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Default Re: Overtime

Overtime: Chapter 2
By: SoleMann

The events of Saturday left me uneasy the rest of the weekend. Although it was like a dream come true, I wasn't sure where I now stood with Jamie. Did she know what had been going on or was I just being paranoid?

Monday came all too soon and I spent most of the day trying to avoid going into the office area. Eventually I had no choice, and headed in to get some things done there. As I entered, I glanced into Jamie's cubical and noticed she was busy on the phone with a customer. Hopefully, I'd be in and out before she was done. I hurried along trying to get done as fast as I could, when suddenly I heard her call my name. I turned around to see her waving me over to her cubicle, so I timidly headed over to her. The whole time I worried what she was going to say. Well, it was good while it lasted, I thought to myself.

"I haven't seen you all day, and I was starting to wonder if something was wrong," she said.

"No, it's just been a real busy day and I haven't had a chance to stop up here till now." This was a total lie on my part.

"Well, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help" she said with a heartwarming smile on her face.

Before she could say anymore, her phone rang. Then just before she answered it, she chuckled. "I know you're a busy boy, but don't be such a stranger."

As I left the office, I was thinking what a dope I was. I’d gotten all worked up about nothing. After that, things were pretty much back to normal with her, and I couldn't wait for the next time she would work the weekend. Unfortunately, it would be another month until it was Jamie's turn to work a Saturday again.

Thursday afternoon, Jamie paged me to her desk. This wasn't too uncommon, since she sometimes got calls from customers with questions that were a little too in-depth for her to answer.

"You rang?" I jokingly asked.

"Yes, I need some help and I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

"Sure, anything for you Jamie." I was laying it on thick.

"Glad to hear you say that," she said with a smile on her face and a sparkle in her pretty blue eyes. "I got drafted to do inventory this weekend and I figured since I always see you when I'm here on Saturdays, that you might be so kind as to give me a hand."

"No problem, I'll be more than happy to help you out," I said, while thinking, yes, this is going to be great.

The company mainly relied on the computer to keep track of inventory, but we would do quarterly spot checks to make sure the system was running smoothly. Although our company was service based, we kept a relatively large amount of stock for sales and exchanges. It could take a couple hours to all day to do a spot check, depending on which row of shelves needed to be checked.

When I arrived at work Saturday morning, Jamie was there already waiting for me. She was dressed casually in a T-shirt, blue jeans and white mules that looked like sneakers. I was very disappointed that she wasn't wearing her sandals like last week. Maybe if I did the counting of the product, she could sit down on the step stool writing the count down. It probably wouldn't be long before she started to dangle her shoe off her foot and I could get a little show.

Jamie already had the key and the printed out list of what we had to do, so we headed back to the inventory room. The room consisted of many rows of four 3x8 shelf-units with varying numbers of shelves on them. We lucked out and got the row with larger products on them. There were only 5 shelves per unit: one at floor level, one at about knee level, one about mid chest level, one just above my eye level and one at the top that wasn't used.

"Okay, you ready to do this?" I asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be," she said. "I think we should start at the top and work our way down. Did you notice the stool anywhere when we came in?"

"No, did you?" I asked.

"Nope, me neither. If I hadn't gotten here before you, I'd think you were playing games and hid it on me," she said with a pouting look on her face. "Well, I guess we'll just start on the second shelf and come back to the top later when we find it. Since you can reach that shelf better, you count and I'll write the numbers down. We can switch jobs when we get to the next one."

We worked our way down the row doing all the shelves at my level, then the ones at hers. When we got to the last shelf-unit at her level, she said, "Give me the clipboard and I'll finish up this shelf, while you take a look around for the step stool."

I checked up and down all the rows, but didn't see it anywhere. When I got back by Jamie, she was just standing there waiting for me.

"What's wrong? Why did you stop?" I asked.

"I didn't stop, I finished it,” she said showing me the clipboard. "It seemed to go a lot quicker when I counted and wrote it down by myself."

"Thanks a lot, that makes me feel real useful," I sarcastically replied. "Obviously, I didn't find the stool, so on to the bottom shelf? You want to count or write?"

"Both, no offense but it seems to go quicker when I do it alone. I just wish you'd found that stool so I could sit on it rather then on the dirty floor," she said with a sad look on her face.

Then she got that look in her eyes. "Tell you what, you want to feel useful? How about getting down on all fours so I have something to sit on?"

I wasn't sure if she was serious, but not wanting to miss an opportunity, I got down on all fours with the shelf to my right and the long isle in front of me.

She giggled. "I was only kidding, but as long as you're offering." Then she moved over between the shelf and me, and placed her shapely behind on my back.

I figured she couldn't really see what I was doing from her angle, so I just stared at her feet. Although she had her shoes on, I could just see her heels peeking out from her mule sneakers; the mere closeness to them was a turn on. I could feel the shift of her weight on my back, as she would lean forward to count and then back again to write.

After about a minute, she crossed her right leg over her left and dangled her shoe. As she did this, her shoe slowly slid forward down her foot, till it stopped just above her toes. I turned my head to the right a little so I could watch every subtle movement her foot made. Now, as she would lean forward to count, her right foot would be brought closer to my face. I could just catch her sent as it got close and then she would sit back up again. This teasing action started a stirring in my manhood.

This continued for the whole length of the row. When she had reached as far as she could, she would stand up and motion for me to crawl forward. Then she sat back down on me and continued on with her work as if I wasn't even there. It was as if I was nothing more to her than a comfy stool to sit on.

She finally spoke to me once we reached the end of the row. "That's three down, only one more to go."

She stood up, and I sat back on my heels to rest for a second untill my manhood settled down. Kneeling in front of her, I couldn't help but look up and admire her beauty. I almost felt honored that she had allowed me to be a place for her to sit. I started to get up and she motioned for me to stop.

"I was thinking," she said, "since you couldn't find the stool and you did such a good job last week as my step stool, why don't you just stay down on all fours? Now turn around and face back down the aisle, and I'll just stand on your back so I can reach."

I did as she told me: I turned around and got back down on all fours. I was trembling a little, not from lack of a rest, but in anticipation of what was about to happen.

"I don't want to leave dirty foot prints all over your clean shirt, so I'll just take my shoes off first," she said. She then slipped her shoe off and placed her right foot on my back.

"Ready or not, here I go."

With that, she put her weight on her right foot, lifted up, slipped her other shoe off, and placed her left foot on my back. Although I now couldn't see them at all, I could feel the warmth and moistness of her sock-covered feet on my back and my manhood sprang to life once again.

She moved down on my back and placed her left foot on my butt and right foot on the small of my back. As she continued working, she slowly moved her way up my back. She was now standing with her left foot on the bottom of my shoulder blades and her right heel on my upper left shoulder. Almost half her right foot was in midair between my head and shoulder. I could just see her cute little foot out of my peripheral vision.

By now, I could tell by the shifts in her weight when she was leaning forward to count and when she was writing things down. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't get a clear view of her foot. I figured if her eyes were busy counting, she couldn't see me. So the next time she leaned forward, I took a risk and turned my head to the left. With my head down and turned, I looked up and got a perfect view of the sole/toes of her foot. I was even closer to her foot than last weekend and my heart started racing. I could feel her weight shift again, so I turned my head and looked back down at the ground.

I then got an idea and lifted my head even with my back. The next time she leaned forward, I went for it. I quickly turned my head to the left, and put my chin to my shoulder. As I'd hoped, my nose was now right under her toes. I slowly breathed in deeply, taking in as much of her scent as I could. Her foot was still damp and sweaty from recently coming out of her shoe and there was a pungent aroma from it. I was so excited that my manhood now felt like it was trying to force its way free of the confinements in my pants. Her weight shifted and I quickly put my head down.

I continued back and forth this way, keeping track of her every movement. When she had reached as far as she could, she said, "This sections done, onto the next." She then moved back down to my but area and I waited for her to step off.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked. "We'll waste time if I have to keep climbing up and down. Now move forward and I'll tell you when to stop."

While she used the shelf-unit to steady herself, I slowly moved forward. When she had been on my shoulders, I had to lock my elbows to keep myself up. Now that she was farther back, it wasn't as hard to support her weight.

"Okay, just a little farther… perfect, stop here." She then started her work again. Once she got back onto my shoulders like before; I started MY routine again.

After a couple of minutes, it was time to move forward again. This time, instead of moving all the way down to my butt area, she stood with her right foot on my shoulder blades and her left foot on the small of my back.

"This feels better; I'm a little more stable here. Now mush," she said playfully as she tapped me on my butt with her left foot.

What felt better for her was murder for me. Her weight was now more on my arms and I struggled to move forward. At least when she was standing on my back, I got a break while I moved forward. Now I had to support almost all her weight on my arms while I moved. The pressure, now on the small of my back, was no picnic either, as I strained to keep my back straight.

When we got to the next section, she tapped me on the butt again and told me to stop. We continued working our way down the aisle this way. I would try to get my face as close to her foot every chance I could get. Eventually, she stopped telling me to move forward. She would position herself on the center of my back and just tap my butt with her foot, signaling me when to go or stop.

Once we got to the end of the aisle, I could feel the top of my head just graze the wall, as I moved it into position to get close to her foot. We were at the end of our job and my ordeal was almost over. Although my whole body ached, I wouldn't have traded this day for the world.

"Oh crap!" she said, as she suddenly looked down at me. My face was still buried in her foot as our eyes meet. Oh crap indeed, I thought to myself. There was no way to explain this.

"Enjoying the view?" she asked sarcastically, as she playfully wiggled her toes in my face. She must have assumed that I just turned my head when I heard her call out, because she just continued talking like nothing was up.

"There's a box pushed all the way to the back and I can't read the part number on it," she said. "Hold your head out straight so I can rest my foot there for balance, as I try to reach it."

I turned my head to face the floor and bring it up level with my shoulders. She then slid her left foot forward more and rested her right foot on the back of my head. The pressure wasn’t that much and normally wouldn't be a problem, but my neck was already sore from all the straining I had been doing earlier to get to her foot.

"Darn, I still can reach it," she said with her foot still resting on my head. "You're going to have to move up more."

"Move up more?" I replied with a strain in my voice. "My head is already up against the wall."

"I got an idea." She moved her foot from the back of my head and continued. "Put your head as far up and back as you can. Then turn your face toward the shelf. Now you can move forward more."

I did as she suggested and to my surprise, I did have more room to move forward. I moved until the right side of my face was pressed up tight against the wall. She tried again, but still couldn’t reach.

"Well, I can't go any farther forward, so how about up? Don't move a muscle." With that, she placed her right foot on the top of my head, shifted her weight to it, and up she went.

Oh my God, the pressure on my neck was almost unbearable. It felt like it wpould be pulled from my shoulders at any second. As she moved around on my head, I could feel the bones in my neck grinding against each other from her weight.

I feel something brush up against my left cheek. She has brought her left foot up against my face for balance. I watch her foot as she slowly slides it across the front of my face till her big toe bumps up against the side of my nose.

I then felt her weight shift forward to reach the box. Suddenly, the ball of her left foot jammed into my eye socket. I closed my eye just in time as she started to apply pressure to aid in her forward motion. The more she strained to reach the box, the more she pushed into my eye socket.

What a sight I must have been. I was on all fours, face pressed up against the wall, with Jamie standing on my head. She had her right foot on the top of my head, while the ball of her left foot was jammed in my eye socket. The pressure and pain was intense, yet my engorged manhood gave me the strength to go on.

Finally, I heard her say, "Got it."

The pressure eased up on my eye as she slid the box forward. She removed her foot from my eye socket and rested its ball on my nose. Her toes were right over my nose and I breathed her foot scent in deeply. I opened my eye to better see her foot, but my vision was blurred from the pressure she had been putting on it.

She then reached over, grabbed the clipboard and nonchalantly continued working. Why didn't she step off my head first? Didn’t she realize how badly I was suffering beneath her?

I was just about at my breaking point, when she says, "That's it, all done." She must have looked down then, because she followed up with, "Jeez that doesn't look too comfortable." She then stepped back down onto my back and told me to back up.

I moved away from the wall, my neck sore and stiff. Though I wanted to relax and let it down, I was afraid that would only cause it to hurt more.

Jamie, seeing my dilemma, spoke, "Don't be such a baby."

She then placed her right foot on the back of my head and started to force it down. My stiffened neck fought against her foot to remain in the position it was, but it was a loosing battle. The pain she caused by doing this was more than I could imagine. She was only trying to help, but she was actually making it worse for me.

She finally pushed my head all the way down. I must admit, although it was quite painful as she did it, as my head hung down my neck felt better.

"Now to double check the paperwork to make sure we haven't missed anything and then we're done for the day. I might as well make myself comfortable first."

With that, she proceeded to sit down on my back. She placed her firm little behind on the small of my back and a foot on each shoulder. This might have been comfortable for her, but it forced me to endure more time beneath her weight.

I could just see her feet and toes hanging off my shoulders. With her concentrating on the paperwork, now would have been a good time to steal some more glances of her cute little feet. Unfortunately, my neck was still too sore and stiff from her standing on my head. All my head could do was just hang there, as I longed to get another glimpse of her perfect feet.

After a few minutes, she finished up the paperwork. "We got it all. Now turn around and give me a horseback ride to my shoes so I don't get my socks dirty."

I didn't say a word; I just did as she told me. Slowly, I turned myself around to face back up the aisle toward her shoes. My arms were tired and my knees were sore from the trip down aisle. Now, as I looked back up the aisle, her shoes seemed to be miles away. Once I was completely turned around, I started my long journey.

"Wait a second," she said. "You can't see where you are going with your head down. I don't want you to bump me into the shelves, so lift your head up."

I struggled to get my head back up. After a short time and a lot of effort, I eventually succeeded. At least in this position, I could get a better view of Jamie's feet.

"Now, giddy up horsey," she playfully said.

I awkwardly moved forward, my arms quivering as I went. It took all I had to try and move in a straight line, and I still wasn't doing a good job of it.

Jamie noticed this too. "Looks like horsey needs some reigns and blinders to keep him going in the right direction." With that, she slid her feet forward until her heels were on the edge of my shoulders. I then felt her soft socks touch against the sides of my face. Her big toe on each foot now blocked my peripheral vision.

We slowly continued down the isle with Jamie using her feet to guide me. If I would veer to one side or the other, she would use her feet to turn my head in the right direction.

We were about halfway there, when I guess she got tired of holding her knees straight up. She brought her knees down and out, and the soles of her feet were against my face. She then slid her feet a little forward and rested the sides of them on my cheekbones. Now her heels were no longer on my shoulders and my head carried the full weight of her legs. This caused great pain in my already aching neck muscles and only served to increase my torment.

I now had a clear view of the toes and balls of her feet. Her feet were close enough to my nose that I could once again take in her scent. I felt a stirring in my manhood as the combination overwhelmed my senses. It was like sweet ambrosia and gave me the strength to continue.

When we finally got to her shoes, she placed her feet back on my shoulders. My neck was so worn out that it just fell limp and hung there. I was completely exhausted, yet I still didn't want it to end. This was a once in a lifetime experience and if she had wanted me to carry her for the rest of the day, I would have done my best to please her.

She then leaned forward and reached her left foot down, to try and slip it into the correct shoe. As she tried to work her foot into one shoe, the other one tumbled underneath me. I gazed into that shoe and I could see the impression left in it from her foot. I thought to myself, as if talking to her shoe, now I know what it's like to be you.

She got her shoe on, and then unknowingly placed her left foot on top of my hand and fingers. She then reached down with her right foot to get her other shoe. As she did, she applied weight to the foot now on my hand. I just watched as her lovely right foot searched around for her shoe, but it was just out of her reach.

"I can't seem to reach it," she says. "Be a dear and hand me my other shoe."

With her left foot down, there was less weight on that side, but my hand was trapped under her foot. So I gathered up what strength I had left, and started to move my right hand to reach her shoe. It was a constant struggle to keep my balance and to keep her weight up on my one arm. It would have been much easier on me if she had just stood up on her left foot and reached for the other one herself.

I grabbed her shoe and brought it forward to where she can reach it. She just sat there with her right leg hanging off my shoulder.

"Now be a gentleman and put it on for me."

I slowly reached forward to put her shoe on for her. Stretching forward made it even more difficult for me to keep my balance. Twice I almost lost my balance and fell flat on my face, but eventually I reached her foot. I watched as the object of my desire slowly disappeared into her shoe.

Without any warning, she slowly got up, putting all her weight on her left foot. I could feel my knuckles cracking under the pressure. Once she was up, she centered her weight on both feet, but was still standing on my left hand.

"I'll just go turn the paperwork in, and then I'm out of here for today. Make sure the door is locked after you leave. Thank you again for all your help. You sure are turning out to be quite HANDY around here." She seems to emphasize the word "HANDY" by transferring her weight back to her left foot.

"No problem, I'm happy I could help," I strained to reply.

I watched her feet as she walked away and out the door. I just sat there, too drained from the experience to move. I glanced back down at my left hand and I could see a perfect outline of her shoe's treads. At least she left me something to remember her by.
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Default Re: Overtime

Overtime: Chapter 3
By: SoleMann

Monday came all too soon, and I was still sore from my ordeal with Jamie on Saturday. I moved slowly all day, as I went about my work. People noticed this and would ask me what was wrong. There was no way I could tell them what really happened, so I just told them I had to help a friend move. This was technically was true, since I did move Jamie around while she was on my back.

It would be three more weeks until Jamie would work a Saturday again, and I could get another opportunity to be close to her feet. I figured I would try to get as many chances as I could to visit her during the week, to hold me over until then.

Unfortunately, things were about to change in the office. Apparently, the office manager, Nikki, had gone to some seminar on increasing productivity and got it in her head that too much chit-chat was going on in the front office. She put out a memo stating that anyone wasting company time would be severely reprimanded.

That kind of ended our daily gab sessions, but at least we still had the weekends. Nikki had worked at the company long enough, so she didn't have to work them and rarely ever came in.

The next day I checked the board and to my surprise, Jamie was working this weekend. She must have had to trade days with one of the other girls. I started to let my workload back up so I would have a reason to work this Saturday. My mind was racing with thoughts of what had happened the last two weekends and how it would go this weekend.

The week seemed to drag on, but finally Saturday came. I was anxious all morning in anticipation of what was hopefully to come. Once it was afternoon and I was sure most people had left for the day, I headed up to the office. Jamie was in her cubical as normal, so I went in and started chatting with her. Being a Saturday, she was wearing a cute faded overall blue jeans shorts outfit with a T-shirt. She had already taken her shoes off and was working away barefoot.

Jamie had what you could call busy feet. Her feet would be almost constantly moving. She would sit there dangling her shoes just by her toes, one leg crossed over the other swinging her leg, or barefoot playing footsie with her shoes under her desk. Sometimes she would stretch out her legs and spread and wiggle her succulent little toes. Other times she might sit half Indian-style with her right ankle under her left knee, giving me a perfect view of her supple sole.

As we talked away, I kept stealing glances at her lovely bare feet. I kept hoping to get as close to them as I did the past two weekends. Suddenly, we heard voices just outside the office door. Oh crap, I thought to myself, it’s Nikki. Jamie recognized her voice too and she got a concerned look on her face.

"We'll be in big trouble if she catches us wasting time,” she whispered. “Remember the memo and lecture she gave just last week.”

"I know, neither of us can afford to be on her bad side. What are we going to do?" I asked.

"There's no way you can make it out of the office without her catching you. She's right outside the office door."

We sat there a moment awaiting our impending doom, when out of the blue she spoke. "I know, quickly, hide under my desk. Then she won't be able to see you if she comes into the office."

Not knowing what else to do, I did as Jamie said and crawled under her desk. It was pretty much your typical desk with a column of drawers on each side. I positioned myself so that my back was against the right side of her desk near the wall. The desk wasn't high enough for me to sit up straight and I had to slide down a little to keep my head up. My knees where up tight against the left side of her desk near the opening to her cubical. Luckily there was just enough room under the drawers for my feet to fit, yet not stick out from under the side of her desk.

Jamie looked at me under her desk. "You got to move farther back." She said playfully nudging me in my left hip with her bare foot. I noticed if I put my right arm at my side and kind of under the lip at the back of her desk, that I could squeeze under a little bit further. I just let my left arm lay by my side.

It got quieter in the hall and we heard Nikki's footsteps coming into the office. Jamie took one last glance at me under the desk. "Now don't move or make a sound no matter what." Her face disappeared from my view as I heard Nikki calling to her.

As she called back to Nikki, she placed both hands on her desk and quickly rammed her rolling office chair in so I couldn't be seen. Unfortunately for me, the front roller on her chair ran over the back of my left hand pinning it to the ground. I bit my tongue so as not to yell out as the roller settled just above my knuckles. I wanted so bad to signal her somehow and let her know to move her chair, but I couldn't. I was jammed under her desk pretty tight; my right arm was trapped against the back of her desk and my left was now pinned under her chair. I was stuck there for the duration.

I could hear Nikki start to talk. "As you know Jamie, I was at that seminar last weekend and I learned a couple of new things. Since you don't seem to busy right now, I thought I'd run a few ideas past you. If you don't mind?"

Jamie was silent for a second and then responded. "Um... sure, that would be okay, I guess."

If only she knew the pain she was causing my hand with her chair, I'm sure she would have thought of some excuse. But since she didn't, I guess she thought she would just listen to Nikki so as not to arouse any suspicion.

Nikki then started to tell her about what she had learned and how she thought it could be beneficial in our office. Jamie began to settle in and get comfortable as Nikki continued talking. Then suddenly, she lifted both her bare feet off the floor and placed them down on my stomach. There they were, right in front of me, the two cutest little feet I had ever seen. The right foot was on the center of my stomach and the left foot was half covering the top of my waistline.

I could feel the warmth of her soft soles through my T-shirt and, despite the pain my hand was in, a stirring in my manhood. Being in the scrunched up position I was, it didn't take long before my manhood was bumping up against the side of her left foot.

She then lifted her left foot and crossed it over her right at the ankles. I gazed up and down her shapely bare legs, and back to her feet. She now had the heel of her right foot on my stomach and was waving her left foot in front of my face. As I watched every subtle movement her foot made, I long to lean my head forward and kiss her succulent little toes.

She then lifted her feet and crossed them the other way. As she did, her left heel came down on the tip of my manhood. She then followed up by crossing her right foot over her left at the ankles again.

My tip is now supporting the weight of both her lovely legs under just her left heel. She casually started to sway her right foot and the motion carried through to her left foot. Her left heel was now grinding down on my tip as if trying to put out a cigarette.

While she passed the time away just swaying her feet, I laid there trapped and suffering. The head of my manhood was being mercilessly ground under her left heel. It was like seeing a train wreck; as much as I wanted to look away, I just watched as her lovely feet did a number on my manhood.

Eventually, I got relief, as she adjusted her feet to cross her legs at the knee. Her left foot was now flat, with my manhood under the arch, and her right foot was swinging in the air. Once again, I could feel the motion travel down to her left foot, but this time it was more of a massaging action. My manhood throbbed in rhythm with her foot and my eyes rolled back in ecstasy. I had gone from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven in mere seconds.

Just as I was really starting to get into it, she readjusted her legs, crossing her left over her right at the knee. The motion of her moving her legs caused her chair to rock a little. I gritted my teeth as the wheel of her chair now brought a fresh rush of pain to my helplessly trapped left hand.

Didn't she notice how uneven her chair was? Why didn't she look down to check? I guess she just assumed that she ran over her shoe when she pulled her chair in and didn't want to bring attention to me being under her desk.

She settled into her new position and it wasn't long before her left foot was waving in my face, randomly bumping my nose, cheek or lips. If I timed it right, I could just catch her scent as her foot came closest to my face. I puckered my lips and when her toes hit them, I imagined that she was making me kiss her foot.

She must have gotten caught up in her conversation with Nikki and forgot there was a person hiding under her desk. The next time her foot made contact with my nose, it stayed there. I breathed in deeply, trying to take in as much of her foot's scent as I could, before she might decide to move it again.

At first, she started pushing on my nose in a gentle pumping action. Then she moved her foot left and right, rubbing the bottom of each toe against the tip of my nose. I watched hypnotized, as her toes went back and forth past my eyes. The soft touch of her toes on my nose, in combination with the aroma of her foot, caused quite a stirring in my manhood.

Eventually, she just rested her foot on my left cheekbone. Her big toe was just under my left eye and her little toe was still on the tip of my nose. I tried my best to focus on her toes, but they were now too close, so I concentrated on my sense of smell instead.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw motion and heard Jamie speak. "I think I have one here in my desk."

I glanced over to see her lean to her left and start to search in her drawers. My left hand also felt the shift in her weight and another surge of pain as her chair wheel bit deeper into my hand. I watched helplessly as she closed the top one and leaned over farther to reach the bottom one. Suddenly, her left foot slid forward and up my cheek. Before I could blink, her big toe made contact with my eye and trapped my eyelid open.

Jamie's big toe was now directly touching my left eye. The pain was intense and there was nothing I could do. I took slow deep breaths, trying to lay there as still as possible, but my body still quivered, almost in shock, from the torment in my eye.

My eye tried desperately to continue its normal blinking pattern, but it was no match for her big toe. My eye began to water, to try and flush itself out, and I could feel the tears running down my left check.

I'd accidentally poked myself in the eye before, but this was a thousand times worse. At least then it was only for a second. Now all I could do was lie here and endure this torture.

If I called out after being under here this long, who knows what Nikki would say or do? She might be outraged enough to just fire us both and I couldn't let that happen, so I had no choice but to wait it out.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jamie finally closed the drawer, sat back up, and removed her big toe from my left eye. I quickly closed my eye to try and ease the pain, but I didn’t feel much relief. It had been forced open too long and was dried out from overexposure to the air - not to mention Jamie's toe. A searing pain engulfed my eye as my own tears mixed with the salt left behind by her sweaty toe.

As I tried to regain my composure, I noticed that she now had the ball of her left foot pressed up against my lips. Her toes were right under my nose and I inhaled deeply. Her overpowering aroma filled my senses and helped me to deal with the pain.

I could feel her soft, supple foot on my lips and I became caught up in the moment. I slowly pushed my tongue against the right side of my mouth, until it parted my lips enough to make contact with her foot. I could now taste her foot, but I wanted more. I slowly dragged my tongue across the ball of her succulent foot, feeling every subtle change in the taste and texture. As I got to the side under her big toe, I noticed it was already damp and little saltier from my tears.

She hadn't moved, so she must not have noticed me gently licking her foot. I took a chance and slowly moved my tongue back toward her little toe. There was still no response, so I risked it one more time and licked toward her big toe again.

Suddenly, when I was halfway across, she quickly uncrossed her legs. Crap, caught in the act, I thought, but she then proceeded to just scratch her foot on my right jeans pocket. I must have accidentally tickled her foot. Hopefully, she was too into her conversation with Nikki to realize it was with my tongue.

She left her legs uncrossed and was now sitting with both feet flat on me. Her right foot was still on my stomach and her left foot was now on my manhood. She began to use her left foot's big toe to play with my belt loop. She slowly slipped it in and out of the loop, causing a subtle massaging action on my manhood, and I started to feel a tingling sensation throughout my body.

With her right foot, she started scrunching her toes and playfully tugging at my shirt. Eventually, her foot worked my shirt free and I could now feel her soft, warm, bare sole on my bare belly. She slid her right foot back a little and started using her big toe to gently trace circles around by belly button. Every now and then, she'd work her toe into my belly button and wiggle it around a little.

She suddenly stopped playing footsie with my midsection and moved her right foot under her left. She then started rubbing the arch of her left foot with her right, as if scratching an itch. Her right foot was now also rubbing against my manhood. Her feet switched positions and she started scratching the arch of her right foot. The more she scratched her arch, the more she worked over my manhood. All this attention my manhood was now getting made me feel like I was going to peak at any minute.

Suddenly, she stopped and placed both feet flat with my manhood under both arches. Then, like I'd seen her do dozens of times to her shoes, she started to rub her feet back and forth to scratch her soles. She was now using my manhood as nothing more than some thing to ease her feet on.

As one foot went forward, the other foot came back. The vigorous rubbing action of her feet was driving me crazy. I watched as her cute little feet started to take me to the brink of ecstasy. She now had me so worked up that the pain in my hand was but a distant memory. I could feel my body start to quiver in anticipation, and I didn't know how much longer I could hold out. Although it would be a dream come true, it would also put me in a bad situation.

I heard Nikki start to move around as if getting ready to leave. The thought of this moment being over too soon caused me to have a change of heart, and I now yearned for Jamie to finish me off with her feet. I thought to myself, please don't leave yet Nikki, just give her a few more seconds.

In my frenzied state I could just hear Nikki speak. "Thanks for letting me bounce some ideas off you. I'll let you get back to work now."

Oh my God, I'm almost there, please don't stop now Jamie, I'm begging you. I've never wanted anything more in my life than I want you to do this to me right now.

Just as Jamie had brought my manhood to the verge, she called out to Nikki. "Hey, you forgot this."

She suddenly stopped in mid stroke, just before her left foot was about to slide forward and take me over the edge. She placed the heel of her right foot on her chair leg and I could feel her toes touching my trapped and battered hand. She then leaned forward and lifted her behind off her chair as she stretched to hand something to Nikki. Almost all her weight was now focused on the one wheel that was on my hand. The searing pain was intense and I gritted my teeth to keep from yelling out.

An instant later, she shifted her weight, pushed down, and slid forward on my manhood with her left foot. With as worked up as she had gotten me, that's all it took and my manhood erupted in an explosion of ecstasy. My mind was a whirlwind of pain and pleasure. The constant weight and pressure of her foot on my manhood milked me for all I was worth. I was in heaven and hell at the same time, yet the pain only seemed to somehow increase the intensity of the experience. Thoughts are racing through my head and while I was in my own personal nirvana, I could almost swear I heard Jamie say "Gotcha".

Jamie sat back down and then placed her right foot next to her left on top of my manhood. I just stared down in awe at her two perfect little feet, knowing that they just took me to heights that I could never have imagined.

I was still breathing heavily from the experience, when Jamie spoke to me. "Oops, I almost forgot you where under there. It's safe to COME out now." She seemed to further accent the word "COME" by pressing down on my manhood with her feet, as she went to move here chair back.

Pain and pleasure mixed once again, as her feet sent waves of pleasure through my now over-sensitive manhood, while her weight on her chair brought fresh pain to my hand as it rolled off. She then slowly slid her feet off my manhood and rested them on the floor next to her chair.

Okay, I needed to pull myself together if I was going to get out of this, I thought to myself. I looked at my abused left hand, and there were obvious marks from where her chair was. It was a good thing I finished all my work before I came up here, because in its current condition, my hand was no good to me now. I looked down at my pants. Between the pressure of her foot when I peaked, and then using my manhood to slowly push herself back, there was an obvious wet spot showing.

I must have been thinking too long, because her voice startled me. "Hurry up before, with our luck, someone else comes into the front office."

I got an idea and I quickly rolled over onto my hands and knees. Jamie's right foot had already untucked the front of my shirt earlier, so I reached around to my back and untucked the rest. Great, now my T-shirt hanging out should just cover the wet spot on the front of my pants.

Now it was time for a little lie. "Sorry, you two talked so long and I was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep under there."

As I turned to get out from under her desk, there - right in my face - was her left foot. While I had been working on my shirt, she had turned her chair slightly and crossed her legs. I froze and started to stare at the soft, supple sole that had just brought me to the peak of pleasure. No, I thought to myself, I was almost home free. I needed to concentrate.

I turned my head away and pretended to look at the clock on the wall. "Jeez, look at the time. I better get going. I have a few things to finish up before I go home."

I started to get up but she didn't move out of the way. Her left foot made contact with my chest and slowly glided down my front and across my semi-firm manhood. I got a little weak in the knees from this, but I managed to stand up and head out of her cubicle.

"Goodbye, see you on Monday", she said.

I turned to wave goodbye to her over my shoulder, and to get one last look at her and her cute feet before I left. As I waved my hand, she stuck her leg straight out and waved goodbye to me with her left foot. I could feel my face turn red, and I quickly headed out of the office.
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