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Default Title Match (prostyle mother/daughter vs mother/daughter)

The Match
By Stone

The two teen daughters started off, locking up in what should've been a collar and elbow but quickly degenerated into a hair pulling tug of war.
Shelly was yelling at her daughter Crystal to try and trip Ashley, her brunette opponent. Meanwhile Judith, Ashley's mom, was similarly telling her daughter to go for Crystal's eyes.
Each mother daughter team were wearing matching swimsuits, the older women in one piece's with pantyhose, knee pads and boots while their 18 year old daughters wore bikinis to match their moms while both going barefoot. Crystal and Shelly were in shiny silver swimsuits, both wearing their dyed blonde hair loose--Crystals was to her mid back while Shelly's was just above shoulder length--while Judith and Ashley had purple swimsuits with black straps that criss-crossed in the back.

The crowd was whistling and cheering as the girls pulled each other around the ring, twirling like dervishes as they continued tugging at each others hair. They landed in Shelly's corner and the ref came in to do a break. However Ashley's brown hair was about as long as Crystal's and presented an easy target for Shelly to grab ahold of. She yanked the brunette teen's head back, allowing her own daughter to get an opening. Crystal kicked her bare foot into Ashley's stomach. It looked almost like a horizontal stomp as it had enough force to not only knock Ashley onto her ass but the wind went rushing out of her. Both girls were around 5'5" and 114 pounds while Holly and Judith were 5'7" and 5'8" between 135-145 pounds respectively.

Shelly reached out as her daughter tagged her in, the ref seeming not to notice the illegal hair pulling, even though Judith had been shouting foul like a carnival barker from her side of the ring. The ref clapped his hands in the air to signal the thirty seconds of double teaming as Shelly pulled Ashley up by her hair and locked the girl in a full nelson. She held her open as Crystal pummeled the brunette with fist after fist to the belly until the girl was nearly retching.

"Get her tits," Shelly told her daughter as she laced Ashley's dark brown hair in her grip, strengthening the hold. Crystal pulled up her opponent's bikini top, revealing her perky 34 B's for the crowd who whistled appropriately before she dug her nails into her boobs. Crystal was grinning as she twisted Ashley's breast flesh as the brunette thrashed in Shelly's grip.

Crystal gave her opponent a knee to the crotch as the ref shooed the teen out of the ring. Shelly released the brunette who fell to the mat holding her pussy. She was quickly hauled up by her hair than flipped over Shelly's shoulder in a sick looking haire-mare. She repeated this twice before rolling the teen onto her belly than sitting down on her back. She made sure Ashley was facing her mother as the blonde woman cranked back on a camel clutch. the girl was crying out in agony as she was bent painfully.

Judith, not being able to stand it, slipped through the ropes to try and break the hold but the ref cut her off. She was yelling at the old man in the striped shirt when Crystal snuck under the middle rope and crawled up behind her mom. She dug her hand between Ashley's leg's, pushing her hand past the brunette's bikini bottoms and started clawing up her pussy. Ashley's screams were muffled by Shelly who had switched from a camel clutch to choking Ashley by wrapping her forearm around the girl's throat. Fortunately the referee saw both blondes clearly breaking the rules and shoved Shelly off so her hold was broken and she fell on top of her daughter.

Ashley was sore but her mother was yelling encouragement as she tried to crawl across the ring. Meanwhile the ref was pointing a finger at both blondes who were holding their heads--the shove by the ref had bonked the back of Shelly's skull against the top of her daughters--so neither were noticing Ashley crawling across the ring until the ref turned in time to see the daughter tag in Judith.

Like a house of fire, Judith came sprinting across the ring and just as Shelly rose to her feet, she turned and was met by both of Judith's boots in a powerful dropkick that sent her flying into the turnbuckles. Judith caught Crystal before she could leave the ring, grabbing a handful of the girl's long blonde hair. She kicked Crystal in her tummy, secured it with another knee lift to the bread basket then irish whipped the girl into the corner so she crashed face first into her mom. She rushed in and did another dropkick to the back of Crystal's head so both mother and daughter head butted each other. Crystal fell to the mat with a flop while Shelly was held up in the corner with both arms over the top ropes.

Judith went to cover Crystal, hooking her leg but the ref was trying to tell her that the girl wasn't the legal wrestler. By the time she understood what the ref was trying to say, Shelly had recovered and came up behind Judith, kicking the other mother in the back of her head with her silver boot. Judith fell off, holding her head as Shelly picked the brunette up by her hair. She charged and did a bulldog, slamming Judith face first into the mat.

By now, Crystal had recovered her whits and had gotten up to head to her corner when Shelly tapped her daughter on the shoulder and, while holding the little rope in their corner, tagged Crystal in. Shelly held down Judith's wrists as the other mother lie on her back giving Shelly the perfect opening to stomp her bare feet on Judith's belly over and over. Ashley, still a little weak from her beating, ran around the other side of the apron and grabbed a handful of Crystal's hair. She pulled the other teen close and they resumed their earlier hair tug of war; Ashley ripped off Crystal's bikini top and got revenge by mauling the blonde's tits with one hand while pulling hair with the other.

Shelly, seeing her daughter in trouble, got up to intervene and both mother and daughter pulled the brunette girl over the top rope by her hair. There they continued their double team by stomping the girl all over her body before shoving her under the bottom rope with a push from Shelly's silver boot. She paused once more to punt Judith in her ribs, as she was on all fours crawling towards the ropes.

Crystal yanked down the straps on the older woman's swimsuit to tear at Judith's nipples. Shelly yelled to continue stomping on their opponent which she did until Judith could only lie there in a fetal position to protect herself. Finally Shelly told her daughter to "beat her old ass." So Crystal pulled Judith to her feet by her hair and whipped her into the ropes, hoping to finish the match with her signature spinning headscissors. However once in the air, Judith grabbed ahold of the teen's thighs and, after spinning in a circle while both yelled their war cries, sat down in a powerbomb so strong the ring shook from the impact.

Crystal's eyes were open but completely glassy as she stared at the overhead lights not moving and only emitting the tiniest of groans. Judith, completely wiped out from the desperation move, crawled over to lay one arm across Crystal's chest. The ref went in to count as Shelly jumped in to break the pin.

But Ashley reached up and grabbed onto the woman's boot as Shelly had stepped one foot through the ropes. She looked like a baseball player trying to dive for home base as she stretched across the ring but it was to no avail as the ref slapped the mat three times, eliminating Crystal from the match.

An infuriated Shelly kicked the boot Ashley was holding onto right in the girls face with all her might. Her head snapped back in a small spray of blood as she fell onto the ringside mats holding her mouth as drops of crimson trickled between her fingers.

Shelly rolled out under the bottom rope and continued to focus her wrath on the brunette teen. She grabbed two handfuls of the girl's hair and rammed her head into the edge of the apron twice before Ashley fell onto the floor again, now with a slight gash in her forehead. She stripped off the teens bikini and slid a hand between Ashley's legs where she dug her nails into the girl's pussy. She screamed as the older woman mauled her cunt, raking her claws like a cheese shredder along the inner walls of Ashley's twat.

Shelly stood and relentlessly began kicking her younger opponent in the ribs. She held onto the bottom rope for leverage as she repeatedly buried her boot in Ashley's tummy before stomping down on her breasts too.

Judith, hearing her daughter's screams had crawled over to the ropes and reached through to grab two fistfuls of Shelly's blonde hair. Shelly screamed as Judith hauled her up onto the apron or else fear getting her hair pulled out by the roots. She slowly climbed up as Ashley lie there groaning in pain. Once up on the apron, Shelly, still seeing Judith worn down from the beating Crystal had given her, buried a fist into Judith's flat, but soft, belly. She followed it up with another punch than a knee lift to the bread basket that had her opponent backing off.

Shelly pulled back on the top rope and used it to slingshot herself over it in a cross body splash. Judith grunted with the weight of her opponent hitting her in the chest, after getting her wind knocked out with repeated blows to the belly, then as she fell to the mat with Shelly on top of her. And the blonde might've very well gotten the three count if it weren't for Judith being so close to the ropes. Fortunately the ref noticed the brunette had her boot draped across the bottom rope and tapped Shelly on the shoulder indicating it wasn't a pin.

Meanwhile Crystal had recovered some and stood on the floor, still trying to get her wind back from the powerbomb, while using one arm to cover her bare tits Shelly made a hand signal to her daughter who understood immediately.

The blonde mom hauled Judith up by her hair and Irish whipped her into the turnbuckle. She grunted and grimaced as her back, still hurting from colliding with the mat from the crossbody splash, cracked against the thin turnbuckle padding; it felt like getting slammed into a wall. She saw Shelly charging at her and went to dodge when she felt a pair of arms wrapped around her leg. She glanced down and saw Crystal holding on for dear life and before Judith could exact some form of escape, Shelly rammed her shoulder into the brunette's ribs.

The impact made Judith's legs buckle as she let out a large woosh of air and couldn't even cry out in pain. She was hunched over, the blow had her wedged between the middle and top turnbuckle so it looked like she was just resting there; held up by her arms on the top rope.

"Finish 'er off, mom," Crystal said, as the blonde woman pulled Judith's head between her legs. She wrapped both arms around the brunette's waist and said, "Prepare for 'the kiss goodnight,'" she said and tried to pull Judith backwards in her signature piledriver. Her opponent however, grabbing onto the ropes on either side of her, held on for dear life as Shelly tried pulling Judith but, using her last ounce of strength, the brunette pushed up and backflipped Shelly over the top ropes where she landed right on Crystal--again bonking heads as they collided. The two were in a heap as Shelly's daughter was almost knocked out from having her mother land on her.

Judith fell to the mat, gasping as sweat ran down her forehead. She looked up and saw her daughter, Ashley, slowly getting to her feet. She had pulled herself up using the ring apron but was still hunched over, holding her ribs which burned with every breath she took. Judith finally had the energy to crawl over to her daughter who had rolled back in the ring. She saw Ashley had been stripped and how bruised up her belly and breasts were, this angered her as she asked if Ashley was okay which her daughter could only nod as she held an arm around her midsection. Judith glanced over her shoulder to see the other two women were also slowly getting to their feet. Shelly holding her back in absolute agony as Crystal held her head looking still a little loopy. Just then Judith bent her down and discussed a game plan with her daughter that made Ashley smile and nod in agreement.

Both practically limped over to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and waited for their opponents to get in position. "Go!" Judith hollered as she and her daughter took off, charging across the ring to do simultaneous baseball slides to the blonde duo. Ashley's feet smacked into Shelly's jaw and dropped the older woman onto the mats. Unfortunately didn't draw blood like she wanted but Judith's boots crashed flush into Crystal's nose and the skinny blonde girl went flying backwards, as if catapulted, into the steel guardrail where she whacked the back of her head, completely knocking her out.

The pair slipped out under the bottom rope, Ashley, having no shame at being nude, grabbed Crystal's silver bikini top which the ref had kicked into the corner to clear the ring of debris, and used it to bind the blonde teen's hands to the the guard rail after bending her over the top so Crystal's ass was pointed up presentingly. Ashley went over to the time keepers table and picked up one of the title belts. A couple of the fans in the front row were having a good time feeling up the blonde girl's perky tits. They backed off when the nude Ashley came over but she gave them a wink and yanked down Crystal's bikini bottoms. The crowd cheered uproariously when Ashley reared back, paused for dramatic effect, then cracked the leather belt strap of the tag team title across Crystal's bare bottom. The girl awoke with an ear piercing scream as she was spanked over and over. She thrashed about but with her wrists tied to the bottom of the guard rail it looked like she was bent over at the waist trying to tie her shoes and the more she fought it the more her ass wiggled making for an even better target.

"Shut that cunt's trap," Ashley said and waved one of the men at ringside over. He'd been unashamedly pounding his pud to the paddle show and eagerly walked forward as Ashley held Crystal's head up by her blonde hair as the man stuffed his meat into the eighteen year old's mouth. All this was fair to Ashley since the bitch had already been eliminated anyway. Ashley was using Crystal's hair like a handle as she made the teen blow first the one guy, bobbing her head up and down as she gagged and tried to scream with a mouth full of cock, then as the two other gentlemen in dirty undershirts stepped up, flanking the first man, she used Crystal like a circus seal, going from one cock to the other to the other, as she went down the row blowing each man with the bound blonde.

Meanwhile Judith was laying the smackdown to Shelly as she repeatedly pulled the woman up by her hair and body slammed her into the unforgiving floor mats. Shelly's back was taking a beating as she fought from crying out in agony with each slam. Judith went around the ring, every step picking Shelly up then slamming her down about a foot away; it looked like some hellish relay race.

After getting across to the other side of the ring, she picked Shelly up and held the woman's limp body across her chest.

"What did I ever do to you?" Shelly whined in pain and Judith laughed.

"You hurt my daughter, you bitch" she growled than rammed Shelly back-first into the metal ringpost. The woman was practically having a seizure on the floor mats as she gurgled in pain, unable to form words. Judith finally saw her daughter was tiring of punishing Crystal so she hauled Shelly up and rolled her into the ring. She whistled for her daughter who left the blonde girl to the fate of the three men and jumped up onto the apron, her little titties bouncing happily as if unaware of the beating she had taken earlier; rejuvenated by forcing Crystal into cock-sucking servitude. Judith tagged in her daughter and held Shelly's arms so she couldn't escape--not that she could anyway after after thirty body slams and one last snap suplex into the guard rail for good measure--as Ashley climbed to the top rope and performed her finisher, a frog splash; only this was while Shelly was on her stomach so the splash hit the blonde woman full in her already pain-wracked back.

After the beating she had taken it didn't take long after Ashley locked in a Boston Crab until the older woman was trying to tap the mat, futilely screaming her submission with tears running down her face. However, Judith had positioned it so Shelly's face was buried in the crotch of the brunette mother's swimsuit and was holding the blonde's arms out to her side as she flexed her thighs around her opponent's head with her toes of her boots pointed straight up. So while having her spine bent in half not only did Shelly have a face full of Judith's sweaty pussy, preventing her from yelling her submission, but her arms were immobilized as her hands flapped uselessly in the air like some kind of an impotent penguin.

Finally after the thirty seconds, Judith had to break the double team but she didn't let go of Shelly's wrists as she slid her pussy away.

"Say what a whore you are bitch," she roared as Shelly's face was drenched in sweat and tears as she sobbed incoherently.

"I'm a whore! Please stop! I'm a useless old whore who doesn't deserve to be champ! Please for the love of god get her off me!" she screamed as Ashley bent the older woman's legs further back so Shelly was in the shape of the letter "C."

Reluctantly she let go as the ref raised both Ashley and Judith's hands, announcing them the new mother/daughter tag team champions; it wasn't a loss neither Crystal nor Shelly would soon forget.

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