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Default The Brady War

The Brady war
by gloryfem
[email protected][Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail.com
the Brady's go to war against each other
originally posted in dtv on july 2004
has been slightly redone, the story is based on the fictional charectors from the 70s tv series the beady bunch.

Mike Brady called his whole family into the dining room for a meeting.

"What's this all about" asked Peter

"just sit down and I will explain”, Mike said.

"Where's Alice” questioned Cindy.

"Just sit down and let me talk”, Mike said again his voice getting a lot

Carol and the girls, Marcia 18, Jan 16 and Cindy 14 sat on one end of the large
dinning room table. Mike and his boys Greg 19, Peter 17 and bobby 15 sat on
the other side.

"All right then now that every one is seated let’s get started" Mike said
forcefully. "As you are all aware of, for the past six years since this family
has been together I have been the sole bread winner in this family, providing
for every ones needs while your mother has done nothing. Carols jaw dropped
down with shock. She could not believe what mike had just said. The girls
looked over toward their mother with grief as the 3 boys giggled.

"I've even provided a house keeper(Alice)because your mother stays home all
day and does nothing but watch television and chat on the phone with her feminist
friends” Mike said.

"Now just one minute” Carol replied angrily as she rose from her chair.

"Just let me please finish “mike said, looking straight into the eyes of Carol
The boy’s giggles had now turned into laughter, the girls were giving the boys
deadly stares.

"I have decided to take an early retirement “Mike continued," I have enough
money saved and a reasonable pension to be able to make this happen. But there
will have to be cuts, first thing as you all probably have noticed by now, I
have dismissed our maid Alice.

"But daddy why" Cindy cried.

"There is no money for that, so Carol you and your girls are going to have to do
all the house work from now on". Mike felt proud as he looked at the stunned
girls facial expressions. "Since i took you four girls into this house six years ago, you
ladies have done absolutely nothing to contribute to this household, all you
girls have done is freeload". the female side of the table stared seriously
and angrily at the male side who were smiling and giggling

"Secondly”, Mike continued while surveying the females, "as you know Greg has
started college this year and Marcia was scheduled to start next year".

"WAS" Marcia interrupted angrily, "what do you mean was".

"what I mean is that you and your sisters wont be going to college, I have no
money for that, there is only enough money for my boys to attend college. The
boys laughed openly as their father finished that sentence. "And thirdly"

"That’s it I've had enough” Carol said fuming as she rose from her chair. “lets
go upstairs girls".

"I am not finished".

"FUCK YOU" Carol cried. The four girls continued angrily up the stairs and
into the girl’s bedroom, while being laughed and mocked at by the boys.

"Way to go dad “Bobby expressed happily.

"That's finally telling them" cheered Peter

"Yeah,"said Greg “ever since those girls moved in with us they have been trying
to take over the house".

"I know you boys have been thru a lot over the last six years, but that's over
with now. It has been high time I put my foot down as the master in this house
and those females in their proper place”. Said the 44-year-old mike. The men
still complaining among each other about the females, left the dinning room
and walked into the larger living room, which is the largest open space in the

"Who the hell do they think they are talking to us like that.” fumed Carol.

"Its not fair those boys get everything they want." crewed Marcia.

"They are always bullying us around. “added Jan.

"they think they own us.” Cindy said angrily. “they always want to boss us

"This is war girls."Janet said in a battle cry. "This is were your martial
arts training you have been secretly learning for the last five years is going
to pay off, now lets get dressed and ready for battle.

"Yes".the girls yelled simultaneously

"What the hell is all that racket going on upstairs."Peter said curiously.

"It sounds like the girls are fighting among themselves.” Mike said listening
to the commotion upstairs. "They are probably blaming each other for not doing
enough around the house in the last few years, you boys will see in a few
moments those girls will come down here crying and apologizing for the way
they have been".

"I hope so." said Greg. "Its time those girls learned that we are in charge."

Carol put on her grey jogging shorts and matching top, both pieces hugged her
body like a glove.

At 39, Carol had the body and shape of a girl in her early 20's with her flat
stomach, long curves legs and perfect bosoms. Marcia threw on a orange wrap
around skirt with yellow flowers ,she tied the short skirt on her left side
with the split going up to her thigh, the material was really thin and her
crotch could be easily seen, she then put on a white buttoned shirt which was
rolled up above her belly. Marcia appeared to be an awesome form of femininity
ready for battle. Jan wore only blue cotton briefs, which molded to her bottom
perfectly, then she slipped on a pink tank top which was tight and exposed her
belly, with the words girl power printed in black and the female emblem below
the lettering and on the back of her tank top, the very sexy 16 year old
looked like a wildcat ready for action. Cindy wore a blue and light grey
checkered school uniform style mini skirt with a plain white t shirt which
fitted her loosely, the pretty little girl resembled a relaxed school girl on
her lunch break.

"Okay girls now lets go down there and teach those males who the superior sex
is. For the past five years we have been going to martial arts training while
the were thinking we were doing ballet."Carol spoke artily.

"There going to be in for a big surprise.” Marcia said proudly. The other girls
smiled and laughed with Marcia.

"Lets go girls". Carol shouted.

"GIRL POWER" the girls yelled as they left the room and continued down the

Mike and the boys watched the top of the stairwell as the girls glided down
the stairs looking pretty confident about something. What in heavens could
they be up to Mike wondered. When the girls reached the bottom they
immediately started clearing some furniture out of the way and Carol strutted
towards Mike. She stopped about ten feet from him, legs spread and hands on
her hips, looking him straight in the eyes. "No one talks to me and the girls
and gets away with it". Carol said composedly. "We fight right here right

"What the hell are you talking about". Mike said slowly.

"What I mean dick head is that you and I are going to have a physical fight
right now". Carol said loudly and confidently.

"Your joking Carol you know id kill you in a fight”. Mike said chuckled and
brushing his right at Carol as he turned his back to her and started to walk

"Mikes scared to fight mom”. The girls said simultaneously laughing.

"Come on dad don't be scared". Greg said sadly.

"I am not scared ". Mike said loudly.

'Teach her a lesson". Pete said.

"Yea teach her a lesson". Continued bobby. Mike stared at the boys in
disbelief and was about to say something then Carol suddenly spoke.

"Why don't you come here and fight like a man, if you are man". Carol said
smirking. This angered Mike he walked toward Carol and yelled. "Now you listen
here I am the man of this house, it is my house and what I say is final, there
is no need for arguing or fighting". When Mike got to within reaching distance
of Carol she let him have it with a quick one two right left hook to his jaw,
and then she quickly backed up a few feet. Mike stared at her in shock how
dare she hit him, the girls were yelling and cheering their mother on. Mike
suddenly snapped and hollered you bitch, and charged at Carol. Carol saw Mike
coming, timing it perfectly she dropped to one knee and swung an uppercut
hitting Mike perfectly in the balls. Mike yelled at the pain as passed Carol
and bent down clutching his balls. Carol got up and took immediate of Mike who
was bent down and facing away from her, she gave him a fierce kick between his
legs, mike stumbled forward to the wall barely keeping on his feet. Against
the wall Mike turned slowly in severe pain. His vision had barely time to
focus when Carol charged him driving her knee in his gut followed by an
uppercut to the chin, a knee to the balls, fallowed by a bombardment of
punches. Mike who was pinned against the wall could not do or go any where
against this female assassin’s onslaught. The punches kept on coming every time
he would start sliding down to the ground she would knee him in the balls
bringing him back upright and continue the onslaught.

Marcia and her sisters were all clapping and cheering as they watched there
mom who was savagely beating Mike. Marcia looked over at the boys who appeared
like they were suffering from shock, she walked coolly toward Greg who she
deeply hated. when she got to within a few feet of him she stopped unbuttoned
her shirt and spread it open exposing her heavenly breasts. She called to Greg
who was watching his father being slaughtered by his step mom. "Hey dear
brother look at this". Greg turned toward Marcia and froze at the sight of her
glorious breasts. He had always fantasized about her breasts and now for the
first time he was seeing them for the first time. Greg felt something harden
between his legs, and then he felt fierce pain there as Marcia savagely kicked
him in the balls. His yell was thunderous it could easily be herd from
outside, as Greg bent forward clutching his balls he was met by another
unmerciful kick, this one right on the bridge of his nose, busting it and
causing Greg to fall over backwards landing on his back, grasping his broken
nose. He wasn't there more than 2 seconds when Marcia charged and kicked his
balls in the same way a soccer player kicks his ball. There was no yell from
Greg this time the pain overwhelmed his brain causing it to blackout, but that
didn't stop Marcia she continued kicking him unmercifully in the head and
ribs. There was no mercy for this male pig, after so many years of abuse
Marcia was getting her revenge.

Peter and Bobby were slack jawed at what was going on, their dad was getting
pulverized by there step mom and their big brother was at the mercy of Marcia.
when Suddenly they were attacked by Jan and Cindy.

Jan drop-kicker Peter causing him to fly backwards and land on his back
banging his head hard against the floor, Jan did not waste any time, she
plunged on top of peter ramming her knee into his balls. Peter let out a
scream that could be herd from the next county while Jan started throwing
punches left and right at his head like a female wildcat. Pete tried to get
her off but Jan was too quick and smart, she wrapped her legs around his legs
pinning him in a painful grapevine while she continued to pound away.

Bobby got his arm up just in time to block Cindy's kick. She fell to the
ground but got immediately up were she was met by a right jab on the chops
causing her to drop to one knee. "What the hell do you think your doing
bitch". Bobby shouted at Cindy as he came forward for the attack. He stood
overtop of her and was about to send a fist crashing down on her head when he
suddenly froze. Cindy's left hand clawed at his balls, squeezing it with all
her strength. Bobby screamed as he tried to unfasten her hold on his balls
. she grabbed his hair with her right hand and pulled his head back violently
while still squeezing his balls. "Now you listen to me boy or I'll kill you".
Cindy said seductively. "Place your hand behind your head.". Bobby complied.
Still holding his balls and hair she positioned herself in front of him. "Now
spread your legs". Bobby complied again trying to figure out what she was up
to. Cindy detached her left hand from Bobby's balls and rammed her knee into
them at full force, which lifted Bobby a foot off the ground. She kneed him
again on his way down causing him to slump sideways onto he ground. Showing no
mercy she bent down and grabbed his hair again while he was clutching his
balls in agony, pulled his head back and let go a quick hard right punch
landing perfectly on his Adams apple, crushing it. Bobby was in total agony
lying on his side with his balls aching and his neck damaged as he was having
an extremely hard time trying to get oxygen in to his lungs, he was weakening
by the second. Cindy surveyed her prey while she walked triumphantly aground
him, she turned him on his back, pulled his two arms freely and crossed them
on his upper stomach, she sat down on his arms facing his balls. Cindy then
wrapped her legs around his upper thighs and spread them to the max while
keeping them pressed against the ground. This produced a new pain for Bobby,
however, the worst was yet to come.

The scene inside the Brady house was a major war between the sexes, with the
female side savagely defeating the males

Carol had Mike pinned against throwing punches and giving him the occasional
knee the groin to keep him upright. Mike was in total distress, his head and
groin ached, his vision blurred, there was just no way he could stop this
females onslaught .he just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. "So I'm going
to do all the house work now am I". Carol said looking in mike eyes. "Well
here is what i got to say about that". She kneed him unmercifully in the
balls. Mike started sliding slowly down the wall, she kneed him again, mike
slid to the floor and folded over like a rag doll. Carol turned to look at
Marcia who was savagely kicking an unconscious Greg. "You can stop that now
Marcia.” Carol said. "Don't damage him too much we are going to need him
later". Marcia looked over at her mom and then looked at the pathetic Greg on
the ground and halted her assault on him.

Jan had Peter pinned to the ground, with her hips pressing hard against his
groin. His face bloodied and eyes swollen with the assault he had just taken.
She now had her hands around his neck and was chocking him. Peter tried to
unlock her viselike grip around his neck but was getting weaker by the second.
She could feel his erection growing. "You're enjoying this aren't you". Jan
said sarcastically at Peter. While still choking him she lifted her hips and
slammed it into his groin, she continued doing this until peter eyes rolled
behind his head. He was out.

Bobby was helpless to Cindy's assault, with his arms pinned under her and his
legs spread to the limit there was nothing he could do but cry, begging her
for to stop. But she wasn't listening she kept brutally striking at his balls
unmercifully. Each time she struck she would spread his legs even more as he
weakened ripping them from their sockets. Bobby screamed, but she continued
the pounding until the screaming stopped and the tension in his legs

The four girl's hugged and high five each other at their victory as the males
laid unconscious at their feet. "Okay girls". Carol said happily. "Lets get
some rope and tie these males up". Cindy and Jan complied and went into the
garage while Carole and Marcia watched over the males.

About twenty minutes later four defeated males were standing side by side,
bruised, hurting and naked, legs spread with their hands tied behind their
backs and mouths gagged. The girls warned them if they moved an inch they
would be beaten even more. With the girls standing in front of them, smiling,
Carol started to speak "The organization I belong to is called females for
supremacy. We are a world wide organization with about fifteen percent of the
world female population as members and growing fast. We go under the code name
lady’s crafts. Our ultimate goal is to have women take over the world and
enslave all males. We estimate in another twenty years the mission should be
complete. As you males have noticed women have made huge gains in all business
and industries and enrollment in universities is now sixty percent female.
Which reminds me Greg, you have just dropped out of university. We have to
make that spot availably to the superior mind of a female. My club owns all
sorts of businesses all over the world, manufacturing, office towers, mines,
farms and so on. And we use male slaves." the girls started laughing as the
males stared with depressing faces. "To make a long story short. You guys are
now property of the lady’s craft club and you will be slaves forever". The
girls continued laughing and cheering as they stepped forward and kicked each
of the males in the balls. The four males dropped to the floor like dominoes.

The end

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Default Re: The Brady War

Hmm.. with Wrestling only would it love. You know, so with PAINFULL Boston crab, CRUSHING body-and headscissors and as final dominant Schoolgirlpin 's
That's a sexy Picture in my head 🤪...and better for the comedian serial background.
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