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Old 16-Nov-22, 18:26
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Default Night Queen

Jared was so nervous it felt nauseating. He stood at the precipice of his destination, looking up at the neon-lit sign and cross-checking the name with a small piece of paper. "Night Queen," it read.

In front of him were booths made from large panes of glass, occupied by long steel poles and young women that danced around them.

He slowly walked from left to right, staring at the beautiful women who presented their bodies to him. There was a voluptuous brunette dancing seductively on a neon pole, giving him a smile that would melt a thousand hearts. Next to her, a sexy blonde slithered on her knees and licked the glass. Then, her fingers made a heart on the spit that lined the window. The third window was where he finally stopped.

The thin strip of LEDs wrapped her naked body in green fluorescence, giving her an other-worldly neon glow. She was different from the others, tall and filled with sinewy pockets of muscle that flexed to their full glory. She wrapped the LEDs around her abdomen, highlighting her toned six-pack.

Then, she slowly moved the strip down her body, briefly stopping at her spectacular thighs and then going back up. Jared drooled when they stopped around her humble breasts. She danced in all the right ways, making all the right moves, driving him wild. With her legs wrapped around the pole, she let her arms go and held her body straight as an arrow, balancing it in the shape of a cross.

Jared stared as her legs flexed to support her weight and her back stretched to hold her straight. Her glossy raven-colored hair dangled below her, and she turned her head around to give him a lustful stare with those soft, green eyes and smiled. She knew she had him.

Making up his mind, Jared walked in through the door.

"Welcome to Wonderland..." said the receptionist with a smile. "Where we make all your fantasies come true..."

She leaned over the desk and gave him a sultry grin.

"What do you wish for?"

In the moment of truth, Jared froze. He could feel his body violently trembling, and all he could do was stare. Stare at the beautiful young woman in front of him.

"I think I know what he wants," A soft voice echoed from one of the booths. It was the woman from the window.

"The code of conduct clearly dictates a customer has a right to choose Amber..."
"Well...EXCUSE me for trying to speed things up," she replied.

"She's right," Jared finally managed to stammer out.

Amber gave him a little wink, and he gulped. The receptionist sighed but accepted defeat.

After the formalities, Amber led Jared into a large padded room with a square-shaped purple mat in the center. The lighting was moody and dark. Jared felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter, tagging along behind Amber as she walked him to the mat. He stared at her incredibly defined delts and traps, then his eyes wandered to her sculpted rhomboids. He took in the sight of her shaped lats before finally settling on her firm glutes.

She made him stand face-to-face on the mat, pressing her body against his. She had a devious smile when Jared's cheeks flushed red.

"Aren't you the shy one?"

Her hands softly stroked his stiff erection over his pants. The gentle persuasion had the desired effect. Jared could feel his breath get shorter and sharper.

Amber placed an ear on his chest and heard his heart race faster. She could feel his bulge go harder in her hand. With a gentle bite of her lip, she stepped away and flexed her biceps.

"Go on, touch them!"

Jared took his time gathering courage, drooling at the sight of her muscles. His fingers trembled, gently gliding over the peaks and valleys of her arm. His lips gently pecked Amber's biceps.

He nearly shrieked in shock when Amber tore off his pants in one swift pull. Then his briefs were next. Now free, his erection sprung into view. She split the head between two fingers, gently teasing the top and making him moan.

Amber grabbed his jet-black hair and pulled his head closer. The sensual, wet kiss felt like a fever dream.

"Do you want me?" She whispered in his ear.

Jared's eyes were wide open, eagerly staring at the woman before him. He nodded and let out a meek "yes." He heard Amber giggle.

"Now, think really hard before you answer the next one. You can do that, can't you?"

Amber leaned closer to his ear.

"How bad do you want me?"

"S-so s-so b-bad!" He stammered.

He lied. He didn't think heck Jared barely registered the question. He just nodded, entranced. Amber smiled as his erection sprang to full attention in her hand. She leaned closer again.

"Then I'll give myself to you," Her lips danced around his, achingly close but so far.

"But I'll make you work for it!"

Jared let out a high-pitched wail of despair. Amber's teeth dug into his lower lip, drawing blood. His lip stretched as he tried to pull away, and his arms flailed on her body, but she wouldn't let go.

Annoyed by his screaming and wailing, Amber squished his balls with a hard knee strike, sending him down to the floor, cradled like a baby.

"Mmmmm...you taste good".

Amber circled her prey, licking his blood off her finger. Jared tried to crawl away as she walked closer, but Amber grabbed his leg and reeled him back in.

"P-please N-no..." He pleaded. Amber smiled and sat down next to him.

"Oh! come on..."

She grabbed an arm and locked her thighs around it, stretching it straight and threatening to pull it out of his socket with a dangerous arm bar.

"It isn't fun until someone bleeds, is it?"

Jared screamed as she poured more pressure, making it really hurt.

"Or breaks...Either way..."

She smiled as he screamed again.

"You'll live!"

The base of her heel collided with his chest, making Jared cough in pain. He flipped around as fast as he could, getting to his knees and trying to make a break for it. Amber halted his progress with a kick to his chest.

"I'm confused..."

Jared crawled away in fear as she drew close.

"Do you or do you not want to fuck me?"

"P-please j-just l-let m-me g-go!" Jared stammered in terror.

"I can't do that! The code of conduct clearly states that we are to provide an experience to the customer..."

Amber grabbed his hair and brought him to his knees.

"An experience that you won't forget!"

Her knee collided with his nose, squishing his skin back into the bone. He screamed as he clutched his nose, collecting the blood on his palm. Tears rolled down his eyes.


His question was met with a firm slap on his cheek.

It numbed his brain and an eerie buzz ping-ponged in his ears. Amber's palm became a permanent fixture on his skin. Shocked, Jared looked up at her.

"Because you paid for it, and I'm going to earn every cent..."

Amber bent down and ran a finger across his cheek, seductively biting her lip and staring him in the eye. She relished the look of fear.

"So you better start racking your cute little brain and think of something to do..."

She gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Otherwise, I will get bored! You won't like me when I am bored,"

Her words sent a chill down Jared's spine. To his shock, she pulled away, walking back to the center of the mat.


Jared immediately sprang up to his feet like it was a natural reaction. Like his mind and body were now under her control. He looked towards the exit, only to be shut down.

"Don't EVEN think about running. I'll break your goddamn legs if I have to! Now come here!"

Jared felt cold. It was like his life was flashing before his eyes. He saw glimpses of his past, events that had led to him becoming what he is today. A weeping, stammering mess.

He was the man that wouldn't leave his home. The one that sat in a corner alone because he was too scared to talk to anyone. He thought about getting bullied due to his stammering. He thought about crying.

Amber gave him a deathly stare and put her fists up, taking a loose stance as she bobbed up and down on her feet. Jared didn't know what to do. He wasn't a fighter. He just came here for some pussy. Why did it have to be so hard?

He saw Amber move and froze. The tall amazon goddess made a beeline toward him. Her feet moved like lighting, swiftly closing the gap. He gulped.

Jared knew he couldn't afford to think right now. He stepped forward and threw his arm out, hoping to strike something. To his surprise, a loud slap echoed through the room, and he slowly pried his eyes open.

He saw Amber standing there, nursing her cheek and mouth open wide. There was genuine shock in her green eyes.

"Why, you little..."

Once again, his limbs responded before the brain even sent the signal. His leg shot straight in front of him, thudding into Amber's pussy.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" She screamed and fell to her knees, cradling her aching crotch. Now was Jared's chance. He ran for it. He made it huffing and puffing to the exit and pulled at the door handle. Then his heart sank. It was locked.

"You are dead now, you little maggot!"


Amber ran towards him like a raging bull, and Jared found himself cornered at the door. He saw steam coming out of her nose as she ran. This psychotic bitch was going to kill him.

There was nowhere to run, and he had no other choice. He would have to fight somehow. Jared considered his options. He had zero experience with any form of defensive arts. His eyes scanned the room for something to use, but there wasn't anything close to him.

Amber was almost upon him. He racked his brain and decided to stay put. Jared waited till the last possible moment before jumping out of the way. As he rolled, he heard Amber thud into the door and smiled.

Without wasting any time, he jumped on top of Amber, raining ungraceful strikes that looked like they could barely hurt a fly. It only seemed to piss her off.

Jared felt a shockwave through his skull when Amber's fist landed on his cheek. His mouth puffed out air and blood. Jared collapsed to the floor, twitching and convulsing.

Amber got up slowly, clearing her head. She grimaced as she felt her jaw. Slowly, that cocky smile was smeared on her face again. She took her time circling around his trembling body.

His blank eyes stared somewhere at the wall. Blood ran down his nose and mouth, pooling into a puddle on the floor.

"You have some spunk. I'll give you that!"

Her voice seemed to be coming from far away.

"But you fucked up! You want to know how?"

Amber dragged Jared to his feet and then sent him running into a wall. The impact shook a tooth loose and collided with the floor like a wet sack.

"I don't get your kind,"

Amber placed a foot on Jared's throat, making him gag. Spit flowed down the side of his lips.

"An inch away from death, and you will still hold back?"

She stomped him hard in the chest, making Jared sit up for a moment before collapsing. He coughed out some blood.

"Why? Why do you hold back? Is it because I am a woman?"

Amber spread his legs and stomped him in the groin. Jared rolled around in agony.

"Well, guess what?"

She jumped on his chest and wrapped her hands around his throat.

"This woman is about to take your life! So you better think fast!"

Jared felt the blood rush to his head. His eyes bulged and watered. He could feel his lungs start to shut down and the air trickling down to a crawl.

Jared couldn't believe his luck. Of all the ways to die, he would go out like this. In a no-name town and at the hands of a whore. Since he paid for it, it technically made it suicide.

Then he thought about it. Was it suicide? He didn't think it through before, but he had been unusually isolated than before, even by his introverted standards.

His life was shit. His job was hell. His ex-wife was bleeding him dry, and he knew no one that would come looking for him. He would die alone and miserable, having achieved nothing in life and with no one to call his own.

For a moment, he thought about letting go. He loosened his grip on Amber's shoulder and let his hands slowly float down. He prepared for his demise, but that's when it struck him. This wasn't his life. He didn't roam the nights looking for prostitutes. He was the guy who slept in and never went anywhere.

The thought of his warm, cozy bed and game console reminded him how much he would miss playing the damn thing. He had something to live for. He had release dates for games marked on a calendar that he would miss out on, and he wasn't going to let some random bitch take that away from him.

Jared gathered his strength and thought hard. There was no way he would pry her arms loose, and there was no way that rage in Amber's eyes would subside. He was out of time, and with nothing else he could think of, he gulped and took his shot.


Amber wailed in agony as Jared's hands grabbed her small tits and squeezed. He stretched her skin when he pulled on her nipples, sending a shockwave of pain shooting through her body. She let go of his throat and pulled herself free, rolling around on the floor and cradling her aching tits.

Jared slowly sat up. He took deep breaths, grateful for feeling air again.

He got up wobbly on his feet and looked at the exit. His eyes took time to focus, but then he heard Amber's laughter.


Jared couldn't decide if he was hearing things. It sounded like a witch howling.

"That's it! That's what I want! Show me what you have!"

What the actual fuck? What was she talking about?

"Fill yourself with rage and come at me!"

Amber lunged at him. Jared caught her with a kick flush on her jaw. She fell to her knees, stunned at his strike. She rubbed her jaw as she got up, impressed at his strike.

"Oh yes! Now we are ready to fight!"

She put her fists up by her face, bending one leg and raising it halfway in the air. Amber moved swiftly and aimed a kick at his chest, trying to push him into the padded wall. Jared did not freeze this time.

He caught her leg and kneed Amber hard in the pussy, laughing as she hobbled on one leg while clutching her crown. A hard slap flung her face to one side throwing her hair up. Spit flew out of her mouth.


Jared put everything he had into the punch that collided with her stomach. He let her leg go and pushed her onto the floor.


He spread her legs and stomped her hard in the crotch.


A stomp to her stomach forcefully emptied her lungs and her cheeks puffed as they blew out air.


Jared emulated his favorite wrestler and jumped up in the air to bring his elbow down into her pussy. Amber rolled on the floor in agony.

Jared felt tired. He wasn't used to this much action. His limbs ached, begging for relief, but he knew he couldn't let his guard down, not again. He hated that his only option was to play dirty, but he had no other choice. It was either that or die.

"V-very g-good!" stammered Amber.

Seriously, what the fuck was up with this woman?

"Looks like I was wrong..."

Amber got to her feet, still cradling the ache between her legs.

"You are the one who's going to give me the experience to remember, aren't you?"

The soft bite of her lips and her seductive moan drove him wild. Jared walked up to her, grabbed her by the chin, and pulled her close. He kissed her with all he had, digging his tongue deep into her mouth.

His hands softly cradled her throat, and Amber moaned in his ear. There was an even louder moan when Jared pinned her to the wall.

He raised Amber's arms above her head, holding her wrists tight and watching her moan in ecstasy. Jared ran a finger down her chest, slowly navigating her toned stomach before reaching between her legs.

Jared grew hard as Amber's eyes rolled to the back of her head. He squeezed as hard as he could, and she moaned her affirmation. He began slapping her pussy, with short bursts of open-handed strikes that drove Amber wild.

She smiled as Jared's hand formed a fist and braced for impact.


Jared worked over her tits with hard strikes. He realized he wasn't powerful, but there was no need to be. Amber could take it. Amber could take all of it.


Hard fists forced Amber's stomach to cave in. Jared did not hold back anymore. Turned on, Amber danced to his tunes, singing his symphony with everything she had.

He didn't stop. Jared kept punching and punching, giving her back all of the pain and all of the misery. He pounded her stomach till she could take no more, and Amber fell to her knees.

"M-mercy! P-please no more!" Amber stammered and pleaded.

She hugged his leg like a tree, placing her cheek on his hairy skin. Amber moaned as she began jerking him off. Jared grabbed her hair and shoved his cock deep into her throat.

She gagged as he dragged her back to the mat and flung her on it. Jared fucked her hard, giving her a deep pounding that had her squirming. Then, he flipped her around and sat on her stomach.

He shoved his erection between her small tits and began choking her. Amber found herself aching for breath. The way Jared controlled her breathing by momentarily letting off the pressure turned her on beyond belief.

When he was ready to cum, Jared locked his thighs around her head. He pushed his cock, deep down her throat and grabbed her hair to hold her in place.

Shocked at the amount of ejaculate flooding her throat, Amber struggled to keep it all down. She teared up and gagged, nearly throwing up but somehow keeping it down. As his erection throbbed for one final time, Jared collapsed. He was beyond exhausted.

Jared looked around to see Amber licking the last drop of cum with a smile. She gently snuggled up to him, and for a moment, they just lay in each other's arms, staring at the ceiling.
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Default Re: Night Queen

I love it, thanks by it storie,please can put photos of the fighters ?
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Default Re: Night Queen

Sadly this was written without any particular model in mind, just some vague idea of what I wanted the characters to look like.
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brutal, brutal mixed fight, femdom, maledom, mixed fight

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