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Old 24-Nov-22, 06:43
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Default Re: Joining the OMWL

This story will progress with the community's feedback and choices as long as people are interested. The results of polls throughout
the story will determine how things go. I hope you all enjoy.

My name is Ben and I am a 20 year old who has joined the Online Mixed Wrestling League or OMWL. I found it on accident one day
and thought it would be an interesting thing to get into. Life has been boring lately and I have been looking for new activities to try.
I have never been much of an athlete so this seemed like a good chance to be more active and of course who wouldn't want to have
the chance to roll around with women. I didn't know what to expect as I signed up, but I put in all the info and hit submit. I started
getting nervous when it took a few days to hear anything, but eventually I got an email with some rules and expectations as well as a
time and place to have an initial evaluation.

I show up right on time and go into a gym to meet with an evaluator who puts me through some exercises and tests to get baseline
physical characteristics. They don't say much to me, just lead me to each exercise and write down notes at each stop. They tell me
this is how they categorize wrestlers and keep track of their progression. I don't feel too great about my performance as you can
imagine since I have little athletic background. When I get my results, I am a little disappointed, but they seem accurate so I can't be
too upset. I don't know their criteria, but they did tell me the ratings will change according to my performance in matches and
training. My results were:

Strength- 2
Speed- 2
Endurance- 1
Technique- 1
Toughness- 2
Eroticism- 1

Obviously we didn't do any activities for Eroticism so everyone starts at 1 until they have a match. I at least didn't get all 1s which is
good, but clearly can do better. I start going to the gym, but don't seem too efficient with my workouts. Something is better than
nothing I guess. A few days after my evaluation I get an email with a date and time for my first match. I am nervous jumping right in,
but no better way to get a feel for it than a real match.

My first opponent is a veteran in the league named Heather. Just seeing her stats she doesn't seem too much better than me
in most categories besides experience of course. I am surprised to find out she is much older and has been in the league for 15+
years. Her record isn't amazing, winning about 10% of her matches. Her ratings aren't great either. Our comparison is:

Strength- 2
Speed- 2
Endurance- 1
Technique- 1
Toughness- 2
Eroticism- 1

Strength- 1
Speed- 3
Endurance- 2
Technique- 3
Toughness- 2
Eroticism- 2

On paper we are pretty evenly matched so I think I have a chance. It would be great to win my debut match against a veteran. I get
to the loction and am soon in the room we will compete. I am pretty nervous getting ready when Heather walks in. We are similar
heights with her being 5' 8" and weighing around 150 lbs. She has medium length brown hair and seems like a pretty sturdy person.
She takes off her shirt and will be wrestling in a yellow sports bra and very tight black leggings. Those leggings are so tight they
show off every muscle movement while she stretches. She doesn't seem too strong, but enough to make things difficult. Her breasts
and butt are pretty average and could cause trouble if I am not careful. Lastly, and most surprisingly is how young she looks. I
expected to be facing a much older woman, but she doesn't look a day over 30. We are both ready so we start standing and lock

I am very nervous to see how strong she is. I should be stronger, but she could have some tricks from her years of experience. I
don't start at full strength and we seem evenly matched. We go back and forth until I increase my power and slowly force Heather
back and to the ground. She lands on her back and I fall on top. I try to sit on her stomach, but she is able to get her legs around my
body first. I fight to get her arms pinned while she tries to break free of my grasp. Heather makes very difficult, but I am finally able to
get her wrists and pin them to the mat. That is good for me, but she starts squeezing me in return.

I can definitely feel that Heather is scissoring me, but am not in immediate danger. I can tell she will eventually win out in this position
since I can't hurt her. I need to get past her legs as soon as possible. I don't know what to do besides trying to push them apart with
my arms. I let go of her wrists and try to escape. I push on her thighs pretty hard, but am not able to budge them. The leggings
are soft and slick in my hands and I can feel Heather's muscles tightening and loosening when she squeezes.
My inexperience shows as it isn't likely that my arms will be stronger than her legs and I have given Heather the opening she needs.
She leans forward and grabs behind my head with her arms. I try to stop her, but it is too late. She pulls my head down to her
stomach while rolling over. I am off-balance making it easier for her to reverse our positions.

I end up on my back with Heather sitting on my stomach. This is the exact position I wanted to be in, but on top instead. We are
both already starting to breathe deep from the struggle. She grabs my wrists, but I am able to resist her attempts at pinning them
down. We fight for a few minutes to a stalemate with her unable to get my arms down. I can tell she is getting a little frustrated, but
accepts that I am a little stronger. She uses her entire body pressing down against me with her chest against mine. This makes it
harder to keep my arms up. All my focus goes to the arm battle which allows Heather to get my legs wrapped up in a grapevine.

She starts spreading them quickly and I am barely able to stop them from getting to far apart. I have to choose between defending my
legs or my arms. I think about which is worse between having my arms pinned or my legs spread and my indecision means both happen.
Heather spreads my legs enough to make me grunt and lose focus on my arms which then become pinned to the mat. Now I am in
trouble and Heather smiles. I jerk side to side and push with my arms. I make small improvements to my situation, but am not able to
escape from her hold. I am getting worn out with these failed escape attempts and I am not sure what to do to get out of this. Heather
is persistent with this and wears me down until I am completely stuck and don't know what to do. With no other option, I tap against the
mat with the back of my hands.

"Ha! Couldn't get out of that could you Ben?" Heather taunts.

"No. You got me good that round".

Heather stands up and walks away letting me get up. We both take a few minute break and I think about how that went. Clearly she
is more experienced and knows more holds than I do so I can't start slow. I have to be aggressive and hope she isn't prepared.
We face off on our knees this time.

Heather leads 1-0

Again we lock hands and I use all my strength immediately. She is surprised and falls back. Instead of letting her scissor me again,
I go around to her side and try to pin her arms that way. Heather struggles like her life depends on it making it really hard for me to
keep her down. I try to sit on her stomach, but she keeps spinning away. Eventually I stop that and just kneel above her head while
trying to let her wear herself down. I won't win like this and she just stops and rests so I have to make a move. I don't really know any
good holds to use from here so I scoot up to trap her arms under my legs and go for a bear hug. This turns out to be more difficult
than I thought. The time it takes for me to get in position is enough for Heather to lift her legs up and wrap them around my head.
I am surprised by her flexibility and am not able to stop from being rolled to the side once again.

I fall over and Heather keeps rolling so I end up on my back and she is on top again facing my legs. Unlike me, she knows exactly
what to do in this position. Before I can react, she grabs my head and pulls it deep between her legs. She crosses her legs behind
my head and squeezes her legs tight. This hurts more than the last hold and I almost tap immediately. I barely hold on not wanting to
lose so fast. I start pushing and pulling at her legs while also trying to roll over like she did. Heather doesn't let me do anything and
just crushes my head the whole time. I start grunting and groaning trying to escape. I also can't help but notice her butt taking up
most of my vision. Every time she squeezes I can see her muscles tighten and relax and for a 40 year old woman, it looks great.

I want to be respectful, but I can't help grabbing at her butt a little while struggling to get free. She laughs at my predicament and
keeps squeezing. I want to hold out, but I don't see any hope of escape so I just tap on her butt. She holds the squeeze a little
longer making me groan then lets me free and stands up. I lay there for a while trying to catch my breath, but it never seems to
come. I realize that I am really tired after only a short time of wrestling. I wasn't much of an athlete before this, but didn't expect to
be this exhausted. I struggle to my feet and get some water and try to think of a plan for round 3. It is now or never. If I lose this
round it is all over.

Heather leads 2-0

I am far from ready to start again, but the break is over way too soon. I still haven't thought of anything new so I just attack and hope
for the best. I charge Heather and try to tackle her to the mat, but have lost some steam and it isn't as effective as before. I push her
back a few feet, but she is able to maintain her balance and stop my momentum. Heather stops me and wraps her arm around my
neck. She starts choking me some, but not enough to really hurt me. I cough a little and switch to trying to escape.

I pull back and push on her hips, but Heather holds tight choking me even more. I grab at her arm and try to pull it from my neck. I
make some progress, but she doesn't let me finish my plan. Heather pushes forward at the same time making me lose my balance
and fall back with her on top again. It hurts when she lands on my stomach knocking the air out of me. I cough uncontrollably and
grab my stomach. Once I start to get over the coughing fit, Heather drops down on me again making me cough some more. She
grabs my wrists and slams them above my head. She smiles down at me and laughs as her crotch comes to rest against mine. Now
she can definitely feel the erection that has grown during the match.

"Someone seems to be enjoying themselves".

"Sorry Heather. I didn't want that to happen, but I couldn't stop it".

"Haha. It's ok. I would take it as more of an insult if that didn't happen."

"It is definitely a compliment. You are so strong and beautiful".

"Thanks Ben! Hmmm you could be saying that just because you don't want me to hurt you".

"I promise I'm not. I thought I would have a chance at winning this before we started, but you are way too good at wrestling".

"I appreciate that. I haven't beaten that many guys but most of them are jerks after I win. They always make excuses or say I
cheated. I am glad you are nice about it".

"I can't make excuses or say you cheated. You won fair and square and are just better than me".

"You are too kind. You didn't do too bad for your first match".

"I don't know about that. You have dominated since the start".

"Don't worry about that. You have no experience so of course I will have the advantage. You used your strength well, but didn't seem
to have any idea how to finish me off".

"You are right about that. I don't have deadly legs like you that can take someone out easily".

"Your arms could do that you just have to figure out the best way to use them. I was shocked by how much stronger you were than
me at the start. That could be a good weapon for you. I was also impressed how you didn't easily give up the first two rounds."

"Thanks. I have a lot of work to do".

"For sure, but don't give up. You have been such a good sport and I like your attitude so I will help you this coming week. But now
I have to end this match".

What follows is a demolition of my head, neck, and body by Heather's legs. She starts by rolling to the side and crushing me with
a bodyscissor. She transitions from that to a series of headscissors that I didn't even know existed until she told me about them.
She went with forward, reverse, and figure 4 scissors showing me how strong her legs were like I didn't already know. She does me
a favor and finishes me off with a figure 4 reverse headscissor crushing my head as tight as possible into her ass. I try to hold
out while groaning in pain from Heather's powerful legs. I am a little less embarassed about my obvious erection that has only grown
during the scissor session and my more aggressive admiration of her butt.

Heather lets me do this for a little while before grabbing my hands and pinning them down my my side. I already knew there was no
hope of victory, but now was time to admit it. I tap on the mat.

"I submit Heather. You win".

I expect her to brag, but Heather is not a sore winner. She stands up and of course has a little fun with me, but not too much. She
stands over me flexing her muscles and plants her foot on my chest. I just lay there and let her do whatever she wants since she did
win handily and I am exhausted. I can feel my manhood tightly pressed against my pants making it extremely obvious how turned on
I am. I lift my hand up to caress her legs. She enjoys this letting out a slight "Oh yeah" in response. It is hard to believe they were just
crushing the fight out of me minutes before. Now they are so soft and feminine that I wouldn't expect the damage they can cause.

Heather has one last surprise for me. She moves her foot and presses it against my crotch. She pretends like she is going to stomp
giving me a quick heart attack, but instead she just rubs it gently making me moan. It feels so good I can't help but move with her
trying to get even more pleasure from it. She laughs again.

"You better get that under control. If the others find out about this problem of yours then they will definitely abuse it".

"That's a lot easier said than done Heather".

"Oh I know. Just giving you a warning because some of those young, sexy girls can put a man under their spell and really do a
number on them."

"By young and sexy do you mean yourself?"

"Haha shut up. Let's go".

I get up and grab Heather's hand and we face the camera so I can raise it and show anyone who watches that she is the clear
winner. I am extremely tired and sore from the beating I just received. I am a little slower getting my stuff picked up so I turn and
Heather is waiting with a slip of paper in her hand.

"Here is my number. Give me a call if you want to get some more practice".

"Thanks Heather. I am glad you were my first opponent and will definitely take you up on that offer".

"Good. See you next time" Heather winks and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before we walk out.

Heather wins 3-0

I make my way home and get a shower. I groan as my muscles protest any movement with soreness. I get a shower and try to relax,
but can't stop thinking about the match and what I can do to improve. That keeps me up for a while before I pass out from exhaustion.

Added after 10 minutes:

What is Ben's plan after losing his first match?

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Default Re: Joining the OMWL

Thanks for a great introduction to a series that sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed Heather's attitude, and appreciated the way she complimented and encouraged him after her shut out win. He really did try, but never became belligerent or disrespectful, which is something that I was glad to see in the main character. While I might have hoped that some facesitting might have become involved, that is my own preference and I concede that it wouldn't really have added anything to the story in a narrative sense.

I really hope you get the audience participation that you are hoping for, as I would love to continue reading more about the OMWL. Thank you for writing this story for us, mate.
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Default Re: Joining the OMWL

nice to see you posting again!

I’m not sure if my vote counted in the poll since I never saw anything changed after I picked but I went with endurance.

he was pretty gassed after the first round.
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