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Default Kicked by my pro fighter girlfriend

Hello! This is my first story and I hope I posted where I should. Escuse my English, please! Let's go!

My girlfriend in a profesional taekwondo fighter and recently I told her about my fetish. She is agree to train with me. She told me to try to avoid her kicks. But she warned me that she would have no mercy at all.

We went to her training room. We both adopted a fighting position. Her first kick was fast. Her front kick hit me in my stomach with the ball of the right foot. My unprottected abs fully received that kick. Followed a side kick with the left heel im my strained abs. I felt few pain but I knew that this was just the beginning. A roundhouse im my right side made me to put my hand on my ribs. Perfectly ocasion for a spinning kick to my face. Her right ball of her foot had hit hard my right cheek. I felt a sensation of pain with hummiliation at the same time. Selina had succeeded to hit my face with her sole after just a few seconds.
She let me to relize what had just happened. Her smile humiliated me over more. Her left foot turned on its heel towards me and then I realized what was commong. I didnít have time to react. A spinning back kick dropped her heel in my unprotected liver. I fell on my back. I was crouched in pain. Her heel it went like a knife through butter, through my abs.
She somped my left hand with her left heel. a wave of pain went through my body. She stood on my crushed hand with all her weight. My screem made her smile. In the end she released my hand.
-Are you screaming already? Are you starting to cry?
- I donít cry. It doesnít even hurt anymore.
- Seriously? I felt your bones breaking under my heel. Your fingers are shaking.
I stood up and I stepped in front of her with my hands up, ready for fight. She started with a kick with the ball of her right foot on my ups of my left kneecap. Next her move was a kick in my inner of left leg with her left foot. I started to limp. A right kick in the outside of my left kick made me to kneeling. Selina kicked my with a front kick in my face. I fell on my back. I got up quickly. I could see the satisfaction in her eyes.
With a very quick movement, she kicked my in my face with a perfect axe kick. Her right foot hit my face and rubbed down her sole of my face. I felt a sting in my hole face.
-Itís the third time I rubbed my sole of your face. Your left hand will not be the only one broken today.
A crescend inside kick with her right foot hit my left side of face but I didnít fell. But next move was a crescend outside kick with the same foot om my right side of face and that kick made me to bend over. A perfect position to recive a strong knee kick in my rogh ribs. I fell on the ground barely breathing. She put her right foot in my neck and applied pressure.
-Pleaaase, have mercy!
-I donít hear you. Speak louder!
The pressure was increasing.
-Have mercyÖ. Pleaseeee.
She let me get up.
Again in the fighting position, she threw a roundhouse kick to my right middle side but I blocked it. In the next second, with the same foot, she executed a roundhouse kick directly in my right cheek. I wobbled to her amusement. With a crescend outside kick with her left foot turn my face to my right side and imediatly a spinning hook kick crushed my cheek with her right heel. I fell on the ground. I count my teeth with my tongue. Luckily they were all there.
She came near me end stompped on my right hand just like she did with my left hand. The sound of broken bones was horrifying. I screamed in pain.
-I assume it doesn't hurt. It is not like that?
I was still screaming
-I can feel your hand pulsing under my heel.
I was actually crying in pain but my cock was erect.
- I have never seen a man cry while he has an erection.
I tried to lift his heel from my broken hand but it didnít move.
-Stand up! I'm not done with you yet
With broken hand bones, I could only defend from blows with my forearms.
She put her hands on my shoulders and threw me a knee in my unprotected stomach. I couldnít fall but neither could I defend myself. She was kicking me with both knees alternaty. In the end she let me go from her grip. But only to admire her work. My belly was red and bruised here and there.
She took a few steps back and she run hitting me with a fly right knee kick in my destroyed stomach. I fell on the ground in agony.
She gave my five minutes to recover. I stood up again. I held my arms in front of my face, shielding the sides of my face with my forearms.
She took it as a chalange and she executed a perfect teep kick in the middle of my face. Her right foot passed unimpeded between my helpless forearms. I fell like a log.
-Iím not called teep queen for nothing.
She put her right foot on my right side of my face and steps on me with all her weight. My face was at 90 degrees to the ground and her. I could see her only among her toes wich covers my eye.
She was over me, her sole pressed my face, my internal organs were in agony. I was humiliated and destroyed.
When she took her foot off my face, she took out her phone to take a photo with my face.
-Look! You blushed where I stepped on you.
She showed me the photo. Indeed, I had a perfectly blushed footprint on my face.
-Stand up! I want to leave a bruised footprint on your face.
She turned her back to me with the ass stuck on my cock. She was on tiptoe. Suddenly, she fell with all her wight with the heels on my toes. Iím 1.90 meters tall but I could hear the crack of my toes. She was just standing on her heel. I tried to escape my toes from under her heels but the pain was increasing.
After two minutes of standing in this position, she turned to face me. The toes she stomped on were realy bruised.
-Hold tight to the ropes! Otherwise, I will beak your fingers just like I did with your toes.
She took her fighting position.
-I will wipe those tears from your face.
She slaped my left cheek with her left backhand. the noise spread throughout the room. A similar slap followed but with the other backhand on the oder cheek. My tears sprayed in the air. A slap was sent with power over my right cheek. My head stayed to one said. She grabbed my chin and returned my head in the normal position. With she right hand still under my chin, she spitted me in my right eye. The phlagm was running down my cheek. A slap with the right hand on my other cheek made me to open mouth and the phlagm entered my mouth. She spitted me again, in the other eye this time. I didnít close my eye in time and the phlagm flooded my eye.
The excess phlegm ran down my cheek to my mouth.
-Open your mouth!
I complied and her phlegm flowed into my mouth. I hadn't swallowed the other one yet.
-Swallow it!
I swallowed humble.
She started a series of five spinning back kick to my face with her left kick. The ball of her foot hit my cheek, nose, lips, jaw in turn. She did the same thing with my other face side with her right foot.
The last kick of the second series was a with a jumpind spinning back kick in my devasted cheek.
This last kick threw me to the floor.
-How do you feel to be kicked from any angle by a girl?
-Honestly, it horny me so much.
-Itís ok. Iím also excited to destroy a man, to kick him from any position, to feel his bones and organs chrused under my feet. When my foot connected with your face, I feel a great satisfaction. I love to admire my work too.
She took a photo again.
I could see a bruised footprint on my face. That ultimate kick was very strong and perfectly executed.
-Crawl at my feet!
I crawled with difficulty, my ribs hurt terribly. I remember that spinning back kick to my liver exactly. That kick cracked a rib.
I was faceing over her feet.
-Kiss my feet!
After one second of thought, I answared:
-No! Itís to much. Stop!
I was with my hands in front of me. She took the avantage of the oportunity and turned his back to me. She placed her heels on my fingers. With a fast movement, she stood up on her tiptoes and fell with all his weight on my fingers. Just like she did with my toes.
-I told you Iíll break your fingers if you donít do what I say.
She turned to face me and put her feet on my crushed hands.
-Kiss my feet, I saw!
After two seconds, I slowly bent over. I gently kissed her feet.
After a few kisses, she turned her back to me and raised her left foot.
-Kiss my sole!
I executed the order. I did the same thing with her right foot.
-Ok. You can leave. Itís enough for today.
I got up with difficulty. I was heading for the exit.
After a few steps, I heard her:
-Stay! I have a farewell present for you.
I fearfully turned to face her. I saw her running toward me. Before I can react, a flying kick threw me two meters behind. I was lying on the floor. The image with her right foot kicking my brushed abs was replaced with the image with right foot stepping on my beaten face. I looked after her. I saw her walking toward the exit. I could see my bloody lips mark on her sole.
She had ine more thing to say:
-Iím waiting for you in the bedroom.
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