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Default Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

(This story is a commission. It's got a little bit of femdom and maledom. If you're interested in a commission, let me know~)

Part 1

Katie watched as her son Zak put one of the girls in his wrestling class into a triangle headscissor. The girl didn’t resist. This was something the students always did after the real part of the class was over – the headscissor challenge.

Zak was only 5’6. He had muscle, but his physique was lean and he wasn’t super imposing or anything like that. Katie practically towered over him at 5’10. But she had never seen Zak lose or get knocked out. He was a college wrestler, and the current champion. Katie had been to every one of his matches like the supportive mother she was. She loved seeing him win. This whole headscissor challenge thing, less so. She also didn’t like seeing him showing off after his victories, posing, that sort of thing. That, she thought, was just unnecessary. Bad sportsmanship.

Zak was wearing nothing other than a pair of black briefs. The girl’s face was snug in his crotch. She tapped soon after Zak started actually squeezing. The coach was timing them. The headscissor challenge that this class was apparently so into was this: you put the other person in three different scissor holds – a triangle, a side scissor, and a reverse scissor. Whoever tapped out the fastest in two of the three holds lost. Unless you could knock the other person out before they could tap, or if they just didn’t tap. If you KOd them you would win no matter what the other times were.

Katie watched as her son won, as he always did. The girl tapped very quickly in his holds, while he managed to last longer than a minute in hers. Now the class was really over. Some people left the mats, although a fair amount stayed around to chat and hang out. Katie gathered up her stuff – she’d been working out upstairs during most of Zak’s practice. But then she started to overhear some things from her son that she really didn’t appreciate.

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t know why these girls keep doing the headscissor challenge with me…” he told his male friend, smiling, “These girls are just so weak. Have they ever beaten anyone? Let alone me.”

“No, I doubt they have,” laughed his friend.

“But hey, if they want to keep challenging me, that’s fine. I love making weak little girls tap. And if they don’t tap, I’ll enjoy knocking them out. Either way is fine by me.”

Katie marched right over to her son and interrupted his conversation. Zak’s friend couldn’t help but stare at her a bit.

“Uh, honey?” she sounded mad already, “I don’t really like the way you’re talking about your female classmates right now.”

Zak rolled his eyes, which of course only made his mother angrier. “Mom, chill… I’m just saying, none of them have beaten me. And none of them ever will. I’m just being totally realistic.”

“You really don’t think a girl could ever beat you?” Katie asked, “I think your ego is getting just a little bit too big here.”

Zak just laughed it off. “Mom, you’ve been to all my matches. I mean, have you ever met a girl who could beat me?”

Zak’s coach interrupted their argument before it could potentially escalate further. He’d also been staring at Katie. She tended to have that effect on men.

“Zak, you really shouldn’t talk back to your mom. Even if you are twenty-two. Come on.”

Katie looked smug. “You clearly have a smart coach.”

“Instead,” coach continued, “You two should settle this with a headscissor challenge.”

Zak smiled. “Great idea.”

“What?” Katie wasn’t expecting this, “Right now? I have errands to run today. I just finished my workout…”

“Come on, Mom.”

“I don’t know…”

“You’re not scared of losing, are you? You were saying how a girl could poten-“

“Okay, okay,” said Katie, taking the bait willingly, “Let’s do it. I’ll do your little headscissor challenge thing.”

Katie picked up her gym bag. “Just let me change first.”

Katie went and changed back into her workout gear. A purple sports bra and very short, skintight shorts. She thought she’d gotten some stares from the class before. Now everyone’s head was turned, Zak included. His mom normally never showed this much skin. He couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn something like this, if ever. This is what she wore to the gym? Had her body always been… like this? She had been hitting the gym more lately…

Katie was tall, and a lot of that height was her long, thick, toned legs. Zak was surprised at just how thick they really were. Her usual “mom jeans” had been hiding what looked like some serious legs. Her legs were drawing the most male eyes (and some of the girls too) but the rest of her was impressive as well. Her stomach was flat and toned. When she moved and flexed, you could see the hint of abs. Her hips were wide and her waist was tiny. Katie’s arms and back looked like they also got some attention at the gym.

Zak avoided staring too hard. It was still his mom, after all. Plus, he was only wearing briefs, so he didn’t want his thoughts to become too obvious.

“So,” said Katie, hands on her hips, “Now what?”

Zak laid down on his back on the mat while his classmates formed a loose circle around the two of them. Nobody wanted to leave now that Katie had walked out looking like this. Zak pointed to his crotch. “We start with the triangle. Your head goes here.”

Katie got down on her knees. She stared down at her son’s bulge between his legs. It was too late to back out now. Not after their little argument, anyway. He’d never let her forget it if she refused the challenge now. She lay down on her stomach and rested her head on his crotch. Just how that girl had been a few minutes ago.

“Like this?” she asked, mostly because she felt like if she talked she’d feel more in charge and less awkward. But there was no way of getting around the fact that her chin was currently resting on top of her son’s package.

“More like this…” said Zak as he reached down and adjusted her head so it was right where he wanted it to be. He wanted his legs to be right on her neck. He wanted all the pressure to be on her throat. His bulge was smooshed against the side of her face.

“Ready?” asked coach.

Zak quickly got his scissors into position. He did it all in one motion. He was clearly experienced. Katie had seen him do this many times, but had no idea what it would feel like. It currently felt humiliating, although not exactly painful. Zak raised his legs up on either side of her neck then put his legs in a triangle with one ankle under the opposite knee.

Even though Zak hadn’t started to squeeze yet and his legs were relaxed, Katie started to get a little worried. She’d never done something like this before. Her breathing was already a little tight. The thigh-crotch-thigh triangle that her neck was stuck in felt inescapable.

“Ready,” said Zak, before looking down at his mom with a rather smug look, “Are you ready, Mom?”


Coach counted down. “Okay, 3…2…1!”

Coach started the stopwatch on his phone. Katie immediately realized why she had never seen Zak lose a headscissor challenge, or any other wrestling competition for that matter. His legs taught her why very fast. As the muscles in his legs tightened around her like a noose, her head was forced down harder into his crotch. His package pushed into the side of her face more. She instinctively grabbed hold of his thighs for support, but knew there was no way she’d be able to pry them apart. She didn’t know if that was even allowed. She was pretty sure she just had to lay there and take it. Not that she could have done anything else even if she wanted to.

“How does that feel, Mom?”

She couldn’t respond. She didn’t have any air.

Zak laughed. “Just tap, Mom.”

Katie knew she needed to tap. She needed air and she needed it now. Zak could see the fear and the surprise in her eyes.

“Mom, you’re going to pass out…”

She knew he was right. She was already seeing stars. She had no idea how long she had lasted, but she knew it wasn’t long and she also knew that if she didn’t tap on her son’s leg right now she would be asleep in his crotch.

Katie tapped and her son relaxed the leg noose that he’d pulled tight around her throat. Her face slumped down and rested on his bulge.

“24 seconds,” said coach.

That was it? Katie had watched enough of these headscissor challenges to know that that was not a good score. She’d tapped very fast. But she had no other option. She knew she would have passed out. Her son had dominated her with that hold and proved why he’d never lost.

Zak let his Mom just lay there with her face in his crotch. After a moment, she regained full consciousness and quickly lifted her head up, clearly embarrassed.

“24 seconds… to be honest Mom, I was kind of hoping you’d do a bit better than this.”

Katie wanted her revenge. “Now it’s my turn, right?”

She assumed the same position that Zak had been in, laying out her long, curvy, toned body on the mat. Zak got down and placed his chin on the chopping block. Katie didn’t really know what the best position would be, but she reached down and picked up his chin and moved it a bit just to make it seem like she did.

Katie copied what she had seen Zak do so many times, and put her thick thighs into a triangle around his neck. How hard could it really be? She was determined to put her son in his place and knock his ego down at least a little bit. Sure, she wasn’t a wrestler. But she could squat and deadlift way more than the average mom could, and that had to be worth something.

Coach asked if they were ready. They were.


Katie flexed her powerful legs as hard as she could against her son’s throat and skull. Her legs had already been big, but now that she was flexing all her muscles they were even bigger. Muscle swelled around Zak. He had told himself that he wasn’t even going to grab onto her legs, but he was surprised at how strong his mom was. He couldn’t help but reflexively put his hands onto her thighs. They felt soft, smooth, but also so hard.

“Come on, I know you want to tap, honey.”

Zak didn’t react. He was too focused on breathing, something which was starting to become a bit more difficult. His mom’s thighs were stronger than any girl he’d ever done this challenge with before. Maybe this is where he got it from. They felt like they were totally compacting his skull.

“If I knock you out I win, right? So you better tap unless you want to lose to your mom in the first round.”

Zak’s face was changing color but he wasn’t tapping. He slid his hands down her thighs and instead clung to her wide hips for support.

“How about using those hands to tap, hm?”

Katie couldn’t believe he was still awake and still refusing to submit to her thighs. He’d made it look easy. She guessed that her son just had a lot of experience being choked and knew how to take it like a man. Annoyed with how long he was managing to hold out, she planted her hands on the mat and lifted her hips up off the floor.

“Come on, honey. Tap for me. Tap or just go to sleep and let Mom win.”

Zak felt his head get lifted up and suddenly the hold just became that much tighter. He was so light headed. He saw stars. He tapped on her hip. She dropped her butt back down onto the mat and let her son go.

“Fifty seconds,” said coach.

Katie let out a disappointed sigh as her son lifted his face up and out from between her legs.

Zak massaged his neck. “That was pretty good… for a girl.”

“Maybe I’m just getting warmed up,” said Katie, “This is my first time, you know.”

Zak lay on his side, propping himself up with one arm. He lifted one leg up and patted his inner thigh. “Next round.”

Katie joined him in the next hold. She rested the back of her neck against his thigh, and he lowered his other thigh down onto her neck. Her throat was in a leg sandwich. Her chin was pushing into his quad. She tried to avoid looking to the side, where her son’s bulge, which filled out his briefs well, was inches away from her.

Katie coughed a little.

“Mom, we haven’t even started.”

The weight of Zak’s thigh on her throat was already choking her a little bit. “Just… something in my throat.”

Zak laughed. “Right. Well, I’m ready.”

Katie nodded to get the round going. Or, she nodded as much as she could with her neck under her son’s control.

Zak squeezed and the muscles in his legs slammed into his mom’s neck. Her eyes went wide. There was something about this position, this hold, that gave him perfect access to her throat. It felt like he had just flattened her windpipe right away. She wanted to tap almost immediately, but she just couldn’t allow herself to. Her son wasn’t the only one with an ego after all. Maybe he got it from somewhere.

Zak’s male classmates cheered him on. They were used to seeing him win with ease, but they weren’t used to seeing him choke out a gorgeous older woman. Zak’s female classmates offered Katie some encouragement, but mostly kept quiet. It was hard to really root for someone who was clearly going to lose, after all. Kind of embarrassing.

Zak looked down at his mom’s face and watched it begin to change color. He kind of couldn’t believe he was choking out his own mom. He hadn’t expected to be doing this today, but he had to admit that he was enjoying it.

“Mom, you can just tap. It’s not like you’re going to win.”

Katie tried to say something to prove that she could still breathe. A sputtering gurgle came out of her lips.

Zak laughed. “Girls always make some weird sounds down there…”

Katie hated the not so subtle implication of this line that some of his male classmates picked up on, smiling. She put her hands on her son’s top thigh, clutching it hard like it was a pullup bar. She really yanked on it and tried to free herself. Zak just crossed his ankles and rode it out. His thighs weren’t going anywhere. His thigh noose was tightening and tightening. His mom bridged her back, pushing down on the mat with her feet and lifting her lower body up off the floor in an attempt to get some kind of leverage, some kind of anything just so she could last longer, just so she could get a tiny little breath from between those thighs before it was too late…

“That’s not going to help, Mom. Good effort, though.”

The class watched as Katie squirmed desperately, doing anything she could… but getting nowhere. Her face was already a deep red. There was even a tinge of blue.

“Mom, your face… you realize you’re about to go to sleep, right?”

She did realize this, when her view of her son’s thigh and the ceiling started to fade. She tapped on his dominant leg and he let go.

“28 seconds…” said Coach.

“Well, at least you lasted longer than last time,” said Zak. “But I’m pretty sure I’m going to be able to last longer than 28 seconds…”

Katie forced herself to recover fast, breathing deeply to drive away the lightheadedness. She lay out on her side like he had been. She put one hand on the mat, and one hand on her hip. Zak couldn’t help but stare a little at his mom’s amazing figure.

“There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? Get your head in here.”

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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

Great story already! I kinda cheer for the son on this one, may he humiliate his mother with his reverse scissor
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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

I never really connected the dots but the name, "HeadscissorFiction" is pretty direct isn't it lol? I guess it's just funny to me because your writing can be quite expressive and in tune with the tone of the piece you're writing. Anyways, I'm sure the commissioner has the story structure already laid out, but if we're all throwing our two cents into the wishing well, then mine would have to be that Katie wins and in turn humiliates Zak. I think my favorite part of the HeadscissorFiction style is the way the humiliation is tasteful to people who enjoy the humiliation aspect of these types of stories. An example of that in this story is the way the mother teases her son. The condescending maternal tone that's employed would be one of the few types of verbal degradation that Zak would be particularly sensitive to, and that's why it's tasteful humiliation. No offense some of the writers of MalevsFemale stories, but unpromtped humiliation that comes from aggressive behaviour from unrelated women in a story makes it feel like a world full of sociopaths. In a world like that, humiliation is cheap, plentiful, and decisively un-special. Lmao this is becoming a longer comment than I had hoped for, but TLDR: I like the dynamic between these two characters and look forward to the next chapters.
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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

Originally Posted by Kaiser [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I never really connected the dots but the name, "HeadscissorFiction" is pretty direct isn't it lol? I guess...
Thanks. This is probably the most in-depth feedback I've ever received ahaha
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Part 2

Zak took his place between his mom’s thighs once again. He knew he could last longer than her, even though the feeling of his mom’s heavy, thick, silky smooth thigh weighing down on his throat did make him think twice. Where had she been hiding these things? They were pillars of soft muscle.

Katie pulled her son’s head in close to her crotch where her legs were thickest. His chin pushed into her inner thigh. His head was basically in her lap. She crossed her ankles like she’d seen him do. Maybe that was the secret. She could feel him swallow. Was he nervous? Maybe she could break her son and make him tap quickly.

Coach took a step closer so that he could actually see Zak’s face. From where he’d been, it was mostly hidden behind his mom’s thick thighs.

“Ready?” asked Katie, looking down at her son’s trapped face, beating the coach to his question.

“Of course,” he answered.

Katie looked at Coach. “Alright. Let’s go.”


It felt like Katie had learned and improved from that previous hold. That one had been her first ever, after all. Now it felt like she was really squeezing harder, really flexing her muscles and crushing his throat.

Katie smiled down at him. She felt him swallow again. Was he scared?

“You don’t look so good, honey.”

Zak put his hands on her thighs. Not because he thought it would help, but because he wanted to feel them and this might be the only time he ever got to.

She poked his forehead with her index finger. “You might want to tap before this vein bursts or something. Your face is definitely getting red.”

Zak felt like his neck had been flattened, but he could take it. Her thighs were so thick it was like his neck wasn’t even there. He knew he’d outlasted her in this hold, right? He really wanted to give in and tap, but he wasn’t sure… time had kind of lost meaning down here in his mom’s lap.

“You know what, don’t tap. I’m just going to knock you out. Perfectly fine by me.”

Zak knew that his Mom was right, and that he was actually about to pass out. He finally gave her what she wanted and tapped out on her powerful thigh, the one on top that was crushing him and making it impossible to breathe. He realized that his own mom definitely had the strength to knock him out.

“Forty eight seconds.”

Katie had kind of known she was going to lose the round, but she was still disappointed. She was too naturally competitive not to be. Her son’s lean body had proved more effective than her lusciously curvy and leggy one. Or maybe he was just more experienced. Whatever. She was still determined to win.

“But I can still win, right?” Katie asked the coach, “If I knock him out?”

Coach nodded. “He won the first two rounds. That’s best two out of three. But if you can knock him out, you can win.”

“And what if I knock you out, huh?” asked Zak, “Then I guess I just win even harder.”

Katie knew that what she should really do is just tap right away in this next hold. The only way she could win was by knocking her son out, not by outlasting him. But her ego would not allow this. She was too much of competitor. She’d have to see how long she could last. She would have to show her son that she could take just as much as he could.

The last hold was the reverse headscissor. Katie was a bit confused, so her son gave her directions.

“Just lay on your back, Mom.”

She did, and he did the rest. He got into position on top of her, purposefully dragging his package over her face while he did so. Just because he could. He snapped up her neck in his thighs and crossed his ankles. It was so tight already and all his muscles were still relaxed.

Katie thought this hold might be the most humiliating. She was left stuck between his thighs, staring at her son’s butt.

Zak looked at her with a smile over his shoulder. “Ready, Mom?”

“Of course.”


Zak swiftly cut off his mom’s air supply once again. He flexed his thighs and his glutes. He knew she wasn’t going to last long. This wasn’t his best hold, but it was more than enough to put his mom to sleep if she wasn’t careful.

Not wanting to grab her son’s ass and embarrass herself even more, Katie instead reached behind her head and tried to uncross his ankles. This didn’t work either. She was absolutely locked in.

“Not your worst idea, Mom… but we both know it’s over.”

“I-Is that it…?” Katie managed to choke out some words.

Zak was surprised. “You can actually talk? Right now? Wow, I’m going way too easy on you.”

Zak realized that since he’d pretty much already won, he hadn’t really been squeezing. Not as hard as he could really squeeze anyway. But an opponent that could talk back during a headscissor challenge was just not acceptable. He didn’t go easy on girls and let them get away with this, and he wasn’t about to make an exception for his mom.

Zak fully flexed the muscles in his thighs. “Try talking now.”

Katie made a defiant attempt to show him that she could in fact still talk, which failed miserably. She didn’t have enough air to form a single word. He felt her hands tighten on his thighs. It was a feeling he liked. He wanted to see girls, his mom included, panic a little and remember who was really in charge. He wanted her to know that if he wanted to, he could just knock her out. Whenever he wanted to, really.

“I don’t feel tapping back there, Mom…”

Katie knew that her son’s lean body had dominated her once again. She tapped on his thigh. She didn’t like how he waited a full second before letting go, giving her one last final squeeze.

“30 seconds.”

He spread his legs just enough for his mom’s head to slip through and land back down on the mat. He stood to his feet while she laid there on her back, breathing hard. He liked the way her chest heaved while she sucked down oxygen. Really, there wasn’t anything he didn’t like about his mom’s body. He really wanted to pose on her. He knew she’d hate it, of course. She always hated when he did it at real matches. But he couldn’t resist.

Zak started to lower his foot down onto his mom’s stomach. But she caught it in her hands and stopped it from landing. “Don’t you dare. This isn’t over.”

Zak lifted his foot away. “Fine, fine… your turn, your turn…”

This was Katie’s last chance and she intended to make the most of it. She intended to win. All she had to do was knock her son out. How hard could it really be? Sure, he was good at taking it. But at the end of the day, it was just a neck.

Zak lay down and his mom lay on top of him. She scooped his head up off the mat with her thighs. The entire class was now getting the perfect view of her ass, and it didn’t disappoint. Her skintight shorts ended right where her legs began, only covering what they absolutely had to. The fabric was pulled in between her cheeks slightly, giving her a bit of a wedgie that just made it that much hotter. Her ass was big, but it was just about all muscle. It was big and firm. It just looked so juicy. Every male in class wanted to be where Zak was right then, coach definitely included.

Coach snapped out of it. He’d been slightly hypnotized. “So, uh, ready?”

Zak nodded.

“No,” said Katie, which wasn’t what anyone expected. She reached behind her and grabbed a handful of her son’s hair and pulled his head in deeper. “There we go. Now I’m ready.”


Zak couldn’t even see the back of his mom’s head. He couldn’t really see anything past the huge globes of her cheeks. Even before she started squeezing, he was having trouble breathing just because she’d smothered him with her ass by pulling him in so deep. He’d never been in a reverse headscissor this tight. His mom was forcing him to try and breathe through those shorts. He could taste her sweat. When she squeezed, it was way stronger than her other two holds. She owned his neck in this hold. She owned him, period. She was in charge now in a way she hadn’t been before. He knew he was getting hard, and he knew that she’d be able to tell. Now he was the one being humiliated. He couldn’t believe the pressure on his skull.

“How’s this, honey?” Katie asked her son, looking back at him with a smile. Basically none of his face was even visible to her.

The class couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Zak, who they all saw as invincible – undefeated Zak, was currently being absolutely crushed with his face wedged very tightly into his mom’s juicy butt. Her ass had swallowed up his face and it was not letting him go. He clutched her thighs in his hands and she could tell that he meant it this time. He wasn’t just feeling her thighs for the fun of it – he was scared, and he was in pain. She was really crushing him now. She felt so powerful – she felt like she could snap his neck or crush his skull like a watermelon. And she liked it. A lot.

Katie noticed Zak’s legs locking up. They were sort of twitching, and they stayed straight out in an unnatural sort of way. His hands, which had crept up to her ass and were holding on for dear life, slid off. They landed down on the mat and they locked up as well after a couple little twitches. She wasn’t totally sure what was happening. Was he…?

Her amateur wrestler suspicions were confirmed when she heard and felt her son snorting rather violently. He was snorting right into her ass, and his whole body gave up a couple twitches as well.

The class was shocked and they couldn’t help but react:

“Is he…?”

“Oh my god, Zak’s mom knocked him out?”

“That was brutal…”

“I’ve never seen Zak lose before.”


Coach looked at the stopwatch at his phone, mouth slightly open in shock and disbelief. “Uh…you knocked him out in fifteen seconds.”

Katie, her victory very firmly cemented, finally let go of her defeated son. The class cheered for her. People were taking pictures and video to immortalize Zak’s first ever defeat between his mom’s thighs and under her ass.

Katie put her foot on her son’s chest. She had put him into such a deep sleep that he was actually snoring.

“I guess I’m just a natural. This is what he always does, right? Something like this?”

She flexed her biceps for the class just like Zak always did. They loved it, and they seriously loved her now. Even Zak’s friends were too impressed to really feel bad for him. Some of the girls took selfies with Katie, making sure to include her son’s unconscious body in the frame as well. Katie knew that Zak was not going to like seeing those show up on social media whenever he woke up.


When Zak finally woke up ten minutes later, his mom was the only other person left in the room. She was sitting next to him, looking at her phone. She glanced over when she heard him snort awake.

“Good morning, honey. Your practice went a bit later then normal, so what if we just pick up a pizza on the way home? What do you think?”

Zak sat up, still in a bit of a daze.

“I knocked you out, in case you don’t remember. You were even snoring,” she laughed, “Which I didn’t even think was something that could happen. Oh come on, honey. You can’t stay mad forever. It’s just a knock out.”

“Whatever,” said Zak, clearly very annoyed with his mom’s taunting and very salty about his loss, “It was one hold. You got lucky. I won the other two. I mean, I doubt tha –“

Zak started choking instead of complaining. His mom had put him back into a reverse headscissor in order to shut him up.

“I really don’t want to hear these excuses. Just accept that I won, honey. Or do I have to knock you out again?”

But this wasn’t the headscissor challenge. There were no rules. Zak reached his own legs up and wrapped them around his mom’s neck. He pulled her down into his crotch, wedging her face in nice and tight.


She was taken totally by surprise. Now they were both reverse headscissoring each other in a sort of 69 position. Katie coughed into his briefs. He had caught her unaware and she even drooled a little. His thighs quickly began to take their toll. She could barely breathe. But she didn’t grab his legs. She knew she could still win, and was already in position to do so. The perfect position.

Even though Katie was on the verge of passing out, she managed to keep squeezing her son’s neck with all of her strength. Her muscles were completely flexed hard, locking him in, forcing his face deep into her ass for a second time.

She could feel his scissors getting weaker, which only fueled her and made hers stronger. “There you go. Just focus on my ass. That’s right, honey. Focus on Mom’s ass and let me knock you out. Again. Let me put you to sleep.”

Katie knocked her son out again. His body twitched. His limbs locked up. But she didn’t let go. She wanted to put him even deeper to sleep and really send a message. She kept the hold for another twenty seconds before finally letting him go and standing up to her feet.

She looked down at her son, admiring her work. Then she picked up her gym bag and walked right out of the room. “You can find another ride home.”
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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

Thanks by the storie.
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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

Part 3

(This commission continues. Femdom and maledom, but mostly femdom. Let me know if you're interested in commissions~)

Zak woke up. The first thing he noticed was that his neck and his jaw were sore. His mom had really squeezed him hard. He had never felt this before, since he’d never lost before. He’d never been knocked out by someone who wasn’t his mom. He’d never lost. He’d barely even been in chokeholds before. But now he knew how all his previous opponents must have felt when they woke up. It didn’t feel great.

He looked at the clock up on the wall as he massaged his neck, trying and failing to make it feel like he hadn’t just been crushed. Was this clock even right? Had he really been asleep for an hour? There was nobody else in the room. Everyone else was gone and he was alone on the mat in his briefs. What had his mom done to him to put him asleep for that long? Her ass had practically put him into a coma. He couldn’t believe it. He’d never put someone to sleep for that long. Was his mom really that much stronger than he was…?

He heard his phone vibrate and reached over to pick it up. Yep, the clock was right. He’d been out for a long time. But way more concerning than that was the fifty or so notifications that he had. He was a fairly popular guy on campus so he was used to his phone getting blown up on occasion, but nothing like this.

He soon realized what was going on. One of his friends from the class had tagged him in a video. It had a ton of views and a ton of likes. It was his mom knocking him out that first time. Someone had recorded it and now it was on every social media in existence. Everyone could watch his own mom knock him out. It wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if it had just been a standard rear naked choke or something, but there was just something about a reverse headscissor that made it all the more humiliating.

Zak couldn’t stop himself from watching the video. Whoever had actually taken the video… their phone had a really good camera, which made it all the worse. Or all the better for Zak’s friends. Zak watched himself get put to sleep between his mom’s thighs in 1080 HD. He realized that when he was trapped in her scissors, he had a very up close view of her ass, but not necessarily the best possible view of her ass. He had a very limited perspective down there, after all. The video actually gave him a totally new appreciation for his mom’s butt in those tiny little yoga shorts.

He hated how pathetic he looked in the video. His hands groping her thighs, and then her ass as he ran out of air and got more and more desperate. He watched his limbs lock up and his body twitch and convulse as she mercilessly squeezed him to sleep. This was really his mom? He almost still couldn’t believe it. He could hear his classmates cheering for his mom in the video. Those traitors. Well, in their defense, most of them had been brutally knocked out by Zak at some point or another…

After he’d finished reliving his first ever knockout at the hands (or rather, at the legs) of his mother, he started to read the comments. Reading the comments was almost as embarrassing as watching the video had been:

“feels good to see Zak finally get put to sleep”

“damn zak’s mom has it going on”

“she needs to come to class more”

“is that really his mom? How old is she?”

“wow zak got destroyed here”

“what a goddess”

“ahahaha zak is such a bitch I would have got out”

“so much for undefeated zak”


“Zak actually got KOd by his mom? Lol”

“imagine getting choked out by your mom”

“god I wish that were me”

What was even worse was that Katie had actually responded to some of the comments, meaning she’d seen this video and was clearly loving the attention. Her comments were replies to different classmates of Zak’s:

“Thanks <3”

“I know! It was my first time too!”

“Maybe you can be next

“That’s my favorite part too ahaha”

“It looks like I’m the undefeated one now…”

“He’s my son so I determine when his bedtime is”

“Zak really just isn’t thaaat strong ahahaha”

“He just wasn’t a match for my thighs”

Zak didn’t really feel like going home since he knew his mom would be there, but he couldn’t exactly just sleep at the gym. He was not about to text his mom and ask for a ride. She’d made it pretty clear that that wasn’t happening. He texted his friend. He’d get home without her. He really was not ready to face her again just now.


Zak’s friend dropped him off at his house without mentioning Katie or the KO the entire way there. He could tell that Zak wasn’t really in a conversational mood. Zak dropped his gym bag by the stairs and walked into the living room.

Katie was in there, looking at her phone and laughing. She was wearing pajamas, but not her usual pajamas. Usually around this time she would put on her big flannel pajamas that had long sleeves and pants that went down to her feet. Now she was wearing a little outfit that Zak had never seen before. She was just wearing an old t shirt and a loose but very short pair of sweat shorts. She was showing off the thighs she had knocked him out with, and Zak was struggling not to stare.

“What’s so funny?” asked Zak.

“Oh, nothing…” said Katie, sliding her phone into her waistband, “Just reading your friend’s comments on the video. You know, the video of me knocking you out. Glad to see you’re finally awake, by the way.”

“Yeah. Thanks,” said Zak coldly.

Katie, unlike Zak, was smiling. “You’re welcome, honey. Did you watch the video? You really put on quite the performance there. You were like twitching and everything.”

“Glad you think it’s funny.”

“Aw, don’t be like that. Come on. I mean, is that even, like, normal?” Katie laughed, “You were totally like… convulsing under me. Do most guys do that when they get knocked out?”

Zak didn’t really have a comeback, and he was kind of too busy looking at her thighs. She’d never shown off her legs like this before. He couldn’t even remember the last time she’d worn shorts at all before today…

“Or is that just something that happens when you knock someone out super hard? Maybe I’m a natural.”

Zak was hypnotized by her thighs…

Katie slapped her thigh. “Hey, sweetie,” she pointed to her face, “Eyes up here.”

Zak snapped out of it. “I-I wasn’t…”

“Sure you weren’t, “ laughed Katie, “Anyway, it seems like everyone in your class thinks I’m a natural. I think I’m going to have to come back soon. I mean, if you’re the best in your class, and I can knock you out, I guess that means I’m pretty good.”

“I think you should come back too,” said Zak.

Katie raised her eyebrows. She gave her thigh another slap, then ran her hand up and down her smooth skin, her defined quad. “Yeah? Don’t tell me you’re already looking for a rematch, honey. I mean, you just woke up from the last one.”

“I do want a rematch.”

Katie looked very happy about this as she continued to stroke her mostly bare leg, which made it even more difficult for Zak to keep his eyes up where they were supposed to be.

“Maybe I’ll go easy on you this time.”

“I want to do something a little different,” said Zak as he struggled to maintain eye contact with his mother, “A different kind of challenge. I’ll take a girl from class, and you’ll take a boy. We’ll reverse headscissor them at the same time. Whoever gets a KO first wins. First one of us to get three KOs gets to put the loser to sleep.”

“Very creative, honey. I like it. I’ll get to try out some other boys, and I’ll also get to put you to sleep again. Sounds fun.”

“If you win.”

“Right,” laughed Katie, “If.”

Zak turned around to leave the room.

“But earlier you were saying how the girls in your class are kind of weak and could never beat you… so is it really fair if you get to squeeze them and I have to squeeze boys?” asked Katie with a smile. “Or has your little match with me enlightened you?”

“It’s fair, okay,” was all Zak said before heading up to his room.


Katie had instantly agreed to this new challenge since she’d still been riding high off of her victory and all the praise she’d gotten from Zak’s classmates. But later in bed, she started to have a few second thoughts about he whole thing. She texted her friend about the whole thing:

“I’m doing another challenge thing with Zak, but now I’m kinda worried it might have been beginner’s luck…?”

“What? No. Why?”

“Well I mean I don’t really know much about grappling…”

“So what? I watched that video. You kicked his ass. You can do it again.”


“I mean, your legs are crazy strong. And so is your ass lol”

“You know what you’re right. I’m going to crush him again ahaha thanks”


Zak and Katie had explained the rules of their new challenge to everyone after class, and most people had decided to stick around. They all wanted to see Katie in action again. The boys just wanted to see her period. They would have watched her stand against the wall, especially since she had come wearing her purple sports bra and tiny little black short shorts again. The ones that were skintight and showed off as much of her thighs as she possibly could. The girls in the class were mostly staying to see Zak lose again. They loved seeing the supposedly invincible Zak lose to a woman. The fact that it happened to be his own mom was just a bonus.

They decided that in the name of fairness, they would pick the person who would get squeezed by the other competitor. Zak would pick a boy for Katie to scissor, and Katie would pick a girl for Zak.

Katie picked a tall, athletic looking girl to be Zak’s first victim. She put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, honey. If I get a KO first, Zak has to stop scissoring you. And trust me, I’m going to win. So you’ll be totally fine. I mean, we’ve all seen my legs. So don’t worry about Zak.”

Zak was having trouble picking someone for Katie to squeeze. He’d knocked out pretty much all these boys at some point or another, so he was trying to remember who had put up a good fight and lasted the longest in his hold… but this was difficult because basically every guy in class was trying to be picked.

“Zak, please, pick me.”

“Pick me. I’ll help you win. Seriously.”

“Zak you know I lasted like at least thirty seconds in your scissors.”

Eventually Zak got sick of his male classmates clamoring around him to try and be the one to get squeezed by his mom, so he just picked someone and ended the horniness. The boy he picked, who, like Zak, was wearing only briefs, quickly went over to Katie.

“I-It’s cool that you came back,” he said, “Do you think we could take a picture before we start? If you want to, I mean.”

“Sure!” said Katie, who was clearly loving the attention.

The boy took a selfie on his knees with his head resting against Katie’s hip. Katie was standing tall with one hand against the boy’s head, pressing his cheek up against her hip. It was a very dominant pose and picture that she knew he’d enjoy later. Now, of course, the boy had a job to do.

The two chosen victims lay down on their backs on the mat. Zak’s girl was wearing a sports bra and yoga pants. Katie had picked her first since she had visible abs, which she hoped translated into being strong and lasting a while in a scissor. But this was the moment of truth.

Zak and Katie got into position, side by side. They were only a couple feet apart. They both wrapped up their victim’s necks.

The class counted down for them, clearly eager to see some squeezing.


Zak flexed his legs hard, determined to redeem himself. Of course, he wasn’t doing any of this to squeeze these girls. He got to do that all the time in class. He was really just doing this so that after he won, he could put his mom’s smug face between his thighs and give her the squeezing of a lifetime. He imagined her face changing color, her desperate tapping… he needed that revenge. He poured all of his determination into scissoring the girl under him. She looked surprised by his strength. He was going a lot harder than usual. Her legs squirmed a little, yoga pants rubbing back and forth on the mat. She hesitantly placed her hands on Zak’s bare legs, not wanting to somehow annoy him and make things worse for herself.

“K-Katie…” she said, hoping that Zak’s mom would hear her and come to her rescue.

Zak could tell that his girl was slowing down. “Sorry, I don’t think she can help you.”

Zak could feel this girl’s neck starting to bend to his will as he continued to crush her. He didn’t even look back over his shoulder. He didn’t need to. He could feel that she was in the perfect position, deep between his thighs and taking the punishment that he was dishing out. He felt her fingers tighten around his legs, proving that she was still awake… for now. But then his confidence took a major blow. He heard snoring beside him. He looked over. Katie was resting her chin in her hand, smiling at him. Her boy was in a deep sleep, snoring.

Zak thought he’d been squeezing hard, but Katie’s legs were truly a force to be reckoned with. They were thick, smooth, soft yet yard pillars of steel that she had just clamped down around this boy. She squeezed him so hard that even though he obviously had a huge crush on her and was very horny, he quickly regretted his decision to volunteer. He would have much rather just watched her legs work then have to experience them first hand like this. But even though the pain in his neck and jaw was way more than he’d expected, Katie noticed that the bulge in his little briefs still got bigger… and bigger… and bigger the longer she kept his face in her ass. Could she really blame him? She thought it was flattering, really. She wondered how many boys who were just watching were having a similar reaction right about now. Just watching her thighs do this to a boy was probably enough.

Her thighs were so strong that the boy panicked and tapped, completely forgetting the whole point of this challenge. He was in there to be knocked out. That was his purpose and he’d just have to take it. There was no going back now and no escaping those long, thick thighs. He stopped tapping after she reminded him that he was getting put to sleep with a gentle laugh that reminded him that this was not only easy for Katie, but fun for her.

Katie was having way too much fun. It felt good to be using her thighs to put a boy in his place again. And this time it wasn’t her son. But she knew she would win, and that meant she’d get her legs back around her son soon enough. He’d given her just a little bit too much attitude last night and she thought it might be a good idea to teach him another lesson.

She was thinking about how she was going to choke her son out when she noticed the snoring that was going on behind her. The boy underneath her strong body was going as stiff as his manhood already was. His arms actually locked in place in the air, twitched a bit and then stuck straight out like boards at his sides. Katie was starting to like seeing these kinds of reactions. The kinds reactions that meant his hadn’t just been your average KO, but that her ass had put this boy deeeep to sleep. He was probably dreaming about her back there.

Katie spread her legs just enough to let his head fall down onto the mat. The girls were all cheering like crazy now that Katie had won the first round.

“Looks like I win this round,” she said, still smiling at her son, “Only two more to go, right? It looks like you didn’t really get too far with your classmate there…”

Zak’s girl already looked totally awake again as she stood up and joined the other girls.

“I told you there was nothing to worry about!” said Katie, “Zak’s not putting any of you to sleep. Only men are getting KOd today.”
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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

Part 4

The girls cheered for this too, before Katie turned her attention back to her son.

“I kind of expected you to do a little better than that, Zak… you’re not going to let me just win three in a row, are you?”

“I’m just getting warmed up,” he said.

Katie laughed at this. “Sure, honey. Whatever you need to tell yourself.”

“Let’s just pick the next dummies, alright?”

“Of course. Go right ahead. But it really doesn’t matter who you pick.”

While Zak was trying to pick someone good, Katie posed with her knocked out boytoy. She got down on her knees behind his unconscious head, and posed with it while some of the girls took pictures of her and her trophy. After the girls assured her that they’d gotten plenty of good pics, she slapped him gently on the cheek.

“Wake up, honey. There you are. You did a good job. But it’s time for you to get up and let someone else have a try.”

The boy got up. He looked dazed. His briefs were still being stretched nearly to their limit. He walked off the mat. Katie stood up.

“Come on, Zak. Just pick someone!” she said. Katie grabbed the boy who was standing closest to her. “What about this one?”

She gave the boy’s bicep a firm squeeze. “He seems strong, right?”

Zak was still lost in thought, trying to recall who was hard to knock out. “Hmm…”

“You’re overthinking this, honey,” said Katie. She grabbed hold of a new boy and ran her hand over his abs. “How about this one? He clearly works out.”

Zak was annoyed that his mom was clearly just enjoying getting to feel up his classmates and her potential practice dummies. Finally he just picked someone who he had remembered having a tough match with one time. Katie took hold of the boy’s waistband and pulled him over to the mat.

“Don’t worry,” she told him, “I’ll make it quick. I’m just going to tuck you in and put you to sleep just like that.”

Katie picked another girl for Zak. A tall girl who was visibly muscular and looked like she could probably apply a pretty good headscissor of her own.

Katie once again assured the girl that she wasn’t in any danger. “Sorry, but I have to pick someone, right? But just relax, and you’ll be out in no time. My son here is really just not a match for me when it comes to this sort of thing. I mean, just look at my thighs.”

Katie gave her thigh a nice slap. Zak was starting to get annoyed by how confident she was after only winning one round, but there was really nothing he could do about it until after he won. Then he could shut her up with his thighs. The only way he could stop this teasing would be to smother his mom’s face with his crotch and take his time slowly knocking her out.


Zak and Katie both flexed their thighs hard against their victim’s necks.

Zak’s girl let out a pained little moan as her head was lifted higher up off the mat. The harder he flexed, the harder she hoped that his mom would win the around again. She really wanted out from between Zak’s thighs. She did not want Zak’s butt to be the final thing she saw before getting put to sleep.

Katie could feel that her boy’s little neck was just perfectly in position between her powerful thighs. She knew it was already over and that’ she was going to win again. So why not have a little fun in the meantime? She put both of her hands on the boy’s legs and then looked over at how her son was doing.

“You’re not holding back, are you, honey…? This is supposed to be a race you know.”

Zak responded to the teasing by just squeezing harder.

“I’m pretty sure your little classmate is just about asleep back there in my ass, so you’d better hurry up, Zak.”

Zak looked over his shoulder. His girl was very much still awake, although he could see the pain in her eyes.

“I’ll get you out of their soon,” Katie told her. Then she reached one hand behind her and stroked her flexed, hard, muscular thigh. “He’s not going to last much longer between these.”

Katie ruffled her boy’s hair. “Zak can’t save you, honey. Just go to sleep.”

His mom’s constant trash talking had distracted Zak. His grip around his girl wasn’t as tight as his mother’s. He didn’t have her completely locked in, whereas Katie’s boy was completely and hopelessly stuck in the prison of her iron thighs.

“My son isn’t winning this one. You’re going to sleep. Just let it happen.”

Katie’s victim clutched her thighs tightly, sinking his fingers into the thickness. He tried to speak.

“Sshh… just go to sleep, honey… ssshhh…”

Her voice and the strength he could feel in her thighs convinced him that resistance was pointless. There really was no way that his friend Zak could save him. He was seeing stars already. Katie gave his thighs a gentle little squeeze with her hands, as if to signal that she knew and appreciated that fact that he was giving up and giving in.

“There you go…”

His hands slid off of her legs and down onto the mat. They locked up, as did his legs.

“Oh,” said Katie, “Another one of these, huh? Well let’s just see if I can’t give you something to remember this by…”

His body twitched hard a few times, then stopped and went limp. But Katie didn’t stop squeezing. She held him tight between her legs for another five whole seconds as the girls in the class cheered for her second victory.

Zak, annoyed at having lost again, let the neck that was between his own legs drop down onto the mat. The girl coughed a few time and rubbed her neck, but was very much still awake and conscious. She seemed fine.

When Katie let go of her boy toy, however, he did not seem fine. He looked totally asleep. He was snoring.

“Surprise surprise, I win round two, Zak. Yours is wide awake, and mine is snoring. He clearly enjoyed himself too…” she said, looking down at his bulging package.

“That’s messed up. You… I mean, he wanted to get knocked out,” said Zak, clearly salty about losing again.

“Hey, it’s not my fault if boys want to take a nap back there. And you picked this one yourself,” said Katie as she rested the sleeping boy’s head in her lap and adjusted his hair a little bit. “And it’s not like it was his decision to go out.”

The boy woke up. He looked up at Katie’s smug face and her boobs in that purple sports bra.

“Oh, good morning,” said Katie, before lifting his head out of her lap and standing to her feet. “So, who’s next? Last chance, since I’m going to win this third round and then move on to my son.”

Katie casually adjusted her shorts, running her thumbs around the waistband. “Okay ladies, I need one more of you to help me out here. You’ve seen how Zak just isn’t going to beat me.”

A girl volunteered, and Katie picked her. She seemed tough enough. Like Katie, she was hardly wearing any clothes. Katie gave her body the once over and decided that she could probably take some punishment. It didn’t really matter, since she knew she was going to beat Zak again. And that’s when things would really get fun. Squeezing these random boys was nice, but what she really wanted was to remind her son how much stronger she was again.

Zak looked over the boys again. This could be his last chance. He needed someone who could take it. He ignored all the boys volunteering out of horniness. That wasn’t helpful. Suddenly, the choice became very obvious, because Dave arrived.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Dave.

Zak smiled. Katie’s jaw dropped.

“Oh, no, you’re just in time,” said Zak.

Dave was 6’5, and towered over Katie, who was only 5’10. Katie noticed that he had a sort of thick neck that looked like it would be way more difficult to choke out. He was just huge. When he took his shirt and sweats off and stood there in just his briefs, Katie realized that he was huge in some other ways too. He had muscle, but wasn’t super lean like Zak. He was built. She also couldn’t help but notice that he was pretty hung, not that it really mattered for this, other than possibly distracting her.

Katie another much smaller boy by the shoulders and pulled him in front of Dave. He was kind of a twink, and about a foot shorter.

“How about this one, Zak? I think he’d be good for this.”

Zak just shook his head and smiled. “We both know who I’m going with for this round.”

Looking at Dave killed some of Katie’s confidence. The last two rounds had been easy. Knocking out this boy would not be easy. The girl that Katie had selected as Zak’s squeeze toy looked visibly nervous.

Katie attempted to reassure her. She couldn’t let Zak know that she wasn’t so sure about this round, after all. “It’ll be fine, honey. There’s really nothing my legs can’t handle. Just… try to stay awake for me, okay?”

The girl just nodded.

“Well, are we going to start round three, or what?” asked Zak, confidence restored. With a little help from Dave, this could be the start of his comeback. He might just get his legs around his mom’s neck after all. He really needed her face back in his crotch.

“Eager to start for once?” asked Katie as their respective dummies lay down on the mat on their backs, “You don’t think I can knock this guy out, do you?”

Zak shrugged. “I’m not saying that… but I’ve never seen anyone knock out Dave before. Not even me.”

“That’s not saying too much,” said Katie, getting her legs into position around Dave’s strong neck, “Since I’m clearly better at knocking people out than you are.”

Katie looked back at Dave. “This is your new bedtime, Dave.”

“Good luck with that, Mom,” said Zak.

“Thanks, but I don’t need luck, honey.”


Katie tried to really flex every muscle in her legs at once. She was trying so hard that the muscles in her toned back looked tense too, as did her flat stomach. Katie arched her back, feeling Dave’s muscular neck between her thighs. It felt like it might be giving. She knew the pressure back there must be intense. She crossed her ankles. Her bare feet were balanced on the very tips of her toes. It was like every part of her was really straining with the effort of choking out this boy. His hands were at his sides, resting on the mat. He didn’t feel the need to grab onto her in a panic, which she didn’t like… but she was sure he wasn’t going to last long. There was one way in which he was visibly reacting like the other boys at least. She could see that he was starting to really stretch those briefs…

“Ready for your first ever knock out, Dave?” asked Katie. The physical effort she was putting in could be heard in her voice for the first time.

“Not yet…”

He could talk?! This wasn’t great. Katie looked over at her son. The girl between his thighs looked like she was scared and starting to go out. She was really trying to pull Zak’s legs apart, clearly worried that Katie wasn’t going to save her neck in time.

This girl clearly wasn’t going to last as long as Dave was, even though Katie was sure that she was out-squeezing her son. How was this fair? Whatever. She was still determined to win. She was going to beat her son three to zero, three in a row, and then get his neck back between her legs where it belonged. She wasn’t going to lose even one round in front of his classmates, aka her fanbase.

Katie kept squeezing and squeezing, really letting her solid muscles dig into Dave’s neck… but he wasn’t going anywhere. And Zak was doing the same thing, just relentlessly squeezing his dummie between his lean thighs. But she was starting to fade. Katie thought she saw her eyes flicker a little. Her grip on Zak’s bare legs was staring to slip…

But there was one last thing that Katie knew she could do. She might be a little inexperienced, but she’d watched her son wrestle countless time and she did, at this point, have a some scissoring knowledge. She folded her legs into a figure four. Dave really wasn’t prepared for this, or for just how much ass Katie really had.

Katie’s toned, muscular calf pushed Dave’s face deeper and deeper into her ass. The brutally tight thigh triangle made sure that his face was wedged right between her cheeks. It was utterly inescapable. He was going to be smothered to sleep by Katie’s big, juicy butt unless Zak saved him.

“How’s that, Dave?” Katie asked him.


“Yeah. That’s what I thought. That’s what I prefer to hear. Goodnight, honey.”

Dave, who had never been knocked out before and really didn’t want to start now, put his hands on Katie’s legs and tried to yank them apart and free himself. His arms were strong, much stronger than the other boy’s had been. But they weren’t strong enough to free his face from this thigh vice. It was over for him. He pushed at her ass, which did nothing as well.

Zak looked over and saw that Dave was now really being put to sleep.

“You’re next, Zak,” said Katie, smiling at her son. She pointed to Dave’s mostly smothered face. “I hope you’re ready.”

Zak wasn’t ready. No. He couldn’t let his own mom choke him out in front of the class again. He decided to put his dummie into a figure four too.

“Copying me, huh?” Katie laughed, “Not a bad idea, but I don’t think your ass is going to be quite as good at this as mine is…”

Zak reached behind him and grabbed the girl’s ponytail, pulling her face in as deep as he could. He tried to burry her face in his ass. But he really didn’t have as much ass as his mom did.

“There you go, Dave…” said Katie as her victim’s hands slid off of her ass. “Good boy. Here comes your first knockout. And if you’re going to get knocked out, this isn’t a bad way to do it, right?”

She could feel Dave nod in agreement against her ass before his limbs began to twitch. He was out, and she had won. Zak let his girl go, visibly frustrated. She was barely conscious. The girls cheered for Katie, their new wrestling inspiration.

“I think we should make Dave’s first knockout special, don’t you guys think so?” Katie asked the girls.

The girls, many of whom had been choked out by Dave at some point, agreed.

Katie continued to squeeze at 100% full power while the girls cheered her on. She held Dave’s face tightly between her cheeks. He started to snore into her ass. She kept squeezing. He stopped snoring. She kept squeezing. Katie squeezed Dave for a full thirty seconds after he’d been knocked out before finally, mercifully letting him go.

She stood up with her hands on her hips and planted a foot on Dave’s face. The girls cheered for her and took some pictures and videos of Dave’s very first knockout. He definitely wouldn’t be forgetting it any time soon. Nobody who had watched it would either. It was the most brutal knockout any of them had ever seen, and Katie had done it with her thick thighs and her fat ass. Just about every boy in the room now had a pretty serious bulge going on. The amount of them who were hopelessly enamored with Zak’s mom was now at an all time high.

Katie stepped off of Dave’s face when he started to cough and wake up. She turned to her son. “Your turn, honey.
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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

I wished she knock him out with a full frontal headscissor, possibly a figure four.
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Default Re: Mother vs. Son Headscissor Challenge

Part 5

The girls cheered. Some of the guys cheered too, even though they knew their friend Zak would kind of hate that. But they were too horny to really worry about that now.

“It’s time for your knockout.”

Zak stared at his mom’s legs, the legs that had just knocked out three of his classmates in a row. Knocked them out hard. He was suddenly really regretting this whole thing and having some serious second thoughts.

“I… I, uh, I don’t know, really…”

Katie started to rub her hand up and down her thigh, sort of like she was sharpening the knife she was about to use to decapitate him. “What do you mean you don’t know? It’s very simple. You’re going to lay down, and I’m going to knock you out because I won the challenge.”

“Y-Yeah, but I mean… I don’t know if I really feel like I’m…”

“Oh come on, honey,” said Katie, “There’s really no getting out of this now. This whole thing was your idea, remember?”

Zak was just staring at those thick thighs, remembering how brutal his last time between them had been. “Y-Yeah, but…”

Katie wasn’t the only one who was getting tired of Zak’s (weak) excuses. His classmates started to urge him on:

“Come on, Zak.”

“Yeah, just do it.”

“Don’t be a bitch, Zak.”

“Yeah, we want to see her knock you out again ahaha.”

Zak knew there was nothing he could do to avoid his fate. It had all been his idea after all. He’d never be able to show his face in class again if he didn’t face up to his mom’s legs. His fate was already sealed between those thighs. He lay down on the mat. Katie stood over him, hands on her hips, looking down with a smile. She started to lay down on him, but then she changed her mind and got up. Had she actually decided to show him some mercy?

“Hmm… you know what, I think I’m going to make this last one a little more interesting…”

Katie then stunned every boy in the room, including her son, by pulling down her shorts to reveal a tiny little black thong. It wasn’t as though her shorts had left too much to their imaginations, but now there was really next to nothing. Her ass was just so firm, so juicy, so bouncy and thick… it totally hypnotized every boy there. The girls were a mix of impressed, jealous, and possibly a little turned on as well.

“Someone is going to record this one too, right?” Katie asked her audience.

Multiple people took their phones out, and Zak knew that this was going to end up getting a ton of views online too.

Now that Katie’s perfect legs and ass were on full display, she got down onto her son and wrapped up his neck. Zak instantly remembered just how strong they really were.

“Since this isn’t a race anymore, I think I’m gong to take my time with you,” said Katie, adjusting her legs a bit, trying to find the perfect position for him.

She shifted her legs slightly until she had him right where she wanted him, then slowly began to squeeze. It wasn’t like the challenge, where she instantly flexed everything she had and went in for the kill right away. She slowly increased the pressure… slowly squeezing a little bit more… slowly ramping up the pressure… her muscles began to swell around him… her thighs were so huge when she really got going and the pressure started to become too much for Zak.

Zak’s every instinct was to tap and beg for mercy, but he knew he wouldn’t receive any. He knew he was starting to get a major bulge in his briefs that would show up in the multiple videos, but there was nothing he could do about it. There was nothing he could do about anything. He was totally under his mom’s control. He put his hands on her firm ass, not because he was trying to escape, but because he simply couldn’t resist… this was the first time he’d ever seen this much of her bubble butt and he just couldn’t keep his hands off… where had his mom been hiding this?

“Zak, I know you’re just appreciating Mom’s ass, but let’s keep the hands off,” she said, “I want everyone to be able to see it clearly in the video.”

Zak obediently slid his hands off her ass and down onto her thighs, clutching onto them hard.

“You know what, let’s just say hands off completely. I don’t want them taking away from the real view.”

Zak put his hands down onto the mat.

“Put them behind your back, honey. I don’t want you to forget once I start to really squeeze.”

Zak did as he was told. But she hadn’t really started squeezing?! Zak almost didn’t believe it until suddenly Katie folded her legs into a figure four and Zak started to get totally swallowed up by his mom’s juicy ass. The harder she squeezed with those incredible, anaconda thighs, the deeper in he went and the more completely he was smothered. His neck, jaw, and head were just being totally crushed.

“You really thought you were going to win this time, didn’t you?” asked Katie with a laugh, “You actually thought you’d be the one doing this to me. I thought you would have learned your lesson last time. Well I guess it’s my job to remind you of when bedtime is, just like when you were little…”

Zak began to snort and convulse underneath her.

“There we go…”

The girls cheered Katie on as she kept crushing her son until he was snoring in her ass.

“Should I keep going?” Katie asked her audience.

Cheers from Zak’s classmates of both genders.

Katie kept squeezing hard, keeping Zak’s face buried in her perfect ass. Zak’s snoring was snuffed out.

“More?” Katie asked them again.

More cheers.

Katie kept her tight hold on Zak, brutally squeezing him long after he’d passed out. Finally, after what felt like forever, she let him go. He was deeply asleep. He couldn’t see her stand up and pose over him. Not yet, anyway. He’d have to wait for the videos to get posted. Then he’d be able to see exactly how his mom had put him to sleep again.


Six months later, Zak was doing his homework in his room, minding his own business. He hadn’t been knocked out all since his last challenge with his mom. Nobody in his class was really a match for him, after all.

Katie knocked, then opened the door. For the first time in a while, she was wearing shorts again. Short shorts that showed off her long, muscular legs. Shorts that basically gave Zak headscissor PTSD. She had kind of stopped wearing shorts like this around the house for the most part since the challenge…

“My ride to the airport is almost here,” she said, walking behind Zak’s chair and putting her hands on his shoulders, “You’re not going to have a wild house party every day while I’m gone, are you?”

“No, Mom…”

“Good. You better not.”

Katie sat down on Zak’s bed. Zak swiveled his chair around to look at her and her gorgeous legs. She was absentmindedly running a hand up and down her thigh…

“You know, I’ve kind of been wanting to knock you out again.”


Katie laughed, spreading her legs a little. “Yeah. It’s fun.”

“Mom, no…”

“Come on. Just a quick one before I have to leave. I mean, I’m not going to see you for a whole week.”

Zak was now openly staring at his mom’s legs as she rubbed them. He was totally hypnotized once again. It was like he was being drawn back in against his will. It had been a while since he saw them… or got to feel them…

Katie slapped her thigh. “Just let Mom put you down for a nap real quick before I go.”

“Well, okay…”

Katie sat on the edge of the bed. Zak crawled over to her and got down on his knees between her legs. He lowered his face down into her crotch. Her hungry thighs closed shut around him. Her ankles crossed behind his head. She began to squeeze those thick thighs and Zak immediately started to get light headed.

“There you go, honey. Go to sleep…”

Zak put his hands on his mom’s thighs, but they quickly slid off, he was just too weak… his arms twitched and he snorted hard into her crotch.


Zak snorted again. Katie kept squeezing hard. The snorting stopped. He was out cold. Katie let his neck go and pushed him back gently, letting him fall down onto the carpet.

“Sweet dreams, honey.”
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