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Old 17-Jun-20, 14:00
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Default The Black Widow at Work

Brent groaned. It was a deep, long groan that was equal parts pleasure, strain and discomfort. Sweat rolled down his face, and down his taut toned torso. A lot of sweat. He grimaced, gritting his teeth. His arms and shoulders bulged as he struggled against the restraints that bound him to the chair in the dimly lit room.

"P-p-please... I'll talk. Please..." he moaned, desperately.

A few feet away, a woman stood with her back to him. She was about 5'5", thick, curvy and in fantastic shape. She was wearing a black hoody, and black panties that strained over her lush, full ass. A fine sheen of sweat glistened on her thick, powerful thighs. Her panties were marked with precum. A lot of it. In this position, the man couldn't help but notice her ass. And she knew it.

When the man groaned, she finished doing something on her cell, and put it down on a nearby chair, close to a discarded pair of sweats. She looked at him, back over her shoulder, smirking.

"Oh, of course you will, dear. But first, you're going to beg. To plead. To break."

She turned to face him and, still smirking wickedly, slowly drew the hoody up and off. She wore a black bra under it, barely able to deal with her big, full rounded breasts. The muscles of her toned tummy glistened with sweat. She was a devastating combination of muscles and curves. She fluffed her slightly mussed reddish hair, the move accentuating her big, big tits.

"Oh fuck..." Brent whimpered. His cock was out, thrusting up, impossibly stiff and hard, nearly purple, throbbing and pulsing constantly from what it had already endured, weeping precum continually.

When he had placed that ad for a session with a dominant woman into wrestling, leg/ass/pussy punishment, he could never have dreamt ending up like this. The session had been amazing, Natasha had toyed with him, easily, tossing him, running through hold after hold, releasing him only to resume. More and more she used her legs on him, choking and scissoring and squeezing and grapevining, and she also began to stimulate and abuse his groin. Finally, she put him out completely, and he awakened in the chair. Only then did she explain she wanted information on the security software Brent was working on, for a slippery corporation that may or may not be a front for Russian mobsters.

And she worked him over. Sexually and physically, stimulating but also squeezing and bending him, straining him until his body and dick were sore.

" believe me, we're just starting..." she smirked. She walked closer, and slowly ran a fingertip up the underside of his straining dick, making his hips rise, making him squeal, making the precum gush. Then she sat on his lap, facing him, and wrapped her thick legs around his torso, his dick jutting up between them.

"How about we see what your ribs can take, hon?" she said casually, and leaned back some. Her thighs began to bulge and the crushing pressure grew greater and greater. Brent grunted, his cock throbbing...

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Default Re: The Black Widow at Work

Amazing detail! I adore this intro, I've been looking for Black Widow femdom stories, and this start is perfect, hope you do continue it, great work! )
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