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Default My Girlfriend's Arch Rival P.2

Hey guys.

First story please be kind



"Well if it isn't the ugly ducklings." Julia called from across the hall.

I sighed. This was getting annoying now. I turned and saw the beautiful devil stalk towards us. If you did not know what an absolute bitch Julia was you would think she is the most beautiful creature to ever walk the earth. Unfortunately, her bitchyness ruined it all. It was almost a shame really. But I guess you couldn't be that amazingly hot and also have a winning personality.

"You know I was actually starting to enjoy my day." Annabel sighed.

I looked down at my girlfriend next to me. For a moment I was distracted as I saw down her shirt. The first few buttons on her school uniform were always unbuttoned. Usually I didn't like this as I always caught my friends goggling at her chest, but right now it wasn't the worst thing in the world.

From this angle I could see most of her boobs as they were pressed together by her bra. For a second I had the strong urge to push her up against the lockers and rip her clothes off. I didn't care that my other classmates filled the hall. But I restrained myself. There was plenty of time for that after school. I wrapped my hand around her slim waist and felt the top of her ass brush along my arm.

"Don't worry babe. I'll deal with this." I whispered in her ear.

"Good. Then I'll deal with you later." She winked at me and I felt her hand glide down and grab me over my pants.

I smiled and looked around to check no one was watching as I quickly gave her beautiful ass a light squeeze. Then turned to face the devil.

"What do you want Julia?" I asked, moving to stand in front of Annabel.

Julia smirked as she walked towards me. "Move over fuckwit I want to talk to Annabel."

"Annabel isn't available right now; can I take a message?"

"Oh yes I have a message." Julia said. She stopped and shifted her weight onto one leg, as she did her boobs bounced in her, way to revealing shirt. Focus Jake I told myself, your not allowed to like this devil. "I have some new information about the night she betrayed me."

"Will you drop that already?" Annabel said, stepping out from behind me. "It happened 3 years ago. I've apologised like a hundred times already."

"It was 2 years and 37 days ago and your apologies mean nothing at this point."

Julia stepped forward and she was way to close to Annabel for my liking. Although a small part of my mind imagined them moving just a bit closer until their bodies pressed together.

Okay I need to get laid tonight. My horneyness is getting out of control.

"Jimmy told me that you kissed him on my bed. Is that true?" Julia asked.

"Yep. And It was great." Annabel smirked.

Julia gave Annabel a murderous glare. I felt uneasy as she stepped even closer to my girlfriend. Annabel did not move back so they know almost looked like they were going to kiss. "You are going to regret each word you just said bitch." She growled.

"Oh yeah?" Annabel said. "What is a little slut like you going to do about it?"

Julia did not like that.

She snarled and shoved Annabel back, she slammed into the lockers. Her head looked to have hit the metal lockers hard. I rushed forward and grabbed my girlfriend by the shoulders. "Are you okay?"

"I'm gonna kill that bitch." Annabel growled.

Yep she's okay.

I turned to face the devil. I put my hands forward to stop her getting to Annabel. Her smooth tanned leg shot forward and a splitting pain exploded between my legs. I crumpled to the ground as I grabbed my balls. Did she really just kick my dick? I tried to take deep breaths as another pain shot through my hand that was braced on the ground. Julia had purposefully stepped on it to get to Annabel. She now had Annabel's long blonde hair grasped in her fingers.

"Well that was almost to easy." Julia smirked.

A small crowd had formed as Julia dragged Annabel by the hair towards the common room. Despite the pain, I half stood to help my girlfriend. It hurt more to stand but I had to help Annabel. I limped towards the two girls.

"Oh yes, you can come too." Julia said. She reached forward with her other hand and grabbed my hair. I grunted in pain and she pulled me along beside my girlfriend. Julia kicked open the common room door and dragged us in. Four of my classmates sat at the table on their computers, they all looked up in surprise.

"Hey what's going on here?" My friend Max said as he stood.

"Get me a chair." Julia said sternly. I desperately tried to get her hand off my hair but I couldn't untangle her fingers.

"Julia what the hell is going on?" Max moved towards us. "Let them go." Relief washed over me as I saw Max and the other guys move to help us get away from this crazy bitch.

I felt Julia's body jolt as I saw her leg flash forward. Max grunted and fell to the floor holding his groin.


"Get me a chair." Julia repeated in the same stern voice as she lifted her foot and placed it on Max's face, pressing it into the floor.

The other boys paused then one of them rushed to pull a chair towards us. Julia sat and smirked. With her foot she shoved Max away. Fear washed over me.

"Help!" I called, hoping a teacher would hear.

I felt my hair tug and something slam into the side of my head. From Annabel's groan I could tell Julia had just bashed our heads together.

"Don't you dare." Julia growled. She then looked up at the scared looking boys watching us. I could see some more people gathering at the door. "You, go watch for teachers." Julia ordered. "And you, take this bitch."

Julia shoved her hand out, pulling Annabel's hair with it. Annabel hissed in pain. An eager looking boy grabbed Annabel's hair and pulled her over to the table. I didn't like the look in his eyes. But I had bigger problems to worry about at the moment.

Julia yanked my hair and suddenly my vision was filled with the sight of pink, poker dot panties. Julia held me a few centimetres from her cotton covered crotch. I was so close I could smell it. "Kiss it" Julia demanded.

I didn't respond, I just pulled back hard. I didn't care if it hurt, this had gone on long enough.

Julia held my head firmly with two hands. "Kiss it and I'll let Annabel go."

"No." I grunted. "Get off me!"

"I guess were doing this the hard way." Julia sighed and yanked my head forward into her pussy. I felt the warmth and smell fill my senses.

"Jake! What are you doing?" I heard Annabel yell.

I tried to call back. I tried to yell to Annabel that I couldn't move. But all that came out was some muffled mumbles.

"Ooh that feels nice." Julia said. "Keep doing that."

"Let him go you bitch!" Annabel yelled.

"Your such a perv Annabel." Julia said, disgust filling her voice. "You could at least give us some privacy. Jake and I are having a moment here." Julia lifted her skirt and flung it over my head. Everything went dark. All my senses were being taken over by Julia's pussy. She pulled my head harder against it and suddenly I couldn't breathe. Panic filled my brain as I desperately tried to get air into my lungs. I felt Julia's legs lift and wrap around my head. This was getting dangerous. I tried to pull her legs apart but this just made her giggle.

"Oh look your face is going blue." Julia said. "Is that because your having so much fun?"

My mind started to move more slowly as I tried, in vein to get some air. I put both hands on Julia's legs and shoved backwards. But all it did was push us both forward on the chair. I need air! This crazy girl is going to kill me!

"Teacher!" someone shouted.

I gasped as air rushed back into my lungs. Julia lifted her leg and placed it on my shoulder, shoving me backwards. I tumbled on the floor and crashed into something.

"What's going on here?" A welcome voice said. Finally, a teacher. It took him bloody long enough. "Get to class you lot, And Jacob, get off the floor."

"Sorry sir." I mumbled as I got to my feet. My balls still ached so I stumbled a bit.

Everyone started to disperse, and I limped over to Annabel. She embraced me tightly. "I'm going to kill that girl." She muttered.

"That was fun." Julia said behind me. I flinched as I saw Julia standing behind me.

"You eat good pussy Jake. Too bad we were interrupted."

"I didn't fucking do anything. You just.. you just..." I couldn't find the right words the left my dignity intact.

"Well I had a think while you were pleasing me Jake. The best way to get back at Annabel is to have sex with you."

"I will literally call the cops if you come anywhere near me again you evil bitch." I said in what I hoped was a confident voice.

"Well I could force you to." Julia said thoughtfully. "But I think it will be more fun to make you beg for it. I don't want you tied up while you please me. I want you begging to be in my presence. That sounds more fun."

"You're a psychotic." Annabel said. "I'm telling Mr. Gregson everything you did today."

"Imagine it perv." Julia said. "Jake begging me to allow him to touch me. By the time I am done with him, he will want nothing to do with you. I will be his whole world."

"Julia all I did was kiss a guy you kind of liked." Annabel said. "Is that really what all this is about?"

"Yes." Julia smiled. "But also, this is fun."

Julia turned and slowly walked away. Leaving me and Annabel in stunned silence.

Added after 5 minutes:

"Thanks Mr. Gregson." I said as we sat down at his desk.

Gregson was my math teacher. He had been my teacher for years. He was the only one I could trust enough to tell what Julia had done to me. He had remained stony faced as I told him what she had done. I skipped some bits that were a bit embarrassing, but he got the idea. I felt safe in his presence.

"Don't you worry Jacob. I will sort it out. I know Julia can be a bit of trouble some times." He said.

The door opened and the devil walked in.

"Alice said you wanted to see me?" Julia said as she walked in. Way too many of her buttons were undone on her school shirt and her skirt somehow seemed shorter than before. I shuddered as I remembered being forced between those legs with everyone watching.

The door closed behind her and I felt a strange dread. Being in an enclosed office with the devil was not ideal. But Mr. Gregson was here. Julia wouldn't do anything in front of him. Right?

"Yes Julia, please have a seat." Mr. Gregson said.

Julia walked in and dumped her backpack on the ground. Then, instead of sitting in the empty chair beside me, she shuffled in between me and the desk and jumped backwards onto my lap.

I let out a pained grunt as her ass hit my sensitive balls. The sent of her hair engulfed me as I instinctively leaned forward.

"On the chair Julia!" Mr. Gregson barked.

"Sorry," Julia smirked as she stood. I misunderstood you sir." She sat in the empty chair and crossed her legs, causing her skirt to raise up even further. Was it even worth wearing a skirt at this point? A small cloth would cover more of her leg. Despite the current situation I still found this girl incredibly hot. Bad brain!

"Julia your behaviour lately has been absolutely inexcusably." Mr. Gregson said.

"What specifically are you referring to sir?" Julia asked, innocence plastered all over her face.

"Well for one, the disrespect you just showed Jacob as you entered here." Mr Gregson said sternly.

"Hmm I'm not sure what you are referring to sir." Julia said, mock misunderstanding all over her face.

"Julia you know perfectly well what I am refereeing to." Mr Gregson said.

Julia's face scrunched up like she was trying to remember something. Then her face cleared and she stood from her chair. "Oh you mean when I did this?" Julia asked. Before I knew it she had jumped into my lap again. It hurt even more than before. How did she again manage to land right on my balls?

"Get off me!" I braced against her with my hands to push her off but she wrapped her legs around the outside of mine and squeezed tightly. I felt her ass dig into my crouch. I struggled to get her off but she just leaned back and giggled.

"Julia this is not a joke!" Mr Gregson said, standing from his chair.

Julia grinned and pushed back against my chest. From here I had an amazing view of her rack. I was so stunned by this beautiful sight that I stopped trying to get her off me. The absolute perfect curves of her soft tanned skin were mesmerising.

"Good boy." She whispered. "Now you stay nice and still while I take care of grumpy granddad here."

"Julia if you don't start acting appropriately I will be forced to get your parents involved." Mr Gregson said.

"Good." Julia said. She pushed on the armrests and raised her ass off my now erect penis. Only to slam it back down hard. It hurt but in a very good way. This was so wrong.

Julia then got up and walked around to the back of Mr Gregsons desk. "You can tell them about the bruises Jake gave me.

"Bruises?" Mr Gregson asked, looking at me.

"I haven't given her any-"

"Then what is this?" Julia asked. She perched herself up on Mr Gregson's desk and lifted the front of her skirt up. Mr Gregson's eyes immediately darted away. From behind the desk I couldn't see what she was showing him but unfortunately, I had a very knowledgeable idea of what that area of Julia's body looked like.

"Put that away Julia." Mr Gregson said, his face turning red as he tried to look anywhere but where he probably wanted to.

"Oh and he hit me on the chest as well." Julia said. She then began unbuttoning her school shirt.

"That is enough!" Mr Gregson said. "I am calling your parents this instant.

He moved to get to his phone on his desk, but Julia was quicker. She stood and put her body in between Mr Gregson and his phone. There was an awkward moment where Julia's movement and Mr Gregson's movement forced them to bump into each other. Mr Gregson looked very confused as Julia continued to undo her buttons.

"There." Julia said as the last button came off. From the back I couldn't see her exposed chest. But Mr Gregson had a front row view as Julia began playing with her breasts.

"There was a bruise somewhere here." She said, lifting and boobs and shifting them around while she inspected the area. "Sorry, my big tits always get in the way."

I saw Mr Gregson's eyes dart towards Julia's chest. What the fuck was going on? Was he staring at Julia's boobs?

Then he quickly sat down on his chair and crossed his legs. "Julia that is... that is quite enough."

"What's wrong Mr Gregson?" Julia asked in mock concern. "How come your crossing your legs?" She asked innocently.

"Julia I know what you are doing and it is very immature." Mr Gregson said. "I will give you one last warning before your parents are called."

Julia giggled and sat back on his desk. She was now right in front of him, her shirt unbuttoned, her legs wide apart and an evil grin on her face. I was in somewhat of a shocked state. Mr Gregson was supposed to be my saviour! Should I do something?

"Julia get off my desk this instant!" Mr Gresgon roared. "This is highly inappropriate!"

"If I'm too close to you sir you could always just stand up and walk away." Julia said.

Mr Gregson's eyes flickered down to his crossed legs. He was almost certainly hard down there.

"Enough four play." Julia said. She leaned back slightly and lifted her legs up and rested her calves on Gregson's shoulder pads.

Mr Gregson's hands instantly shot up to lift Julia's legs off.

"Why are you touching my legs sir?" Julia called out loudly.

Mr Gregson's hands shot down and he quickly glanced to the door of his office. "Julia get your legs off me!" He hissed at his tormentor. He then turned his head to me. "Jacob go lock the door."

"Don't you dare move Jake." Julia growled so forcefully that I froze half out of my seat.

"Jacob go lock the door this instant!" Mr Gregson growled.

Who do I listen to? Julia or my teacher. What sort of question was that! Of course my teacher. I pushed my chair back.

Julia curled her legs and pulled Mr Gregson's head forward. She then twisted and locked his neck in her right leg. Mr Gregson immediately started to push and shove Julia's leg. But his hands couldn't break the hold. Julia grabbed her right ankle to secure the hold and Mr Gregson's face turned from anger to shock. He was clearly not getting any air.

"Sit down Jacob." Julia said with a smile.

I was frozen in place as I watched this horror movie of a sight. My teacher was being strangled right in front of me. His face was going blue.

"Don't make me say it again." Julia said, the bubbly tone disappearing. She squeezed her leg tighter and a desperate gargling noise filled the office.

I slowly lowered myself down into the chair. Fear washed through my brain. How the fuck was I going to get out of this one.

"good boy." Julia said and she released Mr Gregson who fell back into his chair, gasping for air, clutching at his chest.

"That was fun." Julia smiled. "Let's do it again."

Mr Gregson quickly rose from his chair. Fear all over his face as he backed away from the devil. His boner had disappeared as he had fought for his survival.

Julia laughed and turned her head back to me. This gave me a quick peak of her amazing breasts, trapped in her tight purple bra. "It's more fun when they struggle." She winked at me and glided off the desk. "where do you think you're going sir."

"Julia... you..." He backed up into the corner of his office and accidentally knocking into his shelf. Knocking several awards to the floor.

Julia moved forward and Mr Gregson tried in vein to back further away. He only succeeded in knocking more papers from his shelf.

Julia stopped in front of him. "You know, I think you might want to sit back down sir."

"Julia... this it... are you..." he muttered.

"I suppose I could force you to sit down. Julia said thoughtfully. "But there might be a more fun way to make you sit. It certainly worked well before."

Julia turned and slowly bent forward. Keeping her knees straight she slowly lowered. The lower she got, the more her skirt lifted. Giving both males in the room one hell of a sight. She grabbed some of the papers that had fallen, and raised up to hand them back to Mr Gregson. However, Mr Gregson was already back in his chair, legs crossed, his face a deep shade of red. I couldn't blame him. The sight of this girl's ass was something most men only dream of.

"That's better." Julia said. She stalked back to the desk and hopped back up onto it, lifting her legs and resuming her previous position. She lazily lifted her legs and rested them on Gregson's shoulders again.

"Okay." Julia said. "I have to go to class soon so let's get this over with.

Mr Gregson was now staring at Julia pussy. He seemed to have given up. This was like some kind of nightmare. Then something passed over his face and he turned to me.

"Jacob!" He said. "Lock the door quickly! I don't care what she does to me! If anyone sees this I..." he shuddered.

"I..." I didn't know what to say. I wanted to listen to him, but I was scared what Julia would do.

"I don't think you understand sir. Nothing happens here without my approval." Julia said. "So why don't we make a deal."

"Jacob quickly! Go lock it!"

Julia smirked. She didn't even look back at me. Did she know I wasn't moving? Should I move? What was the right move here?

"I'll tell you what sir. I'll let Jacob lock the door if you do something for me." Julia said, taking her legs off the teacher and shuffling back on the desk. She leaned back and rested on her elbows. Her knees bent and her legs spread.

"Okay fine." Mr Gregson mumbled. "Whatever you want. I'll be in jail if anyone sees this anyway."

"Kiss my pussy." Julia said.

"What!" Mr Gregson stood.

Julia smiled and raised her voice. "Mr Gregson!" She yelled. "Get your hands off me!"

Mr Gregson gulped and looked nervously to the door. His face was red.

"Why do you want me to unbutton my shirt?" Julia called even louder.

Mr Gregson's face grew redder as he glanced at Julia then the door then back again.

"Ow!" Julia screeched. "Mr Gregson that hurts my butt!"

Mr Gregson launched forward, placing both hands on the desk. I couldn't see what happened but his face disappeared underneath Julia's skirt. He then quickly stood and straightened his tie.

"Okay now lock the door Jocob." He said.

I didn't move. Julia hadn't said anything. Did she want me to move?

"No I don't think I will allow that. I'm sure you can do better than that." Julia said.

"But I-"

"Should I take all my clothes off?" Julia yelled towards the door.

Mr Gregson did not hesitate. He dived down and buried his face in Julia's skirt.

"Ooo that's better." Julia threw her head back and bit her bottom lip. "Keep going sir."

Mr Gregson shot up and whipped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Okay enough playing around Julia. We had a deal."

"Yes we did." Julia said. She jumped off the desk and straightened her skirt. "Since you have been such a good boy sir I will lock the door." She turned and faced the door. "But I need some encouragement." Julia grinned in her crazy evil way.

"What now!" Mr Gregson hissed. "I've done everything you've asked of me." The man sounded defeated.

Julia turned and walked towards the dejected man. "Yes your doing so well sir." She said in a voice that made it sound like she was talking to a small puppy rather than a fully growth man. "Don't worry you'll get your treat later." She then grabbed his hair and yanked him down to his knees. She turned on the spot, her ass now at Mr Gregson's eyes level.

"Every kiss you place on my butt, I will take one step closer towards the door. When we get there, I will consider locking it."

"This can't-"

Julia turned her head and gave her teacher the most withering glare I had ever seen. "It was cute at the start but my patients is running out old man." She hissed.

Mr Gregson shot forward like a starving man finding food. He ducked his head back and forward placing kiss after kiss on the back of Julia's skirt. Julia smiled and started slowly walking forward. Mr Gregson shuffled on his knees, following the teenage girl, desperately kissing her ass.

You know if you had told me at the start of this meeting that Mr Gregson, my friend and teacher. The most powerful, confident man I knew, would be shuffling along his office floor on his knees, kissing Julia's ass, I would have laughed. Now laughing was the furthest thing from my mind. My mind buzzed as I tried to think of how to save my teachers dignity.

The two of them finally got to the door and Julia bent her hips and shot her ass backwards. Knocking Mr Gregson back onto the floor. He grunted in pain and held his nose. Julia laughed and placed a hand on the lock of the door. But before she did anything else I froze as three loud knocks echoed from the door.

Julia smiled and cracked the door open. "Yes?" she said thought the crack.

"Um... is Mr Gregson there?" a small voice said.

"Hmm let me check." Julia closed the door and turned to face us. She leaned down and grabbed Mr Gregson by the hair. She pulled him close to the door and flipped him around onto his back. She then stepped on leg over him and lifted his head between her legs. She gripped his head tight with her upper thighs. "Lick" she ordered softly. She then cracked the door open again. Mr Gregson didn't move. I could see a bit of defiance left in his eyes and hope flickered in my mind. Julia smiled and my hope died.

"Hey Alix." Julia said. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah I guess."

"You have dog's right?" Julia said. Opening the door a crack more as she spoke. Mr Gregson's eyes went wide. "I'm having trouble with one of my dogs."

"Is he sick?" Alix asked. She sounded confused.

"No he won't listen." Julia said. "I want him to lick. And if he doesn't lick I will open the door."

"What?" Alix asked.

Mr Gregson's tongue shot out of his mouth. He desperately tried to lick Julia's panties but his face was still squeezed between her thighs. His tongue couldn't reach the panties. Julia squeezed tighter as Mr Gregson tried to pull Julia's legs apart with his hands. His tongue shot forward trying to get to the panties.

"I can't feel a lick. Maybe you could come in and help me?" Julia said.

"What do you mean? Is your dog in Mr Gregson's office?" Alix asked.

Julia slowly started to pull the door open. Mr Gregson fought even harder to get to Julia's panties. He gave one big pull with his arms and finally managed to get her legs to move far enough apart to get his face up into her skirt. He started franticly licking the thin cotton that wrapped around Julia's ass and pussy.

Julia smiled and stopped pulling the door.

"Yes that's better." Julia said.

"I didn't do anything?" Alix said.

Julia ignored the girl and closed the door. I felt like calling to Alix. We needed help. Go get the principal. Go get someone. But I couldn't risk Mr Gregson getting caught with his head between a teenage girls legs. I needed to do something! but I didn't know what!

"Wait I need to talk to Mr Gregson!" Alix said called through the door.

"He's busy." Julia said, clicking the door locked. She then looked down at her teacher as he pulled his head out from between her legs. And slowly stood. His face was covered in some sort of liquid. He was breathing hard as he straightened his shirt.

"Did I say stop?"

"Julia that's enough. I've done everything you have asked-"

Julia unclicked the lock and placed her hand on the door handle.

Mr Gregson dove back down and shoved his head back between her legs. He began eagerly licking her panties again.

"Good boy." Julia said. She then grabbed his hair and lifted her leg away from him. Mr Gregson's face still faced the roof. He was stuck in a sort of backwards crawl with his hands and feet holding him up. As Julia dragged him roughly by the hair he walked backwards awkwardly as he tried to keep up with her. She brought him back to his desk and shoved him underneath it.

"Suck." She ordered as she sat in his office chair and kicked her legs under the desk. I couldn't see what he was sucking but he must be doing it as Julia was smiling.

"Now you Jake." Julia said, leaning forward and interlocking her fingers. "I am very disappointed in you."

"Julia you can't get away with this." I said. How could this happen? Someone had to stop her.

"I did not give you permission to tell Mr Gregson about you eating my pussy. That was very rude of you."

"I didn't-" Julia's glare cut off my sentence. I hadn't actually told him that bit but that didn't matter right now.

"Mr Gregson is a teacher. You shouldn't be telling him about your sexual activities." Julia said.

I sat there in stunned silence. Did she realise what she was saying? This man had just licked her pussy and kissed her ass and she was lecturing me about boundaries with teachers?

"You will be punished for this Jake." Julia said.

I gulped. What did that mean? The vision of Mr Gregson desperatly kissing Julia's skirt as she walked filled my mind. Was that going to be me soon? No! I wouldn't allow it.

"Now pass me my bag. Me and Mr Gregson have some more work to do before class." Julia said. "Get out of here Jake. I don't want you perving on me any more than you usually do."

I instinctively looked down at Julia's purple bra. God she was beautiful. I reached down and passed Julia her backpack. I then stood and walked towards the door. As I turned and left the room I got one last look at Julia. She had pulled something small and metal out of her bag. She was placing a key in the object with that evil grin on her face.

I shuddered and closed the door behind me.

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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

It's fantastic
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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

Damn, that was good. Julie is diabolical! I can't wait to see more of her... Wait, that came out wrong....
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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

Thanks guys! here's the next bit!

I sat in class in absolute silence for the rest of the day. What had I just witnessed? I almost couldn't believe what had happened. I couldn't get the image of Mr. Gregson's head shoved into Julia's skirt, out of my mind. That was my teacher. The one who supposedly had all the answers. He was the figure of authority in my life. It was like seeing my dad licking a teenage pussy. It was just wrong.

My friends all asked me what was wrong. I gave some sort of bullshit answer about feeling sick. To be truthful I was sick. I felt sick every time I thought of that devil and what she had done.

The bell rang and I drifted out of class. I got to my locker and jumped as someone grabbed me from behind. Horrified, I spun around, expecting to see the devil but my girlfriend smiled up at me.

"Oh, hey Annabel." I said, leaning forward, pecking her lips.

"Hey babe." She said. "I was thinking about my party tonight. Just how slutty should I dress?"

"I thought you were going to wear a long trench coat?" I joked.

"Well I could but I was thinking of wearing that blue tube top you like so much."

"The reason I like you in that is because your basically naked in it." I said, grabbing her around the waist. This was good. It was getting my mind off the devil. Annabel laughed and pecked me on the lips again.

"How was your talk with Mr Gregson?" She asked.

"Bad." Was all I could say. "Ill fill you in later." I said because at that moment I saw Julia walking down the hall. Annabel followed my line of sight and glared when she saw who was walking our way.

Julia smiled at our glares. I braced for what she might say. Would she mention what I had seen in Mr Gregson's office? I wasn't planning on telling Annabel everything, I had seen so much of Julia's body, but I wouldn't put it past Julia to mention it.

However, Julia didn't say anything, she just smiled. I watched her as she approached, on guard. I flinched when she got close to Annabel and I, but she didn't do anything. To me at least.

She reached down and under Annabel's skirt and quickly yanked her cotton pink underwear up high. Annabel's hands flew to her ass as everyone stopped and stared at the oddly sexy sight. Annabel's underwear was bunched up in her ass in an incredibly gorgeous wedgie. This gave everyone around a view that was usually saved just for me. However as quickly as it had happened, it stopped. Julia let go and kept walking, not breaking a stride.

"You bitch!" Annabel hissed, trying to yank her panties out of her ass. She moved forward but I gripped her tight. As much as I loved Annabel and hated Julia, I had to admit that Julia could easily beat Annabel in a fight.

"Let me go!" Annabel yelled as I held her back. Julia turned and blew us a kiss.

I held my girlfriend with one hand while pulling her skirt back in place with the other. I was very aware of a number of people staring at her ass. I shot them all glares.

Eventually Annabel gave up struggling and just broke down crying in my arms. I hugged her tight and motioned for her friend, Amanda, to come over and help.

"Don't worry girl." Amanda said, Amanda was good in bad situations. She always made you feel better. "Let's go fix you up hun." She dragged a crying Annabel off to the girl's bathroom.

I took a deep breath and turned towards the hall. This had gone on long enough. It was time to go to the top. Julia was going to regret messing with me. I climbed the stairs and knocked loudly on the principal's office door.

"Enter." She commanded.

Principal Morrison was about the same age as Mr. Gregson. She wasn't ugly but she wasn't beautiful either. She kind of looked like an older Selena Gomez.

I hesitated as I walked in and noticed someone else sitting in front of the principal's desk. But it was just Mr Gregson. He was probably here for the same reason as me.

"Good evening Jacob." Mrs Morrison said. "How may I help you?"

I glanced at Mr Gregson, had he told her what had happened? Did she know about Julia? No, he wouldn't tell anyone about that. At least, I wouldn't, if I were him.

"I think Jacob might be here for the same reason I am." Mr Gregson said.

"You are having issues with Miss Assten as well?" Mrs. Morrison asked.

"Uh, yeah." I said, sitting in the empty chair.

"Well she is being called here as we speak so we should be able to sort this out."

"Thank you." Mr. Gregson said.

"Was there some sort of incident today?" Mrs. Morrison asked.

"No, no." Mr Gregson said quickly. "It has just been some inappropriate behaviour in general.

"I see." Mrs. Morrison said, leaning forward and interlocking her fingers together.

"What sort of behaviour are we talking about?"

"It's..." Mr. Gregson glanced at me. That was no help, I didn't know what to say either.

"Well?" She asked, expectantly.


"Mr Gregson I am the principal of this school, and have been for six years. If there is an incident, I need to know about it." Mrs. Morrison said sternly.

I sat back in my chair, slightly scared by her stern voice. I had never seen Mr. Gregson spoken to like this. Although I had also never seen him lick a teenager's panties before today either. It was a day of firsts.

Mr Gregson and I were saved from this awkward conversation by the entrance of the devil. I turned and expected to see her smug smile. But I was surprised to see another emotion on her face. Did Julia look... scared?

"Good evening Mrs. Morrison." Julia said, walking forward and giving a little nod forward of her head. Her fingers were playing with the hem of her skirt and her cheeks darkened a few shades. Was Julia actually nervous right now?

Yes! She was! Finally, someone who could control this devil! I leant back in my chair and gave Julia a smug smile. I finally felt myself relax for the first time in hours. I didn't realise how much I was tensing before.

"Julia, do you want to tell Mrs. Morrison what happened today or should I?" I asked smugly. Julia looked nervously at me and then back to Mrs. Morrison.

"I..." She looked down and started nudging the carpet with her shoe.

"What's that?" I asked, cupping my ear. "I can't hear you." This was great. After everything she had done, Julia was finally feeling the same embarrassment and shame she had put Mr. Gregson and I through.

Then suddenly Julia burst into tears. Her hands flew up to her face and she sobbed in an overly dramatic way. Was she really going for the sympathy vote here? Surely the principal wasn't going to fall for this act?

"Oh don't start crying." I said. "You're not getting out of this that easily." I looked over to the principal but I did not see the stern look that had filled her face earlier. She now looked sad.

This can't be happening. Julia was not going to get out of all this by crying, was she? I racked my brain for some sort of evidence. We had to prove that she had been a bitch. Mr. Gregson would back me up. Surely, we had enough proof that she couldn't just cry her way out of this?

Julia continued to sob as she made her way around to where the principal sat. As I prepared my defence, I noticed something strange. Mrs. Morrison didn't just look sad, she kind of looked... scared? Why would she be scared right now?

Julia continued to sob more dramatically until her head whipped back and the sobs turned into laughter. What? She reached forward and grabbed Mrs. Morrisons tight bun with one hand. She pulled it up and Mrs. Morrison grimaced in pain. But she didn't fight back. I stared in shock. My brain could not comprehend what I was seeing.

"Did you idiots really think I wouldn't get to this bitch before you?" Julia said, still pulling hard on Mrs. Morrison's hair. Mrs. Morrison did not try and stop her, she just gripped the desk tightly and grimaced in pain.

"What?" Mr Gregson said, I saw the fear I felt, mirrored on his face.

"After I locked this idiot up," Julia gestured to Mr Gregson, "I came straight here and had a little chat with out principal." Julia shoved Mrs. Morrison forward, she grunted as her face hit the desk. Julia then walked around the desk and stood right in front of me, leaning back on the edge of the desk. My skin shivered as I tried to get hold of what was happening. I quickly stood. I needed to get out of here.

"Stop him." Julia said with a smile.

I suddenly felt a strong grip on my upper arm. I looked over to see a dejected looking Mr Gregson. "Just do what she says Jacob. It'll be easier that way." I looked at the hollow, defeated look in his eyes. I need help! I still have my phone can I call for help? But who do I call? Calm down Jake. Think through this.

I sat back down and Julia smirked. She lifted a leg and placed her foot firmly between my legs.

I flinch as she gave a light nudge. I tried to move away but Mr. Gregson now had his hands on my shoulders, keeping me firmly in place.

"Your girlfriend has a nice ass Jakey." Julia said. "It's almost half as fine as mine. How often do you kiss it wishing it was me?"

I just glared at her. She wasn't going to bate me like this.

"You know," Julia said, pushing down harder on my balls, "it's almost funny to think that you thought you could outsmart me."

I tried to sit further back in the chair to alleviate the pressure but Julia just pushed down harder. She giggled as I shuffled around in the chair, trying to get away from her foot. She seemed to be enjoying herself as she pushed down so hard I grunted and would have fallen forward if Mr. Gregson hadn't been holding me by the shoulders.

She sighed and removed her foot from my genitals. I gasped in relief. "All this fun today has made me a bit horny Jakey. She moved forward and sat down on my lap. Her face was slightly above mine and her cleavage was so close I could see it move up and down with every breath. Don't look at her boobs! Stay Strong!

She leaned forward and her breasts pressed lightly against the top of my chest. "Would you like to fuck me Jakey?" She whispered.

I gulped as I felt her start slowly thrust forward and back on my lap. I felt my dick hardening and I nearly considered her offer but the pain in my balls was a nice reminder of her evil. I leant forward and whispered back in her ear.

"Not if you were the last girl on earth."

Julia sighed and stood from my lap. "Looks like your up old man." She said. She snapped her fingers and pointed to the principal's desk. Mr. Gregson shuffled forward and lay, face up, on the desk. His legs dangled off the ends, a resigned look on his face.

Julia then snapped her fingers again. This time, looking at Mrs. Morrison. Mrs. Morrison quickly moved around to the front of her desk. "Julia can I please lock the door before-"

Julia again grabbed Mrs. Morrison's bun and pulled it closer to her face. "Did I ask you to talk?"

Mrs. Morrison grimaced in pain. "Sorry, I just mean that, if we were interrupted, then we would have to stop having so much fun."

Julia stared at her captive. It was so weird seeing Mrs. Morrison looking so scared and timid. She was usually the authoritative, dominating presence that could silence a class just by entering the room.

"Good point." Julia said. She shoved Mrs. Morrison forward and she stumbled and fell to the ground. She quickly got up and hurried to the door, yanking it open and disappeared into the hall. Where was she going to go? There was no one higher up in the school than her. Was she going to call the cops on this evil teen?

"That's cute, she thinks she can get away." Julia said giving me a knowing look.

There was a loud scuffling sound outside that followed Mrs. Morrison being dragged back into the room by a large boy who was in my Spanish class. I forgot his name, Brandon maybe? Or was it Brian? It definitely had a B in it.

You know that was hardly the most pressing thing now. The boy gripped Mrs. Morrisons upper arm tightly and forced her back into the room. She looked horrified as Julia smirked and casually walked towards her.

"Well done Andrew." Julia said.

Andrew! That was it.

Julia reached up on her toes and placed a long, wet kiss on Andrew's lips. I glanced at Mr. Gregson. He was still lying face up on the desk, just staring at the roof. What must he be thinking about all this? It didn't matter, all I had to focus on right now was getting out of here. But how do I do that? Julia apparently had body guards stationed on the door.

Andrew's face was very red when Julia's pulled away from him, biting his lip a bit on the way out. She grabbed Mrs. Morrison by the bun again and gave Andrew a light slap to the balls.

"Get back to your post." She ordered. Andrew nodded and did as he was told. Wincing a bit from his saw groin.

"I thought you learnt your lesson earlier about what happens when you try and leave without permission." Julia said.

"Julia you misunderstood my actions I was just going to get you some-"

Mrs. Morrison was cut off by Julia slapping her across the face. Hard. She dragged her roughly back towards her desk and surprised me by throwing her in front of my chair. The principal crashed to the floor and groaned, she rolled to her side and started to get up but was interrupted by a white shoe being placed, lightly on her neck. Mrs. Morrison froze.

Julia leaned forward and the pressure on her foot increased, pushing Mrs. Morrison down onto her back. She now lay flat on the ground. Julia lifted her foot and placed it on the other side of the principals body. She now stood over her, staring down at her with such a scary look that I almost looked away.

"You know the consequences of your actions." Julia said in a low, deadly voice.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen-" Mrs. Morrison spluttered.

Again, she was cut off. This time by something I did not expect. Julia simply dropped. Her skirt flew up as she crashed down, ass first, on the poor lady's stomach.

A strange, gurgling sound shot from Mrs. Morrison's mouth. Her body shot up into a V shape then crashed back down. She coughed and sputtered as Julia quickly spun around and sat down hard on her face. She shook her ass and bounced a bit, causing more of a muffled gurgling sound from the principal. She then settled with Mrs. Morrison's face buried deep under her skirt. I could barely see her face anymore.

"Now Jake." Julia said, turning her head to face me. I tried to focus on Julia but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the sight of my school principal's face, stuck under her butt, clawing at her legs to try and get her off. Julia did not break eye contact with me as she lifted her skirt to cover the struggling principals face fully. Mrs. Morrison's legs kicked out and her body tried to rotate and I realized with horror that she couldn't get any air under Julia's ass.

"Let me explain what's going to happen next." Julia said as Mrs. Morrison continued to struggle and attempt to remove the slim female on top of her. "I told Annabel that you will be begging me to touch my amazing body. That you would punch her in the face, just to get a glimpse at my beautiful tits."

That's not really how I remembered it going down, but I guess she had a flare for the dramatics. This was exemplified by the flailing principal trapped under her ass.

"Julia I don't think Mrs. Morrison can breathe." I said, starting to get concerned for her health.

"Oh, don't worry about her." Julia said. "She's going to get a mouth full soon enough." She giggled at her own joke as the principals efforts to remove the teenager began to decrease in intensity. It appeared Mrs. Morrison was fading.

Julia looked up at me. "So the way this is going to work is like this. I am going to break you."

"You know you really don't have-" I tried to say.

"And the way I will do that is with this." Julia reached into her pocket, but she frowned as her hand shuffled through the contents of it. She then reached around in her other pockets as well but couldn't seem to find what she was looking for. "Hmm I must have left it in my bag."

I was starting to get really concerned for Mrs. Morrison. She didn't seem to be having a great time at the moment. Her efforts were getting weaker and weaker.

"That's alright." Julia said. "I'll show you on dopey here." She motioned to Mr. Gregson who was still lying on the desk.

Julia stood up and desperate gasps filled the air as Mrs. Morrison sucked in as much air as she could into her deprived lungs.

"Hey!' Julia yelled, turning to the principal who clutched her throat as it burned with the fresh air rushing into her lungs. "Stop lazing around and do something useful! Come over her and lick my shoes clean."

Mrs. Morrison weakly rose into a crawling position and shuffled towards the angry teen. She leaned forward and hesitantly moved her tongue towards Julia's white shoe. Her eyes tightened as her tongue touched the dirty shoe. But she kept at it and slowly dragged it up and down.

"Good girl." Julia said, looking down at her. "If you keep this up you might be on your way to getting a gold star." She then turned back to Mr. Gregson. "Now take your pants off."

"What!" Mr. Gregson raised into a sitting position. "I can't do that!"

"You didn't seem to have a problem with it when we were in your office." Julia said with a smirk.

"Julia I..." Mr. Gregson looked down at Mrs. Morrison licking Julia's shoe, then looked at me with a sort of apologetic look. He sighed and lay back down. Julia moved around to the back of the desk and Mrs. Morrison followed her on her hands and knees. Julia sat in the principal's chair and, from the sounds, I assumed Mrs. Morrison continued to lick her shoes.

Meanwhile Mr. Gregson was undoing his belt and shuffling his pants down.

I did not know what was happening but I really did not want to see Mr. Gregson naked right now. "No please you really don't have to-". But it was to late. Mr Gregson had pulled down his pants and underwear. And to my shock, there was a black, plastic looking device right were I expected to see his dick. Shit.

I had seen enough. I stood from my chair. I needed to leave. Now. I turned towards the door but then I remembered Andrew. I quickly changed tact and looked towards the small windows up, right near the roof. Could I get to those?

"There is no way out dick head." Julia said. "Now be a good boy and sit. Or I will have to call in some friends."

I looked at the devil and slowly sat back down. I would wait for the perfect opportunity to escape. She can't keep me here forever.

"Now let me show you what I am going to do to you." Julia said, in her annoying bubbly excited voice. She reached over and gripped the plastic device that I know realised was wrapped around Mr. Gregson's dick. "It's called a chastity cage! You remember how Mr. Gregson was being such a perv back in his office before? Remember he was kissing my ass and getting all up in my pussy? We can't have teachers doing that." I stared at her in shock. This bitch was crazy.

"So now his dick is all locked up so he can't be so inappropriate." Julia giggled and gave the cage a firm tug. Mr Gregson flinched. "I mean I'm an innocent 18 year old, and this guy is like 400 years old. And yet a few hours ago he was begging to lick my panties clean. Isn't that right little Greggy?"

Mr Gregson nodded, he had a very uncomfortable look on his face. But it was nothing to how uncomfortable he was about to look.

"This device is amazing," Julia continued. "My mum showed me how it works. Look, I can literally do this." Julia hopped up onto the desk. I heard Mrs. Morrison grunt and I assumed she had been kicked on the way up.

Julia lifted a leg over the older man and sat right on his crotch. She began bouncing her ass up and down against Mr Gregson's trapped dick in a way that even made my dick stir. Her tiny skirt lifted up while she bounced, and I saw her yellow panties hugging her crotch. I tried not to look at Julia's bouncing ass but it was nearly impossible. How was it possible for someone to be so hot yet so evil at the same time! Stop it Jake! This is no time to get hard!

"See, I can literally have my ass on his cock, and he can't do anything about it." Julia said in her same matter of fact voice as she continued to bounce. "Even if my panties weren't there, he still couldn't do anything. Isn't that right Mr. G?

Mr. Gregson had his eyes closed. I could see some sweat starting to appear on his face. His fists were balling up.

Julia leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest. She then began slowly grinding her pussy up and down. A smirk appeared on her face as Mr Gregson grimaced. He started breathing heavily. "Mmmm, this feels nice." Julia said. She then turned to face me. "And it comes with the safety and security of knowing that this idiot can't shove his dick in me like he clearly wants to. I can see why they made these things. I can't wait till I put one on you Jakey."

Wholey Fuck Shit Fuck! There was no way I was wearing that thing on my dick! Please let me get out of here. How was I going to explain to Annabel why my dick was locked in a tiny plastic cage?

"Excuse me Miss Assten?" Mrs. Morrison called from under the desk."

Julia ignored her and turned back to face her teacher. She continued to grind on his cage, slowly starting to move faster and faster.

"My legs feel quite sore and cramped under here." Mrs. Morrison said. "And, at my age, my neck really shouldn't be cramped at this angle. May I please retake my seat at my desk?"

Julia laughed and stopped her thrusting. She leant forward and pecked Mr Gregson on the forehead. "Stay." She said, then lifted off him and I could see some liquid shinning on his cage. He looked very uncomfortable. His legs squirmed a bit as Julia lent down and dragged her principal out by the bun again. Mrs. Morrison grimaced as she was pulled by her hair to the front of the desk. She was again thrown in front of me.

"Jake I need your help." Julia said with a smile.

I stared up at her, trying to look intimidating but I didn't think it was working. What did she want now?

"Poor Mrs. Morrison has a sore neck. She needs to do some neck exercises to strengthen it." She leaned down towards me and grabbed the top of my pants. I let it happen, I wasn't in a position to bargain at the moment. She slid my zipper down and pulled out my cock. She then leant forward, giving me a great look at her rack while she held my dick, I couldn't help but be turned on. Damn this devil.

Then to my horror, Julia grabbed our principals head and brought her to my newly hard dick.

"Suck." She ordered.

"No way!" I said. "This is too far Julia!" I tried to get out of the chair but Julia still had me by the dick.

"I would have thought you would want one last ride before you are locked up." Julia said.

"Miss Assten I have a husband, I can't be-"

Julia slammed Mrs. Morrisons head down on my dick and she gagged as it hit the back of her throat. I too flinched as this old ladies head was shoved onto me. Julia lifted her head up and down and I leaned back, hands on my face, as my principal gargled on my dick. Despite the crazy situation, this felt good. Especially with Julia's boobs hanging right in front of me.

"Keep going." Julia said.

Mrs. Morrison continued to suck on my dick as Julia turned and again hopped up onto Mr. Gregson. This time she faced his feet as she sat on his stomach. "Now it's your turn for some fun." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small shiny key. She clicked the chastity cage open, then carefully placed it in her pocket. Mr. Gregson's face went red as his limp dick flopped in plain view of Julia and me. I tried not to look but my eyes darted there without my permission. Ew.

"Julia please..." Mr. Gregson said. "You're a beautiful 18 year old girl. Surely there are plenty of other men who would be-"

Mr. Gregson stopped talking as Julia lent down and gave his cock a long, slow lick. Her panties were on show as she lent forward, my dick got even harder in Mrs. Morrsion's mouth. Mr. Gregson's dick also shot up at the sight of the yellow panties.

"Mrs. Morrison." I whispered as Julia continued to lick Mr. Gregson. "Mrs. Morrison Julia is pretty distracted right now. You can probably stop." I kept my voice just low enough for her to hear.

She lifted her head and there was a soft sucking noise as her mouth left my dick. "I'm sorry Jacob." She said. "But she has the photos." She then bent down and continued to suck on my dick. It was both gross and amazing at the same time.

Mr. Gregson's dick was now at full attention as Julia pulled some lube out of her pocket and poured it into her hands. She then put both hands on the cock and gave what looked like an amazing hand job. There was a strange moment when her strokes lined up with Mrs. Morrison's sucking and I imagined Julia's ass sitting on my stomach rubbing my dick up and dow- No! you can't think of her like that Jake! You have a girlfriend!

Mr. Gregson's hands now gripped the sides of the desk and his breathing began to quicken.

"Ohh that was almost too easy." Julia said as a strange huffing sound started echoing from Mr. Gregson's throat. She pumped a few more times then suddently stopped.

"Ow my hands are getting sore." Julia said, she lifted her hands from Mr. Gregson's dick and he thrust his hips upwards, trying to follow the hands, only to slam back down on the desk in disappointment. His face went even darker red with embarrassment as Julia stretched out her hands.

"Oh sorry." Julia said. "Did you want me to keep going Mr. Gregson?"

Mr. Gregson did not answer, he remained silent, probably trying to keep his dignity intact. It might be a little too late for that.

"What am I saying? Of course you want me to keep going you dirty old perv." Julia gripped his cock again and began stroking. "Well since you've been such a good boy today, I suppose I can give you a treat."

She stroked faster and faster until Mr. Gregson started making his strange panting noise again. He started to almost lift his hips a bit with every stroke. His face squeezed tight and his legs began to curl. Julia began pounding her hands hard up and down and Mr. Gregson lifted his upper body up and started grunting.

Then Julia just stopped. A little whining sound escaped Mr. Gregson's lips as he leant back and desperately tried to thrust his hips upwards. Julia squeezed the bottom of Mr. Gregson's dick and stopped the blood flow while he bucked around under her.

"Actually," Julia said casually as Mr. Gregson squirmed. "What Mrs. Morrison is doing looks fun. Let's try that."

Julia shuffled back so that her ass was centimetres away from Mr. Gregson's face, she then lent forward and gulped up his dick in her mouth. The sight of her sucking cock while Mrs. Morrison sucked on me was driving me crazy. I couldn't help but imagine her slim, tight, body on mine. Her juicy lips on my dick. No stop! You are not cumming in Mrs. Morrisons mouth Jake! You have a girlfriend! And also this is your principal! She is old, and... wrinkly, and... hot. No! not hot! My brain is the worst. I continued my internal battle as I tried to think of rotting fruit or dead animals. Anything to get my dick to calm down. There was no way I was cumming inside Mrs. Morrison.

While I fought my battle. Mr. Gregson was having one of his own. Julia was going to town on his dick. Slurping on it like she hadn't eaten in days. But just as Mr. Gregson was on edge she again stopped. Mr. Gregson squirmed as Julia sat up and brushed her hair out of her face.

"That was fun." Julia said. "Did you want me to keep going Mr. G?"

Mr. Gregson lay back on the desk, panting and just stared up at the roof again. Did I just see a tear roll out of his eye?

Julia shuffled back and bounced her ass hard on his face before standing up over his head. He grunted as she placed her foot in the middle of his chest. She then lifted up and stood, with all her weight on the poor man. She slowly walked down his body, one crunching step at a time, until she trod on his hard dick.

Mr. Gregson let out an audible cry of pain as his dick was squashed under Julia's, freshly licked clean, shoe. "That wouldn't have hurt so much if you weren't such a dirt perv, getting hard in front of innocent teenagers like me. She stepped off the man, spun crouching in front of his dick. Mr. Gregson leant back as she gobbled up his balls and sucked on them. She then moved to licking the tip of his dick. It quickly regained it's rock like state that it had lost from being stood on.

"Would you like me to continue?" Julia asked, resting her breast on the top of Mr. Gregson's thighs.

"Fuck you." He grunted.

"That's not very nice Mr. G." Julia said, sitting up. "I unlocked your cage. I gave you what you wanted. Now you throw it all in my face? Your lucky I'm a nice person."

Julia sat up and started stroking his dick again. This time with her right hand while her left played with his balls. "Aren't you glad I'm not some mean bitch who would leave you hanging? I'm here to give you a good time sir."

She took him right to the edge and again stopped just short. "Hang on. Just give me a second. My hair is in my face again." She said as Mr. Gregson squirmed in front of her. He thrust his hips wildly but it was no use. She slowly bunched up her hair and began to tie it up.

"Please!" Mr. Gregson hissed.

"What's that teach?" Julia said.

"I... Please." Mr. Gregson said, he looked like he was about to start sobbing.

"I'm not sure what you mean Mr. G." Julia said. "Did you want me to lock up your cage?"

"No!" Gregson almost shouted.

"Well I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong." Julia smirked. She was loving this.

"Please don't stop." Gregson grunted.

"Oh you mean you want me to keep fucking you with my hands?" Julia asked.

Mr. Gregson nodded.

"Or maybe we should just get down to it." Julia said. She again stood on the desk and I almost gasped as she bent down and slid her panties off over her shoes. She jumped down from the desk and I, embarrassingly, whimpered as she grabbed Mrs. Morrison's head and pulled her off my dick. She shoved her yellow panties onto the principals head and threw her back onto me. I was now even more turned on as I saw Julia's yellow panties bobbing up and down between my legs. I couldn't last much longer like this!

Julia then turned and climbed back onto Mr. Gregson. I got an incredible view of Julia's ass that nearly made me blow my load right then and there. Think of dead cats! I shouted to my brain.

Julia crouched above her teacher and smiled, then she crept forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. Mr. Gregson remained stone still as she then lifted her skirt and slowly lowered her pussy onto his dick. He gasped as her lips slid around his cock.

Holy Shit! Mr. Gregson is having fucking sex with Julia! I watched in awe as Julia began humping my teacher. And he was fucking her as well! His hips were thrusting in time with hers! If you had told me yesterday that Mr. fucking Gregson would be fucking Julia on the principals desk I would have thought you were crazy!

Mr. Gregson started making his grunting, heavy breathing noise again as he picked up the pace, grabbing Julia's waist to help thrust her onto him. Julia started softly moaning as well as the loud slapping noise they made began quickening. Mr. Gregson tensed his whole body but before anything else happened Julia lifted up her crotch and stuck her butt in the air.

"No please!" Mr. Gregson whimpered as his hips tried to follow Julia's. But they were just out of reach. He tried pulling her hips down but from his position he didn't have much leverage.

"Please what Mr. G?" Julia said with a smirk.

"Please fuck me Julia!" he grunted.

"I knew you were a dirty old perv." Julia said, smirking. "Manipulating innocent little me into having sex with you. You should be ashamed."

Mr. Gregson didn't even seem to care anymore. He kept trying to thrust his hips up to her pussy. She always kept it just out of reach.

Julia then flipped around and put her shins on Mr. Gregson's shoulders. She slowly lowered her amazing, tight ass onto his face. "I'll make you a deal teach."

Mr. Gregson nodded into Julia's butt.

"Every time you lick my ass, I'll stroke your dick."

Julia laughed as a loud slopping sound came from her ass. "Oh you're an eager one aren't you."

She lent forward and began stroking his dick again. As she did so her ass moved forward and Mr. Gregson had to lift his head up to reach her. He seemed to do so happily as he continued to lick Julia's ass.

She again took him to the edge and just before he was going to cum she lifted her butt up high in the air, pushing his shoulders down with her shins.

"No!" Mr. Gregson grunted.

"What's wrong?" Julia asked as she stopped stroking him. "Do you not want me to keep going?"

Mr. Gregson was squirming around on the desk, his legs kicking out and his face bunched up tight. He tried to get his own hands to his dick but Julia just shoved them back under her legs, pinning them down.

"All you have to do is lick my ass if you want me to keep going Mr. G" Julia said, giving his tip a little lick.

Mr. Gregson tried to lift his head but his shoulders couldn't move Julia's legs. He tried in vein to get to the girls butt but it was out of his reach.

"Just one lick and I'll fuck you right now." Julia said, softly dragging her tongue up and down his cock.

Mr. Gregson pushed so hard with his head that he managed to lift Julia up a bit off the desk. But he just crashed back down as Julia pushed him back.

"No? Well if you insist." Julia stood up and Mr. Gregson's hands immediately shot towards his dick, desperation all over his face.

Julia simply dropped, ass first, onto Mr. Gregson's stomach, pinning his hands under her.

He grunted in pain but continued to wriggle and squirm as he tried to push her off and get to his throbbing dick. Julia reached back and grabbed him by the balls.

"Stop." She commanded. The teacher immediately froze. His eyes wide. "Don't ruin all your good work today Mr. G"

She spun around and faced his dick, pulling something out of her pocket. "hmm..." she muttered. "It's too big now to fit in the cage. Oh I know."

Mr. Gregson cried out in pain as Julia squeezed his balls tight. He bucked and squirmed harder than ever as she continued to squeeze even tighter. Eventually, his dick began going limp.

"That's better." Julia said as she rode the bucking of his hips. She leaned forward and I heard a clicking sound, followed by a distinct locking sound. Mr. Gregson started openly sobbing as Julia climbed off him. He lay on Mrs. Morrison's desk, tears rolling down his face.

"I don't know what your so upset about." Julia said. "I'm the one who was violated by a creepy old man."

Julia then turned her attention to me and I actually felt blood drain from my face. I didn't know what she was planning but I was sure I wouldn't like it. She walked forward with a smirk and pulled the principals head off my dick. As scared as I was I still felt thankful that she had stopped Mrs. Morrison. Despite my best efforts, I don't think I could have lasted much longer. I was proud of myself for not blowing my load in my principals' mouth.

Julia bent down, her breasts pushing against my chest, her lips brushing my ear. My already throbbing dick stood to attention. "Since I am so nice, I will give you one last hurrah before I lock you up."

I then felt her firm grip around my cock as she started stroking while she continued to whisper into my ear. "Do you like my hand on your dick Jake?"

I didn't say anything. Annabel would kill me if she saw what was going on right now.

"I wish your girlfriend could see this." Julia said, was she a mind reader? "If she were here, I would be yanking her precious head down to my pussy. I would make her lick me until I was nice and wet."

My breath quickened as I imagined my girlfriend licking Julia's pussy. I shuddered at the thought. I felt the need to protect Annabel in this imaginary situation. But my mind was focused on my dick right now. The pressure was building and there was nothing I could do about it.

"When I was nice and warmed up I would throw her on the ground. I would have her lie flat so I could lie on top of her. You see I just washed my school uniform, my mum wouldn't be happy if I got it all dirty from laying on the floor. Then when I was on top of Annabel I would give one of my slaves the reward of fucking me while I used Annabel as a doormat."

I gulped. Poor Annabel. I really need to keep her away from this bitch.

"Maybe it could be you if you are good Jakey." She increased her stocking. I was nearly there. "Would you like to fuck me while your girlfriend lay under me, protecting my clean dress from the dirty ground? Would you Jake?"

I didn't say anything. I was just horrified that I was about to cum right here in front of my teacher, principal and this evil bitch.

"Answer me Jake." Julia breathed. "Would you like to fuck me?"

"No." I grunted in defiance.

"Okay." Julia said brightly, lifting her hand from my throbbing dick.

"No no no don't stop!" I pleaded. My mind raced. I needed the release. I instinctively thrust my hips up into thin air.

"I'm getting some mixed messages from you Jake." Julia said as I reached for my dick, but Julia was quicker. She grabbed my balls, just as she had done with Mr. Gregson. And I knew what was coming next. Pain. It shot through me as she squeezed.

"This is your last chance Jake." Julia said. "Fuck me or you'll experience what Mr. G here went through."

My mind raced with images of Mr. Gregson, tears running down his face, openly sobbing on the desk.

"Okay okay! Fuck me Julia! Fuck my brains out!"

"Hmm..." She thought, still squeezing my dick. "Na I'm not in the mood." She lifted herself away from me. I saw her boob lift off my chest and I nearly reached out and grabbed them. All I wanted right now was this perfect body bouncing on my dick.

"I only fuck good boys." Julia said. "Like Mr. G here." Julia said, turning and ruffling the crumpled teacher's hair as he lay on the desk. "You had fun fucking me didn't you Mr. G?"

I reached forward and started pumping my own dick. I needed the release. I didn't care if I was in the presence of these three. I needed to cum right now.

I pumped harder and harder and I was quickly on the edge again. Julia laughed as she saw what I was doing. She grabbed the principal by the hair again and pushed her up right in front of me.

With a grunt I finally reached my limit and a blast of cum shot forward, covering Mrs. Morrison's face. She gasped and squinted as some landed in her eye.

Julia just laughed. This was not good. This was very very not good.
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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

I'm not generally someone who gets any enjoyment out of stories that revolve around ballbusting/CBT but this is decent. I would have preferred to see her get her way by being just plain stronger, and not going for the balls, but this isn't bad even though it's a very far cry from what I'm into.

Of course I don't expect anyone to do it, but if another version of this were to be made that featured Julia getting her way by being inexplicably and freakishly strong rather than ballbusting, it would check just about every box for me.

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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

To each their own, but for me personally I love the ballbusting and inexplicable strength would have ruined it.

Really awesome stories!
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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

Awesome, so far I love everything about this! Especially that she just dominates everyone wit her body and cockiness and through sheer will power. Can't wait to get more!
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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

Originally Posted by MadHat [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
To each their own, but for me personally I love the ballbusting and inexplicable strength would have ruined it.

Really awesome stories!
Fair enough. It's just that ballbusting is something that only works when the guy is totally unprepared for it. And to me, the idea of using a trick that only works if the guy is totally unprepared doesn't show dominance. If anything it shows weakness. That's just my opinion though
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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

Hey guys this is just a little section to bridge into the final part. Hope you enjoy!


I sat on Annabel’s bed, playing with my cage. For the hundredth time I cursed Julia as the stubborn plastic wouldn’t budge.

Every day for the last two weeks I had tried to rip off this stupid thing wrapped around my dick. I had tried using every tool I could find in my house. Nothing would get this thing off. I gave it a yank for about the millionth time, but all that did was pull my sore dick.

“Fuck Julia!” I muttered under my breath. I punched one of Annabel’s fluffy orange pillows.

These past two weeks had been some of the most frustrating of my entire life. I had one of the most incredibly sexy girlfriends, great body, nice boobs (a bit small but who’s complaining) and a pretty good ass, and I couldn’t do anything about it!

I couldn’t risk letting Annabel near me because I didn’t want her to find the fucking cage on my dick. I was not ready for that conversation.

And yet every day I just got hornier and hornier! Fuck Julia!

That bitch didn’t help things either. She was even hotter than Annabel and all she did was tease and torment me. She never missed a chance to brush her leg against mine as she walked past, or bend over in front of me.

One time I was taking the train home after school. It was packed as usual, so I stood in the crowd. Julia had somehow manged to position herself right in front of me. Every time I tried to move away she would follow. At least Annabel wasn’t there at the time. So, the next 20 minutes was Julia’s ass bumping back and forth against my caged dick. She also somehow managed to drop her phone 6 times. 6, excruciating, slow, straight knee, bends. Ass pressed against my crotch, vibrating with the rattle of the train.

That night I nearly took a fucking axe to that fucking cage.

My thoughts were interrupted as Annabel cracked the door open and I quickly ripped my hands out of my pants. She was carrying two plates with sandwiches on them.

“Thanks.” I said as she handed me one.

“That's alright.” She replied. “Except I got sauce on my new top.” She frowned, pulling the fabric of her top out to show me a red stain.

“That’s anno-“ my words cut off as Annabel pulled the white top over her head.

It seemed to happen in slow motion in my mind. The top lifted up and Annabel’s cute little boobs giggled as the fabric pulled at them. It seemed such a shame they were trapped in that cage that was her frilly blue bra. It’s a shame she didn’t spill the sauce on that too. She bent forward to pick up the plate again and the boobs shot forward, as if they were trying to bounce out of the bra.

Fuck I need to get this cage off.

“Are you staring at my boobs sir?” Annabel said playfully. Mock horror covered her face as she covered her boobs with her arm.


Annabel walked towards me, climbing onto the bed, dropping the plate on the bed and crawling up to my feet. Her breast swayed as she crawled, and my head felt very light. Her beautiful face was getting very close to mine.

I have to stop this. But I don’t want to!

“Um… babe I’m not really in the mood right… right now.” I said, using all the will power I could muster.

“You’ve been saying that for ages Jake!” Annabel said, frustrated. She sat back on her heels and crossed her arms underneath her boobs. This pushed them up further, seeming to taunt me more.

I so badly wanted to fuck my girlfriend right now!

“Please Jakey…” Annabel purred as she crouched back into a crawl. Oh no.

She crawled right up to me until her face was pressed against mine in one hell of a kiss. She rasied onto her knees while she kissed me and my hands immediately went to her boobs. Then around to her ass, I pulled it, and her closer. Her skin was soft and her ass was firm, almost as firm as Julia’s- No don’t think of that bitch!

Oh my god this felt amazing. My dick strained to get hard inside its prison. Further reminding me of the bitch I should not be thinking about while kissing my girlfriend.

I felt Annabel put her hand on my leg and I stiffened. She crept it, slowly up to my thigh and then up to-

I jumped out of the bed, pushing Annabel to the floor as I shot towards the door.
“What the fuck Jake?” She said.

“I… I just remembered I have a… pineapple to… cook.” I said, scrambling for words.

“What?” Annabel asked as I backed out of the room. I ran downstairs and stumbled into the kitchen table, knocking my hip against the hard wood. Ow! This was not a good day.

I sat down at one of the chairs and tried to collect my thoughts. That was too close.
I needed to solve this cage issue. It was getting out of hand. I had to confront Julia. I would demand to be released or I would go to the police or something. As long as she wasn’t controlling them somehow, then that should work. Man what if she had the police under her thumb? No that couldn’t happen. Could it?

“Hello Jacob?” A familiar voice said from behind me.

I turned to see Stacey, Annabel’s mum standing behind me. This was not helping my current situation.

Even for a mum, Stacey was a solid 9 out of 10. I always hoped Annabel would start to grow into her mother’s shape. She was slim like Annabel but had much better curves and much larger boobs. Boobs I hoped Annabel would inherit. Boobs that were currently trying to burst out of the tight purple shirt she was suffocating them in.

Don’t stare at her chest idiot! I quickly looked up at her eyes.

She seemed amused. “Found my eyes have you?”


“Wouldn’t expect anything less from a teenage boy.” She said. “Where’s Annabel?”


She nodded and disappeared into the hall. I quickly stood. At least this cage had one good side effect. I didn’t have to worry about getting a bonner in front of Stacey anymore. That was usually my biggest challenge around Annabel’s hot mum. There was that one time, when we went to the beach. No, I promised myself I would not remind myself of that. It was embarrassing enough the first time.

I decided to leave the house before this family’s boobs got me in any more trouble.

The next day at school everyone was talking about Annabel’s party coming up. The one she held a couple of weeks ago went so well that the people were demanding another one. And Annabel did like to please the people. Her house was great for parties. It was big, with a pool and garden. And her mum didn’t care what they did, she was single and seemed more keen to party than us teenagers. Annabel didn’t like seeing her grinding on our classmates but it was a fair trade for having an awesome party.

I was sitting in Mr. Gregson’s class, daydreaming about what I would do to Annabel at her party tonight if I didn’t have this stupid cage on, when there was a loud knock at the door. Mr. Gregson opened it and my heart skipped a beat. I had such an odd reaction to seeing Julia. Her short skirt, tight shirt and beautiful figure meant my horny mind raced with joy, while every other part of me mentally flinched as she moved into the room. How was she the only girl here who could make this boring grey uniform hot?

“My maths teacher is boring. I’m coming to sit in on your class.” She announced to Mr. Gregson.

Mr. Gregson just nodded, looking awkward and a lot more timid than he had a few weeks ago.

“Good boy.” Julia said, giving him a light tap on the butt.

The class laughed at this and Mr. Gregson’s face went slightly red.

There was an empty seat next to me and it did not surprise me at all when Julia headed straight for it. She was clearly going to sit next to me and casually torture me under the table. This was going to be the train all over again. My dick was both going to hate and love this.

Julia strolled to the empty seat and walked straight past it, stepping one leg over me and planting her light blue pantied ass right on my lap. Fuck.

“Julia, would you kindly please sit in a chair.” Mr. Gregson said without any real confidence.

Some of the girls in the class were giggling as Julia pretended to be confused. “I am in a chair sir?”

“Um… I mean an empty chair.”

“Oh. Whoops.” Julia said, “I didn’t realise you were here Jake.” She spun on my lap to face me, her boobs now way to close to my face. “You don’t mind if I sit here do you?”

One part of my brain screamed to shove her off me, while the other, more dominant part was loving her soft, warm legs pushing down on mine.

“It’s just that there are no other chairs for me to sit on.” Julia said. “And I can’t just sit on the floor can I?”

“Um…” I said, glancing at the empty chair next to me.

“Good.” She said with a smile, bopping me on the nose with her finger. She spun around again and lent forward on the desk, her ass pushing back into me. All the spinning made her skirt lift up around her waist, giving me, and some very pervy guys, a spectacular view.

“Does she know he has a girlfriend?” I heard someone whisper behind me.

Mr. Gregson looked like he was going to argue but just decided to get back to the class.

I thought about pushing the beautiful girl off my lap but my raging hornyness simply would not allow it. And if I did she would probably just make it worse for me anyway.

The next hour was a strange kind of blissful hell. I felt bad for enjoying the little nudges and bounces Julia gave with her ass. There were a few times I felt her press down hard on my cage with her ass. Almost as if to remind me it was there. Like I didn't know that. I had spent the last two weeks trying to rip it off.

It was odd that I had a crowd for this. Most guys, and some girls, couldn’t keep their eyes off Julia’s tanned legs. This was surely going to get back to Annabel. I should really stop this. But Julia was so fucking hot! And I was so fucking horny!

Suddenly my eyes squeezed shut as I felt Julia start to slowly pump back and forth on top of me. Her skirt rode up even higher and I could clearly see her light blue panties as she dragged them along my school pants. With every move the panties crumpled further and further into Julia’s ass crack, showing more and more skin.
Fuck this was wrong!

All around me students were staring in confusion or amusement or downright jealousy. I felt heat rush to my face as I realised how this must look to the others. I was dating another girl, and yet I seemingly was letting this incredibly hot devil grind all over me.

Suddenly Julia stopped. “Jake!” She hissed.


“I can’t see the bottom of the board!” She whispered. I didn’t really know why she was telling me this, or why she was whispering. She clearly wasn’t worried about what Mr. Gregson would do if he caught her talking in class.

“So?” I replied, did she want to stand up? I would be okay with that. Then her ass would be right in front of my face and I- Shit! Stop thinking like that Jake!

“I need your help.” She said, she then planted her feet and rose to a standing position. The back of her skirt fell down, covering her beauty. Right underneath that thin fabric was her round- Fuck I need to get laid.

“Put the back of your head on the chair.” She hissed.

“What! Why?”

“Would you like me to force you to do it or would you rather do it yourself?” She asked, her voice becoming more commanding. I had a brief flashback to the intense pain of her grabbing and kicking my balls. Resigned to my fate, I slowly lowered until the back of my head was on the seat of the chair. The hard plastic was not comfortable on the back of my head while the rest of my body was awkwardly crouched under the desk.

From this angle I could see the bottom of Julia’s panties again. I forced my mind not to be excited by that. But I unconsiously almost moved even further down so I could get an even better look but Julia’s next movement stopped me.

She lifted her skirt and lowered her body.

“Julia!” I hissed. “What are you doing? You will literally be at the exact same height as when you were sitting on my- MMFFF”

Her ass hit my mouth as I spoke and I didn’t have time to take a deep breath. I was now painfully aware of how little air I had in my lunges.

I heard a few people snigger next to me as they watched Julia humiliate me.

“I think your weirdly big nose helps give that extra height I need to see the whole board.” Julia said to more sniggers from the class. “You wouldn’t want me to miss anything would you?”

My nose is not weirdly big! But there was not much I could do to argue right now. The smell of Julia’s pussy filled it as I struggled for breath. Okay I really need air now! I gave up on trying to remain cool and grabbed Julia’s ass with both my hands. I gave a massive shove upwards but from this odd angle I couldn't lift the girl off me.

“Jake it’s okay I don’t need to go any higher.” Julia said. “I can see much better from here.” She wiggled her butt a bit to emphasise the point.

You’re at the same fucking height as you were on my lap bitch!

“Since your mouth is a bit tied up at the moment, if the lack of air starts to bother you, just lick my ass. That will be our little signal that you need more air. Then I might consider giving it to you. I may be a bit to busy taking in Mr. Gregson’s insightful class.” Again there were a mixture of shocked and amused sounds from my class mates. What must be going through their heads right now?

Fuck it, I need air. I began furiously licking, it was hard when my face was being squished against her soft skin but I managed a few good licks.

Julia giggled as I licked but she didn’t lift up. “I’m a bit busy at the moment. I’ll get to you soon”

Julia shook her ass, digging my nose deeper into one of her holes. I couldn't tell which one.

“Mr. Gregson!” a girl’s voice said somewhere to my right.

“Yes Mary?”

“Mr. Gregson Julia is… well she’s sitting Jake’s face!”

The silence that followed this was kind of scary. I could imagine the glare that Julia was giving the girl. I felt bad for her. She was probably now on Julia’s list.

“Uh yes… Julia could you please… um Julia could you.” Mr. Gregson stuttered.

“Yes Mr. G?” Julia said innocently.

“Julia what you are doing is highly inappropriate.” Mr. Gregson said. I was impressed with his bravery. And also a little worried for him.

Julia stood up and air rushed into my lungs, I clutched my chest and wheezed in as much as I could.

She lent down and whispered something horrific into my ear. “I’ll see you at your girlfriends party tonight. I can’t wait to have you both screaming between my legs.” She then gave me a light kiss on the lips and disappeared from sight.

As I clambered up to my seat worry began to rush through me. I couldn’t let Annabel get involved in this. It was just wrong.

Julia was walking slowly towards Mr. Gregson and I could see him stumble backwards, his back bumping into the whiteboard, fear all over his face.

Julia smiled as she walked right up to the teacher. She looked him in the eye and said “You are right Mr. Gregson. I am sorry for my actions.”

“W… what?” Mr. Gregson stuttered.

“I was being inappropriate. I’ll leave and let you continue your class.”


“Um… Good.” Mr. Gregson said more confidently.

I didn’t expect this from Julia. Was she playing another game? Or was she finally starting to respect the teach-

Julia flicked her leg out and kicked Mr. Gregson hard between the legs. He quickly tumbled to the ground and cried out in pain.

Nope. Same old Julia.

The class gasped and Julia just turned and gave me a wink. “I’ll see you tonight.” She said to me. She then turned and left a stunned class. Everyone was still as Mr. Gregson rolled on the floor and whined in pain.

I quickly jumped to my feet and went to see if Mr. Gregson was alright. As I approached his desk I noticed his face was a scary pale colour and sweat beaded around his forehead. I clutched his arms, not sure what I could do to help.

Julia’s words rang in my head. “I can’t wait to have you both screaming between my legs”

No! Not Annabel! An image of Julia's legs wrapping around my girlfriends neck shot through my head. Julia laughing, Annabel choking.

“No!” I said out loud. “No way!” Julia was not getting to my girlfriend! There was no way Annabel was going to be put through the same humiliation as Mr. Gregson and I. Not if I had anything to do with it!

I quickly stood, my fists clenched. Julia could fuck with me, she could fuck with the whole damned school for all I care. But she was not going to fuck with my girlfriend!

I turned towards the door and stormed out. Then remembered something and popped my head back into class. “Could someone please call the nurse.” I said as Mr. Gregson began whimpering.

A few people in the class nodded, still looking a bit shocked.

I then continued my storm out and marched to Annabel’s English class. I made up some excuse about a teacher needing help and got her out of class.

“What’s up?” She asked as I took her hand and began leading her to the bathroom.
I didn’t say anything, I just marchech her down the hall. I quickly looked around. The coast was clear. I opened up the disabled toilet and pulled her in. Then locked the door behind me.

“Jake?” Annabel asked, sounding worried.

“I need to tell you something.” I said.

“Is this about your car because it wasn’t my fault that they didn’t put the lid on properly.”

“No it’s not- wait you were the one who spilt the coke in my car?”

“Um… no?”

“Okay whatever, I need to tell you something.” I said.

I then began explaining everything. And I mean everything. I didn’t leave anything out as I told her exactly what Julia had done since the meeting with Mr. Gregson. Annabel’s face throughout the story went through a range of several emotions. I tried to read her face but I couldn’t tell if she was angry at Julia, or me for allowing this.

“…and then she… well she…” I didn’t really want to say the next bit so I just unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees.

“What is that!” Annabel asked looking shocked.

I explained about the chastity cage and Annabel’s face went red with rage.

“SHE DID THIS TO YOU!” She shouted.

“Shhh!” I hissed. “She could be listening.” My head whipped back to the door, everything remained silent outside.

Annabel was breathing hard now as tears started to well up in her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I have a plan.” I gripped Annabel by the shoulders to try and calm her. “She's coming to your party tonight.”

“No the fuck she isn’t!” Annabel said.

“Yes she is.” I said. “I want her to come. It’s our home turf there.” I grinned and Annabel looked up at me in confusion.

“Were going to get our revenge tonight.”
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Default Re: My Girlfriend's Arch Rival

Great story! I like the built-up and can't wait for the final part. Julia is quite a force!

Thank you very much
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