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Default True story about how facesitting was gonna change our life

Re: A true telling of how facesitting changed my life
I would like to tell about the journey that my girlfriend and I as been thru to make dominace and facesitting a big part of our life.. How it all started, all the way till the state of today in 2020. This is not fiction. Its all from our real life experiences. And my GF approved this before posting.

I've been fan of female dominance as long as i can remember. All the way back to i was 5 or 6 years old. I used to play with this girl from my street. She was 2 years older then me. I remember one episode where we played in her room. I don't remember exactly what and how this happened, but i remember her straddle me on my chest. That was my first experience of been under a girl. But it took about 10 years before i felt the same again. I was about 15, my cousin was 13. We had a play and we got into a friendly wrestle on the floor at he parents living room. She went ontop of me and i really want her off me, to win the fight. But she straddled on my stomach and used her hands to hold my arms away. That's when i felt i sould let her win. But i wanted her further up. So i let her stay ontop but i make her move closer by push her with my knees on her back. She move to my chest to avoid my knees, so i start to push my lower body up and down so she kinda fall forward, and land all the way on my neck and throat. Still straddling me. I look up at her and she look down on me. We was both in a bit of a shock i think. But then she started laughing and pull my hair said "now you never get me off you"

And she was right. I did absolutely nothing. Just enjoyed the view, the feeling and the smell. She was only 13, but already a young lady. She lifted her body abit to get comfortable, so i moved my head so I had her crotch right on my face. She is wearing some kind of cotton tights as i remember. A soft fabric. She did sit like this for 1 min without letting me getting any air. It felt like a century to me but i enjoyed it.

Unfortunately this was the end and she went up on her feet and that's what it. We never did anything like this again. Never talked about it. For her it was just playing i guess. But not for me. I whole new world for me was open.

I had a few girls thru my teens. But nobody i did anything like facesitting or female dominance with. I was afraid to push them into something they didn't like or scare them.

So my facesitting desire stayed in my mind. All the way till my late twenties.

When i was 27. After been single for 3 years. I meet my girl of my dreams. She was smart, sweet, very cute and calm. I couldn't imagine her been angry. Also is was only 21, very tall. 181cm/5 feet 11 inches. About 75kg/165 pounds. Blonde hair, strong, with wide shoulders and hips, big thighs and boobs. She was a pro Volleyball player. She was exactly the amazon girl i was dreaming about.

We started dating in November 2009. The first year was amazing. Lots of sex, but no female dominance at all.

Until summer 2011. It was late night, when we went to bed. We layed and cuddle while talking about random stuff. She start kiss me and that was her sign to, lets have sex. We usually had sex 3-4 times a week. With me as the leader.

This time i wanted her to be in charge. While we kiss, I tell her I want to lick her. She nodded. I tell her i want You ontop of me. She smiled and ask how you mean?

I turn over on my back and tell her to sit on me. We were both naked on the bed. She looked very confused at me, but curious at same time. I tell her to straddle me and sit on my chest facing my head.

She ask if im sure, she admit she is a big girl. 180cm/6foot she lost a bit weight this year so 72kg/160 pounds.

She was afraid to squeeze me. I tell her I'll be fine. So slowly and a bit awkward so straddle my chest/neck. It was obvious this was out of her comfortzone. But she get in position. Straddling me high on my chest let her thighs and kness on each side of my head. My arms was stretched out over my head. She layed her hands on each of her thighs and ask if i was okay. She was looking down at me. She looked abit nervous and unsecure. I looked in her eyes. I could hardly see her face because of he breasts that she squished together, made them look even bigger. I smiled and said im perfectly fine. I turned my eyes down on her crotch. Her young, newly shaved pussy was only an inch or two away from my chin. Her big pussy lips was apart and i could see the moist. I guess our kissing earlier made her wet. I could smell it too. I was a good smell. She was always so clean.

I really wanted to taste that pussy. I was so hard and excited about having her like this. She was biting her underlip and asked if she sould move closer to my face. I nodded. I actually hard a bit difficult to breathe. Consider all her weight was on my chest. She moved very slowly and carefully. She took put har hands on my hands and lifted her body on her knees and moved a few inch forward. Now i looked up directly into her pussy. She lowed slowly and spread her knees so her pussy would rest down on my nose. It all became dark for my. All her flesh covered my face completely. She was making a voice, like a relief. I could hardly push my tongue out. She sat like this for 30 seconds. Then she lifted her from me, and i could see again. She gave me 5 seconds to breathe until she sat down again. Heavily.

I couldn't move at all. My arms was locked. My head was pressed down by 70kg/160 pounds. I couldn't see. I couldn't breathe. I was completely under her control.

She sat for another 30-40 secs then she raised her body. Moved a bit backwards so we could get eye contact. She asked if i still was alive. I confirmed i was very alive.

She ask if i want more. I told her please do it. But this time she moved abit back before she lowered herself. So now her pussy only covered my mouth. And my nose pressed against the flesh. But i could breathe and i could see. I could see the flesh above her pussy. I could see up on her stomach and above me, her big boobs was poking out and hang abit. I loved those big natural tits. Ontop of that i could barely see her face, as she leaned forward to look down at me and what's was going on. I slowly pushed my tongue out to touch the pussy that was pressed hard on my mouth. But she felt my tongue. I could feel all her muscles pull together like she got electro shock. She squeezed my head with her thighs hard, which made her lift abit. She sat straight up. Now i could lick properly, because her pussy was half an inch from my mouth. I licked the best i could. I wanted to taste her whole pussy. She was making more noises. Squeeze my hands with her hands. I spread her knees again so her pussy pressed down on my mouth and again. It felt almost like the pussy lips was in my mouth. I used my lips to suck and kiss her pussy and used my tongue like crasy. Sometimes her flesh covered my nose. But she move abit forward and backwards and up and down so breathing wasn't an issue. I look up at her long strong body. Her stomach was moving

Her tits was jigging all over. I couldn't see her face but i could see she was looking straight. Her knees was spread at her maximum to lower herself as much as she could. She took her hands under my head and pulled it up against her pussy. Now i couldn't see or breathe. She was humping my face. My mouth and my nose was grinding all over her pussy.

Untill she would cum into an orgasm. She was loud. And all hwr muscles was tighten. Her grip around my back head was tight. Did she sat still. Slowly started to relax. She loosen her grip on my head. I could feel she put a finger inside her pussy and took it to her mouth to taste her own cum. She let go of my head, but still sat heavily on my mouth. She was breathing heavily also and her pulse was high. So was mine. She lifted her body and sat back a few inch. Enough for her to lookk down at my face with a happy smile. She asked if i still was awake. I was. I was in heaven. I smiled back at her and ask her how it felt?

She was catching her breath. She smiled big and said it was awesome. But im not done, yet. She said with a evil voice and went back on my face to grind her pussy on my mouth. She did for about 10 min. I licked as much as i could. But i felt my tongue was getting tired. But i never stopped. After those 15 min she moved back on my chest. And slowly layed down next to me and we kissed, soon we had our regular sex. The whole facesitting part lasted for at least 30 min. I was hard the whole time. So after the sex part, i was sore and tired. But damn it was the best night of my life.. But this was only the beginning. The beginning of a new relationship involving facesitting, almost every day.

To be continued.

This is a picture of my girlfriend from 2011. Same period as the story..
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Default Re: True story about how facesitting was gonna change our life

You are very lucky, mate. Congratulations on meeting somebody so perfect for you.
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