!" Lindsey gasps and whines as DJ abruptly shoves the bottle into her arse, getting the full three inches of the neck in there. "Now" smirks DJ, cracking the knuckles of his gloved hands "Let's see how superior you feel after this!"

He immediately goes to work with his hands on Lindsey's vagina, penetrating her with his fingers and alternating between sensuous rubbing and rough flicking of her clitoris, keeping the American paralysed between pleasure and pain, twitching and gasping but unable to come close to gathering herself enough to escape. "How does it feel, huh? Looks like you're enjoying what a so-called inferior can do!" DJ snarls as Lindsey bucks in pleasure. DJ slips one hand under her stomach and hauls her rear slightly aloft to get a better angle as he works, and within moments Lindsey is literally drooling as she orgasms explosively.

DJ lets her fall back to the ground and peels of his gloves, which are dripping with her juices, before balling them up and shoving them into Lindsey's mouth. "Looks like a black man made you cum, you little bigoted shit, and I didn't even have to touch you directly. Pathetic." DJ gets to his feet and salutes the roaring crowd "This is what happens to racists!" He flexes and bows as he leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp, leaving Lindsey naked and face down her ass in the air with the squirt bottle sticking out of it.


Match #3

Joel vs. Vannah Love

Oil Wreslting Championship Match

Participant Statistics:

Joel enters the arena to "How you like me now?" by The Heavy. He is a Caucasian male with a toned build, standing at 6'3" and weighing around 185 lbs. He has short and trimmed brunette hair with a matching beard and is wearing a blue Speedo.

Vannah Love enters the arena to "Over & Past" by Celani ft. Maria. She is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'4" and weighing around 120 lbs. She has long white-blonde hair done up in a ponytail and is wearing a Gold Lace-Up Bra and matching Side Lace-Up Tights.

The Match:

Vannah strides down the ramp stoically, letting the reactions of the crowd wash over her. She shakes hands and signs autographs, her face never changing. When she gets to the ring, she steps inside and locks up with Joel, who easily starts pushing her backwards, her feet sliding in the oil, until she's pressed against the side of the ring. He then Irish whips her, pushing her across the ring.

She slips and falls onto her chest. Joel grabs her by the hair as she tries to get up and knees her in the stomach, knocking the air out of her before pulling her into a headlock. He walks her around before dropping, slamming her head into the mat with a nasty bulldog that bounces Vannah's head brutally off the plywood, barely padded floor of the ring and causing her to fall backwards in a serious daze.

He walks over and picks her up, throwing her over his shoulder as she struggles to snap out of it. "Come on, now. Wake up. You gotta give me a fair fight." Joel shifts her so she's lying horizontally across both shoulders in a torture rack, and starts jostling her, causing her to yell out in pain as her back is assaulted.

Vannah arches her back as Joel slams her into the mat. She lets out a yelp as she's brought back into the air and thrown against a turnbuckle, where Joel lifts her legs and puts them through the ropes before doing the same with her arms, leaving her to be supported by the ropes before unleashing an onslaught of blows to her body. Breasts. Stomach. Face. Pussy. Face. Stomach. Face. Breasts. Pussy. He slams his fists into her with such force that she starts bruising immediately, and her bruised breasts pop out of her red bikini top.

He pulls her down by her hair and lets her fall into the oil face first, putting a foot on her head and grinding his heel in, pressing her head painfully against the mat, making it feel like it was about to explode. "Sorry, Vannah. I can't let up." Vannah slips out from under his oily foot and staggers to her feet, clearly hurting.

Vannah kicks Joel in the nuts, causing him to double over. She leapfrogs over him, shoving him down into the oil. She grabs him by the hair and drags him around for a minute or two, bashing his head into a turnbuckle occasionally. When she's done parading him around, she drags him to the center of the ring, still by his hair. She strips off his speedo, and sits down behind him, getting him in a Half Nelson and snaking her legs around his, forcing them wide open, causing Joel to yell in pain. She grabs hold of his shaft, engorged and swollen from all of the erotic contact and other excitement during the fight. She forces his head down over the tip of his cock as she jerks him off, grinning the whole time.

She looks straight into the camera as Joel shoots off into his own face. "You watching, Johnny? This one's for you." She cups her hand over Joel's cock as another load spurts up, catching the cum in her hand and rubbing it all over Joel's face and chest before releasing him and letting him fall on his own back, spent. She puts a foot on his face and smothers him out with her foot on his mouth and her toes pinching his nose shut. "Night night, Aussie boy." She raises a fist in victory as she accepts the belt and walks backstage, smiling at fans with a smile that never reaches her eyes.


Match #4

The 69ers: Candy Cane & Melody Sky vs. Team Japan: Hikaru Aoyama & Ryonata Hanzami

Tag Team Tournament Match

Participant Statistics:

The 69er's enter the arena to the Sailor Moon Theme Song.

Candy Cane is a Caucasian female with a slim build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 125 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a slutty Sailor Moon Cosplay.

Melody Sky is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'0" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has long brunette hair with blonde hi-lites and is wearing a slutty Sailor Jupiter Cosplay.

Team Japan enters the arena to "True Blue" by Kotoko.

Hikaro Aoyama is an Asian female with a slim/toned build, standing at 5'2" and weighing around 100 lbs. She has black hair and is wearing a black and white Sailor Fuku.

Ryonata Hanzami is an Asian female with a slim/toned build, standing at 5'5" and weighing around 110 lbs. She has black hair with dark brown highlights and is wearing a blue and white Sailor Fuku.

The Match:

Their opponents enter the ring in a rather ambiguous cosplay and Hikaru does not look please at all. Thinking that they are taking the piss out of them like their past opponents Taylor and Lindsey, Hikaru pushes through Ryonata and approaches Melody, who's starting for the 69'ers. Hikaru barks in her Japanese language and obviously, neither of the opposing team understand what she's saying. Looking confused, Melody is about to reply, but a heated Hikaru socks the cowgirl with a right hook to the chin, making her spin a complete 180 before the smaller Asian grabs her hair and slams her down onto the canvas! Hikaru quickly goes down on slutty Jupiter, straddling on her face while giving a hard ground and pound on her tits!

Ryonata and Candy circle each other in the ring, the cute Asian gives an angry glare at the blonde. Candy is still oblivious as to why the Japanese girls are mad. She does a bow, wanting to show respect but it comes off even more insulting, angering Ryo. Before she could return from it, she's met with a swift kick to the side of the head, the blonde stumbling to the corner. Ryo rushes at her, delivering all kinds of deadly strikes towards her body. "You are just like those two." Ryo growls. "Always have to make fun of us." A spinning back kick to the navel knocks the air out of the ditzy blonde, falling to her knees and clutching her belly. "I have had enough of this. You will suffer." Ryo grabs her opponent around the neck. She swings her lower body up and wraps her legs around Candy's midriff, applying a combination body-scissors and guillotine choke.

Ryo batters Candy all around the ring, unrelenting, Candy's legs are wobbling around. Melody tries to help out her partner, but Hikaru grabs at her leg and yanks at it, Melody falling face first into the apron. Hikaru slams her face on the steel steps multiple times before pushing her away and delivering a side kick to the jaw that knocks her out! Hikaru goes and rip off her costume, stripping the cowgirl into her underwear. Ryo performs her belly to back suplex finisher on Candy, the Phoenix Melody before sitting on her face for the pin. Unable to respond, the Japan Team win the match. As Ryo stands up, she looks at her opponent, face twisted in anger. "Disgusting. You were not a worthy opponent. Can't believe I wasted my time with people like you." As Ryo exits the ring, Hikaru follows suit, leaving the beaten girls in a unconscious heap.


Match #5

The Royals: Blair Dame & Emily Waters vs. Justice & Sophie Anderson

Tag Team Tournament Match

Participant Statistics:

The Royals enter the arena to "Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory.

Blair Dame is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'7" and weighing around 130 lbs. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a white crop top, daisy dukes and brown platform heels.

Emily Waters is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'8" and weighing around 135 lbs. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a gold metallic bikini with a black rhinestone Fleur-De-Lis, a black belt with gold border trim and gold metallic platform heels.

Justice enters the arena to "Help Is On The Way by Rise Against. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 5'6" and weighing around 125 lbs. She has short raven hair and is wearing a red, white and blue flag-themed latex bodysuit, star-spangled leg warmers and beige platform heels.

Sophie Anderson enters the arena to "Pressure" by Paramore. She is a Caucasian female with a toned build, standing at 4'11" and weighing around 95 lbs. She has long red hair and is wearing a white blouse with tartan trim, tied up above her midriff, and a grey pleated skirt.

The Match:

The Royals have a little discussion in their corner, discussing strategy. The crowd grows restless and after what seems like moments, but was actually 10 seconds, Blair is the first to start for the team with Sophie while Emily and Justice are in their corners. The Canadian and the Scot circle each other, both have their hands up, both being cautious. "So you want to grapple with me, lass?" Sophie smirks, trying to intimidate the rookie. "Well, duh." Blair says matter-of-factly. "What else does it look like? I plan to out-wrestle you. Not gonna achieve it by doing strikes. Then again, it would be too easy if I did that..." Sophie's cheeks gone slightly pinkish with embarrassment. "Though so. Come on. Let's do this, eh?" Blair darts in, looking to grab Sophie but she stays on the defensive and darting away from the Canadian's grasp. Waiting for an opportunity to present itself. "Oh come on! I thought you got me beat with your judo, eh?" Sophie giggles. "Gotta catch me first! Can't get a wee lass like me?" Blair moves forward and Sophie braces, reaches out to grab her arm. "I got you!" She squeals with delight as she turns her hip to use his momentum to flip the blonde and...nothing. Blair suddenly stopped at her own accord, leaving the redhead with no momentum to work with. "You are SO easy to read, 'lass'." And with a quick motion, Blair wraps her arms around her and lifts the Scottish Judoka up in the air and delivers a hard suplex, slamming the diminutive girl on her back! "That was for Johnny!" The blonde easily maneuvers herself so that she has her back, her arms wrapped round Sophie and in a impressive feat, she dead-lifts the Scot like she's nothing before delivering another suplex, this time it's the bridge variation, looking for a pin but the Scot kicks out at the first count. Sophie attempts to rust to her corner, but Blair is quick and drags her back near the Royals corner, locking in a kneebar which makes the Scot squeal in pain.

Even with the expirience of grappling that Sophie has, Blair almost makes the redhead look like she is the rookie in this showcase of grappling, smothering her as she transitions from hold to hold, applying some catch wrestling techniques, and to rub salt in the wounds, some Judo thrown in. Sophie does manage to wriggle out, only to get caught again in the Canadian's grasp. "What's the matter, 'lassie'? I thought you would school me on the ground but it's not looking good for you, eh. Are you sure you're a black belt or did you buy it from Ebay?" Sophie takes offense to this and slips out of the blonde's hold, looking to get on top but Blair performs a flawless tomonage, flipping the Scottish girl onto her back and to her corner. She eventually tags in Justice and she enters the ring for the first time. Blair gets to her feet and looks at Justice. "Hmmm....Yeah, I'll let you have her, Ems!" Not wanting to be too greedy, she tags in Emily and the crowd erupts, two deadly fighters in the ring together. Justice raises her hands up, looking to lock up with the champion, Emily looks like she is gonna do the same as the come in closer until she suddenly drills Justice right onto her toned abs, driving air out of her. A European uppercut straightens her up again before a roundhouse kick knocks her down to the canvas, stunning the stars and stripes clad warrior. Emily quickly gets into her back before slapping in a rear naked choke. "I heard your abs are impressive." She says that as she rolls Justice with her, locking her deadly legs around her waist. "But can they withstand the pressure of my legs? Let's find out!" And with that, she squeezes hard, Justice gurgling and gasping, her hands trying to pry the anaconda-like arms and legs but to no avail. "Apparently not!" Emily chirps.

Emily delivers Justice a free kicking clinic, showing why she is the Kickboxing champion as the strikes land on her legs, belly, chest and head. Not wanting more of this, Justice pushes the leggy brunette back, shoving her to the ropes where Blair secretly tags in, her hand slapping her back without the other team noticing. A clothesline takes Emily off her feet and Justice is about to tag in Sophie but Emily grabs onto the ankle of Justice. Her long reach is able to catch Sophie's hand and she gets in the ring, just about to pound on Emily but Blair comes in to save her tag partner and delivers a dropkick right onto the redhead's perky breasts, sending her hard into the corner. Justice grabs a hold of her hair, thinking that she is disrupting the match, but a surprise knee strike right into Justice leaves her doubling over. "Thanks for that!" She smiles at Blair. She grabs on the shoulders of Justice and leaps up, wrapping her legs in her favorite figure four headscissor. However, she forgets that Justice is no ordinary warrior and Justice blindly walks forward near the ropes and looking to powerbomb the champion on the canvas. Emily counters and just as she is about to be thrown, she uses her strength and momentum to flip Justice with her, Emily hanging on the ropes and Justice flies over her and crashing back first onto the barricade! While this madness is going on, Blair delivers some knee shots to Sophie's toned abs, driving the air out of her. Sophie barely hanging in there, her grip on the ropes is the reason why she is still standing and now Blair's grip on her throat. She smirks and slips off her golden heels. "I've seen your matches. How you humiliated others with those feet of yours. Well I got a treat for you, sweet tart." Blair grabs hold of Sophie's wrists, places her size seven foot square on her face. "Time to go for a ride!" She leans backwards and she does a different version of that tomonage/monkey flip move, but instead of letting go at first, bothered the two young girls roll together in a full rotation, stepping on Sophie's face. After the second rotation, she then throws the diminutive redhead over her, back first and in a tree of woe position, hanging upside down groaning weakly. "Well that's the first part! Onto the second part!" The Canadian, slips under the top rope and climbs up, standing on the top rope. She does a back flip in the air, showcasing her athletic ability before she lands with a mushroom stomp right between the legs of Sophie, causing her head to slam onto the canvas like a piledriver, immediately knocking her out! The crowd goes insane with this special maneuver and even more and Blair drags the judoka's non-moving body to the middle of the ring, hooking a leg over and counting her out for the pin fall! The ref declares the Royals team the winners, Blair climbing up on the ropes and celebrating with the crowd! Emily shortly climbs in the ring and the two hug, happy that they are advancing to the final! Blair places her foot on Sophie's face, her toes pinching them tight as the two pose for the cameras!
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