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Default Cheerleading Is A Sport

Cheerleading Is A Sport

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] ( ‘Melissa’ is on the left, ‘Olivia’ is in the middle, and ‘Lucy’ is on the right.)

Part 1

“Melissa.......please!” Austin gasped out, hands on her thighs and chin tucked against her crotch deep in a headscissor. His desperate eyes roaming up her toned stomach, over her chest covered by a silver sparkling top with a blue stripe at the bottom, to her smirking face.

“Is cheerleading a real sport now Austin?” Melissa smugly asked, squeezing away.

“Lucy.......you’re gonna tear something.” Myles groaned through the pain from off to the right of Austin and Melissa.

“Maybe if you boys actually signed up for sports yourselves instead of messing with us, you’d be more flexible so this wouldn’t hurt!” Lucy replied, holding Myles in an inescapable and immobilizing grapevine.

It was a maddening position. Austin could at least try to resist and get some relief, pulling at Melissa’s toned legs. With his arms pinned to the blue mats by Lucy’s, he could do nothing but grimace and squint up at her face as pain seared through his lower body, his legs helplessly spread wide by the flexible fit cheerleader’s.

“Please......we give up.” Carter choked out, trapped between a cheerleader’s thighs just like his friend, Austin. Unlike Austin, the back of Carter’s head was snug against her crotch. He had no choice but to stare forwards, at the rest of the tanned legs choking him, and at her crossed feet with white polished toes. Right above that, he could watch Melissa squeezing the life out of Austin.

“But I thought cheerleading wasn’t a real sport? We’re just some weak girls right? We’re not real athletes.” Olivia said, pretending to be confused.

“You......are.” Myles pushed through the constant burning in his legs to blurt out.

“We’re.......sorry!” Austin forced out, barely able to speak.

“Oh come on, how long have you boys been harassing us for now? We know you guys don’t really believe that.” Melissa told them.

“We’re just a few girly cheerleaders, you guys can break free! You’re supposed to prove how much tougher then us you are!” Olivia mockingly encouraged them.

“It’s good you agreed to join our squad for a week if we won, you three could use some cheerleading practices. This is embarrassing.”Lucy added.

The boys just groaned while trying to survive the girl’s holds, being reminded of the forfeit they had carelessly agreed to.

“What’s wrong guys? Then you can be strong and flexible like us, get your cardio up too!” Olivia said cheerfully. That didn’t make them any happier about it.

“Ok girls, you think the boys know their places now? That they’ve had enough?” Melissa asked.

“Yes........please let us-“ Austin began to weakly strain out, before a pulse of Melissa’s legs cut him off. “Shut up, I’m not asking you.” An annoyed Melissa spat.

“Mine has, he looks ready for a nap.” Olivia giggled, at the now weak disoriented Carter between her thighs, as she ran her hand through his blonde hair.

“What about you Myles? Think you’ve had enough?” Lucy smiled down at him.

“Yeah......too much-“ he groaned as she gave a thrust of her legs and hips, giving him an extra jolt of pain. “No no, just a ‘yeah’ will do.” Lucy said sweetly.

“Okay......I suppose we should give them a little mercy, it would be cruel to keep torturing them in these holds. They need a bit to sleep this off, I think.” Melissa decided.

Her words gave Austin, Myles, and Carter hope, the 3 cheerleaders were finally going to let them go. Maybe they’d decide this humiliation was enough and not attempt to hold them to their forfeit? Austin was the only one who’s brain registered the last ‘sleep this off’ part, though he wasn’t sure what she meant. He soon found out.

“Olivia, Lucy.........knock them out.” Melissa cooly commanded.

The pairs of thighs around Austin and Carter’s necks immediately tightened. At Melissa’s command, Lucy finally released Myles from her devastating grapevine. His lower half still burned with pain, but he did feel some relief. Before he knew it, Lucy had crawled behind his head, tucked the back of his neck against her crotch, and curled her legs around his neck in a figure four.

“Meli-“ Austin desperately tried to speak before her full squeeze stopped him, fear shooting through him.

“Shhh. It’s over......for now. Go to sleep Austin.” Melissa calmly told him. His voice cut off, he locked eyes with her giving her a pleading look. The last thing he saw as he lost consciousness was her smirking face.

Carter was already a bit out of it, and he had no words or resistance left as Olivia began to pour on the pressure. “Goooood boy, just go to sleep for me.” She cooed. After a moment, he did. The last thing he saw as he passed out was Austin going out as well, Austin’s hands slipping from Melissa’s thighs.

Myles was almost gone himself, hearing his friends faint struggles go silent. He still pawed at Lucy’s legs, desperately trying to unlock her figure four.

“Don’t fight it” she told him softly. She grabbed her foot and pulled, fully cranking the hold. Within seconds, his vision went blurry and then dark.

“Myles is out too!” She confirmed to her friends. All 3 of them now lay unconscious at the hands-, or thighs, of the trio of gorgeous cheerleaders.

“Good. Well done girls, that was even easier then I expected! Now, Lucy?” Melissa asked, a devious smile coming to her face.

“Yeah Melissa?”

“Go to the storage closet, and get the jump ropes.”

Austin, Carter, and Myles, all began waking up from their brief naps at about the same time. Where they were, what had happened, and the events leading to it all all came rushing back to them.

The 6 of them had a bit of a history together. The 3 boys often found some amusement in antagonizing the girls, whether it was cracking rude jokes and mocking them and their squad, or discrediting their hard work and skills. Neither did they take any of the girls angry and annoyed reactions seriously, often just laughing them off. What were any of the 3 girly cheerleaders ever going to actually do about it? Walk up and throw a punch?

Finally, it had boiled over. The girls were apparently fed up. They were shocked and somewhat suspicious when they had crossed paths again yesterday, and the girls straight up challenged them to a fight, though it took them a moment to take their challenge seriously.

They had quickly accepted of course, they couldn’t back down to girls and look scared. All six of them quickly agreed on no striking, which suited them. They weren’t going to beat on girls anyway. They’d just wrestle them down, muscle them around a little, and enjoy rolling around with hot cheerleaders until they gave up. They had also agreed to ‘join’ their squad for a bit if they lost. Like that could ever happen, they didn’t have to think twice about agreeing to that.

“So where we doing this?” Austin had asked.

“At the gymnasium, tomorrow evening.” Melissa readily answered.

“What? How are we getting in there?” Carter questioned. That had set off some suspicions in their minds, that they didn’t opt for a more private location then their college’s gym.

“Oh, I have an in with a teacher. We can go in late on our own for some extra cheer practice, pretty much whenever we want.” Melissa explained.

Despite some suspicious, they had found it was exactly as Melissa, Olivia, and Lucy had promised, and with wrestling mats already laid out. It was quiet, and no one else was there. No setups, they were serious.

And, it had all lead to this. Each of them quickly fell victim to the beautiful cheerleader opposing them, ending in 3 headscissor knockouts.

“Wake up boys.” A female voice said. Melissa.

Groggy and lying on their stomachs, each boy’s vision began to clear. Trying to move and stretch themselves, they immediately found that they couldn’t. Each of their arms and legs were tightly bound behind them in hogties, and their mouth’s were sealed with tape. They began to squirm, trying to slip free from the uncomfortable position. Myles groaned as some of the pain in his lower body returned.

“Just relax guys, you aren’t slipping out of those.” Lucy dryly commented.

“Sorry for the hogties, but we need you three nice and still so we can take some pictures together!” Melissa cheerfully announced.

Austin, Carter, and Myles, immediately renewed their struggling, grunting and pleading through the tape. Everyone they knew finding out about this would be a nightmare.

“Calm down, we aren’t going to share them with anyone.......as long as you do what we say.” Melissa assured them with a huge smile. “We just want to make sure you have a reason to come back tomorrow!”

“It’s just like a little victory photo shoot!” Olivia chimed in.

That calmed them a bit, but after this they knew they would have no choice but to follow through on their bet.

Pulling out their phones, they began. Each girl took a selfie towering over the hogtied boy they defeated, with a foot lightly perched on the top of their heads.

Austin squirmed as he felt Melissa’s foot rest on his brown hair. The image in his head of her standing over his tied up body, holding her phone up with a beaming smile, her foot with silver sparkling polished toes atop his head, was too much.

For her second photo, Olivia got down on the ground and wrapped her arm around Carter’s head and neck, pulling him into a playful headlock.

“Nnnphhh” Carter complained.

“Oh shush. Say cheese!” Olivia laughed, snapping the picture.

Lucy got down to the floor as well, dragging Myles black haired head between her thighs, chin pressed to her crotch. He froze as Lucy lightly clamped her thighs around his neck again, remembering the sensations from when she knocked him out between them.

“Aw don’t be scared, this one is just for show!” Lucy laughed. He was tightly locked in, but she wasn’t applying any real pressure to choke him. She flipped the camera, getting a close up photo of his head snugly framed by her thighs, deep in her headscissor.

“That’s a cute one.” She said, releasing his head and getting up. Myles was just relieved she hadn’t squeezed again for real.

Meanwhile, Austin held his head up as Melissa slid a foot beneath it. “Olivia, can you come here? Just step on his head and push his face down.”

“Yeah sure.” She replied, already satisfied with her own blackmail pictures.

“He’s really resisting it.” Olivia giggled, though it didn’t matter much. Despite his effort, it was still almost effortless for her. Just a little of her weight was enough. “There you go. Get your face on that foot.” Olivia said triumphantly.

“”Mmmmm” Austin said as his nose and taped over lips were pressed down into the top of Melissa’s foot. It was mostly the humiliation of it that got to him. The scent wasn’t exactly freshly cleaned, but it wasn’t terrible. You couldn’t see his mouth was taped over from the angle she took the picture at.

Suddenly, the pressure on his head left as Melissa retracted her foot.

“Okay, I think that’ll do it. I don’t think we’ll have any problems with them disappearing on us now.......will we boys? Melissa smirked.

All 3 of them desperately tried to speak through the tape, giving muffled assurances that they wouldn’t be any trouble.

“Alright, let’s get out of here girls.” Melissa told them.

“Yeah we wasted enough of our night on these losers.” Lucy said.

Kneeling down upon exchanging a look with Melissa, Olivia untied Austin. His arms and legs flopping free from their bound position felt so good after being stuck like that for a bit.

“I’m sure you can handle untying your friends yourself.” Melissa told him as the girls turned to leave.

“Goodnight!” Olivia said, turning and giving them a mocking little wave goodbye. The boys eyes ran over their legs and hips as they went.

As Austin ripped the tape off his mouth and just sat for a moment, giving himself a moment to recover before he had to work on freeing his friends, Melissa shouted to them right before they exited and left the boys sight, voice dripping with satisfaction.

“Remember what happens if you don’t show up tomorrow!”

End Of Part 1.

- Here we are, my next story. Back to a multi part story. And, for the first time outside of my Redlands story, the main female characters have a picture to represent them! This won’t be based around one thing like my last story, it’s going to be more of a mix.
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