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Default A mother fights for her son's blood to gain youth

This is my first story.
I am aware that my English is hopeless, but I hope that my story will inspire someone to write an even better story

The story is very long, so I divided it into 4 chapters.
1 chapter is an introduction
chapter 2 is for nerds
chapter 3 mother vs. son in video games FIFA
chapter 4 mixed wrestling

Chapter 1

The action takes place in 2032, on a catamaran floating in a calm ocean.
My name is Norman Davies, I'm 18 and I'm supposed to be a football player next season. My height is 5'10" and I weigh 164 pounds. When I was 6 years old I fell ill with the mutated COVID-20 virus, which was much worse than the CIVD-19. I was saved thanks to my mother's titanic work, thanks to which she developed synthetic blood with antibodies to the mutated coronavirus. My mother was the first man to be cured for this terrible virus and she achieved great success in medicine. In order to save the rest of the world she founded the company "Artifical blood". The company achieved great business success, mom became a billionaire. Unfortunately, this meant that my mother had no time to devote herself to her family, and even divorced my father, who looked after me. I rarely met my mom, the last time I met her was 3 years ago, I had 5'7", she was taller still higher than me, but now I've grown another 3 inches
To my surprise, on my 18th birthday, my mother invited me to her catamaran with some "business proposition".
When I landed an autonomous helicopter on her catamaran, I saw a beautiful 38-year-old woman who turned out to be my mother.
She had wavy shoulder hair and was wearing an expensive "Agent provocateur" brand bikini. Its silhouette is 38D-27-40. When I approached it, it turned out to be still taller than me. She was 6 feet tall and shockingly long legs. It has incredibly long legs, from the heels to the perineum is about 37 inches long, compared to my 30 inches long legs.
She, as the president of a huge corporation, has to look like a predatory businesswoman, so she liked to wear "Jimmy Choo" pins. Now she was wearing "Thyra 100" which made her 6 inches above me, which was humiliating to me as an adult man. 15 years as a businesswoman made my mother a really predatory woman.
Of course, the day passed on getting to know each other and memories of each other.
When the evening came, my mother invited me to her living room because she wanted to make me a "business proposition". Mother was dressed in sheer black pantyhose of the exclusive brand "Wolford" and babydoll, because the ocean got a little colder. As it turned out, it is close to a great breakthrough, that is, blood that gives youth.

Chapter 2

She explained the principle of operation of the device in this way:

In the 1950s, Clive M. McCay of Cornell University and his colleagues tested the notion by delivering the blood of young rats into old ones.
To do so, they joined rats in pairs by stitching together the skin on their flanks.
After this procedure, called parabiosis, blood vessels grew and joined the ratsí circulatory systems.
The blood from the young rat flowed into the old one, and vice versa.
The young mice, on the other hand, had effectively grown prematurely old.
Their muscles had healed more slowly, and their stem cells had not turned into new cells as quickly as they had before the procedure.
Later, Dr. McCay and his colleagues performed necropsies and found that the cartilage of the old rats looked more youthful than it would have otherwise.
But the scientists could not say how the transformations happened. There was not enough known at the time about how the body rejuvenates itself.
To pinpoint the molecules responsible for the change,
Dr. Wagers and her colleagues screened the animalsí blood and found that a protein called GDF11 was abundant in young mice and scarce in old ones.
To see if GDF11 was crucial to the parabiosis effect. One challenge is that GDF11 degrades quickly.

I discovered that the spermidine found in semen makes GDF11 not destroy itself, and even increases its amount in a way.

Unfortunately, human blood is much more complicated than animals and I still can't produce artificial human young blood, but I'm on my way to understanding it.

To this end, I have developed a technology that will combine the real human blood of an old and a young person.
Unfortunately, for the time being, it is primitive because there must be a very high genetic similarity for this to happen. So it must be the blood of a parent or sibling.
Unfortunately, for ethical reasons, I cannot carry out this experiment that will help me create artificial blood in many countries. The only exception is the Marshall Islands, which is why my catamaran is flying the flag of this country.

If I could create a medical holy grail, I would become the first trillionaire in history.
The only obstacle to success is this experiment.

That's why I have proposals for you that I can't refuse, if you agree to this experiment giving me your youth, I will give you inheritance of my company and 24 billion a year, and if I manage to create after this experiment, if I manage to create an artificial blood giving you youth, I will return your youth.

I want to have it in writing because I don't believe in this award, especially since you didn't financially support my father who raised me," I said.

I can't give it to you in writing, because it's very controversial, if the world gets to know our deal I'll lose the company and you won't get it inherited - mother said

All the more so because if I hadn't been able to create artificial blood, it would have come out of this scandal, but I'm capable, and I'm 90% capable.

What?? All the more reason why I don't want to accept it, especially since I am a promising sportsman, and footballers also make a lot of money, I will get rich myself without your help - I said

You're as ambitious as I am, but as far as I know, no athlete has an asset of more than 20 billion and I offer you that much every year! - mommy answered

Besides, I don't think you're a good footballer, because nowadays you need intelligence, cleverness and focus, and you can't even concentrate for half a minute! - She added

This is not true! I would have crushed you in that respect--

Chapter 3

I don't think so, but we can make a bet and measure our skills in FIFA 32 on PS7! If you win, you will get my company and I will give you a billion dollars a year, but if I win, you will give me your youth, and as soon as I discover I will give you my age and my fortune and 20 billion a year, what do you say? - My mother challenged me.

I was surprised by my mother's proposal, so I thought a little, but the minute's silence was interrupted by my mother, who was feeding me this challenge.
What are you sneaking out of? Are you afraid that you will lose to your own mother in a men's game, which is also your favorite sport? - She told me with a smile.

It was too much for me, she provoked me and I accepted her challenge.

Ha!!!!! I knew you were as ambitious as I am, but you're gonna lose anyway - shouted my mother in a triumphant gesture.

So we sat on our seats in front of 150" 8K TV made in microLed technology which gave an amazing picture.

The biggest novelty in the PS7 was the collaboration with the Neuralink implant, which was created by Elon Musk. The implant was implanted in our head and passed our decisions to the console, so we didn't need pads and the technology was very precise and there is no longer any situation where we pressed something wrong and aren't limited by the idea, we just have a wide range of movements. The only thing that was required from us was to focus, so that we could control it all the time we had to look at the screen. In addition, the developers of the game introduced such an impediment, which was that the harder I breathe and our heart beats strongly, the less precise control is.

The first half of the game was dominated by me winning 1:0, but I have to admit that mom defended herself quite effectively and that surprised me a lot. My first goal was already in 8 minutes, but then all my attacks were successfully paired by my mother.

During the break, my mother said: I'll go get sparkling water, do you want that too?

I answered yes, because after these emotions I forgot to breathe properly and my throat was dry.

Then I relaxed and felt at ease, and even started wondering what football club I would be buying with my mom's money and who I would play with

When my mother brought me water, she said she hadn't played fifa in a long time, but she assured me that she'd already taken over the game and had a win in her blood.

In fact, the match was very competitive, until I made a mistake in 73 minutes forgetting the hands and the businesswoman deliberately used it to shoot in such a way that the ball bounced against the defender's hand on the penalty area, which meant that it was eleven for mom.

Mom sent me a bad kiss which distracted me a little bit and so I lost the goal.

We have a tie, another goal and my dream will come true!!!! - Mom screamed with joy.

I was pissed off that I lost a goal so stupidly, and I decided to play harder in this game.

Unfortunately, my mother felt so comfortable that she straightened her legs and then started massaging the other one. It was a very amazing sight, because they are very sexy. My blood started to boil out of excitement. I was very distracted. Then I realized the flaw in Elona Muska's implant technology, because I couldn't focus on the games just looking at her legs from time to time, which made me breathe deeply again and my heart work like crazy.
Suddenly I heard a voice.


Mom went crazy out of luck, sent me a nasty kiss, and even her foot turned in front of my face and laughed ominously.

Son, you've only got one minute to level the game, but I'm sure you can't beat me! - mommy sang

She was right, unfortunately I couldn't score in such a short time, especially since I can't score her for 82 minutes.

The referee gave the end of the game signal.

Mom got up and did a sexy belly dance with crazy laughter.

Then she did a twerk dance show by rocking her ass in front of my face.

Chapter 4

Suddenly I darted forwards, keeping my head low. My arms encircle the homely feel of her waist as I slide against her right side. I sweep back my right foot while pressing forwards against her upper body, knocking her feet from beneath her. WHUMP! "Ouch!" down she goes with a satisfying thud of her back upon the carpeted floor. Immediately I pounce upon her, pinning her on her back while trying to hold onto her body as she squirms beneath me. "Come on mum, put up a fight" I taunt as I press my upper body against hers to push her back against the carpet. I won't deny that I was doing this the hard way as an excuse to wrap my arms around that waist to get a very enjoyable feel of her body while my chest pressed against her soft buxom attributes. Discreetly as I could I slid my hands up the sides of her middle, enjoying how her wide hips curved in to her waist then sloped back out again as it rose to her voluptuous bust. With inevitability I pressed her flat against the carpet and lay on top enjoying the body beneath me while battling with her hands to get those down as well. "Do you want to submit mother?" I asked as I pinned the back of her hands to the floor on either side of her head. "Urghh you need to lose weight" she grunted. It felt strange that I was laying on top of my mother in such an intimate position but it felt good. I stared down at her face for several moments savouring my victory. From this close up, I could see the faint crow's feet around the outer edges and beneath her eyes as well as a few bags under the eyes. There were also a few faint creases in her cheeks, but the underside of her jaw was firm with no sag. So she was showing her age but she was still better looking than most mothers her age. Still holding her hands I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and rolled off to my left side while hooking my right calve against her waist. Pulling her into a body scissors, I held her tight against me with my arms around her shoulders as I squeezed her waist with my legs. "Urgggh!" I loved the little lady-like sounds she made as she tried to stand the pressure of my legs. "Submit mother dear" I teased "my legs are too strong for you". But of course I didn't want her to because I loved holding her warm soft comfortable body against me. Our bodies were pressed up against each other as intimate as if we were lovers although there was nothing sexual about it. Er, well apart the stiffness that suffused my groin. "Urrghhh!" she tried pulling her arms free but I held them tight. "You see, I'm am better than you at something after all" I told her before I twisted her right arm behind her back into a chicken wing hammerlock. "Arghh arghh arghh!" she yelped but still she would not submit. Boston crab, camel clutch, choke holds, arm-bar, backbreaker, bear-hug, I put my mother into all of these holds and more. I took every opportunity I could to wrap my arms around that homely yet sensationally curvaceous figure as discreetly as I could. Playing with my mother so intimately like this was exciting and stimulated my senses far better than any girl at school would ever let me, I was sure. The way she struggled in my arms trying to escape just made my dick all the harder as her body rubbed against mine. Surprisingly the old bird took it all, moaning and yelping as lady-like as best she could. Mum was putting up a spirited defence which made it all the more exciting. I was loving each second of it especially holds where our bodies were in close contact pressing up against each other as I exerted control. Such close contact with her slightly plump mature body was so much enjoyable than the brawny tough girls at the wrestling club. They had all acted tough and wrestled hard. It was almost like wrestling boys. But mum was all woman, full curving shapes and soft bits that was a pleasure to wrestle. Grappling with mum was a dream come true for it was the only way that I would ever get to playfully wrestle a real woman. It was exciting, exhilarating and fun. To be honest it was also really turning me on. This was the best way to get intimate with a woman without having sex and I was loving it. I loved her all the more for it because I knew that she was doing it for me to make me happy. "Wow mum, you're the best" I told her honestly before I pulled her to her feet in an arm-lock then slammed her around the living area with a few throws. "Ouch! Norman be careful!" she gasped as she landed heavily on the floor with her pantyhose legs all over the place.

She lay upon her back looking dazed. The way that sexy sheer babydoll to her pneumatic figure as she lies there drives me wild. I clamber on top of her, pushing my way between her open legs, sliding my hands along her thighs pushing back her pantyhose so it is rucked up around her hips. Wow! I loved the silky smoothness of her nylon legs. I had never been in a position to feel a woman's legs before and viewed this as an open invitation. Wow! they were beautiful and felt so good, I couldn't stop myself from caressing them, having a good feel. "Norman!" she shrieked in protest as I had a good long feel of her upper legs. She tried to sit up and bat my hands away. I just grabbed them and lay on top of her. My dick rises rapidly with the close bodily contact with my mother, a prone helpless attractive mature woman at my mercy. "Oh mum, you are so beautiful" I tell her and lean forward bringing my face in front of hers as my dick hardens in my pants. You might call me a pervert but I loved my mother. She was the woman who had ignited my interest in the opposite sex. I knew how I felt was wrong but right now with her laying beneath me after tantalising me after such close contact with her body I just could not control myself any longer. "Oh mummy I love you" I moaned. "Norman no!" she protested as I brought my mouth close to her lips to kiss her. She raised her hands to push me away. "Urr urr!" she panted as I grabbed her hands and pushed against them trying to get them down to the floor where I planned to pin them with one hand so I could kiss her without interruption. With each of her hands in mine I enjoyed the sensation of battling against her arms. There was a hard determined look in her face as she gritted her teeth and put everything she had into stopping me forcing down her hands. In fact it made her look very sultry and smouldering. All the time she was writhing beneath me, constantly moving around, bucking her hips trying to dislodge me. "Will you stop moving about?" I growled. She was giving me quite a struggle and was stronger than I previously gave her credit for, really making me work for it. All this determined opposition and wriggling about of her shapely mature body beneath me while clad in a sexy babydoll is very arousing and there was nothing I could do about my dick sticking up rigid in my pants creating quite a bulge in my shorts. Mum couldn't have failed to have felt it, pressed up on top of her as I was but thankfully she didn't say anything.

BAM BAM "Jeez!" I gasp in victory as at long last I finally nail the back of her hands against the carpet. Keeping them pinned I looked down at the face of my mother framed between my arms. It was of course a face I'd known all my life. Loving and nurturing me though childhood, it was only now as I became a young man that I realised how gorgeous she was. The sultry eyes poised above her sleek nose and a gentle kissable mouth all framed by a stylish arranged wildness of hair. She stared back at me as if studying me. "Wow you really put up a good struggle there mum" I told her. "I think I deserve a good kiss after all that" I began to bring my face towards her but stopped as she began laughing. It was really off-putting trying to kiss someone who was laughing in your face. "Shut up, stop it. Why are you laughing?". My mother looked up at me with a wide amused smile that pushed up her small prominent cheek-bones giving her a cute impish appearance. "One must never rush into an unfamiliar situation" she explained as if lecturing me. "One must analyse it to understand the underlying science. Identify the strengths and weaknesses before acting decisively". She gave me another wide smile as if she knew some secret and found it amusing. "Mother. I love you dearly, I really do. But....what on earth are you talking about?". The smile got wider becoming almost predatory making me feel rather uncomfortable. It wasn't the sort of look I associated with my dear sweet mother. The smile suddenly vanished and her mouth became a hard pout while the warmth vanished from her eyes which became steely cold. "I mean I've studied you and understand my strengths and your weaknesses" "What?" her eyes were hard and calculating while her mouth was a sensual pout. "Don't say what dear, say pardon" she sighed with exasperation. "In simple English in the words of the youth. This is where I kick your arse and hand it back to you on a plate".

Before I could even open my mouth to ask what she was on about, those smooth silky nylon legs encircled my waist. Short in length and wonderful to look at, I didn't give them any thought and leant forwards to try to kiss her again. "Oh mum, you are the best" I moaned, my dick stiffening in anticipation as I closed my lips to press them against hers. "Arrh!" I suddenly groan, caught by surprise before my breath is cut off. An incredible force exerts an astonishing squeeze around my waist, like getting trapped in rapidly setting concrete. Automatically my hands fly to mom's thighs but instead of the soft slightly-plump homely thighs of my mother that I was expecting, I found them to be incredibly firm and exerting an completely unexpected power that was crushing my sides painfully and squeezing my lower abdomen against the insides of her thighs. "No..ghhh!" I gasp pulling and tugging at her legs trying to break this hold. I was blown away by how powerful her lovely legs could squeeze. "Orraghhh!" I gasp again starting to panic, never expecting such ferocious muscular strength from my own mother. Then it strikes me that a woman who is a bussiness woman, although they weren't overtly muscular apart from her calves. Even when I had been feeling her thighs, there was no obvious sign of developed muscle just smooth soft skin. Yet now they were rock hard and crushing me. I imagined I could feel the muscles just beneath the smooth skin pouring out unfathomable strength to crush my middle flat. "Urnnn!" I grunted feeling my face turn red as my mum's thighs crushed the breath out of me. I couldn't believe it, I was being dominated by my own mother's legs. Oddly, the sensation of being a prisoner of her thighs was turning me on. My dick was actually throbbing. "Oh dear, is the big bad footballer getting thrashed by his mother? Poor diddums, shall mummy kiss it and make it better" to my astonishment she began giggling like it was really funny. No, I couldn't let this happen! I couldn't let myself lose to my totally inexperienced mother. The sight of her in a sheer babydoll smiling at me in open amusement as I struggled in vain to rock myself back and forth to loosen the unbreakable steely hard grip constantly pouring down shocking strong pressure was too humiliating to bear. "Arrr look at my big grown-up son with his face all red and puffed out" the bitch taunted me then chuckled with a wide smile that pushed up her cheeks. "And he thought he could beat his mother wrestling. What a loser" she laughed. "Orrrrnn!" she was enjoying this too much. That made me all the more determined to wipe the smile off her face. "Oooh the big bad sportman champion who challenged his mother and lost. Wait until I tell the other parents and your coachers at the parent's day next month" she said then burst into a fit of laughter. Crap! I couldn't let this happen.

Clenching my eyes summoning up every bit of strength I had I flung my body hard left using my greater strength and bodyweight to roll onto my left side and break mum's body-scissors. "Urnnn!" I landed on my side but to my dismay her legs remain locked tight like a clamp. I hear laughter. My own mother is openly laughing at me with tears running down her cheeks. With no let up in the brutal crush against my middle, my body is wedged tight between her thighs with the apex of her legs tantalisingly barely an inch in front of my stomach.

"well, it looks like you will give me your youth" she chuckled between laughs. "I hope you are a better player in the future than now but I doubt it I hope you are a better player in the future than now but I doubt it" she added then burst into more hysterical laughter. My ears were burning in shame, although with my face burning red you probably wouldn't have noticed. In desperation, I tugged and pulled with all my strength at trying get her thighs apart, but her sexy pantyhose legs have absolutely no give in them. "No stamina. That's the problem with the youth today" she continued to humiliate me verbally relishing the crippling hold she has me in. Talk about beginner's luck! I couldn't believe it. There seemed to be no way I could break out. I wriggle and writhe using my legs to power sudden wild lurches, yet like a limpet my mum's legs just won't let go. "Wow, this is so easy Norman" she laughs "I don't see what the fuss is about". My dick is absolutely stiff as I find myself totally helpless between mum's lovely legs. "Orraghh!" I have to accept that I don't have a chance against thighs that can power her up a mountain and reluctantly begin to tap my right hand against her lovely bare thighs in defeat. Instead of the shameful release of her legs, mum grabs my penis and pulls it forward. "Ah ah! No bruising my legs dear" "Urrrgh!" to my horror I realise that I didn't explain to her about tapping out. "Arghhhh arghhh stopp!"
I groan as mum's legs continue to crush down so hard that I can feel my ribs grinding as all that tight squeezing compresses my insides. "Urrr mum no!" I gasp but she just laughs in my face. "Oh you were right Norman. This really is fun. I just love squeezing you between my legs". Mum' legs are enveloping me, devouring my waist like some kind of all-conquering female monster. Everywhere I touch is soft feminine nylon layered over steely tight legs that are exerting an overwhelming power. I was being completely overpowered by my mum and yet it was as sexy as it was humiliating. With her sexy sheer bussines pantyhose scrunched up around the top of her thighs, everywhere I felt was smooth female legs not that I was in any position to appreciate them. Anyone looking into the chalet to see what all the noise was about would have seen a teenage lad in shorts and a white t-shirt laying on his side with his mother dressed in a sexy babydoll also on her side facing him at roughly 30 degrees with her with her lovely nylon legs wrapped tight around his waist while he grimaced in agony with his hands resting uselessly on top of her thighs.

As if it couldn't get any worse, mum twisted the upper part of her torso so that she could place her palms upon the carpet on either side of her and press down while thrusting forwards with her deceptively strong runner's legs. "Worrraghh!" I groaned loudly as a powerful wave of female leggy energy bore down on me so hard that I thought I was going to black out. She kept humping against my body in this manner with wave after breath-taking wave crushing down upon me squeezing me helpless like a rag dog. "Orrraghhh!" I couldn't stop myself groaning loudly as each powerful wave of crushing devastation smashed into me. I never suspected mum's legs to be so strong. "Orrragg!" I had been scissored by many big jocks at school during matches but this was a whole order of magnitude more powerful. Mum was hardly a muscular woman, in fact the exact opposite yet she had me completely helpless between her legs. "Orraghh!" she was squeezing my middle with such totally overwhelming power that there was nothing I could do about it. With shame I felt my dick throb like crazy and was afraid she would notice. "So you thought you could beat your mum? Duh" she rolled her eyes skywards as if to say 'what a moron'. "Ready to submit to mummy, Norman?" she asked with a wide taunting smile. "N..no N....no way!" I gasped, having trouble expelling the words due to tight constriction around my middle. Trying to keep calm and act rationally, I tried to use my hands to unlock her ankles then twist myself free. "Worrghhhh!" she had locked them tight. I struggled working on them but the insistent crushing of my waist was zapping my strength that after several seconds frantic tugging I knew that I'd never part them. "Woraagh!" I groaned as another crushing wave hit me. She was squeezing my middle so hard that I wasn't able to breathe properly and I could feel my face heat up and my lungs burn through lack of air. "Orrrrgghh!" I was screwing up my eyes and clenching my teeth trying not to cry out but it was no use. I was completely helpless between mum's legs and could see no way out. She was totally dominating me with her lovely legs. "Nnnarrghh!" each burst of increased power she poured down on my middle reinforced her superiority on the carpet and made my dick lurch so strongly that she couldn't fail to notice. It was agonising being squeezed rhythmically by mum yet strangely highly arousing as well. "Orraghhh!" I was beginning to feel light-headed and felt my energy fading fast. I'd have to act quick. I tried to roll over to twist her and force her to release me but she held onto me tight keeping me in place. I realised with a sinking feeling that I wasn't going anywhere. My mother's legs were simply too strong and clamped on too tight. I had no choice, humiliating as it would be I would have to tell that I give, except I never got the chance. All of a sudden mum raised herself high upon her hands and let rip with a series of short rapid bursts of power so intense that I really thought that my ribs were going to break. "Nnn nnnnnarhg!" I couldn't breathe ... arghhhhhh. "Urrggh!" I wanted to beg her to stop but I couldn't even draw enough breath to breathe let alone beg. I tried to fight against the wave of warm darkness rolling over me, but failed and felt myself go lip between my mother's thighs with a raging erection on full display.

Then my mother sat on my chest and started teaching me.

"Every athlete should remember to breathe, because oxygen gives you energy and you forget to breathe properly!" Mommy was in bloom.
Then she added, "I was surprised that Viagra, which she poured into your glass of water during the match, would work so well, I have to get down to work".

Then her sexy thigh got stuck rubbing against my penis until it escaped.

This viagra of hers explained to me why I had huge concentration problems during the match.

"I already have your spermidine in your sperm, now it's time for you to go to sleep so that I can take your youth in peace," said my mother, sending me a kiss, and then her wonderful tits started getting rid of me
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Default Re: A mother fights for her son's blood to gain youth

You have plagiarised @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] 's story.

Almost everything in part 4, from "Suddenly I darted forwards, keeping my head low." to "I tried to fight against the wave of warm darkness rolling over me, but failed and felt myself go lip between my mother's thighs with a raging erection on full display.", is a direct copy-paste from [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] ( [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] on TheValkyrie ).

@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], is plagiarism allowed on this forum? Because if not, then I think you should intervene.
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Default Re: A mother fights for her son's blood to gain youth

Yes this story is stolen
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