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Default High school lesson

Ms Grayson, Vice Principal of Summit High, pulled into her special parking space in her Audi A6 and inspected her reflection in the glass door before going inside, satisfied that as usual, she looked perfect. Her tailored suit was complemented nicely by her crisp white blouse and she knew her figure drove more than one high school boy crazy. She was careful about her appearance because she was all too aware that teenagers sniffed out flaws like bloodhounds. She was stopped outside her office door by Mrs Noles, the attendance secretary.

She said "There's two kids waiting for you inside that were hauled in for fighting".

Ms Grayson sighed. Dealing with unruly students was her least favorite part of her job. "Very well. Thank you." She started to go in, but it appeared as though Mrs Noles wanted to add something to her statement. "Was there something else?"

Mrs Noles hesitated, then smiled mysteriously and said, "Never mind. You'll see for yourself."

Her curiosity piqued, Ms Grayson entered her office and took her seat behind her desk. Facing her were the two students. One of them she recognized instantly; Jake Mason, a popular senior and starting point guard for the basketball team. Although a typical jock, he was not known to be a troublemaker.

The other student was a complete shock.

A pretty young girl sat in the other chair, long hair parted down the middle, wearing just a trace of makeup that accented full, generous lips. She was wearing a loose cotton top over yoga pants. She was also barely over five feet tall and couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds. She slouched in the chair, chewing gum and idly inspecting a long strand of her hair.

Ms Grayson looked back over at Jake. Although he was no giant, at 5'10" and about 165 pounds, he was physically fit, and much bigger than the small girl beside him. He was fidgeting nervously in his chair and staring down at the ground. "Are you the two students that were fighting?" Ms Grayson asked incredulously.

Jake mumbled something unintelligible and the young girl answered in a bored tone of voice, "Apparently."

Ms Grayson looked back and forth at the two, hardly believing what she was seeing. Boys fighting were common, and even girl fights were not unheard of, but a boy and girl fighting was highly unusual. And this girl was so small! Ms Grayson's mouth tightened into a line as she felt her temper rise. She fixed Jake with a grim stare. This was extremely unacceptable. If Jake Mason thought picking on girls was his right as a senior, he was about to find out the bitter truth. "Jake Mason, you are in a world of trouble right now. There is simply no excuse for this. You're a senior! And this girl is, what, a freshman? That is unconscionable!"

"Oh, I'm not a student here," said the girl. "I go to Hoover."

Ms Grayson blinked rapidly in surprise. Hoover? The junior high? "You mean, you're an eighth-grader?"

"Not hardly. Seventh."

Jake moaned and Ms Grayson now felt thoroughly dismayed. He was fighting with a twelve-year-old girl? An eighteen-year-old young man and a twelve-year-old girl? My god! He was a monster! Ms Grayson sputtered in anger. "Jake, you are in deep, deep trouble..."

"It's not like that," Jake said. He had yet to make eye contact with her and Ms Grayson noticed for the first time that he had a bright red welt on his check, his hair was disheveled and his T-shirt neck had been stretched almost to the point of tearing. He was wringing his hands nervously and seemed as though he was nearing some sort of emotional explosion. "It's not like that at all! It was her! She's the one! I was just minding my own business!"

"Calm down," Ms Grayson said sternly. "Now you're only going to get one chance to tell your side, so you'd better be honest. Get a grip on yourself and tell me what happened."

Jake took a deep breath, ran his fingers through his hair, and exhaled. "Okay, so I was walking along the corridor on my way to class, like I always do -"
Ms Grayson had seen him before. He strutted down the hallway as though he owned it, fist-bumping, high-fiving, shouting out catcalls to cute girls, of which there were many who thought he was just hilarious. Ms Grayson frowned at the memory. She had no patience for strutting teen jocks.

"And standing there in the middle, making everyone go around her, is this girl," he jerked his head towards the girl, who didn’t seem to be paying attention, looking around the room at the various objects in the bookcase and on the walls . "As I start to go around, she walks up to me and asks if I'm Jake Mason. When I say yeah, she suddenly hauls off and slugs me right in the gut. I'm so surprised I don't do anything, then I feel her grabbing my hair and hitting me. I must have hit my head or something, because the next thing I know, I'm flat on my back."

Ms Grayson gaped at him. "Are you telling me that she started it? This little girl?"

The girl said "That’s a big fat lie.'

Ms Grayson was thoroughly confused. She looked at the girl who looked back insolently, in sharp contrast to Jake's near-incoherence. "First of all, who are you?" said Ms Grayson.

"I'm Amanda Tellis. My sister, Tamara, has been dating Jake for the last couple of months."

Jake groaned. Ms Grayson said "Silence. " Turning towards Amanda she said " I know Tamara. She's a sophomore. Plays on the volleyball team."

"Yes," said Amanda, "My smart, beautiful sister who is just young and dumb enough to date this dipshit."

Jake groaned again and muttered, "Fuck".

"When he identified himself," Amanda continued, " I hit him in the solar plexus with a left hook. I then seized him by the hair and slapped him hard on the side of the face three times, knocking him to the ground. He didn’t hit his head, I did. Then I sat on his chest."

Stunned, Ms Grayson could only look at her in disbelief. She looked over at Jake, expecting him to dispute the fact that a seventh grader was calmly admitting that she had brutally assaulted him. But Jake did not. He squirmed in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. Ms Grayson thought she saw tears forming in his eyes. She turned back to Amanda.

"Go on."

"Then I took his wrists and pinned him to the floor, trapping his head between my knees."

"Stop right there," said Ms Grayson, turning to Jake. "You let a twelve-year-old girl sit on you?"

"I didn't let her! She just took me by surprise! I couldn't get away. I was bucking and kicking, but she had me in a bad position!"

"Plus, I'm stronger than he is," said Amanda.

Ms Grayson looked at her to see if she was joking. She was not. Ms Grayson then turned to Jake to see if he would protest. He did not. She was stunned. This girl was stronger than this much-bigger boy? How was that even possible?

"Tell her what you did then," Jake spat out at Amanda. He turned to Ms Grayson, "She's the one in big trouble, not me. She should never have done what she did! She's a horrible bitch!"

"Jake! Enough!" Ms Grayson leveled a gaze at Amanda, ready to believe almost anything.

"He was bucking and kicking like a crazy person, " said Amanda, twirling a strand of hair around her finger and speaking in a bored monotone, as if what she was describing was a fairly ordinary event. "Which only forced me up higher onto his chest. Soon, I was practically sitting on his neck. His face was looking up at me from between my thighs and he was cussing me out really bad." She paused and looked around the room. “You got a lot of books in here. Have you read them all, or are they just for show?”

Ms Grayson was trying to picture the girl straddling Jake, looking down at him. “His head was between your thighs?”

“Yeah. After a while he got tired and stopped struggling, so rose to my knees and looked down at him."

"Tell her what you said!" said Jake
"I said that I had heard he liked pussy, I then asked if he liked mine."

"What!" Ms Grayson couldn't contain herself.

Amanda continued, "Then I said, how do you like it now?, and lowered myself until my vagina covered the lower half of his face. Then I began to smother him with my pussy."

Ms Grayson gaped at the girl, her mouth opening and closing as she searched for words that refused to come. "Don't say pussy, " she finally managed to sputter.

"I know," said Amanda, "such an crude word, right? But I had a reason, Didn’t I Jake?." Turning to the obviously agitated boy next to her she said, "Tell Ms Grayson what I made you do then."

Jake turned beet red. "No!"

"Tell her or I'll come over there and do it again."

"No!" Jake said, and Ms Grayson could plainly see that this young girl terrified him. What had she done to his pride? Jake looked at her with pleading eyes but she nodded and said, "Better get it out there, Jake. What did she make you do?"

Jake looked as though he’d rather be anywhere else in the world than in that chair. He shot a quick glance sideways at Amanda. “She made me beg her to let me go,” he said.

“Now, now, that’s not exactly correct, is it Jake? Tell Ms Grayson exactly what I made you do, “ said Amanda. “Or I’ll come right over there. I mean it.”

“ Enough threats,” said Ms Grayson, “just tell me, Jake.”

“She made me beg her pussy to let me go!”

Ms Grayson sat back in her chair and wondered what in the world she was hearing. A seventh-grade girl pinning a much older boy to the ground and humiliating him like that? How was that even possible?

“I can tell you don’t believe him”, said Amanda. “I’ll prove it to you.” She scooted her chair forward and place her elbow on the desk in an arm wrestler move. “I’ll show you how strong I am. Arm wrestle me.”

Ms Grayson looked at the cute little girl and noticed her calm self-confidence. Part of her admired the girl’s spirit and part of her wanted to wipe that smug smile off her face. Five days a week at the gym had kept Ms Grayson’s 34-year-old body in top shape, and at 126 pounds, she was definitely heavier and taller than this little pre-teen. Upon closer inspection, the young girl did seem to be very fit, with the yoga pants revealing strong-looking thighs, and her arms were solid, but ignoring everything her training had ever taught her she threw caution to wind, looked at Amanda and said “Very well.”

“Don’t do it,” said Jake.

“Hush. I know what I’m doing” Ms Grayson stood up, removed her suit jacket and hung it on the coat hook. She sat back down and placed her elbow on the desk, grasping Amanda’s hand. Immediately she was struck by the size of the little girls hand. It was bigger than her own! She leveled her gaze and said “Ready when you are.”

Amanda tightened her grip and saw Ms Grayson stiffen. Keeping her eyes on the older woman’s face, she watched her expression change from consternation to shock as Amanda steadily, methodically, forced her arm down with seemingly very little effort.

Ms Grayson was in a panic. This couldn’t be happening! She was straining with all her might, leaning forward and putting her shoulder into it, even gasping from the effort, and the preteen girl just kept staring at her until she slammed her hand down. And it had only taken seconds!

Amanda released her and sat back. “Told you,” she said. “I never lose. I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was three. I can do 60 pullups. How many can you do?”

Ms Grayson was now thoroughly flustered and ready to believe Jake’s story. This girl seemed fully capable of wrestling him to the ground. “Why?” she asked Amanda, “why did you come here and do this to him?”

“I’m glad you asked.” Amanda sat back in her chair, folded a leg under her and began twirling a strand of hair again. “I told you that Jake had been dating my sister. Well, last Friday they went out on a date and it seems as though Jake introduced Tamara to alcohol for the first time. She got very drunk, and from what she tells me, she doesn’t know what happened that night. But around midnight, Jake posted a selfie on his Facebook. He was holding a cat and said “Nothing like a little pussy on a cold night”. And behind him you could see Tamara laying face down on his bed. She was naked and passed out. By the next afternoon everybody in school had seen it. She was horrified and hasn’t left the house since. My parents don’t know what’s going on, but it’s just a question of time.”

Ms Grayson narrowed her eyes and looked at Jake. She didn’t have to ask if it was true. She could tell from the way he slid down in his chair and refused to meet her gaze that it was. “Jake…”

“But by now the picture’s gone,” said Amanda brightly. “When I was making him beg my pussy I also made him tell me his Facebook password, Right now my friend Brittany, who was filming our little wrestling match, has posted a video showing him lying on his back while I sit on his face until he whimpers like a little bitch.”

“No! You can’t!”

“Sorry Jake. It’s probably gone viral by now. I bet your friends are going to think it’s just hilarious.”

Jake paled and stammered but Ms Grayson cut him off. “All right Jake, that’s enough. Go sit outside. I’m going to have a chat with Amanda alone.”

As Jake slipped through the door Amanda gave him a little wave goodbye and turned to face Ms Grayson when he had gone. “Do you blame me?” she asked.

“No,” sighed Ms Grayson, “he certainly had it coming. But do you realize what a difficult position I’m in here? I can’t condone retribution like that. You should have come to us. That’s why we’re here.”

“I know,” said Amanda, suddenly smiling slyly, “but I’m only 12! How am I supposed to know the right thing to do?”

Ms Grayson smiled ruefully. The girl was smart. Not only was Jake unlikely to file any sort of complaint, the school probably would want the entire episode to just disappear. She looked at Amanda, who smiled back. When this girl gets to high school, thought Ms Grayson, she is going to be a real handful. She was already very cute, and very sure of herself. Her tight little body would continue to develop and if she was anything like her sister, be very tall and striking.

“Can I ask you something totally off subject?” said Amanda, “Woman to woman?"

Ms Grayson thought for a moment. “Sure,”

“Do you think I need to wear a bra?”

“Yes,” Ms Grayson said immediately, then regretted it. The girl was probably going to think she had been staring at her chest.

“Oh,” said Amanda, looking down at her front. “Too much jiggling going on down there?”

Ms Grayson cleared her throat. “Yes.”

“What size should I get?”

“I should think a B-cup.” Ms Grayson was getting uncomfortable with the subject matter. Especially the way the girl was looking at her.

“You have pretty big breasts,” said Amanda, “I’ll bet they’re at least a D-cup.”

“That’s quite enough,” said Ms Grayson, “My breast size is not your concern.”

“They are, though, aren’t they?”


Amanda looked at her a while and something unspoken passed between them. Ms Grayson felt it like an electric current. Finally Amanda spoke up. “You’re a lesbian, aren’t you?”

Ms Grayson thought of silencing the girl but then changed her mind. She had nothing to be ashamed of. “Yes, I am.” She said.

“Thought so! “ Amanda said triumphantly. Then she looked rueful. “I don’t know what I am,” she said. “I like beating up boys and sitting on them. It makes me feel really powerful to see them looking up at me and getting all afraid and embarrassed. But I like looking at girls too. I guess I’m kind of confused.’

“That’s all right. You don’t have to be in a hurry.”

“I’m kind of ignorant, though. I’ve never seen a woman’s breast. Maybe I wouldn’t like it.”

Ms Grayson didn’t know what to say to that, so she kept silent. Amanda leaned forward and looked at her intently. “Why don’t you show me yours?”

A gasp escaped Ms Grayson. This girl was too much! “You are way out of line,” she said stiffly.

Amanda leaned forward, and in an almost gentle voice, said “I could make you, you know.”

Ms Grayson paled. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I could make you, that’s what. You saw what I did to Jake, Is there any doubt I could do the same to you?” Her clear blue eyes were burning with intensity. “Can you picture yourself flat on your back with your head trapped between my thighs? Looking up at me and begging while I’m sitting on those big breasts of yours?”

Ms Grayson blanched. The mental picture was humiliating beyond words. “Are you threatening me?”

“Not yet. I’m just telling you what I can do. Don’t make a big thing out of it. Just stand up and take off your blouse.” Her expression was determined and utterly lacking in mercy.

Ms Grayson clutched at her top button nervously. “Amanda – you’re talking crazy!”

Amanda came around to where she was sitting and took her by the elbow. “Just stand up.”

As though in a daze Ms Grayson stood on shaky legs, breathing heavily. The girl was standing too close to her. She could feel the heat from her body and an aura of physicality. What was she doing?

“Unbutton your blouse,” commanded Amanda, staring at her eyes.

Ms Grayson thought of striking out, or shouting for help, but the memory of the strength in that hand, and the beaten look on Jake’s face stopped her from doing either. The girl was stronger than her. Of that there was no doubt. And there was no doubt that she meant what she said.

“I know what you’re thinking,” said Amanda, “you’re thinking you could call out and someone would come running. Which might be true. But I guarantee you that by the time someone gets in here I’ll be sitting on your face and the first thing they’ll see is your panties as your legs will be kicking and struggling. Think of how that will sound when word gets out you were trapped underneath a little girl’s crotch.”

A jolt of fear shot up Ms Grayson’s spine. This girl was diabolical! Her reputation would be ruined! As though mesmerized, she started unbuttoning her blouse, one by one, until it was untucked and loose, and her bra peeked out through the gap.

“Take it off.”

They were standing close together, the girl, a good six inches shorter, staring up at her, then leveling her eyes at Ms Grayson’s breasts as she slipped out of her blouse, standing there in her black lacy bra. Now Amanda seemed to be breathing heavier as well. Ms Grayson knew she had very good breasts, many had told her over the years, but she felt acutely sensitive to the young girls gaze, who seemed to be examining every pore.

“Now the bra,” said Amanda.

“Look, I can’t be doing this..”
Amanda tore her eyes away from her breasts and looked up at her. “You can. I want to see them. They look so…. huge. My god…”

“No, Amanda, this is wrong.”

Amanda narrowed her eyes. “You want me to take it off? Things might get a little rough..”

“No, no… I’ll do it.” Ms Grayson reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, dropping it to the floor.

Amanda gasped. “Wow... they’re so beautiful. So firm. And your nipples are huge.”

Ms Grayson stood erect, her head thrown back. She felt pride wash through her, absurd as it was. But she knew her body was good.

Amanda looked her up and down. “Now the skirt.”

Ms Grayson stiffened. “No! I will not!”

Amanda leaned in and in a low voice said, “Need I remind you that I could throw you to the ground and do the same thing to you I did to Jake? I could lower my pussy right onto your face and make you beg for air.”

“That would be rape!”

“Don’t be silly. A twelve-year-old girl couldn’t rape a grown woman. Who would believe you?”

“Are... are you going to hurt me?”

“I just want to see what a naked woman looks like. A beautiful naked woman. Which you are.”

Ms Grayson stood trembling. Never in her life had she experienced such a flood of emotion. With a mixture of fear and defiance, she unfastened her skirt, dropped it to the ground, then slid down her panties and kicked them away. She stood in front of the girl naked, her hands on her hips, and looked her in the eye.

But Amanda was walking slowly around her, examining every inch, pausing for long seconds behind her. “Wow. I can’t believe how nice your ass is. I thought you were old when I first saw you, but you have a better ass than my sister. It looks big, but it’s not, it’s just really curvy. I can’t explain it.”

Ms Grayson raised her chin and looked up at the ceiling. As humiliated as she was, she felt herself grow moist between her legs as the young girl devoured her with her eyes. Even with men, she had never felt so completely dominated, so completely under another’s control. And the girl hadn’t laid a finger on her. She just circled her, looking and looking.

Finally Amanda stopped in front of her. “I feel like I want to put my hands all over you, to slide my hands down your back and cup your ass. I want to suck your nipple into my mouth. I want to rub between your legs and see what it feels like to push my fingers into you….”

Ms Grayson felt like she was choking and barely able to breathe. Amanda was describing the things that she wanted to do to her, to violate her, to debase her, and she wanted to scream, Do it!

Amanda smiled at her. “I guess that, makes me a lesbian too.” She stepped back and looked her up and down slowly, taking in every square inch. Ms Grayson shivered , her lush curvy body in stark contrast to slim Amanda. She had never felt so nude. She could practically feel the girl’s stare crawl over her body.

Amanda tore her gaze from Ms Graysons breasts and looked up at her. “But I’m too young for this. It doesn’t seem right. Even though I could push you down, lay on top of you and make you beg me, I don’t think I should. What do you think?”

Ms Grays licked her lips, which were suddenly dry. “I…I…I… don’t know, it seems like… I don’t know…”

Amanda showed that same sly smile from earlier. “Someday, perhaps. After all, I’ll be seeing you in two years when I enroll. That should be interesting.”

And with that, the seventh-grader slipped out the door and was gone.

Ms Grayson stood there naked, quivering like a leaf, all self-control gone. She wanted to call out after her to come back, to do all of those things she said she felt… Then began slowly to realize where she was. She was standing nude in her office, while her hand, with a mind of its own, had found its way between her legs stroking feverishly, while outside students were walking and laughing, not even realizing that their vice principal was only a few feet away on the brink of the biggest orgasm of her life, wishing desperately that the next two years would fly quickly by.
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Default Re: High school lesson

Nice one!
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Default Re: High school lesson

Precocious little minx.

Thanks a lot for this, mate.
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Default Re: High school lesson

Really liked this one - thanks for writing!
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Default Re: High school lesson

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Default Re: High school lesson

Incredible! You are such a marvelous writer.
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Default Re: High school lesson

I really hope to see more of this! Unfortunately this section of be forum is not nearly as actor as the wrestling one so you won't get early as much feedback.
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Default Re: High school lesson

Awesome story with awesome characters.
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Default Re: High school lesson

A wonderful story. Amanda overwhelms and dominates with her physical and mental strength. First she defeats an older student, then the confident and strong headmistress submits.
I would very much like to submit to this very strong girl. Your dominance is cool and it excites me.
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