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Default Tiara's Sensual and Humiliating Scissors Domination - Part 2

........as I looked up into her sweet smiling face in a groggy state, I realized the position I was in and began trembling between her strong thighs - I was still too weak, helpless and defeated. Tiara just giggled down at me softly. "My you are a sloppy little boy aren't you Danny? Just look at the mess you left all over my thigh." She scooped the cum I shot all over her sexy leg in her hand and rubbed it into my face as she laughed. Then releasing me from her deadly bodyscissor, Tiara lifted her strong shapely leg that had been pulverizing my stomach up off of my waist and placed her foot on the side of my body, using her powerful leg to propel my limp body off of her lower leg and sending me almost across the room.

I was feeling total humiliation as I lay there in a defeated crumpled mess on the floor. I just hadn't realized that such sexy legs could be so powerful, and how easily a hot girl like Tiara could use them to exert such pressure slowly and painfully to turn a man into a helpless wreck. Still getting over the dis-belief of being scissored into absolute submission between Tiara's beautiful thighs, dammit I thought, I can't be taken so easily like this, I'll show her. I turned over on the floor and saw Tiara leaning back against the couch applying some make up and brushing her hair. She looked over at me and smiled. "Are you ready for round two Danny? Would you like a little more pain and humiliation?" I got up to my knees wearily and waved her over. "Oh no Tiara, that was a fluke and won't happen again. This time, you'll be sorry." I said in an effort to protect my bruised male ego. Tiara got up on her knees to face me. "Awww, your little pride is wounded isn't it? This time I'm gonna cripple it Danny."

We moved toward each other on our knees and I deked to the right to avoid her legs. In a flash, Tiara grabbed my right arm in both her hands and laid back on the floor. In a display of amazing flexibility, I saw her leg swing back past my face and her ankle came back beside her head. As I looked down at her in amazement, I felt her hands pull my arm toward her which forced me to follow to her. I then realized the position I was in, but it was too late. Tiara's leg came back up and the back of her strong thigh hit my throat. She released my arm as her powerful leg forced me down, moving my whole body in the process and forcing me to lay on my back. I felt the back of my neck land on top of her left thigh as the back of her smooth right thigh finished pushing me down and settled on my throat as my hands reached up and grasped at her leg in a useless attempt to move it. Tiara sat back up and smiled as she looked down over me. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards her until the side of my neck nested against her lacy black thonged crotch. She placed her right lower leg in the back of her left leg knee and tucked her left leg behind her, placing me in a kind of sideways figure four headscissors with the front and back of my neck locked between her thighs. She grabbed my hair again forcing the side of my neck and cheek harder against her crotch as I felt her sexy thighs tighten and begin to squeeze my neck.

I once again pulled at her powerful thighs to ease the pressure, which had no effect except to create amusement for Tiara who certainly seemed to enjoy watching me struggle in the grip of her sexy legs as she effortlessly held me between those deadly thighs. I childishly began to protest as I looked up into her sweet sexy face. "No fair Tiara, no fair. I wasn't ready. Let me go!!!!" Suddenly my eyes bulged and I felt like my head was about to explode as Tiara's thighs squeezed my neck so tight that I thought I would pass out. I could no longer speak or protest now. Tiara leaned back on her hands and raised her hips as she looked over me into my face. Taking my imprisoned head with her in her strong thighs, she gently started to sway her hips and I could not say a thing. Her voice softened to almost a whisper as she swayed me back and forth. "Shhhhhh now Danny..shhhhhhh. Just be quiet and accept your punishment." Tears began to stream down my face as once again my helplessness and humiliation set in.

Tiara then rest her hips and legs back on the floor. No longer leaning back on her hands, she once again leaned over me and I could see her smile down at me over her beautiful large breasts that dangled inches over my face. Tightening her powerful thighs a little more again on my thin trapped neck to inflict more pain, Tiara gently stroked my forehead with her left hand as she began to massage her breast in the other hand. "Mmmmmm......it feels so good having your head locked between my thighs Danny. The look of helplessness on your face is such a turn on." She continued to stroke my forehead and massage her breast. "Mmmmmm....you're so weak Danny.....just so weak. This must be so humiliating for you, I can tell by your tears." Tiara kept me like this for a while as I sobbed helplessly, slowly squeezing me harder in her thighs as she massaged her breast and quietly moaned in pleasure. As she continued her cruel erotic domination of me, I could feel myself getting hard once again - and as much as I wished I wasn't, I just couldn't help it. The feel of my head being slowly squeezed tighter between her shapely thick silky smooth thighs as they held my cheek to her sexy crotch was too overwhelming. And there was no way for me to hide it as I was still completely nude on my back.

Tiara giggled softly as she happend to look over and noticed me getting hard again in very plain sight. Still petting my forehead with her left hand, she removed her right hand from her breast, grabbed my growing erection and slowly began to stroke it. "Oh Danny, you are so truly pathetic, aren't you....getting hard again so soon after my thighs body-scissored you into complete submission while I forced you to cum...<sigh> and now I have you in a very tight and painful neck scissors, but you obviously like it don't you...I know I sure do...mmmmmmm." Tiara stopped petting my head and grabbed my hair. Briefly loosening her thighs for a moment, she pulled my face tighter to her crotch and re-tightened her strong thighs on my neck. She closed her eyes as she brought her left hand up to her breast and started to massage it. Her thighs squeezed my neck harder and she began to gyrate her hips again, crushing my cheek to her crotch even more as she began to stroke my now full hard on faster. The pressure of her powerful sexy thighs was too much and I began to scream in pain as I desperately pulled and tugged at her thighs in my weakened state, but my voice only came out as a gurgle and seemed to add to her pleasure.

As she continued to do this, Tiara opened her eyes a bit and looked down at me as I was weakly pulling at her mighty thighs almost ready to black out. "Awww...just look at you struggling Danny. It looks like I've won the second round now. I know you can't speak because of the terrible squeeze I have you in, but mmmmmmm.... I'm just enjoying myself too much to let you breathe. So since you can't tell me you submit, I want you to blink your eyes twice to tell me you give up." I immediately complied and blinked twice as I was about to pass out. "I see you submit Danny, but I am so sorry to say that it may not help you. I just want to keep you like this, my little squeeze toy." These were the last words I heard before I passed out.

I came to slowly in a feeling of pain and pleasure. The sides of my waist and kidneys were in extreme pain as if I was being squeezed in a vice grip. At the same time, my balls were being gently massaged and Tiara's beautiful round breasts enveloped my face between them, and one arm wrapped around my head, pulling my hair and forcing me to look up into her face as we lay on our sides. She was now completely nude as she held me in her strong grip. Tiara once again pet my head as my eyes began to focus and saw her smile sexily into my face. "Wake up sleepy head." she giggled. "What happened?" I asked, feeling dis-oriented. "I scissored you until you passed out Danny. I'm sorry, even though you had submit I was having so much fun dominating you. I didn't realize how weak you are." As it all started coming back to me, I couldn't believe that such sexy thighs had squeezed me until I blacked out.....this was all too humiliating.

"Oh no, not again!" I gasped and began to struggle to escape her. "Oh yes Danny." Tiara replied as she pet my forehead and placed my thin body in a figure four body scissor, forcing me yet closer and tightening her already painful python squeeze on my soft torso as she continued to massage my balls. As I moaned in pain and looked helplessly into her eyes, Tiara grabbed my now erect shaft and gently rubbed it across her nude moist pussy and making me shudder. "I feel so bad for knocking you out between my thighs after you had submit to my scissor Danny, so I'm going to give you a little bonus." Tiara said as she pulled my dick into her halfway, causing me to now quiver in pleasure as I let out an "OOOHHHHHHH" at the amazing sensation. She then tightened her thighs on me a little more, and I felt my ribs start to bend and I then groaned in pain. "But it still hurts Tiara. I can't take the power of your beautiful strong legs....please."

Tiara just giggled and wrapped her arms around my head to hold me still against her, and slammed her strong hips into me, forcing my dick all the way into her as I flailed in an erotic mix of pleasure and pain in the grasp of her powerful sexy body. Tiara patiently waited until my weak struggles subsided and I could hear her sigh in satisfaction of her complete domination over me. She moved her legs up towards her, taking my limp body with them until my face was level with hers. Her hand grasped my jaw and forced my mouth open as she planted her lips on mine. Her muscular insides began to pulse powerfully on my imprisoned dick and her strong smooth thighs squeezed harder on my frail body as she held me in a deep kiss. Tiara then leaned up on her elbow, almost forcing me on my back except for the figure four body scissor she held me in. Looking down over me she began to thrust her hips back and forth and started to fuck me as her shapely strong thighs continued to mercilessly squeeze the life out of my defeated thin body.

Tiara closed her eyes and started to massage her breast as she rythmically raped me, thoroughly enjoying her physical and sexual control over me. She tightened her scissor on me more and I howled in pain. "MMmmmmm.....yes Danny, scream for me. It turns me on so much to hear your pain and feel your weak little body struggle between my strong hot thighs. Mmmmm submit again Danny. Say it while I am fucking you as I crush your pathetic body in my thighs" I wailed out my submission and started to cry again as I felt so helpless and humiliated. Tiara started to fuck me faster. "Oh yes Danny, cry for me...mmmmm it feels so good." I could feel myself getting closer to cumming as Tiara ravaged me. She could feel it from me too..."Oh Danny, this must be so humiliating for you. Tell me how weak and helpless you are between my powerful thighs" Tiara tightened her scissor even more and fucked me faster as I obeyed and admitted through my tears just how weak and helpless I was in the grip of her sexy thighs...she made me keep repeating it as her thighs kept squeezing, and I thought my ribs would break as I began to explode inside of her. I wrapped my arms around her and buried my face in her breasts as my body spasmed and quivered, too weak and helpless in her grip to prevent Tiara's powerful thrusts from forcing me to orgasm into her.

"Ohhhhhh....OHHHHHH...mercy Tiara, please mercy please....no more no more!!" I begged as I came. The pain and pleasure with all the humiliation was to overwhelming. I cried in her breasts and Tiara let up the cruel pressure her sexy strong thighs held me in. She lay us back on our sides and gently massaged my body in her powerful thighs as her strong inner muscles pulsed my cock on and off firmly, milking everything out of me until I was completely drained. Tiara forced my face away from her breasts and smiled into my face as she stroked my head and wiped the tears from my cheek. "Oh weak little Danny, does this feel better now?" I nodded and thanked Tiara for her mercy. "Well then, I guess we're done here now aren't we? Do you have any more doubts about how sexy thighs can destroy a man?" I shook my head in fear and Tiara tapped my nose with her pretty pink manicured finger. "Well OK, but since you have already put out my payment on the table, I'll leave you with a little reminder so you don't forget."

Tiara wrapped her arms around my head and forced my face into her breasts as she re-locked her scissors on my body. This time her thighs pulsed my sides in powerful waves that drained the air from my lungs and I could not breathe with her arms holding my face between her breasts..............when I woke up she was gone...........
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Default Re: Tiara's Sensual and Humiliating Scissors Domination - Part 2

Amazing story, can't wait to read your next piece!
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Default Re: Tiara's Sensual and Humiliating Scissors Domination - Part 2

Amazing. Just amazing!
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