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Default My story - see attachments for pdf story with pictures that will inspire you.

Hey, folks!
Let me know your thoughts about my story:

Eighteen Years Old Party
By [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
If you are an artist and would wish to picture this stories (draw, collage, shoot, whatever), please feel free to do it and e-mail me. But remember, this is just for fun and you will not be paid or anything, as I did writing.
Warning - Adult material. Not recommended for minors
This is a fiction story and all similarity with other works and characters is mere coincidence
Mrs. Melanie Jackson was driving her minivan back home from the mall and planning her night with her two daughters, Elaine and Gabrielle. She was proud of her girls. Elaine was 23 and was about to graduate on college to be a legal attorney. And that day was very special, because it was Gabrielle 18th anniversary. The cell phone rang and it was Gabrielle, very excited, asking about the plans for the night.
- Calm down honey, we still have some time. And your sister has not been home yet. I’ll be there in 20 min. Hold on...
- Sorry mom, but I am so excited for my first time there...
- Remember what dad used to say: Everything in its own time. Hold on, now. I’ll be home soon.
Minutes later Melanie entered home with her daughter’s birthday gift. Gabrielle ran downstairs and jumped to hug and kiss her mother, “stealing” her present and ripping the wrapping paper. Gabrielle’s eyes were shining as a child’s. It was not anything so incredible, but for her, it was what she was expecting for her debut at night. A pair of fingerless pink gloves, personalized for her.
- Thank you mum!
- Tonight will be your premiere with it.
- I promise you will be proud of me.
- I know, Gaby, darling.
The girl ran upstairs, while her mother came closer to her husband’s picture. The picture was taken a few months before his death. Malcolm Jackson was a Captain in Army. Honored soldier and beloved father, but had a tragic fate, perishing in a terrorist attack while serving in Iraq. Some tears rolled from Melanie’s eyes when she felt hugged by her elder daughter, who had just arrived.
- I miss him, too, mum... But he would be very proud of you!
- Thank you, Elaine.
- So, what time shall we leave for the fun?
- Later, by 10pm. We have some time to work out first.
- Ok, let’s start.
Jackson family was addicted to workout routines. Melanie was 45, but when she was with the girls, people could swear that she was a third sister. Melanie was a very fit woman, about 1.75m tall. She could compete on any fitness or even lightweight bodybuilding contest and could get a good prize. She was a beautiful mulatto woman, with waving black hair and green eyes. Her beautiful perky large breasts and a perfect hard round ass pressed her clothes fabric, so that it looked that would be ripped apart anytime.
Elaine was a little bit taller, but in spite of exhibiting a perfect fitness model look, she was not so curvaceous as her mother. She did not herd the green eyes, but her long black mane was smoother and she liked to tie it on a high ponytail. Her look reminded Zoe Saldana from Star Trek’s Uhura.
Gaby was a little shorter and looked as any ordinary teenager, expect by her thick thighs and hard biceps, contrasting with a childish face that perfectly matched with her curly hair, long by her neck, giving her a quite cute teen look.
After some hours working out on their home little gym, time had arrived.
- Ok, Gaby, are you ready to join us for your first night out?
- I was born ready, mum!
- Just like your father! Shower now and choose teasing clothes . Do not forget lipsticks and make up!
They met at garage and Elaine took out the sport car. An old shining purple Pontiac GTO, with a thundering powerful engine noise. The trio took the direction of an obscure destination in the city.
Elaine drove fast and soon reached a notoriously danger district in their town. Gaby at the back seat was more and more excited at every minute, but never showed any fear, while Melanie was trying to hide her grin. Suddenly, Melanie ordered Elaine to park close to a bar. In front of it, twelve customized Harley-Davidsons were parked. That was not a regular place to have a birthday party and a supposed debut.
The females stepped out of the car and sexily walked on their stilettos inside the bar. Melanie was wearing very tight light blue jeans pants, so that her perky hard round ass was almost ripping the fabric at every step, so that her thighs and calves muscles could be clearly noticed. She was wearing a leather sleeveless waistcoat and a white cotton t-shirt, ripped at bottom, neckline and lateral, so that her perfect cleavage and her rock-hard six-packs abs could tease every horny eye around.
Elaine also was a stunning vision, with her long black hair hanging from her high ponytail as she sexily walked in her tight red tube mini dress. So tight, that her fit abs muscles could clearly be noticed under it.
And Gabrielle was wearing a tight jeans short, ripped black fishnet pantyhose, a jeans sleeveless jacket covering her pink tank top and her new fingerless gloves. A lollipop stick could be seen dancing between her sexy shining lips.
While the trio walked to the bar table, every eye looked to the sexy parade. Melanie carefully studied every one inside. Eighteen male bikers, all of them looking quite tough and strong, two female waitresses and the manager at bar table.
The trio asked for some drink and Melanie called the manager and gave him a pack of money. He did not understand well, but she explained that he would need it for the repairing. Soon some guys came close with obvious intentions. Then she said:
- Let’s make some friends, girls...
Pretending to they are having fun, the females smiled, laughed and accepted the invitation to join them at their table.
Melanie soon noticed that some guys were arm wrestling at the bottom. One of them was happy and boasting to be unbeatable. So, Melanie asked him if she could arm-wrestle, too. Laughing out loud, as the others around, he agreed. She took a chair and sat in front of the boasting guy who told her:
- I promise to be gentle and not hurt you, honey!
- Either I do, sir! Melanie smiling responded.
Hearing her response, the big guy laughed even louder as well all around. So they gripped their hands and started to push. Melanie’s arm was going back down, and she pretended to be surprised, laughing, too. Then, when her arm was about 45° down, she started to press back and stopped the guy’s muscular arm. It was a stunning view, once his arms were thicker than hers. But as long as they wrestled, Melanie’s biceps was bulging while their arms remained stopped at 45°. Now both arms were trembling and the guy’s expression turned from smile to some concern. His eyes were open wide and his face was
clearly showing he was struggling hard. Slowly, his arm was going up and finally their arms were at initial position. Both opponents were trembling and sweating. Melanie’s cleavage was shining sexily and all that trembling was slipping her top, so her breasts bottoms and sides could be seen.
The big man could not believe he was not being able to move the woman’s arm back again. More, his arm was slowly going back, down and down to the table! Mlanie was staring his eyes, and the expression on her face stamped a satisfaction grin.
He started to grunt and moan and, then, shouting loud. His arm was going down and down and finally the top of his hand touched the table. He could not believe it! That female was giggling, celebrating her victory and laughing of him, as well all others around. It was his disgrace before his gang. That could not remain that way. So he turned the table and attacked Melanie shouting it was a trick. So Melanie shouted:
- OK, girls, let’s have some fun! Happy birthday, Gaby, and welcome to your night debut!
So, a bar fight started. All those eighteen tough guys against the three females.
Melanie stopped the arm-wrestler’s punch gripping his hand and squeezing it. At same time another guy hit her with a chair, but the chair was destroyed as if had hit a concrete pole. In spite of this tremendous impact, she kept squeezing the guy’s hand and broke it. He kneeled on the floor and Melanie hit his jaw with her knee, knocking him out. Immediately she twisted and faced the guy who had hit her with the chair. He was frozen, not believing that that MILF absorbed the heavy chair impact as it were nothing. He tried to kick her, but Melanie wrapped her arm around his leg, grabbing it to her armpit and kicked his balls five times, alternating each kick with a punch to his face. Then she pulled him with all her might against her torso, showing him what the destroyed chair must had felt. Then she pulled him by his arm against her again, but this time, she hit him with her elbow on his face, knocking him out cold. The man fell on the floor, blood pouring through his nose, creating a red puddle under his face.
Gaby was having fun, punching, and kicking everyone that comes close.
Two guys punched Elaine on her abs at same time, but she easily absorbed the punches. Quickly, she arm locked their necks, squeezed with all her might until they snapped. Then she punched another attacker and, jumping, got to hit another one with her elbow. Looking around quickly, her long ponytail danced like a whip. She grabbed a guy by his head and hit his face with her knees several times making him pass away. The furious girl twisted quickly, kicking other two incoming attackers and jumped on a third one, flying over his head, grabbing his jacked, spinning over him, landing her high heels on the floor and pulling him over her back, spinning him over her head and slamming him on the floor. Before he could stand up again, she plummet her knee on his scruff, knocking him out.
While she was pressing her knee on her opponent’s scruff, another guy came from behind and grabbed her, locking her arms. But she was quick and strong. The mighty young lady firmly fixed her high heels on the floor and jumped back, taking his attacker flying with her. She maneuvered to make him hit the floor with his back, so that she smashed his chest with her own weight. Elaine stood up quickly, taking advantage of his open legs, she kicked his berries with her stilettos and sat on his shattered chest to discharge a gust of punches to his head. When she stopped, his face was shattered and her hands and forearms were blood soaked.
Gaby was quick, but in spite of her lack of experience, she showed to be skilled enough to knock several guys out, using her strength and martial arts skills. Leaning at the bar table, she was grabbing a guy’s head with her thick thighs, and arm-locking another one by his neck. Another one came with a baseball bat, and hit her abs three times. Gaby absorbed the hits and the baseball bat broke at the forth impact as it had hit a concrete wall. Gaby squeezed her preys with all her might, making them pass out and let them fall on the floor. Gaby grinned and assumed a defensive position, making her lollipop stick dance along her sexy lips. Her attacker was frozen, shocked looking to her, to his fallen friends and to the broken bat, trying to perceive how a teenager girl could be so strong. So, Gaby signalized him to go for her. He ran and slammed the rest of the bat against her, but she held the impact with her forearm, breaking the bat, again. The man stopped and could not believe on his eyes. That teen girl broke his baseball bat only with her forearm. While stunned, she grabbed his neck, lifted him from the ground with one arm and hit him with his broken bat till it broke again. Then, she grabbed him with both hands, lifted him over her head, crossed the fighting saloon and slammed him on a snooker table.
Melanie punched and kicked like a fighting machine. But her movements were soft, as if she were dancing, as well Elaine’s. It really could be a dance if bone breaking sounds and splitting blood were not fulfilling the saloon. Suddenly a loud noise was heard. At same time, jointly working, Melanie and Elaine lifted overheard two guys and threw them against each other. One by one, each opponent was being knocked out by the three female fighting machines.
Gaby, was having the fun of her life at every punch and every kick. She got to knock out men three times her weight. Showing an amazing agility, she avoided broken bottles, knives and snooker sticks. One big black guy attacked her with a chain, but she was quicker and grabbed it. A tug of war started and the guy was stunned to see he was being dragged by a teenager. When Gaby pulled him within her attack range, she discharged a series of powerful kicks on him. Then jumped on him, wrapped his neck with her thighs, twisted her body and made him fall under her pussy. With no time for him to breath, she punched him as a MMA fighter. Then she held the chain in front of his eyes and started to pull it. His eyes popped out when he saw the chain being snapped by the
teen girl. Finally, she flexed her biceps before his eyes, kissing them and knocked him out with a punch on his face. Gaby heard another guy coming to attack her by her back and threw the chain toward him. She wrapped it around his foot, making him fall. Then, wrapped him with the chain, lifted him from the ground and slammed him against her knee.
Elaine came close to Gaby, holding an unconscious guy on her right shoulder and dragging another two. Her left hand was dragging one by his shirt neck and her right arm was around the neck of the third. All of them unconscious and leaving a track of blood behind her. She said:
- Gaby, you are an exhibitionist!
- Look who says that!
Elaine released her preys like they were sacks of potatoes. At this moment, a big guy ran towards her who, not even looking to him, punched his face with all her might, knocking him out.
Another one, the biggest so far, came close to Melanie and, grunting to her, tried to grab her neck.
- You showed more strength than by little brother, but I’ll show you what brutal strength really is.
But Melanie was quite fast and just before he reached her neck with both his hands, she gripped them. The guy was taller and really strong. But the marvelous lady got to lift his arms. A classical test of strength started and they tried to push each other. Melanie’s raised trembling arms unveiled her perfect breasts and their pushing battle enhanced her back curves, specially her perky hard round ass inside her super tight light blue jeans. She was vision to die for. Their trembling arms moved slowly, going up and down like they were dancing, but the struggle was evidenced on the raging expressions on their faces. Slowly, for the man’s surprise, Melanie was pushing him back. How could a woman do that wearing high heels stilettos? Strongly gripping his hands, and step by step, the fantastic MILF got to pin him at the wall.
The man was sweating and trembling. His eyes were closing and popping quickly, but he was the woman’s prisoner, not being able to walk ahead and leave the wall. Then, Melanie whispered to his ear:
- No matter how strong you are, big boy, I’ll show you that I am stronger:
So she pushed his hands with all her might against the wall behind the man, breaking the wall covering and his hands. Fast as a flash, she hit his head twice with her head, making him dizzy and then, kicked his balls. He kneeled and Melanie finished him hammering his jaws with both her hands gripped together. So he fell on the floor, spitting some teeth and blood.
Melanie left him and walked to her daughters, cleaning her hands on each other. Proudly smiling and clapping, she said:
- Oh, my baby! You did so well!
- Thanks mum. It was very funny!
- I bet it was. Also for me, Melanie responded.
Another man came to attack them with a broken bottle, but Elaine grabbed his arm, broke it and punched his face with his own hand, knocking him out. Two more came running to attack Gaby, but she was too fast for them. She stepped back and they hit each other. The teenager grabbed each one’s scruff and slammed them to the wall, knocking both out.
By surprise, two others grabbed Elaine’s arms and a third one kicked and punched her abs. Gaby started to run to help her sister, but she was stopped by her mother, who told her:
- Look and learn, darling!
Elaine supported the violent punches and kicks. When the man stopped, she was grinning and said.
- Ok, guys, my turn, now.
The amazing young lady wrapped her arms around the guys’ necks and used them as support to lift her legs and grab the third guy’s neck with her calves. With all her might, she pulled him slamming him against her thighs and, adding his weight to hers, she got to pull her grabbed opponents down, but never releasing her arm lock around the necks as well the guy gripped by her legs. Twisting her body, she slammed their heads on the floor and squeezed their necks more and more. Now she was in a doggy position, still holding the third guy’s neck by her feet. So she said:
- Mum, I got an idea! Remember that Brazilian funk dance? “Surra de Bunda” (ass drubbing)?
- Go ahead, darling. I bet he will love it!
So, Elaine, now in a doggy position, knees on the floor, grabbing the two guys’ scruffs with each of her hands, started to push and pull the third guy’s head against her ass. As she were a human seesaw, she was oscillating on her knees, so she could slam the guy’s heads on the floor and pull-push the other guy’s face to her ass. She did it many, many times, each time, stronger, until they passed out and blood and teeth were splitting for their mouth. Mother and daughters were laughing out loud. Elaine finished and stood up with hands on hips, admiring her men destruction.
Then a tall bald man, with a long red beard, full of piercings and tattoos, appeared. It seems he had not been in the fight so far. He was almost 2m tall, and very strong. Probably he used to spend a lot of time in the gym. The three females had to raise their heads to look to his eyes. It looked like he was as wide as the three females together. Melanie and Elaine looked to each other and prepared to attack. But at this very moment, Gaby entered between them and, with a cute begging face, asked her mother to let her try to put him down. Reluctantly, Melanie agreed.
So, Melanie and Elaine stepped back, while Gaby twisted and assumed a defensive position, facing the ugly giant. A stunning and contrasting vision: a cute teenager with a roguish grin, in a defiant position, looking up to an ugly giant.
He tried to punch Gaby’s head, but she was too fast for him, avoiding his punches spinning like an Olympic Gymnast. The females got amazed when he got to destroy two tables, just punching them, but missing Gaby. Finally he got to hit Gaby, who fell on the floor. She was a little dizzy, feeling pain, and her nose was bleeding. The giant came for her quickly and kicked her abs three times, throwing her to a wall corner. Elaine looked to her mother, asking to help Gaby, but her mother signalized her to wait some more.
Showing an amazing resistance, Gaby slowly stood up and wiped her blood from mouth. Then, for the giant’s surprise, the teen assumed a defensive position and beckoned to him teasing for another bout. The giant ran toward her, planning to smash her against the corner, but just before he reached her, Gaby jumped on his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his neck. Gaby squeezed and squeezed with all her might, but that guy was really strong and, in spite of his difficulty to breath he resisted. So she decided twist her body to drop him, but failed again and she felt on the floor.
But Gaby did not give up and, while he was cornered, she started to inflict a punches and kicks gust, like a human machine-gun. She hit him with dozens or hundreds of blows to his head, chest, abs, thighs, knees, shins, using her fist jabbing and uppercuting his jaws, hitting his head and neck with her hands, punching, kicking and kneeling his torso, jumping and using her hands and elbows to hammer his face and head.
Now she got some result. The giant felt the shots and trembled. Some bone breaking noises could be heard. His shin and knee broke, some ribs were pierced, and blood was pouring from his mouth and nose. Gaby was so fast that he could not even breathe. Shots to his torso contused his kidneys and bladder.
- You may stop now, Gaby! Shouted Melanie.
Reluctantly she slowed down her shots rate, but finally stopped. The giant was leaning his back at the corner behind him, trembling. Urine was draining and watering his pants, creating a slop at his feet and a stench of feaces could be felt. His pants were getting brown. Suddenly the giant kneeled and finally slammed his full body on the floor, totally humiliated. Blood drained from his mouth and nose.
Gaby stepped back, drying her sweat and his blood that had spilled on her face. Looking to her unconscious opponent, she could not contain a satisfaction smile and soon she was giggling as a happy teen girl.
- Next? – asked Gaby, looking around and contemplating all those faint men on the floor.
- That’s my girl! – said Melanie.
- Gaudy – said Elaine.
- Thank you for the party! I loved the presents!
- But I think this was the last one, responded Melanie.
- Now that I was warming up, responded Gaby.
- Girls, night is still a child... There is a bar at the port, full of mariners, sailors and stevedores, who join me?
- Yes, shouted Gaby.
- I’ll take the car, responded Elaine.
The three let the bar giggling as three happy Barbie-Girls and entered on the GTO, screeching fast to their next amusement.
Below, some pictures to help your imagination
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File Type: pdf the_eighteen_years_old_party_by_thormanoftunder-d5fjbnx.pdf (898.1 KB, 1115 views)
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