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Default Mother/daughter vs mother/daughter grudge match [F/F]

(Two quick notes: One, I set up a Patreon! It's available[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] with more info [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. Two, this one's a little rougher than usual, so you might want to skip it if you're squeamish. Enjoy...)

My name is Maureen O'Reilly, and I was a bit of a scrapper in my youth; I thought my fighting days had ended when I got married and had three beautiful children. As it turned out I had one last fight ahead of me. It all started after my first two kids were in college, and the baby of the family, my little girl Maddy, was just about finished with high school. She'd turned 18 a few months ago, and I was busy going over college packets and getting ready to enjoy the peace that comes with all of my kids having moved out of the house; the only blip on the radar was that Maddy had some kind of falling out with her now ex-best friend Brianna Holt. Brianna hadn't invited Maddy to her 18th birthday party, then Maddy hadn't invited Brianna to hers either, and I figured this was normal teen stuff where they’re best friends for a week, then aren’t speaking to each other, then go back to being best friends, and I blew it off until I got a call that they'd been in a fight at school.
Maybe calling it a fight was a little bit of a misnomer. By the time I got there Maddy was in the nurse's office holding an icepack to her swollen face. She'd been worked over; in addition to the nasty black eye that was quickly swelling up, she had dried blood under her nose and red, irritated skin on her neck where it looked like she'd been choked. I drove her home in silence - she was suspended for the rest of the week and didn't want to talk about it. I found out the girl who'd attacked her was Brianna, and asked her mother Rebecca over for brunch that Saturday to discuss it. We were acquaintances, knowing people who moved in the same circle, but I don't think I'd ever been alone with her until that day.

It started off cordially enough. I welcomed Rebecca in and served her some tea and cucumber sandwiches. We made a little small talk dancing around the issue until I brought up our daughter's scuffle: "Do you know why they were fighting?"
"My little girl says Maddy's a stuck up bitch," Rebecca came out with as bold as you please. I guess I didn't hide the shock on my face as Rebecca laughed, a nasty little chortle. "Oh, please. Don't you know your daughter is stuck up? She thinks she's so smart -"
"Excuse me!" I found myself leaping to my feet, stopping myself from jumping the table and throttling Rebecca. "That's my little girl! She is not stuck up!"
"Yes, she is," Rebecca spat, also on her feet. "Your whole fucking family is. You know what, Maureen? You're a know it all." I opened my mouth to object, but she stopped me with a wave. "You think just because you teach art history you know everything? God! You fucking liberal arts majors! And you never shut up! And do you know how annoying your voice is? I'm Maureeeeeen," she taunted in a nasal, high-pitched whine I swear I don't sound anything like. "In fact, I'd love to just punch you out right now. Maybe then you'll shut up for five seconds. And," she leaned in and hissed, "your cucumber sandwiches taste like shit!
Well, that did it. We agreed, between taunts and threats, to settle our differences in a fight, mom/daughter versus mom/daughter. I thought this might be a tough sell for Maddy, but she jumped at the chance.
Now I hadn't been in a fight in years - how many exactly I’ll not say if that’s all right - and as far as I knew Maddy hadn't ever been in one, unless you wanted to call Brianna beating her up at school a fight. We had about two weeks to prepare and I dragged Maddy to the gym, knowing deep down there wasn't enough time to do much, but hoping to at least instill some confidence in her. I hired a personal trainer to show her some basic moves, and to further boost her confidence I went out and got us matching outfits for the fight - a green two-piece bikini for me (what can I say, I felt a little need to show off) and a much more modest one-piece for my little girl, along with matching white elbow and knee pads, and white wrestling boots.

Now when the night of the fight rolled around we were in a private gym out in the country that had a full-sized wrestling ring, and I suppose the fact that Rebecca had this set up and ready to go on such short notice should have been a warning sign that I missed at the time. We'd neglected to set any rules, and I was a little worried to see that our opponents each had a large duffel bag; it dawned on me it was probably full of stuff to use on us if we lost, and I want to say that just made me more determined not to lose, but the truth is I was also getting pretty nervous at this point and wondering if I’d made a big mistake.
Before I get to the match let me describe us all here. Me and my daughter were in our new ring gear while Brianna and Rebecca had exactly matching outfits, both of them wearing a lacy black bra top and frilly black bottoms with nothing else, and I felt a little overdressed in my pads and boots. My daughter and myself are redheads, my hair in a long curly waterfall halfway down my back, while Maddy's fell to her shoulders, with long bangs in front. We both have large brown eyes, button noses and small, heart-shaped mouths. The Holts are both blondes, Rebecca's hair in an expensive-looking long chic wave, her daughter’s worn loose down to her shoulders. I’ll concede they’re both very pretty with deep blue eyes, small noses and full, sensuous lips. Rebecca and I are the same height - 5'8" - but she's a bombshell with a curvy hourglass figure and I'm, uh, not - I guess I’m more like a broomstick from my chin to my feet; I’m a 32A cup. (Does having kids make your boobs bigger? Yes it does, until you stop breastfeeding. Did I mention Maddy is my youngest and she’s going off to college?) The kids took after their moms; Brianna isn’t as developed as her mother but was still fairly curvy, whereas Maddy is like me, quite flat; and, as I say this as her loving mother, has no butt. Maddy has maybe half an inch on Brianna, a hair under 5’3” to Brianna’s 5’2”ish.

To start the match I sent Maddy out to wrestle, hoping Brianna would come out to meet her; she did and the two rivals stood toe to toe in the center of the ring. I just hoped my daughter had learned enough from her brief training to do well against her rival. Brianna offered a test of strength; I thought it might be a trap but before I could call out a warning Maddy accepted and both girls started pushing on each other. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Brianna didn't use any dirty moves, but then I saw she didn't have to as she was slowly overpowering my daughter.
"Come on, sweetie!" I whooped. "Don't give up! You can do it!" She didn't respond, her eyes locked on her ex-best friend. Despite my encouragement Maddy was slowly forced down to her knees. Brianna was in the superior position now and pushed Maddy down onto her back, then sat down on her midsection, pinning my daughter's wrists to the mat. Maddy tried to dislodge her opponent by kneeing her in the back, but she couldn't get her leg up far enough to unseat Brianna, and the blonde leaned down, cutting off Maddy's air with her silk-covered breasts. Brianna looked up at me with a shit-eating grin and I had to stop myself from jumping the ropes and pulling her off my daughter. Maddy thrashed under her opponent and after half a minute Brianna had to let her up, but I could see that my daughter was flushed and panting while Brianna was smirking and hadn't broken a sweat yet. The fighters squared off again and Maddy lunged for Brianna, but the blonde sidestepped and slammed her knee into my daughter's tummy. She delivered the blow with practiced ease, her hard kneecap smacking into Maddy's soft stomach. Maddy gasped and Brianna grabbed two handfuls of her hair, bending my daughter over and hitting her with repeated kneelifts to her midsection. Maddy wrapped her arms around her stomach, and Brianna smoothly changed targets, lifting her knee into my daughter's chest and crushing her hanging tits into her ribcage.
"Foul!" I screamed. "Fight fair!"
Brianna turned to face me with a cruel sneer. "There's no rules, you stupid old bitch! I'm -" she was brought up short as Maddy hit her with a sloppy uppercut between the legs. Brianna screamed and released my daughter, covering her crotch in obvious pain.
"Woooooooo!" I screamed. "That’s karma! Get her, baby!" Maddy went behind Brianna and lined up a crotch kick. Brianna had her hands in front of her, which would have protected her from a punch or front kick, but with Maddy behind her, they did nothing to stop the top of Maddy's foot coming up between her legs and smashing into her pussy. Brianna screamed and fell down holding herself as I went nuts clapping and cheering for my little girl. Maddy turned to me and bowed before going over to where Brianna lay on the mats holding herself, and started stomping her opponent. Brianna covered up as best she could, but I saw Maddy score with several hard stomps, my daughter clearly relishing a particularly nasty one that saw her slam the bottom of her boot right into Brianna's face. The blonde eventually managed to roll over, taking one last stomp on the back of her head before she managed to get to all fours, her limbs shaky. Maddy went to Brianna's right side and backed up several steps, then charged, aiming a punt into Brianna's stomach, but the blonde rolled away at the last second and Maddy had so much momentum she couldn't stop; her foot went flying up in the air and she fell backwards, landing on the mats with a undignified thud on her back.

But she was still in much better shape than her opponent, and by the time my daughter was back on her feet Brianna was only on her knees. Maddy walked towards her, lining up a punch at Brianna's jaw, but before she could land it her opponent sprung at her, and I saw Brianna's hand go between Maddy's legs as she slapped on a pussy claw. My daughter stopped dead with a shriek, both hands going to Brianna's wrist, trying to pull the blonde’s hand away, but my daughter was clearly in a lot of pain and her strength was already being sapped. A gloating Brianna managed to keep the claw on and walked my daughter over to the ropes, pressing Maddy back against them, her right hand still working the pussy claw. She switched her free hand to a vicious looking choke that seemed to leave my daughter helpless; Maddy tried pulling on her opponent's wrists, but she couldn't free herself, and soon Brianna had to drape Maddy's arms over the top ropes just to keep her vertical as she kept working her holds. I saw the match slipping away as my daughter's eyes rolled back in her head.
"Come on, sweetie!" I pleaded. "Don't let her do that to you!"
"Fuck off," Brianna snarled at me. "Your little bitch is finished! Watch this!" Brianna bent down, pulling Maddy on top of her, holding her horizontal; then she stood up, holding my daughter straight up over her head, and tossed Maddy over the ropes. My little girl hit the thick blue pads outside the ring with a distressing splat and lay still as Brianna screamed at me in triumph.
I hopped off the ring apron and ran around to where Maddy was laying on her back with her eyes closed; she looked strangely peaceful. I bent over her and started lightly slapping her cheeks to bring her around. Her eyelids butterflied and she looked up at me with a confused "Mom?"
Before I could answer her Brianna attacked, grabbing two handfuls of my hair and dragging me to the ring apron. She pulled my head back and too late I realized what she was doing as she slammed my face into the apron. She let go of my hair and I fell down, but before she could do any more her mother was there dragging her away. Rebecca yelled at her daughter to "get her back in the ring and finish her!" before releasing her. I helped Maddy to her feet, but before I could check on her Brianna was there and grabbed my little girl, roughly stuffing her under the bottom rope as I reluctantly went back to my spot on the ring apron.

Brianna got back in the ring and dragged Maddy to the center, I guess to finish her off there. I knew Maddy was in bad shape and had to tag out or get eliminated right here; I hoped against hope that Maddy could make it to her mommy and tag. The first step was avoiding Brianna’s finishing move, and to my immense relief Maddy managed this, aiming an uppercut between Brianna's legs as the blonde reached down for her. It missed, but Brianna had to jump back, and Maddy rolled to her feet away from her opponent. I called for a tag and Maddy backed up into our corner; Brianna followed her until it was clear she had no way to attack Maddy without getting dangerously close to me, and I slapped Maddy's shoulder for the tag and got into the ring.
I was curious to see if Brianna was going to wrestle me or tag her mother; her mom called for a tag, but I screwed on my bitchiest sneer and asked my daughter’s enemy if she was afraid to fight me, and that was all it took to goad her into charging me with a war scream. I sidestepped and gave her a clothesline as she ran past; I’m not the strongest fighter out there, but Brianna had enough momentum to flip over my arm before landing on her back with a very satisfying thud. I dropped an elbow into her stomach, and this left her stunned long enough for me to deploy my most formidable weapons as I locked a strong scissorhold around her midsection.
Brianna tried to break the hold by forcing my legs apart, but I think to her surprise she couldn’t manage it; I relished the sight of my little girl’s tormentor suffering in my hold, sweating and panting as I squeezed her as hard as I could. Brianna tried to pry my legs apart at the knees, and I’ll give her credit for being very strong, but she wasn’t strong enough for this; her mom yelled at her to try my ankles, and she had more success here. I managed to keep squeezing her for a little bit, but she slowly started pushing my ankles apart; her arms and my legs were both shaking with exertion as she slowly freed herself. Recognizing the inevitable I released the hold and got up to my feet. Brianna had only made it to her knees - she was completely out of breath, her arms sore, and coated in sweat - and I simply came up to her right side and kicked her in the back of her head. Brianna went down on her chest, and I gave her a stomp, slamming the bottom of my foot into the back of her head. Brianna screamed and rolled over, and I dropped an elbow in her tits. She was left stunned, holding her chest in pain. I wanted to strip her and flipped her back onto her chest, reaching down and unhooking her top. I got my left arm around her neck, pulling her torso up off the mat enough to whip her black bra off, tossing it to my cheering daughter. I could have just climbed on top of her and possibly choked her out here, but this was a grudge match after all, and I wanted to teach her a lesson, so I got her in a camel clutch, making sure to face her towards our corner so Maddy could see her mommy punish her bully. For a few glorious minutes I felt Brianna suffering under me as I cranked her neck back as far as it would go; her moans of pain were music to my ears, and the little yelps she emitted when I wrenched her neck one way or the other were even more delightful. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to enjoy this before Brianna got her legs braced underneath me and stood up, unceremoniously dumping me off her back. I rolled to my feet and we faced off, but before either one of us could move Rebecca called for a tag. I saw Brianna hesitate - knowing she was hurt and tired, I thought I might be able to finish her off if she stayed in the ring with me, and I taunted her with a dry “Chicken?” and a eyebrow raise. To my disappointment she managed to keep control of herself, shaking her head and backing into her corner to tag with her mom.
I spared a look at Maddy - she looked pretty well recovered, but I wanted to give her as much time as possible, and decided to engage Rebecca for a bit before tagging. I turned back to my opponent, going to meet her in the middle of the ring. Rebecca had her arms wide in a grappler's stance; I’m more comfortable in a boxer’s guard and set my hands in front of my face as we closed. Rebecca made a quick lunge at me, but my instincts took over as I threw a quick left hook at her face; she ducked back to avoid the blow, out of my range. She tried again, this time going lower, but I threw another punch and she had to pull back or take a right hook to the temple. Realizing this wasn’t working, she switched stances to mirror my own and came at me throwing jabs. She was fast; I blocked the first two wickedly quick punches, but she got the third through, her left fist finding the tiniest hole in my guard and smacking into my jaw. She immediately threw a bigger right followup, but I just managed to take it in my forearm with a wince, wondering why she hadn’t opened with boxing - she was quite good at it, I feared better than me, as she swatted away my return left aimed at her tummy. My hands were left out of position and she punished me with a wicked jab that smacked straight into my left breast, mashing it against my ribs. The pain was intense, but luckily my fighter’s instincts from back in the day were still sharp enough that I blocked her attempt to turn her first hit into a combo, backing away from her and taking her followup hooks on my forearms. I hoped she’d leave a hole in her defense, but it was rock-solid; she ducked my one attempt at a counterpunch, coming back with a uppercut that almost took my head off; I had to jump back, feeling the wind from her passing blow. I realized a little too late that I was running out of ring - Brianna screamed “Corner that bitch!” - and my back was only about a foot and a half from the ropes. At least I was fairly far from both corners; if Rebecca worked me into one of those I’d be in big trouble. Of course, my back being almost up against the ropes was still plenty of trouble, and my opponent darted forward, leading with a right aimed at my midsection. I managed to block it, and for a second we stood toe to toe before she started moving forward, pushing me back into the ropes. I put my hands on her shoulders to try and shove her away, but this just left me open as she slammed a straight right punch into my belly. I couldn’t even bend over she was so close, and she quickly pushed me into the ropes, using her left hand to push my head back; she started laying in repeated gut punches with her right hand, and when I blindly tried to cover my tummy, she kneed me between the legs. If she hadn’t been holding me up I would have fallen to the mat. Rebecca stopped to loop my arms over the top ropes, then grabbed my neck with her left hand, choking me cruelly as her right hand went back to slamming punches into my belly. I could hear my daughter pleading with me to get off the ropes, but Rebecca had me at her mercy; I started drooling and grunting as she beat the fight out of me. She must have landed a dozen punches into my stomach before she released the choke, grabbing two handfuls of my long hair and pulling me off the ropes, sending me face-first to the mat.
I managed to roll over, but I couldn’t stand up; Rebecca had hurt me very badly. She hooked her hands under my arms and dragged me to the center of the ring, then stripped my suit off to her daughter’s delight, throwing it to Brianna as a keepsake, leaving me in just my boots and pads. Maddy called for a tag, but I could still barely breathe, let alone get up. Rebecca went to my right side and gave me a splash, leaving me gasping, but before she could continue her assault my daughter started pleading with her to let me tag, and Rebecca left me panting in the middle of the ring, strutting over to our corner. I could hear Rebecca offering to let me switch with Maddy, if my daughter would agree to start in the referee position - IE, Maddy on her hands and knees, Rebecca behind and on top of her in control. I managed to take in enough air to shout “No!”, but Maddy agreed to Rebecca’s terms; before I knew it my opponent had walked back to me, lifting me up and carrying me like a baby to our corner, where Maddy reached over the top rope to slap my bare shoulder. Rebecca dumped me in the corner, going to the middle of the ring with Maddy, who true to her word got on all fours; Rebecca got behind her and without any warning that the match was back underway, reached between my daughter’s legs and applied a pussy claw.
Maddy’s outfit seemed to provide no protection as she immediately started wailing, one hand going between her legs, trying and failing to pull Rebecca’s hand away from her crotch. From where I was lying I could see her face, her eyes squeezed closed in agony, the arm holding her up shaking; then her arm gave out and her upper body collapsed, tears running out of her eyes onto the mat. With a hard pull Rebecca ripped the material covering my little girl’s crotch off her suit, and Maddy went from howling in pain to small little mewling moans. My blood was boiling watching Rebecca casually destroy my little girl, but I knew I couldn’t do anything about it at the moment; it was all I could do to pull myself up to my feet and lean back against the ropes, panting and willing myself to recover.
Rebecca left off the pussy claw, but the damage was done; Maddy lay on her chest, both hands covering her aching crotch, clearly beyond any kind of resistance. Rebecca picked her up over her shoulders, then walked into her corner, tossing my daughter down like a sack of garbage. Brianna and Rebecca set about double-teaming her, and I had to watch as they lay Maddy down, feet out of the ring on either side of the ringpost; I didn’t realize for a second what they were up to until they both dropped out of the ring, each one taking one of my daughter’s feet, then pulling. Maddy screamed as her crotch hit the ringpost, and both of our opponents kept pulling, trying to split her like a wishbone.
By the time they finished torturing Maddy, I was thinking about throwing in the towel; I didn’t know if my daughter would even be able to stand up, much less fight back against our opponents. I decided to wait a little, hoping I’d be able to recover and somehow get back in the match. Rebecca stripped Maddy, handing her torn suit to Brianna as a trophy, then tagged her daughter in and exited the ring. My daughter’s bully quickly flipped Maddie 180 degrees; where she’d been laying with the ringpost up against her crotch, Brianna laid her out so that the back of my little girl’s head was resting on the bottom turnbuckle, her arms draped over the bottom rope. Brianna sat down on Maddy’s hips; my daughter still hadn’t moved, and she must have passed out when she was having her pussy punished. Her bully brought her around with some slaps to her face; I saw Maddy’s eyes open, and Brianna welcomed her back with a vicious double-handed nipple twist that had my little girl screaming. Brianna started mauling Maddy’s tits, slapping them left and right, pinching and squeezing her nipples, tearing at her tits. My daughter made a desperate grab for her opponent’s hands, and although she missed she at least managed to make her bully change tactics; Brianna wrapped her left hand around Maddy’s throat and squeezed, scooting down just enough to start laying wicked belly punches into my little girl’s tummy. Maddy quickly wilted under her assault, laying back against the ropes with a moan; Brianna lay off the punches and went back to mauling Maddy’s breasts, but only with her right hand, keeping the choke on half-power with her left - it looked like Brianna wanted her victim awake enough to suffer, but not alert enough to mount a serious defense.
Of course this wasn’t easy to watch; by now I’d recovered enough to stand up, my hands on the ropes, squeezing them white-knuckled as I tried not to cry watching my little girl getting destroyed. Her breasts were turning red and swelling under Brianna’s cruel hands, and seeing that Maddy was finished, I decided there was no point in letting her continue to suffer.
“All right!” I yelled. “We give up! Let her go!” Brianna’s only reaction was to aim a snotty little sneer over her shoulder at me before she turned back to Maddy, changing to a double-handed choke, pulling my daughter’s head up a little before slamming it back down on the bottom turnbuckle. I’d seen enough and got between the ropes; Rebecca did as well, looking to block me. “Get out of my way!” I screamed. “Don’t fuck with mama bear!” I charged her with a furious war cry, and she did not get out of my way; I aimed a clothesline at her, but she went low, bracing her feet and holding out her elbow, which I didn’t have enough time to avoid. She had it placed expertly and as I ran into her the hard tip slammed into my solar plexus with all the force I’d put into my charge. I hit and rebounded backwards, holding my tummy and trying not to barf; it felt like I’d been hit in the midsection with a baseball bat.
Rebecca squatted over my chest, grabbing a handful of my long hair with her left hand, pulling my head up off the mat a little, then started calmly laying punches into my face. This part of the match is a little fuzzy; Rebecca, like her daughter, wanted her victim out of it enough not to fight back without being knocked out. I honestly don’t remember how many times she hit me, but my left eye started swelling, and her last punch busted my nose open - I distinctly remember the taste of my own blood running into my mouth. Rebecca shoved me back down to the mat, the overhead lights swimming hazily in my vision as I lay flat for a second. Then she rolled me onto my chest and got a camel clutch, making sure I was facing into the corner where Brianna was still torturing my daughter. It seemed like forever ago when I’d had Brianna in this hold. Instead of yanking my head back, Rebecca seemed content to just sit on my back and hold me down, making me watch; until I felt her hands reaching down around my body, cupping my breasts. She started groping me, using just the tips of her fingers at first, then her index finger and thumb as my nipples hardened in her grip.
“Why, Maureen,” she leaned down to gasp in my ear. “Are you getting aroused watching my daughter annihilate your little girl?”
“Please,” I managed to croak. “Please, we give up. Call her off.”
Rebecca’s only response was a cruel laugh and a painful squeeze of my breasts. Then she went back to feeling me up. After a few minutes I found myself squirming against the mat; she knew just how to get me worked up, unfortunately. At least Brianna had gotten tired of punishing Maddy and dragged my daughter to the center of the ring, planting her foot on my girl’s face and counting her out. Rebecca didn’t release me, instead making me an offer:
“Here’s how it’s gonna go. We tore up your daughter’s pussy pretty bad, but I’ve got some soothing cream in my bag. You promise to just do whatever we say without making a fuss, and I’ll apply it to her.”
“Yes,” I begged. “Yes, I’ll do anything.”
“I know you will.” She gave me a condescending pat on the cheek and finally climbed off me, leaving me laying on my chest. She pulled me up to my feet, bent over, slapping on a strong headlock and walking me over to the ropes; Brianna came over and they tied me up there, looping my arms between the top and middle ropes. “Now stay put,” Rebecca told me. “You remember our deal. You make a move to get off these ropes before we come get you, and I’ll mess your daughter up real bad.”
“I won’t,” I mumbled. “Please, go easy on her.”
Our opponents went to their corner, opening up the duffel bag; Rebecca pulled out a small white tube. “Better hold her down,” she told Brianna. “She’s a squirmer.” Brianna nodded, pulling Maddy up to a sitting position, getting her in a full nelson. Rebecca went around to the front, squirting a generous amount of mint-green gel on her hand, then set to work on Maddy’s tits, generously rubbing the gel over my daughter’s swollen, cut-up chest. Maddy seemed only half-awake at best, moaning and gasping as Rebecca attended to her; I could see her pink little nipples getting hard from here. Rebecca moved down, and I saw Maddy’s eyes open and her mouth become a small O as Rebecca slid two gel-coated fingers into her. Maddy’s head lolled backwards as Rebecca fingered her.
“Mom!” Brianna crowed. “This little slut’s gonna come just from you rubbing her pussy a little!”
“I know,” Rebecca chuckled. “Watch this, honey.”
“Wow! She’s gonna do it already!”
Maddy’s hips were bucking against Rebecca’s hand; not thirty seconds later Maddy was helplessly thrashing in her bully’s arms as Rebecca pushed her over the edge of a very powerful climax.

Brianna released her and got up, leaving my daughter to slump to the mat. Rebecca got behind her and took up Brianna’s former position, holding Maddy in a loose full nelson; Brianna went over to her corner and pulled a strapon dildo and harness out of her bag with a smirk, sliding into it and making sure it was tight. She went back to where her mother was holding my daughter, stopping to blow me a kiss before she grabbed two handfuls of my girl’s long hair and started fucking her mouth with the thick black dildo.
"Mommy can't help you now!" Brianna screamed as my daughter choked on the fake cock, the victorious blonde giving her face a few hard slaps for good measure. When she got bored of this she nodded at her mother, who leaned back, her legs reaching around Maddy’s body and pushing my daughter’s thighs apart. I realized with a sinking heart what was about to happen as Brianna got on top of my little girl, reaching between her legs and guiding the strapon in. Both girls moaned as Brianna thrust her hips forward; then she started fucking my daughter, panting with each stroke. I looked down at the mat, trying and failing to ignore what was happening; Maddy’s little moans got longer and louder as her bully fucked her until she was wailing in a second climax; even with my eyes averted I could make out my daughter clutching Brianna in her arms, drawing the blonde closer to her, having given up any pride or decency, just seeking more sensation. Brianna fucked her through it, her hips slowing gradually as Maddy came down with a contented sigh, limp in her bully’s mother’s arms. After a moment Rebecca let her go and my little girl lay flat on her back.
"It's my turn, hon," Rebecca purred. "Why don't you go play with Maureen?"
"Gladly," Brianna barked, walking over to me with a mean smile. The dildo strapped to her hips swayed in front of her, slick with my daughter’s spit and juices. Over her shoulder I could see Rebecca getting on top of my daughter, force-feeding Maddy her right breast; it might almost look tender, like the older woman was breastfeeding my little girl, if you squinted the right way.
Then Brianna was right in front of me, her face twisted into a mean leer of victory. “You ready for this, grandma? Don’t worry, I’m gonna take my time with you. I’m gonna ride you until you break!” She unhooked my hands from the ropes; true to our agreement I didn’t offer any resistance, but she punched me hard in the stomach anyway. I had to lean against her to stay standing, and she pushed me down to my knees. Guessing what was coming I clamped my lips around the strapon, hoping if I started blowing her she’d forgo fucking my face, but this was a forlorn hope as she got two handfuls of my long hair and started slamming the fake plastic cock in and out of my mouth. I had to just hang on to her hips and weather the storm, trying not to throw up as she pushed the dildo so far into my mouth it hit the back of my throat with each thrust. I remember her yelling some taunt about tasting my daughter’s juices as I gagged on her rubber cock. When she got tired of this she pulled out, slapping my face with the dildo, before haughtily ordering me on all fours. I did as she said, my face burning with humiliation, not helped by her landing a few hard spanks on my ass.
Brianna had me positioned so that I locked eyes with my daughter across the ring; Rebecca and Maddy were both seated on the mat, Rebecca behind my little girl, arms around her torso. Even from here I could see Maddy’s face slick with what must have been Rebecca’s juices, a thought I tried to forget; before I could look away from my little girl, I felt Brianna pushing into me, my face slackening with pleasure as my daughter’s bully finished the long, slow stroke, hilting herself with a satisfied grunt. Brianna braced her hands on my hips and started roughly fucking me. I could see fat tears sliding down Maddy’s face and closed my eyes, just hoping that Brianna would get tired soon, but she was really enjoying herself back there; despite her aggressive technique, I heard myself moaning. One of her hands came off my hips, seizing a handful of hair and yanking my head back; Brianna’s strokes got shorter and faster, my moans turning into panting gasps. She drove me over the edge and I had a powerful orgasm, barely able to hold myself up as she kept thrusting her fake cock, not even slowing as I unconsciously squeezed back against it with uncontrollable pleasure. I collapsed to the mat just after I finished, reduced to a sweaty, shaking mess.
“You liked that?” Brianna asked, rather unnecessarily, giving my bare butt a swat. “Well we’re just getting started, grandma!” With that she pressed the tip against my asshole. This brought me to life in a panic, but I couldn’t even turn my head; Brianna still had a strong grip on my hair. “You see this?!” Brianna shrieked at my daughter. “I’m gonna fuck your mom’s flabby old ass now! Don’t you fucking look away!” I could see that Rebecca wouldn’t let Maddy even try not to watch; the older woman’s hands were cupping my daughter’s face, making sure she was looking directly at me as Brianna started easing her dildo between my buttcheeks. I thrashed in her grip, but between her hold on my hair and my hips, I wasn’t going anywhere. “Might as well relax, bitch,” Brianna grunted. I tried to unclench, managing it enough for Brianna to slide all the way home. She started fucking my ass, relaxing her grip a little as she felt me surrender to the inevitable; I knew fighting back would make it worse and found myself once again just hoping my daughter’s bully would prove her point quickly and have mercy on me.
But mercy was in short supply as she seemed to enjoy this even more than she had fucking my pussy. She kept her controlling grip on my hair, but the hand on my hips moved, going between my legs and playing with my clit; arousal and humiliation mixed in my mind as I grunted with each stroke she drove home with her strapon. I completely broke, reduced to a sweating, drooling mess as my daughter’s bully fucked my ass raw. By the time she finally pulled out I was at best half-awake, watching dreamlike as Brianna slid out of the strapon and tossed it away. She rolled me onto my back and straddled my head, facing my feet. “Eat me, you old bitch,” she rasped. Some small part of me decided I was leaping to her command because I was afraid of what she would do to me, but the truth was, at that moment I really was her bitch, and my only thought was to please her; I eagerly started licking her pussy with long strokes. “Aw, yeah,” she moaned. “Oh, fuck. That’s right.” She grabbed my breasts, teasing and pinching my nipples as I ate her out, then switching to squeezing them as I worked her towards a climax. She started pressing her hips down into my face, making it a little harder to work as she writhed over me. But she was almost finished, screaming “Fuccccckkkkkkkkkk!!” as she got there, slamming her pussy down into my face.
She rolled off me with a contented sigh. Across the ring, Rebecca had finished with Maddy, and walked over to where I lay, looking down at me and prodding me with her foot.
“What do you think, mom, should I piss in her face?”
Rebecca stared down at me like I was a particularly nasty piece of dogshit she’d stepped in.
“Why bother?”
“Yeah,” Brianna laughed. “I’m bored now. Are we done?”
“I am if you are, sweetie.”
I was beyond embarrassment now, filled with pathetic joy that our punishment might finally be over; I lay flat on my back, too beat up and exhausted to even cry with relief as Brianna and Rebecca left me there, going back to Maddy, pulling her up to her feet. Although she could clearly barely stand even with their assistance, they still had a little pain left to inflict and punished her with repeated knee lifts; then they dragged her over to the ropes on the far side of the ring. They tied her up securely, getting her arms tangled between the top and middle rope, and her ankles between the middle and bottom; pleased with their handiwork, they came over to do the same to me. I couldn’t stand up and they roughly yanked me up; I braced myself for the hits I knew were coming, bending over and gagging as my tormentors blasted me with repeated belly punches. They started tying me up and my only consolation was that it was almost all over; after I was securely trapped in the ropes they hugged and left us there. It took me twenty minutes before I could even move, then another ten to work myself free; I dragged myself across the mat and free Maddy and somehow managed to get us both home, where I carried her to bed, then went and passed out in my own.
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Default Re: Mother/daughter vs mother/daughter grudge match [F/F]

Daaaaaaaamn, Ham. That was rough, I loved it!
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Default Re: Mother/daughter vs mother/daughter grudge match [F/F]

After me and my youngest daughter were beaten up, humiliated, and fucked by my daughter’s bully and her mother, I did what any good mommy would do: I used my contacts from my biker days to find out how much it cost for a beatdown nowadays and spent 10 days in a row withdrawing $200 from the ATM until I had enough to hire someone to beat the shit out of the women who’d destroyed me and my little girl.
Armed with the cash and a little presentation I’d put together, I headed down to the skeeziest biker bar on the outskirts of town. As soon as I walked in the bartender yelled “MILF alert!” I took a deep breath and walked up to the bar, feeling several sets of eyes on me. “What can I get you, sweetie?” the bartender yelled over the loud rock music.
“Actually, I need someone beaten up.”
I’d come to the right place; she didn’t bat an eye. “Man or woman?”
“Two women.”
“All right, you go have a seat -” she pointed to a beat-up table with four chairs around it in a dark corner - “I’ll send the right girls over for you.”
I could feel her eyes on my ass as I went over to the table, picking the seat with the back against the wall. It wasn’t long before I saw two women dressed like bikers heading over, both wearing leather jackets, jeans, and boots. I stood as they approached; the older one put her hand out and I shook it. She had a very strong grip. I gave her the once over as she was no doubt doing to me. She looked like she was in her 60’s, although for all I know it was a hard 40. She was shorter than me, maybe 5’4”, and heavily set. Her long black hair came down past her shoulders, with heavy, flat bangs above her blue eyes. She had a round face, still pretty enough I think, albeit with deep lines around her eyes and mouth.
“Maureen,” I introduced myself.
“Maureen… did your mom run with the Crows back in the day?”
“That was me.”
“Shit! I don’t believe it. You don’t look near old enough.”
“Well, thank you.” She motioned for me to sit down, and the two bikers sat as well. Nadia indicated her partner with a nod.
“This here’s Katy.” Katy was taller than me, maybe 6’2” in her riding boots, a beautiful brunette who was giving me a surprisingly friendly smile for a woman I was hiring to beat the shit out of someone. Her hair was shorter than Nadia’s, worn loose, reaching just a bit past her jaw. Her large green eyes gave me the once over in return as I inspected her; Even though I couldn’t see much of her body through her clothes, I suspected she was ripped, an impression she confirmed as she crushed my hand in an enthusiastic handshake.

Nadia leaned in close and I did as well; it was hard to hear over the music. She smelled like cheap whiskey and cigarettes. "You need two ladies taken out?"
"What did they do?” Katy yelled over the music.
Nadia gave her a look: "Now, you don’t need to answer that. She's young, she don't know how this works yet. See, we’re like a lawyer, or a doctor. You don’t gotta tell us nothin’, and if you do, we’ll keep it secret for you." Nadia leaned even closer to me. "All we need to know is who you want done." I nodded and took a manila folder out of my purse: It had Rebecca and Brianna's names, address, places of business, pictures. I slid it over to Nadia, who flipped through it. "All right, you got that covered. Now price - it's gonna be a thousand upfront, another thousand when it's done." I pulled out my wad of bills and counted out a thousand in twenties as both women watched me, then slid it to Nadia, who took it and stuffed it in her bra. "Welllll, shit. You're real organized, huh."
“Let me see,” Katy demanded, grabbing the folder and flipping through it. “Looks like two creampuffs!”
“Now don’t go underestimating anybody, girl. If we’re being paid, they must be pretty tough.” Nadia fixed me with a hard stare. “Did they already work you over, hon? You don’t gotta answer, I just like to be prepared.”
“Yeah,” I sighed. “Yeah, they worked me over pretty good. This one - “ I tapped on a picture of Brianna, a blowup of her senior yearbook photo - “she’s got a mean streak a mile wide. But she’s not the one to worry about.” I flipped to the next photo in the folder, Rebecca smiling in a grey business suit with a white silk blouse underneath. “This is the one you want to watch out for. She doesn’t look like it, but she destroyed me. Don’t underestimate her.”
Katy picked up the photo, squinting at it like it was going to speak to her. Nadia took the picture from her and put it back in the folder.
“All right, I think we’re all squared away here. I’ll set up the match and let you know when and where. You got any questions?"
"Can I watch?"
“Shit,” Nadia leaned back, “For what you’re payin’? Honey, you can shoot a fuckin’ movie of us destroying them. You just let us know how bad you want ‘em hurt after we’re finished fighting. Anywhere from just calling them names to knockin’ their fucking teeth out.” I saw Katy cracking her knuckles with a demented grin. I’d definitely picked the right place. We all shook hands and I headed home.
Now the one part of the plan I was worried about was Rebecca accepting the challenge from the bikers, but Nadia reported that Rebecca basically leapt at the chance; Nadia passed along the time and place, and so the night of the fight we rolled up to the same gym where we’d been beaten up and humiliated; I’d packed us a backpack full of toys to use on Brianna and Rebecca (two sets of handcuffs, matching black strapons for me and Maddy, two humblers - legspreaders, basically - a can of shaving cream, a razor, two ball gags). By the time me and Maddy got there and took our two lone front-row seats, the fighters were already in the ring; Brianna and Katy were in opposite corners while Nadia and Rebecca were nose to nose in the center of the ring. The blonds were wearing their same sexy black outfits from our fight while Nadia had on an American-flag patterned two piece; Katy was wearing just a pair of beat-up jeans, black leather riding boots, and fingerless black gloves. She was indeed ripped with strong arms and six-pack abs. I had to elbow my daughter and tell her not to stare.
Our entrance did not go unnoticed as Rebecca turned to look me dead in the eye: “Not woman enough to face me again, huh?” She turned back to Nadia with a dismissive snort. “Where’d you dig this fossil up, Maureen?”
“This fossil is about to punch your fuckin’ teeth down your throat,” Nadia growled. Rebecca’s smirk got even more obnoxious, if possible.
“Yeah? Okay. You start for your team, I’ll start for mine. I’m sure my little girl can learn something from watching me kicking your old ass around this ring.”
Nadia’s response was a heavy left-handed hook that slammed into Rebecca’s jaw. The blonde stumbled backwards, stunned; she raised her hands in front of her in a guard, but this was done on pure instinct, and she failed to block Nadia’s followup, a straight right that landed flush on her belly button. Rebecca groaned but managed to stay standing as Nadia grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and then slammed a headbutt into her face. This was too much for her and she collapsed to the mat, Nadia losing her hair grip - it looked like she had only been holding it tight enough to keep her opponent from moving as she delivered the headbutt - with Rebecca’s hands covering her nose and mouth where Nadia had hit her. Without missing a beat the older fighter reached down, taking Rebecca’s ears in her hands, pulling the blonde up to a kneeling position, and slamming her knee into Rebecca’s face. Two more knees set Rebecca bleeding from her nose and mouth, and Nadia finished with a fourth, releasing her opponent with the impact, leaving her to fall over backwards.

Well, I certainly seemed to be getting my money’s worth; I wasn’t sure if Rebecca was even still conscious as Nadia pointed at my enemy’s steaming daughter. “You’re next, kid!” Nadia screamed. Brianna flipped her off and Nadia started stomping over to her, but only made it a few steps before Rebecca stood up behind her, grabbing the back of Nadia’s top. Before the biker could even turn to face her, Rebecca’s other hand shot between her legs and locked on a pussy claw. Rebecca looked positively evil, her nose and mouth still bleeding, her face set hard into a grimace as she worked the claw. Nadia managed to stay standing for a minute, but I could see her legs shaking, and she slowly sank down to her knees. She tried to reach behind her and pry Rebecca’s hand away from her crotch, but she was working blind, and when she did manage to get a grip on her opponent’s arm, she couldn’t get any leverage.
Rebecca released her abruptly, going to Nadia’s right side, pulling her back up to her feet, getting a strong headlock. The older biker must have really been hurting, as she had an easy escape by just reaching between the blonde’s legs and squeezing her pussy, but looked too out of it to manage even this, her left arm hanging limp at her side, her right hand ineffectively gripping her opponent’s arm.
“Over here!” Brianna screamed. “Bring her over here!” I hoped against hope that Nadia would manage to escape, but Rebecca easily marched her into her family’s corner, throwing the biker back-first up against the turnbuckles. Brianna reached over the ropes, locking Nadia’s arms up in a full nelson, and Rebecca set about beating the shit out of my ringer, working her body like a heavy bag. She started low, sending repeated hooks into Nadia’s sides and tummy; at first the biker took it stoically, but as Rebecca kept hitting her in the stomach she started moaning with each hit. The blonde then went higher, punishing Nadia’s tits, switching between straight punches that pancaked her breasts into her ribcage with hooks that sent the older fighter’s tits flying; the left one came out of her top, but the right one somehow stayed in, even after an uppercut that sent it upwards to almost smack Nadia in the face. I noted that Brianna didn’t hit her in the head - apparently she didn’t want her knocked out too quickly. Rebecca stook a step back, admiring her work, and Brianna released her prey. Nadia couldn’t stand and fell to all fours in front of a smirking Rebecca. The blonde turned to taunt me: “Hope you didn’t pay this bitch too much! She’s finished!” Rebecca stepped forward and locked in a standing headscissors. Nadia braced her hands on her opponent’s thighs, but didn’t seem to be able to do anything else as a smirking Rebecca reached down to undo her opponent’s top, handing it to her daughter as a trophy. She kept Nadia like this for a moment, then released her with an exaggerated yawn; she rolled the old biker onto her back, then slid out of the ring. I realized they were setting Nadia up for the double-team legsplitter they had destroyed Maddy with. My heart was pounding as Rebecca got a solid hold on Nadia’s right leg; when Brianna went to grab the left, at the last second the old fighter drew her leg back and kicked Brianna square in the face. The blonde went flying backwards with a scream, crashing into the barriers set up around the ring; Rebecca stood there stunned, giving Nadia enough time to draw both legs back into the ring and pull herself up to her feet. By the time Rebecca slid back into the ring herself, Nadia was retreating towards her corner. Rebecca shook her head and checked on her daughter, who it appeared was more surprised than really hurt, and looked raring to go.
Nadia tagged in Katy, and Brianna slapped her mother’s shoulder with a snarl, tagging herself in and getting into the ring to face off with the younger biker. The blonde had a sneer almost as bitchy as her mom’s that she was aiming at her opponent as they closed. Katy had her fists up to box, but Brianna offered her a test of strength and she warily went for it, slowly unclenching her fists before locking up. Both women engaged in the sweaty struggle for a few minutes, Brianna slowly losing but putting up a solid fight, until she slammed her foot up into Katy’s tummy. The taller fighter gagged and Brianna gave her another kick, this one between the legs. That was enough to drop Katy to her knees and Brianna gave her a hard shove that put Katy down on her back.
“You dumb fucking bitch!” Brianna shrieked at her fallen foe. “I can’t believe you fell for that!” She lifted her foot for a stomp, but Katy rolled out of the last second. The young biker started trying to get up, but only got to her knees before Brianna came in and kicked her in the back of the head, sending her down to the mat on her chest. Brianna tried for another stomp and this one connected with the back of Katy’s head. Firmly in control, Brianna rolled her opponent over onto her back, then landed a painful looking legdrop right across Katy’s bare chest, squashing her tits. Katy rolled onto her side, gasping and covering her breasts with her arms. Brianna, smirking, reached for Katy’s pants, unbuttoning the biker’s jeans and trying to pull them off; but she’d neglected Katy’s boots, and the pants wouldn’t go over them easily. What I’m sure Brianna had intended to be a few quick tugs turned into her standing over her opponent swearing and ineffectively trying to work the jeans over the boots. Rebecca yelled from her corner to forget about it and finish Katy, but it was too late as the brunette sat up, landing an uppercut between Brianna’s legs.
The blonde screamed and released Katy’s jeans, turning away from her opponent, moaning and holding herself. Unfortunately the biker couldn’t capitalize; by the time she got her jeans pulled back up and buttoned, Brianna had shaken off the pain and turned back to her. Katy got to her feet, but as she was standing up Brianna darted in, aiming a hard right that smacked into Katy’s belly button. Unprepared, the brunette gagged with the impact. Brianna used her left hand to secure a firm grip on Katy’s hair and started laying in repeated gut punches with her right. The brunette managed to get an arm up to cover her stomach after half a dozen hits, but Brianna just moved her target up slightly, uppercutting Katy’s left breast. The biker screamed and dropped her hands and Brianna went back to slamming punches into her breadbasket. Katy only managed to escape by bracing her hands on Brianna’s shoulders and kneeing her in the pussy; Brianna stumbled backwards with a scream.
Both fighters took a second to recover; they both looked to be hurting, but Katy was clearly in worse shape, a big bruise forming on her stomach. I could see her wheezing from my seat, trying to catch her breath after Brianna’s assault. Both women raised their fists into a boxer’s stance and closed. Brianna faked a jab and then went for a crotch kick, but Katy turned at the last second and took it on her thigh; in return she busted Brianna in the mouth with a right hook, the blonde’s head turning with the impact. Katy followed up with a short left uppercut to Brianna’s stomach, leaving her gasping, one hand over the impact site. The brunette got two handfuls of Brianna’s long blonde hair, pulling Brianna’s head down straight into Katy’s rising knee. Brianna sank down to her knees with a gasp and Katy started using her partner’s earlier move, gripping her opponent’s ears and slamming her kneecap straight into Brianna’s face repeatedly. This was just as effective on the daughter as the mother, and after four of these only Katy’s grip was keeping Brianna vertical. Katy took a half-step back and lined up one last hit, a kick into her opponent’s stomach, the tip of her boot sinking in deep. Brianna gagged as Katy released her, falling over on her face, holding her gut, drooling and wheezing. Katy stomped her in the back a few times - this looked even more painful with her boots adding extra impact - then yanked Brianna up to her feet, whipping her into the biker’s corner. Brianna hit the turnbuckles chest-first, and before she could bounce off Nadia grabbed her arms, keeping her trapped. Katy charged into the corner, leading with her shoulder, which impacted Brianna just above her ass. Katy took a step back and, her opponent held helpless, started unleashing wicked-looking kidney punches. A half dozen had the blonde screaming; she’d be pissing blood tomorrow. Katy gave her another four or five, then Nadia released her arms as the biker team moved on to the next phase of attack. Katy quickly forced Brianna down to her knees, pushing the blonde’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Draping Brianna’s arms over the middle rope, Katy punished her with a half-dozen punches to the back of the head; by the time Katy backed off a step, it looked like the blonde was finished. She didn’t move as her opponent unhooked her top and removed it, wrapping it snugly around Brianna’s neck. She must have been at least half knocked out to let her opponent do this - this move sure looked like a match-ender as Katy braced her knee on the blonde’s back and pulled on her top, choking her.
This brought Brianna to life; she clawed frantically at her own top conscripting her breathing. I could see her eyes bugging out as she choked, drool running out of her mouth as she gagged.
Rebecca had watched her daughter take a beating in the corner, but this was finally too much for her and she got into the ring. Nadia climbed through the ropes as well, moving to intercept the older blonde. I couldn’t help but savor the irony; I’d done the same thing Rebecca was doing, trying and failing to save my daughter, and it looked like it was time for Rebecca to understand what that felt like. She tried to charge past Nadia, but the biker nailed her with a huge clothesline, her arm smashing into Rebecca’s neck. I’ll admit to immensely enjoying the choking scream that came from Rebecca as she fell down on her back. Nadia sat down heavily on her opponent’s breasts, latching her left hand in Rebecca’s hair to keep her steady, and started raining punches down into her face. I heard Rebecca scream from my seat with the first hit; she frantically tried to get her feet into Nadia’s armpits to fling her off, but she couldn’t dislodge the biker, and after two more punches her legs flopped down to the mat; she struggled for a few more hits, but stopped moving after that, beaten beyond offering any resistance.
My eyes went between the corner and the center of the ring. In the corner, Katy was shaking Brianna back and forth; the young blonde looked completely out, her eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue lolling out of her mouth. In the center of the ring, Rebecca was no better shape; she wasn’t even reacting to the punches, and I could see that Nadia’s knuckles were bloody.
Katy finally released Brianna, who fell to the mat in a boneless heap; the biker tossed her opponent’s top away, then turned to give me a wink before sliding off the unmoving blonde’s bottoms. Katy opened the duffel bag in her corner and took out a long strand of thick rope, expertly hogtying Brianna’s arms and legs behind her back. She got out another piece of rope and walked over to where Nadia was now sitting still on Rebecca’s chest. They stripped her as well, and Katy set about tying her up as Nadia waved us into the ring.
“Well,” she indicated our defeated tormentors with a sweep of her arm. “Think you’ll agree we got the job done?”
With a nod I pulled the other $1000 out of my purse and handed it to Nadia; she’d earned it. One very firm handshake later and the bikers left (Katy giving Rebecca a hard kick to the ribs on the way out), leaving the beaten blondes at our mercy.

As to what we did to them, I’ll leave the gory details to your imagination - suffice to say we got our money’s worth; by the time we were finished with them, we left Rebecca and Brianna tied up back to back, heads shaved, Brianna out cold, Rebecca with her chin on her chest weeping softly. I’ve still got the pictures in a password-protected folder on my computer. Maddy, her confidence restored (it’s amazing how much self-esteem you can get from fucking your bully’s ass while your mom holds her down, then riding her face, then shaving her bald while her mom begs for mercy - try it sometime if you can afford it), went off to college with her head held high. Rebecca gave me a wide berth; I couldn’t help but smirk at her a little bit whenever I saw her socially. In fact we were at the same party the other day - I pressured her into eating one of my cucumber sandwiches and she only managed a weak smile before slinking off.
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Default Re: Mother/daughter vs mother/daughter grudge match [F/F]

Great storie !!!
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Default Re: Mother/daughter vs mother/daughter grudge match [F/F]

like this one! like it a lot! 5/5
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f/f, grudge match, mother/daughter, pro style, tag match

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