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Default Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

It was Mia’s boyfriend Mason’s 22nd birthday, but instead of a happy time, Mia was left angry and humiliated.

In the back of her mind she knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself from taking the opportunity to snoop when a few days ago, he had carelessly left his phone alone in the room with her for a few minutes.

She was glad she did, shocked at what she had found. She had been getting played, and Mia couldn’t even be sure of for how long. All she knew was, he’d been texting and hooking up with another girl behind her back for at least a month now. The extra nights out spending time with his ‘friends’ instead of her were suddenly making a lot more sense now.

Not only was she angry and hurt that Mason had been lying and cheating on her behind her back for a while now, but she was also humiliated that she had made so much effort to make his birthday special, planning a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant and coming up with the perfect gift, for a cheater with no respect for her. She felt so stupid.

She had somehow managed to mask her feelings pretty well since her discovery, and after abandoning her original plans for his birthday, the only plan she had in mind for his birthday now, was making him feel the same humiliation she felt.

Mason, 6’2 with brown hair, arrived back home in the afternoon exactly when Mia had instructed him to over text, also telling him to “meet her right in the bedroom”. He had expected to end the day in bed with her, not start it off that way. He definitely wasn’t upset about it though. Mason had gone out for an early lunch, giving Mia a little time to let herself in and prepare a first little birthday surprise for him as she had requested.

It was totally quiet as he went to the bedroom, and as he entered he found that there was only a paper note left waiting for him. “Just lay down, get that shirt off, get those handcuffs on your wrists, and I’ll take care of the rest

......Handcuffs? He hadn’t noticed at first glance but there were in fact 2 pairs of handcuffs waiting for him on his dresser near the bed. This was new, she must’ve just gotten those as a birthday surprise. He hadn’t known her to be that type of girl, neither was the other girl he was seeing, but if she wanted to explore something new today, he wasn’t going to turn her down.

Attaching one end of each pair to his wrists, he laid on the bed patiently waiting for her. His mind was racing thinking of the sexy time she had planned, and what else she must have planned if this is how their starting the day.

After a few minutes, his girlfriend Mia finally entered the room, slowly closing the door behind her. Mia was 5’9 and 180lbs with dark black hair. She was a curvy girl with a voluptuous bottom and an ample chest. Her soft thighs surprisingly held some hidden strength.

Mia approached the bed seductively, dressed down to just a black bra and black cotton thong that revealed a lot of skin in the back.

“Ooooh, you got yourself all ready for me already, excited for your first birthday gift?”

“Hell yes, babe you look so hot” Mason responded, captivated by Mia in her skimpy outfit.

“I knew you’d love it.”

*clink* as she cuffed one of his wrists to the headboard of the bed above his head, securing it. She then headed over to the other side.

“Don’t get me wrong baby, I’m excited, but I never knew you were into ‘this’” Mason told her, giving a little pull with his one cuffed arm as he said it.

“Well that’s because this is my first time trying this too, but what could be a better surprise then having a little fun trying something new together?” She said in a sultry tone.

“This one is definitely a surprise.” He laughed.

“You’ll love it, I’m sure of it.” She promised. *clink* as she cuffed his other arm to the headboard, leaving both his arms restrained over his head.

As she seductively climbed onto the bed and swung a leg over his body straddling him as she sat down on his stomach, he could already feel himself getting turned on. He was now only wearing shorts, and underwear underneath them.

“Before I get the rest of those clothes off and make this your best birthday ever, I think there’s something we need to talk about first baby.” She said, leaning forwards over him with a smile.

Mason went from becoming very aroused quickly, to being a little confused.

“Uh, what do you mean?” He asked. “About what we’re doing later?”

“I know what you’ve been doing.’ She replied, still keeping the same tone.

“Um what do you mean Mia?” He asked again, his arousal that had quickly built now already fading.

“Let’s just say.......someone left their phone in the room with me unattended a few days ago.” She revealed sweetly.

‘Wait, so you went looking through my phone?’ He accused, raising his voice.

‘Wrong answer.’ She spat firmly, dropping her act as she delivered a hard slap to his unprotected face.

“Why did-!” She cut him off with another firm slap as his cheek turned a little red.

“If I were you I’d think about my attitude, with the position you’re in you should be begging me to forgive you.”

His brief outburst of anger evaporated as he now realized how vulnerable he was right now, defenseless on his back with his hands restrained above his head. As he went quiet, she continued.

“I know you’ve been talking to another girl and hooking up with her behind my back. I saw the proof, so don’t even try to lie like you’ve been doing to me this whole time!”

Mason’s blood ran cold, realizing now that he was not only completely busted, but that he was also stuck in this vulnerable position at her mercy.

“Mia, wait. I don’t know what you saw, but it’s not what it looked like! If you just take these handcuffs off me, I can explain!”

Mia already knew he was lying, but the panic in his eyes now that he’d been caught was the final confirmation. “Explain?!” She shouted. “What is there to explain that you can’t say right now?”

As he struggled to come up with a response to that, Mia spun around and backed up to his throat. “You know what Mason, I don’t even want to hear any more. And by the way, this is the only ‘cake’ you’re getting from me for your birthday!” She said coldly, sliding back onto his face.

“Mia-aaaummp” He began to say before he was muffled by his soon to be ex girlfriend’s ass.

“Oh what was that babe? More lies like you’ve been telling me every time we’re together?”

He quickly began to struggle and twist underneath her, uselessly flopping his legs and trying to pull his arms down to shove her off, but the handcuffs locking them stretched over his head kept his hands from getting anywhere near her.

“Oh what’s wrong?” She asked with mock concern. “Is being unable to stop your girlfriend from sitting on your face a little.....embarrassing for you?” His next words were impossible to make out.

“Well guess how humiliated I felt?! Posting pictures of us, telling my friends and family about you, trying to plan this amazing birthday for you, while you’ve been running around with some other chick?! Using me this whole time!”

As she finished saying that she bounced up and down on his face twice in anger. It allowed him small whisps of air, but the impact of her coming back down made him groan. Luckily, Mason had managed to turn his head before she landed the second time.

“Mia......please. I admit it.....okay. But you’re being crazy.” He groaned out, catching his breath.

“Am I?” She gasped. “I think someone needs another serving of cake” she said, lifting up before wrenching his face back up and slamming back down.

“No wait-mmmm” he began to say as she sat back down. She hadn’t timed it perfectly, as she dropped down just a bit before his face was facing straight up again. Turned a bit towards one of her cheeks and with his mouth open trying to talk, he ended up with his mouth stuck open with a bit of bare skin bulging into his mouth.

Quickly feeling the accidental awkward position, Mia laughed for the first time. “Um it’s not literal birthday cake you know. You’re not supposed to open your mouth.”

An extra muffled “Mmmmmhhhhh” was his only reply.

“So not only are you a cheating scumbag, but you don’t have any manners either? You should know not to talk with your mouth full!” She mockingly lectured him.

“Hmmmph!” He began pulling as hard as he could to rip his arms free.

Mia lifted up, allowing him to take in air. “See? This is what happens when you don’t keep your face where it belongs in the first place.”

“Mia......please. Just get off me, let me go, and we can talk.” He pleaded.

“Talk?” Mia scoffed. “It’s way too late for that baby. Those texts already said plenty!”

Mason realized now that there was no smooth talking his way through this situation. “I said get off me, you bitch! I’ve had enough of this, get off of me and let me go right now! I’m kicking you out!”

Mia just shook her head. “Oh I don’t think so. Do you really think you’re in a position to demand anything? Luckily, I think I know what’ll help you get that I’m in charge now.......”. “More cake!” She shouted in a gleeful voice.

“No-“ he tried to say as his replacement ‘birthday cake’ enveloped his face again.

“Yes.” Mia replied smugly.

“Now let’s make sure that cute little nose of yours is riiiiiight between my cheeks against the thong.”

“Mmmmmfffff” Mason yelled, thrashing his upper body and restrained arms as she humiliatingly wiggled on his face. “There we go, now you can really enjoy your cake properly.” saying it as if she did him a favor.

Ignoring the sounds coming from beneath her, Mia began “Ah, what better way is there to celebrate a cheater’s birthday. Don’t you agree?” Only receiving muffled grunts in response as he desperately tried and failed to turn his head out of her ass, she continued.

“Maybe next time you even think about playing your games with another girl, you’ll remember this moment. Getting caught, desperately fighting for air under my butt, arching your back trying to somehow pull air through my thong like a loser. Tell me, was she worth it?” She slid forwards to let him breathe.

“Fuck..........you.” He gasped out between breathes.

“Oh shut up Mason” Mia said, more in a merely mildly annoyed tone then an angry one. “Fine, have some more cake.” As she slid back onto his face just as he had caught his breath.

“Isn’t this nice? It is for me, it’s like therapy. I’m feeling a bit better about it already!”

“How about we take a picture together, maybe post it up so everyone we know can see what a pathetic jerk you are? just to make sure this birthday is unforgettable?”

That got him going, as he once again began struggling under her as hard as he could. “Urrrmmmph mmm!”

“Oh you love that idea? I’m so glad you like it, let’s do it!” She said excitedly, grabbing his phone out of his pocket. She slid forwards slightly. His mouth and nose were still sealed by her ‘cake’, but his eyes were now clearly visible peeking up.

Mia held the phone above them, the camera pointed down on them as she looked up. “Ready babe?” She asked, though he couldn’t say no if he wanted too. Making a cute face, she snapped the picture.

“Wow that’s a good one, you look really cute with my ass on your face! Your eyes do look a little panicked though.” She said looking over the picture. Desperate to stop her from doing anything with that picture, with a muffled grunt Mason pushed up with his legs and arched his back just trying to dislodge her.

“No no, you just lay there and enjoy my cake.” She calmly dismissed him, as he failed to budge her at all. He let out a defeated groan. “Ok, it’s posted up on your social media. I sent it to my phone too.” Mia cheerfully announced. “I guess we don’t need those silly handcuffs anymore. You did want me to take them off right?”

After reaching back to unlock the cuffs, she granted him air again sliding forwards off his face and onto his throat. He heaved in air, finally able to move his arms freely again for the first time in a little while.

Seething as she had taken his humiliation to another level exposing this online, she was going to pay now that she was dumb enough to free his hands. As soon as he caught enough of his breath to speak, he roared “You stupid bitch, I’m gonna kill-“ cut off by Mia sliding back onto his face with a smirk.

“Really? It seems like you’re the bitch, and kill me? Mason, the only thing you’re in any position to do is kiss my ass” she laughed.

Mason didn’t care at this point, he was ready to shove her flying off of him and the bed right onto her head. He grabbed at her hips ready to toss her off............but to his horror he didn’t have the strength to move her. All the smothering, wasted energy struggling, and lack of oxygen had taken it’s toll.

“You really thought you were going to do something?” Mia said in a clearly amused tone. “I’ve been sitting on your face for so long, I don’t need handcuffs to control you anymore!” she told him looking over her shoulder with a smile.

Panicked now, he desperately began pushing at Mia’s butt cheeks. He knew he needed time to breathe in order for some of his strength and energy to come back.

“How embarrassing” Mia commented, “can’t even get your girlfriend’s butt off your face.”

Summoning all of the little strength he had, he made one steady push to peel her cheeks off his face. Arms shaking from the effort, he was able to lift her up just slightly, enough to take a gasp of air before his arms gave out, as Mia’s ass swallowed up his facial features once again. His small seconds of hope were already gone.

“Aww you were so close! I’m surprised you were even able to lift me off at all after all the cake you’ve already had, but you went back in for more.”

Mason only weakly pawed at Mia’s butt cheeks now, feeling the most humiliated and defeated he had yet. He didn’t have much fight left after exerting himself in his already weakened state. She had already emasculated him and destroyed his reputation. With a mix of emotions, he just wanted this to end. Continuing to fight her, physically or verbally, would only prolong his humiliation.

He had no more hopes of escape and turning the tables, he realized he was truly at her mercy. His strength, his burst of anger and determination to escape and make her regret this, all smothered out of him by her thong clad ass.

“What’s wrong baby? You aren’t struggling as hard down there anymore. You finally learning your place?”

He mumbled a response into her derrière. She sat up, giving him a chance to talk and take a breath.

“Mia, I’m sorry. Please, no more.” He begged.

“Hmm I don’t know Mason, that apology doesn’t seem very sincere. After all, your face is just so comfortable.”

“Please! Anything is better then more of that!”

“Ok.” She said slowly, a smile coming to her face. “I won’t smother you again......if you kiss my butt, and not just once. Until I really feel that you’re sorry. Deal?”

Mason froze. What she was asking for was somehow another level of humiliation, but he also dreaded that warm fleshy suffocating feeling returning, and being helpless to stop it. He also knew cooperating was the easiest way out of this.

“Well if you don’t like that offer, I can always give you another serving of cake” Mia teased, wiggling her butt over his face.

“Wait!” He desperately shouted. She gave him a few more seconds, and he reluctantly began his task, placing kisses all over Mia’s butt cheeks.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this right now.” Mia remarked. “From cheating on me, playing multiple girls, thinking you were going to get spoiled today, to being smothered under and now kissing my ass.” She laughed. “Not how you thought we’d be celebrating your birthday, huh?”

He had no response, he just kept kissing as he went into a sort of submissive autopilot. Trying to fire back at her would get his face buried in her ass again.

“Ok, I think I believe you now” she said a moment later. “You did great.”

Relieved to be finished with her demeaning request, his eyes roamed up. His stomach sank. He had just noticed now, she was holding his phone up, recording him as he practically made out with her butt. He couldn’t be sure how much of it she got, but even a few seconds was too much.

As he processed this, Mia interrupted his thoughts. “You know how you lied to me for over a month running around with another girl?’ She casually asked, though she didn’t wait for an answer. “Well, I kind of just lied too.” She said as fell forwards onto her stomach, extending her legs out, reaching back grabbing him by his hair to pull him deep into a reverse headscissor as she crossed her feet.

It had happened so fast that Mason had no clue what she was doing until it was too late. He now had Mia’s thighs locked tight around his neck as he was forced to stare at the thong clad bottom he had been fighting for air under nearly since he got here.

He helplessly pulled at her legs as she started squeezing. “I did kind of keep our deal, I said I wouldn’t keep smothering you. I didn’t say anything about choking you with my thighs.”

As his face began changing colors, he managed to get out a “Mia.......stop.......please.”

“You’re so pathetic Mason, you can’t handle your girlfriend’s ass or legs?” She stopped squeezing for a moment, allowing him to breathe as she grabbed the phone again. Holding it up so the camera could see over her shoulder, she started squeezing again. His hands laid on her flexed thighs as they crushed his neck.

“So Mason, tell the camera what you did to me. You’re not getting out until you do.”

Desperately wanting her squeezing to stop, he immediately obeyed giving the best response he could while being choked. “I.......cheated.”

“And now, who’s bitch are you?”


“That was a really good video.” Mia said, stopping it. “I like that cute red face between my legs. But I think I’m about done with you, you don’t deserve any more of my time. I’m going to have to put you to sleep for a few minutes, ok baby?”

Getting lightheaded from the pressure, he mumbled “.....what?”. She wasn’t really asking though, as she reached back, grabbing a foot as she transitioned him into a reverse figure four headscissor. He was now not only being choked, but smothered again with his mouth and nose pressed back into her ass.

The crushing and smothering combination was deadly, completely cutting off his breathing. He desperately pulled at her thighs and cheeks, looking for any chance to breathe. He begged into her ass and crotch for her to stop, but his muffled cries were ignored.

Soon, his hands slipped from her soft smooth skin as everything faded away. His last sight as he lost consciousness was a facefull of the ass that had smothered him into submission.

A few minutes later, Mason’s eyes began to flutter as he woke up. He groggily tried to move his arms, only to find they were trapped above his head with something around his wrists. Oh. The handcuffs. He was handcuffed to the bed again. Great.

He began to say “Mia” but it came out pretty muffled. He now realized there was something in his mouth, secured with tape. Processing his new predicament as he came back to his senses, Mia spoke.

“Oh you’re awake! Don’t worry, I know you want me out of here. I’ll be leaving in a second, just finishing writing this little note.”

A note?

“Oh and I hope you don’t mind, but I stuffed my thong in your mouth while you were out. I thought I’d let you keep it, to help remember your favorite birthday. I hope it tastes nice.”

It did not taste nice. A wave of disgust washed over him, realizing now that it was her thong he was sucking on.


“Oh do you mean this note? Well, I wanted today to be extra special for you, and what would be better then getting to spend parts of it with BOTH of your girlfriends?” Mia said with a big smirk.

Mason was already filled with dread.

“So I went on your phone again and sent her a text asking her to come over! She said yes! Isn’t that amazing?” Mia smiled sweetly. “I guess she hasn’t been on Snapchat or Instagram in a bit. It’ll be a fun surprise for her while she’s here then. So I’m just leaving her a note to help explain all of this.”

“Oh and you can have your phone back now, I don’t need it anymore. I already sent copies of the cute pics and videos we took over to myself anyway.” She walked over and gently tucked it away back in his pocket.

Mason began frantically struggling, desperately trying to somehow break free of his restraints. He couldn’t handle another woman’s wrath.

“Oh calm down Mason, once she takes my thong out of your mouth I’m sure you’ll be able to explain things, it’ll be fine. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and have both your girlfriends sit on your face for your birthday!” Mia laughed.

As she headed for the bedroom door, he began desperately begging through his thong and tape tag. She couldn’t do this to him. Hadn’t she tormented him enough on her own? How could she simply walkout, leaving him at the mercy of another girl who she didn’t even know?

She couldn’t make out most of his words, but she got the message. Sadly for Mason, she didn’t care.

And so, she left the room without even acknowledging his muffled pleas, closing the door behind her as she let herself out of his home.

Leaving him to his fate.

The End (?)

-Finally, here it is, my next story. Based around facesitting this time. The ending here leaves the door open a bit for a Part 2 to truly end it, but I’m not really planning on it at the moment. Was kind of nice writing a story without already having plans to add more parts to it for the first time.

-Redlands Update......Again.
I may work on one more story before returning to Redlands. Whether it’s another one and done or the first part to a new multi part story. Definitely not abandoning it. The next part is still partially done, and I have ideas to finish it, but I just haven’t been feeling it lately as far as actually writing it out. That could change at any time though.
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Default Re: Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

Great story. I would love to see what happens when the other girlfriend shows up as well.
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Default Re: Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

You are quickly turning into one of my favorite authors on here. Another amazing story right here.
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Default Re: Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

He didn't actually eat any cake though.
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Default Re: Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

The cake is real!
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Default Re: Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

Originally Posted by honeryx [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
He didn't actually eat any cake though.
I’m not quite 100% sure what you mean here, so I’m just going to respond to both things you may mean, to be safe.

1. ‘Cake’ is a slang term. I guess it’s not all that popular, I can’t remember anyone else using it in a story here, but I thought it added a fun bit of spice to the story in a way that also made sense. If you didn’t know that and the title made you expect the story to involve actual cake with a twist, I apologize.

2. If you were just expecting him to actually eat out her ‘cake’, well, I’ll just say that isn’t really my style to write into a story.

Originally Posted by Terminalviscosity [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great story. I would love to see what happens when the other girlfriend shows up as well.
Thank you Terminal, maybe this will be one to revisit some time later. One of those stories where a new part randomly pops up later unexpected.

Originally Posted by Venus [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
You are quickly turning into one of my favorite authors on here. Another amazing story right here.
Thank you Venus, that’s a pretty big compliment.
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Default Re: Cheater Gets A Different Kind Of Birthday Cake

I was just joking Josh. I've heard of Cake day although it seems like that's everyday.
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