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Default Hinatia muscle Goddess

A little commission I did

Hinata was on top of a building with a gym over it. She was overlooking a mountain, showing grassy hills and big clouds. The day was beautiful. The place was a Dojo they let her work out on due to saving the town from a band of roaring ninjas. The top of the building had a pool and hot tub. There was Gym equipment. It was special and made for someone of her huge strength and muscle. Like her friend Sakura she manages to spread her muscle and power to an extreme level making her a beautiful Amazon

“100…101…102,” She Said gritting her strength

She was strong and topless right now. The sweat was dripping down her tits as she was doing someone arm pull-ups. Her muscles were thick about 32-inch biceps that were flexing with power. The veins of her biceps were thick and dripping with sweat. Her legs were thick about 36-inch thighs that were wide showing muscles flexing. Every time she pulled up her large G cup tits would be squeezed together pushing out. The pectoral was pushing the tits out further giving her huge pectoral control. She loved the burn. The pull-up pole was between two metal walls. She grabbed the pole while she was still in the air and moved it up. She switches her arm as she was pulling up. She pushed her lips out licking her lips. She was getting seductive. Her panties were tight. Her pussy lips were dripping wet showing camel. The G-string was deep into her ass cheeks showing deep 60 inches as cheeks slapped together. She was high up. She has borrowed Shinji as a pet.

She was going high enough where he looked like an ant. He was already short and looked small. He was very skinny. He was on his knees with a ball gag in his mouth. He had a cock ring around his cock that was stretching out nice and tight. Her cock was thick and vein. Pre cum was dripping from it leaving a puddle. There was a plate on his back with some cocktails. He was shaking

“Don’t you drop a single drop slave” She Said

She finishes up 50 more. Her hair was short and blue. Her eyes were silver light blue. Hinata dropped down and took a towel and wiped the sweat off her body. Her muscles were tense as she worked out with a few power lifts. The weight had 600 pounds on each side. Watch her always turn her on. He was in love with these muscle women. She did 40 reps

“Much be hard keeping up with that weight between your legs” She laughed

She finishes up and put the weight down and grabbed herself the drink taking the plate out. She stuck out her foot

“Kiss it,” She Said

She watches as he licked the sweat off her foot. She stood tall about 6.5 making him look like a small child. He licked between his toes and tasted the sweat off her foot. He took a sniff smelling her feet as she pushed her toes in his mouth

“You got a long day ahead of you slave,” She Said

She was enjoying his worship. There was love in his eye as he was looking up at her with total awe. He was loved. She looked like a goddess as she put down her drink and flexed her arms. Her breast bounces one and a time showing him her strength

“Been a long time work out. Need a massage” She Said

She took off his cock ring and stood him up. He walked with her with his head down. He was walking down to the massage table and lay across. Her ass was in the air as she went on the table. She lies across the table on her back and put her arms behind her head. He had to go on a step tool to get to her. There were several oils

“Start with the stomach first,” She Said

He grabbed some oil and poured it on her stomach. He was rubbing their stomach feeling her strong abs. She smiled as she felt the sun go on her. She flexed her muscles out showing that it was bigger than his head. The oils were going between the ridges between her abs. It showed her belly button. He was rubbing it her fingers were rubbing her. He was so turned on.

“Faster...deeper...boy,” She Said calmly

He rips his puckered showing some red lipstick. She had an exotic and dangerous look. He was pushing the knuckles deep into her stomach. His hands looked small compared to her. He was kissing her head.

“Get on top of me boy,” She Said

She was getting on top of him. His cock slid between the V on her muscles. She looked up at home showing him her huge breast. She pushed her chest together using her pectoral control. He was rubbing his cock up and down against her as he touches her breast. He trembles his heart beating fast

“You scared of me little boy,” She Said

She was rubbing her big breast. He was massaging her huge breast. Her breast flesh was between her fingers as she was feeling the tit flesh. It was so firm and big. He was moving up and down trying not to cum. She smiled enjoying is small fingers going between them. He put his hand between her tits trying to get the oil over her. He poured a bottle of oil over her breast letting it rain down enjoying seeing the gobs of oils splashed against her chest. He grabbed her hard nipples that were 4 inches thick. His hands parted his breast as it went it. Her breast squeezed his hands. He moaned in pain as she tried to pull out

“Oh god” He Said feeling the strong breast close like steals

“You should be scared of me,” She said with a sultry voice “I could crush you, little man. I could break you at any time. But lucky little man you’re cute. So I won’t do it for now”

She put his finger into his mouth making imp suck it. She let her hands come out. He grabbed her nipples stroking them up and down like he was grabbing some joysticks. He was moaning as his cock was sliding up and down feeling the muscles.”

“Ohhhh fuck” He moaned

He started to cum against her. It splattered. She laughed as his body shook. She grabbed him by the hair.

“You made a mess little man,” She Said

She grabbed his head and stuffs it between her breasts. She made it hard for him to breathe and gave him a hard slap across the ass. His ass Jiggle with each slap as it came down hard. Not hard enough to hurt him too bad but it gave him a Jolt leaving a little mark. She knew he liked a little pain as she would slip her fingers in and out. His cock harder as it slipped deep into him. It teases his prostate

“Ohhhh Hinata,” He Said his muffled by her breast

There was a table with some wine. She gulped the wine and ate some of the grape as he struggled. She felt his cock spew more cum against her strong steel stomach. She enjoyed the power of it as his cock slid down and his face was against her glorious breast. She pulled her head out and made him gasp

“Clean you, mess boy”

He was crawling across his stomach. His ass was in the air and he gave it a slap. He was licking her stomach tasting it. His tongue went around his belly button. His cock was between her tits as she was milking him

“Think you brought your lotion,” She Said playing whitening her ass bile

She pressed against her back making him moan with pleasure. He greedily licked every dropped, lapping it up. He was close to exploding. But she stopped and moves his down so he would massage her legs. He was massaging her big thighs rubbing them from each side. He was pressing her fingers into her muscles. He was rubbing her calves. His tongue was lacing it going up and down as he rubbed against

“Don’t forget the feet boy” He Said

He was sucking each toe, deep throating him. She pushed her foot against him as he wrapped her legs around him his cock was slid up and down as she massaged her foot. He was pressing her fingers into the palm of her feet. He was kissing it up and down almost close to cum. She lifted him with her other legs as she ate some grapes and place him on his other leg. His calves were thinks as he was sliding up and down

“Ohhhh fuck” He moaned

He screamed with a climax shaking against her leg. He trembled as his cock was shot a big stream of cum out of his shaft.

“Silly little boy,” She Said

Her legs close around his cock and squeezed him. He moaned as his cock was trapped between both thighs. She gave him a big slap across it. His ass jiggles back and forth. She had a bag of toys in a basket. She pulled out some anal beads

“Think I am going to put one bead,” She said pouring down the oil “For every time you cum boy,” She Said

She finger his ass as her legs were rubbing against him. She moaned as his hard cock was being squeezed like a toothpaste bottle. She grabbed one of the beads and pushed the balls deep into his ass. He moaned as he grabbed each leg. He let out a cry. His ass cheeks were spreading nice and wide as he let out a scream. She pushed the first one in and watches him tremble as her strong thighs rubbed him

“Now you came 10 times today,” She Said

“Ahhhhhh fuck…FUCK!!!” He cried out as he squeezed both thighs “Ohhhh fuck”

“Make that an 11,” She said pushing another bead in

The beads were nice and thick after one after the other was being pushed in. He had 6 beads inside him

“What do you say my little space man slave,” She Said

He cried out licking the sweat off her legs “Thank You mistress”

His eyes were watery as pushed 4 more. The 11th one was a big one. He held on tight as she pushed it in. She grabbed it and pulled it in and out. She laughed as his little ass hole fucked. She pulled parted her legs and had lick between his thighs

“I do think you much like the taste of your cum the giggled After all you know the price of Cumming” She Said “Lick my cunt little space boy”

She was eating her pussy. His tongue was going up and down. Her tongue was sliding between her pussy lips. He was moaning. His tongue was going up with intensity. She closed her leg around him as she pushed back the hood. He was starting to suck her pussy. His head went up and down. She squeezes tightly. It was tight enough to make veins appear on his forehead. He was tapping her to loosen but she refused to do. She gave him a slapped on the ass and pulled more of the beads. His cock against. She grabbed his cock stroked it and gave him a little suck. She moaned with intense pleasure

“Ohhhh FUCK!!! She Said “Suck that clit little boy. Suck it nice and good that. Keep going little boy. Keep going against my Pussy. That’s it. That my good little boy”

She moaned grabbing the seat. She was moving her body up and down fucking his face. His face was pushed deeper between her legs. He tasted her Juices

“That it my sweet little weakling keep sucking your goddess pussy. Taste his pussy meat” She Said

He was wrapping his lips against her clit. His tongue was going back and forth against her. She moaned as she did it squeezing her legs faster

“That it…my little pet quite hungry. Keep licking” She Said. She saw the Joy he had in serving her mistress enjoying the power “Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes. That’s a good boy”

She lay back as she came against him. This time splashing pussy Juice against him. Her legs loosen again so he could breathe. She deep-throated his cock and sucked him. His cum sprayed. She sucked it with ease tasting every dropped. His body was wrecked from it. She sat him on her leg and flexed her arm. She kissed it. His lips were pressed against it and licked the sweat off her forearm. She smiled as she put in some oil. She laughed every time he jumps back when he was making a flex of her muscles. His hands were sliding up her arms. She flexed her biceps around her hand. It was nearly crushing his hand. She grabbed him to her and kissed him. Her tongue was pushed deep into his mouth. He was sucking her tongue and then she sucked his. She explored his body and cupped his ass as he squeezed her muscles. His arms soon started to hang down as she was making out. His finger went between his ass cheeks. He was riding her fingers. Her fingers were long and thick as he spread her ass cheeks. She let out a loud moan. She grabbed him and started having him suck her nipples. His knees were going limp and he felt the pain of the fingers going in and out of her ass. She was riding up and down on her fingers. She moaned letting him feel her heartbeat. His mouth was going up and down as she was sucking her nipple. She grabbed his hand and pushed his hand between her legs. She moaned as she came enjoying the power. Her pussy Juice was splashing against him. Her pussy tightens against him. Her tongue was going up and down. She arches his back and started sucking his nipples. She stroked his cock in her hand and rubbed her biceps between his legs.

“You like the way my muscle glisten little boy. My little space man” She Said

“Yes, I love it. You’re so glorious” She Said

She was lying against her chest. His body was skinny enough to go between her two tits. She grabbed his ass and gave him a nice squeeze. She was sliding between her Abs again. She loved making him cum between her abs.

“Ohhhh fuck” He cried

He started to cum against lying against her chest. He had big tears of pleasure dripping down her tits. She hugged him tight nearly breaking him in half. She had him shaking as he was Cumming. They were swapping spit as he lay against her.

“Good boy,” She Said

She flexed his arms and had him oil up her biceps. He kissed them worshiping every inch of him. She took him off her and laid on her stomach

“Put your butt plunge in boy…gets it ready,” She Said

“Yes Mistress,” He Said

He walked over and pushed his ass down on a 5-inch butt flung. He crawled on top of her massaging her back and shoulder. She had him oiled up her shoulders, pressing his hands deep into her neck. He knew he could press against the back of her neck. She parted his hair. She moaned as she lay back as he poured oil. There were roads of muscles down his back. She took a long time nearly Cumming against him. His cock shot a stream of cum against

“That’s a good boy,” She said moaning “Put your fingers between my asses”

He put his hands between her ass cheeks. She poured some oil down her ass cheeks. It was glistening as his finger pushed her fingers deep into her asshole. His ass cheeks were spreading deep into her. His hand was pushing deep into her as he was kissing her back. She moaned with pleasure. His ass was tightening around him. He squeezed her ass cheeks. It was as firm as he massages each ass cheek and nibbled. She had a plate of fruit and cheese. She poured himself some wine feeling the power she had.

“Lick my asshole little boy”

He did as told pushing his face into her ass. He was buried into her ass cheeks. The ass was spread around him. It was crushing his nose and he let out a whiff of her ass. He was massaging the back of her legs and his tongue was lapping it up her ass cheeks. There was salvia dripping down as it sniffed.

“Your hands look so tiny again my boy. It's like holding a little mouse” She Said

When he slid down her legs to massage them she would bring him back up to kiss her ass. He was having trouble breathing as he kissed her glorious buttocks. He was slipping his fingers in and out of her making her moan. Tears of pleasure soaked down his ass cheeks as he was kissing it. His tongue was pushed in

“Even your ass so strong…how you get so strong Mistress,” He Said

“It's an ancient ninja secret. I control water. Our bodies are water. I can use that to make my blood pumping... grow muscle faster than normal people over the years, making myself strong. Also working under the ocean, and leaving up big bodies of water increase my strength. One with the ocean using gravity as well. Makes me quite an Amazon. As you can see little boy. Why are you so weak”

His tongue slid across her ass

“Guess because my world we most used science. I am space ship guy. Some of the women are very strong because they work on different gravity planets. But I always was a brain guy. Rarely got into a hand-to-hand fight”

“Hmmmmm I notice. The way you’re massaging my ass, your hands are baby soft. Don’t worry I like it. But in a mood for something hard. Pushed your cock in my ass boy”

She smiled gripping the massaging bed. His dick entered her making her moan. His cock went all the way in as her ass cheeks spread. It was pushing in and out. His balls were slapping her ass. She was moaning as her ass gripped him moaning

“Grabbed my hips boy,” She Said

She was pushing against him as it was going In and out. She gritted her teeth and enjoyed it. He put every part of her little muscle fucking widely. He was ready to cum. She squeezed his cook hard.

“Not yet child...not yet,” She Said

She was enjoying controlling his body in every way. She could edge him as much as she wanted. She touches herself and moans biting her lip. She closed her eyes. She pushed back against him moving his body like a rag doll

“Slapped it, boy,” She Said

She knew he couldn’t hurt her. She moaned as she felt his tiny hands against her massaging. His balls slapped her ass hard making her moan. She gritted his teeth as tears of pain and pleasure rolled down his face. He held on for dear life.

“Better hold on boy,” She Said fingering herself “It’s going to be a wild ride”

She let out a scream. She continued fingering herself till she let out a huge climax, 2 of them in a row. They were multiple going through her body like a storm. He came deep against her. He cried collapsed against their back

“Still alive back there boy,” She Said

She grabbed him by his arms and lifted him. She stood up as his legs dangled in the air. She shook him in the air. She knew he could hardly move

“Poor boy...all these Amazone so brought with you. So bruise all over” She Said

She carried him in her arms and rocked him back and forth as she sucked her nipples. His nipples were always so sanative. She took off his butt plug and tossed it aside. She saw his ass cheeks were spread nice and wide now. She pushed his cock in and finger her ass she stroked him. She grabbed his cock twisting it like a salt shake

“Going to take care of you boy,” She Said “Treat you like a cute baby boy”

He cried out and screamed out that he loved her. He loved them all. She laughed at the boy worshiping her. His cock shot out a stream of cum.

“Ahhhh,” She Said

She laid him on the massage table and massages him. His muscles and bones were turning into Jelly as she was pressing her strong fingers

“You be amazed how many pressure points on the Human body. Stuff for great pain...and even greater pleasure” Hinata Said

Shinji was moaning as she was getting relaxed. He lay down as he felt he was floating in the air. His head was laid against the massage table as she felt any stress going away. He was in ecstasy as her hand was in. His cock was spraying a long stream of cum. The cum loads were thick

“Be amazed how much you can milk a man” She Said

She turns around on his back and sucked him. She was pressing her tits against him. His cock was pushed against her big giant globes. She squeezes against his cock. She was licking his cock head tasting it. Soon her tits were overflowing with cum and raining on her tits. She lapped it up. His arms hung down as she was totally in her control. She spread his ass cheeks and pushed her tongue into her asshole. He moaned as the thick tongue was going into her ass. She went into her toy box and put on a big strapon. She lubed it up. It was 16 inches. She got on top of him and pushed it in

“OHHHH FUCK!!!” He cried

He pulled his hair slamming it in and out. The whole dildo wasn’t it but it was going deep hitting his ass like a battering ram. She came with a big splash. Her Pussy juice dripping down. It was dripping down his leg

“Come on little slut. Tell me you love it” She Said

“I love it, my muscle mistress. Pleasure fuck my ass” He looked by with total submission in his eyes

She slapped his ass cheeks. She was leaving hand prints against this ass as his ass cheeks were spread. He moaned, unable to fight it. He could only take the battering and couldn’t fight back. She grits her teeth crying for mercy. Intense pleasure was going down his eyes

“Come little slut…you can take the whole thing can you,” She Said

“Yes…I will try mistress” He said weakly

She grabbed him by the arms and picked him up and stretches out his body. It was going In and out deeper and deeper. He cried out as his cock shot out a long stream of cum. All the 16 inches were pushed into him and slammed into her prostate

“Good boy,” She said licking her lips

Her tits were going back and forth slapping together. She didn’t grab his arms. She grabbed his hair and held him. She was slapping his ass making it nice and red. There was a puddle of cum on the floor. She enjoyed watching the giant strapons disappear deep into her ass... The balls were hitting her ass nice and hard. She put her head back moaning in intense ecstasy. She rubbed her tits grinning as her climax that was going through her body.

“Ahhhh fuck” She Said

She kept it up for an hour and laid him in the bed. She smiled feeling relaxed. She draped him over her shoulder and walked to the little bed and laid him across it. She tucked him and kissed him.

“Rest for now boy,” She Said

She walked to the hot tub and got in.
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