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Default Kicked out

I haven't written anything new in years. Suddenly had the writing bug again. This took a while to refine, and I'm still not 100% happy with it. Please tell me what you think of it (either through thanks buttons or more elaborate feedback in the comments). Writing in with no feedback can easily produce very bad fiction.

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Kicked Out
By Art Vandaley

Anger and frustration did play a part, but mostly it was just the right thing to do.

Angela struggled with the decision for months, and when she finally made up her mind, she did it with a heavy heart. But she knew it was the right decision, for both of them.

Jimmy wasn't just her roommate - he used to be her best friend. They knew each other for more than fifteen years. She really wanted to help him, and she tried - repeatedly. When he stopped paying rent and bills, she covered for him. Almost two years went by and she was still covering for him. When he stopped paying for groceries, and then asking her for extra cash, she helped. When he sold the few furniture he had, claiming it was "minimalist living", she was worried and confronted him, but helped him with new furniture after she verified it was just "regular broke" and not "drug-addict broke".

She had tried helping him get a job, she had tried yelling at him to do it, motivating him into getting his act together - nothing made him do anything with his life. Over the past year especially, he was basically wasting away. He sat in front of the TV for literally days, eating, making a mess, and eventually dozing off, often never even making it to his bed. The battle for sharing house chores was one Angela conceded even earlier.

But what made Jimmy truly unbearable was the fact that his lethargic lifesytle has changed who he was. He justified his choices, saying how tired he was and how he needed down-time. This quickly led to transparent lies - He was a very busy person, he had been running errands all day, he had 8 job interviews this week - Angela really wanted to believe him, but the lies were unconvincing and the stories constantly changed.

They had made several "agreements" where Jimmy would promise to get a job - any job - within a certain amount of time and start contributing to the bills. The deadline would come and nothing would change. The idea of kicking him out had occured to Angela of course, but she couldn't bring herself to do so until now.

Pretty soon Jimmy started reacting aggressively to her attempts at pushing him to do more with his life. He would snap at her, or scream that she should leave him alone. Other times he avoided her, even going so far as to leave the house when she asked to talk about the problem, pretending to have an interview or meeting but hanging out at the bar or - a few times - just outside on the street. At least that made him move off that damned couch.

The relationship became tense, and Jimmy didn't seem to value the fact that his friend was supporting him financially. More and more, he started teasing her, making derogatory remarks and calling her names. He made fun of her desire to keep things clean, of her healthy eating habits, of her perfectionism (which was a soft spot), and of course of her abundant energy and her fitness obsession. Angela was hurt, and at times snapped back, chiding her roommate for being lazy, messy, and - one angry time - for going nowhere in life. Most of the time though, she told herself it's all an expression of how miserable he is, and she should be compassionate.

When the hurtful remarks started including sexually suggestive comments Angela was baffled. She had known Jimmy for more than fifteen years, and she knew he was interested in her - to one degree or another - for almost as long. She never thought much of it - they both had other partners and when they did talk about it they agreed it would make things awkward and probably won't last. But apparently when Jimmy stopped appreciating her as a friend, he started letting his other urges show up with less of a filter. Or maybe he was just being an asshole, and would have made these remarks at any girl he'd see. She definitely heard him do that when they occasionally still hung out. She was disgusted those times too.

It was time for Jimmy to go. He stopped being her friend months ago. He was going to stop being her roommate by the end of the month.

Angela breathed deeply as she got out of the gym. This will not be an easy conversation, but it was time. She zipped up her red hoodie and started jogging home. Running always relaxed her, and that was fortunate. She knew she would need lots of self-control this evening.

Angela entered her apartment and unzipped her hoodie, her breasts heaving with every breath and a thin layer of sweat glistening on her toned body. Jimmy was in the living room, lying flat on the sofa, potato chips crumbs on his beard, watching TV. He was wearing a black T-shirt and gray shorts, both of which he had on for the past 2 days at least. "Hey Jimmy. Glad you're finally awake. Listen - I'm going to take shower, and when I get out we gotta talk, OK?". 'I don't really have time right now' Jimmy said. It wasn't the first time Angela wanted to 'Talk', and he knew exactly what this was about. "Yea, Jimmy I'm sure you're very busy. Anyway you will have to find the time, because it's very important that we talk about this."

Angela came out of the shower, wearing a tight short black pants and a black top, with a white sweater covering her shoulders. Her shoulder-length blond hair was still a little wet. She found Jimmy where he was before. He hasn't even changed his position on the couch.

"Alright, Jimmy, turn off the TV, we gotta talk". "Not now, Angela, I'm watching this. Can we talk later?". "No, we can’t. Do you remember what I said... Listen to me" Angela stepped in front of the TV. "Do you remember what I said will happen if you don’t start paying your share of the rent?". "Go away, Angela, I'm trying to watch this" Jimmy tried to move his head from side to side, so he can see the screen. "Listen to me!" Angela suddenly took the remote from his hand and turned the TV off. She walked over to it, put the remote on top of the TV, and turned around to face Jimmy again.

"Oh man... I don't have money right now, Angela, You know that!" Jimmy finally started talking. "Then go get a job!" Angela replied. "I tried. You know I’ve been to like a hundred interviews". "That is a lie, Jimmy. You haven’t been to an interview in months. Do you remember how I said I won’t have you here anymore if you don’t get your act together?" "Leave me alone. I said I’ll handle it" "You’re out of time. You’ve been saying this for almost two years. I want you out by the end of the month".

"What?" That sentence made Jimmy jump off of the couch. He stood in front of Angela, looking at her in disbelief. "You heard me. Start packing, lazy boy" She said. "You can't kick me out! This place is as much mine as it is yours" He said. "No it's not. I'm paying the rent, I'm paying all the other bills, and I bought every single piece of furniture. You own nothing here but your clothes and that basketball you haven't touched in over a year". "Shut up!" Jimmy was getting angry. "You know I'm right, Jimmy" Angela continued. "You don't have a job, You don't have any money, you hardly move during the day, even your friends can hardly stand you! You are...". "Shut the fuck up!" Jimmy shouted. unable to control his rage, he forcefully shoved Angela back.

Angela was caught completely by surprise. "Hey!" She exclaimed, her voice a mixture of surprise and anger, as she put her hands in front of her. Her face showed how shocked she was at the sudden uncontrolled rage of her former good friend. "Fucking bitch! You don't talk to me like that!" Jimmy shoved Angela again, but this time she shoved back. He wasn't expecting a retaliation, and nearly lost his balance. "Don't touch me" Angela's voice was confident. She was giving him a warning. This only got Jimmy angrier. The bitch thinks she can tell him what to do.

He came toward Angela again and they locked up, each holding the other's shoulders, her arms from within, his from the outside. "Stop it!" Angela said, straining to push him back. The struggle went on for a few more seconds, until her long hours at the gym and her better grip on his shoulders proved more effective than his slight hight advantage, and she was able to throw him back and to the side, onto the couch.

The couch slid a few inches back from the impact of Jimmy's body. "Jimmy, get a grip on yourself! You're crazy!" Angela was now shouting, trying to get his attention. She knew he may attack again so she was watching him carefully, ready to defend herself if needed. She could feel the rage bubbling up inside her. Rage that had been there for a while. Jimmy had stopped being her friend long ago. He has been living off of her hard work, taking it for granted and treating her like shit. It had to stop. She knew this was going to be a tough conversation, but Jimmy's aggression triggered something inside her that she wasn’t expecting. This was no longer just about the rent.

"Fucking bitch. You wanna kick me out?" Jimmy got up with fire in his eyes. He grabbed Angela’s shoulder with his left hand. He drew his right hand back for a punch. Angela realized he was actually going to try and hit her. She ducked the punch and twisted her body away from his grip, causing Jimmy to swing above her head and nearly lose his balance, as she stepped behind him. Before he could turn towards her for another hit she pushed him with both hands and he staggered towards the wall. "Stop it, Jimmy. I'm serious". "Fuck you" Jimmy pushed himself off the wall and towards his roommate, his arms aimed at her throat. Angela caught his arm and shoulder and twisted to one side, letting Jimmy's body slam into hers, then throwing him down past her. He landed on the floor and curled up in pain. "you cheap little bitch! I'm gonna kick your ass!" He grunted.

Angela has had enough. She was furious. "Alright, you ungrateful fuck! you want a fight, I'll give you a fight!" She said, taking off her sweater and throwing it to the side. She was now wearing just her tight short black pants and a black top, her toned legs, arms, shoulders and stomach exposed. She raised her fists to protect herself as Jimmy rose to his feet.

Jimmy advanced towards Angela with a mad look on his face. He let out a hard right to the side of her head, but it was too slow. She ducked the punch while sending a right to his stomach, then a left to the side of his ribs. jimmy groaned in pain and doubled over, and Angela grabbed his head with both hands and kneed him in the forehead. His head shot up and his knees buckled. He fell on his back, and as he tried to get up she stomped his gut with all het might. Jimmy screamed in pain, and curled into a ball at Angela's feet. "Bitch" he spat the word. "Fucking Ugggh!" Another stomp from Angela made him groan loudly.

"Get up! You wanted to fight didn't you?" Angela was furious. Jimmy slowly got to his feet, more frustrated than angry now. He locked up with Angela, but the pain was taking its toll on him, and he found out Angela was a lot stronger that she looked. As they locked up, she was able to maneuver him to the side and slam his back against the wall. He grunted and lost his grip on her shoulders. Angela slammed her knee high into Jimmy's midsection. The blow was unexpected and hard. Jimmy doubled over and gasped for air. She grabbed his shoulders again and forced him up. "Is this what you want?" Angela stepped back, taking Jimmy with her, then turned her hips into him and threw him down.

Jimmy landed on his back and let out a loud grunt. He started gasping for air, overwhelmed by Angela's brutal attack. Angela grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him up, slamming him against the wall again with a thud. Still holding his shirt with her left hand, she punched him in the stomach. Her grip prevented him from doubling over, and he let out a long moan. She then pulled his head down, and slammed her knee into his stomach, forcing another moan out of him. Jimmy fell to his knees.

Angela took a step back and looked down at him. She took a second to catch her breath, and to show her opponent that she has brought him, literally, to his knees. "are we done?" She asked. It was a careful way of saying "you lost, give up". She said it in a benevolent way, without demeaning Jimmy, but his pride didn't let him miss the message. He looked up at his roommate and only saw an enemy. He lunged.

Jimmy's shoulder and head hit Angela's midsection, but since she was a few steps away from him when he lunged at her, it didn't have much power. They struggled for a few seconds, Jimmy hugging Angela's hips and trying to take her down, and Angela bent over on top of him. Jimmy pulled them to his right, and Angela responded by going with the move, letting Jimmy fall to his back and swinging her leg over to straddle him. She spread her hips wide to maintain a secure position, and grabbed Jimmy's wrists. After a short struggle she was able to place his arms under her knees, immobilizing them.

Jimmy bucked and twisted, trying to throw her off, but she was steady on his chest. He swung his legs up to hook around her body but it backfired immediately as Angela hooked his left leg with her arm, then added his right, bending them low and preventing him from powering out of the pin.

Angela looked down into Jimmy's eyes for a long moment. Her eyes were making it clear that she had won, decisively. But she was also trying to calm him down. "Enough, Ok?" She said eventually. "Let's stop this."

"Get off of me!" Jimmy demanded. "Alright" Angela agreed. "I'll get off, and then we're going to talk about this, ok?"

Assuming he's had enough, and wanting to end this fight, she got off of Jimmy without waitng for an answer. He moaned as she got off, and stayed on his back, rubbing his upper arms where her knees dug into them. His face showing pain and exhaustion. Angela sat on the floor beside him and waited for him to recover.

Jimmy slowly propped himself up on an elbow and looked at his roommate. He was sweaty and red-faced, and his breathing was shallow. He realized with embarrassment that Angela still looked full of energy. He may have gotten her angry, but he hasn’t made her sweat. She was beating him with almost no effort.

Angela was sitting with her legs towards Jimmy, her feet on the floor, ankles crossed, her hands lightly hugging her knees. She spoke slowly "I'm sorry, Jimmy. This has gone..." "what the fuck am I supposed to do?!?!" Jimmy shouted, his voice a bit hoarse. "Please calm down" her voice was quiet and firm. "Don't fucking tell me to calm down. You're not fucking doing this to me, you hear?". "Stop yelling at me please". "I will yell as much as I want. You don't fucking kick me out!" Jimmy came up to his knees over Angela, waving his finger at her. She uncrossed her legs slowly as he continued. She was angry, but calculated. He continued shouting "This is my house and you can’t make me leave!". "I can, Jimmy. And I am". "No you won’t!!! Fucking bitch!" Jimmy erupted again, sending an open handed blow to Angela's head. Angela blocked the blow with her arm and fell back into a guard, putting her sculpted legs between them. Jimmy's next blow glanced harmlessly of her leg.

Jimmy came forward between Angela's legs, trying to hit her head. Angela used her arm to shield herself and locked her ankles behind Jimmy's back. She squeezed her thighs and Jimmy groaned loudly. She used her locked legs to push him back, making it harder for him to reach her head. He dug his feet into the carpet and tried pushing, to get further up on top of her. Angela used this moment to roll them to her left.

Once Jimmy was no longer on top of her, he started squirming to get out of the scissor hold. This meant he had to use his hands, and therefore fall to his back. She secured the scissors more tightly and squeezed again, this time with full force. The pain was too much for Jimmy. He screamed loudly and tried desperately to pry her legs loose, his face now showing panic and fear. Angela grabbed his right hand, further immobilizing him.

"Really? Again?" Angela looked at her roommate, trapped between her legs. "If you're going to be an asshole, THIS is what happens" She gave another jolt of power at the word THIS, eliciting another scream from Jimmy. When she eased the pressure, Jimmy was taking short, panicked breaths. Angela gave him a few seconds, then squeezed again. Jimmy seemed to try and scream, but very little air was left in his lungs, and what came out was more of a whimper. His free hand wasn't even prying at her legs anymore. His face was distorted with pain, almost crying.

"Is that all you've got? Fight back, you little worm" Angela slapped Jimmy's face with her free hand. He just twisted his head and didn't really resist. She grabbed his chin and turned him towards her, squishing his face like you do for children, only more forcefully. "Really Jimmy? A few seconds between my legs and you're done?" She mocked, her voice extra girly and innocent "Not that it's a surprise. But I kind of thought after literally years of trying to get between my legs you'd last a bit longer".

This got Jimmy angry again. He slapped her hand away from his face and renewed his attempts at wiggling out of the scossors. It lasted less that 3 seconds. Angela squeezed again and his grunts of exertion turned into whimpers of pain and helplessness. He had tears in his eyes. "Yeah. I think I broke you".

Angela turned his face towards her again. She spoke slowly, looking into his eyes with disdain. "You. Are. a loser". She kept her eyes on him a bit longer, letting her words sink in. She then uncrossed her legs, but kept hold of his right arm. Shifting to a sitting position on the floor, she placed one foot under Jimmy's armpit and another on the side of his head. She leaned back and pulled his arm. Jimmy screamed so loud she wondered if a neighbor might come checking on them. She eased up for a few seconds. "It's only going to get worse from here" Another pull and Jimmy's screams were interspersed with begging. "Ahhhhh please... ughhh.... I'll go... ughhhh aaaaah". Angela kept this up for another minute or so, then let his arm go and jumped to her feet.

Jimmy remained on the floor, trying to regain his breathing, as well as his mental functions. Angela stood over him, her hands on her hips. "What's wrong?" she asked "Are you all done? No more fighting?" She bounced the ball of her bare foot on his Chest. Jimmy groaned. The choice was more pain and humiliation, or admitting defeat. "No more" he said softly. Angela smiled. "Are you going to leave the apartment peacefully at the end of the month?" He swallowed. "Yes". "I'm very happy to hear that Jimmy. Thank you. Now... should I stop beating you up?" She made a show of 'thinking', her eyes looking up, creases in her forehead, a hand on her chin. Then she smiled and extended a hand down to him. Jimmy reached up tentatively to take her hand, but then she took it way. "Unfortunately" her voice was dripping with condescension. "you have broken promises before. I need to make sure it doesn't happen again".

"No... Ple... ouff" Jimmy started to protest, but was stopped by angela's foot stomping his gut. He curled up, and Angela rolled him to his stomach, pulling his legs away to flatten him. She stepped onto Jimmy's back with both feet. He groaned, then groaned more loudly when she bounced lightly on his back.

Angela reached down and picked up both of Jimmy's arms at the wrists. "See, I knew I could probably kick your ass if we ever fought" She placed her foot between his shoulder blades and returned the other foot to the floor for balance. As she pulled Jimmy's arms back, his screams filled the room again. "Ahhh! Ahhh! st.. sto...". Angela eased the pressure but kept holding his arms. "You are ridiculously out of shape, after all". She pulled his arms again. "Ugggh! Bitch! I said I'll leave!". She let his arms go. Jimmy didn't move. "But I thought you'll put up a fight. Make me work for it. This is as one-sided as it gets. Don't move, I'll be right back".

Angela walked away from him, and for a moment Jimmy heard nothing. His face was buried in the carpet and he was in too much pain to look up or find interest in what was going on. After a minute or so, he heard Angela's voice again. "This is Jimmy, and he is a pathetic loser." Who was she talking to? "I told him he's out of our apartment because he doesn't pay rent or do anything to earn his share, and he tried to attack me. So I kicked his ass". Jimmy looked up and saw Angela talking to a video camera, just as she was setting it up with a tripod. His heart sank. "I'm going to use this video as an insurance policy. If you're watching, that means it's the end of the month and he's still not leaving. Oh, and also - there's a vacancy! non-loser roommate wanted!"

Jimmy was still on the floor but was now on his side, looking up at Angela with horror and anger. Angela smiled at him "Say hi to youTube, Jimmy! They are going to see the last part of our little argument here". Jimmy's mind was racing. He could not let this humilliation be broadcast to the entire world.

"You're all going to see how big of a loser he is" Angela faced Jimmy again, the camera to her left. "Try to attack me again. Come on".

Jimmy got up slowly. His wholse body was aching. But he had to do something. There was no way he was going to win the fight. Angela was taking him apart with no effort at all. He decided getting rid of the camera was his best bet. He faced Angela and assumed a fighting stance, then suddenly bolted to his right, towards the camera. Before he could get there though, Angela's kick exploded in his stomach. Jimmy let out a loud grunt and collapsed on the carpet again. He fell forward so was an inch from the leg of the tripod. Before he could reach over to topple it, Angela picked it up and moved it to the opposite side of the room. "I knew you would try that". As Jimmy was gagging on the floor she checked the angle again, making sure it was capturing everything. He was still not fully up when she was finished.

Angela faced Jimmy as he was getting up, with the camera now behind her back and slightly to the left. Jimmy knew couldn't go directly for the camera now, but he could try and push her to the side. He came at her without a clear plan, but was aiming to lock up. Angela ducked low and grabbed him behind the knees. She slammed her shoulder into his midsection and executed a perfect double leg takedown. Jimmy'a back hit the floor hard. Angela stood up and placed her foot between his legs, hovering just above his crotch. "Should I crush it?" Jimmy panicked again "No... no..." he begged between labored breaths. Angela smiled, then glanced at the camera. She dropped his legs and came around towards his upper body. "It's not like you're using it anyway. You haven't been with a girl in over a year." She placed her foot on Jimmy's throat and he gagged again. He took her ankle in both hands but was too tired at this point to budge her at all. The camera caught a wonderful view of the gorgeous woman, standing over her downed male opponent, her foot on his throat, in complete control. She looked down at him, brushed blond her hair out of the way, then placed her hand on her hips and smiled at the camera. "Like I said. Pathetic".

She released Jimmy and went back to her position. "Get up. Try again". Jimmy took a while to get up. He was still wheezing when he started circling Angela. "Are you going for the camera again? you'll just get another kick to the stomach". In response, Jimmy lowered his arms to protect his stomach and moved towards the camera. He knew it won't work. But he was out of ideas. Angela came at him and slapped his face, hard. his hands shot up to protect his face. Two more hits came crashing around his head and kept him retreating. She followed with a brutal front snap kick. Jimmy flew backwards and was on the floor again. He curled into a ball and whimpered.

Angela stayed in the same place, hands on her hips, waiting for him to get up. She turned halfway towards the camera with a smile and shrugged. "Told you". She waited another minute but Jimmy wasn't moving. "He's taking a while. He's really out of shape" she mused. "See YouTube, I've been practicing gymnastics and martial arts for a good number of years, but I'm really not sure this was necessary here. I bet most of my girlfriends can beat this loser up". She turned back to Jimmy, who was slowly getting to his feet. "Remember this next time you make another clumsy move on one of my friends. Any one of them will probably destroy you if you had a fight."

Jimmy finally got up on wobbly feet and Angela smiled at him. "Alright. One more? Come on". He came to lock up with her again but she ducked low and got her right hand between his legs, locking his arm with her other hand and lifting him in a fireman’s carry. "and you lose again". She turned to the camera and smiled. "Say hi to everyone. They're watching you get your ass beat". She kept him on her shoulders for a few seconds, savoring her dominance, then went to a knee and flipped her helpless roommate to the carpet. Jimmy moaned in pain as his back hit the ground again.

Angela was on her knees above Jimmy's head, looking down at him. "Sorry Jimmy, I just can't resist this" She moved up, placing a knee on each side of his head, her crotch hovering an inch from his face. She placed the palms of her hands on his chest for balance. Jimmy put his hands on the outside of her thighs. She could feel him shaking. "Pl.. please don't". His voice was broken. "Tell me how much of a loser you are". "I'm a loser. I'm the biggest loser in the world". "And what will the loser do at the end of the month?" "leave the apartment. Please let me go!" "Will you attack me again?" "No, I won't. I promise". "and why not?" "um..." Jimmy wasn't sure what she was expecting to hear. Angela moved her knees back and sat down next to his head, still looking down at him.

"Go on, say what you really think. Why won't you attack me again?"
"Because... Um... Because I'm afraid"
"Afraid of what?"
"Afraid that... that you'll hurt me more"
"Good. You should be. Now I want you to promise to the camera"
"Angela, please..."
"No please. This is the last thing you need to do. Come on".

Getting on her knees behind Jimmy, Angela lifted him to a sitting position, then wrapped her right arm around his throat and locked it with her left. "No, Don't..." Jimmy protested weakly. "Not asking you". Angela didn't block his airwaves, only held his head in her grip so he knew she *could* do it any second. She lifted him up, getting on her feet so she was supporting his weight with her arms and torso. "Tell YouTube what you're going to do at the end of the month".

Jimmy's spirit was broken, but he could now see salvation around the corner.
"I will leave the apartment at the end of the month"
"And what will happen if you don't?"
"You will upload this video to YouTube"
"And if you try to attack me again?"
"Um... You'll hurt me. Like today."

Angela lowered Jimmy back to the carpet and released him from the sleeper. She again sat down beside him, leaning with her arm on his chest from above and looking into his eyes. "Oh Jimmy... It will be so much worse than today".

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Default Re: Kicked out

Very nice; well written. This is the type of story I love; basically, too me, it is a fight that could really happen... Thanks!

I would love to see a continuation... he would attack her again while she is in the shower... My biggest fetish is a naked female beating a clothed male in a fight - thanks again.

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Default Re: Kicked out

Originally Posted by Pablo [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

I would love to see a continuation... he would attack her again while she is in the shower...
Beautiful idea
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