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Default I got Knocked out by a girl ( True story)

This is a true account of what happened to me last week, if you refuse to believe it’s true then I simply don’t care and don’t bother commenting on this post and go about your day.

I was having a drunk evening with my cousin and a couple of girls. These girls were the ditsy kind and if you told them anything they’d take it to be true just bubbly polite kind of girls,It was going well and we headed back to my cousins flat, taking the girls with us. I ended up in the spare room alone with one of the girls who we will call keeley, and I was talking to her about how tough I am etc., trying to impress her. I'm a gym lad so I’ve got quite the nice muscular physique but nothing too crazy, She was saying I should be careful when I'm out and trying to showing off or bragging because it can cause trouble and lead to fights, keeley is about 5’9 to my 6’1 and thick in all the right places, I wanted to try and get her to wrestle me and I was feeling extra ballsy due to the drinks I had, however she had a more serious look on her face, I laughed at this and told her I was 'unknockoutable'. She laughed at this which made me think to try and challenge her and egg her on some more so I started pushing her and inviting her to hit me if she thought she could knock me out. I was a drunk idiot and kept on and on and really shoved her. The last thing I remember is staring at her massive rack which were on show. I woke up some time later with no idea where I was. And beer all over my shirt, I tried to stand up but fell into the bed. The noise most have told her that I'd woken up as she came into the doorway. I remember looking up and seeing the smile on her face and her laughing at me, still on the floor, dizzy and covered in alcohol, She just said 'enjoy your nap?'. She told me that I'd gotten really aggressive with her and she hadn't wanted to but she'd hit me. She said I'd dropped like a sack of shit, . I said I didn't know if I'd been out for 10 seconds or half a minute. She said is been it for TEN to FIFTEEN minutes! I asked her how many times she'd hit me and she smiled and said 'just once!'. I'd fallen back, out cold from the punch before I hit the floor. My arms were apparently locked out and I was snorting, and she said she was stood over me while this happened, . My cousin and the other girl came in when they heard the noise and they burst out laughing. They took pictures and but my cousin got them to delete them which they did, This happened last week and I have been thinking about it everyday, I see her regularly in town and through mutual friends and she joked and asked if I wanted her to knock me out again and I just laughed it off. We still talking and occasionally
And Hook up, hopefully it’ll lead to wrestling and I feel like as she’s knocked me out with a punch surely she’d be up for wrestling. The end. ... for now.

Feel free to ask any questions if you’d like I love this forum and everyone on it
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