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Judo Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

This happened a few years ago. I've been going out with a girl for several months at this point. I'm a 25 years old man around around 180 cm(5.9 feet) and 80 kg(176 lbs). The girl in this story is called Viktoria and she is 24 years old around 170 cm(5.57 feet) and 75 kg(165 lbs) and she is also a black belt judoka.She has blonde hair with a face which gives you the feeling she couldn't hurt anybody. She has a muscular body type but what got my attention for the first time was here thighs. She has thick thighs where you can see her muscles bulging each time she takes a step. She has been doing judo since she was 10 years old and she told me several times how she loves newaza when they are fighting on the ground against each other. She told me stories about how she loves the feeling that she can easily overpower them and the feeling of the opponent tapping out to her when she puts them into a hold, and that she knocked out people with different types of chokes several times. I asked her about how much weight does she train with in the gym when she is not doing judo and these are the numbers.
Bench press: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Squats: 145 kg (320 lbs)
Deadlift: 170 kg (375 lbs)

This happened after a dinner when we got to my flat to chill for the rest of the evening. We sat down into the couch and I turned on my TV which was left on a sports channel when I left. The channel was broadcasting judo at the moment I turned it on we watched it for several minutes and when the two judokas on the TV got to the ground and started fighting there it got into my mind that I always wanted to try some holds with her and this was the perfect opportunity so I said to her:

"I think I could escape any of your judo holds."
"Really, you think you could?" she said that with a small grin on her face.
"Yep, easily". I said confidently.
"Let's bet on it if you are so confident." I could easily see an ever bigger grin on her face.
"I'm listening."
"I will put you into two of my favourite judo holds. If you manage to escape even one of them I will take you to the super expensive Italian place in town and pay for everything, but if you can't escape any of them before I tap you out you will pay."

I was thinking about it really hard because this restaurant in the town was the most expensive but also the best. Unfortunately the meals for two people start at around 300 USD. At that time I had 400 USD in my account which I could use for entertainment and I was saving up for a Xbox Series X which cost 500 USD and I still needed two months of paycheck to be able to buy it and if I lose this and I have to pay at this restaurant I won't have an Xbox for another 6 months.

She saw that I was thinking really hard and said the following:
"I see you are not that confident now that there is something on the line."
I didn't want to be a coward so I had to accept this bet.
"Alright I'm in but let's say that at the restaurant we can only ask for a drink, a main course and a dessert for each of us in order to not bankrupt the other one."
"It's fine by me." As she was telling that she also put in front her right arm in order to shake hands with me on this bet.
As I shook hands with her she told me the following while looking into my eye with a huge smile on her face:
"Thank you for the free meal. I wanted to go to this restaurant a long time ago but there wasn't a dumb enough boy like you to challenge me in judo."
"I hope you are ready for this surprise with which I will delete that huge smile from your face."
"Oh wow enough talk and let's see how quickly I will be able to make you tap."

With that we started creating more space in the living room by pushing all the furnitures to the walls. When the room was ready she started explaining me the hold which we will start with.
"So the first hold is going to be a juji gatame or armbar in english. I need you to lie down on the floor."

When I did that she sat on my right side close to my chest. As it was summer she was wearing a small short pants and that small tank top which exposes her belly. She continued to put me into the hold my putting her left thigh over my neck and her right thigh over my chest while putting my right arm between her two thighs. After she started positioning her thighs over me to lock me firmly in place. I felt that it was really tight but I thought in myself that it must be because I'm not fighting against her yet and her thighs are going to ease up once I start escaping. I've seen on the TV that the judokas grip there two arms together to give them more time to escape so I grabbed my left biceps with my right hand and also put my left forearm on top of my right so I will also be able to push down on my right arm when she tries to pull it backward. As we both settled into our preferred positions she started a countdown.

"We will start in 3, 2, 1 and goo."

At that moment I immediately started to try and escape. My first attempt was sitting up but when I did that I came in contact with her huge thighs full of muscle my abs were burning from my effort to lift her thighs up so I can slide out but I realised I had no chance of lifting her thighs up they were holding me down with such force they didn't even budge at all. My thought that her thighs are going to ease up went straight into the trash as she didn't even break a sweat to hold me down.

After my first attempt she looked at me with a cute face for which to defend such an escape attempt was an easy thing and said the following.
"I though I will give you an attempt to try and escape without me attacking your arm but you failed so now get ready for pain, you know if you can't bear it anymore just tap my thighs to signal your surrender to me."
With that she leaned forward crossing her right arm under both of my arms. At this point I knew my only chance to win is if she doesn't get my arm and can't apply the overextension to my elbow as I knew that those thighs have so much muscle and power in them which is unmatchable to my upper body strength and I won't be able to get them off from my neck and chest.

After that she crossed her arm under mine she put her left hand on my right hand with which I was holding onto my left biceps. She started twisting my right hand in a way which put a huge pressure on my wrist and it started hurting for me but I knew I can't let my grip break because that would put her one step closer to tapping me out. With each second where I didn't let go of my grip the pain in my wrist just grew and grew up to a point where I couldn't bear it anymore and I let go of it.

I tried squirming with my whole body to free myself from her thighs but it was futile they held me down so much by this point that I wasn't able to lift up my head even a bit. When the grip broke she started leaning backwards I felt my right arm following her motion so I started flexing my arms and I also started pushing down with my left arm on my right forearm to prevent my arm from straightening but she tore this grip apart so easily like if it wasn't even there.
She completed the motion of leaning backwards with my arm tightly locked to her body. She was lying there with my arm completely straightened, I tried some last attempts to curl my arm back up but it didn't move at all no matter how much I wanted.

At this point we both knew what's going to come next but she didn't want to tap me out yet it was as if she was waiting for me to say something but I couldn't because I was so speechless of how effortlessly she held me down with her thighs and broke all my grips to straighten my arm.
She broke the silence and said the following:
"You know what's going to happen next."
She said it with a tone as she knew from the beginning this is how it is going to end.
It doesn't matter how much I didn't want to admit it I knew I was beaten and I don't have any chance to do anything so I said:
"Yes, I know."
"If you tap out now I won't put pressure on your elbow and I let you go so you don't have to feel the pain which I usually cause for my opponents."
I wanted to hold out as much as I could and the cocky side of me started talking.
"I'm not a weakling like your opponents, I won't tap"
"Alright, you asked for it. I'm sure you will change your mind soon."
With that said she started putting pressure on my elbow and all I could do was just lie there and try to endure the pain.
"You know if I was in your place I would tap out now before I start pouring more pressure on your arm."
I didn't tap. She slowly started putting more pressure on my arm and it felt like my elbow is going to pop out of it's place and the tendons and ligaments in my arm are going to be teared apart and with the fact that I'm not able to relieve any pain from my arm and she can just pressure it as much as she wants I raised my free hand to her thighs and tapped it three times signaling my surrender.

Immediately she stopped overextending my elbow and let my arm go.
"Finally, I thought I will have to break your arm to make you tap."
All I could do was a sigh of relief, after getting my arm back I started massaging my elbow to kill the pain in it which is still present.
"You could have saved yourself from this pain if you would have listened to me and tapped."
I wanted to sit up but her thighs were still over me.
"Sorry I guess you want to sit up." She lifted her thighs up and I sat up.
"Shit, this really hurt my arm." I said while I was still massaging my elbow.
"I gave you the opportunity to tap before I started pouring the pressure but you were stubborn and refused so you gave me no choice. I hope you will learn from it for my next hold."

My heart stopped a bit I was so focused on this one that I totally forgot about the other move. She noticed this on my face.
"Oh look at your face, you are not so sure about escaping after this? You know I'm not forcing anything on you, so if you want to quit and give up you can do that but after you can start calling the restaurant to reserve our table." She said that with a confident, mocking voice.
"You are not getting this dinner so easily, I just need a few more minutes then I'm ready for it."
"I hoped you would answer that I can't wait to crush your head between my thighs."
After having experienced the strength in her thighs and how effortlessly she could hold me firmly to the ground where I couldn't even move at all. This didn't sound good for me to say the least.
"What will be the next move?" I asked it curiously.
"It's going to be my favourite one. The sankaku jime or also known as the triangle choke."
"How is that going to look like?"
"It will be fun I will put your head and one of your arms between my thighs, I will lock them in a triangle shape and from there you know the rules. You either escape or tap. I would start preparing myself for the tap if I were you." She blinked one of her eyes at me.
"So you will be only fighting me with your legs this time?" I asked seeing a tiny light of hope.
"Yep, only my huge thighs against your silly face."
"I might have a bigger chance of escape because I only have to fight your thighs this time and not your arms."
"Come and try your theory out." She said that with the biggest smile I'ver ever seen on her face while also simultaneously lying on her right side, opening her left thigh and tapping her right thigh with her hand nicely inviting me between her juicy thighs.
At this moment I didn't realize what will await me once I'm locked between them.

End of part 1.
I hope you enjoyed the first part of how it all began. If will post the 2nd part where I was in her sankaku jime later. I might be able to get permission to post some pictures of her by that time.
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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

Thread approved
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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

Thank you for the great story; I am looking forward to part 2
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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

Wow great story
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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

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Judo Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

As she tapped her right thigh with her hand again I started approaching her thighs without knowing what will await me.
"Alright lie flat on your back with your head resting on my thigh and I will set up the sankaku jime."
I did as she asked. My head was resting on her right thigh while her left thigh was still in the air. When I arrived into this position she grabbed my left arm and pulled it in between her thighs then I saw her left thigh closing in on me. I saw her putting her left ankle into her right knee pit and then she completely sealed me into this hold by curling her right leg. The pressure was already so immense that I had to remind her not to squeeze before the countdown began.
"Hey, you know there is no squeezing before the countdown." I said it with a groan at the end. She let out a slight laugh.
"Oh this is going to be fun, I'm not even squeezing yet." She said it with a huge grin on her face.
At this point I was really shocked I had no idea how I'm going to escape this hold if this already hurts so much without her even squeezing at all.

Everything was set up by both of us so she started the countdown.
"Okay, try to escape in 3, 2, 1 and goo."
She squeezed her thighs together a bit and I immediately gave off a huge groan.
"Come on I didn't even squeeze you yet, I'm just holding my thighs together slightly so you can't escape."
I was between the huge muscular thighs of her feeling the muscles squeezing me with a huge force. I felt her thighs on my neck and face and my left hand was resting on her left thigh which was over me and I could feel that her muscles didn't even start to contract at all yet, so she was telling the truth that she isn't trying at all to cause me any pain.

I was desperate so I tried pulling my head and arm from between her thighs but I was locked up so much that I didn't even move at all. After that I tried to pry her legs open but all I achieved with that was to make her laugh at my with my futile attempts.

"I think you won't be escaping so let's make this end quickly. Are you ready for my squeeze?" She said it with an overly confident voice.
It appeared to me again what we bet and that if she makes my tap most of my savings will be gone and I won't have an xbox for another half a year so I tried to ask her for mercy.
"Please, let me go I'll be honest with you, if I have to take you to this restaurant I won't be able to buy an xbox for another 6 months which I wanted for a long time."
"Why should I care, you said so confidently that you will be able to escape my holds, now is your chance. Escape it and you will have your xbox and I will have to take you to the restaurant so it will be a double win for you."
"I know but now I realise I was dumb when I said that I could easily escape them, please spare me."
"Yeah you were dumb and now you will have to pay for it. Sorry that's how life works."
"Please." I begged to her one last time.
"Enough talk, more escaping, I was already kind to you that I didn't squeeze with my full strength from the beginning but now that ends."

I knew the moment she starts flexing her thighs it is going to be all over for me and I won't be able to do anything else than tapping so I started preparing myself with what's to come. I started feeling her thighs contracting me with a huge force. I started to raise my hand to her thighs to tap but then the pressure started releasing. I was wondering if she would spare me in the end and I tried prying her legs open and pulling myself out from her thighs but it was all futile and I was still firmly stuck between her thighs.

"No, no. Still no escaping but I think I came up with a good game which could save you some money just so you see how kind I'm with you."
Her huge thighs with muscles had me firmly locked in place at this point I knew that she can easily tap me out so I was happy about any opportunity which saves me money.
"I'm listening." I said it hopefully.
"I will still make you tap out in my sankaku jime but here is the game, if you only tap out after I have used 50% of my squeezing power I will pay for the dessert but tap out before that and you pay for everything."
I started to be happy that I might have a chance here but I thought it would be clever to ask how much power she used to squeeze me before when I nearly tapped.
"How much strength did you use to squeeze me before?"
"I think I used about 30%." She said it while thinking.
I was shocked, she only used 30% and it felt like my head was going to pop. I don't know how I will be able to not tap until she used 50%.
"Will I know when you are past 50% of your strength and I can tap?"
"Yes I will be counting up how much strength I'm using by every 10%."
"Alright I'm ready for it." I said it with a bit a fear in my voice.
I knew I don't have any chance to escape from her thighs so I will try to endure the hold up to her 50% power so at least she will pay the dessert.
"I will start squeezing now." She said it with a playful sound in her voice. It was like she was playing with her prey who was dumb enough to get between her thighs willingly and now she can squeeze the life out of him as much as she wants.
"I'm at 10%." she said.
This was hurting and I already felt my whole body contracting to endure the squeeze.
I endured this much power before so although it was contracting me even more I knew I will be able to hold this one out.
This is where the problems started coming. My ears started ringing, my vision started to blur a bit and my head started to feel dizzy but I know I was just 20% away from my goal so I endured it.
By this point my vision was so blurred that I could only see in a narrow line in front of me. My dizziness was horrible. The power she had in her legs were extraordinary. I started hearing cracks in my neck and I didn't want to get injured especially in my neck and I was afraid that with 50% of her power she would crumble my neck so I had no other choice but to tap. I raised my left hand and with the remaining strength I had in my I tapped on her left thigh three times signaling my surrender. With that my chance to save some money were all gone.

As I tapped her thighs she released the pressure but still kept me locked up between her thighs.
"Great so you will pay for everything." She said it with a huge smile on her face. "If you ever want to bet again in something like this just tell me, I enjoyed it a lot."
Then she uncrossed her legs and I lifted her left thigh up so I could sit up. I sat up and she was sitting up in front of me and asked the following question.
"So when are we going to the restaurant?"
I called the restaurant and reserved the table for us.

I lost the bet so I will pay for the restaurant and I can say bye to my xbox for at least another 6 months.
Simultaneously another idea came up to my mind that I will bet with her again in the future but I will be more prepared so I will escape from her holds winning the bet by this.
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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

Great story!! Would love to ses pictures of her once you get permission
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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

^me too I bet she has pretty judoka feet too
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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

The story continued not so later.

Viktoria came home from judo training on one of the evenings. I had a long day, so I already took mine shower, and I was browsing my phone. She also took a shower, dressed into pyjamas and got into the bed next to me. We kissed and made it for a couple of minutes then she said the following.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure, what is it?” I answered confidently.
“You know I told my judoka friend about our bet that I beat you.”
“Yes, I know.”
“She challenged her boyfriend also and she started bragging that she could tap her boyfriend out sooner than I could tap out you.”
“But you were just playing with me that’s why you didn’t tap me out sooner.”
“I know I told her this, but she just didn’t stop the bragging.”
“So, what did you do?”
“Do you remember that we really want to go to London?”
“And how does it sound to you if we just have to pay only one person’s trip and we can both go?”
“It sounds awesome, how is that possible?” I started becoming curious at this point what does she mean.
“Well, we made a bet with Angelika (this was her judoka friend).”
“A bet about what exactly?”
“It’s simple, I will go a submission match against her boyfriend, and she will go a submission match against you and who gets the tap faster gets to go to London and half of the price of the plane ticket and accommodation is paid by the losers. “
“I don’t know honey, if we lose it’s going to cost us a lot of money.”
“Imagine, if we win, we will save a lot of money.” She said it with a huge excitement.
“Are you sure that you will be able to tap out Mike (her judoka friend’s boyfriend) sooner than she will make me tap out?”
“Of course, we will train a bit together before the match and I will show you a few tips and tricks which will make you last longer.”
“What if we the boyfriends make the two of you tap out then I can go together to London with Mike and you with Angelika will pay for the whole trip?” She let out a small giggle.
“Don’t worry that’s not going to happen.”
“Why are you so sure?”
“Try what?”
“Make me tap out!”
“Right now?”
“Yes, you can start in any position you want except you can’t get totally on top of me, and I will only start attacking after you say start. If you make me tap out, I will do the dishes tomorrow.”
I just realized that I was now invited to a submission match in the bed. I had a quick thought about it, and it came to me that I could lose nothing with it, so I said the following:
“Alright let’s do it.”

She was lying flat on her back so I thought the best position would be to get between her legs so as soon as I say start, I will be able to mount her from there with a small hip jump and get on top of her to make her submit with some kind of choke.
When I finally took the position, I said start. I tried to jump with my hips but with an instant she locked her ankles behind me and now my midsection was stuck between her thighs. Shit this wasn’t the best starting position. I thought to myself. After struggling a bit to get out of it by jumping I made a huge mistake. I turned to the left and with my left arm I went under her legs while keeping my right arm between her thighs and she didn’t need more than that.
All I could feel was that her right thigh slapped onto the left side of my face and neck, and she started pulling me deeper and deeper with them between her thighs. I tried to resist the pulling with all my strength, but it was still no match for her muscular thighs, so she easily pulled me down with them. Then she locked her left leg onto her right one sealing me into a triangle choke.

I couldn’t believe it. We only started around 30 seconds ago and my head and my right arm was already locked between her juicy thighs. I felt all of her thigh muscles working together to hold me in my place. I felt firmly locked in.
“Good job, you nearly lasted a minute.” She said it with a mocking tone.
“I didn’t tap.” I protested that it wasn’t over yet.
“Yeah, yeah it’s not like you could escape and I couldn’t make you tap anytime I want.”
“If it will take you this much time to tap out Mike, we can say farewell to our London Trip.”
I mocked her about how she couldn’t tap out faster Mike than Angelika could tap me out and she didn’t need more than that. Without an answer she immediately started squeezing her thighs together. I tried to hold out as long as possible in it, but the squeezing power of her thighs were so much that I couldn’t take it. My vision started getting blurry, I had problems taking breaths, so I raised my hand and tapped her belly in resignation. She released the pressure, but she kept me locked between her thighs. It took me a few seconds to get my vision back to normal.

“See, anytime I want I can make you beg to stop the squeezing.” She said confidently. “But just to see how kind I am with you I will give you a little bit of them where I will just hold you in place and you can try to escape.”
With that she took her phone and started browsing the internet while I was still between her thighs. I tried everything to escape from them. I tried pulling my head and arms out from between them, but I didn’t move at all. I tried prying her legs apart, but they didn’t move an inch. I had to accept that there is no way to escape.

After a few minutes of my laughable tries she got an idea.
“Oh, I have an idea I will make a video about you tapping out between my thighs and send it to Angelika with a text saying: This will be your boyfriend tapping between my thighs next week.”
“I’m not sure I like this idea.” I said it with a protesting tone.
“Oh alright, I guess you can escape if you don’t want to be on it.”
She said it while continuing to set up the perfect camera angle. I realized she didn’t care about whether I want to be on the video or not. If I don’t want to be on it, I can escape from her thighs, but by this time it was obvious that I’m not going to escape from them so all I could do was wait until she sets up the perfect angle.
A few moments later there was a camera in my face. I was between her thick thighs, and I was waiting for the inevitable squeeze which is going to come sooner or later which is going to make me tap. I heard the click which a phone makes when it starts to record a video and soon after that the squeeze from her thighs also came. I couldn’t last long my vision started getting blurry and I started feeling dizzy, so I tapped, but this time to my surprise the squeezing didn’t stop, and I just felt more and more dizzy. I thought to myself maybe she didn’t notice I was tapping so I tapped again, but now I knew she noticed my it because I saw as she shook her head to me. I recognized she isn’t going to let me go, she wants to knock me out so she can send that video.

Panic started setting in for me as I really didn’t want to get knocked out while I was on video so I tried squirming, prying her thighs apart simultaneously but this just made my situation funnier as it could be easily seen that I had totally no chance of escaping. A few moments later everything went black around me, and I was knocked out. She then sent the video to Angelika with the text: This will be your boyfriend getting knocked out between my thighs next week.

When I woke up I she caressed while I was still lying on top of one of her thighs.
“Sorry, that I knocked you out but during the middle of it, it got to my head that the video would be much funnier this way.” She said it with apology in her voice. Of course, I wasn’t mad at her, and it was a great experience for me too getting dominated this much so I just said.
“No worries, you told me that I can escape anytime I want it’s my fault that I couldn’t accomplish it.” I said jokingly.
“That’s true, you suck.” She said it with a grin on her face.
“Promise me that you will make Mike tap out much sooner than you just did it to me now.”
“I will crack that guy’s neck if he takes as much time to tap as you so don’t worry. These thighs won’t know any mercy.” She said this while slapping her thighs.
“How much power did you use to knock me out?” I asked with an interest.
“Around 50%.”
I was shocked she used only around half her power, and it was already enough to make me pass out.
“That guy doesn’t know what’s coming to him.” I said it with a surprise.
“Once he is between my thighs it’s all over for him.”

We continued speaking as she got a notification on her phone. It was Angelika, she sent a video. She opened the conversation, and we watched the video together. We could see that she perfectly applied an armbar on her boyfriend which he tried to escape but couldn’t and she is making him tap out in her juji gatame at least 3 or 4 times before the video ends. A text followed it saying: Show this to your boyfriend, if he taps out any slower than this, it’s going to cost him a broken arm.

“It seems she also has the same idea about your arm as I have about Mike’s head and neck.” said Viktoria.
I realized that me and Mike were nothing more than dummies in this bet in their fight and their rivalry between them and all we will be able to do is fight miserably to not get tapped out, because it’s not the question of whether we will be tapped but the question of how long we will be able to last before our inevitable tap.
“Promise me you will have a few submissions session before the match so at least I could win as much time as possible for you.”
“I promise you will be as prepared as you can get.”

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Default Re: Never bet with a judo girl (True story)

great story, waiting for continuation
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armbar, girl, judo, knock out, legs, tap, tap out, thighs, triangle choke

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