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Default The Shadow Woman : The Hunt begins

This is my first attempt at a story and English isn't my first language, so pardon me for any mistakes.

It seemed like the door opened by itself, thought Arjun. Idea that any door can open by itself is absurd he thought. It is easy to think about these things when you are at a remote farmhouse, in middle of nowhere. He had to stop watching horror movies, he made a mental note.

Reassuring himself that it isn't the moment for illogical ideas, Arjun refocused at the prize in hand. The young girl in front of him sobbing quietly. She was wearing a salwar suit - the traditional Indian dress.

"Off with the clothes, no need to make it harder." He barked to her.

The girl tried to speak, but nothing came out of her mouth.

"Dhanesh do the needful, and you will get your turn after me." Arjun Shouted.

"Let me set up the camera first, it would all go to waste if we don't film it. This will also ensure that the bitch don't open her mouth. We will release her video otherwise." Vivek said laughing. He was adjusting the camera for the better view.

"I think the setup is perfect now. You three can draw straws now." Vivek announced.

"No need to draw straws, I called her for the class to lure outside, she wouldn't have believed any of you. I get the first turn." Harish said in a matter of the fact tone.

"None of you had the balls to do it, I punched her unconscious and unless you two want to get the same treatment, learn how it's done."

Arjun's muscles were intimidating. At 6'3", 107 Kgs he was ripped with muscles like an UFC fighter. He was also unsaid leader of the gang, so other two backed out.

"Just leave the ass for me. I am an ass man" Harish said with a smile.

Arjun steeled himself for his next move. Even with all the macho attitude he was still only 18 years old and never had intercourse. He didn't like when Aarti made fun of this fact in the college trip and he had devised an elaborate plan to teach her the lesson. Now, she was in front of him, sobbing at his mercy.

"The bitch deserves every bit of this. Let me teach her some respect first" He thought.

Arjun slapped Aarti with all his force. Blood gushed from her nose.

"Say you are sorry ! "


Another SLAP, SLAP

Aarti spat at Arjun's face.

Arjun, punched her in the stomach and she fell down wincing in pain. He tore her leggings and pulled down her panties. He wiped the spit from his face and momentarily closed his eyes.

In that moment, something extra-ordinary happened.

He saw a naked woman kicking Harish is the face. The next moment she was gone. If Harish wasn't lying on the floor holding his nose, he would have believed he was imagining things. But, the woman was definitely there a moment ago.

Next moment he heard another thud and just saw Dhanesh fall. This time however, Naked woman didn't disappear immediately and started raining stomps on Dhanesh in lightening fast speed.


Arjun was in trance for those few seconds, but the woman kicked Dhanesh more than thirty times in a matter of seconds. Blood was oozing from his nose and mouth.

Woman didn't show any signs of stopping and then Arjun rushed towards her to save his friend from possibly stomped to death.

However, once again he was late. The woman had vanished into nothing.

"She is coming towards me." A scream from Vivek came, who was watching through his camera.

Next moment, Arjun saw the woman appear just behind Vivek and hitting him with a strong kick to the back of the neck. Vivek collapsed on the floor, immediately.

Neeta had followed these kids, because she was there in the dark alley where they picked up Aarti right infront of their coaching centre. Obviously they couldn't see her.

No one can see her, unless she is touching another person. This was her superpower. She was invisible,
until the moment she isn't touching anyone. Once she touches other person she remains visible to everyone for a few seconds. How she got this peculiar power is a story for another time.

But, this power had an impact on her life in many ways. One, she has to adapt to live practically naked at all times. It is much more difficult to explain a person without head than a person that doesn't exist. Other thing is, she has to use this power to make life better for people and help those who can't help themselves.

Today, she decided to wait till end, hoping to give the benefit of the doubt to boys since they were so young. She hoped they didn't carry out what they intended. Hoped they backed out at the last second. But, it seems their fate was sealed.

She had made some mistakes in the past but, unfortunately for the guys in front of her now. She was doing it for over thirty years now and she knew exactly what was going to happen. She knew exactly that the boys would freeze seeing a woman of the age of their mother kicking ass naked.

She needed to disable all of them quickly and then take them out one by one.

Three down, one to go. He seems to be their leader. So, it was important to break their spirit. She put her foot on the neck of the boy she just floored. She knew that she was visible to the young stud.

"You all have been very bad boys and need to be punished." She said as seductively as possible.

"You witch, whoever you are I will kill you." Arjun shouted.

"Look kid, I will make it even for you. I will make sure you see me all the time and I will use only my legs. Let's see what you got ?" Neeta sat on the old sofa and put her hand on Aarti who was still unconscious.

Arjun rushed in a wild frenzy, Neeta kicked him in his knees and when he was falling due to the momentum raised her legs and trapped his neck between her thigh in a headscissor. She fell to ground trapping his neck between her thighs.

For a moment Arjun felt blacked out because of the pressure on his neck, but he gained his composure and lifted the woman with her thighs still around his neck. Her naked crotch was in front of his mouth but he was fighting for his life. He tried to slam her on the wall, but couldn't get enough momentum. There was a steel fitting protrusion in the wall, which Neeta hold on with her hands and in an incredible display of strength lifted Arjun off the ground with her thighs around his neck. Arjun lost his consciousness for a moment, and in that moment Neeta rotated around his neck so that her crotch now faces his neck. With the steel support, Neeta now started thrusting his face into the wall with her thighs. (Similar to a wrestling move she had scene a girl perform in a steel cage match).

When face meets wall, it doesn't end well for the face. Arjun's face was resembling a pan cake after twenty of those powerful thrusts. He was fading quickly, and fell like a sack of potatoes when Neeta released his neck from her thighs.

Just before losing the conscious completely, he saw a naked butt landing on his face.

Neeta was sure, Arjun was unconscious after her first jump on his face, but she didn't care. She knew other three are watching and she wanted to make a statement. She hated boys who used rape as a display of power. She wanted them to know that she can be far more brutal. So she made sure to place her feet on Arjun's shoulders and started to drop her butt on his face in rapid succession. Neeta was proud of her ass, and it was her most important weapon for punishing scum like Arjun. She went on minutes and after hundred or so butt drops Arjun's face was completely unrecognizable. His nose was broken, teeth were missing and eyes were shut closed. Neeta's ass were red from all the blood. She knew Arjun would be out for a long time. Long enough for her to finish other three. But, she knew he was the only one strong enough to pose any credible threat. She was experienced enough not to ignore the power of surge of adrenaline. She took his arm in her hand and sat on his head. Pulled his arm in the opposite direction until the satisfying CRACK. She did the same to his other arm. She was certain that Arjun was out for good with both arms gone.

Pleased with her work, she turned to other three.

Vivek, Dhanesh and Harish had never seen such brutality. Their hulking friend was completely destroyed by the thighs and ass of a naked woman who looked well over forty. They hoped the ordeal was over.

They couldn't have been more wrong !

"Who likes the ASS boys ?" The woman asked them smiling pointing to her bloody ass.

(To be continued or not, based on the feedback)
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Default Re: The Shadow Woman : The Hunt begins

A little too violent for me, personally, but I do like the ass. Guilty as charged.

Thanks for this story, mate.
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Default Re: The Shadow Woman : The Hunt begins

Forget the feedback, finish the story. You have a good start so far, go on with what you got.
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Default Re: The Shadow Woman : The Hunt begins

Love it! Continue the story, please. You've made a good start, so far. Can't wait to see her action again
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