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Default Re: Submit to submission

This sequence is great. Have you thought about writing another part that takes place months later when Trish’s gym comes back to Joes gym to spar/have a competition? Could be another setup but with him having the car he can ‘try’ and put her back in her place and not throw the match?
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Default Re: Submit to submission

Great story. Love the transition from "letting them win" to "crap, they are going to win no matter what I do."
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Default Re: Submit to submission

Sorry I haven't continued, just too busy. Haven't forgotten bout it though, got a lot of ideas, just no time. Might hopefully get some more sometime. Cool it got bumped though.

Originally Posted by Sicod79 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great story. Love the transition from "letting them win" to "crap, they are going to win no matter what I do."
That is the ultimate goal and place it's all heading. In these specific encounters/scenarios he ends up being legit physically bested, but as things go on as a result of his own idiot decisions and hot women taking advantage of his male chailuvinism, I plan on him ultimately finding himself losing more and more, and in less and less disadvantageous circumstances aka he just straight gets his ass kicked haha.

Really enjoy playing round with the whole knowingly submitting his pride though, not forced to, but choosing to give it up.
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Default Re: Submit to submission

The story is incredible. If you ever do have time to add to it, I'd love to read it. One of the best I've ever read, and a unique concept.
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Default Re: Submit to submission

I'm new on this site... But this one of the best stories I've read here... Please more...Keep it up
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Default Re: Submit to submission

No wrestling here, just verbal humiliation/setup. Sorry for the length. Im just rambling this shit out.

Chapter 4 - Homecoming

The ride to the ER was not a fun one. Due to his shoulder injury, joe of course had to ride passenger seat, in what was HIS new vehicle, which reinforced the now cemented thoughts that the humiliation was not worth it. Christina was relatively silent, making the occasional joke or gag, "joe, i gotta say, even if you were trying, i dont know if you coulda won lol!". He knew it was bullshit, but it stung nonetheless and seemed to have some odd effect on his pysche he couldnt fully wrap his head around.

Luckily, his shoulder was only sprained, itd require 3-4 months of no activity, taking it easy, let it rest. This infuriated Joe even further, that this old bitch Tish had taken away his ability to work out, had sidelined him for so long. At the same time, he figured itd require this much time away from the gym for things to hopefully get forgotten about(a foolish hope, he deep down knew).

This created a new problem, as he had nothing to do but mope around the house, facing the CONStANT humiliation posed by Mandy dating(and freq loudly banging) his beautiful ex gf. She had moved in completely, yet didnt pay rent. They left messes, they ridiculed him constantly, little jabs and jokes here and there, he lived in a constant state of annoyance, but knew he couldnt afford another place.

The upped ante in on the homefront humiliation began when they returned from the tournament. Joe walked in with a arm in a sling, and Mandy, while lazily reclined on the couch, her long but toned legs and polished feet resting on a coffeetable, looked up with a curious smile...

"what happened to our macho roomate! looks like he took quite the beating!"

Christina saw yet another opportunity to pour on some fun aka humiliation. Her game was over, Joe had the car, but still, she decided to see how far she could push it...not to mention, Mandy had expressed a discomfort with her ex bf living with them. If she could fully put joe in his place, make him look soooo weak so as to not be viewed as a threat, everything would be kosher!

"oh my gosh baby, you will NOT believe this! Mr future UFC champ got DOMINATED!!!" Christina laughed

Joe was shocked. He was alreadyd in a horrid mood from the, well, domination, but this was too much. He couldnt understand why she was running off like this. "what the fuck are you talking about! I did not get dominated, dont be telling her or anyone else that christina, that's not part of our deal!"

"hah sounds like it must have been pretty bad, he seems super butthurt about it." Mandy cut him off.

"hah well he should be, that's what i was trying to tell you about, he didnt just lose, didnt just get his arm practically ripped off! He got beat TWICE..."

"What are you doin!? Mandy, she is fucking with you. We had a, er, well it was some arrangement where I LET..."

"Will you shut up bitch and let my girl tell the story! dont you know manners? SHould never interrupt a lady while she's speaking!" Mandy chastized him. She said it tongue in cheek, but it had its desired effect nonetheless. Joe cringed at the verbal strike, and for some reason, submitted to it, shutting his mouth and allowing christina to keep bullshitting.

"yes Joe, this poor sportsmanship is NOT flattering. I have the whole thing on video, i recorded it, there's really nothing you can say. The sooner you accept what happened, the better off well be."

"But you!" Joe couldnt take it anymore and tried once more to assert himself...

"SILENCE!" Christina barked, the severity of it startling Joe. THere was no tongue in cheek or jest to it. Evne she didnt quite know what came over her. "Mandy was right, im tired of you interupting me. You got a taste of girlpower today and i think it'd be best if we dont let that slack now, things are going to change around here."

Joe was incensed. He already did most the housework, he cooked for them even frequently, they wre the rude ones.

"girlpower!?" Mandys interst was beyond piqued.

"hahah YES! that's what i wanted to tell you about. oe didnt just get beat, he got beat twice, by WOMEN!!! ANd they weren't some young BJJ phenoms either, they were soccermoms, like in their 40s!!! I kid you not!!!!"

"NO WAY! I dont believe you!!! You HAVE to let me see the video!" Mandy exclaimed.

Christina pondered it, but thought of a better option, save the video for future ammo, and force Joe to accept submission once again. Merely letting mandy viewe his torment would be too easy, she wanted his face yet again rubbed in it...

"ehhh im sorry, maybe in the future, i think joe has had enough trauma and humiliation for today. Joe, Mandy doesnt believe me, are you going to tell her what happened or am i going to HAVE to show her the video so she wont nag me constantly about it forever!?"

Joe was furious. He was exhausted. He was beaten. He couldnt believe what wass happenning. He looked at Mandy, who had stood up to walk over to them, arm intimately placed around his exgfs shoulder. He took in her height, for the first time noticing that she wasnt just a string bean, but had some very muscular legs/physique, a vision of Holly HOlms lanky but tight body poppedi n his head. It sickened him to think of her as anything resembling a formidable/impressive athlete or person even. His gaze moved up, another sinking feeling as he realized he was looking slightly up at her annoying, pretty face, a huge smile plastered on it with no attempt at being hid anymore, so confident, sure of herself, sure of his place beneath her. He tried to divert his gaze by looking down, but was met with yet another unwanted sight, her beautiful polished toes and feet.

Joe took a deep breath in, and while still staring at those sexy pretty peds, "she's right...i lost."

"haha WHAT! no no, you HAVE to tell me the deets!" Mandy demanded.

"yes, tell her, else we both know shell just keep demanding to see the video" Christina manipulated.

Joe submitted, and crafted a tale of defeat that left even Christina astonished at just how far he sunk himself. He detailed how he was legit overpowered. How this 40 year old woman was new to the sport bug still dominated him, how she tricked him in her guard and made him tap, how she KO'd him cuz she was too strong. He went on and described the next match being even worse, how Tish was faster/stronger than him, how there was nothing he could do as he was helplessly demolished.

By the end, there wasnt a dry eye in the house, as the girls laughed themselves practicaly to the point of rolling on the floor.

"OH MY GOD!!! WOW. Im in shock. christina you WILL show me that video eventually, but i know he wouldnt lie and make up something like that. How humiliating! Imagine, some 200 pound msucle head alphamale being put in his place by some chick, lol and some old MOMS no less! Makes me wonder what we could do to him honestly" she joked to CHristina.

"hah yeah, be careful Joe." Christina added. "why dont you clean this mess up Mandy made, all that action today got me feeling kinda excited. Think me and Mandy are gonnna go to my room"

Joe was beside himself. "fine, just leave me alone" he said dejectedly.

"mmm nuh uh, lol mandy you shoulda heard him after this Tish woman trounced him. What was it you called her again Joe? C'mon you remember...i want you to start that here too when we ask you to do something please"

Joe took a second to think of what she may be referring to, and then couldnt believe it, but after today, it was as if something inside him had broke, to his own shock, he heard himself obeying. "Yes Ma'am, ill clean up."

The girls broke out laughing anew as they pranced off. Joe begin cleaning, with his one good arm, as he soon heard the unmistakeable sound of them fucking. Christinas moans drove him nuts, as they went on for nearly an hour. It took him about that long to finish the mess. And as he was wiping up the last soda spill, Mandy came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a strapon, far bigger than what he was packing, she went to the bathroom, taking a good long stare and smirk at Joe as she passed.

Joe sulked off to his room, and for the 2nd time that day, slept.
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Default Re: Submit to submission

Great story!! Earlier, you said he was about 180lbs... So I imagine not being able to work out, that Joe will lose a few pounds and not be in top shape for his next defeat. Glad you have written again. Thank You
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Default Re: Submit to submission

I know you said this story only gets worse for Joe and his humiliation and I gotta say I feel for the guy and the unfair circumstances he finds himself in. Which is a testament to how well you're writing up the story and his slow but steady mental and spirit realignment. I'd wish him the best that he at least gets some payback against these girls along the way but that seems less than likely from what we've seen thus far. He's almost completely broken and submissive to their will.

Looking forward to the next installment.
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Default Re: Submit to submission

Originally Posted by daniel88 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great story!! Earlier, you said he was about 180lbs... So I imagine not being able to work out, that Joe will lose a few pounds and not be in top shape for his next defeat. Glad you have written again. Thank You
haha nope, that's me forgetting quite a few details about the characters given the timespan between last writing haha. If anyone finds more of that, either ignore it or politely just accept the change haha, its bound to happen.

Chapter 5 - the Party

3 months had passed, 3 months of misery. Joe spent hte bulk of it stuck at home, unable to work out, not that he would have anyways given the mental state he was in. He felt like his world had ended. The car brought no joy or salvation as he hadnt been able to drive it until very recently. Anywhere he wanted to go, hed have to ask Christina or even Mandy. He cringed to think of their instructions for how that went down....
"Ma'am, can you please drive me to the grocery store" "Ma'am, can you please drive me to the bank".

Every time. Or else they would conveniently always remember something else more importan they had to do. He dealt with their smirks or open laughter each time. Christina instructed him to open the door for them as well, which stung every time. Because of Tish, here he was opening the drivers side door of HIS car so that yet another smug bitch could drive HIS car to escort him around. He felt like a child.

The demands around the house got worse and worrse. Foot massages were routine, often the girls would makeout right in front of him as they sprawled on the couch, he on his knees before them.

Deep down, Joe still had the hots for CHristina, still wanted her. That drove some of his compliance. The bigger part was something he couldnt fuly understand, he found himself having a harder and harder time saying "NO" when he was given tasks, and when either striaght barked an order at him with authority, in that moment he found himself not even questinoing it.

Now though, his shoulder was feeling back, he felt hopeful for the first time in a long time, eager to get to work again. And then the houseparty.

Christina invited her mother Sandrine, who was like a carbon copy of her daughter except full blooded hispanic(Christina was mixed), giving her a darker brown skin, older of course although still a beauty, and even thicker. She was curvacious, the tyupe of woman who just oozed sex appeal. Christinas 20 year old cousin Rita came as well. Rita was a bigger girl, and while attracitve, was no where near as shapely as her relatives. She had always disliked Joe, hated him even. It was not going to be pleasant.

As soon as they came in, Christina started, "Joe please be a good boy and get our guests some drinks"

THe girls looked at one another bewildered. THeir last interactions with Joe were from when he was still a cocky prick, now here he was taking orders from Christina.

It was humilaiting for Joe, walking jup to these two women who he knew didnt like hjim, who he didnt care for either, and debasing himself by making himself the servant. They quickly fell into the roles and began openly making orders, much to his chagrin and Christina/Mandys enjoyment.

The day went on, Joe constantly getting jup to refill drinks, serve food, the girls laughing, making the occasional joke at his expense, but a normal gettogether otherwise, until mand opened her big annoying mouth

"hahha you ladies want to know why Joe is so complicit all of a sudden? Im sure you are curious" she asked.

Joe couldnt believe it. He looked at Christina for help, but just saw her smiling, excited to see how this would play out.

"Joe lost for the first time a while back, and you wouldn't believe it but..."

"That's enough Mandy! We dont need to talk about all that" Joe cut her off. He knew immediately this was a mistake, although what else was he to do in such a situation.

"EXCUSE ME!" Mandy barked. Sandrine and Rita were on the edge of their seats, curious about to see the power dynamic at play. "Christina, im getting tired of this walking on eggshells crap. How bout we turn this tettogether into a viewing party!"

Christina thought it over. IT would be just the perfect humilation to grind Joe into the dirt. Lately, despite all the submissive behavior, Mandy had expressed that she was still somewhat uncomfortable with Joe around. THis could fix everything, she could keep her fun servant, keep the laughs Joe provided, and not have to find a new roomate to fill his hole.

"fuck that!" Joe said. His shoulder was out of the sling. He wasnt going to take this shit anymore. He thought up a perfect way to deal with this new offense..."i tell you want Mandy. How bout me and you compete." he hadnt planned this out, so barked out the first couple things he could think of. "let's armwrestle. If i win, no video, and YOU clean up after the party today. If you win haha, you can play the fuckin video for whoever!" He figured she would go for it, thinking his shoulder was still bad, he thought he had set up an easy win.

"hmmm, fine then, im game. But armwrestling clearly is in your favor, you may be a bitch but youre still a man and prob stronger then me when it comes to brute force, but how bout a 6 event marathon!. Basketball first to 10, swim race, foot race, your armwrestling, a wall sit for time, and then if somehow were still even, let's wrestle for real!" She added the last bit in an effort to freak him out, intimidate him with her cockiness.

And it worked. Joes jaw dropped. He c ouldnt wait for the chance to put this bitch in her place. "youre on bitch!"

Christina was uncertain. Mandy was very athletic, something Joe didnt know. She was tall and skinny, but very toned, it was a muscular skinny, she had a very shapely plump ass on top of her svelte but firm thighs, she had clearly some musculature in her shoulders/upper back. She played basketball and ran track in highschool, coulda done it in college if she wasnt so lazy. But she still wasnt sure she could win.

Swimming was first. Joe wasnt as big/muscular after the past 3 months of inactivity, but still, cock yas can be. Mandy stripped to a bright pink bikini, the bottoms not even coming close to covering her cheeks. Joe had a hard time not starring, he hated her, but she was gorgeous and her body was impressive. THe sight of her rippled upper back and clearly well built. well maintained legs was not lost on him. He tried to fight the thoughts out of his mind, but the cocky feeling felt like it had some chips missing after she showcased her physique.

The lined up at the in ground pool, Christina, Sandrine, and Rita smiling huge, almost lustful with anticipation for this battle of the sexes.

"On your mark, get set...GO!"

Joe and Mandy both dove in. Joe took off as hard as he could. His arms rapid, Mandy had a swimmers body, and looked graceful and relaxed by comparison. They were to go to the other side and back. Mandy quickly overpassed him. Joe had no clue until she made the turn and started back. SHe had prob 1/4 of the pool distance lead. Even amidts joes splashing, there was no mistaking the sight of Mandy swimming back his way towards him.

'how in the fuck could she have made it to the other side already! Joe thought, beside himself!' he was humilaited already. He knew he had to book it, but after 3 months of inactivity, his arms were growing tired, for the first time it hit him, he was out of shape.

While she sped up, joe slowed down, she ended up CRUSHING him. Joe gave up before even making it back to the awll. There was no point. He slowly paddled himself to the wall, huffing and puffing. Mandy had already made her lithe now soaking wet body out of the pool. Her creamy white skin glistening in the sun. Rita nad Sandrine were laughing their asses off. As he approached the wall, Mandy, now with Christinas arma round her, stood on the ground above him and reached her leg out, placing the sole of her foot on the top of Joes head. He stood there, breathing heavily, listening to the uncontrollable laughgter of Christinas bitch kin. He could see Rita with her cellphone out, and hear the pics being snapped as he took yet another victory pose humilation.

Finally he crawled out of the water.

"oh my gos htaht was AMAZING! You fucking SMOKED him! I knew you were strong but i didnt know you were the better athlete than mighty joe!" christina gushed.

"im surprised it was THAT easy. I mean i knew id beat him, but still"

"wow joe, i cant believe what my daughter ever saw in you. you know i used to not be too keen on her dating a woman, but if that woman can out-man you like this, its certainly an improvement in her dating life!" Sandrine joined in.

"haha how does it feel to be beat by a girl!" Rita irritatingly added, not knowing how normal an occurence it was becoming for Joe.

"yea yeah, fine, guess what i had my arm in a sling for 3 months, big deal, you wont win another even" Joe tried to salvage some dignity.

They geared up for the basketball hoop next. Mandy still wearing her tiny bikini. Joe took the ball first, and from the start it was clear who would take this one. Joe had little hope going in, he always despised basketball, thought it was for girls and weak men, so he didnt care TOO much about this one. Still, his competitive spirit and newly rediscovered ego were too strong, he still felt he HAD to win.

Joe tried for a layup first thing and to the amusement of all, except joe, Mandy spiked the ball right out of his hands. Blocked pathetically, like a child.

"whoa easy there little one!" Mandy jested as she got the ball and sunk one easy.

The girls laughed. She went on to show her superior speed and stole the next couple, draining shots easily.

He knew he wasnt good at shooting a basketball, but he thought he could plow her over, overpower her, to his shock the opposite was happening. She would box him out, sticking that thick ass back and just driving him out of the way, he was helpless to stop anything she tried, while everything he attempted was met with crushing defeat.

"haha yeah girl, beat his ass!" Rita yelled out.

"ahh c'mon Joe, don't let her do that to you!" Sandrine sarcastically offered after Mandy put Joe right on his ass with a hard charge. THe notion that Joe was merely "letting" her have her way with him in the sport was very humiliating. It's one thing when he trruly was doing that for a female opponnet, but here, he was trying his best and still, well, within 10 minutes Mandy had swept him.

"hahah holy shit, 10 to ZERO!!!! Mandys whooping your ass 2-0 now!!!!!" Christina exclaimed. SHe was genjuinely excited. This was all too perfect.

"lol you even trying? I made you my bitch out there!" Mandy poked.

All the girls congraluted Mandy and celebrated. IT was almost too much for Joe to take.

"Fuck this, time for MY sport now, sport of power, let's armwrestle. WHo gives a shit about some fucking balls!"

"You sure you dont need an hour...or 2 to rest before that? You look pretty beat after how bad mandy just worked your ass!" Christina taunted. The girls all laughed. The notion that he would need any rest to physically overpower Mandys arms, that he wouldnt be able to do that at any time 24/7, was maddening.

Joe and Mandy sat down at the garden table. Rita and Sandrine surrounded on either side, leaned in as if they somehow wouldnt be able to see otherwise. Joe put his good arm up on the table, mandy smirked and met him.

"cmon girl you got this!" Christina encoruaged.

"Yeah you already showed hes your bitch hahah!" Rita ridiculed.

"ohhh i cant wait!!!!" Sandrine added.

CHristina yet again started them off. Joe poured it on, and was shocked at the effort Mandy put forth, his arm even moved slightly on one point, it took farrrrr longer then it should have, but he eventually did put her down. He was startled by it. He won, but it didnt feel like a victory, all could see he struggled. He didnt understand, but the 3 months of sulking around without lifting a finger outside of household chores, combined with Mandys deceptively strong arms and just as inportantly, the position/leverage advantage she had as her arms actually were slightly longer, nearly gave her a winning edge.

"ahhh sooo close!" Rita said, seemingly saddest of all.

Mandy was pissed, she felet she had come close, she wanted to keep pushing this, to everyones surprise. "2 out of 3 wimp!" she said as she propped her other arm up.

Joe had fear in his eyes. Everyone stared at him, everyone smiling. They knew if he struggled with his good arm, his recovering arm wouldnt stand a chance. Joe was now kicking himself for getting himself into this mess. His ego surely was going to cost him more humiliation, he should have known he hadnt fully recovered to the point of competing with even a female if she was active. He caught himself as he was thinking all these things, humiliated in himself for being intimadated. WHy was he letting himself be bitched out mentally like this he thought as he propped his arm up.

Mandy stared daggers into his eyes, a smug look on her face. She knew she had won the mental game. Joe couldnt bare to look up at her, he concentrated on their arms. Christina started them off. Joe saw her arm tense up, the muscles flexed, her arm looked strong, she looked fit. He knew Mandy was athletic, but she aslways seemed so lazy, he never expected her to be able to compete iwth him on anything. He pushed as hard as he could, and got her 1/4 of the way down. He was beginnig to feel foolish for being intimdated, but then things changed.

He felt Mandys sterngth increase. His own endurance seemed to be fading, fast, while she somehow got more energy. His arm slowly moved back to even, he couldnt believe this was happening, not armwrestling! he thoght as the tides continued tos hift.

"how yuou like this BITCH!" Mandhy taunted as she moved his arm past even, down 1/4 of the way. He managed to stall her there...

"OH MHY GOD!! Mandy youre going to beat him!!!"" Christina was elated.

"hahahah this is incredible!" Rita said, she busted out her cellphone and begain recording. Joe was horrified.

"aweee no Joe, you cant seriously be losing to her in this!!" Sandrine offered her brand of twisted support. The older woman legitimately felt some sympathy for the man, afterall, this was a dude she at one point thought might be THE man in her daughters life, now, it was clear how mistaken that ever was.

Joe couldnt beleive it. No matter how hard he tried, she seemd to get stronger, while he felt weaker and weaker, less and less energy. Her arm slowly but surely moving his closer and closer to the abyss. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he felt his arm slam to the tabletop. Mandy sat back, the msot content and bitchy and smug shes ever looked, staring at Joe.

"wow, what do you got to say for yourself Joe? how does it feel to get beat by a girl in ARMWRESTLING hahah?" Rita asked holding the camera to his face.

Joe futiely tried to shove it away, but Rita danced around his tired arm giggling.

"fuck off everybody. Thats my bad arm. We saw what happened with mhy good. Here, 2/3 remember, let's go." Joe was hellbent to reclaim hsi masculainity. He put his good arm back up.

"ahh poor alphamale admits he has one arm that isnt as strong as little girls!?" Chritsina joked, ignoring his injury reasoning.

They met up again, Joe noticed Mandy took a long time setting up, and was about to cry foul as he saw Mandys arm was at a slightly but noticeably different angle than his own, something he knew would give her a leverage advantage as she was more slack, but thought better of it as any objections would make him look like he was afraid he might lose.

They started, and it was clear that pride would yet again cost him. It was obvious from the getgo that mandys technique was paying off. SHe felt far stronger this rematch. His arm immediatley began moving down. All the girls laughed.

"holy shit shes going to do it" Rita burst out.

"who's stronger again, bitch!!!!" Mandy taunted.

Joe tried his hardest, but his arm just kept moving. He stalled them with her in a slight adfvantage for a good minute, but then his energy gave out, he had no endurance while she was clearly in superior shape. He was in shock as he helplessly watched his own arm steadily moving down, down, down, to the increasingly uproaruious laughter and cheer of these females. Finally, Mandy slammed him down once again.

"YES 3 for 3!!! holy shit youre such a bitch!!!" Mandy gloated. Christina came over and heaped praise on her, kissing her, so excited for her.

"Im so proud of you baby. Holy shit i didnt think you could do it, but you kicked his ass!!!!"

Joe was almost in a state of shock.

They quickly moved on to the run. Everyone still beyond excited for Mandy. IT was a lap around the neighborhood, approximately 1/4 mile. Joe didnt feel good about this. His ego waas crushed. He knew he HAD to win, but the isght of her long legs, she was built like a gazelle, he couldnt help but think he had no chance of winning.

They started off and he booked it. He was going to go for broke, he HAD to win. He ran his absolute hardest and opened up a huge lead. He felt good at first, but quickly his endurance failings popped up yet again. Unbenknowst to him, Mandy waas merely toying with him. She was the vastly superior runner, the far more fit athlete. She let him get a lead, almsot laughing at his efforts. Then she turned it on. He heard her footsteps behind him as they turned the final corner. He watched helplessly as she gracefully passed him, not breathing hard at all. He was then forced to stare at her beautiful shapely ass bouncing with each step, still squeezed into that tiny bikini which was almost a thong as it worked between her round cheesk as she ran, a constant reminder of her femininity as she dominated him once again.

She was waiting, relaxed as can be as he finally made his way to the finish. He almost didnt even registger the laughter at this point. The cajoling and questions from Rita about how it feels to get beat by a girl.

He was espcially dissapointed as this meant thered be no need to continue on, he wouldnt get a chance to wrestle her down, submit the bitch, show everyone who the true dominant force was.

"hahah wow, 4 straight events, 4 straight wins. This is pathetic"!

"I can not believe you let her beat you this badly! young man you got a lot of work to do if you ever want a chance with a girl like my daughter again!" Sandrine joked

"at least we know shell NEVER want his weak ass again, seing how she's got a stronger, faster, more powerful mate now! haha" Rita jabbed.

To everyones shock, Mandy, feeling euphorious in victory, decided to keep it going.

"youre not getting out of this that easy. Wall sit, and then if you still think you can take me, youre on!" Mandy challenged.

Everyones jaw dropped. Joe, at first elated, almost instantly became concerned. WHy was she so confident? Could she beat him?

They went inside and got next to one another in the hallway. To Joes chagrin, Sandrine and Rita both said they wanted to try as well, as they had started working out recently. The wall sit competition was yet another humiliation. Joe suatted, feeling uncomfortable from the start, he could see the calm on Mandys face, smiling even, as he watched her well muscled thighs tense up and flex, he looked over at Sandrine who also looked starling calm, and Rita, rita with her chubby big thighs, was openly laughing. It took Joe a second to realize what was so funny, but it was made clear when he saw her point towards his shaking knees. Not 40 secs in, and Joe was struggling. Every other female was visibly holding stronger than him. He knew Mandy would prob take him, shameful as that was to concede, but Christinas old, 40 something year old mom!? And her fat out of shape cousin!!!!?! This could NOT be happening he thought.

Another 15 seconds went by and Joe collapsed in a heap. Rita dropped soon after, immediately standing back up to replicate the poolside victory pose she saw earlier. Joe took it. Sandrine followed, putting her foot atop Joes exhausted body as well after lasting an impressive 2 minutes, and then Mandy immediately after, opting to stop of her own accord, making sure all knew she coulda kept going.

"hahah oh wow hold it right there, i cant believe this, im seeing my mom and cousin pysically showing my ex bf up! this is amazing!" Christina said as she retrieved her camera and snapped some choice pics. Joe laid there, accepting it all, feeling the silky soft soles resting on his body, his vision overtaken by the thick strong female legs that bested him. He didnt even know whose, it didn't matter.

"hah wow, did you even last 30 seconds? Tht was soooo pathetic!" Mandy taunted him.

"Alright, now, i know whats rattlign around in that ignorant head of yours. Youre acting the bitch now but next week youre going to start acting alll big and bad again, like youre the unbeatable alpha and these were all just petty games and dumb tricks, talking about your hurt arm in armwrestling or bastketball is for girls anyways or wallsits are made for women cuz of our shorter centers of gravity or birthin hips or some stupid shit. So' if you still think you can take me, imma shut you up once and for all, first to tap wins! Ill go one step further, winner takes all this event!!"

Joe should have thought better of this. Joe was exhausted. From the swimming, to the basketball, the run, even the armwrestling, and of course wallsit, he was spent. This was the most activity hed had physically in months. Not to mention, all this sporting had made his shoulder feel quite sore, really acting up on him. He thought about opting out, accepting defeat as it was, but he knew hed be ridiculed for that, plus he knew this opportunity may never come up again, he HAD to put this bitch in her fucking place. And most importantly, as humilaiting as it was to have been shown up again and agian and again in front of Sandrine and Rita, itd be even worse for them to now see that video showing Norma and Tish emasculating him completely.

He looked at Christina, who couldnt help but be somewhat concerned for her gfs chances. Joe was clearly tired and spent, but this was his sport, and he was good.

"Joe, can i talk to you in the other room before we start this." she asked. They walked off together out of earrange, "Listen joe, i know youre prob furious about mandy making you her bitch like this allll day haha. but you have no one to blame but yourself. No one manipulated you into this, you were so cocky and proud and thought you could win."

Joe was pissed off even more. Manipulation caused this whole thing afterall. He was forced to accept a wild challenge like these or else face humiliation anyways with the video being shown.

"fuck that, she asked for it!" he said angrily.

"Joe, please, listen youre already super tired, i know your shoulder isnt 100%, just take it easy, and honestly, as much humiliation as youve already faced today, would it be too much more if you were to let her have just one more win?"

Joe was in disbelief. She couldnt be serious. She was suggesting he let yet another girl beat him!? Still, as he looked at her pretty face, her beautiful body, purple painted toes on display, he felt more chip away inside, and he felt the urge to give in a little, "fine, ill take it easy on her, i wont go 100%, but she isnt winning this. not doing that agian" he said defiantly.

He stormed off, and int othe living room where Rita and Sandrine had excitedly already moved the furniture to clear the way.

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Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I know you said this story only gets worse for Joe and his humiliation and I gotta say I feel for the guy and the unfair circumstances he finds himself in. Which is a testament to how well you're writing up the story and his slow but steady mental and spirit realignment. I'd wish him the best that he at least gets some payback against these girls along the way but that seems less than likely from what we've seen thus far. He's almost completely broken and submissive to their will.

Looking forward to the next installment.
He most def will not gain an inch.

Chapter 6 - Mandy vs Joe

They squared up, Mandy looking smug as fuck.

"cmon bitch! come take another L!" she teased.

"fuck yeah kick his asss!" rita said. "whooh hooo get em girl" Sandrine offered up, sounding every bit the corny soccermom.

Joe was focused, he was aware of the physical condition he was in, so he was going to end this QUICK. He immediately tried to dive in to take her down, but she evaded. She was quick, and agile, He found himself chasing her around the room, for what seemed like forever, gorwing more and more frustrating.

"come here you stupid bitch! quit running! we gonna wrestle or what!" Joe demanded frustrated.

Mandy laughed, she knew she was getting to him. Christina looked on worryingly.

"hey it's not my fault you arent fast and skilled enough to take me down!" mandy said, stabbing into his crumbling ego.

Joe was incensed, he felt himself tiring as he chased the bimbo around the room, her long legs speeding her just out of range every time he got close. He eventually opted for a different stragety, one that let him grant Christina her wish while preserving energy. He stopped, knelt down, and offered to start from kneeling position. No more chasing her around, let her come to him. if she still refused, hed go to his back and invite the bimbo into his spider web of a guard. He was oozing with confidence, feelin he had her right where he wanted her.

Mandy took the bait, but made the absoolute most of it. She took a quick hope and powered thru Joe, put everything she had into him. She didnt meet him on her knees, she didnt jump into his guard, she smashed theri bodies together with a fury, trying to tackle him. Joe was bewildered by the contact initially, it was the last thing he expected.

He regained his bearings to find them side by side, in a neutral position. Joe knews shes fast and isnt going to take any chances.he tries to get a hold of her but she scoots out of the way, and just as quickly wrapping her long legs around his torso. Joe cant believe it, he is damn near in HER guard. He starts to work his way towards her whne he feels her flex her legs, clinching the scissor together. He feels the breath forced out of his body. Her legs are low on his toros, right above his hips, and theyre so long that he is unable to get a hand on her anywhere, he can touch her hips stomach and that's about it, anytime he tries to get close she straihtens her legs out and in doing so cinches em together, cutting off his breath.

The entire ordeal exhausts him. Joe begins to feel a panic, not just cuz of the pain of the hold, but also the expecattions he put on himslef. He shoudl have effortlessly dominated her, he wanted to show her a lesson, now, no matter what, all can say she gave him a match at least. What's worse is the tuants and cheers from those that dont understand whats happenig. Sure, hes not in the best spot, but its not like shes close to finishing him either, or so he thinks...

"haha oh my god shes kicking his ass!!"

"Fuck yeah GET HIM MANDY!!!!" Christina cheers, jumping up and down now, excited her girl might actually have a chance.

Joe forces himself forward as he seeks to close the distance and escape the scissor, Mandy reads him all the way and as soon as he makes his push towards her, she releases her scissor hold and swings her body to the side. Joe feels himself falling forward towards the hard ground where Mandy used to be, as she rapidly swings her long, strong legs wraps them around his head, grabbing it between her thighs like a praying mantis attacking its prey. Joe is incensed, how the fuck is she getting the better of him he thought. She was so quick, and he was feeling soooo tired.

Still, a headscissor isnt a legit BJJ manouver, he could get out of this, just had to be patient, no way shed finish him with it...

"oh wow it's over now!" Rita exclaimed.

"haha fuck yes mandy, i cant believe it, you got him!!!!"

"woooohooo girl power!!!!" Sandrine cheesily yelled.

Joe remained calm, trying to move around, wiggle his head from the thighs. Each time he moved though, Mandy would tighten, it felt like his head/neck was caught in a vice. He was growing more and more concerned, more angry, more impatient. He begin making more wild movements, jerking his body around, forcibly trying to pry her legs apart with his arm. It was of no use.

He looked down at her, her firm, fit body, her face with a huge smile on it.

"what's a matter baby, my thighs too much for you"? she teased.

He tried again, to pry, to do something, anything, as he felt his energy drain from his body after each pulse of her thighs.

"awweee am i better at Jujitsu as well? im faster than you, stronger than you, i fuck your gf better than you ever could, and now it looks like im better at YOUR sport too!"

That sent Joe over the edge. His frustration was at a max as he helplessly clawed at her thighs. Mandy kept pulsing her thighs, clinching and unclinching, faster and faster, the breaks less and less, Joe felt himself fading as he wasted all his dstrength and energy trying to force those legs apart, trying to move his body, find some way out of it. She used her legs and forced him onto the ground, essentailly pulling him around by the head. He was on his side, with her on her side, head propped up comfortably on an elbow as if she were laying down for a photoshoot, staring down at his helpless, bright red face, he lookedback up at her, helpless to do anything else.

All his BJJ skills, neutralized by these iron thighs around his head.

"fuck yes put him out!!!" Christina yelled

Holy shit hes going to tap out!!!!" Rita was so thrilled she put her camera down to give the live action her full attention.

"yeahhhh admit youre my bitch!!!!" Mandy yelled.

Joe futilely tried to fighti t, but with each pulse he felt his eneryg, his breath, and his will to fight on leave his body. Then, the pulses got longer, instead of quick bursts of power, Mandy started holding them, longer, longer, then letting go, then longer, longer, longer still, then a short break. It was like she was toying with him, torturing him. Then she held it, she clinched and kept em clinched, cutting off the blood to his head. Joe pawed weakly, stared out at the women watching, at Sandrine laughing, at Rita overjoyed, at Christina looking both estatic..and turned on, and then finally at mandys joyous, cocky, arrogant smiling face.

He held off as long as he could, and then fianlly, accepted the latest indignity. He tapped on her thigh.


"HOLY SHIT YES !!!!!!!!!"


All the girls exclaimed, essentially in unison.

Mandy did not let go however. She unclinched, but kept him locked in her thighs.

"ill let you out, but you need to properly accept your place aas our inferior, as my bitch". Mandy explained. "you need to properly submit and ask to be released."

Joe had given up completely. What esle cold he do. He didnt let her win. He had no excused. Mandy had dominated him. He could make up excuses about how he was already tired, out of shape, but that doesnt change the fact he was her bitch.

"ma'am, i apologize for my previous disrespect... ughh omphhh, youre superior to me, ughhahh" he said in bewteen squeezes.

"Now, tell us what we are permitted to do... tell us you want us to watch the video of your other defeats"

Joe submitted to this too, "Please, ma'am, please watch the video showing ther other two times i was put in my place. I want Sandrine and Rita to watch it as well, Please" Joe found himself begging to be humiliated.

Mandy laughed and released him.

"holy fuck that was incredible!!!!" Christinae screamed. "I cant believe you got your ass kicked by her!!! Im positive Norma would take you again for sure, no matter what!" Christina added.

Joe just laid there, staring up at the superior females arround him. There wasnt a doubt in his mind that Christina was right.

"Now, that thats over, while we watch the vid, why dont you give some foot massagess!"

"no way, he massages your feet!" sandrine asked incredilously.

"Find out for yourself haha, Bitch, start rubbing my moms feet, than ritas, while we watch you get KO'd hahahah!"

Joe slowly got up on all fours, and crawled over to where Sandrine was sitting, He knelt at her feet, and while taking in the sight of her thick legs, began massaging her soft feet as he thought about his place in the pecking order, and couldnt help but imagine how powerful these thick legs of his ex gfs mother might be.

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Ok, the man ever loose.
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