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Default The burglar. (Home alone style story with a girl)

Just for some visual aid. The character of Oliver is inspired off:

And Arabella is based off this girl, with this particular video inspiring the song and dance part.

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Arabella had heard from her friend Jessica that Jesse's older brother Oliver had intentions of breaking in to her house and stealing her parents money, which he knew there was a stash of in the drawer in an upstairs bedroom. Arabella wanted to protect her house and prove she could protect it. She had always been afraid of burglars, and she knew if she faced her fear it would be good for her. Because of this, she declined Jessica's help. Jessica could have easily shown up and fought Oliver, but Arabella knew that Jessica wouldn't always be around to protect her. She her to defend her house by herself and for herself!

As the time approached Arabella was nervous, but determined to go through with this defense. She had rigged the house with a few booby traps and had an overall plan to punish Oliver, but not through combat. She was only 8 and didn't have the fighting experience or gumption Jessica had. As the sounds of locks being cut was heard at the front door, Arabella braced herself. Then the door opened and Oliver walked in. he jumped as he saw Arabella in the living room.

"Woah! What the hell are you doing here?"

Oliver asked, bemused. Arabella just scowled at him as Oliver breathed deeply to try and control his beating heart and make up a story.

"I've just come by to…… rem…."

"Steal from the house!"

Arabella said, putting Oliver out of his making up story misery. Oliver unconvincingly tried to act shocked by the accusation and deny it.

"What? No no no, of course not. Your parents asked me to stop by and…."

Oliver couldn't make up a reason on the spot he could present for being present at the house. Arabella was the one to break the silence before something came to his mind.

"I know about your plans to steal the money. And I'm not going to let you!"

Oliver dropped his act. There was no recovery, she clearly had found out his plan. He quickly mustered up the confidence, eager to take control of the situation. He smirked.

"OK little girl, listen. Just tell me where the money is and stay quiet and you'll be just fine."

Arabella stood defiantly and then went over to the stereo. Oliver spoke more harshly and impatiently now.

"Hay! Seriously, don't mess with me now. I'll hurt you if I have to?"

Arabella simply looked innocent and then asked

"Wanna dance?"

Oliver looked unnerved as she switched the device on and 'FLO Rida' by Low started playing. As the song got going, Arabella started to dance rather fast and fiercely. Oliver wanted to grab Arabella and restrain her, but couldn't see how that was possible when she was dancing at this pace. He picked a second to make an attempt, but Arabella bounced in to him with a belly bash of sorts. Oliver grunted and tried again, but received another belly bash.

The third attempt Oliver did manage to grab Arabella around the waist, but Arabella swung her hips around to loosen the grip and then once again jumped forwards, bashing in to Oliver and knocking him back. Oliver almost fell, but maintained his balance and then set his eyes on the little brat. Arabella retreated, running around the kitchen and back through another set of doors in to the lounge. Oliver followed but was out paced and once he was back in the living room, he had lost sight of Arabella. Oliver looked around trying to spot where she had gone.

"Hey buttheard!"

Oliver turned to the direction of the little girl's voice only to see her standing on the ledge of the sofa which she proceeded to jump off. Arabella landed right on Oliver, knocking him down to the ground. As Oliver fell, Arabella's slightly chubby stomach bounced down on his chest.


Arabella mounted the burglar. Had she managed to get him? No, Oliver regained his senses and turned to his side, pushing the little girl off him. As Arabella tried to scarper, Oliver grabbed hold of her ankle. Arabella kicked him in the face with her free foot, and with a shout, Oliver let her go. Arabella got to her feet and retreated as her heart beat. She could have very well been caught there and been at the mercy of this intruder. But she had fortunately escaped, and now made her way to the kitchen.

Arabella grabbed a pair of scissors and held them out to a piece of string. She listened carefully, waiting for Oliver to walk in. Where was he? Finally she heard him calling.

"Ow, you little brat! You'll pay for that!"

Oliver said rubbing his cheek which had been kicked, and then he made his way to the entrance of the kitchen. Arabella kept her eye on the door with bated breath and as soon as Oliver's foot appeared she cut the string. A saucepan tied to the ceiling by its handle swung down and right as Oliver walked in to the kitchen it bashed him right in the face with a loud clang. Oliver fell down and now Arabella stood by his feet. In order to set up the next trap she needed to walk past him. She feared he would grab her ankle again.

Arabella took the chance and ran across Oliver, stomping in to his chest in the process, but going as fast as she could. Oliver shouted out in pain, but to her relief, Arabella had cleared past him OK and was now at the foot of the staircase. Arabella walked up the stairs and then when she got to the hollowed out stairs, she got on to the bannister and pulled herself up. Yes, this was the next trap, and she had to go up the hard way on the bannister so as not to fall through the hollowed out stairs that lay in preparation.

Arabella made it to the top of the staircase and dismounted from the bannister. She hurriedly stood straight, not wanting Oliver to see what she had done to avoid those hollow stairs.

Oliver got to his feet and felt his head. "UURGH!" he moaned. He angrily marched over to the foot of the stairs and saw Arabella, clenching his teeth at the sight of the little brat!

"You are dead meat!"

He said. Arabella stood on the landing smiling at him as Oliver started to walk up the stairs. Suddenly, even through his fury, Oliver sensed this wasn't right. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and started to stick his foot out and prod each stair as he stepped upwards. Arabella froze in fear. Then her worse fear came true when Oliver tapped his foot on a stair which put a hole through it. Oliver hastily stepped back, careful not to fall forwards. After regaining his balance he smiled ear to ear.

"Ha ha! Nice try little girl. Maybe you thought I would go through that huh? Well, I'm too smart to fall for another one of your stupid little girl traps! And your going to suffer for this!"

Arabella was frozen with fear. But she was determined to face that fear! Its what she had set out to do from the start. In a heart beat, Arabella swung on to the bannister and slid down, going past Oliver on the way before jumping off on a few steps before where Oliver was. Arabella charged up the steps and then shoved a bemused Oliver. Oliver gasped as he fell back on to the hollow stairs and heard them cave in. Arabella got to see the look of horror on his face before Oliver disappeared to the sounds of wood caving and breaking inwards.


Oliver's scream echoed as he descended in to the basement. His scream ended with the sounds of him crashing down amongst all the wood from the hollowed out stairs. Arabella once again breathed a sigh of relief. That daring maneuver had paid off.

*continued in part 2*
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