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Default Training The Personal Trainer

Requested Story:

Training The Personal Trainer: (F/M, Foot Domination, Facesitting, Wrestling)

“I’m not collaborating with her, moron! That bitch just passed me in TikTok followers a few days ago! And I deserve more then her!” Zoey bitterly screamed.

“Uh-, well…….I thought it was a great business opportunity for you, any content with you two together would do serious numbers-“ her management team’s lead man tried to calm and reason with the temperamental social media star, who had a reputation behind the scenes for being ‘difficult’ to work with.

“I don’t care!” Zoey snapped. “You seriously called me to waste my time with THIS? You know what, you’re fired!”

“B-but you have a contract with our agency, remember-“

“Ugh. Whatever. Goodbye!” Zoey flatly replied, hanging up. Unbelievable, what a waste of her time. Not to mention the audacity of bringing that collaboration offer to her.

Oh great. Now an alarm went off on her phone. Meaning that personal trainer her team had suggested and then hired for her, would be here in a few minutes. She could hop back on Twitch and go live, but nope. Now she had to deal with this.

The personal trainer wasn’t her idea, nor did she ‘lead the charge’ on making it happen, she mostly just passively went along with it.

A few minutes later, after checking her hair and makeup, her doorbell rang.

Bryce was 6’0, 180 lbs, with short dark hair. He had arrived in a simple tank top and athletic shorts, already dressed ready to get started on the influencer’s personal home session. As he waited on the doorstep of her large, expensive, home, the Twitch streaming star that opened the door to greet him, was not quite what he expected.

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Zoey had wavy, dark black hair, with somewhat pale skin. She wore a black spiked choker on her neck, a revealing black bra, a thin black bottom garment, with another spiked band around her waist. She looked more like an ‘Egirl’ then a proper celebrity.

Politely ignoring her……unexpected, fashion look, Bryce greeted her enthusiastically. “What’s up, I’m your new personal trainer. Bryce.” He said with a confident, positive attitude. He reached out to shake her hand.

There was a pause as Zoey looked him over, not even bothering to at least give him a fake smile. Without meeting his handshake attempt, she flatly said “Come in.” as she stepped aside. He already knew her name anyway.

Her complete lack of enthusiasm and excitement to get started was a bit off putting, but he ignored it and stepped inside. She’d probably get into it once they began. “Follow me, my workout room’s this way.” Zoey instructed.

“Nice place you got here.” Bryce awkwardly tried to make basic small talk to replace the awkward silence as she guided him.

“Thanks.” Zoey replied with the same lack of energy, giving him the bare minimum response.

“Sooooo……excited to get started?” He asked, trying to raise her mood.

“Hold on.” She rudely stopped him, going to grab her phone. She paused for a minute, and it looked like she was sending a text message. He almost wanted to say something, but patiently waited until she was done.

She then finished showing him to the room, not bothering to resume the conversation. “Okay, here it is.” She announced as they walked in.

It was a nice sized room, the amount of equipment wasn’t overly impressive, especially not for someone who could afford the very best, but it was still better then the average person who took fitness seriously’s, home setup. The space looked quite clean, and pretty undisturbed. Nothing out of place, no signs of recent use unless she was very neat.

“You ever use this room, or what?” Bryce playfully asked.

After a roll of her eyes, Zoey replied “Not really. I have a lot of shit I don’t use. Some of my exe’s and friends have used this stuff though.”

“Now’s a good time to start.” He said with a grin, still hoping to get her into it despite the total disinterest and rudeness she’d shown so far.

“I guess.” She replied, with the same dryness.

“Alright, so first, before we do anything, you have to start with some stretches.” Bryce instructed.

“I have too? You’re not in charge of me.” Zoey brattily replied. Once her streaming career took off, she pretty much made her own rules, doing what she wanted when she wanted. She wasn’t told what to do or told no very often. She was typically the one telling others what they had to do.

Bryce was both somewhat annoyed and confused by that response. “Uh……..your supposed to do what your trainer tells you? I’m trying to help you?” He said in an unsure voice. This wasn’t an exchange he’d had with any client before.

“I’m not doing any boring stretches, let’s skip it. I’m paying YOU, I’m YOUR boss.” Zoey commandingly replied.

On the outside, Bryce shrugged it off. On the inside, this bratty ‘egirl’ was getting genuinely annoying and frustrating. “Okay then, but it’s for your own-“

“Don’t care.” Zoey flatly replied, cutting him off. She then picked up her phone, opening her Instagram to take a quick selfie.

Bryce had to hold in a sigh as she went over to pose in front of her weights. She struck a cute selfie pose of herself with the weights visible behind her, and snapped a picture. “Caption: Gym Day.” Zoey said aloud as she typed it out and hit ‘post’.

“You already spent more time posting about it then you have actually working out.” Bryce sarcastically commented. He didn’t really think before he said it, just letting his growing frustration slip out.

“Oh chill out, you’re still getting payed for your time.” Zoey dismissively countered.

Well…….she wasn’t wrong, but on the other hand, if he had known his time would just be wasted with an entitled brat who had no interest in actually listening and doing any work……..he probably would’ve turned it down. But, whatever. If she didn’t want to do the basics, and hurt herself because of it, it wasn’t his problem. All he could do was advise her.

As she put her phone down, he began again. “Okay, maybe let’s just start with some weights then.” He suggested. Maybe she’d have interest in that?

“Sure.” Zoey replied with a shrug, immediately grabbing the smallest and lightest weights in front of her.

Bryce withheld a frown as she immediately picked out what she could easily do with the least effort and energy. It may actually be best with how she bypassed any sort of warmups, but he doubted that was her reasoning. It was just more of the same from her. Uninterested, lazy, and low effort.

“If you’re not going to put in any effort, what am I here for?” Bryce rhetorically questioned.

“A paycheck?” Zoey bluntly suggested.

Bryce stood quietly, leaving those words to hang in the air for a moment, and gazed around the room. He wasn’t sure what to do at this point. Should he just write her off as a lost cause and walk out? He had no doubts he wouldn’t receive even just partial payment for this if he did that, but was the money worth more time with this insufferable influencer?

And then……..his eyes settled on the mats that were set out on the floor. He had an idea. It was a bit mean spirited, and wrong………but……..surely deserved. It wouldn’t make him a horrible person, it could easily be justified with the attitude she’d been giving him. Who wouldn’t do the same in his shoes?

“Hey Zoey………how about we try some boxing?You have any gloves around here?” Bryce suggested as casually as he could, trying to hide his eagerness for it. “If you give it a shot, I think you’ll have fun. You’re right, doing slow stretches or lifting weights over and over is just boring. It gets old. It’s not for everyone. You need something to get you more engaged.” He attempted to convince her.

“Whatever, that’s fine with me. There’s some extra gear in the closet.” Zoey answered.

Wow. That was way easier then he was expecting it to be. He had anticipated that talking her into it would be a bit of a struggle, if not simply met with a bratty rejection, but she carelessly went right along with it. This feminine social media girl definitely didn’t seem like the type to accept something like boxing.

“Here you go.” Zoey said, coming back over from the closet with two pairs of gloves. One pair was black, one pair was bright pink. He half expected her to pass off the feminine pink gloves onto him, but she tossed him the black ones before removing her spiked choker and waistband.

Truthfully, he didn’t know much of what he was doing with Boxing, either, to be teaching her. Luckily, that wasn’t his real intention. This was the perfect opportunity to just blow off some steam, and maybe teach this rich streamer brat some respect. He wasn’t going to truly hurt her of course, but roughing her up a little was definitely in play.

Zoey had never actually used the gloves herself once since buying them, but unbeknownst to him, she did know how to fight, not that she intended to take this seriously though. Martial arts classes were once a serious interest of her’s, and she pursued it for a long while as a teenager. Once her career as a Twitch Streamer and social media influencer took off, though, she dropped it to dedicate more time to that newfound success. She had pretty much moved on from that interest now, and left it in the past.

“Ready?” He asked as they got in position on mats, both wearing their gloves.

“Yep.” Zoey replied, short as usual.

He always aimed to stay as professional as possible, not allowing his mind and eyes to wander, but now truly looking her over for the first time, sizing her up, he couldn’t deny she was attractive. He could see why she made money on Twitch. Her makeup and hair style was cute, she wasn’t truly busty but she wasn’t overly flat. She had a decent chest. Her thighs had a little thickness to them, looking quite soft. His eyes continued to her feet, with black painted toes. His gaze lingered there for a second, and he finally felt a stirring in his groin from taking in her attractive, feminine, appearance. He quickly shook it off and refocused himself. She was cute, but she was still a rude brat.

Bryce started carefully, throwing a few pulled punches at her body, that she easily avoided. Her reaction and movement was better then he expected, but he wasn’t truly trying to hit her…….yet. He had to get the right ‘feel’. Not too much power to knock the feminine girl right down hard, but hit hard enough that she’d definitely feel it.

Zoey countered with a half hearted punch or two, that he didn’t even bother trying to dodge. Though he wasn’t actually trying to teach her anything, the continued lack of effort still served to annoy him further. Confident that he had found the ‘right force’ to put into his punches, he finally threw his first two ‘real punches’.

Zoey’s body just barely weaved out of the way of the first one, the sudden unannounced escalation seemed to ‘wake her up’ from her low effort approach, giving her a jolt as she also avoided the second blow, much more cleanly.

“What the hell?!” Zoey snapped, taking a step back.

Bryce paused, shocked at how both his punches had missed. They weren’t his best punches, but he had fully intended to connect. During that surprised pause, staring at her, his eyes couldn’t help but be drawn back down to her feet.

After a few seconds with no explanation or apology, and noticing his eyes down at her feet, Zoey retaliated. Before he knew it, she shifted forwards, and one of those cute feet he was distractedly admiring blasted up into his crotch.

Bryce slowly sunk to the mats covered floor with a groan, crumpled at her feet and holding his groin as the sudden explosion of pain went off in his body. The queasy feeling quickly set in in his stomach, his legs going weak.

“Why the fuck are you looking at my feet for, weirdo!” Zoey shouted. “Talk!”

“I…….wasn’t.” He groaned, lying. “And I…….just…..thought you were………ready…….to………get more intense.” He continued slowly forcing out words through his pain, keeping his lie going.

“Mmmhm, sure.” Zoey replied sarcastically.

As the pain slowly started to fade, Bryce said “let’s just……..forget about the boxing. Let’s…………wrestle. That’s a good workout. No more kicking or punching.”

“Fine, let’s do it.” Zoey firmly answered. She was ready to have a go at him now, just as he secretly had been with her.

Bryce hadn’t expected her to go along with that, but he was glad she did. Now, he was really ready to teach this bitch a lesson. She was going to regret that dirty kick. Maybe she was smaller and faster, and had a sharp reaction to dodge strikes, but grappling? This smaller girly girl was screwed. Once he got ahold of her, she was going to start adjusting her attitude.

With his next shot at her set, he lingered on the mat a bit longer, waiting for the dull pain in his groin to further subside. A quiet moment hit, as his pain slowly faded and Zoey stood waiting for him to get up. His mind clearer now after being mostly pain and trying to make an excuse, he reflected on the current situation.

This smaller, feminine, bratty streamer girl, had not only dodged his surprise punches, but had then brought him, a bigger and stronger man, down to her feet with ease. The kick was a dirty attack, but the idea of her reducing him to groaning on the floor at her feet without breaking a sweat, was still an embarrassment. The soft, well cared for pair of feet in front of him, with black nail polish, only emphasized her femininity. His position was both embarrassing, and……..strangely arousing.

“Are you getting up, or are you going to lay there all day like a bitch after one kick from a girl?” Zoey impatiently taunted.

Her words shook him from his mixed thoughts, as he immediately began to get up. It was going to take a while for the pain to fully fade, but he didn’t need to be at 100% to put this brat in her place.

“What, do you like getting beat up by a girl?” Zoey laughed. He didn’t realize what she meant at first, until he looked down and saw the tent in his shorts. He had been too distracted after her taunt, that he hadn’t even realized he’d gotten hard as his thoughts had drifted.

A usually confident and outgoing Bryce was left speechless, horrified at her noticing his strange aroused state. He had no idea what to say, how could he explain this away?

Zoey smirked, his reaction said it all. She was feeling pretty good about wrestling this bigger male now. He was going to regret messing with her. “Ready?” She offered, giving him an out to move on as he continued searching for words.

“Yeah, let’s see what you got.” He replied, as confidently as he could right after that. Now having been even more embarrassed by her, and also attracted to her, part of him wasn’t so sure about this anymore-, no. He just had to refocus on his original goal. He was bigger and stronger then her. This was going to be easy.

As they started, Bryce moved forwards, careful to keep his eyes up. He aggressively lunged for her, planning to get a grip on her and end this match with his superior strength before it even started.

Starting out defensively, Zoey once again flashed her quick movement and sharp reaction, dodging away to the side, out of his reach. Bryce slowly advanced on her again, before attempting yet another aggressive lunge to grab her and throw her down. Zoey wasn’t quite sure she would out maneuver him again, but to her relief she was once again able to leave him grabbing air.

“Are you going to wrestle, or are you just going to run away?” Bryce asked, clearly annoyed with how this was starting off. He expected to have her on the mat at his mercy by now.

“Do you think I’m stupid? I’m not going to fight you your way.” Zoey defiantly replied.

“Alright, your little game’s over.” He said firmly, growing more frustrated at her cowardly approach.

Bryce advanced on her faster now, ready to rip her to the mat and end her ridiculous strategy. She was smaller and faster then him, but he knew 100% that it was coming this time. She was going to try and slip away again, and he wasn’t letting that happen.

Zoey had started out carefully, avoiding his overconfident aggressive advances, and using her smaller size to her advantage as she allowed more frustration to build in him before attempting any real moves of her own. Now that he was a bit more careless and tunnel visioned, she was ready.

As he came at her with momentum, expecting her to try and dance away, Zoey exploded towards him and downwards, precisely sweeping his legs out from underneath him. Bryce didn’t know what hit him, the smaller girl in front of him becoming a blur as she attacked low, and sent him crashing to the mat face down.

Bryce let out a dazed and confused groan after hitting the mat. One second, his full focus was on wrapping her up. The next, he was on the mat.

With no plans of letting him back up, Zoey quickly pressed her advantage, positioning herself over her slow reacting opponent, and dropping her full weight onto his back before he could even get his arms under himself to try and rise. Bryce let out another groan, a pained one this time, after Zoey’s weight crashed down.

After knocking some air out of him, Zoey continued her fast paced attack. She quickly grabbed and yanked one of his arms behind his back before he could even think to defend himself. He realized what she did, but it was already too late. His right arm was twisted up painfully behind his back, with no leverage to break free with his raw strength.

“You don’t actually know what you’re doing, do you? All you have are muscles.” Zoey smugly teased.

Bryce grunted in frustration, squirming under her in humiliation at being trapped under his smaller female opponent. How was this possible? It wasn’t fair! She just ran away, did some sneaky attack and then jumped him before he could defend himself!

Zoey continued to twist his arm, sending a steady pain through the arm and shoulder, slowly weakening it. “St-…..stop” Bryce groaned as she worked over his trapped arm.

“Awww are you begging a small girl to stop hurting you?” Zoey teased. “How about this, I’ll let up on your big strong arm, if you put the other one behind your back too, AND………kiss my foot!” Zoey let out a girlish laugh as she bent her right leg and slid her foot next to his face.

Bryce couldn’t believe this, not only did she have him helpless on his chest, making him squirm in pain, but now she was demanding he give up his other arm and humiliate himself by kissing her foot?! There was no way he could do that, he refused to let her emasculate him like this.

“Get your foot away from me…….bitch!” He demanded. “No way in hell you’re getting my other arm!”

“Fine” Zoey said, immediately cranking the arm again. “I’ll just have to break it then.” She said calmly and firmly.

As the pain returned and the impact of her threat sunk in, a somewhat panicked Bryce gave in. He couldn’t be 100% certain whether she intended to follow through. “N-no, don’t, please. I’ll give up my arm!” He surrendered with a nervousness in his tone.

A smug smile crept over Zoey’s face as he slowly shifted and placed his left arm behind his back. She had managed to scare him into compliance, exactly as planned. She released his weakened and sore right arm, quickly swapping her grip to his left arm before he could try anything stupid.

“Now, I think you’re forgetting something.” Zoey taunted, wiggling her foot next to his head expectingly.

“Come on…….I gave up my other arm, isn’t that enough?” He pleaded. Truthfully he wouldn’t really mind having her foot so close to his face, nor the idea of pressing his face against her soft silky sole, but his pride wouldn’t allow it.

“Just do it loser. I know you like my feet.” Zoey replied, giving his arm a brief but rough crank to send a jolt of pain through his arm and shoulder.

Ultimately, Bryce knew Zoey had free reign to abuse his arm until she got her way, it was inevitable that he’d cave. He swallowed some of his pride and saved himself some torment, straining himself towards her foot and pressing his puckered lips into her soft sole.

“Imagine if all your gym buddies knew some little streamer girl beat you up and made you kiss her feet.” Zoey laughed from above him.

Both from her teasing words and the sensation of his face pressed against one of her perfect feet, a stiffening began in Bryce’s shorts.

As he finally broke off the sole to lips kiss, Zoey resumed cranking her hold on his left arm. “W-wait, you can’t-“ Bryce began as the steady pain returned.

“What? I told you I’d let up on your arm, and I did. I didn’t make any promises about your left.” Zoey mocked. “Besides, we have to take away some of that unfair advantage of a big, strong trainer that you have, right?” Bryce squirmed underneath her as best he could without causing himself extra pain, desperately hoping his arm would somehow slip free.

After a little more torment of his left arm, Zoey finally loosened the hold, even letting go with one of her arms to grab and pull his already sore and weakened right arm behind his back. Bryce didn’t bother fighting it, he had fully accepted it was a waste of energy to try and muscle his way out of this position. He’d bide his time, and whenever she finally got off of him and considered him defeated, she would pay for this.

Little did he know, Zoey wasn’t planning to let him up anytime soon. With both of his arms now held behind his back, Zoey slid both of her legs forwards, placing a foot next to each side of his head. She slithered her feet to his face, curving one of her soles under his face and against his mouth, while catching his nose with the black painted toes of the other, pinching it closed.

“Mmmphhummm!” A confused Bryce tried to speak as his face became smothered in her feet. Bryce was both humiliated at being trapped face first in her feet, and……..turned on. He hated it, but there was once again a hardening in his groin as those pretty feet he once ogled from a distance, were now all over his face.

Zoey smirked as he began to squirm under her, trying to twist his head to escape her soft, smothering soles. “Oh stop, I know you’re loving this, freak.” Zoey laughed.

Bryce’s struggles became more desperate and wild as her feet continued to deny him air, and even after taking care to weaken his arms, she still almost lost control several times. It took her best effort to maintain her position.

“Ummmph!” Bryce pleaded, his face continuing to struggle against her feet. Her black polished toes tightly gripped his nose, and her sole remained flat against his mouth.

“You’re so lucky I don’t have my phone. Imagine this on TikTok, ‘small streamer girl smothers out big personal trainer with her feet.’ You’d be a viral hit!” Zoey mocked as his struggles calmed.

Bryce grew weak and his eyes began to flutter, still being smothered senseless in her soles. After a few seconds, he finally passed out. Put to sleep by the smaller girl’s feet.

“So pathetic.” Zoey commented out loud to herself, finally getting off of him. She wasn’t done yet, though. She rolled his heavier body over onto his back, laughing as she saw the straining bulge in his shorts. “Of course.” She said.

Zoey knew he’d likely seek revenge once he woke up, he wasn’t truly beaten yet, so she was going to be back in control when he woke up. Moving to stand behind his head, Zoey got down and laid herself over his body, before pulling his head between her thighs, into a reverse headscissor. She didn’t have the strongest legs, but she knew she could handle a weakened Bryce.

With his head and neck held between Zoey’s thighs, Bryce’s eyes slowly opened, dazed and confused in the first few seconds. “Z-….Zoey? What happened?” He asked in a groggy voice.

“These feet you can’t stop staring at just smothered you out, feel free to thank me.” Zoey taunted.

It all suddenly rushed back. He had to escape this hold, turn the tables, and redeem himself. He couldn’t let Zoey continue to humiliate him like this. As Zoey began to squeeze, he was sure his arms could pry her legs apart. He grabbed at her legs, and began to pull……..only to find the strength wasn’t there, after how she’d already worked over both arms. His plan of simply breaking her scissor grip, rolling her off of him, and finally taking control of this fight once and for all, was gone.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Too weak to pull apart a girl’s legs? Maybe you need a personal trainer!” Zoey laughed, as his panicked struggles began.

Zoey sighed In contentment, slowly squeezing the life out of him while he frantically grabbed and pulled at her soft, smooth, thighs.

“Zoey-…….let……go.” Bryce croaked, starting to abandon his dream of revenge once she let him go. He just wanted her to stop.

“Mmmm, not yet.” Zoey answered, continuing to enjoy her position. She placed a hand over his still bulging crotch, and began grinding her hand against it. Bryce’s struggles immediately froze as the pleasurable sensation hit.

“You like that?” Zoey teased seductively, squeezing a bit longer until he began to fade between her legs.

Zoey finally released his head, letting it drop back to the mat as he gasped in air. “No more……..I’m done……..I’m……..leaving.” Bryce gasped. Rather then plotting revenge once he got back to his feet, he was now ready for a quick exit, retreating with whatever shred of pride he had left.

“That’s too bad, because I’m not done yet.” Zoey smirked, sitting up and sliding back towards his face.

“Zoey…….stop. Just let me go. Don’t pay me for today……..I don’t care, I quit.” Bryce told her, worn down from lack of breathing.

“If you don’t like it, stop me.” Zoey said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You’re so big and strong, you should’ve pinned me a long time ago. Unless you like being beat up by girls.” She taunted. “And, maybe I won’t let you quit.”

“Wha-“ he began to say to the last part, before she pulled up the tiny skirt like bottom, and her pale ass descended onto his face.

“Mmmphhh!” Bryce cried out into her ass. With the skirt like part of her bottom pulled up, Bryce was left with a lot of cheek to cheek contact.

“Come on, get me off of you.” Zoey mockingly encouraged. Bryce tried, but to his horror and frustration, he longer had the strength and energy to lift her weight off of him. He groaned into her cheeks in frustration, knowing he normally could throw her right off of him with ease.

“Is that it bitch? If anyone saw this, they’d think you were letting me!” She taunted.

As Bryce weakly struggled, his lungs starting to burn, Zoey took a moment to mockingly examine her nails. “Perfect.” She commented, highlighting how little he’d put her through to defeat him.

As his weakened struggles intensified the longer she denied him air, she was forced to focus again in order to not be dislodged, carefully maintaining her smothering position and shifting her weight with his struggles and twists beneath her.

As his struggles slowed and he grew closer to unconsciousness, the bulge in his pants remained, with his face buried in and beneath Zoey’s ass. “At least part of you is enjoying this.” She teased.

Soon, he finally went limp, put to sleep by the smaller streamer girl for a second time. Zoey got off of his face, and took a seat on his stomach while she waited for him to wake up again. To her surprise, she had actually ended up enjoying this ‘training session’. What started off as a boring miserable waste of her time, had turned into something much more interesting. She could definitely go for some more ‘workout sessions’ with her personal trainer.

Bryce soon woke up to Zoey gently caressing his cheek with her foot. Bryce’s arousal grew as her feminine foot rubbed over his face, and she reached back and started to grind her hand against his hardon again. “I can’t believe you’re turned on by my feet.” Zoey laughed.

He knew that even in his tired, weakened state, he could knock her off of him now as she did nothing to pin him down, but he knew better then to try.

“Open.” Zoey commanded, prodding at his lips with her toes. Bryce hesitated. The idea of her foot in his mouth turned him on even more, but whatever dignity and pride he had left wouldn’t willingly allow his smaller, feminine, tormentor to shove her foot in his mouth. As he went back and forth in his mind between obeying and resisting, Zoey decided for him.

The arousing grinding of her hand instantly turned into a firm grip on his balls through his shorts, making him wince and freeze in surprise.

“I said, open.” Zoey commanded, her black painted toes prodded at his lips again. Bryce quickly obeyed. It was quite clear what was going to happen if he refused again.

A salty taste hit his tongue as part of Zoey’s foot slid into his mouth, her toes tapped against his tongue. If he wasn’t already as turned on as he could get, he was now. “Now, about you ‘quitting’.” Zoey began.

“I don’t think so.” She said in a bratty, demanding tone. I know you’re loving this.” She continued with a demeaning, smug, look. “So how about I call my team, I double your salary, and you come back next week.” Zoey proposed.

It was hard to speak, never mind negotiate, with part of her foot jammed in his mouth, so he simply gave a slight shake of his head ‘no’. There was no way he was coming back here, or being around her, ever again.

Only, Zoey was used to getting what she wanted, and this would be no exception. Grinding her hand against his crotch again, and lifting her other foot to place her black polished toes against his nose, she made a new offer.

“Fine, triple. Starting with today’s session.” She said commandingly and seductively.

Now forced to suck and sniff her perfect feet, and on the edge of exploding in his shorts at her grinding touch, Bryce didn’t immediately shake his head ‘no’ this time. His arousal consumed mind spun over her proposal. He’d never admit it, but……..he was definitely enjoying himself now. He could still break free from this position, but he didn’t want to get away from her now. Plus, no one would ever know, right? And the pay raise was really nice………

Growing impatient again, Zoey pinched his nose closed with her toes, once again smothering him with her feet and putting an obvious ‘time limit’ on his ‘decision’.

Seconds ticked by, and the smother continued, but Bryce was too lost in lust to care. Soon, he gave a weak garbled ‘maaaammbeee” through her foot.

Zoey smirked. Despite it not being a clear yes, she knew she had him now.

A few seconds later, as his vision dimmed, Bryce’s body suddenly twitched beneath her as he lost control and exploded into his shorts, to an amused giggle from Zoey.

Almost immediately after his explosion of pleasure, Bryce passed out, as Zoey did a playful flex of arms to victory pose for her own amusement. Zoey’s toes released his nose, and she slowly slid her foot out of his mouth.

“Ew.” Zoey commented, her foot popping out of his mouth covered in saliva.

As Zoey got off of him and got back to her feet, wiping her wet foot on the mat, …………..

She already couldn’t wait for next week.

The End…..???

- The very first requested story is here. This was a very good, well thought out and detailed request. There could be more later, or it could be left as is. Depends on if the person who requested it wants to request more, or just wants to turn it over to me to possibly continue on my own at some point, if people enjoy it. If the person who requested it wants it to be left as it is, then this is 100% the end of it. We’ll see.
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Default Re: Training The Personal Trainer

interesting story
Who I've sessioned with
Siren Thorn, , , , , ,A-Low Cat
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Default Re: Training The Personal Trainer

interesting story
Who I've sessioned with
Siren Thorn, , , , , ,A-Low Cat
Ashley Wildcat, , , ,Mutiny
Aiden, , , , , , , , , , Domina Ava Savage
VeVe Lane, , , , , , , Maxine Striker
Miss Amazon, , , , , Bella ( PinningPitbull )
Pandora, , , , , , , , ,Miss XI
Bianca Blance, , , , ,Lexi Art
Extreme Electra, , , Ms Bijou Steal
Nikki Fierce

Wish list to session with
Robin, , , , , , , , ,Lia Labowe
Gia Promo, , , , , ,Miss V
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Default Re: Training The Personal Trainer

That was written very well. The concept was good and Zoey personified an entitled influencer perfectly. She got even more interesting as her dominant side came out. I'm sure some really loved the foot stuff, but it really got good when she sat her ass on his face.

It could definitely work as a stand alone story, but I do find myself curious to see how she would build her online presence at Bryce's expense.

Thank you for sharing this with us, mate.
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domination, facesit, femdom, foot domination, foot fetish, foot smothering, slave, teen girl, wrestling

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