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Default High school girl destroys sexist father in front of family

John Chang was a man in his forties and a proud father of two boys. At the age of 18, John moved to America to attend college in the states and has since became successful engineer. Although he speaks fluent English and has immersed himself into American culture, John still had some traditional Asian views, particularly when it came to women’s roles in society. One evening, John took his 2 boys, who are six years old and ten years old, along with his wife for a family night at the movies.

Beth and Jen were soccer stars on the local high school team. Beth was five feet 6 inches, had brunette hair, and had a very athletic body with defined legs, a nice butt, and a near six pack on her abs. She was known as a total tomboy and had a very physical style of play on the field. Jen was a beautiful blonde who stood at five feet eight, but was more slender built than Beth. Jen depended more on her excellent speed, endurance, and skill on the soccer field, and was almost a big of a star as her friend Beth.

Jen and Beth were hanging out at the mall on a Friday evening. Beth was dressed in her varsity letter jacket, a black tanktop under it, tight navy blue jeans that showed off her magnificent butt, and white Nikes. Jen, unlike her teammate, was into high-end fashion. She had on a black dress and silver high heels that cost $5000.

The two girls were in the ticket line to go see a movie when John and his family walked by. “Just remember this is fiction. Girls are weak in real life and could never beat a man. If you ever see a girl in trouble, make sure you defend them,” John told his two sons. Beth made a disgusted face and turned her head to see which sexist idiot made such a comment. When she saw that it was John, who was no more than five foot eight and probably no more than a hundred and fifty pounds, Beth made sure to interrupt their conversation.

“I bet this girl could kick your ass!” yelled Beth. John and his entire family turned around to face Beth, all with a speechless expression on their face.

“You have a dirty mouth,” said John. “I would like to speak to your parents.”
Jen and Beth looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

“I want to speak to your parents!” Jen said in an Asian accent to mock John. Beth gave Jen a high five for the joke before taking a step towards John with a very serious look in her face.

“Men like you disgust me, feeding young boys with all your sexist bullshit. You do nothing but hold back society. I’m going to teach your boys a very valuable lesson today.”

Before John could respond, Beth slapped him right across the face, knocking his glasses to the ground. His wife is startled, and yells something to John in their language. Beth took off her letter jacket and handed it to Jen, showing off her toned arms in her black tanktop. “Come on big boy, show your sons what a full grown man like you can do against a 17 year old girl.”

John put his hands up into a fighting stance. Beth could tell the guy has never been to in a fight in his life and immediately went for the attack. A hard kick into John’s stomach from the all-state soccer player’s feet made him immediately double over. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Beth slapped Jon so hard in the face 3 times that his eyes began to water.

“Come on, I’m just a 17 year old GIRL, don’t tell me you can’t take me!” A crowd has now gathered around to watch. Jen stands to the side, holding her friends jacket as she can’t stop giggling. John gathers himself and throws the slowest and weakest punch Beth has ever seen as she sidesteps it and grabs his wrist. With a flick of her arm, Beth flips John over to the ground.

With John on his back, Beth straddles John and raises her fists. ONE..TWO..THREE the crowd counts as Beth pounds John’s face. After three punches John has two black eyes and a swelled up lip. John’s kids and wife look in horror as the man the three of them have always thought was invincible and had ultimate authority in the family was getting thrashed by a 17 year old girl.

“I’m not done with you wimp. We had a short practice today, so you’re going to at least give me a workout.” Beth said as she stood up. As she stood over John, she slapped his John’s face back and forth with her feet like she was dribbling a soccer ball. The crowd laughs, as many have begun to pull out their cell phones to record this.

Beth than grabs John by the shirt and pulls him up off the ground. “Come on! Be a man and fight! Don’t tell me you are going to take an asskicking by a GIRL in front of your boys!” Beth then spits right in the face of John to motivate him to continue. John is enraged and throws awkward punches and kicks at Beth. Beth easily sidesteps everything John throws, then finally catches one of his legs when he attempts to kick her. Beth keeps his legs trapped as John hops around on one leg, further embarrassing himself to the crowd.

As John looks around panicking not knowing how to get out of this, Beth spits in his face again, then throws his leg back at him to spin him around, and kicks him straight on the butt with her amazing soccer legs which sent John flying into his wife, knocking her down.

John’s wife immediately begins crying uncontrollably, from being both humiliated and now physically hurt. “Play time’s over,” Beth says as she grabs John and stands him up. Grabbing John by the shoulder, Beth slams a knee into his stomach, and another one. Before John falls, Beth delivers an upppercut to John’s chin to stand him upright. Although he is standing, John is just about out on his feet.

Beth turns around to look at her friend. “Should I try the move I’ve always wanted to do?” Jen just giggles and shakes head. Jen has never taken martial arts, but with her amazing athletic ability and deadly feet, she leaped in the air and performed jumping kick that nearly caved John’s chest in.

As Beth lands, she raises her arms up in the air as the crowd cheers. John can barely open his swollen eyes as he rolls around the ground in pain. Beth walks over slowly to the sad, once arrogant man on the ground. She sits right on his chest and begins to untie her shoes. “I forgot to bring an extra pair of socks today so I’ve been wearing my Nikes barefoot all day after practice. They are awfully sweaty and probably smell quite a bit, why don’t you lick them clean and we’ll call it even.” Beth said, and she looked straight into John’s eyes with a smirk.

John, unable to speak and in absolute fear, weakly nods his head is tears roll down his face. John’s wife, unable to take anymore, runs to Beth and gets on her knees. “Please, no, no, please. Please leave us alone. You win. You win.” Beth, now standing up and over John, looks down at the pathetic women on her knees. “No shit I win. Women like you are a disgrace to our gender. Being submissive to such a pussy loser. You disgust me. As a matter of face, you disgust me so much I ought to kick your ass too. But since I have a date with my boyfriend in five minutes, I’m going to let you smell my nasty shoes while your husband licks my feet clean, now don’t make me say it twice,” as Beth hands her shoes for John’s wife to smell.

Beth places her feet right on John’s face as he begins to like with all his strength, hoping this 17 year old tomboy would finally spare his family after this degrading act. As Beth posed with one hand on her hip, a foot on John’s face, and John’s wife burying her face into Beth’s shoes, an angry voice behind them shouts “GET OFF HIM NOW”
To be continued.
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