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Default Beach Trip: Not as Planned

(This is a mixed wrestling commission that I did recently. If you're interested in commissions, just message me. Also, I started a patreon where I'll be posting stories every week: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register])


Max had learned that you had to be careful when flirting with your co-workers who was also your friends with benefits. You had to be careful when both of you were at work, anyway. Everyone in the office didn’t need know that he and Micaela were friends with benefits. So even though Max could have just walked over to her desk, he sent her a text instead:

This weekend. My family’s beach house. Just you and me.

He didn’t even phrase it as question since he already knew what the answer was going to be. He got a reply from Micaela pretty much right away.

Good timing. I just got some new bikinis. Btw is this skirt too short in your professional opinion?

The next text he got was a picture of her legs under her desk. She’d clearly pulled her already short skirt up even higher, showing off her thick, strong, muscular thighs.

If anything it’s not short enough he replied.

I’ll keep that in mind for this weekend she texted back.


Max and Micaela had a two hour drive together to the beach house. Micaela had chosen her outfit specifically as a way to tease Max because she knew they’d get to the house late and start going at it immediately. So in order to give him a fun preview and view for the whole drive, she’d worn a crop top and short shorts. Max just had to reach over and feel her thighs a few times while he was driving. He couldn’t resist. He couldn’t resist anything about Micaela, in fact, and that’s why they’d been in a physically intense friends with benefits sort of thing for the past couple weeks. It was the sort of relationship that made him definitely not regret getting that divorce.

Micaela was 32, 5’6, and 145 pounds. Her whole tan, olive body was fit and toned. There was a reason Max couldn’t keep his hands off, even at work some times when he really should have been able to keep his hands off. Her legs especially were very eye-catching for Max and every other male in the office. Even some of the women couldn’t resist a peak, depending on the length of the skirt. Her tan legs were just so thick, and every step she took you could see her quads flex a little and pump perfectly. Her hair was black, curly, and hard to manage, which fit very well with her personality.

Max was 31, and at 5’9 he wasn’t super tall but he was tall enough to look down at Micaela, which was all that really mattered. He was 200 lbs and it was pretty much all muscle – something he was very proud of. Some shirtless pics on Instagram was really all it had taken to convince Micaela that she should look into this guy who kept hitting on her at work. The only person who was more proud of his physique than he was, was Micaela. He had light brown skin, short and mess black hair, and a stubble beard that was half-fashion half-not wanting to shave.

During their drive, Micaela had mentioned that he was in for something special that night. He really didn’t know what that could be, since in terms of what they got up to in bed he felt like they’d kind of tried just about everything at least once. But Micaela was always full of surprises. She was very high energy and he never knew quite what to expect. He certainly didn’t know what to expect from that tight, athletic body this time. And all he could do while he was stuck driving was occasionally reach over and grab her by the thigh. A few times she reached back just so she could feel how hard he was while driving. She’d tease him about how he should really be paying attention to the road. Easier said than done when you were sitting right next to a pair of muscular, tan thighs that looked like that.


When they finally arrived at the very scenic beach house, they did in fact start going at it pretty much as soon as they walked in the door. They didn’t even get unpacked or anything. Micaela just jumped him and started to make out with him.

“That was a long drive, huh?” she asked breathily in a brief moment where her lips weren’t on his.

“Yeah,” he said, “But I think it was worth it…”

“Yeah, this place is great,” she said, “I love the view…”

The view was not the ocean, since she was actually facing a wall with a picture of a boat on it. The view was the one she was getting while she unbuttoned Max’s shirt. She was really good at unbuttoning shirts fast. Her fingers were like flying. She put one hand around the back of his head so she could pull him in and slightly down for the kiss, while her other hand felt his muscular torso. It had become obvious quickly that his muscles were a major benefit for her in their ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. She ran her hand all over his big, muscular chest, all over his abs, feeling the lines and the grooves… then slid her hand down further and felt the bulge in his pants.

“Even bigger than it was in the car,” she said, “Why are you so horny you weirdo?”

“Gee, I wonder why…” he said as he reached around her and grabbed two big handfuls of her fat yet also so muscular and firm ass.

He pulled her crop top up and over her head and tossed it onto the couch. While Micaela continued to lock lips with him, she put her arms around his neck and jumped up onto him. She put her legs around his waist, hugging him and holding herself up off the floor. He helped carry her by grabbing onto her ass in those tiny shorts that showed off just about every inch of those thighs. He felt her thighs squeezing his waist. She’d done this before. She liked to squeeze him real right when he carried her around like this. He was always a little impressed with just how strong her legs actually were. Seeing the muscle was one thing, but actually feeling it in action was another.

He carried her into the nearest bedroom and set her down on the bed. He stayed on top of her, kissing her lips, then down her face to her neck…

Micaela rolled both of them over so that she was on top now. He was always a little surprised at how easily she was able to do things like that when they were in bed even though he was actually pretty heavy, and very much bigger than she was. But when it came to rolling, Micaela definitely knew what she was doing. She was in fact a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt who had won multiple tournaments.

He let her unbutton, unzip, and pull down his pants while she also went back to making out with him. She was a good multitasker. But when he reached down her body so that he could pull down her shorts, her panties, take his own manhood out… he got hit with the ‘surprise’ that she’d promised him in the car.

Micaela very quickly and suddenly entwined her legs around his, locking him into a grapevine with her thick, muscular thighs. She thrust her hips down into him and spread her legs out hard. He felt his hard bulge pushing up into her, which felt like the ultimate tease in that moment when he was just so ready to go and basically bursting out of his briefs…

“Surprise,” she whispered into his ear as she spread her legs as far as they’d go, taking him with her in a brutal stretch.

He groaned in pain. “T-This is the surprise…?”

“Yeah,” she said with a cruel smile he hadn’t seen before, “Aren’t you surprised?”

“Y-Yeah, I’m pretty surprised…”

“I thought so.”

Max was actually shocked at her skill and her strength. He might not be a BJJ expert like she was, but he’d done plenty of wrestling and boxing at the gym… but he couldn’t get out even though now the pain between his legs was motivating him to really try. He realized he’d never totally gotten how strong her legs were before. But now that she was stretching him out like this… he got the picture. Her legs were strong. Probably stronger than his, despite their size and weight difference. Underneath that smooth, soft tan skin was some very serious muscle that was currently working on forcing him to do the splits in bed.

“O-Okay…” he said, in pain and also confused and kind of annoyed at the fact that he couldn’t break free, “O-Okay, I get it, good surprise…”

Her smile got bigger and her curly hair was draping down into his face. “What, you can’t get out big guy?”

“N-No… Micaela, seriously…”

She grinded her body down against his, against the hard bulge that was pushing into her. “No? Then what do we do when we give up? Come on, you wrestle. You know what to do.”

He did know. He could tell what she wanted from him. He tapped out on her muscular thigh. This was really not how he’d been expecting this to go tonight. Had she really just been able to take him down like that? He genuinely had not been able to get out. She’d submitted him. He told himself that she’d just taken him by surprise, which totally didn’t count…

She kept on stretching him out in that brutal submission hold for a couple seconds even after he’d tapped, then she mercifully stopped. She let her big thigh rest right between his legs, right on his bulge. Then she resumed making out with him, and her hands slid down his body to the waistband of his briefs. He reached up and started to pull down her shorts.


Max woke up that morning to Micaela sitting on his abs, kissing his chest. She was wearing a big t-shirt and panties – her usual pajamas that often led to second rounds. It looked like she was the one starting the second round this morning. It took him a moment to wake up, but she really helped him with that. His dick was already very much awake. He put his hands on her hips.

“Good morning,” she said, “I need more.”

“I can see that.”


This time, Max was ready, even though he’d just woken up. He just knew she was going to try it again. He felt her going for that same grapevine hold that had nearly split him in half last night. He didn’t let her do it this time. He blocked it, beating her to the punch and making sure that his legs were actually inside of hers. He could have gone for a grapevine of his own, but he just held his position and made sure she couldn’t try anything.

She gave him a knowing smile. “Aw, come on…”

“You didn’t think I was going to let you do that again, did you?”

“I kind of did…”

She kissed him on the lips, then the neck, then the chest. She worked her way down his muscular body lower and lower, down the abs, down to the “benefits” part of the friends with benefits coworker relationship…


They made breakfast. Or rather, Max went and bought the ingredients for breakfast and then Micaela, who could actually cook, made breakfast. They decided to go workout at a dusty, old, partially open air gym by the beach. They were just the sort of couple (if they could really be called a ‘couple’) who would work out even on vacation.

Micaela wore a revealing, skimpy yellow bikini. Max thought that it was the sort of thing he could have stared at for the rest of the day. He could have just sat on the couch, had her stand in front of him, and watched it like TV. It went perfectly with her gorgeous tan skin and showed off everything. Her firm cleavage. Her toned midriff. Her defined upper body. And of course, most importantly, those thick thighs that he now knew were even stronger than they looked. I was also extra extra cheeky in the back so that from behind you got a very good idea of just how perfectly sculpted and juicy her ass really was. Max wore a light blue speedo. Not a lot of guys wore speedos at this beach, but he knew Micaela would love it because she just loved all that muscle so much. Why not give her a view the whole time she was at the gym with him? She was certainly giving him one. If they hadn’t just had sex before breakfast, they probably wouldn’t have even made it to the gym. Micaela also informed him that on top of showing off his muscular body, she also liked how the tight speedo made his bulge look – and she gave it a quick squeeze before they headed out to the gym.

There was hardly anyone else at the old beach gym. Micaela informed him that today was in fact going to be leg day.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t need another leg day,” said Max, “I think every day is leg day for you.”

Micaela sat down on the leg raise machine and started to easily bang out some reps, her quads flexing and pumping. “Yeah? Maybe it is. What, you don’t like my thighs? Was that grapevine last night too much for you?”

Max rolled his eyes. “A grapevine… come on, that’s like not even a real hold…”

“It seemed to work pretty well for something that’s not even a real hold.”

Max found that it was difficult to look away from her tan legs as they worked on the weights. “Sure, but I mean… it wasn’t like a real match. We were making out at the time, if you recall.”

“Hmm, I guess that is true…” Micaela casually reached down and set the weight on the machine to max. She then proceeded to continue doing leg raises. She was doing them nearly as easily as she’d been before with half the weight. “…but I think I’d beat you in a real match too. One where we’re not making out.”

Max was quite impressed with the lifting he was watching. The sight of those quads pumping, flexing, the weight going up and down like that… and she still wasn’t showing signs of slowing down. It was a little bit intimidating… but there was no way he was going to let her get away with this.

“I doubt it,” he said, a little bit of his competitive side coming out.

“Only one way to find out,” she said, “We’ll just have to have a real match. Submission wrestling. No making out allowed.”

“I like that idea,” he said. And he meant it. He was really starting to like the idea putting this cocky girl in her place. She really had gotten one hold on him and now she thought she would really beat him. No way. It was going to be fun pinning her down and making her realize just how wrong she was… while getting to feel more of her gorgeous tan body at the same time. He really liked where this vacation was going so far…

She let the weight down and put one foot up on the machine, spreading her legs. “Let’s go back to the house and do it then.”

“What, right now? We just got here.”

“Losing to me will be enough of a workout for one day. Trust me.”

He looked at those smooth, muscular thighs. Could she have kept going on this machine? How strong were those things really? He was about to find out.


They decided on wrestling in the backyard of the house, which looked right out at the ocean. It was very scenic, although Max was still finding it difficult to look away from his coworker in that yellow bikini. She really just looked way too hot.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Ready to make you realize how wrong you are? Yes,” he said.

The two friend with benefits grabbed hold of each other’s bodies and went down to the short grass. Micaela quickly realized that Max wasn’t taking this all that seriously. They’d said ‘no making out’ when they were at the gym, but Max was taking every opportunity he had to kiss her wherever possible. She felt his lips on her face, her back, her arm, her thigh… he wasn’t even really trying to get her into a hold. He was more focused on grabbing her breasts, giving her gentle squeezes, groping as much of her ass as he could and feeling that perfect mix of fat and muscle and firmness…

“Are you taking this seriously?!” asked Micaela, sounding genuinely annoyed with him.

“Of course I am…” said Max as he kissed the arm she was trying to get around his neck.

The truth was that Max was way too horny and distracted by her tan body to actually try and wrestle her for real.

“Be…”Micaela suddenly punched him right in the abs, knocking the wind out of him, “…more…” another gut punch, “…serious!”

Max really hadn’t seen that coming. “Ooof!”

Micaela didn’t let up either. She fired off jab after jab right into his six pack. The very surprised Max wasn’t ready to defend himself. And he really wasn’t ready for what she did to him next. She grabbed him from behind and threw herself backwards hard, suplexing him and driving him straight down into the ground. His head, neck, shoulders, and back were slammed hard into the ground. He was taken totally by surprise. He’d been trying to kiss her boobs next. That had been his main concern. And now he was getting suplexed out of nowhere. Max was suddenly worried that she could legitimately beat him if he didn’t try.

He rubbed the back of his head. “You’re not messing around…”

She put her hands on her hips. “And you’d better stop messing around too.”

“You’re right. I think it’s time for me to actually win…”

Micaela smiled when she saw the actual determination he had now. “Good luck with that, babe.”

They grabbed each other again. But even though Max was being totally serious now and playing to win, he found himself losing. He found himself face down in the grass with Micaela sitting on his back.

“Maybe it doesn’t make a difference if you try or not,” she said, “Maybe I’m just that much better than you.”

She grabbed both of his arms, pulled them back behind her legs, and grabbed his chin with both hands so that she could start the camel clutch. It wasn’t long before he was groaning with pain at how far she’d bent his back. She was pushing against the ground with her feet, using her powerful legs as the engine to break him with.

Max really wished that the two gorgeous girls in bikinis hadn’t chosen that moment to walk past them on the beach. They were giggling, clearly curious, and so they walked right over to where they were wrestling in the grass.

“Uh, are you guys wrestling?” one of them asked, giggling.

“Yes, we are,” said Micaela proudly, “And I’m winning.”

“F-For now, she’s winning,” said Max in a weak attempt to defend himself and his male ego.

The bikini girls asked if they could watch. Micaela, without asking for Max’s opinion on the matter, said that yes they could watch all they wanted to. So now Max had a little audience that could watch him lose.

And that just made him all the more motivated to not lose. He had to get out of this hold and out from underneath Micaela, otherwise it seriously felt like she was going to break his back. He felt like he really shouldn’t have been able to bend this far back. With a groan of pain / effort he managed to free his arms from where they’d been stuck behind her legs. From there he was able to break free and they grappled each other again.

“Nice try,” he said.

“I know,” she said back, “How’s your back feel?”

He was on top now. “Remember this one? Let me show you how it’s really done…”

And then it was his turn to put her into a grapevine. He was the one stretching her legs. Only the hold didn’t quite work as well for him. Her thighs were thicker, stronger… he could pin her down and force her to spread those legs for him but he didn’t exactly get too much further than that.

“You’re just being horny again,” she said, looking up into his face with a smile, “This won’t work on me.”

Her point was strengthened by the fact that he was getting pretty hard. She could feel his package pressing down into her, right between her legs. He was enjoying the match, enjoying his time on top. That was obvious.

More people were drifting over to watch their match. People who had just been walking down the beach. Men and women. Max noticed, and was all the more glad that he was at least on top now. He couldn’t let those bikini girls see him lose like earlier… him and Micaela weren’t exclusive, and so whenever he saw girls with bodies like that, naturally his imagination got going about how he’d be approaching them afterwards. If he won and beat Micaela, well, he could probably go talk to them afterwards. If they watched him lose to a girl, well, then that probably wasn’t happening. The little crowd that had gathered seemed very curious about these two hot people who were trying to take control of each other’s bodies a few feet away from them.

“You don’t seriously think this is going to work, do you?” asked Micaela, “Here. Let me show you something.”

Micaela quickly turned the tables on him by wrapping her arm around his neck and pulling his head down into her armpit.

The little crowd loved this reversal, this turn of events. A few of the ladies cheered for Micaela as she clearly began to get the upper hand. Her arm choking Max was doing a lot more than he was doing with his flimsy grapevine that was looking more and more like he just wanted to grind his package down into her.

Luckily for Max he did still have her legs under control, so she couldn’t reach up with them and really get a hold of him with all four of her limbs. But he was seriously being choked hard now. He knew he wouldn’t last in this position. He couldn’t let her just submit him like this in front of… like a dozen people now? Where had they come from? He abandoned his hold and grabbed at her arm. He broke free. They were both free.

“Aw,” said one of the bikini girls, “I thought she was gonna choke him out like that.”

“What? Look at him,” said a young guy, “Dude is like jacked. He’s just going easy on her. He’s going to win.”

Max wished that were true. But he was actually trying, and he was going even with her. What was worse was that he could tell she had more stamina then he did. She had better cardio. She was way less tired. He was running out of gas. He knew he had to end this fast before she wore him down. They were both on their feet. He just wrapped his arms around her and hugged her in as hard as possible for the bear hug that he hoped would make her back feel just like his had in that camel clutch. Her arms were pinned to her sides.

Max used some of his last strength to even lift her up off the ground for a moment. He could hear her let out a little ‘ooof’ sound when he did that, really trying to hug her as hard as he could and make sure he was pushing all the air out of her. He was enjoying the feeling of her breasts being smooshed right up against his chest… although he was really more focused on making sure he didn’t lose to her, and lose in front of a dozen people. He was getting so competitive that he wasn’t even as distracted by her body anymore. But he also knew this was kind of his last chance to win this.

“Come on,” he said, “Submit. I know you want to.”

“I-I definitely don’t want to,” she shot back.

“You sure about that?”

She squirmed in his arms but it didn’t seem like there was much she could do all wrapped up like this and hugged tightly into his muscular torso. Max had done a lot to quiet down the people in the crowd who had really been cheering hard for Micaela. She was struggling but getting nowhere, just grinding against him. He started to think he was actually going to win. He knew he’d always been stronger than her… everything else had just been a prologue to him finally being able to overpower her like a man and put her in her place like this.

Until she broke free. Micaela wrapped her calves around his and tripped him. They both went down to the ground again. The crowd loved it. She escaped from the hold. They were grappling again and it was clear that she had the upper hand. Max really was running out of energy. He was realizing that he may be stronger, but she was more skilled and in better shape than he was. Clearly someone didn’t do too much cardio…

It only took a couple of seconds for the skilled, trained, BJJ champ Micaela to put her coworker into a kneebar. She let Max know exactly what she was doing to him while she did it, and while he cried out in pain almost right away in front of the little crowd they’d attracted:

“This is a little bit more sophisticated than a bear hug, Max, so I’ll explain. This is called a kneebar. It doesn’t look like you’ve ever heard of it, since you clearly had no clue how to defend against it. Now that I have your leg between my legs like this, all I have to do is pull like this…”

Micaela had all the leverage she needed to bend Max’s leg at a horrible angle, right at the knee, torturing him. Max groaned in pain and pulled at her thick thighs but could not escape from the brutal hold. He definitely would have tapped out and surrendered to her in front of everyone had she not then just let him go. She was toying with him. She was letting him live a little longer. She was just breaking him down, wearing him down, and continuing to have all the fun she wanted with him. She was having just as much fun out here in the backyard as they’d had in bed earlier that morning. Possibly even more so. She’d had plenty of grappling matches, and had plenty of sex, but somehow this felt like she was able to combine the two a little bit… dominating a sexual partner like this with everyone watching… she was finding the whole thing very exciting, more so than she thought she would. She also genuinely wanted to show Max that she really was the superior wrestler and that everything he’d said at the gym was totally wrong. Max was certainly starting to get the idea on that front.

“Next is the armbar,” she said, “Give me your arm, Max. Max. Give it. There you go. Thank you.”

Despite the fact that she was literally telling him exactly what she was going for, Max found that he couldn’t defend himself against her. He really had not expected this to be how this went…

“And now that I have your arm between my legs like this, all I have to do is lift my hips up a little bit…”

Max cried out in pain again. She was laying on her back with his arm between her legs and his elbow right against her crotch. When she lifted her hips the pressure was intense and it seriously felt like she could have just broken his arm if she wanted to. It hurt right away. She clearly knew exactly what she was doing with his body, just like she did in bed. She gripped his wrist tightly with both hands. His hand was right in her cleavage, but that wasn’t exactly much of a consolation prize in this painful hold. He thought back to how when they had started the match he’d really just been trying to grab her boobs, and now here he was feeling like he was fighting for his life.

“I can lift my hips up a little bit… or a lot a bit.”

She lifted her hips up much higher off the ground this time, taking him by surprise. He cried out again. If she hadn’t put her hips right back down he would have tapped and said whatever she wanted him to say.

The crowd was loving her domination, especially the bikini girls who had shown up first. And Max got to hear all of their comments since they were really only a few feet away:

“This guy is just getting his ass kicked now.”

“I almost feel bad for this dude.”

“She’s good. She must do jiu jutsu. The big guy, on the other hand…”

“I need to do this to my boyfriend.”

Micaela let his arm go and Max thought he was free. His arm was seriously sore now and it felt like she’d nearly broken it. But almost before he could really try to grab hold of her and do something, she had rolled over him and taken control of his other arm. Now his other arm was trapped in an armbar. She repeated the same brutal process, breaking down his other arm. She quickly thrusted her hips up off the grass, punishing his arm and forcibly bending it out of shape.

Now Max felt like she’d nearly broken his leg and both of his arms. So when she let him out of the armbar (even though she could have just held it and submitted him and won quite easily) he really couldn’t defend himself anymore. He felt tired, weakened, and now she was really just dominating him and there was really nothing he could do about it. He tried to get up and do something, anything, but she grabbed his torso with her thighs. She clamped them down hard right around his abs and then she used them to throw him down to the ground. He was thrown flat onto his back. One of her thighs was pressing down on top of him, and the other was pressing up against his back. Right against his spine.

“This is called a bodyscissor,” she said, laying on her side in a way that was casual, almost like she could have been by the beach instead of in a wrestling match, “Your body, my legs are scissors… you get the idea. All I have to do is flex my legs and you’re going to be in for a real experience, Max.”

Just to tease him, she held off on really flexing. She let him struggle, stuck between her thick thighs, unable to escape… and then she actually flexed. He felt all that leg muscle swelling and hardening into him, crushing and compacting him from both sides. The little crowd was basically in awe:

“Look at her thighs!”


“Oh my god, she’s totally crushing him.”

“He’s definitely finished now.”

“Look at how thick they are…”

Micaela found that the appreciative crowd really just made the whole thing hotter. “Come on, Max. All those muscles and you can’t get out? I guess my legs are just too much for you, huh?”

Max couldn’t speak or really breathe anymore. He pushed at her thigh, which did nothing. He tried to grab her arm or something, but she just firmly grabbed his wrist and pushed him away. Then she patted her own thigh.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to handle these.”

Again, if she’d just held on to him for longer, he would have tapped out or possibly passed out. She really was crushing him between her legs. But to his surprise, she let him go. He’d thought he was finished, but apparently she was giving him another chance… just so that she could put him into an other hold and have some more fun with him.

“Aren’t bodyscissors fun, Max? But there’s something that’s a lot more fun. Headscissors.”

Max knew what was coming but couldn’t stop her. She could do whatever she wanted with him. She grabbed his head and pulled him face-first into her crotch. He felt those big, soft, smooth thighs close in around his neck and he really knew he was done for. They felt like they were bigger than his head. They certainly dwarfed his neck. It was so tight already and he could feel that she wasn’t even flexing yet. He was jus wedged so tightly in there with his chin pressing down against her crotch, pulling down that skimpy yellow bikini slightly so that it showed off even more of her tight midsection, which was getting even tighter as her muscles tensed in preparation to give him a powerful squeeze and torture him further.

Max struggled as hard as he could in his broken down and beaten state. He grabbed at those soft bare thighs. But it was too late for him.

“Once I have you in there nice and tight, all I have to do is squeeze. Are you ready, Max? I’ll give you a chance. I’ll give you a couple more seconds to try and get out. Come on. Use those muscles, Max. Let’s see them. No? Okay.”

Max’s muscles were powerless to stop her from flexing those huge quads right into his neck, right into his jaw… it was the most brutal hold he’d been put in so far. He was being strangled so hard in there that all he could do was grab at her thighs in total desperation. It didn’t just feel like he was going to get knocked out. It felt like he was going to have his head crushed between these tan thighs he’d always loved so much.

The crowd loved it:

“Oh my god.”

“I swear, her thighs are so huge.”

“She’s really just beating him with her legs.”

“No way he’s getting out of that.”

“Look at how red his face is. Wait, okay now it’s like purple…”

Micaela very much enjoyed being able to look down her gorgeous body and see Max’s trapped little face with a panicked and genuinely scared expression on his face. That’s what she liked to see. She’d put some real fear and respect for her thighs into him. It would be oh too easy to squeeze him straight to sleep in this position. If he was dumb enough not to tap, that is. But she was having too much fun to give him an easy out like that now.

She pulsed her quads right into his neck a couple times before letting him go. Well, she let him go for a few seconds anyway. He was able to get a couple of nice breaths of air before she quickly swung her body up onto his and scooped his head right up off of the grass with her thighs while she told him exactly what she was doing to him next:

“This is a reverse scissor, Max,” she said, “I think you’re going to like it for obvious reasons.”

Max did get the obvious reasons – it was hard not to get it when it was right in front of his face with that skimpy, cheeky yellow bikini bottom covering up little. It was wedged into her cheeks even tighter than he was. But the view could only do so much to make up for the fact that he was being choked out again and his head was being crushed.

The crowd got to enjoy the view without the part where you get crushed by quads. Even the ladies in the audience were unable to look away from the perfectly juicy muscle butt that was putting the muscular guy in his place.

Micaela swayed her hips back and forth in a taunting sort of way and then bounced her ass right in his face just because she could, just because she wanted to let him know how easy this was for her. “I bet this is your favorite, huh? And it looks like you still can’t get out.”

Max grabbed her ass with both hands, partially out of a desperate need for air and partially because it was just so irresistible and grab-able. He couldn’t always keep his hands off of her at the office, let alone here in that tiny bikini with her legs wrapped around him…

Every guy watching now kind of wished they were in his place so that they could feel that ass too, although they could also see that he was turning purple and his eyes were watering from the sheer pressure on his head.

Micaela grabbed both of his wrists and pulled his hands off of her ass. “I think you’re having too much fun back there, Max. What happened to having a serious match?” she bounced her ass in his face again, and then she actually let him go and stood up, “Get up. Come on, let’s see if you have anything left for me. I’ll give you a chance.”

Max got up to his feet too. He was sore, groggy, out of it… he swung at her, trying to hit her like she’d pummeled him earlier. She dodged easily. She almost didn’t have to dodge. The crowd cheered her on:

“He’s so done.”

“She’s just messing with him now.”

“Finish him off!”

“Yeah, finish him!”

Micaela agreed. It was time to finish him. She quickly and expertly took him right back down to the ground and wrapped him up from behind in a rear naked choke. He was trapped on top of her, looking up at the sky and the crowd of onlookers who were all cheering for the woman who was underneath him strangling him.

“Remember what you were saying earlier?” she whispered right into his ear, “About you winning in a real match? What happened to that, Max? I thought you and your big muscles were going to take me down? Hm?”

Max weakly pulled at her forearm with both of his hands… then tapped out while the crowd cheered on his demise. When Micaela didn’t immediately let him go, he resorted to begging instead of tapping.

“S-Submit…” he coughed and choked, “S-Submit…”

“You submit?”

“Y-Yes…! I-I give…! I-I give…! S-Seriously…!”

Max was too exhausted to fight back anymore. He was totally done and he knew it. He was still surprised that he’d really lost to her like this, lost so easily… but he knew there was no way out of this. She had him totally trapped and he was only able to speak and breathe a little bit because she was mercifully allowing him to. She’d probably only done it so that she could get the satisfaction of hearing him beg, listen to him submit instead of just listening to him grope at her arms and gurgle and choke.

Max felt her letting go of his neck for a moment and was relieved that the match would finally be over and they could go back inside or something… but that moment of freedom didn’t last longer than a quick moment. Micaela sat up, leaned forward, and wrapped one of her arms back around his neck in a dragon sleeper. His neck was wedged between her bicep, her side, her boob, and her armpit. She was pulling him in tighter and tighter and really starting to flex…

“M-Micaela…! I-I submit…! Submit…!”

“I know you submit,” she said, “And I’m knocking you out anyway.”

Micaela arched her back and really tensed up and flexed every muscle in her body hard. She yanked on his neck as hard as she could, silencing his totally pathetic begging and cutting off his air. Her thighs squeezed his waist, holding him in place and making sure there was really nothing he could do. There was no letting go and toying with him further this time. This was the end of the line. She was going for the kill. He could tell this time. He tapped and tapped for his life. He didn’t struggle or resist – he knew that would never work. She’d beaten him over and over. He knew that all he could do was tap – all he could do was ask for her mercy so he wouldn’t get knocked the fuck out like this in front of everyone. But Micaela had run out of mercy and all she wanted was that knockout. And she took it while the crowd cheered her on, cheered for her to finish him off. She was carried away with the dominance and squeezed him hard for a solid few seconds even after his body had gone completely limp on top of her.

When Max woke up, she was straddling his chest. The little crowd was talking, and he could see that most of them had their phones out. Great. So there’d be video proof that she’d not only beaten him like this, but knocked his ass out too…

Micaela smiled down at him and tossed back her curly hair. “You’re finally awake.”


“Do you want to go to the beach, or do you want round two?”

“The beach…”

“You sure?”


She put her hands on her hips. “Okay. You just let me know when you’re ready for a rematch. Or ready for another nap.”
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A sequel, please!!!
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