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Default What happens when 14-year-old girl pins Naval Officer in front of his wife

What happens when 14-year-old girlwrestler pins Naval Officer in front of his wife.
Originally written By Counselor

Introduction: I learned about what follows from young relatives of a friend.
They were curious about my specialty, counseling with couples dealing with
women's new self-confidence and athleticism. I was curious about how they
experienced it and dealt with it. Today the fairly common situation of a woman
being stronger and more athletic than her husband is less interesting than how
they deal with that situation. Sometimes the man just leaves, but I have come
to think that those cases are in the minority. I have written up this couple
as if they were a story and, of course, disguised the identities. Counselor

Ensign Jeremy Glover sat down on a bench overlooking a soccer field. All was
good - to be on leave from his warship, to enjoy the morning before the heat
of a late June afternoon, to have picked up with Susan as though he had not
been away for four months, to have this nearly deserted campus almost to
themselves. Susan would join him soon. How lucky he had been to meet her, to
woo her and to marry her.

His heart warmed as he saw Susan coming up the hill. She was pretty and young
and lovely. They embraced and he could smell the freshness of her. She clung
to him as they walked down the path arm-in-arm.

"I love you," he said.

She snuggled closer. "Me, too ... Sweetheart would you like to do us a favor?"

"Sure. What?"

"This girl is here with her mother looking at the school. She wants to be on
the wrestling team and it's all boys; so coach Stan Jaekes said she could come
and try against a couple of the boys and, if she looked good enough, he'd
coach her as if she were a guy. The problem is that she's here a week late and
there aren't any guys."


"You used to wrestle and I volunteered you to work out against her so Stan can
see how she does."

"I haven't wrestled since high school."

"That's OK. Stan said it would just be a work out to see if she is any good at

"But I've never wrestled a girl. How old is she?"


"Fourteen! I'd be arrested for molesting a minor or something."

"No you wouldn't her mother would be there and I would. I'm afraid we'll lose
her if she can't get the coach's blessing."

"Being an admissions officer at this school has gone to your head. How many
wives would want their husband to wrestle with a fourteen-year-old girl? How
big is she?"

"She's pretty tall, almost as tall as you, but thinner. You weigh more I'm

Patty was tall, actually six feet, a mature and feminine fourteen-year-old
with shoulder length blonde hair tied up for wrestling. Jeremy met her mother,
Maude, who thanked him for helping her daughter. He glanced at Patty's
breasts, wondering how he would handle that and quickly decided to forget
about her sex. He had played tennis against women without thinking much about

They came to the center of the mat and shook hands. Susan watched her beloved
husband. He was slightly taller than the girl and definitely thicker, but
all-in-all not that much bigger. Stan was talking to them. Then he stepped
back and said, "Wrestle!"

She watched the two combatants link arms. It was strange seeing her husband
tussling with a pretty girl. She caught her breath as each tried for an
advantage. Suddenly Patty was on one knee, her arms around Jeremy's lower
thigh, his body above hers. Jeremy was fighting to stay on top. They struggled
back and forth until Patty got her shoulder into him forcing him over. Now she
was on top and he was trying to turn face down. Susan caught her breath and
felt her intestines churn. This was not supposed to happen. No woman,
certainly no girl, was supposed to hold down her husband. She gasped as
Patty's hand and then her arm went between his legs up high close to his
crotch. Jeremy, Jeremy, don't let her! But he did.

Susan could not see exactly what was happening. But she sensed that Jeremy
couldn't stop this girl. Then his legs were kicking ineffectually in the air.
Stan slapped the mat twice. Patty got to her knees. Jeremy lay for a moment
and then rolled over.

"Good work," Stan said. "Rest a minute and then I want to see how you do
starting in the superior and the inferior positions." Susan knew Jeremy was
unhappy. He looked neither at Patty nor at her. He just stared into space.

"OK. Jeremy, you ready? Get on your hands and knees. Let's see you put up some
resistance. You're warmed up now. Don't let a girl beat you."

Jeremy's face had a look of grim determination as he assumed the position.
Patty crouched behind him, her left hand on his left elbow, her right arm
around his lower chest. Susan felt a constriction around her chest as if she
were the one being held.


Susan could tell that Jeremy was calling on any reserves of strength and
energy that he had. He tried to rise and then to twist, but Patty had captured
his left arm. She dragged him so that he was face down. Susan watched with
escalating anxiety as her husband tried to get away from the girl on top of
him. She was horrified for him, but something else was intruding. She was
getting angry, angry that her man, her husband, would not or could not throw
off this fourteen-year-old girl. And now she saw Patty's hand coming from
below up between his legs. Her hand seemed to grasp his butt. And then she had
him turned on his back.

Stan said, "Good move. OK. I've seen enough of that. Break."

Susan's heart went out to Jeremy, who looked tired and defeated. Patty looked
fresh and calm as if wrestling a man were perfectly natural.

"Patty, hands and knees. Jeremy, get in position. Wrestle!"

For the first time Jeremy was in the better position. Susan hoped for him, but
the hope was short-lived. Patty suddenly had her legs in front of her and
turned on him. He twisted. The roughly she threw him over her. He still
seemed, to Susan, to have some advantage, but then Patty had one leg over him.
Jeremy tried to roll away, but she caught him in a cradle, her right arm
around his neck, her left arm under his left knee. Locking hands she rocked
him back suddenly so that his shoulders were down, as he lay helpless in her
arms. What Susan noticed was that his butt was straight up in the air. She had
an almost insane desire to spank him, to punish him for shaming himself and
her. The feeling passed as suddenly as it came, but she remembered it later.

Stan's hand slapped the mat twice. As the wrestlers climbed to their feet, he
took them both by one had. Then he raised Patty's. "I'd be proud to coach you.
OK. Shake and give each other a hug. Thanks, Jeremy for filling in. I couldn't
have seen this without you."

Susan watched the hand shaking and the hugging. One emotion chased another.
She would like to see another round and see Patty completely demolish him,
punish him for letting a girl beat him. Then she wanted to comfort him for
what she could see was to him a humiliating defeat. But then he might blame
her for getting him into this. He had not wanted to wrestle a girl. Maybe he
had been afraid of losing.

A half hour later Susan was in her office with Patty and her mother, Maude.
She talked a bit more than she had earlier about the school and the

"I think my daughter has decided to come."

"Wonderful. I am sure she will have a marvelous experience. This school has a
great learning environment. Patty, you will like the English courses."

Patty nodded.

Susan was struggling to see Patty as just another fourteen-year-old girl, but
it was hard. She kept remembering her holding down her husband with her hand
between his legs.

Finally the official work was done.

Susan looked deep into Patty's gray eyes. "Well, Patty, you have had quite a
day. You made a great impression on our wrestling coach. He told me he had
never seen a fourteen-year-old so skillful. I still can't believe what you
did. You beat my husband in a wrestling match." Patty shrugged and looked
away. "Weren't you surprised?"

"Not really. He's not much bigger than me and I am used to competing with
older boys."

"Well, I was surprised. I think I should congratulate you. Congratulations."


"Well, I mean. You should be proud."

"I guess I am. I like to win."

"So you felt good about beating a grown man."

"I guess so. I wouldn't have liked to lose. I mean he wasn't too bad. He
probably thought I would be easy my being a girl and all."

"That's what I thought ... that he would have an easy time."

"Because I'm a girl?"

"Well, yes and because he's a man."

Maude chimed in, "Wrestling isn't about being a boy or a girl. It's about
being a good wrestler and Patty's a very good wrestler."

"I guess I've got a lot to learn. I just can't get used to the idea that any
girl could beat my husband. I still can't believe it."

"You sound like a male chauvinist. I'll bet your husband can't get used to the
idea either. I saw his face. It'll do him good. I might even make him humble.
Don't worry. He'll get used to the idea. He did know something about
wrestling. What does he do?"

"He's a naval officer. He wrestled in high school."

"Did you hear that, Patty. That's the first naval officer you have ever

"Oh, Mom."

Later when Susan and Jeremy were alone, she said, "I can't believe she beat
you. I just can't believe it."

"She's well trained and she's very good."

"She's only fourteen."

"She's big for fourteen and I'm not in the best shape."

"But you're not in bad shape and she's only fourteen. I just can't believe

"You've already said that."

"She had your butt waving in the air. I could have gone over and spanked it."

"You're some comfort."

I'm sorry. It's just that I didn't think it was possible."

"She'd have beaten plenty of other men."

"Well, just think of that." He looked crestfallen. She went up to him, put her
arms around him and puckered up her lips. He kissed her lightly and started to
pull away. "Don't pull away. I'm sorry if you're unhappy. Come on. Tell me you
love me. You don't have to worry about me beating you up."

"What do you mean by that?" Anger crept into his voice.

"Nothing. I didn't mean anything. I just mean we make love. We don't wrestle."

"Does that mean you think you could beat me, too?"

"No. I didn't mean that. I meant that you don't have to worry about that
because we don't wrestle. Forget what happened. Be a good sport."

"I have been a good sport. I got shamed because you go me into it. But I was a
good sport. I shook her hand and hugged her and pretended it was just all in a
day's work. And now you seem to think that if we wrestled I would be afraid
you would beat me, too."

"I'm sorry. I just want to make you happy. I don't think anything except that
I love you. Kiss me and you'll feel better."

And so they kissed and did feel better. A little later Jeremy said, "You know,
she's really a good wrestler. It will be interesting to see how she makes out
on the team."

That evening Susan and Jeremy went to their favorite restaurant and found the
tables filled. They settled down to wait when Maude suddenly appeared. "Come
sit with us. We have room for four." Susan glanced at Jeremy and to her
surprise saw him nod.

As they settled in Maude said, "We owe you. Not every man would risk wrestling
a high school girl. A few boys have forfeited rather than wrestle Patty. I
think they were afraid of losing. Mostly, though, boys have gotten over that
macho thing." Then she looked at Jeremy obliquely. "I hope you have."

Jeremy said, "Well, I have now. I never expected to lose," and turning to
Patty, "You were very good. How long have you been wrestling?"

"Since I was eight."

Jeremy looked at Patty. She was wearing a sweatshirt with the school name on
it and shorts. Her shoulder length hair now hung loosely slightly curled. Her
mother was a tall, strong-looking woman with a nice looking face.
Surprisingly, he felt comfortable with these women. It was a new experience
being with a girl who had beaten him at something he had worked on. Even
thought she was only fourteen, he could talk to her as an equal. "It's funny
sitting here talking to a girl that pinned me."

Maude chimed in, "Opens your eyes, doesn't it. I even think the coach was

"You like to see your daughter wrestle?"

"I like it when she wins. To be honest -- I don't like to see a boy, and I
wouldn't like to see a man, hold her down. Susan, I'll bet you didn't like to
see a girl pin your husband."

"I felt funny, kind of excited to see how good Patty was, but kind of mad at
my husband for losing."

Maude laughed. "It's good to be so open. Jeremy, your wife is more worried
about your macho image than you are, but I'll bet you won't forget wrestling
with my girl, Patty."

"No. I won't. Patty do you feel funny wrestling boys or men?"

"No. I mostly wrestle boys. I like to wrestle them more than girls."

"But sometimes they're embarrassed to lose to a girl won't look at her
afterwards," Maude added.

Jeremy looked at Maude. "Tell me about your self. How'd you get a daughter
like this?"

"I was quite the tomboy. I played all the sports and wrestled with the boys,
but when I was a little younger than Patty, my mother put her foot down. She
made me wear a dress and wouldn't let me play with the boys. I hated it. I
thought it was just because I had grown breasts. Anyway I promised myself that
I would never do that to any daughter of mine. Maybe if my mother hadn't sat
on me then, I'd have been as good an athlete as Patty."

"Do you do sports now?"

"Yeah. Tennis and squash and once in a while golf, but I haven't wrestled
since I was 13. Maybe I should take it up. I did try judo for a while."

"What do you do?"

"I am attached to a ship now. I work out when I can and I like to swim. I
haven't wrestled since high school. I thought I was pretty good, but I
probably couldn't have beaten Patty." He looked at Patty wondering if she had
visible muscles. He hadn't really noticed before and now she had on a
sweatshirt. Her bare legs looked strong.

Susan hadn't said a word. She could tell that her husband had gotten over what
he had called his "shame," and was fascinated by this girl and her mother. The
image of this 14-year-old girl holding her husband helpless with her arm
through his crotch kept coming to her mind. She wished the dinner were over,
but Jeremy kept with Susan and Maude about wrestling and other sports.


"Come, I want you to watch something."


"You'll see. Just show up at the gym at 3 o'clock."

It was good to be back after eight months at sea. Jeremy looked again at his
beautiful wife. How he had missed her. They had parted a bit strained after
6-foot Patty had pinned him in wrestling. He had played the match over in his
mind a hundred times, especially when he would see a tall, strong looking
woman. He visioned how he had locked arms with a 1-year-old girl and she had
grabbed his thigh. He remembered how he had struggled ineffectually in her
grasp unable to keep her from pinning him. He thought about the dinner
afterwards and talking with Patty and Maude.

And mostly he thought about Susan. She had been more upset than he about his
losing to a girl and he was still upset that she had been upset. Now all that
was behind him; he was home for a month. In another ten days school would be
out and he would take Susan on their second honeymoon.

Stan met him at the gym. "Come see what your wife has been up to." What Jeremy
saw took his breath away. Susan and Patty stood talking together both dressed
for wrestling. "OK, ladies. Let's see you put on a little demonstration for
our visitor. Back off. OK, wrestle!"

Jeremy's heart almost stopped as he watched Susan and Patty close. Susan at
five-nine was three inches shorter than Patty but probably about equal in
weight. They gripped each other. Susan went for Patty's leg. To Jeremy it all
seemed a blur, but he could see that his wife was holding her own, maybe more
than holding her own, for now she was the aggressor. Patty was down, lying
prone with Susan on top trying to turn her. And then, suddenly there was a
reversal. And then, Susan had broken loose. Patty managed to get to the edge
of the mat and Stan separated them. Jeremy realized that a young man was
keeping score, but he had no idea of who was ahead.

Stan separated them. Susan assumed the superior position and the wrestling
began again. Patty got her legs out in front and tried to turn on Susan, but
Susan lifting and twisting brought her down again. Jeremy's mind began to work
again. Subconsciously he had been rooting for Susan, but now he could not
believe his wife was more that holding her own against Patty, the girl who had
beaten him so decisively. This couldn't be. He clasped his fists tight. Susan
was good.

Stan stopped them again. Patty assumed the superior position. She held it for
a while and then they were lying side by side with Susan trying to get her leg
over Patty. Jeremy gasped when she succeeded. Now Susan had a chance to pin
Patty, but she could not bring it off.

The match ended without a pin. Stan raised Susan's hand. The two wrestlers
hugged and laughed. Susan came over to Jeremy. He could smell her woman sweat
and see the exultation in her face. He felt weak and trembling before his
victorious athletic wife. Her sweat clung to him as she hugged him. "Oh, Susan
... I can't believe it ... You're really good."

"I've been practicing and working out with the team. Patty's good, but one of
us had to hold up the family honor and you were too far away and couldn't

"But you're so good. I can't believe it."

She hugged him tight and again he felt a strange sense of weakness and a
trembling. He put his mouth to her shoulder and tasted the salt of her sweat
noting a stirring in his loins. "Congratulate Patty, too. She's good."

Jeremy went over. "Congratulations, Patty. You looked good. I didn't think
Susan could beat you."

"Congratulate her. She's really gotten good. I used to beat her all the time,
but she's smart and got some good moves. She got a good reversal right near
the end."

Jeremy felt almost as if he were in a dream world talking to this girl who had
beaten him and just been beaten by his wife. It was strange and disorienting
but not without new, different and hitherto never experienced sexual

Susan threw on a shirt and shorts over her wrestling gear so that Jeremy could
take her home to shower. Jeremy was glad to have her delay the shower because
the smell of her sweat from wrestling intoxicated him. When they got home,
Jeremy felt strangely shy. He stood near Susan waiting to see what she would
do, aroused and hoping that she would notice and initiate contact.

Susan was elated and happy. It had been good to show off to her husband and
beat the girl who had held him down with her arm between his legs. If he were
going to admire a woman wrestler, he could just admire her. She noted that he
was standing very close and his face said as clearly as words could, "I want
you." His pupils were dilated; he was breathing hard; yet, he made no move.
Then she knew. He was waiting for her. Her own excitement was mounting.

Watching his face, she took off her shirt, "Want to wrestle?"

"I ... I."

She took his unresisting body down. Her right hand went between his legs and
grasped his butt as her left arm circled his neck and then she was kissing him
on the lips excited by his passivity. Her tongue entered his mouth. Now she
pressed her right forearm firmly into his groin, and then brought her hand
forward. She found and strongly gripped his genitals. He was hers.

Jeremy knew also. For moment he thought of resisting the surrender that was
overtaking him, but her strength was thrilling; the smell her of athleticism,
and the power of the wrestling hold that was holding him down, were too more
than he could resist. As she conquered his body so she conquered his will. As
she conquered him mentally so she conquered him sexually. For the first time
in their lives he lusted to be ravished and she lusted to ravish him.

Afterwards, they were both disoriented and clung to each other.

For Susan, it had been almost too easy. It had all started with Jeremy losing
a wrestling match to Patty. Then once Jeremy had seen her defeat Patty, he had
changed. And when he changed, she changed. It wasn't just that; she had wanted
to show him. She had really wanted to wrestle hard with him and beat him just
as Patty had done. But they had not wrestled; she hadn't really beaten him. He
had just not challenged her. Now he did not resist when she would put him on
his back and take him sexually. She liked that, dominating a man, her man, a
Naval officer who ordered other men around, but a little competition wouldn't
be bad either. She decided to push it.

"Want to wrestle?"

He smiled, "I'm ready for love."

"I challenged you to a wrestling match."

"I don't feel like wrestling."

"Are you afraid I'll beat you?"

"I don't know. I know you're good. When I saw you beat Patty, I just went weak
inside and began to shake and I wanted you and I didn't know what to do. I
feel differently toward you. I admire you more that I did before."

"I'll admire you more when you wrestle with me. I've wrestled with most of the
boys on the team and I've wrestled with Patty, but I've never wrestled with
you. I want to see how good you are and how hard it is to pin you. So there.
You can think I am terrible, but wrestle me now."

"OK if that's what you want."

Susan knew what she wanted. She wanted to do to him what Patty had done to him
using the same holds.

They locked arms. He was stronger than she had expected. She went for his leg.
They tussled. He was strong, but eventually she managed to take him down. She
watched for her chance. When it came, she caught him in a cradle hold and,
despite his flailing, she muscled his shoulders to the rug and his butt into
the air.

"You're pinned ... Admit it?"


Suddenly she released him and before he could recover, swatted him twice hard
on his butt. "That's for losing to Patty and that's for losing to me."

Jeremy stood up red in the face,

"You didn't have to do that."

"Yes, I did. You don't get off that easily. Now wrestle harder."

Jeremy's anger excited her. Now she would have a real fight. They closed and,
locking arms, tried to power each other into a compromising position. Again
Susan was impressed with Jeremy's strength. He made a grab for her, but she
caught his arm and half threw him over her hip, but he scrambled away. The
closed. She went for his leg. He grasped her around her chest. Back and forth
they wrestled. Finally she got her legs in a good position and brought him
down. He tried to twist to a prone position, but she prevented him by locking
onto his right arm. She reached under him and he was in danger of being pinned
again, but she did not want it this way. With her left arm around his neck,
she got her right between his legs. She grabbed his butt and squeezed for all
she was worth. She shifted her weight onto his shoulders and hung on until
they were down.

"You're pinned ... .OK?"


She pulled her hand forward and took his genitals squeezing them. "That was
more like it. I knew you were trying."

She tried to kiss his lips, but he turned his head.

She squeezed his genitals.


"Don't play coy with me." She bit his left nipple.


She sucked on his nipple and began massaging his genitals.

"Susan, wait."

"Why. Just because you don't like losing a wrestling match to your wife.'

"No. You spanked me and didn't show me respect."

"I was just teasing. I respect you more for trying. Relax or I might spank you

Her threat and her domineering tone coming after his defeat were like keys to
a not yet fully explored part of his sexual psyche. Never had he been so
aroused. He struggled weakly testing her dominance rather than trying to hold
her off. She tightened her holds on him proving her dominance.

"I'm ready," he breathed.
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Default Re: What happens when 14-year-old girl pins Naval Officer in front of his wife

That's beautiful... A great ending too. Thanks, deepkick. I wonder if the author has other stories like this one.
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