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Pinned Down Kelly is Unstoppable

Kelly - Kelly - Kelly - As she is walking out to the ring.
She is chanting and trying to get the crowd to cheer her on as she walks to the ring
wearing nothing but Gold around her waist and a sexy green Thong Bikini.
She is looking a little rough as she has been through several intense matches, but no one is able to stand up
to her power in this arena. She wears a belt from an unknown organization yelling out she is the CHAMP.
She tells everyone she has beaten 3 men in the last 2 days, 6 women, and 2 tag teams.
She brags and looks crazy obsessed as she pulls her hair. People in the crowd look nervous because she
appears to be very unstable.

Well, it looks like MEN are scared and Woman are in Hiding. I have beaten Everything and everyone and no one
around here dares to fight me - Look what I did to ..the two little boys Roger and Randy!
They can't stop calling my name. Even the ladies comforting them had to call my name to remind themselves that I
am the dominating Bitch in this place ... And Yet, NO Champ! No Man or Woman dares to fight me!

I had a quick match with some fat girl named Shanti -
I even defeated Shanti that has claimed to have beaten me over and over - Where is she now? Oh, that's right!
She is in the hospital with 2 little boys. As Kelly Laughs and the crowd looks on.
So - WHO is willing and able to fight me? no one in the wrestling arena - Any MAN or Woman in the Crowd?

Several of the men are talking as Kelly looks over at this one guy talking a lot of trash. Come on up-
What is your name asks Kelly.. My Name is Darren. Well Darren, you think you can fight and beat ... Shut up bitch,
yells Darren. I have been in many fights over the years, I was in the mil.. miliary .. Oh Wow, Says Kelly - So you are a
soldier ... Darren tells Kelly, he will take the belt and make her feel what a Real Fight is like. Kelly goes to her corner
and takes off the belt and her bra. Leaving Darren nearly speechless as her body is Rock Hard Perfect.
Her little bikini bottom is being waved around to the crowd has she pulls it off and throws it over to his friends.
She tells them, here keep this and remind him that my Columbian pussy was on his face as he laid in the ring
Darren's friends begin to laugh and tell her that she is going to take a beating and be careful with her words.
This is for the TITLE yells out Kelly - This is for the title I have beaten so many men -
This is the title I put up against MEN in the AEW, WWE , NxT and ABCDEFG as she laughs like a crazy lunatic.

Darren refuses to undress completely as he will leave his Boxer shorts on but Kelly notices, he is more than average. She
walks over and whispers, let me see it - It looks big. He tells her, bitch, I am nearly 11 inches of pure
hard cock. Kelly is begging to see it as she tells him, you know Darren, when I beat you , it will be out for the world
to see and I will embarrass you - So you might as well show it to me as you are still conscious!
He pulls out his LONG penis! WOW - WOW!! Everyone commenting as this is Unbelievable. WOW, yells Kelly - HOW IS THAT?!?!?
EVEN Possible?!?!?! Darren Laughs and tells her that it was from male enhancements and a cosmetic surgery when he
wrestled women in the past. He tells Kelly, just so you know, I am 30-0 in my fighting days as I have dominated women
with this huge Penis. Kelly is looking a little intimidated as she is not sure how to even react to something that long
dominating her. OMG you better Fuck me so Hard Yells Kelly! I submit as she claps, smiles and begins to drool purposely on her breasts.

The bell sounds as Darren looks over and decides to just take it all off- The crowd is going crazy as Woman are BEGGING Darren
for his large hard unbelievable size. Kelly goes over to the ropes and points her Large sexy round ass towards him. She tells him,
please I am curious, I want to feel it right here, right now.
DING DING DING... She Bends down, holding the ropes, without
wasting Time, Darren goes behind the Champ and RAMS it in her. Her Eyes nearly bulging out of her head as he is gripping her
by her sides and thrusting his large penis into her body. Kelly can't move as she is just being dominated by nearly 11 inches.
Kelly yells out: Oh Wow, Ref... this match is almost. I am about to ... oh wow.. This is so amazing. Lad.. Ladies, I am about
Kelly's leg is shaking as she goes down to the mat, Darren behind her as he holds on as Kelly falls on her stomach. Her arms
are spread out her ass is in the air and Darren is just ramming the so-called Champion .. She tells everyone she is about to
Cum as she screams... This is IT -- OMG REF... RING the BELL... AS Kelly is Yelling and Shaking!

The referee not sure what to do as this is a TKO match. Darren thinks he is winning but only to know the match
is not won by pinfall, it is won by a knockout. As Kelly shakes, Darren gets up off of her and flips her over, Kelly's eyes
look like they are in the back of her head as her legs are way in the AIR. Darren gets up on top of Kelly and once again
INSERTS deep within her. He pins her and he begins to Yell 1..2...3. He Jumps up and puts his hands in the air.
I WIN AGAIN!! I TOLD YOU BITCH... I WIN!!! You DIDNT Even have a chance. The referee tells Darren that he did not win as it
is a TKO Match!! WHAT?!?! You Mean?!!? I didnít Win yells Darren.. No because...As Darren is arguing with the Referee,
Kelly gets up off the Mat, walks over and shakes off the enjoyment she took from an 11-inch penis. She gets herself in position
as Darren's friends are trying to warn him to be careful. Darren turns around and SPEAR!!!! SHE NAILS IT!!! SPEAR!!!!
Darren's body goes flying to the outside as he is rolling on the ground in pain .

Kelly walking around the ring laughing as she sees Darren rolling outside the ring . Kelly jumps down and then watching
Darren slowly get up as he is walking close to the announcer table.. Here SHE COMES As She Jumps up and SOLID PUNCH Right into
the mouth!!! Darren's body falls back onto the announcerís table. He rolls and falls to the ground. Kelly picking him up
and SLAMS His Head into the table. COME ON DARREN!!!! I Thought you can beat me!!! I am a Woman.. And I am kicking your..
Darren with a solid punch right into her gut.. She falls to One Knee. Darren grabbing her by the hair and throws her right into
a row of chairs. Ye.. yes.. Bitch.. I am going to break you.r.. Darren runs over to the chairs only to have Kelly's foot
planted into his stomach and Flipped into the chairs behind her. Both Darren and Kelly are now on the ground hurting.

Nearly 5 minutes of back and forth punching as both Darren and Kelly are struggling to get the upper hand. Kelly
standing up and Darren standing both facing each other. They begin to throw solid punches at one another as Kelly takes a right
into the mouth only to send her to the ground again. Darren thinks she is out as he puts his foot on her chest - Kelly
punches Darren right into the back of his leg - He GOES DOWN TO THE GROUND holding the back of his leg screaming in pain.
Kelly, stomps him in the stomach, again and again. He lays on the ground flat, as Kelly gets in Position as she grabs
him by his knees, her body UP IN THE AIR Over him, Legs spread wide. OH NO Yells the announcer, this is her Cheerleader SPLIT!

As Her Round Large ass Crashes and Bounces on his face! Darren's friends cannot believe this , he is taking a beating at the
hands of a woman!!! Kelly, picks up Darren again, and slams his head into the table. He is trying to crawl away from her but she
kicks him in the back.. He is on the ground holding his back and his leg.. But Kelly behind him getting in position as she
locks his legs and his arms behind him. Oh No..His Friends are yelling for the ref to stop this. Kelly has him in a rocking
position as his head - SMACK SMACK SMACK... His head hitting the metal steps as Kelly Swings his body back and forth locking his
arms and his legs. He is Busted open!!! Kelly drops his face on the steps. She opens his legs, look at that Penis as she
yells to the crowd. PUNCH!!! She Punches him right in the balls.. Darren has never NEVER NEVER been in this type of Brutal
fight against anyone!!
Kelly, standing over a bloody Darren as he lays right beneath Kelly. Look at this!! Yells Kelly, the man is looking like
a Video Game soldier! What happened to you Darren? You been beaten by a Columbian girl? You are a military guy remember? Darren
can barely speak.. He is laying there but then takes his foot and Rams it right into Kelly's stomach... He flips her off the second
second step as she is tossed right into the announcer table and onto the floor. Kelly is holding her stomach
and then Darren gets up kicking and stomping on her body.. He picks her up by her head and punch punch punch to the chest, her
face, and her stomach. She is crying for mercy. She is hurting pleas.. Ple.. as he holds her by the head, the referee notices
blood running down the side of Darren's leg. Face Slams, fists, knee--- Kelly is busted open!!!!!

Darren throws Kelly into the ring as she rolls around in pain. Darren gets into the ring standing over her as Kelly tries to kick
Darren . He picks up Kelly and SLAMS HER Face Right into the ring post.. Another and then Darren FLIPS Her over with a PILE Driver!!!!
OH MY GOD Yells out the Announcer, Kelly's face is a Bloody mess!!!!! She is still conscious as she lays on the ground with
Darren's foot once again on her chest. The referee checks her as he tells everyone, she is still in the match!
Darren is a bit frustrated as he kicks her a few times and then resting in the corner trying to catch a breather. The
crowd is telling him to be careful. People are starting to see Kelly get up as Darren turns around - Kelly JUMPS UP!!!!
STUNNER!!!! SHE HITS a NASTY Stunner as their bodies both come crashing into the mat... Kelly once again finds herself wiping
all the blood running down her face.. Kelly looks possessed and She is Swiping the blood from her eye - Bitch - You are going to
Pay DEARLY for this as she Looks at him with anger in her face!

Darren is barely conscious at this point. Kelly jumping up pulling Darren by his hair.. Standing
him up on his feet.. He is hurting as he looks like he is in another world. Kelly goes behind him and SUPLEX!!!
She Sends him flying down to the mat, she goes behind him again, as she stands him up... She is bleeding all over Darren as she
is trying to stand up behind him, she begins to jack him off in the middle of the ring... Darren is not fighting back. He is
weak. Kelly pushes him into the ropes and SPEAR!!!!!! She nails it and both Kelly and Darren are down!!!!
Darren is crying for mercy.. Pleas.. Pl.. God, help! i m done! NO mo..re. Pl- I giv..

Kelly responds - No it's not over yet soldier. She scoots into position and head scissors Darren as she then lifts his
legs above his head. Darren lays there with his arms sprawled out - His Legs are locked up over his head..
Kelly grabbing and rubbing his massive penis!! She is making him shake as Darren is semi-conscious and now being sexually beaten!
As she continues to rub, his ass is bouncing and finally a HUGE RELEASE.. IT IS ALL OVER HIS CHEST!!!! Kelly begins to Laugh!
I just made him CUM on his own Chest.. OH THAT IS SO HOT!!!!

Kelly takes her hand, wipes her face and then wipes the cum off of his chest and SPREADS IT ALL OVER HIS FACE!!!
Darren can't do anything but lay there feeling his own juices as Kelly tells him, I told you I would embarrass you!
Kelly crawls up and releases his legs - She then rubs her pussy all over his nose and face. Darren's friends looking on in
disbelief as they see him being humiliated and completely Dominated.

Darren lays in the ring as Kelly- SPLASH!!! Right on his Body!!! Darren is barely moving as kelly gets in position,
she grabs his knees again - Darren's friends are yelling for this to STOP - Kelly Once again, WAY UP IN THE AIR - HIS
eyes are barely open not realizing her Ass is about to SMASH!!!! RIGHT ONTO HIS FACE AS HER ASS BOUNCES UP AND DOWN ON HIS FACE!!!!
Kelly standing up looking down at him? Are you done?
Ye..s.. You .. win.. Not yet says Kelly. I need to knock your ass out!!
No.. kelly ple.. Im sor..y for thi..s I didn.. nt know..
Kelly picks up Darren again, he is standing up as the crowd is just in pure disbelief, Kelly continues to jack off Darren again
and then SUPLEX!!! SHE SENDS HIS BODY INTO THE MAT as his Large Penis flops only for Kelly to STOMP!
The Crowd is looking Horrified as she is BRUTAL. Kelly is grinning - This is it
FOLKS - SHE Gets in Position one more time, this time, she is GRABBING HIS LARGE Cum filled penis and ANOTHER CHEERLEADER
SPLIT Right on his face as her ASS just SMASHES Down on his Bloody face. No Movement as she gets up - The Ref
Checking and yells --- HE IS OUT!!
Kelly is sitting on top of Darren's face as her pussy covers his nose and mouth. She rubs it up
and down back and forth making him taste her juices... Both fighters full of blood. Kelly is still wiping her face
from the fight... Darren is out!! The Referee tells her to get up!
Kelly looks down at his friends and tells them - I thought you guys were Tough?!?!
His friends begin to insult her as she tells them - Whenever you are ready to fight, I will destroy you boyz. THey know
as Darren was the strongest of them. They are not going near her at this time. Darren is taking Kelly's body as she begins to
lay back and expose her pussy. THe crowd is loving it - She begins to finger herself and shaking as Darren's body lays helpless under
her - She begins to shake as his mouth feels her fingers and wet pussy! The Referee wants to pull her off of him but he knows
she will flip out and do more damage.
Kelly shaking and tells Darren - USA U.. S.. SHe begins to SHAKE -- OH MY ... OH .. F..CK!!! I CUM!!!!!!! A!!!!!!
The crowd is booing as she not only defeated Darren but she insults him telling him he is a pathetic soldier-- that can't beat a
strong muscular WOMAN!

The Medics rush to the ring, they help Kelly off of him and she falls to the ground laughing and kicking her legs from her orgasm.
Both fighters are being wiped off and Darren is now woken as he does not want to look at anyone or anything.
His friends want to come down to the ring but with all the medical staff and people, they wait outside as they watch him getting
treatment from the fight.
Kelly jumps up and rolls out of the ring... She grabs a microphone and walks over to his friends... Now boyz.. Help me out...
She is now hugging on both guys as they want to do something but know this girl is more than they can handle.. I want you to announce
to the audience - that Kelly is the WINNER!! Tell Everyone that Kelly beat Darren to a pulp, and he was knocked out. Or I am
forced to fight and do more damage...
Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your Winner - KELLY! no No no says Kelly - I need more...
Ladies and Gentlemen, Your CHAMPTION that BEAT OUR FRIEND Darren to a Bloody Pulp, Defeated a Top Male Fighter,
Made him lose to a Woman, He is now 30-1, your Goddess - KELLY!!!!!
They throw the microphone down and all the guys begin to walk away - Kelly standing in the audience with her Hands above her head
watching the medics attend to Darren's body.
She notices her sexy green Thong on the ground and then walks back into the ring... Here, I want you to have this as she
SHOVES her Thong into his Mouth!! Taste my Pussy as you have been Beaten By a woman! Bitch, you are now 30-1. I win!
Kelly grabs her title and walks up the ramp looking on ---
Meanwhile back in the ring -

Darren sits on the ground, with medical, the referee, and others around him
trying to convince him, he is a Fighter, he is a champion, and a warrior. He is breaking down and can't stand the embarrassment.
Darren will never be the same. He has never faced someone like Kelly.

As she continues to talk about this, bragging about how Great she is - out of nowhere,
YVONNE getting ready to hit Kelly with a Stunner ... but STOPS?!!?
Everyone is ready to cheer but not sure what has happened... Yvonne picks up the title... Hands it to Kelly and Raises her hands.
Kelly realizes Yvonne - The InterGender Champ is here.
Yvonne Kisses Kelly on the lips and Kelly kissing Yvonne while grabbing her sexy round ass... No one is believing this ... Kelly smiles and wipes her mouth.. WELL WELL WELL.. WOW
that was a Surprise... mmmmmm yummy yells Kelly.

Kelly and Yvonne holding each other's hands as they Kiss and touch each other - We are the MALE, FEMALE , and EVERY OTHER CHAMPION in this ARENA
Yvonne , You are my CHAMPION as she kneels down . Kelly, You are a Fighting Goddess and I submit to you!
The Fans are Booing both of them. No one is believing this as Kelly and Yvonne are now hand in hand walking out of the Arena together.

Later that night, they were spotted at a local Sheraton Hotel as they Dominated one another in Bed. Complaints of loud banging, loud noises, screaming, and sounds of loud Orgasms -
Kelly is heard Submitting and Yvonne doing the same repeatedly through the LONG night.
Were they really wrestling? We will never know.

The End.
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