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Pinned Down Dustin Destroyed!

Dustin Destroyed!

By Mike & Carrie Massy

Dustin with a perfect 28-0 record decides to accept the new challenge but questions where this new challenger comes from…

Dustin is confident as always; he has defeated several of his male wresters and several ladies in one-on-one and even 2-on-1 matches.
Every one of his opponents ends up pinned underneath him with that 8-inch bulge laying in their face! It Is embarrassing and humiliating but his opponents all suffer in defeat.
He loves wearing very revealing outfits and lately, it's leaving nothing to the imagination with his see-through thongs and G-strings. The women love it but female wrestlers end up in very sexual positions
as he counts his victory 1...2...and.....3!

The last match between Dustin vs Jennifer and Tim, he head-scissors the couple into a knockout and ended up putting Tim’s crotch right in his wife Jennifer’s face as she laid their helpless with her man’s balls up against her lips. Dustin sat on top of both of them flexing his big muscles and bragging how he just destroyed the champ! He takes the belt and sits while both husband-and-wife twitch in pain and humiliation. What happened Jennifer? Did I just take your belt?
Jennifer unable to talk as he presses down on them!

Mike has been very dominating over the last few months but this time he met his match. Dustin in yet a rematch against Tim as he tries to seek revenge and Mike, Dustin proves once again why he is the champ.
He makes them beg for mercy. Ted and Jaret as then were left in compromising positions destroyed in the ring. Both Ted and Jaret were Intergender champions and yet, defeated very easily by Dustin.
As Dustin facesites Ted, he looks down and tells him, you couldn't even beat a woman , what makes you think you can beat me. Ted looks up only for a large throbbing cock in his face. Ted submits and tells Dustin
he is very sorry and begs for the champ to not humiliate him --- But it's too late as Dustin grabs his head and rams ted's face all over his cock.

Jennifer is furious, she knows her man cannot beat Dustin, she knows she will just end up beaten and humiliated again so she decides to reach out online to another woman wrestler she saw in a video. Jennifer, impressed with Yvonne’s skills thinking this woman can maybe do what other wrestlers here cannot do – She has a unique style that shows off her offense knowing that Dustin won’t be able to counter some of these impressive moves. Jennifer decided to reach out with options to Yvonne asking for her assistance and a shot at a US Intergender title. Yvonne replies and accepts the challenge and is making preparations to come to the USA. Jennifer and Tim have an evil plan as they will help with this cost to sponsor Yvonne to the USA.
Several other wrestlers like what they hear and help Yvonne finance her trip. They are tired of being humiliated and figure, it will take a woman to beat Dustin! A woman with a fighting background as impressive as Yvonne describes to everyone as she shares examples of footage of some of the defeated opponents from around the world. The men are hopeless as Ted, Eric, Dave, Alex, Steve, Jaret, Tony, Ryan, and many others suffered huge losses against Dustin, the women are just overpowered and amazed by Dustin’s body that they get caught up in the physical appearances. Jennifer and her husband hoping to learn from this and prepare for Yvonne’s arrival.

Yvonne is from Kenya and has fought many tough competitors, but we never really validated this as it is all online videos. She claims her fighting record is flawless and perfection, but we have no proof of her fighting other than what we have seen in videos online. She has also been a fighting champ defeating men from around the world to include other ladies from across Europe and Japan. And she also uses humiliating tactics to pin her opponent and loves to make her men cum, women squirt, and tag teams beg for mercy in painful sexual holds. Her last encounter with a male/female team left them dominated as she twerked her amazing round muscular thighs and ass all over the both of them. Jennifer thinks, this girl can do this to Dustin, we can embarrass him enough and force him out of here!

After Yvonne settles in, they give her a test after a few days. It is Yvonne vs Eric and Dave. Eric’s girlfriend Hilda, laughs as this cannot be serious- 2 guys fighting this African girl? They will destroy her – Why would you put 2 men in the ring against this African girl? Well after it was all said and done, both girlfriends were standing outside the ring begging for the match to stop as their men were completely humiliated, pinned, and made to cum all over each other. Balls grabbed, twisted, and even punched. They suffered a major defeat that made both Hilda and Anna rush to the ring to stop the embarrassment Yvonne was showing the guys and their ladies.

Yvonne slowly walks out of the ring as the girls rush in to comfort their men, holding them like little boys in their arms. Suddenly, only to be ambushed by Yvonne--- After it was all said and done, it was a girlfriend swap as all 4 bodies lay in a 69 position. Hilda on Dave and Anna on Eric in a 69 – as 4 bodies twitch and shake on top and on the bottom of each other! Yvonne said, that will get their party started as she proves to Jennifer, she has more than what it takes in this Arena. Yvonne laughing as she yells out - They not only lost but now they are cheating on each other in a spouse swap!
Yvonne laughs and shakes her amazing ass as she walked out of the Ring! Jennifer and Tim kiss and jump around bragging about what just happened! This is the first and everyone will have to admire this 34 C, 5-foot 8 princess warrior! She is dominating and hopefully fast enough to show Dustin he is about to pay the price for insults over the years! His tactics are stale, his moves are old, and he has nothing new to offer other than crying for mercy as he comes close to losing matches! She looks to be qualified to take the title and become embarrassed by a woman as Yvonne knows her day will come.

Dustin hears about this and watches a few videos. He also hears the news as Dave and Eric were humiliated... As he gets excited, he announces he will not only beat this new challenger, but he will make her wish for his manhood to penetrate her 24x7 as he is turned on by her physical appearances. He accepts this challenge made and prepares for the match against this Amazing African woman.

Several days pass and now it's time for Dustin to defeat this African princess. He is wearing a little black G-string and she is wearing a leopard print G-string bottom. No top as her firm breasts are round and nipples are long. Her abs and muscles are well defined and likewise, Dustin is built and for all ladies in the area watching – his package is perfect in that outfit! Ladies are here for Dustin and they love his physical body as they almost collapse to the ground over his amazing body. Men hate him as he dominates for the ladies in the crowd, girlfriends made to suck his cock, and even take facials as he overpowers the women into submissions.

They stare each other down and Dustin yells out – Oh bitch, I am going to make you suffer. Get ready and be amazed as you lay helpless under my 8-inch penis that will bounce on your face. I am going to make you shake, cum, and you will take
all of this while I pin you!

Yvonne yells back – I love it and I can’t wait but I think you will be tasting the pussy as I stroke that long white cock between my lips! When it’s over, I will twerk my luscious booty on your face as you lay there with some black-berry juice in your mouth.

Both wrestlers thinking about the sexual contact as they are both turned on by each other. Yvonne thinking, she can't wait to ride him and likewise, Dustin imagining a night of passionate sex with this Kenyan Goddess!

Ding ding ding….

As the match gets underway, flips, punches, head scissors, grabs, fingering, and just a back-and-forth match between these two – 10 minutes into the match, no one really has an advantage over the other. Dustin is starting to look a bit concerned as he never went this long against another opponent still standing on their feet ready to fight. Yvonne is also wondering how she is going to beat this sexy guy as she said he is not your typical male willing to give into her beauty.

They lock it up again, this time, both wrestlers go for the crotch area, Yvonne picks up Dustin – Body SLAM!!!

He is arching his back on the mat, kicks, stomps, and a NASTY ELBOW to his Chest – You hear his scream like NEVER Before! Wow – Everyone is in shock! What is happening here?
She is beginning to own him in this ring. He is starting to ask for a break, but the match just started!

Finally, he manages to get out of all of this chaos and lands a PEDIGREE on YVONNE – She is down. 1…2.. oh wow she kicks out of that! He goes behind her and rams his hard cock right up against her body as she lays flat on her stomach.
Some women in the crowd are jealous as they want Dustin. You hear comments from the ladies – Oh, Do that to me, Oh I want his body, Oh give it to me… The rants are always there for his ego!
Dustin making Yvonne reach back and rub her pussy and his cock only to focus on the match and not the sex.

This match has gone back and forth several times with nearly 20 minutes into the match, punches, more kicks, more grabs, Dustin in a desperate attempt, grabs her pussy and inserts his finger as she is falling – I think he got her folks as the announcer yells out - he is on top of YVONNE!!! Jennifer and TIM are Pissed off as they see their princess warrior in pain and looking like she is defeated. YVONNE’s Legs thrown apart as he tries again to cover her pinning his penis up against her pussy and her legs all the way back…Here we go , yells others - Typical win for Dustin.. Dustin yells, well its over --- 1…2….Kick out!!
He cannot believe it as he knees her in the vagina, again, and then again. Dustin head scissors her as her face is pressed up against his perfect package. His package grinding her in the face as he then stands up behind her
she begins to crawl but then he cradles her rocking her arms and legs behind her as she swings back and forth in a painful submission. He decides to walk over to the bottom post and bounce her head on the bottom turnbuckle a few times.
Yvonne is in trouble as she is rocking, her nipples touching the map as she screams in pain!

AS he drops her to the ground, another submission hold as he is on his back and her head pressed down, leaving her vagina exposed and legs pulled far apart only to hear SCREAMS of Pain coming from her as she is yelling for the Bell! Finally Dustin yells out! You SUBMIT!?!?! YES!!!!! PLEASE F…K!!!! YES but the referee yells down – this is a Pinfall match, not a submission match ! Dustin cannot accept it as he agreed to pinfall only terms - As he slowly looks up -

She raisers her foot and kicks him right in the balls.

YVONNE reaches for Dustin’s manhood, and he is sent to the ground crying in pain… they both roll around trying to shake off the pain from each other. Yvonne, goes to the other side of the ring and then another ELBOW right to the back!!! He is yelling in pain – it hurts, omg help! Some of the fans are seeing this for the first time as they cover their mouths in disbelief! Her body is thick and toned, her arms are just making him wish this match was over!

She gathers up a little energy and splashes onto him , elbows, and then a few kicks -- as we watch her several more times as he tries to submit - I can’t take it… Please.. Make her stop -...People are in shock to hear him submitting but this match does not have a SUBMIT as the referee looks down and tells him you have to continue via pinfall. Those are the rules. Please Ref – I never had this type of illegal move used against me so many ---- YVONNE with another elbow right in the back. She then applies a similar submission he applied to her only for both to be caught up in its aggressiveness… Somehow as she has him in a head scissor, he manages to get his legs and make it a DOUBLE HEAD SCISSOR - He is Yelling for the bell, and she is yelling for the bell. PLEASE as they both are calling for a submission. The crowd is just losing it as 2 champions have submitted each other like NEVER Before! Dustin and Yvonne crying and rolling back and forth as she grabs his
ass and his hands on hers as they plead for each other to release!

They both break the hold laying in the ring holding their neck and trying to crawl away from each other.

She can’t capitalize and cover him – she is running out of steam. It looks like this match is over, but she does not have the energy to make it over to cover him. Jennifer is screaming – PIN HIM!!! COVER HIM!!!!! But Yvonne is to weak to do it …She looks over and tells Jennifer, he is stronger than I thought. As men in the crowd whistle and cheer the ladies are commenting telling her that she is going to have more than a hurt pussy when he is done with you!

As she goes over, Dustin’s foot connected right in YVONNE’s face… she goes back into the corner as her head bounces off the ring post. He is down, she is down… Dustin is crawling over to try to finish her off but he is hurting as well. As he crawls over, she kicks him in the face as he lands right onto her pussy.. Yvonne, taking Dustin's face as she is grinding his head and then slams it to the ground!

Yvonne pulls herself up slowly ---standing over Dustin, waiting as he is slowly getting to his feet – YVONNE GRABS DUSTIN and - - PEDEGREE!!!!!! Cover him … she is trying. But somehow manages to fall back… as she is holding her mid-section in pain.

Yvonne falls back to the ring post and her arms are barely holding her up against the post – She is holding her mid-section and said a man has never done this to me. I can’t continue!!! The referee tells her – Sorry, you cannot submit, the match ends by pinfall only!

People are yelling for her to cover him but again, she is hurting, sore, and looks just as defeated as her foe laying lifeless on the mat. Slowly Dustin begins to crawl over to the other ring post and they are both staring at each other across the ring. Both breathing heavy as they look amazed at one another’s skills. Dustin thinking, I never been in trouble like this and Yvonne thinking, I never been defeated like this… Dustin with a bolt of energy runs over and FLIPS YVONNE – RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING She goes … Down and spread eagle. Dustin is now in the corner holding on for dear life as his body has also taken a beating. What is going on as the announcer watches YVONNE Get up like nothing happened and she RETURNS THE FLIP to DUSTIN!!! They Flipped Each other into hell.. Both fighters are down on the mat holding their bodies in frustration and pain.

Dustin barely yells out, let’s do this and finish this… YVONNE yells out, gasping … let’s finish this with a double cloths line … They slowly begin to flex and build up the energy needed…As they both try to stand up, Dustin somehow makes it to his feet first. He extends his hands as Yvonne is helped up in the middle of the ring holding their sides, their mid-sections, and just look wasted. Soon Dustin with a punch, Yvonne with a punch, Dustin/Yvonne back and forth as they beat the hell out of each other. Finally, both with an uppercut sending each other against the ropes and then right back towards the center of the ring -- All of a sudden – Dustin realizes this is more than just a MAN VS WOMAN match -as they run to the middle of the ring and COLLIDE with a CLOTHS LINE from HELL.. Both YVONNE AND DUSTIN hit the mat so HARD. Dustin lands backwards and on his head, Yvonne flipped as she crashes onto the mat...

YVONNE IS twitching and barely conscious...Their bodies are exposed as the fans look on in amazement.

Dustin lays there spread eagle with his arms spread out and his legs open, his penis is showing and several ladies in the audience are looking on with amazement. Several of the ladies are shouting for him to get up – Please Dustin!!! As people look on, two amazing bodies lie helpless in the ring as moans of pain are heard by both. Her body is perfect, breasts are large, ass is round. It’s a perfect male/female battle as both Champions put everything on the line for this embarrassment.

YVONNE is starting to move and wake up -slowly in the ring; she begins to realize what is happening and then looks at her defeated foe. The crowd is cheering for her as she knows she can win – right now! Some ladies in the audience are in tears
knowing this might be it as a WOMAN just did the unimaginable to their champ!

YVONNE moves and tries to lift herself up off the mat as she struggles to get up to the ropes. She is doing everything she can to get stable and then all of a sudden, a MASSIVE Leg Drop Across Dustin’s head! The crowd is losing it, Tim and Jennifer are jumping hysterically outside of the ring and then… Yvonne looks to build energy as she CRAWLS over and her thick dark shiney legs, SCISSORS DUSTIN’s HEAD – HE IS OUT… He is NOT MOVING!! Her perfect ass is up against his face and nose – he is not moving - SHE pulls out his penis and shakes it up and down– grabs it - She yells out – this is the MAN that could not defeat me – She begins to give him a MASSIVE massage and the referee then starts the count 1…..2……and...3. One more time Ref, let’s hear it – 1….2…...and 3!!!!! As the men Count out the 3 count the ladies in the crowd are just silent and some are crying as this can’t be! HOW!?!??! How does this woman from another country beat a MAN as powerful as Dustin?!?!?

The BELL SOUNDS!!!! People are going crazy!!! Jen and TIM hold their mouths open in Amazement!

ITS OVER!!! YVONNE WINS!!!! OMG.. LOOK AT THIS! Other Wrestlers come out in Total Disbelief. While some of the Female Wrestler's smile, others comment about this amazing loss - No way, we have seen Dustin lose at the hands of this woman yells Angelique. This is impossible yells Melissa. How asks Amy. OMG as several other women are just not able to belive it but they see Yvonne humiliating their Champ ---

She pulls aside her G-string and puts her pussy right in his face!! She is just sucking him off in the middle of the ring and people are just in disbelieve! Jennifer and TIM are excited – they are cheering and getting the crowd excited even more as … all of a sudden - oh WOW – the referee yells for a towel for both wrestlers … YVONNE just made our male champ cum! Jennifer said, no he is no longer the CHAMP!!! HE Just lost his title and PERFECT Record. 28-0 is now 28-1.

He got defeated by A WOMAN! Tim can’t believe this Kenyan woman has destroyed the champ as he thinks about a match against YVONNE. She is Ridding Dustin’s face and as promised, she is now starting to twerk her pussy all over up and down on him. Music is playing and she is trying to make him pay for all the misery he has caused a lot of the wrestlers.

YVONNE collapses on top of Dustin -she is exhausted and is just laying on top of her defeated opponent. Dustin begins to realize what has happened but notices he has YVONNE’s beautiful tight pussy in his face. They both lay in a 69 as she holds his penis in one hand raisers her body up to face sit him. The crowd watching, Dustin’s legs are now waiving helplessly thrown apart, his G-string slowly slipped off, and YVONNE HOLDS HIS legs wide open for the crowd to witness this large penis getting smacked by her. Dustin is helpless as she pins him with her pussy sliding up and down his face. It’s over! You win! Please, no more… I give.. I gi..ve up. Please no mo… as he is crying for help from anyone that will come in and save him from this beating as she smacks his large cock a few times in between all the humiliation. His wife Stephanie is Furious - She is unable to do anything but watch as she is pulling her hair and screaming how pathetic he looks beaten by
this horrible bitch!

He tries to talk but her pussy up and down is just to much for him to handle! The belt is handed to her, but she is enjoying the tongue actions and the cries begging for her to stop for the moment. All of a sudden, Yvonne lights up – mmmm…. Cum for me. as it shoots out a second load all over his stomach. Yvonne looks down and licks from the top of his chest all the way down to his penis. Stephanie looks like she wants to kill.

Let’s count this one more time, I don’t think I won after this tap-out. The referee in disbelieve, the crowd looking on begins to cheer – 1…2…3

Ladies and Gentleman, your NNNNEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW … INTERGENDER Champion ---YVONNE!!!!!

She takes the microphone, I guess he never had a black woman before – He knows how to suck on my clit! OHHH.. THIS IS .. SOO GOOD!!!!

She turns her attention to the crowd as several ladies are crying hysterically over what they are seeing in the ring. Yvonne thinks, well he did have fans but I guess they will have to enjoy this defeat for now….

The end.
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