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Default french story

found this on a french site, its been translated into English so there are some spelling errors errors

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Lucie seized his poor victim from behind, his hands were firmly on the neck of the man. This man who had two minutes before the audacity to believe that Lucy would kneel before him. "Women are the stronger sex and I never kneel before me a man," he proclaimed it to you. But the man had shown himself insisting he had to pay.

Lucy was a kind and generous nature woman. She managed not to make too suffer the men who were aware of their inferiority and who submitted themselves to his will. But the latter had exceeded the bounds of propriety, Lucie was going back on the right path. After all she did not seem upset, accustomed to meet submissive men, watch this little bit of rebellion will be an excellent year. She had to fix this haughty and conceited man, he lived in error and Lucie was preparing to make her discover the painful truth.

"I think it will be fun," she said, stretching her arms in the air, putting her beautiful body in front of the stunned man naked. The man was paralyzed, Lucy showed no sign of fear on the contrary, the request of the man had made ​​her laugh and she had awakened in a fighting instinct that man just beginning to discern. Suddenly Lucy could read a sense of fear in humans, as she continued to stretch his body, his muscles tensed, not little tiny, fragile muscles as only men can have but a powerful and imposing musculature only accentuated her femininity.
"I think we will be able to start," she said, Lucy had lowered his arms and two hands joined in a terrifying crunch fingers.

It was too much for the man, he started to turn around and tried to run. The sight of this woman was terrified at the highest point. It included a little later that it was not up to par, unfortunately for him, Lucie had easily mastered and she held him as a predator that captured its prey. Ca if Lucie had the strength it was not slower, she had caught the man without the slightest effort, Lucie was a perfect combination of strength, speed and beauty, as many asset that are out of reach of men .

Lucie therefore held his victim from behind, the man did not have time to realize what was happening to him, he ran towards the exit and then a second later he found himself firmly grabbed the woman that he wanted to flee. Lucie took pleasure in forcing the man to watch his ridiculous penis, forcing her to watch helplessly down by printing a pressure on his neck which did not require any effort to Lucie head.

The man was tired, his painful efforts to try to get out of there was only prolong the pain and laughter of Lucia. "It's not good to have wanted to get out before the end of class, the lesson is going to be harder than expected" and she went into a laugh that man perceived that he was hardly crushed by the muscles of the amazon. For not only gripped her arm Lucie ruthlessly shot but its pressure compressait the back of the man cons her breasts, bruising her back. Because breasts Lucie was a formidable weapon, able to bend the bones of his opponents.

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After some minutes, Lucie released her grip, the man seemed half unconscious, he showed no resistance when Lucia began in front of him, forced him to bend his legs and put his head between her breasts. The man had the feeling of being caught between two pincers, he was breathing hard and Lucie firmly maintained using his hands. She ran her right leg behind the back of the man then shook the body of his victim. The more pressing against her breasts. The man felt a steel bar printed his spine, to be a piece of clay that was rubbed against the strongest stone. The man had no strength, He wanted to beg for it frees Lucie or at least it relieves his grip but his head was firmly established between the two breasts of the Amazon.

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Lucie took a lot of pleasure to see this man suffer.

What was the hardest part for her was to keep her strength, she did not want him passed out too quickly. It was however disappointed that this man so arrogant does not resist him more now he needed every effort if she wanted to play a little longer.

This idea was unbearable for Lucy, it was a bit like a big dessert she should not eat too fast under the pain of not having nothing and God knows that Lucy was greedy.

The man tried putting his arm behind his back to loosen the leg that held him mercilessly, at the sight of this clumsy attempt Lucie was seized with a laugh.

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The man was completely impotent. He felt that he could have been 100 times stronger than the outcome of the game remain unchanged. He had never been confronted with such a force, no man on earth could possess such power.

It makes time that Lucy decided to speak, she felt that the spirit that inhabited this frail body of a man slipping inexorably towards unconsciousness despite the efforts she was willing to save his strength.

"Do you understand little man that people of your sex are born to serve femela, entertain, satisfy their wishes and honor them as the goddesses they symbolize"

Deliberately she paused a few seconds and then reprena "If doubts still exist in your mind, look at your miserable condition right now, reassuring you I have no attention to kill you, I still have so lesson teach you, this one is only the first of many "and she was seized with a laugh that seemed to shake the very walls of the room.

These laughter buzzing in the ears of man, it was the last sounds he was able to hear before joining the sandman, single issue facing the pain that he inflicted the goddess femela.
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