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Old 04-Aug-22, 02:02
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Default My Experience When I Was In 8th Grade.

Please note this is a true story of my encounter in 8th grade. you can say it's fake but do what you want and just so yall know im bad at describing so im sorry if it gets very confusing at some parts of this.So without further a due let's begin.

That One Crazy Fucking Girl Named Sheila...

Soooooooooooooo... one of my friends told me that she heard Shelia call one of the teachers (let's call her Alexis) well dumbass Shelia here decided to call her a bitch and she took a break for the hallway and yelled

"BITCH" again in the hallway as she was running. Although I didn't trust my friend on her word, sooner or later- this bitch was in my classroom! she was reticent for somebody who just yelled

"BITCH" at a teacher- well when she was brought into my classroom there were two other teachers escorting her on either side one was a male teacher and the other was a female teacher. (BTW I guess now is a good time to say none of this shit happens at my school, it's a pretty chill school and that's coming from a teen who hates school) and so I was thinking

"That must be Shelia." we already had a teacher in there teaching us so now there were 3 (since the two that escorted her into the classroom) and the male teacher (let's call him Hunter) said

"Happy to be back?" she shook her head. but what Hunter said threw me off because, if this was sheila then why was Hunter being so damn calm? besides me being in the classroom there were 2 other girls in there (i don't know why I was literally the only fucking boy in that class but eh) and sheila was staring silently at one of the girls not looking away (let's call this girl Ava) ava tried to say hi but Shelia acted like nobody said a thing and sheila was still staring at Ava and later Ava even said,
"it made me feel uncomfortable because she literally wouldn't look away from me" a few minutes pass by with her still staring at her and without a word, Shelia gets up and walks out of the classroom and everybody thought well maybe she was grabbing a tissue but as soon as they saw her walking to the door my teacher Alexis at the time said,

"Hey Shelia what you doing?" sheila shook her head"
"shelia get back in here" Alexis said. sheila took off into the hallway and Alexis sped walked to the door to see sheila running in the hallway and she heard her say "BITCH" and Alexis said,
"i cant run can you both go get her" (now i dont know why she had to say that maybe because they were dumbfounded by what sheila had just done but it was weird that she had to ask them both to go and run after them) Alexis couldn't run because she was pregnant. so I'm in the class alone with the 2 girls and we all started laughing as two teachers were running and Alexis had to walk but that's not we were laughing about we were laughing because of sheila and we talked for 10 maybe 20 minutes before the secretary had to come into the classroom and tell us we needed to go in the next classroom and just wait and i thought that was gonna be the last of the drama i was gonna hear from her but nope as fate would have it i would get to see some more drama about her. *the time is now lunch time and were all in the cafeteria* i see sheila getting taken somewhere by the principal most likely the office id assume lol. and when school was over i saw her try to make a break for the doors that people were walking out of (i was waiting to be picked up so that's how i saw her again)

Hunter said "no no no where do you think you're going? you're not leaving." sheila had a book in her hand at the time and tried to smack him as soon as he tried to pull her back into the office but he had his arms snaked around hers as soon as she tried to hit him with the book so she couldn't hit him. now onto what i was told about her once again. one friend of mine lets call her lilly told me

"sheila is crazy, she tried to kill her own sister." and now i honestly dont doubt it with how sheila acted up and another friend of mine lets call him "Tom."

Tom told me "sheila went to juvie

thats everything and sorry I'm tired when i wrote this just like when i wrote my other things late at night so yeah sorry for how confusing it can be
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