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Facesit PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

Known to the internet as “PrincessAzureXOXO'', 26 year old Celeste is a fairly popular streamer, with around 250,000+ followers. A statuesque, curvy, curly haired Latina with long legs, large breasts, and an even larger ass, it’s no wonder why people are drawn to her. Though she’s not only known for being attractive, but her kind personality and uhh...Yeah it’s mostly because she’s attractive. That is not to say she also isn’t known for her skills in video gaming, though that varies: an absolute clutz when it comes to most popular first person shooters, but a reincarnation of Sun Tzu when playing any real time strategy games. Regardless of what games she streams online, she always garnered thousands of viewers easily.

What the internet doesn’t know, however, is her unique way of passing the time. She owns a lavish gaming chair like most popular streamers, though her camera only records the top half of her body, usually clad in tight, cleavage bearing clothing. The bottom half that’s not shown is her massive thighs, which is usually coiled around her younger brother Emil’s neck, whilst he sits on his knees. Before every stream, she takes the time to wear him out, usually in his own room, by wrestling him down, putting his torso or his head between her massive thighs before squeezing him for an excruciatingly long amount of time, etc. But her favorite way to bully him has to be smothering his face with her massive ass, often spending more than half an hour shoving his face between her cheeks, swiveling her butt all over his face so he won’t get used to the weight. After he’s fully worn out, she carries him into her room, places him in front of her gaming chair, and pulls his head between her thighs, a place he’s going to remain for the next few hours as she streams.

The teen-aged Emil can’t remember the first time she’s bullied him like that, though it has only intensified ever since Celeste had first met her friends Eva and Ariel, and the 3 of them would spend hours just playing with him like a toy. He resents his parents for having him stay with his sister for the summer, for she streams the most during that season, but he feared his parents wouldn’t believe the real reason why he’s so apprehensive about Celeste. The most curious thing about her, in his opinion, is the fact that outside of her bullying, she’s sickeningly sweet and affectionate with him, calling him pet names or complimenting his ‘cute’ facial features, hugging and covering him with kisses while wrestling him down sometimes, or always cuddling up to him whenever he sits anywhere. Even in his most humiliating positions, Celeste never lets up her patronizingly sweet tone with him.

As per usual, Emil’s spending this day between her thighs while she streams a video game about a chill farmer tending to their crops and animals. Her top consisted of a pink plunge sports bra, and her bottom was a matching pair of pink leggings. For today’s stream, she had him facing forward, keeping his face pressed against her crotch. She squeezed hard enough for him not to fall asleep, but not hard enough to put him in any pain. She insisted that his face remain in constant contact with her crotch, and if he tries to move his face back, she’ll pull him in deeper and squeeze even harder. As of now, his nostrils are barely uncovered, letting the smell of her perfume clog his nose, while his vision is mostly of her pink leggings, though he could briefly look upwards to see her toned stomach and her breasts seemingly falling out of her top as they droop over his face.

“Okay, that was the end of today’s stream! Thanks to all who subscribed, I love you all dearly!” would theoretically be music to Emil’s ears, as that means he can stop being between her legs, but that assumption would be wrong. Now with the stream turned off, Celeste picks him up, throws him on her bed unto his back, and sits herself on his chest, her hands caressing his face as if she were addressing a pet.

“Did you enjoy my stream, baby Emmy?” she asks in a high pitched voice.

“Get off of me,” he dejectedly replies, too tired and worn out to fight back his attractive captor.

“Awww, baby Emmy didn’t like it? That makes big sis very very sad.” She sported an exaggerated frown on her face.

“Let me GO!” Emil shouted, finding a bit of energy left to shout that out.

“Awwwww, baby Emmy is grumpy today! Maybe a few kisses will cheer him up!”

Emil could do nothing but cringe as she assaulted his face with multiple wet kisses, covering his entire face with a cool thin layer of her saliva, to his complete disgust. After 3 minutes, she relented, staring down at his glossy face smugly.

“Did that make him feel better? Hmmmm?” Celeste cooed, smushing his moist face with her soft hands.

“Get your fat ass off of me!” Emil replied, the strain in his voice making it clear that her fat ass was taking his toll on his chest.

“That’s no way to talk to your dear sister! Baby Emmy needs a timeout!” Celeste said in a tone of mock offense, but did nothing to hide the smirk forming on her face.

“No wait NO NOT TH-” was all Emil could get out before his entire face was covered with his sister’s legging covered ass, his face enveloped between her cheeks. He could never get used to the immense weight, despite this being an everyday occurrence for him, and she never sits for a brief period of time either. For the next 10 minutes, she swiveled herself back and forth all over his face, partially to give his nose a chance to breathe in some air, but mostly to rub in the fact that he can’t do anything to push his sister’s ass off his face, as his hands were doing nothing to budge her off his face, but merely groping them. Another 15 minutes passed, and Celeste decided to give the both of them a break, so she sat herself on his mouth, giving his nostrils a brief amount of breathing room as the tip pressed against her mound, and her thighs surrounding his face contorting it absurdly. Then Celeste’s phone vibrated on her desk where her monitor was situated. Keeping her perch on Emil’s face, she reached over to see who had texted her, and was glad to see that her dear friend Eva had sent her yet another video clip of her dominating Leo, her boyfriend’s younger brother.

It was shot from Eva’s point of view as she straddled Leo’s face, his eyes barely poking out from underneath her while her thick, creamy white thighs contort his face, not unlike the current position Celeste has her brother in currently. Unlike Celeste, Eva was clad in lacy lingerie, and she was slowly but deliberately grinding on Leo’s face. The video made it apparent that Eva used her free hand to carry the phone, while the other hand gently pulled his hair towards her crotch as she pumped back and forth. “Oh yeahhhhh...right where you belong…” she breathlessly whispered in the clip, her seductive tone causing Celeste to bite her lip while she continued to stare at her hypnotic thrusting. Celeste unconsciously started to replicate Eva’s movements on Emil’s face, pressing her crotch harder on his facial features, not for the same reasons Eva is doing it, but purely to dominate Emil. She then sent a text to Eva.

Celeste: Omg that was hot!
Eva: tyvm 🥰but not as hot as this stream i’m watching
Celeste: Haha which stream?
Eva: Yours 😈
Celeste: wdym I’m offline
Eva: no ur not 🤤🤤🤤
Celeste: Either your trolling or confused
Celeste: You’re*
Eva: y’ro’ue*
Eva: also look at this

Eva then sent her a screenshot, and what Celeste saw nearly drained the color out of her face. What she saw was a picture of her ongoing stream, which depicted her straddling Emil’s face from the front, while she was still texting Eva. What stopped her from completely panicking was the myriad of donations and comments from her viewers, indicating that they definitely didn’t mind the direction this stream took.

“Best stream ever lmao”
“is that really her brother. if so plz adopt me i wont complain like him”
“Oooooohhhhh my goddddddd yessssssssss”
“This is some very wholesome familial bonding indeed”
“cmon guise dont tell the admins”

A very wide smile formed on her face. She once again leaned forward, this time unplugging her headphones from her computer. Celeste then heard the sounds from her computer, a bunch of donation notifications making a light ‘chirp’ noise. Celeste begins to speak.

“So you’ve all found out about my secret hobby. Yes, he is my brother, and yes, I sit on his face every other stream. Now I could say that I do this because he deserves it for being annoying, but I’d be telling a lie. I do it purely for my own amusement.” Her cold, blunt honesty shuddered Emil to his bones, making her weight on his face seem a lot heavier.

“But he’s just sooooo cute! I love him so much! Look at him!” Celeste exictedly buzzed, spreading her thighs wide enough so that they weren’t covering his eyes, but his face was still framed by the pink legging clad thighs and her crotch still nested on his mouth, cartoonishly contorting his face to an odd degree.

“Oh crap you guys can’t see it as well!” she whined, thrusting herself forward to try to inch their bodies closer to her monitor, pushing her gaming chair out of the way as she attempts to ride Emil’s face to the edge of the bed. Of course, she DEFINITELY didn’t intentionally draw out the prolonged thrusting on Emil’s face for fun, and it’s HIGHLY unlikely she intended for her breasts to sway so much while she thrusted. Totally. It was merely a happy accident that her notifications were flooded with a myriad of donation messages!

Still, she couldn’t really give her viewers a closer view without freeing Emil a little bit, and she obviously isn’t going to do the latter, so she sat up and thought for a second, putting more weight on Emil’s jaw. She then remembered that her stream can have multiple cameras on one stream, so she grabbed her cellphone, started recording, and then connected it to her ongoing stream, having the cellphone view displayed in a window that viewers can switch between, so they could choose between the normal monitor view, and a closer, more intimate view.

Knowing that she now has a way to give her viewers their desired close up, Celeste’s first act was to hold the phone from her point of view. The tens of thousands of viewers now have a first person POV of what it’s like to be Celeste, and they now have a closer look of her brother’s face, or at least what isn’t covered up by her sitting on his mouth. A reddened face, with small dark brown eyes staring back at the camera, wearing an expression that’s practically screaming “LET ME GO!” without conveying any words. “I could have been chatting with Njabulu,” he thought bitterly. “Oh my God, what if she sees me like this!? Damn it, now she’ll never like me.” Gaining a surge of misplaced courage, he started bucking his entire body urgently, trying to do ANYTHING to make her lose her balance. The gesture was ultimately futile, for while Emil thrashed his entire body like a mad man, Celeste calmly propped her phone on its side, then quickly reversed her spot on his face, his face trapped back in the fleshy prison. She exaggerates a shrug of her shoulders, throwing her arms up in the air to further emphasize her superiority, then crossing them in front of her chest. This time, she fully intended to cut off his breathing, blocking all of his air passageways underneath her butt. When his flailing starts slowing down, she lifts herself off his face for a few moments, just enough for him to catch a single breath, then slams back down on his face, repeating the cycle multiple times.

“Oh this? Well I want viewer’s suggestions on what moves to try out on him, and I’ll have an easier time when he’s not struggling, so I’m just wearing him out a bit,” Celeste sweetly replied to a viewer asking her why she’s so merciless in her smothering, which continued for another 20 minutes, with her answering a few questions in the meantime, or telling a few stories she found humorous, though Emil would obviously disagree.

“...Like every single day, though today he’s getting a lot more than usual.”
“...He HATES it when I wear a bikini…”
“...and like, it was sooooo funny seeing his friends react like that…”
“…my boyfriend at the time didn’t want to hang out with me, so I took my frustration on…”
“...Sometimes I spend HOURS, but the longest?....”

After it was clear that Emil’s spirit was truly broken, Celeste switched back around to face her monitor, straddling Emil’s mouth yet again, his battered face with a completely blank expression while his mind was still reeling from the rear end assault.

“Awwww, baby Emmy looks so tired! Why is he so tired?!” she tauntingly said while affectionately ruffling through his hair, as if she hasn’t been dominating him for these past few hours. “So, any specific moves my viewers would like me to do?”

A viewer by the name of ‘Hippos’ sent a donation of $50 with the following message: “Ewww he got spit on the crotch of your leggings hahaha! You should rub it back all over his face!” Upon reading that, Celeste lifted her crotch slightly off his mouth, and sure enough, there was a pretty noticeable wet spot there. Squatting herself so that there was but a few centimeters between herself and his lips, Celeste mockingly scolds him. “Don’t you know how gross that is, Emmy? How would you like it if I slobbered all over your face?” Normally he’d respond to that comment with something along the lines of, “You ALWAYS slobber my face with your ‘kisses,” but due to him being so out of it, he just silently blinked as she continued to playfully lectured him. He didn’t even react when she finally lowered her wet crotch back onto his face, and began dragging it slowly across his facial features. Grabbing his hair to hold on to while she guides his face towards the areas she wants to grind on, Emil remains reactionless. This wasn’t even the 48th time she had rubbed against his face with her crotch as a show of superiority, and he knew it was far from being the last time. Loving just how submissive her brother was, Celeste spent an extra 10 minutes rubbing herself on his face as a ‘thank you’ for not fighting back as she rode up and down his face, marking every inch of his face with her most intimate area.

Settling herself back on top of his mouth, Celeste encourages her viewers to make a second request. A user by the name of GirlAndrea made the following request: “wow, he pretty much ruined your leggings with that spit! Obviously you gotta strip to your underwear! Here’s $100 btw!” Celeste blushed heavily with that request, but wasted no time in complying, climbing off Emil’s face for a brief moment to slide out of her pink leggings, revealing her tiny black mesh g-string she had underneath, her massive butt cheeks wobbling with each movement she makes. Her viewers unsurprisingly reacted well to it.

“look at da booty meat 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏”
“How did she fit all that ASS in her leggings!”

Celeste is absolutely beaming at all the positive praise, but is also feeling a bit excited about the prospect of sitting on Emil’s face in her risque underwear. “You know, I’ve actually never sat on Emmy in anything this skimpy!” Seeing how her underwear is merely a thin, tiny triangle of fabric covering her crotch, and the rest of it being mere strings, she would be correct! As Celeste swung her leg back over his head, Emil, who had spent the last several minutes in a state of numbness, found a very miniscule surge of energy as he saw her massive uncovered glutes slowly descending downwards, and foolishly tried to use what little he had to move out of her way. Celeste simply grabbed the sides of his head, guiding his face towards her barely covered crotch before settling herself back on his lower face, his open mouth screaming into her crotch. His screams vibrating her, Celeste laughed wickedly at his reactions as she clamped her thighs tightly around his face, intentionally keeping his face pressed against her crotch, relishing the look of distress on his eyes. Emil spent the last of his energy weakly kicking his legs, or clumsily swinging his arms, all while Celeste calmly read the many comments her stream was getting. 3 minutes later, Emil had finally given up for good, his eyes expressing a mixture of contempt and exhaustion. “I hope your favorite tv show gets canceled, you witch,” he thought with all the venom he could muster.

“Awwww, Baby Emmy looks mad! What could be making him angry? Is it because my pussy is in his mouth?” Celeste continued to giggle like a schoolgirl, reveling in the way he’s cringing from not only the extremely close contact, but the lewd comments she’s making about it. “Okay beautiful viewers, so I’ll do 2 more requests for today, then I have to let Emmy get his rest.” Immediately, she received a donation of $20 from a user named ‘Da_Greatest’, with the message, “Hi Princess Azure! I hope you’re having a great day! Also it would be funny if you twerked on his face!”

“Ooooh, that’s a great idea! And I hope you’re having a great day too!” When she lifted her crotch off of Emil’s mouth, a thin but noticeable trail of his saliva bridged between his lips and her groin, to Celeste’s fascination, and Emil’s disgust. She briefly lowered herself down to wipe the excess saliva onto his forehead, then turned herself to face his feet, her cheeks jiggling just above his face.

Adjusting her ass so that it hovered just enough to graze Emil’s face, she began to gyrate her hips, the sounds of her flesh smacking against his face echoing throughout her room. He squinted his eyes shut, his face contorted in pain as her ass kept smacking his face. Celeste grabbed his wrists as he attempted to shield his face, pinning them to the sides of his body and using them to balance herself on top of him. This grueling exercise seemingly dragged forever, hearing the loud slaps as her glutes assaulted his face without any sign of her slowing down. She started working up a sweat, with small beads of perspiration dripping from her bare ass falling on Emil’s face. It wasn’t until a merciful 7 minutes later did she finally let up on her unique dance routine, stopping her gyrating movements as she slowly sank back down on his face, enveloping it within her cheeks yet again. She used her brief moment of rest as an excuse to showcase more of her massive ass, with her going through the motions of taking a deep breath while fanning herself with one of her hands, the other hand ruffling through Emil’s hair. She let her ass sank slowly, Emil’s face getting sweatier from the heat of her cheeks.

“Woooh! Okay my beautiful viewers, one last request! Make it count!” Celeste then received a donation of 0.01 cents from a user named NjabuluBringsHappiness99, accompanied by the following message: “You absolute reprobate of a woman. That is your brother! How could you treat him like that?”

“Uhhh, that doesn’t look like a request. Anyone else have an actual request?” Someone named whatsupdog843 donated $30, and they said: “what’s up dog? anyways i agree you need to give the poor lad some rest so just have him kiss ur ass😀” After reading that message out loud, Celeste moved herself forward just so most of Emil’s face could be uncovered, keeping his chin within her crack. “Well, all you have to do to be free is to do this one last little thing for your big sister. Pucker up!” Celeste said with a smile.

Having no amount of pride left to even show a bit of defiance at emasculating himself, Emil hesitantly lifted his head, softly pressing his lips on her smooth ass for a millisecond, then quickly laying his head back down. “Is that how you kiss your girlfriends, Baby Emmy? Show me that you mean it!” Cringing even more than before, he puckered his lips, and kissed her left cheek for 3 seconds. He felt like throwing up when he could taste the sweat that coated her cheek. “Awww, was that so hard? Now the other one!” Celeste grabbed at her right cheek, jiggling it in his face. With him kissing her other ass cheek, he hoped that the worst of his nightmare would come to pass, and for a moment, it seemed like it would.

“Alright that’s it for today’s stream, but for REAL this time. Thanks to all my beautiful and attractive viewers all for the love, and I hope you all have an amazing day!!!” With that last sentence, Emil started to perk up, though he was still trapped underneath her ass.

“Can I go nooooow???”
“On second thought, nah.”
“I thought you were gonna let me rest!! What the fu-” His sentence was cut off by Celeste backing herself to cover his face with her ass.
“I changed my mind!” she said with sadistic glee. “I feel we need to spend a lot more quality time together, without a crowd watching us!”
Emil spent the rest of that night trapped in Celeste’s room.
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Default Re: PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

Great story! Happy to see you writing again! I love how you write your crotch smother scenes, very prolonged and dominating.
How I wish for such a stream to exist :’)
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Default Re: PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

Always a good day when we get an iltt post
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Default Re: PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

It has been such a long time to wait for this one. And it wprths it
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Default Re: PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

Amazing story as always!
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Default Re: PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

Now THAT is a twitch I might actually buy an account just to watch! And of course the girl he likes would be watching his sister stream (poor guy). Though maybe silver lining for Emil he now has the proof to show his parents if he truly wants to get out from under his sister for good. Question becomes is that truly want he still wants or has be been unconsciously institutionalized by the prison time 😉😉.

Another great story sir!! If possible we would love a picture of whom she's enspired by, personally I envision Jasmine Mendez.
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Default Re: PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

He's back! He's finally back! Great to see another story from you!
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Default Re: PrincessAzureXOXO's New Gaming Chair

i always say this but i mean it 100%: thanks for all the love

Originally Posted by bartstuy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I love how you write your crotch smother scenes, very prolonged and dominating.
if it's not obvious enough, it's pretty much my favorite kind of femdom to write about, and i'm not planning on stopping anytime soon

Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
If possible we would love a picture of whom she's enspired by, personally I envision Jasmine Mendez.
bodywise, absolutely, but i imagine her face to be more like yanet garcia
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brother, facesitting, sister

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