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Old 27-Feb-20, 20:40
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Default Like Mother, Like Daughter

Jessica Beck was on her way to the kitchen, but froze in her tracks when she saw what was happening in the living room. Her daughter Cindy had their new house mate Josh pinned flat to the floor.

“Cindy! What are you doing?”

Cindy looked up at her Mom for just a moment, a bright smile on her face, then looked back down at Josh’s trapped head. She was sitting high on top of his chest, her crotch pressed tight against his chin and her bare thighs framing the sides of his face.

“Cindy!” Jessica said again.

Cindy looked up at her Mom and frowned.


Jessica couldn't believe it. How was this happening, she thought to herself. She wasn’t surprised that her daughter, a 19 year old college student was strong enough to pin a slightly older, slightly bigger man. She was surprised that her daughter wanted to. She wondered if she had somehow passed this down to daughter through genes or DNA or something?

Cindy looked back down at Josh, pressed herself slightly further onto his face, squeezed her legs tight and smiled. Jessica watched, mesmerized. She could tell that Josh was helplessly pinned. She of all people would know, having pinned many boys herself. It had started in college, when she was about the same age as her daughter is now. She was at a small party when her friend Kate and Kate’s boyfriend Mike got into a playful fight. They were just fooling around, and Mike let her win. Kate got on top of Mike, pinned his arms to the floor and counted to three. “One. Two Three. I win!” Her friend had explained, then hopped off and seemingly forgot all about it. But Jessica hadn’t. The image was forever burned into her memory. She remembered seeing her friend sitting on top of Mike, pinning him flat to the floor. She wanted her to keep him pinned, forced flat onto his back, unable to escape. She didn’t know why, but this urge inside of her was so strong. She couldn't understand why she was having these feelings. For a week it was all she could think of. So when she was back at another small party, she waited until she was alone with Mike and then instigated a playful fight with him.

“I’m going to beat you up just like Kate did.” Jessica said playfully, trying her best to act like this wasn’t premeditated.

Mike laughed and tried to scoop her up in his arms, but Jessica was ready. As he bent down to grab her legs she wrapped one of her arms around his neck and dropped all of her weight onto him. Mike laughed nervously at seeing how aggressive she was fighting.

“Hey don’t kill me.” He said jokingly.

But Jessica was excited and her blood was pumping. She laughed nervously, but continued aggressively on the offensive. She pushed him onto his back and straddled his waist. Mike put his hands up in defeat.

“Ok, I give. I give.”

Jessica smiled, and Mike must have thought she was climbing off of him, but she wasn’t. Instead she moved further up onto his body, sitting high onto his chest.

“What the…” Mike looked confused.

But Jessica grabbed both of his wrist, pinned them flat to the floor and adjusted her body slightly, securing a tight pin on him.

For a moment Mike just looked up at her, baffled at Jessica’s behavior. She had a strange look in her eyes, and he sensed something wrong. He slowly tried lifting one of his shoulders, but Jessica quickly adjusted her weight on top of him and forced it back down. He let out a nervous chuckle and Jessica smiled knowingly down at him. She didn’t know how, but she knew she had him trapped. Mike was only slightly bigger then herself, but she knew she was strong enough to keep him pinned. Mike tried lifting his shoulder again and Jessica pushed it back down.

“Uh Jessica, what are you doing?”

Jessica blew a strand of hair out of her eyes then smiled wickedly.

“What, you don’t know? This is a pin. I’m pinning you.”

Mike laughed, “And why are you pinning me?”

“Because I can.”

Mike was still for half a minute, then he tried to escape. He aggressively pushed his shoulders into the air and yanked one of his arms free. He was halfway on his side before Jessica was able to dig her knee into his shoulder and push him back down to the floor. She then grabbed his free arm, pinned it down again, then bounced slightly on top of him, making him gasp for air. As he recovered she slid her body forwards again, bringing her crotch to his chin and her thighs to his face.

“Good try.” Jessica said with a smile.

Mike looked genuinely angry. He took a moment to compose himself, then tried again to unseat her. He thrashed his body and pushed her with all his strength, and he managed to free both of his arms, but he couldn't get her off of him. After a minute of struggling he grew tired. While he was catching his breath Jessica grabbed his arms, pinned them back to the floor and moved up again, pressing her crotch tight against his chin. Once she finished reaffirming her pin she smiled down at him, breathing hard but under control.

“You really can’t escape huh?” Jessica said mockingly, her head bent down so that her smiling face was close to his.

Mike grunted and tried shifting his weight, but Jessica easily balanced herself and stayed on top of him. Just then they both heard a loud call from the other room.

“Mike, where are you?”

It was Kate, Mike’s girlfriend. Jessica smiled down at Mike.

“Let’s keep this between you and me. It will be our little secret.”

Then, without waiting for a reply Jessica got up and skipped out of the room, completely on cloud nine.

Now, all these years later, her daughter was doing the exact same thing. She stared across the room, watching Cindy pin Josh helplessly to the floor. Her crotch snug tight against his chin and her bare thighs clamping the sides of his face. Cindy was strong and athletic, with long muscular legs and a toned figure. Her cheeks were slightly chubby, giving her a girlish look, but she was slightly taller then average, and her body was young and vibrant. Jessica had seen the way most men stole glances in her direction. Josh twisted suddenly, or tried to, but Cindy easily stayed in control. Jessica felt sorry for him, knowing his skinny body was no match for her daughter. He was taller then Cindy, and handsome, but physically he was no match for her.

Just then Josh thrashed his body again, and this time managed to free one of his arms.

Jessica watched, and thought to herself, keep your weight on him, don’t focus on his free hand, you’ll get it pinned again. And just as she had thought it, Cindy did just that. She stayed calmly on top of Josh, pressing her weight down hard onto him so that he couldn't roll over onto his side. Then after he stopped struggling so that he could catch his breath, she grabbed his arm and pinned it back to the ground. That’s exactly what I would have done, Jessica thought to herself.

Jessica took a few steps closer and looked down at Josh’s trapped head. There were crease marks under his eyes and nose, Cindy had clearly been sitting on his face before she had come in.

“Be nice to him Cindy, we can’t afford to lose him as a tenant.”

It was true, with Cindy going to college money was tight. Jessica was a single parent, and money was low. Josh had just moved in a month ago, prepaying for six months worth of rent. They needed the money.

“Did you hear me Cindy? Don’t hurt him.”

Cindy looked up, clearly offended.

“I would never.”

Then she looked back down at Josh and smiled. She saw the helpless, humiliated look on his face, and couldn't bear to watch any longer. She had pinned boys before, and the look on their faces at the realization that they couldn't escape, it still made her shiver. But watching her daughter do it, she couldn't bear to watch.

“I’m going to cook dinner. Josh, you’re welcome to join us. I apologize on behalf of my daughter.” Jessica lifted her hand and playfully smacked her across the head, just grazing her hand over her hair. Then she left, glancing back as she left the room. Josh had arched his back in an attempt to unseat her, but Cindy merely giggled and adjusted her weight to force him back to the ground. That poor boy, Jessica thought to herself. My daughter’s going to break him.

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Old 28-Feb-20, 00:10
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Default Re: Like Mother, Like Daughter

I feel like this is a story that definitely needs a part 2. Maybe this event reignites the mom's passion for pinning guys and they decide to take turns pinning Josh and humiliating him. Things like bouncing on his chest, tickling him while he's completely stuck.
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Default Re: Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Default Re: Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Default Re: Like Mother, Like Daughter

An extended story.
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