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Old 21-Jul-15, 04:21
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Default caught by the burglar

I will attempt a story here and see how it's received. Editorial and style critiques welcome. Also, fine tuning comments will be considered.

Guy; 5'11, 185.

Girl; 5'4 135

This is hard for me to admit, I'm not a super athlete, or huge guy, but I do work out, both lifting weights and conditioning, so I'm not some flabby, incapable male and yet I was beatdown and sexually humiliated by a teen girl who was much smaller than me.Impossible! I know, that's why I couldn't admit to this until if I didn't it would've put me in a bad downward spiral. Ok, so you're listening. Here's what happened.

Why I woke up at 3 in the morning I don't know. Maybe, something being off had disturbed me, but I couldn't swear to it. So I was up and lying there when I saw something. It was unsettling, but I needed to make sure it wasn't my imagination and so I got up to check it out. I went into the hallway and peeped in the spare room where I thought I had seen movement.

Peeping in I was both shocked and relieved to see a black teenage girl. Shocked, because, well hell, someone really was in my house. Relieved, because, well hell, it was only a small teenage girl, not armed, mind you. She was wearing tight workout shorts and a sport bra, probably easier to sneak around in.

So, now relaxing I walk toward the girl and confront her, " I don't want a problem, so just make this easy and i won't have to get physical" as I'm now right in her space. She mouths off with a lot of bravado, and tells me to f off. I'm like "Just be reasonable I could really hurt you if I wanted so just give up." What happened next was (I still tell myself this is the real reason), was her attacking like a trapped animal and me not being on guard (right?) She swings right at my face and damn, hits me in the nose so hard I'm stung by it, and then she starts swinging away at my head and I am actually
driven back a bit before I just decide to grab her and wrestle her down.

Grab her I did, but her arms were free, and as I drag her down she gets some more shots in and puts me off balance so as we land I'm jostled and she gets free and starts to get up. I'm now thinking that I had better do something more effective, but first I reach out to stop her from running and manage to snag the sport bra, which rips but doesn't come all the way off. Now, you'll excuse me but even in this non-sexual setting I did feel some arousal at on her tight body and partially exposed breasts.

Well that really pissed her off, and instead of trying to get away now, she turned on me and as I was on my knees she kicked me in the head so hard she knocked me to my back and stunned me some.Shit, then she stomped my stomach a few times, jumped on my middle but first and said "Damn, for a big guy, you're a wuss, and I'm going to beat the shit out of you and make you my bitch. This as she just starts swinging away at my face and head. I'm blocking some, but not enough and I'm getting dizzy and desperate.

I manage to catch one of her arms and pull her dowwn, but I was a little out of it and she was fighting with crazy strength. We roll around, she slips out and jumps on my back, gets her arms around my back and starts yelling, "Yeah, sleeper bitch!" She's right, It's getting worse, but I manage to roll over hard and shake her loose and fuck this is really crazy, but her sport bra had come all the way off and again I find it something of a turn-on. She's up and kicks me hard in the side, I turn over and see her about to jump on my middle again, but I'm ready this time.

She jumps, and I do a sort of catch where I try to throw her off, but perversely only manage to throw her pussy first onto my face and crack my head into the floor as well. This only dizzies and weakens me more and I snort right into her shorts as now I can't breathe and grab her legs with everything I have of to get her off, but I'm too weak to do so. She realizes this and gets excited, exclaiming "OMG, I'm beating you with my pussy!. This is great!" She then pulls my head into her crotch as I'm so desperately struggling to get free, but can't.

I pass out and come to, only to see a gleeful look on her face as she does it again. I come to again and she's stripped

out of her shorts and this time shoves my face right into her bare pussy. Again, out and come to, this time I'm so out of it she's supporting my head, looking into my eyes with such dominance and says " I told you I was going to make you my bitch." "Damn, you've got to feel so small having you're ass kicked by a little thing like me." Now, eat me out!

I refused and she hit me with some more head shots and then smothered me until finally I had to do what she said. She also turned around and had me kiss her ass and sit on me that way until I passed out again, and then again. I was helpless and begging for her to stop. She was in absolute control and enjoying it. Finally there was a crack of light in the window and she ran out, putting her shorts back on and grabbing one of my shirts. As she left, she just looked at me without a word, knowing that I knew I couldn't tell anyone what had happened. I had been beat down and sexually dominated by this much teen girl much smaller than me.
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Default Re: caught by the burglar

Needs a part 2....girl comes back the next night or something!
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