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Default Karate Jana - Theft.

Karate Jana - Theft.

"Oh, please, please, pretty please, Jana!"
"Okay, stop it already! I'll do it. Although I think that you could do it yourself!"
"Me? No way. I really can't! Climbing is not my thing. And besides, I'm not very skilled! But you are! You are smaller, slimmer and also somehow elegant! And flexible and,..."
"Yes, all right! I told you I'd do it!"
"Cool!" Hanna exclaimed and opened her window. "You have to hold on to the bars. Even if there are bushes down there, we're on the second floor. I'd prefer it, if you didn't fall off. I don't have that many girlfriends!"
"Don't worry, I know how to climb!"
"Oh, good, like I said, I was thinking about doing it myself. Really! But I have hardly any strength in my arms and... Eh, but you are strong enough, aren't you?"
"And hpw!" said Jana and struck a bicep pose in front of Hanna.

Hanna was half a head taller than Jana, which didn't mean she was very tall. Jana was very short with narrow shoulders and a delicate stature. But she kept fit with weight training. Yeah, she was a little girl who occassionally worked out with a dumbbell. Compared to her body her arms were a little thicker and right now a steep biceps stood out from it. And on her short arm it looked quite massive. A really beautiful bicep of amazing height.
Hanna looked at her new friend with big eyes. "Oh, my God! You've got muscles! This is awesome. You don't look strong at all after all. Can I squeeze it?"
Jana nodded and Hanna immediately squeezed Janas biceps with two fingers of her hand.
"Damn, it's hard! And that's just at the peak!" Jana felt Hanna's fingers slide down her biceps and grasp it sideways. "Shit!" Hanna shouted. "I can't believe I just got pure muscle between my hands!" Jana blushed a little. Her friend's touch caused strange feelings in her.

"Yes, fine!" she said and pulled her arm away. "Can I go now?"
"Uh... Yeah, go! But be careful!"
"Yeah, yeah!"

Jana had no fear of heights and quickly climbed onto the windowsill. Then she grabbed the wooden bars attached to the wall of the house so that plants could grow up from the garden. It was true what Hanna had said, she was fit, agile and quick. It was easy for her to get on the canopy.
When Jana was on the canopy, she saw Hanna leaning out of her window and waving to her.

"Is your brother home?" Jana shouted in a whisper. Hanna raised her hands questioningly in the air.
"Great!" Jana whispered quietly. Then she climbed on the roof further around the corner of the house, which brought her out of Hanna's field of vision. Hanna had told Jana that her brother had his room at the other corner of the house and that his windows were mostly open.

Quiet as a cat, she ran across the roof to the window, from Hanna's brother. She quietly pressed open the window that had actually been a bit open. Carefully she pushed her head inside and looked around. The room was lit by a light source she couldn't see. It had to be a TV or something, but she didn't hear a sound. That had to mean that Hanna's brother was home. But now she had already gone so far, now she wanted to do something. Besides, it was a little bit exciting.

Amazingly quietly she slipped into the room. Now she could see Hanna's brother playing a game on a computer. He sat with his back to her and had two thick headphones on. "Perfect!", she thought. She looked around with her heart throbing. She quickly found his desk. Hanna said that he probably had the cards somewhere there.

Carefully and almost in slow motion, Hanna began to rummage through the desk. Some time passed without Hanna's brother noticing her. But Jana didn't find the concert tickets. But she found a small steel box without a key.

"Damn!" she said quietly. She wouldn't leave without the cards. Hanna's brother had no right to take the,. And according to Hanna, they had been expensive.

"Fuck it!" Hanna thought.
She just stood up and then slammed the box loudly onto the desk shelf. Hanna's brother jumped up and almost fell off the chair. He pulled down his headphones and turned around. When he saw Jana, he flinched for a moment.

"Ah, damn! Can't you knock?"
"But I didn't come through the door!"
"What, what did you say? And who the hell are you anyway?"
"Hanna's friend!"
"Fine, you're in the wrong room, now get out of here!"
"I want those cards!"
"Well, forget it! And you can tell my stupid sis she will never see those cards again! Do you understand? Now get out of here!"

Angrily Jana clenched her fists.
"What? Are you serious? You really want to fight now?" With these words he stood up and Jana had to realize that he was one head taller. And he was heavier too.
"Sure you want to get yourself beat up for my mindless sister?"
"Hmm, you don't look athletic!" said Jana.

Suddenly, Hanna's brother reached for her, Jana could still quickly raise her hands and grab his wrists. A wrestling match broke out. Jana was pushed back when Hanna's brother stubbornly tried to run her down. Jana had more space in the middle of the room and she had quickly caught herself. When she had a firm stand, she tensed her muscles and pressed against her opponent's arms. Then something happened that Jana had not expected. She pushed her opponent back. With pure muscle power. The little girl was actually stronger. She grinned at Hanna's brother broadly and he looked disbelievingly at Janas naked arms, which now clearly showed their muscles.

"You really don't do any sports," said Jana satisfied and wrestled her opponent to his knees.
Of course Jana had not just strength in her arms. On her slender form, one had always noticed her legs. They were a little thick. After the strength training they still were, but now they were made of muscles. And Jana liked to show her legs. She almost always wore a short skirt and tights. Just like today. When she had forced her opponent to his knees, she quickly grabbed him by the head, pressed him down and brutally rammed him her knee into the face.

She hadn't used much strength, but there was a crack and Hanna's brother fell to the ground with a twitch. There he experienced a short spasm and then came back to his senses. He immediately held his nose with both hands while lying on the floor.

"What happened? Ah, my nose, my nose!" he stared up to Jana. "Why are you just standing there? Get my parents! You stupid cow broke my nose! I have to go to the hospital!"

"Not so loud!" Jana shouted. Quickly she went down herself, grabbed the head of the crying boy and pushed it between her legs. "Are you crazy?" he shouted and tried to get away from her.

But already her legs closed, so that her thick thighs pressed against his neck. "Stop whining, you baby!" Jana shouted and squeezed her legs together. Quickly the boy grabbed her thighs. She smiled as she felt his touch on the thick muscle strands bulging sideways from her thighs. "No!" the fat boy shouted and kicked his legs. Desperately his hands run along her hard muscles, then suddenly they fell to the ground and his movements stopped.

"What is it?" Jana called and stood up. Hanna's brother lay completely slack between her legs. Mouth slightly open. "Knocked out already?" Jana asked. "But I didn't press that hard!" she said to herself. She loosened her legs and the boy's head fell to the ground. With her index fingers she carefully pressed one of his eyelids upwards. His eyes were staring at the ceiling and were not moving either. "You're so sensitive! That was maybe 25 percent of my power."

Jana had always been the petite little girl in her life. But she never wanted to be treated as one. The exaggerated help of others. And as a child she had always been inferior to the others. In elementary school for a while she was always beaten up by a girl. And that girl hadn't even been strong. And her first boyfriend, not a real boyfriend but just a friend, had also always been stronger. And had always taken things out of her hands that he thought were too heavy for her. That's why Jana started her strength training. But not only that, she did karate now. And there she learned a lot. And also many tricks from other martial arts. Karate was the first time she realized how intoxicating it could be to be in control of another person. Once Jana had knocked a girl out, she just felt good afterwards. She had stood over her opponent, who was lying on the ground and been helplessly at her mercy. It's felt great.

And so it was now as well. She noticed how the feelings in her increased. Suddenly she wasn't the little one who had to follow the others. Now she was in control!

She lifted one arm of Hanna's brother and dropped him limply to the floor. A broad grin spread on her sweet face. Her brain was working on what to do with the boy, when he started to move. With a moan he opened his eyes and for a few seconds did not seem to know where he was.

Jana quickly grabbed his head by the hair and stuck it back between her thighs. But this time not with his neck in the center, but his skull. Jana didn't squeeze her legs very tight, but only so strong that his head could not escape.

"Hey!" she said, snapping her finger at him. "I still want the cards!"
"What happened?" called Hanna's brother and looked around, as far as he could. His hands quickly went to her legs. "Oh, no!" he muttered when he got his hands on Jana's thighs.

"Exactly!" said Jana. "You're still a prisoner. And if you don't want to get knocked out again, you better tell me what I want to know!"

"What?" he asked and tugged at her legs in vain. Jana grinned meanly and stretched her a little legs. "No, please!" made Hanna's brother and hit her thigh like crazy. But Jana didn't mind. "You're sensitive! That's maybe 20 percent! " Wait, I raise it to 30, yeah?" She pressed a little harder, and her victim just made funny noises and his eyes became very big. She kept up the pressure for a few seconds and then released it.

"Ohhh God!" the boy whimpered as soon as the pressure eased up. "Please let me go, I'll do anything you say!" Hanna's brother now really cried and looked at Jana from fear-widened eyes. And Jana liked it, it excited her. He begged her and she enjoyed it. She felt powerful for the first time. And yet Jana forced herself to fight down these feelings and to concentrate on her task.

"Then tell me where the cards are! Are they in the steel box?"
"Yes, yes!" he said hastily, "There they are, the key's in my pocket! Please let me go, please!"
Jana put a finger to her mouth and looked up thoughtfully. Then she looked at him again and her cold blue eyes and the slight smile were already enough of an answer. "Nope!" she said, and her victim became pale with fear.

"Well, what's it like between my legs?" she asked in casua,.y. The boy just cooed. "You know, I only press with 30 percent, like I did before. This can't hurt as much as you want me to believe. And now I'm going to prove it to you! Want to make a bet you can take 50 percent?"

Grinning, Jana winked at him and then quickly increased the pressure to 50 percent. The boy twitched once and also blinked. Then his body went limp.
"WOW!" Jana shouted enthusiastically, "Fastest knockout ever! And I don't think you lasted a second! Pathetic! You want to know what 100 percent feels like?" Jana grinned at the unconscious boy nastily.

Jana stretched herself again and then she tensed her legs abruptly and completely. Her bulging muscles almost covered the boy's face. She held the full pressure for thirty seconds. With a groan, she released the boy's head, who dropped limply to the floor.

"Oh that was good!" Jana shouted and sat down on the boy's chest. "All right?" she laughed and patted his cheek. "Oh... how sweet I hope you enjoy your stay in Lalaland!"

Then she put her little hand in his pocket and pulled out the key. Immediately Jana jumped up from her victim and opened the steel box. The concert tickets were actually inside. "You're lucky I have the cards!" she said in the direction of Hanna's brother, who lay motionless in the middle of his room. As if he had been knocked down by a giant fist. Jana stood on his chest and pressed her sneakers firmly into his face. "Hmm! Too bad you're such a wimp. Well," she said and shrugged her shoulders.

"Dream something nice!" Janas whispered at the window and climbed back out onto the canopy. As she walked across the canopy, it seemed silly to her that she hadn't just left the room through the door. But who knew, maybe she would have met Hanna's parents in the hall.

Quickly, like a little monkey, she moved hand over hand along the wooden grid. Almost swinging, she slipped through Hanna's window.

"Ha, there you are finally! What took you so long?"
Jana preferred not to tell Hanna what she had done with her brother. Maybe she wouldn't have liked it that much. Besides, she had only just met Hanna.

"I had to look for quite a while! But I got them," she shouted, triumphantly holding up the cards. "Oh, man, you're super Jana. I knew sneaking in quietly would work. Like a mouse. Have you seen Erik?"

"My brother! His name is Erik!"
"Uh, yeah. He was sitting at his computer playing some weird game. But he had his headphones on, so he didn't notice anything!"
"Cool! Like a secret agent!"
"Yes, I felt a bit like it!"

The two girls chatted for another hour, but then Jana said she had to go to the toilet. The bathroom in the hallway was just a few steps away from Erik's room. Jana ran there quietly and looked carefully into it. Inside was still Erik. Unchanged, right in the middle of the floor. He had already drooled a real little puddle on the ground.
Jana grinned cheerfully, closed the door quietly and ran back to her friend. She got along well with Hanna and when she finally had to leave, Hanna hugged her.

"Thank you so much for bringing the cards back to me! You really helped me today!"
"You're welcome!"
"All right! See ya!"

Jana ran home happily. She was sure she had found a new friend today. And she hoped that Hanna would see it that way as well.

The end.
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