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Old 22-Apr-22, 18:00
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Default Re: The Summer Week I Look Forward To

Wednesday Night

Tonight is my night with Emma. I’ve taken two losses now, so the best chance I got is a 50/50 win loss ratio but honestly I’m feeling good. Everybody asked what happened to Savannah last night because of the bruise on her face, and even though I lost and she had the selfie to prove it, I felt really good.

Everybody has gone to their respective bedrooms now so I’m just sitting with Emma. I’m a little timid and not great at socializing, as is she, so we just kinda sat in silence for a while out on the balcony until someone came out. The first was Emily and it was great to see her.

“Hey you,” she said. “How’s your night going?”

“Not bad. You won?” I asked. She showed me the picture of Tyler’s face, beat red from the pressure of the thighs compressing his face. Based on how fast she already came out of the room I guess he folded quickly. Regardless, I was glad to just sit and chat. Between school work, and summer jobs, and everything else going on in life I don’t always get to catch up with Emily and she really just helps bring me back down to Earth. We just talked and laughed and smiled. The conversation carried on for I don’t even know how long, but I didn’t even realized until the cushion moved that next to me Josh just sat down.

“Hey man, sounds like you really pissed off Savannah.” Said Josh.

“Oh, hey man. I take it you won then?” I asked.

“Yeah, she really thought she’d have me this time but here we are. She was a little sore from yesterday and normally I wouldn’t abuse that but she wasn’t trying to fight clean herself. I feel bad but I’m just not interested in her. I don’t know what to do. She’s kinda crazy and once I had her pinned and tied down down she just sobbed … I don’t know, it’s whatever man. How are you guys doing?”

“Great” Emily and I both exclaimed in sync. We laughed and Josh nudged my shoulder and winked when she wasn’t looking. I know what he’s getting at but I’m not sure she would be interested in me.

We were interrupted by a door opening behind us. We all turned around and looked. Jessica realized she drew all of our attention, and she was fully naked. “Ooops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.” She hopped on over to the restroom, and a minute later came out and ran back into her room, closing the door quietly.

“Looks like she won too. She’s undefeated so far.” Josh said.

“Yeah…” I mumbled.

“Hey, it means that you didn’t lose to a nobody. You’re doing great man. And tomorrow you get to wreck Alexis.” He said. I can’t lie, I was really dreading my fight tomorrow. She’s attractive physically, but I just get annoyed being around her any longer than absolutely necessary.

“Yeah man, I guess. She’s just, a little nuts. I just wish we didn’t get together after last year,” I said.

“Yeah, speaking of that, do you remember Heather from last year, when she beat John?” Emily and I both nodded. “They weren’t acting careful and she got pregnant after that and now he’s got a kid he was to pay child support for. They’re not together but dude, that’s crazy.This is why I wear condoms. Two years ago same thing happened to the senior Heather, Heather O., and Alex, except they decided to get together and they’re married now with another kid so that one’s a little more of a happy ending.”

“Wow. That’s insane man. I don’t really keep up with the people from the last few years.” I said.

“Yeah, when we made the rules, consent meant that you need to respect that some dirty things happen when we’re having sex and wrestling, but I didn’t really think about how far it would go. We all agreed though, and they’re respectful about it.” He added.

I thought about what Savannah said last night…

“Well, I still think this is the best week every year,” Emily interrupted. “I have lots of CLEAN fun with my victims, and it’s great. Speaking of which, I’m going to go get ready for bed now. Good night boys.”

Before she got up, she gave me a hug, and I couldn’t help but blush. Josh and I sat for an hour just enjoying the night, talking with Emma a bit, and having some drinks. As we got up to go to bed I saw Alexis coming out of her room.

“Hey, you don’t want to stay up a bit longer?” She asked me. She stood in front of me, blocking my path. “No,” I told her. I grabbed her shoulders and rotated her around me so I could walk by. I don’t want to talk to her.

“Fine. I’ll get plenty of time with you tomorrow.” She said as she blew me a kiss and grabbed a White Claw.
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Old 22-Apr-22, 19:52
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Default Re: The Summer Week I Look Forward To

Thursday Night

It’s been a decent week so far but tonight will make or break the week. So far I’m 0-2, meanwhile Josh is 2-0 as expected. Oddly enough though, Josh is the only guy that’s won so far. Maybe it’s their lack of experience, or thinking that they’re hot stuff, but the other guys are worse than the usual men we have.

The girls on other hand are dominating. Besides Savannah and Emily losing to Josh, everyone else is undefeated.

I would be lying if I didn’t say looking at the girls winning in their selfies didn’t turn me on, but that quickly fades when it’s hard to breath or when I get a bruise. I’ve been staring at the board on and off all day because I just wanted to get this night over. We didn’t do a whole lot of vacationing today, so I didn’t have much to distract myself with. Time slowly passed until, well, it was time.

Alexis walked past where I was sitting and let her hand glide across my chest until she grabbed my arm and started to pull me towards our bedroom for tonight. I pulled my arm out of her grasp but I followed. She knew what she was doing though. She wore tight leggings that showed that ass perfectly, and the tank-top was also highlighting her boobs. She was trying to get in my head.

We walked in, and she dropped her clothes immediately. She just stared at me and waited as I took my time to plug my phone in and slowly remove my shirt and shorts, leaving me in my boxer briefs. I was hard still, and she loved it.

“I can’t wait to fuck you again tonight.” She said.

“That’s not going to happen,” I told her. The mats were laid out and we both stepped up and circled each other. While my hands were raised, she strutted her stuff as we walked around each other. I took the opportunity to grab her at the waist but she threw herself into me and we were backed against a wall. She wasn’t fighting but instead … grinded against me. My dick was right against her ass and she wiggled her ass all over it. She wasn’t fighting, she just wanted to fuck.

I gave her a big shove and she look puzzled. “What’s the matter? I thought you wanted this,” she said highlighting her body, “Your penis certainly does.”

“Alexis, I am not interested,” I told her.

“Just playing hard to get I see.” I swear she is delusional. She is so in her own world that she doesn’t realize I’m just not interested in her anymore.

We came together with our hands locked and it was mostly a stalemate. She was a few inches shorter than me, but her body was flawless. I loved her once, and she had everything physically. Great boobs, great ass. Even now as she was leaning into to try and overpower me, I was pushing back and could how great her boobs looked and I just stared. I hated them. But not all the time.

“Why are we fighting?” she asked, “Let’s just have some fun…” she lightened up and that was her mistake. I was able to push her which again, caught her by surprise. I forced her down and now I was on top of her, holding her in a school girl pin. She was breathing heavy already but wasn’t fighting me too much now.

“Lexi,” I started, “I’m not interested in you any more. It’s over.” I started to reach over for my phone and she seized the opportunity to grab my balls and give them a big squeeze. It hurt like hell and I immediately jumped off her. She got up while I was leaning against the bed waiting for the pain to subside down below.

“Look, I know we didn’t end on the best of terms. I’m sorry. But by the end of tonight I know we’ll be past it. I thought the same thing but I thought about how it all started last year, and tonight we’re going to spark the flame all over again.” With that she began to charge at me. I quickly side stepped her with a trip and followed her to the ground.

I wrapped my legs around her and waist and started squeezing her in a bodyscissor. She grunted and squirmed and pulled at my legs, but I wanted her tired out so she would stop resisting. I let up a minute and she caught her breath. She looked over and smiled, “You remember when I did this to you last fall?” I responded by tightening the hold. I realized she’s not trying to get into my head, she really thinks we’re going to get back together. I let up again. “You seriously don’t miss anything about …” I cut her off again with another big squeeze. I kept going for another minute before letting up. “Alright asshole!” She reached for my balls again but this time I caught her hands and shifted my body up against hers.

I was laying on top of her now, holding her hands together above her head. She was shoving and grunting and trying to swing her leg up to kick my groin. “Will you fucking stop? That’s not cool.” I held her and down and she lightened up. She still struggled, but I was not letting go. We were at the foot of the bed, and my phone was around the side on the floor now. I peeked under to see if I could reach it, when I saw her stash. Lying there was several sets of fuzzy cuffs, likely from Savannah, and some rope.

I just looked down at her and she smiled at me. “You’ll be in those later,” she said.

“Oh really.” I smiled back and leaned my forearms to hold her still while I reached over and grabbed a pair of cuffs. She started fighting me again and it took most of my strength to hold her. With a lot of struggling, I managed to lock down her arm and I had her left hand cuffed. As I shifted my weight to that side, she managed to remove her right hand from my grip and did something unexpected. She pulled me in close and shoved her lips against mine, and I noticed her tongue enter my mouth. My eyes shot wide as I didn’t know what to do and I backed off slightly. She wasn’t going to get out of my grip, and she knew that, so she managed to shock me again, as she locked the other cuff to my right hand.

We were now locked together. I tried to pull away, but she pulled me in close and kissed me again. We were both right-handed, but now my right hand had a lot weight restricting its uses. I broke away the kiss and started to stand, as did she. I noticed her reach back under and set a few more sets of handcuffs out, and the keys.

We locked hands again. It felt weird because I felt this need to try and use my left arm more than my right, but that was a losing battle knowing she was using her dominant hand against my non dominant. It felt so weird and my body caved to that feeling and I collapse to my left knee. This brought her great joy as she shoved me backwards and my right hand falling then pulled her right on top of me.

She was a little higher up on my body but managed to wrap her legs around mine in a grapevine, leaving me with no leverage down below. She used her body to hold my arms down and I could hear her jiggling with the keys to the cuffs. I twisted and turned my body as best as possible while jolting my right arm anywhere I could to keep her from unlocking herself. Eventually she gave up on that front, but decided to do something else. CUFF MY LEFT ARM TO THE BED!

I realized my mistake when it was far too late to do anything about it. I couldn’t move my left arm whatsoever, and she had no difficulty controlling my right arm now and I was fucked. She shifted down, met me face to face, and kissed me. She would have kept going if I didn’t turn my head away. She pouted, but kissed my cheek and leaned up.

“Look at you. God I missed this. And it feels like you may have too, hmmm….” She teased as she grinded against my hard-on. “Well how about you pretend it’s you undoing my bra.”

My hand was stuck following hers as she took both her hands and undid the clip in the back. I tried to shove her to the side, but she stopped that leaning down on my hand again. “Nope.” She kept my right hand pinned while her right hand moved the bra around her body. She wouldn’t get it fully off because we are attached but her boobs were just hanging out, beautiful as ever.

“So after we broke up, I was thinking about how you used to play with my nipples and how much that turned me on. I was watching some videos online and I saw some ladies use their boobs to knockout their man after he sucked and nibbled on their nipples. I was thinking that might be a good way to start the night…” she said, as she lowered her breast on my face.

I turned away and she rotated around to keep putting her boob right over my mouth. I turned again and said “No.”

“Okay, there’ll be time for nipple play later. Let’s just get you off to sleep.” She said. She lowered her breasts onto my face, this time tucking my face between them. I started to twist and turn my head again, and I managed to sneak breaths in. She could feel the air rush in and so she brought her hands to her boobs to smoosh them against my face a little tighter.

I can’t lie it was so fucking hot, but I just didn’t want it to be her. However, I did still have her hand attached to mine and I pulled it away but the air I got wasn’t enough. I was panicking. I screamed ‘No’ but the only sound heard was “mmmmpppphhhhhhhhhh…” and she laughed at that. These tits were putting me out. HER TITS.

With my free hand I pulled at anything to get her to jump, which led me to her underwear. I tried to poke around but I couldn’t reach her ass, but I was pulling at her underwear.

“Anxious aren’t we…” she said. “Okay, hold on.” She let up and I breathed in so heavily. My lungs were burning and I felt my eyes watering. I didn’t want to lose to her. She sat up and I could feel her wet pussy on my stomach. She was gorgeous on top of me, controlling me, and if I didn’t do anything: fucking me. She got up and pulled her underwear off, exposing herself. Next she pulled mine off. I had pre cum all over the front but I couldn’t help it.

I had to do something, so as she crawled back I threw my legs up before she could get on me and I actually got her head between my thighs. I did not hold back. I squeezed as hard as I could and yanked her hand up to my other one where I was able to fumble with the keys and release my hand from the cuff. It took me a while and when I looked down I realized her face was beat purple and she was tapping. I loosened up and she breathed so much air in I felt a little bad.

“Jake…” she panted. I didn’t pay her any attention as she pulled at my legs. I didn’t squeeze but I got my other arm free. I looked at her again and simply said “I’m sorry.” I held her tightly until she tapped again and with her in that exhausted state I rolled her to her chest and cuffed her hands together. Followed by her feet.

We were both naked but I had her now. She was so close to winning, but somehow I did it. I picked her up and hoisted her into the bed. She squirmed but I hopped on her legs and adjusted her, tying her foot cuffs to the bed post making sure she didn’t go anywhere. She was at an angle, but it was fine. I spun around and leaned forward to make sure she had pillows under her head to help her be comfy tonight. While leaning forward the tip of my dick prodded right along her vagina. She just looked at me and smiled, “Just like last year.” I made sure she was comfy and then … I got up.

“Wait, what are you doing?” She asked. Her face froze. Win or lose she wanted to fuck me, and I wasn’t going to let it happen.

“It’s not like last year. I don’t want to be with you, and I don’t want to fuck you. I’m sorry Lexi, but it’s just not going to happen.” I could tell she was going to cry, and I had to walk out of the room. I relieved myself in the restroom and came back. She was turned over but while I expected sobbing, she only shed a few tears. I came around to see her, but she just turned away. She was sad, but she was also pissed. I didn’t know what to say but I also knew there was nothing I could say that would make her feel better. I sat next to her and took a pic. I asked if she needed anything, and she said fuck you.

Look, I know it may have been mean, but I also got a win and she’s going to act this way? I stuffed my underwear in her mouth and taped it down to keep her gagged. I kissed her cheek and went out to the living space to celebrate my win!
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Default Re: The Summer Week I Look Forward To

Friday night was uneventful. After my great pick-me-up that was defeating Alexis, I was on top of the world, and I had the best evening with Emily. The thing is that what was going to be wrestling just turned into a long night as a newly dating couple. We hit it off and decided to make things official between us. I’ve been crushing on her for years, and we’ve just been great friends. Fighting would have been fun, but I think in the end we would have ended up doing the same activity anyways.


Now we’re here at the big fight to cap off this week. Girls vs Boys. The guys will be starting downstairs, and the girls upstairs. The boys have never lost this fight. For one, it’s a 5v4 since Emma doesn’t fight. Second, we have Josh who has never lost a fight being the giant that he is. This year we have some weakling teammates (not that I’ve done a great job this week) but I can’t see it going any other way.

We all had breakfast together, and then we set off. The rules are everyone from one side has to be defeated, and likely tied up. If one person is still free, they might untie someone else and that team may be back to full strength eventually. As per usual, anything goes, we all consented to this week. And, once the fighting is done, each guy will get a girl besides Josh to enjoy for the last night. Josh doesn’t feel the need to take a girl to bed with him since he’s been settling down. This will be his last fight it sounds like which is crazy.

The boys stripped their shirts off and headed downstairs. The girls were all undressing to their underwear and bra’s as we headed down. We waited until the clock struck noon and it was on.

“What’s the plan?” Caleb asked.

“I think we should rush them.” Tyler suggested. “Don’t you think it would be better if we waited for them?” Brandon asked.

Josh wanted them to come to some of their own conclusions, so he didn’t offer much input up front. The other guys kept talking but my mind was elsewhere. All I was thinking about was my night with Emily. I am also a little tired since we didn’t get a lot of sleep. I was thinking about that until Josh gave me a quick nudge, nodding for me to give some input or make a decision.

“Alright, Tyler you really want to go offensive?” I asked. “Yeah.” He said.

“Okay, here’s what we’ll do. Josh and I will stay down here and watch the stairs. I’ll hide there at the base of the stairs and trip anyone who rushes down. Josh will be on the other side behind the couch watching the balcony stairs up to their level for the same reason. You three can sneak up one way or the other. Text us what’s happening so that way we know if you need to run back or we need to come help. Understood?” I asked.

“Let’s go up the balcony way.” Tyler requested.

“Sure. If that’s what you want.” I told him.

And so we took positions. Every once in a while I could hear footsteps up above and I did hear a door shut. I am not sure what they’re doing up there. I took my position near the downstairs wet bar next to the island. I could hardly see Josh, but he was sticking out enough behind the couch that I knew where he was. The three guys made their way up and we waited.

We waited for quite a while without word. In fact, 15 minutes had passed without text or anything. “Hey, have you heard anything?” Josh texted. “No. It’s been quiet” I replied. He responded with, “I don’t want to rush up there not knowing what’s going on. They’ll come down eventually. Stick together.”

And from there we waited again. It felt like forever. It was 1:10 already and I was just so bored looking at the stairway wall in front of me. All I could think about was Emily. We talked last night about what we’re going to do when we get back. We talked about going to dinner next weekend. We talked about school and life and life goals.

And then there was her smoking hot body. Maybe it’s very surface level of me but I do believe she is so beyond beautiful. Her ass is that amazing, perfect shape. She doesn’t have the biggest breasts in the world, but I could lose myself in them while kissing my way across her body. I was getting a little turned on just thinking about it … Speaking of breasts…

I started to doze off a little, but I woke up to a noise in front of me … and there were breasts. Jessica’s breasts! It took me a moment to realize what was happening, that I had stopped dreaming but there she was fully nude in front me, the same girl that had humiliated me just a few nights ago. I went to move but then I felt a tremendous pressure suddenly on my back. I went to yell for Josh but before a noise could leave my mouth someone had shoved what must have been underwear in my mouth and covered it with her hands. Panic struck me as I realized what I have done. Jessica crouched down and gave her boobs a little lift and drop to let them jiggle knowing it was what threw me off guard. That’s when she brought her finger to her lips in a “shush” signal and I saw then that over towards the couch Savannah was tip toeing behind where Josh was.

I can’t believe I had just done that. I didn’t put up a fight or anything and now I’m captured. More importantly though I let Josh down. I struggled unsuccessfully for a minute and mumbled trying to get his attention. I tried yelling as loud as I could, and I think it worked. He pushed forward briefly to peak out and he saw me. I darted my eyes to behind him … but it was too late.

He started climbing up but was tackled down from behind and ended up on his back in the middle of the floor. Savannah was wrestling him for control, but Josh was stronger. Slowly she started lifting off his chest as their hands were locked and he pushed up with all of his strength. She rose more and more, when suddenly Jessica yanked his hands from hers and planted them above his head. He tried to pull away, but Jessica sat right down on his arms. He was stronger than her, but not strong enough to lift her whole body from a lying position.

Savannah acted quickly. She spun around on Josh’s stomach and took the cuffs and gorilla tape she had brought with her and got to work. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She looked like she had enough bondage material for twenty men, but she came prepared I guess. “Here.” She shouted as she tossed over some handcuffs.

“Isn’t it great?” I heard the girl holding me say. I didn’t even think about who had me, just sort of assumed it was Emily, but sure enough here Alexis was. My hands were already pinned behind my back, so it didn’t take long for me to be cuffed. She set me up against the island facing Josh and sat down behind me. She wrapped one arm around my shoulder and shoved her panties deeper into my mouth and took her other hand to feel up my crotch. “Mmmmph” I yelled. “Just ssshhhhhhhhh.” She told me. “Watch Josh finally lose. He’s so long overdue…” She pulled my head back leaning it against her shoulder.

She was right though, I had to sit there and watch. I looked back on him, and his feet were now cuffed with his legs bound together in tape. Slowly Jessica worked with Savannah to move one of his arms to his side and tape it down, before doing the other. Savannah then proceeded to wrap his torso thoroughly with both Josh’s hands stuck to his side. Meanwhile Jessica was free.

“Thank you Josh.” She stood up and stared down at him. “You invited me this week and it’s the best vacation I’ve ever had. Thank you also, for being the only man to beat me this week and show me what a real cock feels like.” She placed her feet to the side of each of his shoulders. “Now I think it’s time I return the favor.” Josh’s eyes got really wide realizing what would happen now. He had never been defeated, let alone humiliated this way.

Jessica lowered herself onto his face while Josh begged “Please Nooommmmpphphhhhhhhh.” She lined him perfectly, tucking his nose right in front of her crotch so he could breathe while making sure his mouth could do nothing but open to her pussy. She rode out his face and it was clear she really wanted this. She her hands were running through his hair and yanking him deeper and deeper. It was saddening to watch but I can’t deny how attractive she is. Alexis noticed I started to stiffen up and laughed playing with my cock. “Oh don’t worry,” she said. “Your time is coming.”

Jessica eventually finished. The way her hips slowed over his face until they eventually stopped moving. Josh’s face was getting a little red with his limited airway but Jessica didn’t seem to mind. She continued to run her fingers through his hair and take deep breaths. Savannah was just finished tying him up and Jessica finally slid back onto his bound chest. Josh was gulping in as much air as possible, his face covered in her juices. “Thanks again Josh.” She kissed his forehead. “You good Savannah?”

“Let’s just get rid of these…” Savannah reached into Josh’s pockets and pulled all of his condoms out. She was going to finally do it. She’ll fuck him over and over again. I don’t think they even have enough condoms. At least that’s what I first thought, but then she walked outside and THREW THEM OFF THE BALCONY!

“Wait, what the fuck are you … uggghhh” Josh was interrupted when Savannah dropped onto his stomach taking the breath out of him, replacing where Jessica previously sat. “I think it’s time we settled down. Enough of this college dating around bullshit. Let’s take things seriously.”

Josh started to panic. He struggled to get up but that only made Savannah happier. He looked at me for help but saw nothing but me gagged with Jessica’s hand gripping my cock. Savannah moved further south on his body, finding the tip of his penis, and circled it with her vagina before letting it finally slide in. “Please, don’t.” Josh pleaded with her. Savannah responded by leaning down to lock lips. He fought it but she had her hands free to hold his head still and lock her mouth onto his. She savored ever minute of it. She moaned as she road Josh fast, then slow, then fast. Josh was trying to hold out but he could only do so much. Soon enough he came, and she did not let him pull out. She finished and collapsed on to his body.

It was hard to tell but I think Josh may have started to shed a small tear. He was ready to move on with his life and now he is helpless to stop himself from giving his sperm to her. She kissed his lips and whispered, “All night baby. You are mine and so help me, you’re going to be a Dad.” He looked at her and simply said “Savannah…”

Before he could respond further she brought herself forward and planted herself right on his face. He struggled as best a man in his position could. Savannah was smiling and laughing. This is all she had dreamed of for years and now she had everything planted right under her. She looked over to me and winked. My penis twitched a bit and she winked, brought on by Alexis playing with me here and there. I felt a pit in my stomach knowing that I’m the reason he’s in that position, tucked under that ass. I let him down and have to watch him slowly fall to sleep. Eventually the darkness took him.

“Help me get him tied to the bed and you can go start on the fuckboys up there.” Savannah told Jessica.

“Forgot to tell ya,” I heard Alexis whisper to me. “Tyler was really desperate to get in Jessica’s pants. We promised him he could get whatever he wanted if he told us what you guys decided to do today, and he led the other weaklings right where we wanted them. It’s easy to overcome a disadvantage when you get your opponents to switch sides.”

All I could do was mmpphhh into my gag. She held me tightly, giving me penis a squeeze every few seconds. “Alright, now how about we take you up to see your new girlfriend?”

Rules were rules and since we are dating now, officially Emily gets to have me for the night…

To be continued in a final part. Sorry but I couldn’t get into writing for Friday night, knowing this was where the story was going.
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Default Re: The Summer Week I Look Forward To

Now THAT, was a twist!! Can't wait to read the final!
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Default Re: The Summer Week I Look Forward To

Great job with the story so far! Lots of interesting twists! I hope you plan on finishing it some day.
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