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Default Arranged marriage

Hey guys , Ive been on this webiste for a number of years but i havent really posted much. Im 26 years of age and have a love for all things facesitting , smothering and femdom.

Ive recently decided to write stories as i feel that i have a good imagination and could contribute to the community in a positive way. This is my first story here it is part 1 of 4. Please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes i will get better as i go on.

I also have a patreon page if anyone is interested where i will write similar stories.

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Lucas is a young guy who just turned 18 years old, he grew up without a father and was raised by his mother Charlotte. Charlotte was somewhat odd and had values and customs that she grew up with that made her strict and possessive. Since Lucas was her only son she made sure to have complete control over his life from every aspect. She didn’t want him to be brainwashed by the traditional school system and instead homeschooled him. She raised him to take care all the household chores including cooking for her, washing her clothing and more. She didn’t need to work since her grandmother left her a sizeable estate and so she spent her life with her son traveling abroad and eventually settled down somewhere in West Germany where she purchased a nice home for her and Lucas to live.

When Lucas turned 18 she decided that it was time to get him married off , charlotte had a small group of like-minded friends who were interested in Lucas. Charlotte had a dominant nature both in her personal and sex life, so getting Lucas married off meant that she could have a live in slave and enjoy her remaining years. One of her friends named Amelia had asked charlotte if she could have her son in marriage. Charlotte was very close to Amelia and so she knew a lot about Lucas and decided he was perfect for her.

Amelia was a beautiful woman she was 46 years old and 6 feet tall. She had long black hair , a sizeable butt and breasts. Her style was very dominatrix like; she often wore black leather or spandex pants and leggings as well as boots that reached her ankles. It came the day where it was time for the two to get married , there wasn’t going to be a traditional wedding or anything , just simply she had Lucas move to Amelias home.

On the first day being married amelia sat lucas down and began to explain what she expected of him. He was to take care of all the household chores , cook and make sure she stayed happy and satisfied. Amelia wasn’t as lucky as charlotte and didn’t have an inherticance to support her so she had been thriving from her erotic bdsm website where she made videos of herself mainly smother , facesitting and whipping submissive men.

She explained this to Lucas and pointed out that he would now be her sub and he was to be trained to be her ass slave both for the website and for her pleasure. Lucas was terrified , he had to watch some of her videos in order to get an idea of what he was in for. The videos included scenes where some of the subs would endure countless hours of being suffocated under her enormous buttocks even to the point of passing out. One of the videos finals was titled “Smothering gone wrong” where one of the subs was close to death and had to be resuscitated. Most of the subs in her videos were young and their ages ranging from 18-22 years of age. Even more Lucas found videos where his own mother was engaging in this act .
I want to be a Face Seat So badly!!!!!

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Default Re: Arranged marriage

How did I miss this story for three years? Great work man
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facesitting, femdom, marriage, smothering

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