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Default Burglar gets punished

Hello friends, I'm new here. I'd like to start by writting a story, though English is not my mother language so please forgive my mistakes and I'm always open to some advice.

With that said, I'll start with the story. I hope you enjoy it.

*Burglar gets punished by schoolgirl*

I've always been too lazy or too stupid to study or work, or at least that's what most people told me. Maybe that's the reason I went down into a "life of crime". Stealing things was my thing, I find it quite easy. And breaking into someone's house it's easy and rewarding most of the times.

So when I found this posh house that had no alarm at all, I thought it was gonna be a piece of cake. It was a quiet neighbourhood. I waited untill everyone had left the house. That night the couple that lived there left to go to some dinner or something, so I took my chance and decide to break inside.

The sound of the glass window, breaking, wasn't that loud to disturb any neighbour. "Such an easy job these posh houses" I thought to myself while I went searching for some money and jewelery. Using my flashlight to look around, when the I heard some footsteps and then the lights turned on.

"Fuck, someone must have been here and I didn't notice" I thought to myself. "I might be able to escape fast enough" I thought, and since I weared a neck buff even if the person has seen part of my face, he or she wouldn't recognize me.

But just before I went running through the window I heard a sweet voice.

-Who are you? What are you doing?

I turned to catch a glimpse of from who that voice might be and there she was, a cute teenage girl. She seemed a poshy, innocent looking girl. More so by wearing that schoolgirl uniform she had, with her blue plaid skirt, white blouse and stockings. She also had long straight blonde hair, and a pair of nicd blue eyes. She seemed like 16 years old, maybe younger due to her look, she was petite and cute.

"Oh it's just a girl" I thought. "She won't gave me any trouble, she's probably scared by me" I was over 6 ft tall, gigantic compared to what appered to be 5 ft 3 inches.

I turned and looked at her right into her blue eyes.
-Listen, be a good girl, and you wont get hurt.

-Wha.. what?

-Just be a good girl, and do what I say

-I'll call my parents and...
I start walking towards her, getting closer.
-I know they went out, so yeah, you better behave

I pulled out a rope I had on my bag, so to tie her up. I noticed her looking at the nearest phone. I didn't wanted to take any other risks. I reached to grab her by her arm.

I took her arm and she started to struggle a bit.

-Hey! Don't touch me!
-You better stop
-Don't touch me... or...
-Or what?
-Or... ouch! Get off me!
-Don't make me hurt you... Wooo...

Then, I saw her hand grab my hand, by the wrist, and then she moved quickly to the side, then the other side, and I felt my wrist and hand being pulled and twisted against it's natural position. It hurted a lot and I couldn't help but follow the move. In a matter of seconds I followed the move so fast that I fliped to my side, and fall slamming my back on the hard floor.

Bam! I had hitted the floor, my back was hurting a bit. "Wow" I thought to myself.

-What the hell just happened?

I was laying there on the floor, I didn't really knew how that happened. "Maybe I just sumble over the carpet while she was struggling..."

I looked at her and she was like nothing had happened, she was just adjusting her hair with her hand while looking at me, with a chuckle on her face.

I got up to my feet and walk right to her.

-Ok little poshy bitch, I warn you, be good or I'll fucking hurt you.

She didn't even react to my threat. She just finished adjusting her hair. I went to grab her again, didn't mind if she end up with some bruise on her arm. Just when I was touching her arm she grabed me again by my hand, with both her hands, pulled it and twisted it against it, just like before. Her little fingers were gripping to my hand so tight. My wrist hurted so much now. She pulled me towards her, and then turned. It happened quick but I remember how she moved, so gracefully, rhythmic. She then bent slightly while pulling my hand and arm.


I found myself flipping over her back, and just after that... "Kablam!"

My back smashed the floor. This time harder than before.

-Fuck! What the... ouch!

My back was in some terrible pain. Again I didn't understand what really happened, but it seemed like if she had thrown me around. But that's impossible, she is a little teenage girl. A fucking schoolgirl. I'm way bigger and stronger.

Now she had a more noticeable chuckle on her face, while she again was staring at me and adjusting her hair

-Oh gosh... what a mess...

Said while she keept on adjusting the hair with her hand.

-Bitch! No one laughs at me, not even a fucking tadpole like you.

I said trying to get up. The pain on my back was notorious, and it make me more angry. Then I remembered that I had a pocket knife I always carried in case I ran into any sort of trouble. And truth is that little schoolgirl was asking for it.

I reached for it, and pulled it out. With that clicking sound the blade pulled out.

-You've asked for it. Now I'll give a scar to that baby face of yours.

I said in a threatening way, feeling so good, now I had a huge advantage over her. She looked at me and her face expression changed a bit, it got like a bit more serious.

Then she stood, in some sort of weird stance, with her legs flexed and her arms basically looking straight towards me. Her hands were open palmed, one in a bit upper position than the other. She looked concentrated.

-What the fuck is that? You're fucked little twat

I approached her moving the knife, doing some cutting moves on the air before reaching her. Then I rushed towards her and moved the knife to cut one of her arms.
As soon as I did that move with my knife, whe back stepped, back enough to make me fail. But it didn't matter I tried another move trying to reach her, and this time I was about to cut her.

But somehow she managed to grab my hand, and instead of just blocking my hand she twisted it again, making me drop the knife due to the pain.


My hand bursted in pain, it feelt specially painful on a certain place where she had her thumb pressing my poor hand.

-Look what you just did! You ripped part of my blouse with your knife, you utter wanker!

-Fuck your blouse! Bitch!

-You'll pay for this

Then she performed another of her quick gracefull moves, moving to the side, pulling my hand towards her, then the other side... She looked like a ballerina performing those swift moves... her petite body, her long blonde hair moving in the air, like it moved at it's own pace, her short plaid skirt...

That was what I could see for a short moment just after she hitted me right on my nose with the palm of her hand.



She burted my nose I was pushed and then pulled again, she continued her almost dainty moves and I just moved and flipped over me.


BLAM! I felt so hard on the floor that I felt the air being knocked out of me.

I looked up and found myself lying on the floor, with my left arm being "trapped" on some sort of lock or something she was applying on me. It was pretty tight.

-Fuck! My nose, bitch! That fucking hurts!

My nose was bleeding but not as much as it was hurting.
And my back, oh my back, it was in some tremendous pain.

-Shut up you piece of trash!

-Fuck you and your fucking ballet weird moves!

-That's no ballet you ignoramus. It's Aikido

-Aei ki what?

-Aikido, you don't know about it? Really?

-Not a clue

-It is a Japanese martial art that teaches moves like the ones I used on you, besides much more.

-But you're just a little girl...

-That doesn't matter, in fact I use your own weight and momentum against you, that with the help of some techniques such as pressure points like this one

Then she pressed some part of my hand and I felt bursting pain all over it.

-Aaah! Stop! Please!

-That sort of things makes even a little girl like me, able to defend against a big guy like you, all by herself. I've been learning Aikido since I was 11 and in the best dojo of the whole country.

-Fucking Aei ki thing...

-The thing is, it doesn't matter what you try. I've been trained to counter it as quick and easy as possible.

To be continued...

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Default Re: Burglar gets punished

Burglar gets punished - Part 2

-The thing is, it doesn't mattre what you try. I've been trained to counter it as quick and easy as possible.

-Fuck you bitch! I've managed to deal with tougher guys before, and I'll beat the shit out of you!

-How do you want to do that? You don't seem to be able to escape this single lock, hehe

I tried to escape by pulling my arm but I felt some terrible pain all over my arm. My hand, wrist, and elbow hurted so bad that I couldn't keep on pulling it.

-Aaagh! Fuck! My arm!

-See? Hehe. You just can't do that, unless you want to end up with a broken bone


-Hey! Stop swearing like that in front of a Lady, don't you have manners?

-Fuck you posh bitch!

-Okey, I'll teach you some manners

She then twisted my arm a bit more. I felt excruciating pain all over it, I catched a glimpse of my arm and hand, being twisted by her dainty hands. She didn't stop, and continued twisting my wrist hand more and more.

-You either learn how to properly treat a Lady, or I'll break your arm just like if it was a twig, hehe

-Aaargh! Stop it, please! Stop it! That fucking hurts!

The truth is that for such a little girl she was hurting me in a way no one has been able to do before.

-You said the "f" word again! I told you, don't swear in front of a Lady!

She twisted even more my poor hand, and then I heard a sound. "Crack". My hand and arm were in tremendous pain. She released me and as I went to grab my hand and arm as quick as I could.

-Aaarggh! My wrist! You broke my wrist!

All I could do was grab my hand and stay on the floor, writhing in pain.

-You'ved asked for it. You attacked me, disrespected me, and look at what you did to my blouse.

-Fuck your blouse!

I said trying to cope with the pain and getting up any way I could. I managed to get up, slowly, and still grabbing my poor swollen hand.

-You've broke my wrist! Fucking bitch!

-Come on, it's not broken, it's just dislocated.

I was all out of rage I wanted to make sure that girl ended up in a hospital. I was going to try to hurt her no matter what.

I grabed a wooden chair that was near to me and threw it right at her. She managed to avoid it just slightly moving her upper body a bit to the side, she did it just enough to avoid the chair.

Then I chatched her again posing in that weird postute she did before with her left arm slanted at shoulder height, her right hand lower, at sternum height. Both of her hands open palmed and straight.

She started to walk towards me and I went to charge at her. With my healthy hand I threw a punch just right at her face, just to see how she avoided the punch just by turning and moving to the side.

Then again she grabbed my arm and pulled it towards her, making me move right to a wall. She pushed my elbow against it natural position, just enough to make me go faster against that wall, making me hit the wall with my head.


My head was smashed to the wall.


I felt like the room was spinning. I was dazed but I tried not to fall to the floor and turned, then I catched her laughing at me. I tried to attack her again though I couldn't move too fast now.

She did one of those weird moves again, grabbing my arm, twisting, moving it... I looked at those graceful moves she did and after I realized it she made me flip.




She made me flip just towards that wooden chair I threw over her a moment ago. I fall on it, smashing an breaking it with my back.

It hurted real bad.

She approached me and kneeling in front of me she grabbed my arm, and did some kind of move, putting it in a tight lock, I was trapped again just like before.

-Aaargh! That's my injured arm! Stop it please!

She continued the move and I felt like my elbow was about to break.

-Please! I beg you! Stop!

-Go on, you can beg all you want, hehe


Then I saw how she pulled it so much to the other side that my elbow snapped. "Crack!"

-Aaargh! Aaagh! My arm! Fuuuuck! My arm!

Then she released me and grabbed me in a weird way, using her legs too, all around my arm, neck and head, grabbing my other arm too.

-Argh! Agh! Please...

-You can try to fight it all you want, it'll only make it worse.

She said with a chuckle on her face. I couldn't do much more than looking at her and feel the most excruciating pain I ever felt in my life.

-Ple... pleaghss.. I... ggghm...

I realized I couldn't breathe. I started to fall asleep.

-Good night piece of trash. Hehe

And that was the last thing I saw and heard. Her cute girly face, with those blue eyes and long soft hair. That cute voice, laughing at me while I was getting knocked out.


I woke up in a room of some hospital. I looked around and saw that my injured arm was all covered in an arm sling. My other arm was handcuffed to the bed. That meant the police had arrested me.
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Default Re: Burglar gets punished

Burglar gets punished - Ending

I had been unconscious only for a few hours. Some police officers arrived and explained to me that I was charged for different things. The worst one was atracking an under age girl. They told me that if I wanted to I could try to report that the girl attacked and injured me, all with a chuckle while saying it. But it wouldn't matter if I did that, I was the criminal and the one that attacked her on the first place, and both of her parents were lawyers. It seemed I didn't had a chance against her.

Later on that day, some friends came to visit me. They were some guys I know that have a similar line of work. They asked me about what happened and though it was embarrasing as hell I told them about it.

-Well, it all started when I broke in that house. It ended up that it wasn't empty. A girl was on the house.

-A girl? And what happened, did you fall from the second floor when trying to catch her?

-No, when I found her we were on the living room.


-So, what happened next, I don't really know how to explain it. I tried to get her, but every time I tried to she did some kind of weird move, grabbing my arm... I don't know how she did it but she did something quick using my arm and she made me flip in the air.

-What? What do you mean?

-I mean she made me flip, like she threw me away. I don't know how but she managed to do that to me every single time I tried to reach her. I always ended up smashing the floor.

-You're kidding? How old was she?

-She was like sixteen year old, she was wearing a schoolgirl uniform.

-What? A sixteen girl made you that? I don't get it, whas she like very big? Like muscular or something?

-No, she was petite, just a regular blonde posh girl.

-Man, but how was she able to do that?

-Like I said, I don't know how it works but she did some sort of moves against me. Every time I attacked her she did those weird moves and I ended up over the floor.

-You should have used a pocket knife, that way she could have been scared of you.

-I did! I did used my knife but all I could do to her was a slight cut on her blouse. And she did one of her moves and I ended up on the floor again.

-What? No way...

-I'm telling you, no matter what I did she used it against me. It was something called " A hey kee"... something by a name like that.

-Hey kee what? I never heard of something like it.

-Me neither, all I know about "ahey kee" thing is what I told you. Every time I tried to attack her, she used those weird ballet moves to use the attack against me.

-Man, I don't get it. So a girl using that Aheykee ballet was able to break yor arm?

-Yes, she did some of those moves on my arm, twisting and pulling it untill it snapped. I'm telling you, no matter what you tried, she uses that thing and you're done. Fucking Aey kee... Aey kee da... Man I can't remember the name.

-Sounds stupid

-Yeah stupid named thing but thanks to that and that poshy bitch now I'm recovering here of several injuries. I can't move my left arm.

-Sorry man, I hope you get better.


My friends left and all I could do is think about that girl and what happened. In the end it was my fault, I was the one that broke into her house and attacked her. More lie tried to attack her as all I did to her was to get her clothes wrinkled. On the other hand I ended up on the infirmary. A little poshy schoolgirl beated me up badly, breaking my bones, with the only help of her hands and the knowledge of somekind of ballerina moves. Fucking Aey keed bo... whatever the name is. Now I can't even fight back little girls. Sounds fucking ridiculous. I realized then how fucking ridiculous I was, and how powerful such a girl can be.

The end.

Here's a pic of a girl that looks quite similar to the one I describe on the story. That way you can have a more clear image if you want.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Also here I leave some videos I like of girls practicing Aikido I used as data to help me develop the story.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Thank you very much for reading my story. If you have anything to say, like to correct some mistake or just tell something you liked or disliked about it, be open to reply.

I'd love to hear your opinions about the story.

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