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Old 02-Dec-16, 05:43
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Default Re: Stricter moderation?


I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around this. In general, I think this board is great. My biggest complaint, and it's not a big complaint, but if I was to have one, it's that there's too little discussion and to little new activity and interaction. That's how I feel about a lot of message boards (not all, but a lot), is that there's too little discussion and interaction. One message board, I've stopped visiting cause there's too much discussion. It kinda makes my head hurt to follow 15-20 new threads a day and lots of 100 pages of responses. That's why I stopped going to facebook - it's too many friends all at once and too much information. This forum, I'd like to see more posts, not fewer. I'd like a more members sharing their stories and more new members, so overall, I don't see moderation as something we need more of. But, if you'd post an example of a thread you thought about deleting or moving - that might help if we see specifics.

(and I can't help but wonder if my ball-kick poll was one of those iffy posts). I rarely create posts, I mostly reply to existing ones.
Old 02-Dec-16, 10:04
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Default Re: Not enough activity?

This is a concern of mine as well. While there is a fair amount of activity, it could certainly be better. I think Videos, Pictures and especially Stories section are doing well. The discussion section - not so much.

In average we have about 200-250 visitors online at any given moment, about 40% of which are registered members. Needless to say, 90% of the visitors are here to read and browse only. I think the above average percentage of non-contributors is normal for a fetish board for various reasons. However, I would like to know what those reasons are. I have been meaning to create a poll for readers and lurkers only to see why they don't participate at the forum. Generally, the most common reasons people lurk are that they either don't have anything interesting to say, or they are afraid they won't fit in. In our case, it also has to do with trying to stay as anonymous and unnoticed as possible while still having access to forum's content.

Lurkers, of course, are not the only reason of lack of general activity. There is a vast amount of formerly active members who visit the site frequently but do not engage in communication anymore.
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