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Default Meeting Sophie

This is a completely fictitious work. No experiences involved. Please give me some feedback.
I'll try to continue the story while integrating the feedback as well.

Thank you.

Happy reading!

__________________________________________________ __________

Sophie: "Hey, could I talk to you for a minute?"

This was my first encounter with the girl who lived next door. I moved into these apartments last month. Being the non social type, I had never gotten to know my neighbours. Besides work always kept me busy. Also, she's the only one on my floor. So, it's not like there are lots of people to get to know either. I've seen her a few times in the lobby, at the swimming pool and in the gym and I must admit, she looks hot. Like a lingerie model hot. Eyes of every guy around turns towards her when she walks by. Beautiful face, curvy figure, sweet smile, long brunette hair, british accent, big tits and ass which seem natural and a flat tummy. She had just returned from the gym and her skin was glistening with sweat. Her top and her leggings hugged her figure even more and I couldn't help but stare. So, this question probably meant something like help me get the bulb fixed or some other errand. But, boy was I wrong.

Sophie: I know you've checked me out.
I was beginning to protest. But, she continued on.
Sophie: I don't mind. Everybody has. I also know that you fantasize about being beaten up by girls. Not that I mind. Before you protest, We share a common wall. I can hear your porn.

This kinda shut me up. So, maybe, this was a noice complaint. She continued on.

Sophie: I like torturing guys too. Surprised to see such a cute looking girl say that? That's the reaction I got from most of my past boyfriends too. So, I've been out of relationships for some time now. And, I have noticed that you don't seem to have a relationship either. So, what do you say, you get to be my punching bag. I will warn you. I am quite mean when it comes to such things. Of course, there are a few conditions you must accept first. Let's discuss the conditions later. First do you accept being my toy.

I couldn't believe my ears. That was quite shocking. It took me a few seconds to register everything. But, after a few seconds, my dick won over reason and I accepted without even going over the conditions.

Sophie: Okay then. Sit down on the floor and put your head back on the chair. I am gonna sit on your face and you can massage my feet while I tell you the conditions. Don't you think you are quite lucky? Getting to be smothered by my sweaty ass.

Sophie: Come on.

She urged me as I hesitated. As I sat down, she held my hair and lowered herself onto my face. I could smell her musky scent. Then felt her soft buttocks. The warm feeling as they covered my face. Then felt the pressure from her weight. She wiggled her butt, bounced twice on my face. That bounce made me more uncomfortable than being smothered. But, all in all, I was in both heaven and hell.

Sophie: Now, start massaging my feet.

I obey her and start massaging the soles of her feet which she had put on my knees.

Sophie: Now, the conditions. First, to ensure that you remain subservient, you'll have to accept being locked in a chastity cage with a electric cock ring. I'll keep the keys and the controls to the ring. Every weekend, we play a game which would decide your odds of getting out of the cage for the day.

By now, tha lack of air was getting to me. I was starting to squirm a little. Trying to sneak in a breath, turn my head a little. My chest was pounding. My face felt hot, not just because of her butt, but because of a more uncomfortable flush feeling. She noticed it soon. She stood up with a bounce, her feet landing on my crotch.

A scream left my mouth as the sudden pain caught me by surprise. But, she quickly covered my face with her hand

Sophie: Stop squirming. You don't get to breathe unless I let you to. So, what's your decision?

I was a little confused as everything was happening too quickly. Seeing my confused face she continued on.

Sophie: What's there to think? You get to be *MY* punching bag. You get to be smothered by *MY* tits and ass. You get to have your head squeezed between *MY* thighs, get to smell *MY* scent, get to be walked all over by *ME*, get to be *MY* seat, get to have your balls locked away by *ME*. You should be grateful. So many guys would pay to be in your place if I started doing this professionally.

Me: O..Okay. I agree.

She seemed contented with my answer. She bent down and kissed my forehead with that sweet smile of hers that made her seem like a saint.

Sophie: Good.
And plop her butt came down on my face. She wiggled her butt from side to side and giggled.
Sophie: I bet this is the closest you've been to a woman. Hehehehe.
Oh, her sweet laughter. Even though what she was saying was kinda hurtful and true, I felt happy hearing that sound.

Sophie: I love it when guys are obedient. When they voluntarily let me beat them up to my heart's content. When they obediently become my seats and get turned on by smelling my ass or being smothered by me.

I was again getting desperate for air and I started to turn my head a little. She caught my head by my hair and pulled me in deeper and dropped her feet onto my crotch.

I scream, but my screams are muffled which gives her cause for her to laugh even more. I continue to squirm while trying to massage my crotch.

Sophie: Stay still!
She stands up. Puts her feet on my face.

Sophie: Kiss it!
I do. I start kissing the sole of her feet obediently.

Sophie: You know what? Get naked. I am gonna lock your cock up right now. That should make you more obedient!

Sophie: Oh, you've got a boner! Widen your legs. Put your feet down. Move your hands.

My balls were still in pain. But, I obeyed. She wound up her leg and bam! Like a football penalty shot, her toes met my balls. I curled up in pain. In a fetal position. That seemed funny to her because she just burst out laughing. After she got over her initial bout of laughter, however, she showed a little concern.

Sophie: Hey, did that hurt too bad? I'm sorry! I did not expect it to hurt that bad!

Me: I'm Ok. It's just my first time getting kicked in the balls. Sorry.

Sophie: Oh, cool. Let's practice then. Get naked. I'll kick you in the balls, with alternating kicks until your boner is gone.

Me: No. No. No. Please no. It hurts really bad.

Sophie: It's gonna be ok. I won't kick you as hard at the start. We'll gradually up the force. I know that you like ballbusting porn too. I can hear it all remember? Let's make a deal. I'll take off my sweaty gym clothes and continue in my lingerie. For every 10 kicks you get a reward.
If you can take 10 kicks, put you in a chokehold.
At 20, I'll put you in a boston crab.
At 30, we'll do a frontal throat sit.
At 40, reverse throat sit.
50 - I'll trample you.
60 - Breast smother with body scissors.
70 - reverse headscissor
80 - Frontal headscissor
90 - Reverse figure 4.
100 - Frontal figure 4.

The rewards seemed enticing enough. So, I agreed. The pain that's gonna be visited upon me is horrifying. But, well worth the price. I get naked, while she is standing before me in a pink lingerie which is almost see through, with a thong like bottom which is riding well into her huge butt. The fact that I am naked before her is embarassing. So, I hide my family jewels with my hands. The fact that I am suddenly even more turned on, doesn't help. She caught on.

(While giggling)
Sophie: Nope. You do not get to hide your balls from me. Turn around, let me cuff your hands so you can't cheat.

I obediently turn around as she grabs my hands from behind and clicks on a pair of steel cuffs. The cold metal feels uncomfortable on my skin. She leans in from behind and with her breasts rubbing against my back, she grabs my balls and erect penis.

She gives my ear a lick and whispers in a sing song manner: If you fall before the 10 kicks are up, I'll continue to bust your balls, but, they won't count! Is this making you harder? Awww... To make sure you don't scream let me stuff your mouth with yesterday's lingerie and tape your mouth shut. It's still unwashed. Hehehe. You can keep it after this.

I let her do as she pleased.

Sophie: Let's begin! (She exclaims excitedly) Widen your legs and face me. Stand up straight. No bending over. Alright!

She comes close to me. Gives me cheek a kiss. Puts her hands on my shoulders. Wiggles her butt. Then with a big smile on her face, she asks me.

Sophie: Are you excited?

I nod in the affirmative and As I nodded, her leg came up swiftly. I was caught unawares. And almost doubled over due to the pain. She caught me by my hair.

Sophie: Almost down on one! Be grateful I caught you.

After that, she kicked me 9 more times at a stretch.

Sophie: Aww, you made it! You know what, if you can last 20 seconds without tapping out in any of the rewards, I'll let you have an additional reward. I'll drop my ass on your face full weight ten times. You happy?

I nod in the affirmative. As she makes me sit down on the floor, gets behind me and hugs me close. She's breathing heavily into my ear as she has her hands wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. She gives my ear a kiss and then gives my balls a light tap with her hand and giggles as I make muffled groans of pain. Then without any warning, her hands tightened around my neck. It hurt. Made breathing difficult, but, I could stay.

Sophie: (in a husky voice) Once I lock up your cock, I'll use you as a seat whenever I want. (giggles). You'd like that won't you? If you do, then don't tap out. It's just 10 seconds more. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Yayy!!! Now, lie down on the mattress. I am gonna drop my ass on your face. Don't turn your head or I'll add 10 more kicks! alright!

I follow her to a room where the entire floor was covered in a soft mattress.

Sophie: I got this after I discovered my fetish for beating up guys. Sadly it hasn't seen much use. I had to go to the FGym. They have a mixed wrestling section on sunday. You know what, we should totally go there tomorrow. I have a match tomorrow. And I can get you an intro match with my friend.

I was on the matted floor by now. She stood over me facing my feet, with her legs on either side on my head.

Sophie: Ready?

And before I answer, she drops down on my face. That hurt like hell. I thought, she would get up immediately. Instead, she raises her ass a little, holds her cheeks apart and slides her ass on my face. I can breathe, but only through her ass.

Sophie: Ain't you a lucky little neighbour. Getting to smell my ass right after a workout.

She then sits down as soon as I breathe out and stretches her leg over my crotch and giggles. The feeling of her ass cheeks on my face makes me ecstatic. But, the lack of breath is already catching up to me.

SophieIn a sing song voice) If you can't make it to 10 without struggling, I'll do a butt drop on your balls! One...., Two......, Three......, Four......,

She suddenly drops her leg on to my nuts. As I squirm in pain, she starts giggling and says in a sing song manner.

Sophie: You get a buttdrop on your balls. You get a buttdrop on your balls. You get a buttdrop on your balls.

She stands up walks over to my legs.

Sophie: Put your legs down!

I obey her as I don't seem to have much choice in the matter. Immediately, with a big smile she lifts up her legs and comes crashing down on my precious jewels. Her whole weight, which I presume must be in the 110-132 pound range comes crashing down. She giggles and then creeps over to me and gives me a kiss on the tape covering my mouth.

Sophie: I love that helpless expression of yours. If we do this regularly, I might start compensating you with a set of used lingerie every week.

She gave me a couple more kisses on my face and then stood up and completed the rest of the ass drops without a break. By now, however, I was in a real need for a break. My erection had also gone down. So, once she was done with the drops, I nodded in the negative, screamed and hoped she got my message.

Luckily, she did. But, before she let me go, she made sure to lock my cock in an electric chastity cage and she tested it out as well before she took off the tape and the cuffs.

Sophie: Now, I wanna watch something. You'll be the seat. Don't worry. I'll let you breathe this time. Through my ass.

I put on my clothes and then she guided my to the living room, where she made me sit on the floor and the slowly lowered herself on my face. Rubbing herself over my face. She then plops down and lifts her feet off the ground and wiggles her butt, cutting of my air. My cock was starting to getting hard again, though restrained. It started to hurt a lot.

Sophie: Awww. Does my ass make you hard again? I can see the cage twitching..(giggles)

She raises her butt, but not off my face. Her ass kinda peels off my face. The sweat combined with her large ass kinda makes a good seal. She then sits a little forward and switches on her TV to watch attack on the titan. I recognise it by the starting intro. I can smell her and that's driving me crazy.

Sophie: Let's do this regularly. This was so much fun. Maybe next time, I'll use my hitachi while sitting on your face and make you eat me out.

After that, I don't know how long it was before she finally got up and I got to go back home.
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Default Re: Meeting Sophie

Sorry everyone. I had forgotten to add the characters details in my previous post.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 70.5 Kg
Age: 26
Body type: Healthy, with a little bit of muscle.
Hair: Short. Black.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 61 Kg
Age: 25
Measurements: 37-24-36
Body type: Curvaceous, well toned
Hair: Long. Straight. Black.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Chapter 2

Yesterday seemed like a wet dream. But, the thing on my junk reminded me that all of it was real. After all, my face still hurts like I got pummelled by a rugby player. I think the rest of the night, I had been on autopilot. I don't remember what I ate for dinner or when I got home or even if I had exchanged numbers with her. I think I was just a convenient toy for her to use. So, if this continues, I will be in real trouble. I should get myself out of this soon.

Thankfully, today is Sunday. My face should have enough time to recover before work tomorrow. Now, I have to do something about my appendage that's being held hostage. It hurts whenever I think of something even remotely arousing. Working out was a pain with the uncomfortable sensation of the cold metal on my skin and to top it off, it was heavy. Peeing was a challenge. I was almost done with breakfast when I get a message on the phone from Sophie. It's a 9 second video from the notification. Then a message. I open the chat to find the message saying just two words. "Come here." I downloaded the video and played it. It was a video of her sitting on another guy's face in a thong, blowing a kiss to the camera. Then the video cut off. Damn! From the smile, No one is going to guess the extent of her sadistic behaviour.

I was extremely nervous. But, I made my way to her apartment and rang the bell.

A few seconds later, she opened the door in a black satin night gown and a bright smile and invited me in.

Sophie: Did you enjoy the gift I sent you a while ago?
Jack: No. M..my member's been a bit preoccupied.

She started rubbing my shoulder's from behind while I was walking in.

Sophie: Don't be so nervous! You'll get used to the feeling of being locked soon enough. I agree, I might have been too rough on you if it was your first time, but I thought you'd like it. Besides, I had just broken up with my boyfriend last week. He cheated on me with his coworker and that was a guy!

By now, she had lead me on to the sofa and was straddling my lap.

Sophie: Consider this a reward for yesterday.

She started kissing my face, nibbling on my nose, then my lips, then her tongue went into my mouth and mine found it's way into hers. The taste of her cherry flavoured lips was intoxicating.

All of a sudden, she stopped and pulled away with a naughty smile.

Sophie: Open your mouth. I want you to swallow my spit.

I did as she told. That was a really humiliating sensation. Yet, my cock was starting to twitch and ache.

She stood up on the couch, still straddling me and dropped her night gown revealing the same red see through bikini she was wearing in the video. My heart sank a little seeing that since the possibility that she was sitting on someone's face today morning arose in my mind.

Sophie immediately noticed my concern.

Sophie: Awww. Did you think that video was recent? It was from over a month ago. That was my ex-boyfriend. Come on, strip naked.

I obediently did as I was told. Partly out of excitement and partly out of fear. As I was taking my t-shirt off, I felt her behind me, caressing my chest, hugging me. Her ample breasts rubbing my back.

Sophie: You know, I am a professional dominatrix.
So, it's kinda difficult for me to actually date people. Guys always find it difficult to accept. You know, the fact that I dominate other guys for a living. Lie down.

As I did so, she put her left leg on my chest and gradually shifted her wait to it.

Sophie: Would you like to my boyfriend? Well, either way, we can continue this. You also share a common interest with me. So, that's definitely a plus. What do you do for a living?

Me: I am a data analyst.

Sophie: Sounds exciting.

She suddenly jumps onto my chest.

Me (after grunting and trying to catch my breath) : Not really. It's just kinda boring.

Sophie: Wanna go to FGym? It's an intergender wrestling gym with not many rules. I'll set you up to fight one of my friends. I have a match too, so you can watch.

Me: Ok.

Sophie (in a sing song tone) : Good! If you win, I'll take of the cage (slowly caressing the metal cage around my cock with her feet) for an hour! But, if you lose (she lifts her leg and drops it down heavily onto my balls) there's gonna be punishments!

I groan in an attempt to prevent myself from screaming and twist and turn as I get into a fetal position.

Sophie: Hey, you dropped me!

Me (through my cries) : Sorry. I am sorry. It hurt too bad.

Sophie: Alright. I suppose I'll forgive you. But, you gotta take me out to dinner tonight. Now, start kissing my thighs.

Me: Ok.

She sits on the couch and beckons me to her. She puts her feet on my shoulders as I start kissing her thighs. I can feel the warmth of her soft thighs on my shoulders and face. I can smell her crotch. It smells a bit like her rose scented deodorant, coupled with the musky scent of her pussy and her sweat. My cock is in pain, being restrained by the cage. She slowly pulls my head towards her crotch, redirecting me to kiss her there. I give her a kiss, but then, she pulls me head up and clamps her legs together, squeezing my neck in the process.

Sophie: You like my pussy in your face? (Laughing)

The view of her tits just jiggling about as I thrash and her laughter are hot. I want to answer her, but, speaking is a bit difficult. She starts slapping lightly across the face. I hold on as long as I could, but it wasn't long before I tapped out.

Sophie: Did you like my pussy in your face?

Me: yeah.

Sophie: Then, go ahead and take a deep whiff (her mimicking the action of sniffing and then laughing.)

I take in her scent. She then clamps her legs together again, my face in her crotch, her legs crushing my head. My ears are also getting crushed, so I can't hear anything except the blood rushing to my head. My ears feel hot, my face hurts, my head hurts and I can see her tits jiggling and her laughing at my predicament. In a few seconds as the breathlessness also caught up with me, I tapped out.

Sophie loosens her legs and expresses disappointment as she simpy pulls me by my hair into her crotch and holds me there: Awww. That was so fast. Shall we continue yesterday's game?

I immediately say no, but she just gigles. After I tap out, she lets me out.

Me: No. Not yesterday's game.

Sophie: Come on. It was fun. You know what, I'll take off the cage and while we play (In a sing song tune).

Me: O..Ok.

Sophie: Wait a sec.

She returns with a pair of handcuffs, a bikini, some thread and keys. I was still on the floor, catching my breath. She pulls me up by my hair. Gives me a kiss on the cheek.

Sophie: Come on babe.

She grabs my nuts and leads me to the room where I got my face pummelled by her ass yesterday, lifts me over her shoulder and drops me on the cushiony floor. While I was winded by the fall, she walked over to my feet, lifted them up, put her right leg on my nuts and pulled on my legs, pushing down with her right.

My balls were in pain and as I tried to move her feet off my crotch, she warned: Nooooo. Keep your hands down babyyy.

Then she let go of my legs, took her feet off my balls and stood straddling me. Then she dropped her ass on my balls. I was expecting it, yet, it hurt and I was breathless. She leaned forward, gave my nipples a lick and then moved on to kissing me, passionately. As I returned her affections, she pulled away, again.

Sophie: Open your mouth.

I do and she spits in my mouth.

Sophie: Now, swallow.

Sophie: Good boy.

She then lies down on me, with her tits in my face.

Sophie: Maybe I should let you lick my sweat, drink my piss etc. You would looove that, won't you? (Laughing).

I tapped out when I couldn't take it anymore.

Sophie: Go ahead lick my tits.

As I do what I am told, I am just thinking this might be heaven. Getting to lick her sweat, even though disgusting, was still a turn on. She has fabulous tits.

She then moves forward to sit on my throat. As I choke under her, she just sits there until I tap. Then, moves ahead, just touching my nose with her crotch.

Sophie: You really like being down there. Don't you?

She then sits down and starts undoing her top. When I tap, she turns around.

Sophie: Hold my cheeks apart and put your face in. I want to feel that face, wedged right between my ass cheeks.

As I do so, her weight comes down and the soles of her feet cup my head from either side. I can no longer turn. She then, sits down on my face and I can feel the threads of her thong come undone. I can't see anything anymore as I am completely covered. When I tap out, she moves back a little, drags the thong out and replaces it with another cloth and sits in a way that my mouth is no longer covered.

Sophie: Open your mouth.

I do, then I feel a tasteless liquid in my mouth. She just spat into my mouth. I swallowed.

Sophie: Awww. Such a good boy. Eager to swallow my spit before I even say! Now, Open your mouth again.

I then feel some cloth in my mouth with a salty taste. She then sits forwards again covering my entire face and again locks my head in place with her feet. Then she sways her butt from side to side, bounces a little on my face as she giggles. Then pulls my hair.

Sophie: Hold my cheeks apart.

As I do so, she pulls my hair harder.

Sophie: Can you breathe?

I make a muffled No.

Sophie: Good. Put your hands above your head.

Then I feel the cold steel of the handcuffs on my wrists.

Sophie: Now, don't move until I am done.

I can then feel her hands on my crotch. She slowly unlocks my cage. My released member immediately stands up in attention, free from the imprisonment. I can hear her laughter as she is amused by my hard on.

I then feel something else wrapping around my cock and balls tightly. It was too thin to be her hand. That's when it struck me. It was that thread! I was already out of breath, So I tried tapping with my feet.

Sophie: No. I told you not to move until I am done. If you don't stop, I'll have to fart in your faaace. Bet, you'd like that too. Huh?

I try to stop struggling. But, not having a breath is making things harder. I turn a bit and she immediately, lifts her ass and drops down on my face repeatedly, and sits back down.

Sophie: Don't test me. It's just a few more seconds. Unlesss you really wanna smell my fart.

I had managed to get in a few half breaths when she bounced on my face. So, I do my best to hold on as she completes tying up my cock and balls.
She then moves forward and sits on my mouth, letting me breath in through her ass. She was wearing a sky blue bikin bottom with a flower right above my eyes. She starts punching my stomach, my groans muffled by her ass. She's giggling with every punch.

Sophie: Maybe I can make you cum just by sitting on your face. (Laughs)

I can feel my cock twitching. She pulls at the rope around my cock and it squeezes my cock and balls. She then gets up and the suddenly drops onto my face. She then gets up completely.

Sophie: Now, get up.

She helps me up, then takes off the cuff to lock my hands behind my back.

Sophie: Time for some ballbusting!! Yay!! Ok, as a favour for you, Let's begin where we let off yesterday.

She then grabs the rope hanging from my crotch.

Sophie: Widen your legs.

She the knees me in the nuts. The pain would have dropped me, but the rope attached to my nuts did not let me. After 10 continues kicks, she ordered me to lie down. She then rolled me over and was bending my legs backward as she lowered her weight onto my back.

Sophie: Remember. It's just 20 seconds. You can do it.

I did my best to hold on. Then she rolled me over, stood over my face, looking into my eyes. Then with a mischevious smile, her ass came down on my face. That was just one and my face hurt like hell. She puts her legs down on either side of my head, kneeling down, then starts pulling my head into her, with a smile. My nose is getting crushed, I can't breathe and my eyeballs seem like they are about to pop out. It doesn't take long for me to tap out. As I beg for her mercy, she enjoys my plight for a while, before letting me go. Then, she gets up and drops back down on my face nine more times.

Sophie: Oh, look at the time! Let's get ready to go to the Fgym! I already texted my friend about the match.

She got up, undid my hands and started getting dressed in a hurry as I rushed to put on my clothes as well as we hurried to the gym.
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Default Re: Meeting Sophie

Chapter 3

Sophie's match.

We reach the Gym just in time. I guide Jack to the seating area and go to get changed. I have decided to go with a black g-string two piece bikini, thigh high stockings and black stilletoes. It's better to show off a little skin when you have volumes like mine. Most guys are pretty much just punching bags once aroused.

I get to the waiting room and had to wait a little until my name is announced. I do an exaggerated cat walk to the ring while waving to the audience. They are going crazy. Well, most of the audience are either guys here to get beaten up or girls who like seeing guys beaten up. The population of people who are actually here to fight might be just 1% or 2% at most.

I enter the ring from the red corner and wait for you, my opponent who enters the ring in a hurry. You seem a bit nervous.

The referee explains that there are pretty much no rules to the match as long as the damage is not permanent.

Me: I know you've already checked me out and would like to feel my ass on your face. What do you say, instead of a normal wrestling match, we play a little game?

I pause a little to see your reaction and then continue.

Me: I'll put you in different holds. I can do whatever I want while I hold you in that position to make you tap. If you can go without tapping or getting knocked out for 5 minutes, you get a point. If not, I get the point. The first to 5 points wins. What do you think? Hmmm? My hot ass on your face? Don't you think you'd be lucky to breathe in my scent? To be my seat? Hmmm?

I already know your answer, but, just for effects, I bite my lower lip and put my right index on my lip doing the biting act. I already knew, you'd fall for it.

With your acceptance, the referee also agrees.

Me: Alright, on your knees. Let's start with what you wanted!

With you on your knees, I bend forward, giving the audience a view of my ass and you a view of my tits, while I give you a kiss on your cheek. I pull your head back and put my crotch in your face as I climb onto your shoulders from the front, looking down on you.

Me: Excited?

As you nod, I give the referee the go ahead to start the timer and I start scissoring your head while sitting on your shoulders. I can feel your breath on my crotch your veins bulging in your head. I wave to the audience who respond with loud cheers. Spotting Jack in the crowd, I decided to blow him a kiss, all the while with your head firmly locked between my legs.

I can hear you start to groan in pain, so, I close your nose and mouth with my hands as I ramp up the pressure. immediately you start tapping out. So, I losen my scissors, but continue to sit on your shoulders. I then move up and lower my pussy onto your face.

Me: Go on. You can take a whiff. Isn't that what you wanted?

I lightly rub my crotch in your face and then sit down, my fullweight on your face, supported by your hands you put behind your back. I lift my feet into the air and hold your hair for support.

Me: Are you able to breathe? Blink twice for yes and thrice for no.

You blink thrice.

Me: Good! Do you like the view?

You blink twice.

Me: Awwww. I'll let you enjoy the view while I decide on what to do next.

I can already feel you struggling to breathe. Your face is already red.

Me: Alright. I'll do a headscissor. Referee, start the timer!

As soon as the referee starts the timer, you tap out.

Me: Awww. That was too fast. Is this getting too hard for you? This way the match is going to end too soon... Don't you want it to last? Alright, I'll give you some freebies. But, I am gonna make it painful. If you dare to interfere, I'll continue normally. Ok??

As you nod frantically, I bend down to give you a kiss on the cheek. As I stand back up, I direct the referee to start the timer, kick you down then do a buttbomb onto your stomach. I then move backward put my ass on your chin and start punching you. The first punch caught you by surprise, so, you instinctively, put your hands up.

Me: No. You aren't allowed to do that. Put your hands down.

As you obey, I continue with my punches until the timer was up.

You got your first point! The score now stands at, ME-2, YOU-1.

I scoot further backwards, leaving your nose, touching my thong, but, still not under me.

Me: Awwww. I can see your little boner! You really like having me sit on your face don't you? Smelling my pussy and ass? Being smothered by it? Having my sweat on your face? That's so sweeeet!

As I direct the referee to start the timer, I start bouncing on your face, wiggling my butt, pulling your hair, rubbing myself on your face.

Me: This. Is. So. Much. Fun! Hahaha!

As I accentuate every word with bounce on your face, I decide what I want to do next. I continue your face as a trampoline, until the timer runs out giving you another point. The score now stands at, ME - 2, YOU - 2

Then, I scoot further back to cover your entire face without any warning. You can't even see my ass anymore and you are already in trouble.

As I continue giggling, I make sure you can't move your head by putting my feet on either side of your head and start pulling your head deeper into me.

Me: (With mock sympathy)Were you enjoying that too much? Don't you like this one better? Hmmm? Ok. Ok. I'll let you take a deep whiff while you kiss my ass. Hahaha.

As I raise my ass a little, I can feel your kisses on my bottom as well as your heavy breathing. I then drop back down, wiggle my butt, and start pulling you into my ass.

Me: Can you breeeeathe? No? That's perfect.

As I signal the referee to start the timer, I settle down on your face. I can feel your warm breath escape my ass, making a funny sound as the timer reaches the 25 second mark. Soon, I can feel you try to turn your head, but I pull your hair even harder and wiggle my butt a little. Soon, you tap out, but, I decide not to let you go too fast. I continue to sit for another 5 seconds before getting up. Score: ME - 3, YOU - 2.

Me: For someone who says they like me sitting on their face, you are not really good at it. Maybe I should train you a little.

As I say so, I drag you by your hair, across the ring to the turnbuckle, where I put your hands over the lowest rung of the ropes.

Me: Now, hold on tight, keep your legs wide and don't scream too much.

After the instructions, I signal the referee and step onto your crotch with my heeled boots. Your legs close, but, I lift them and start pulling on them to increase the pressure. Your hands come down to my foot.

Me: (Suppressing my laugh) Noo. Don't touch my feet. Put your hands back on the ring.

You last upto a minute, before you start tapping out, and I have to move my feet.

Me: You lasted longer than I expected! Good boy. So, I'll give you a freebie.

Score: ME - 4, YOU - 2

I sit down, straddling you, pull your face into my breasts and start scissoring your body as I signal the referee to start the timer. Whenever I feel you struggle, I would losen my legs and let go of your face, reach down to your crotch and give your balls a light squeeze. As the timer runs out, instead of letting you go, I pull you in again and start squeezing your torso with my legs, then, I reach down and start smacking your crotch instead, while directing the referee to restart the timer.

This time, you tap out real fast.

I win the match. As part of post match showboating, I decide to do you a little service. I adjust your position so that your head is just over the edge of the ring. I the cross the ring in an exaggerated motion and sit down on your face, pull your face deeper into my pussy, as I start squeezing your head with my legs. You tap out almost immediately, but I don't care. I just continue to squeeze for a little while, then get down from the ring, slap you and walk away with my belt.
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Default Re: Meeting Sophie

Chapter 4

This is the match mentioned in "First Date" [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

As the match begins, Sid enters from the blue corner in his white dress shirt and trousers while Sophie enters from the red corner in a black micro bikini. Nervousness writ on Sid's face as he is not yet ready for the match. His dressing sense is pretty good, but, for a wrestling match, that is the wrong attire. It's the equivalent of giving himself a handicap.

Referee a pretty blonde in a striped crop top and booty shorts explains that it is a submission rules match and that first to five submissions wins. Both of them agree and return to their corners.

As soon as the referee gave the signal, both participants rushed towards each other, but the difference in experience was clearly evident. Like a tigress grabbing hold of a rabbit, Sophie grabbed Sid by the hand and using his momentum against him, flipped him over in a hip throw and before he could catch his breath, in the same fluid motion, she dropped onto his face, her butt landing squarely on his face. Winded as he was from the throw, her entire weight slamming onto his face must have him seeing stars by now. But, she wasn't done. She pulled his head up into a reverse headscissor as she started undoing his pants.

"How's the view down there? Bet you love it!"

Right now, Sid faced another predicament. The possibility of his privates becoming public. So, he couldn't think about anything else other than trying to desperately stop her from taking off his pants. The pain and the difficulty in breathing from the headscissors did make it harder to do. When Lucy locked his head between her legs, it had not hurt this much. It seems she was being nice to him. With a renewed adoration for Lucy, Sid tries to mirror Sophie's move and lock her into a headscissor by trying to wrap his legs around her, but failed when she punched him squarely in the balls. He was desperately holding onto his balls. By now, his vision had started to fade and the pain was too much. He desperately wanted to not lose to some woman, in public, right in front of his date! But, passing out was worse. So, he decided to tap.

She stopped squeezing for a second, but instead of letting him go, she turned around, pinning his hands above his head, her thighs on either side of his head, sitting on his chin.

"It seems to me, you are really desperate to prevent me from taking off your pants. Is it just shame of being publicly exposed or a small penis or the fear of getting busted? If it's the last, taking off your pants is just for better aim. Alright, since you are Lucy's boyfriend, I'll make you a deal. I'll stop going after your pants, and instead, bust you directly, like this"

She leans back and slams her right fist into his groin. As he screams, and lifts his legs up in a desperate attempt to protect his family jewels, she giggles and sits forward, covering his mouth, pulling him into her crotch by his hair.

With a finger over her glossy red lips, "Shhhhhh!" Stop screaming into my pussy! It tickles" she orders him as she continues to giggle.

"In return for not exposing your meagre manhood to the world, you have to obey everything I say. If you disobey, I can just go back to being mean."

She scooches a little back so as to stop covering his mouth.

"If you agree, start kissing my pussy."

Considering the fact that, right now, he has no chance against her, Sid decides that it is unwise to disobey her and proceeds to kiss her crotch on the soft fabric of her micro bikini which is moist with sweat and was covering his face a second ago. He already has an erection, but having learnt from his match with Lucy, he has gotten better at hiding it and Sophie seems to be ignoring it for now.

Having been content with his proverbial submission, she moves further backward, pulls his chin up and puts him in a pubis choke. The smile on her face as she delighted in his suffering was a scene to behold. In a few seconds, Sid was tapping desperately with his feet.

Sophie raised herself and moved forward, almost covering Sid's entire face and plopped herself back down. In that moment, Sid had barely caught a breath.

In a stern tone, Sophie gives him a command "Breathe OUT! It's more fun for me when you can't breathe! So, breathe out right now!" As she said this, she started bouncing on his face. It did not take long for Sid to comply. As soon as he did, she stopped bouncing, leaned back and grabbed his balls. His screams, if not muffled by her crotch would have echoed through out the gym. But, it only amused her as she giggled and laughed heartily, tickled by his screams and desperate attempts to tap out with his feet which she conveniently ignored for a few seconds before she got up.

His desperate gasps were apparent, but she simply turned around and sat back down, facing his feet, with her ass, on his chest.

"Kiss my ass. The moment you stop kissing, I'll start squeezing your balls."

As he obeys, she continues.

"Now, for the next submission, I want you to put your face in deep into my ass. I want you to hold my cheeks apart and really shove your face in. I'll do whatever I can to make you tap out before I count to 100. If you hold out, you win the entire match. How about it? Oh and you are not allowed to use your hands. Agreed?"

Considering that it was the final point anyhow, Sid decides to wing it and responds with "Ok".


Sophie inches back, and holds her ass right above his face. He obediently, holds her cheeks apart and can see the thing string off her bottom, protecting his face from her rectum, before drops down and his face is now covered completely in darkness.

"Hey!! No cheating! Breathe out! Right now! I am literally sitting on your face! I can feel it when you breathe! I am not gonna start counting until I feel you breathe out!"

As he complies, she wiggles her butt, rubs herself on his face back and forth, before she settles down.

"Keep your legs down!"

She grabbed hold onto his crotch, pulled his face into her by his hair and continued squeezing his groins while pulling at his hair.

"Keep your hands to your side" She warned. She hadn't even started counting, but Sid was desperate for air and started tapping.

"Awwwwww! I haven't started counting yet! Alright, Let's do this one more time. I'll let you get in a few breaths before I sit down. Alright?? I'll even let you hold your breath."

She moves forward slightly, so that Sid's nose is just barely out of her butt.

"Ref! Could you hold his hands down for me? Please? Sid, put your hands above your head."

By now, Sid had completely understood that he had no way to fight back. So, he obediently put his hands above his head. The very attractive referee, responded with a sweet "Sure!" and sat down on his hands pinning them in place.

Once Sophie had confirmed that Sid was immobilized, Sophie moved back and covered his face entirely surprising Sid and taking away his air completely.

"Alright, I am about to start. You can have the last breath before the countdown."

Saying so, she tilts a little to the left letting him grab a breath, but simultaneously, lets out a fart and sits back down, laughing. The referee is also laughing and right now, it's audible to poor Sid who's struggling to catch a breath of fresh air. Sophie starts pulling his head into her ass with her left and and starts squeezing his balls with her right.

"Stop struggling and stay still! I won't give you a second chance and I definitely am not starting the countdown until you settle down!"

Hearing this, Sid, tries his best to stay still and Sophie starts counting down from a hundred.

"One!...Two!...Threeeeee!...Fooooouuuur!....Fiiiii ve.....Siiiix..... Seeeeevvvveeeeen......Eiiiggghhhht.....Niiiiiiinnn nneeee......Tttttteeeeeennnnn!"

"Yaaaaay! You made it to ten so far! Only 90 more to go!!!"

"Elleeeeeveeeeen.... Tweeeelveeeee....Thiiiirteeeen"

"Awwww, look your face is all red"

"Foooouuurteeen.... Fifteeeeen"

Sophie tightens her grip on his balls, pulls his hair harder and starts to bounce on his face.

"Sixteeeeen..... Seventeeeen..... Eighteeen..... Nineeeteeeeen"

Sid starts tapping with his feet, but Sophie simply ignore him and continues.

"Twenty..... You can do it! Come on! You can win this match with just this! Just Eighty more to go"

But, Sid can't hold on any longer and starts to scream and toss and turn desperate to free himself from his predicament when Sophie finally lets go of his balls and turns around and sits on his mouth.

(Referee still sitting on Sid's hands) : "Sophie! How does it feel to win this challenge match!"

(Sophie) : "Totally amazing! I really love beating the crap out of guys"

Meanwhile Sid is desperate to get out of there, tries to make noises, but Sophie moves forward and cuts off his breathing again and gets comfortable.

(Sophie) : "He's a bit feisty. Lucy's too kind to him."

(Referee) : "We should probably let him go."

They get up and Sophie gives him a kiss on the cheek.

(Sophie) : "Let's do this again sometime, in a more..... private setting, with Lucy."

After Sid gets out of the ring, completely embarassed, Lucy runs upto him and gives him a big hug, swirling him around.

(Lucy) : "Babe!! That was a nice match!!!! Did you have fun!!"

(Sid) : "Getting beat up in public is no really fun"

(Lucy) : "Awwww. Alright. No more public matches for you. You can come watch. Let's just go home for now. My place. I'll cook my best dishes and we can just watch a movie or something."
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