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Lightbulb Requested Story | Gaming Girl Beatdown

Requested Story | Gaming Girl Beatdown

Hannah - 5'2" / 110 lbs / 22 years old
Paul - 6'3" / 190 lbs / 27 years old

The street lights switched on as the final dash of sunlight faded away across the dark night sky. The house was spookily silent as I anxiously sat there, blasting my headset at maximum volume to the scariest horror game of the year.

My eyes were glued to the glaringly bright computer screen in front of me, as the cold air started to creep through my stained walls. I started to shiver and shake, since I was wearing my normal video gaming attire, nothing but a loose fitting sports bra and bright pink panties which had the words "Kiss" spelled out on the left butt cheek and "Me" spelled out on the right butt cheek.

I casually grabbed the bowl of tortilla chips on the edge of my desk, needing to recharge if I was going to finish this game by tonight. I was so close to the end, I could feel the victory flowing through my veins as my heightened state of awareness kept me warm and cozy.

This was it, the final boss fight. It took me 2 whole weeks to finally get this far in the game, because every time I died I would have to start over at the very beginning. I grabbed a drink, hastily ate one last handful of chips, and psyched myself up. As I hit 'play', it was as if the whole universe pressed the 'pause' button. Everything around me stood still as the only thing which existed in that moment of time was me and my computer.

The fight was epic. We took turns throwing critical blows at each other. I would kick the boss in the chin, then he would parry my hooks and counterattack with punches of his own. Eventually, both of us were extremely low on health, and I was about to land my signature finisher, until my eye caught something moving from behind my chair. I glanced back, telling myself, "It's probably just me seeing things that aren't really there." So, I went back to playing the game, until 3 minutes later it happened again, only this time it wasn't a sound... it was a huge shadow looming over my computer.

I secretly glanced above my shoulder to behold this massive man dressed up in all black, everything but his eyes covered by his stealthy burglary outfit. He dropped down low on my dark, hardwood floor, placing one arm in front of the other as he quietly dragged his legs behind. He obviously had a background in some form of combat or military training

I knew if I was going to win this fight, considering his enormous size and strength advantage, I would have to catch him by surprise. So, I assumed the role of the unknowing victim like a pro, continuing to play the game as if he wasn't there. Then, when he was inches away from my feet, I pushed my chair backwards, hitting him straight in the face and partially knocking him down sideways, hard on the ground. I wasted no time in overwhelming him with complete aggression.

I leapt like a gazelle straight up in the air, my knee crashing down right on top of his face. After my successful landing, he placed his hands across the top of his nose, examining whether or not I actually broke it. I noticed a little patch of red started to stain his ski mask right below where his nose was. Then, as he was distracted, I quickly stood straight up on top of his chest, taking a moment to admire this feeling of power and domination over my larger, yet weakened, enemy.

After he finished checking the condition of his nose, he looked directly up at my glorious body, standing victoriously above his rock hard stomach. I could feel his well-built 6-pack beneath my black socks as I wiggled my toes, bracing myself in preparation for my second attack. Just before I was about to jump up, I looked over at my computer screen, to which I realized... I FORGOT TO PRESS PAUSE! My character died and I lost all of my progress. I was instantly overcome with adrenaline. "Oh, you are SO not walking away from this now!"

I bent down and launched off of his stomach, jumping forward as I aimed both of my feet directly at his face. I made sure he felt the full amount of force, transfering all my weight down to the ground as my feet landed on top of his face. I could feel his labored breathing run up my legs as he groaned into my sweaty soles. "Yeah, how's that feel big boy?" I continued jumping up and down, my feet crashing down on top of his face, the full force of 110 lbs smashing him to the ground again and again.

After feeling sufficiently satisfied with the amount of face pummeling he had endured, I bent down, pulling his mask off to reveal a bruised and scarred face. Still, I didn't let up as my body was running on pure rage. I took off my left sock, digging my hands through his lips as I forced his mouth to open up and suck on my sweaty sock, which was at least 3 days old. Then, I pushed my now bare left foot far into his mouth, grabbing his left wrist with both of my hands, and raising his arm up in the air.

"Hope you're ready for this one, cause it'll hurt." I squeezed down tightly around his wrist as I pulled his arm up, and simultaneously pushed my foot down deep into his throat. He tried to scream out in pain because I was breaking his arm, but all that accomplished was my foot plunging deeper into his mouth. No sooner when he started sucking hard on my foot did I hear some bones in his arm crack, and I let go of his wrist. But, I left my foot inside his mouth a little longer, twisting it left and right as I rubbed my foot over his tongue. As an added measure, I used each toe to clean his mouth, rubbing across the front and back of every tooth with my feet as I pushed my sock deeper down his throat.

"There you go, can't have you getting any cavities," I said, sarcastically. After a while, I reluctantly retracted my foot out of his mouth as he grabbed his broken shoulder, screeching out in pain and discomfort. Next, I stepped on his chest and turned around, descending my ass down on top of his neck in a reverse schoolgirl pin. He started to choke up as he was already struggling with the, now very soaked and soggy, sock in his mouth. I undid my pony tail, letting my burnt crimson brown hair fall all the way down my back. Then, I playfully and slowly ran my hands down through my hair, taunting him in the most sexy and delicious of ways. My rage fest was over, now I was just having fun.

"I may consider letting you go..." I began twirling the end of a string of my hair, "...If you kiss both of my butt cheeks, twice." He shook his head in disagreement, but I WAS going to make him do it! I shifted my reverse schoolgirl into a reverse headscissor, wasting no time to pack on the pressure as his face turned red, then I threatened him again. "Boy, don't make me snap your neck." He didn't show any signs of submission, so I followed through on my threat. I forcefully shifted my hips to the right, hearing 3 bones crack as I did this. He whimpered like a little puppy, now experiencing tremendous amounts of neck pain as I resumed squeezing hard into his throat. "Want some more tough guy?" He tapped me on the ass four times, ready to submit to my humiliating demands.

I put him back into the reverse schoolgirl, grabbing the top of my panties and pulling them up as far as they could go, ensuring my underwear provided as little a barrier as possible between my ass and his lips. Then, he placed four short kisses on my ass. 2 on the word "Kiss" on my left butt cheek, and 2 on the word "Me" on my right butt cheek. "Eh, kind of mediocre as far as ass kissing is concerned. Maybe you just haven't spent enough time underneath asses to truly appreciate them. Well then, let me just fix that right up for you.

I transitioned my reverse schoolgirl pin into a reverse facesitting pin, slipping both my feet under his head as I leaned back just a little, making sure he was fully sunken into my ass crack. "Ah, I see, what you lack in ass kissing, you make up for in ass seating. You have very nice, very comfortable face." I twisted my hips side to side as he sunk deeper and deeper inside my panties. He went so far down, I couldn't even see his ears, as my bubble butt ass cheeks covered almost the entire left and right sides of his buried face.

This was where I excelled, considering I had been practicing my "sitting down technique" 24/7 for 2 weeks straight. I even learned how to pass gas without leaning my butt off the chair. You see the way you do it is simple... and I wanted to see if it would work on top of a fully grown, adult man's face. BUT, before I did that, I grabbed my phone off the nearby table and went into my video game livestreaming app. "You know what's more humiliating than being sat on by a little girl? How about having all 500 of her channel viewers watch live as she lets out the most outrageously awesome fart in the history of the gaming community, RIGHT, ON, YOUR, FACE!"

I took so much delight in feeling him struggle to escape underneath my ass. My butt cheeks flexed to each side as he tried to free himself from the inevitable humiliation. I pressed 'go live' as the viewers started trickling in, 200, 300, 500, 700! A new record for live viewers. If I was going to make my move, now was the time.

I repositioned my butt, my hands grabbing my ass as I expanded my cheeks outward. His struggling did free him a little from the depths of my rear, but I fixed that in a heartbeat. Then, I pushed my feet up against the back of his head, while simultaneously pushing my ass deep down into his face, his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears disappearing into my alluring crack.

Finally, I straightened my posture, placed the camera pointing upward next to his face, as close to my ass as possible, and let it rip. Oh my, it was one for the ages, and he knew it. I was so proud of myself. Even with his whole face plugged inside my panties, I still managed to pass so much gas in one single fart by wiggling in all sorts of directions until the perfect air pocket allowed me to totally unleash straight on his face. He grabbed the sides of my back, my thighs, even my butt cheeks in a desperate attempt for clean air, but I was definitely too turned on in this moment to allow him any mercy whatsoever.

After a decent 5 minutes of struggling, he gave up, admitting defeat underneath my beautiful butt. I picked up my phone to look at the viewer count, 2,400 viewers. Oh man, I knew this guys life was over. Then, I raised my body up slightly enough for him to breathe fresh quality air, and then I angled my phone up and over my shoulder. "One more thing, I won't get off until you place two decent licks across the entire length of my butt crack." He knew I wasn't joking, and this was the only way to end the humiliation and the suffering. So, he did as he was told. "Oh, and make it niiicccee and sloooow, or else I will make you start over." I added, as he began his lingering lick up my ass, starting from the very bottom of my panties, all the way to the top. "One more time bitch." He did it again, same pace, but a little deeper, pressing harder into my crack this time. I closed my eyes and purred as this felt sooo good on my ass. Then, when he was finished, I triumphantly stood up, standing above his broken down body. I glanced back, seductively swaying my hips as I brushed my feet backwards, like a dog brushes the dirt over their shit.

Before I left, I bent down and called upon all my remaining strength, grabbing both of his feet and dragging him by the legs out of my house and onto the grass. Finally, I turned the sprinklers on with my phone, sitting my butt on top of the back of his head, my ass pushing him face first into the wet mud as I called the cops to report him for the crime, all the while totally forgetting that he still had my smelly, sweaty sock lodged deep into his mouth! Because of me, he wasn't going to mess with any other women any time soon.


Notes - This is my last post until I take a break from writing for the rest of this weekend. Family arrives tomorrow! I will come back after this weekend with only 3 more requested stories left to write. Hope you all enjoy!
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Default Re: Requested Story | Gaming Girl Beatdown

Wow loved it! The girl who spent her days gaming completely demolished and traumatized this huge male. He is mentally scarred for life while she will forget about his existence in a few days and go back to enjoying her life
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Default Re: Requested Story | Gaming Girl Beatdown

i loved every single word of this story!!
expecially the fart scene...
do you have more stories with facefarting ?
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Default Re: Requested Story | Gaming Girl Beatdown

Honestly,the fart scene caught me off guard,great stuff,loved this story,
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Default Re: Requested Story | Gaming Girl Beatdown

Originally Posted by mephistofele [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
i loved every single word of this story!!
expecially the fart scene...
do you have more stories with facefarting ?
Many of my stories have facefarting. Can't list them all here, but if you go to "my profile -> threads created" won't take you long to find others.
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facesitting, smothering

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