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Default Family Home Movies: Mom vs Aunt Mary

Family Video Series
An Anthology Collection of Home Movies
By Stone Kidman

I had always wondered why my side of the family was always despised until I found a bunch of old videos of my mom wrestling her siblings. It didn't have a time date but even back then my mother was recognizable as she always seemed to be a plump woman; she looked to be in her mid twenties wrestling her sister Mary who was eighteen. The size difference was as tremendous as my mother; she was 5'10" over two hundred pounds with enormous G cup breasts wearing a black one piece swimsuit, her dirty blonde hair hanging loose just above her shoulders, while her sister was 5'02" maybe 105 pounds with her curly blonde hair reaching to her mid-back.

From the couch in the background and grey carpeting I knew this was my grandparents home as I had sat on that sofa to watch many a match when our families would gather for holidays--but also to wrestle one another. Mary had on a yellow bikini though it didn't last long as after I heard my grandmother tell them to begin, did my mother rip it off her sister after dragging her in close with a handful of her long curly hair.

"C'mon bitch, show me what you got," I could hear my mother's younger voice echo in the small basement den as she gave her sister sharp opened palm slaps that snapped her head from side to side. Mary tried to get in some offense but she had her head pulled down by her hair so her slaps were wild and usually only deflected off my mother's large breasts.

"Aw you jealous you can't grow a real set of tits like your big sis," mom said snickering as she would occasionally deliver underhanded slaps to Mary who was facing the floor. "Maybe you just need a hand getting them to swell up, here I'll help," mom said and used the hand that wasn't tugging on her sister's hair to instead claw the petite girl's tiny A cup breasts.

The only thing worse than listening to my Aunt Mary's shrill squeals of agony was hearing my grandmother telling her to toughen up. Mary was now thrashing around, trying to remove her sister's nails from her tits, when mom lost her balance and they fell to the carpet with the bigger woman on top.

Mom was laughing as she easily pinned my aunt's delicate wrists to the floor while she sat straddling the petite blonde's stomach.

"Is that all you got, bitch," I heard my mother yell as she bounced her fat ass on top of her opponent; making her sister groan under her weight. Mary's slender body was practically obscured under my mother's massive frame; she all but disappeared when mom bent over to pin her sister's wrists to the floor.

"Since you like them so much have a better look," she chuckled and pressed her big tits forward to smother her sister. Mary's curly blonde hair cascading on the carpet was the only indicator she hadn't simply vanished as mom pressed her ample bosom down for nearly two minutes before lifting up.

"You're not getting out that easy," she chuckled as I could see the young Mary gasping for air with sweat covering her red face.

"Ready to admit who the tougher woman is," she asked. When Mary did not respond my mother once again pressed her bountiful breasts over Mary's face while her little feet kicked on the carpet as she tried fruitlessly to buck her sister off.

After a minute of this Mary finally got a wrist free and tried to grab mom's long hair but she only made things worse as, in order to preserve her top mount, mom slid forward so she was practically facesitting her sister.

I could barely see the top of Mary's eyes as mom had her in a very tight schoolgirl pin, after managing to get her sister's hand out of her dirty blonde hair she knelt on the petite girl's forearms; pinning her quite effectively.

"Ready to admit you're my bitch," she asked again, although a little out of breath from the struggle of pinning her sister.

I couldn't hear Mary's response since her mouth was mostly covered but it looked like she shook her head no. She must've made some smartass remark because mom reached behind her hips to maul her sister's small tits; squeezing and clawing them as Mary tried to kick her sister off.

During one of her attempts to buck my mom off, she had brought her knee up high enough to butt the big woman in the back; mom instead grabbed hold of her sister's bikini bottoms. She began tugging on them, giving Mary a nasty front wedgie that had the poor blonde squealing; this was worsened when she turned to the side and began raking her nails down her sister's lightly hairy muff.

"Alright sweetie, she's tapping out; you can stop," I heard my grandmother's voice speaking from behind the camera. Mom looked out of breath as she still held onto her sister's wedgie only to ask her if she was ready to be her bitch. I was a little in shock when Mary nodded; as an adult I've never seen her surrender no matter who's she's wrestling--although she's grown up a lot since this match.

I then watched my mom get to her feet rather nimbly despite her girth as she wiggled her curvy body out of the black swimsuit until she was nude. Mary didn't move from the floor as it seemed like she was trying to catch her breath.

"Show me how much you love your big sister's tits," mom said as she laid on top of Mary in like the missionary position to push her nipple at Mary's mouth. The petite blonde began to reluctantly suck on the the puffy nipple as mom moaned; her hand moved down between their bodies as I assumed she was fingering her sister because Mary began making little pants and sighs.

She switched to the other boob, making Mary kiss and lick them, proclaiming her big sister was a better fighter, before she spun around and planted her fat ass over Mary in a reverse facesit.

"Show me how much you love your big sister's ass too," mom giggled as she pulled her opponent's face deep between her cheeks by Mary's curly blonde hair. Mom was moaning and grinding herself on top of my aunt when she pulled up Mary's skinny legs; she held the bikini bottoms aside with one hand and began eating her sister out.

It was like a weird sixty nine, I guess because my aunt was just so flexible, as she clearly licked and fingered her sister to orgasm before moving on to finger Mary's butt. Mary got up and the image cut to dark for a moment before it restored with Mary on all fours facing the camera, completely in the buff, when mom walked in wearing a strap on dildo.

"Ready to accept your punishment, loser," I heard my mother say in all too familiar tone.

"Yes," she said curtly.

Mom squatted behind her petite sister and appeared to slowly work the tip of the dildo into Mary's asshole. Her face screwed up in pain for a minute until mom really started pounding her then she changed to a sort of enjoyment; pleasure mixed with pain as mom pulled on Mary's long hair from behind.

"You like that loser," she asked, giving her sister a slap on the ass.

"Yes...," she panted, "fuck my loser ass."

I almost couldn't believe it when I saw Mary's eyes and mouth tense up when she clearly had an orgasm while being fucked by my mother.

"What are you," my mom asked over and over to which Mary always replied, "I'm a loser!"

After her orgasm had fully subsided, mom nonchalantly removed the dildo; Mary flopped to the floor in a heap of sweat as my mother flexed for the camera with her foot on her sister's defeated butt.

I couldn't wait to find more videos but I would remember not to avoid the next time we had a family match.

If you want to read more of my stories check out [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
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