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Default A Summer In The Country

A Summer In The Country

Part 1: Getting Settled In

“Why can’t I just stay home?” Jackson complained again, as they approached their destination “I’m 19 now, I’m not a kid anymore.”

“Come on son, it’ll be good for you.” His dad replied. “Something fresh, meet some new people. Get ya out of your bedroom for a little bit.”

“Well,” his mom began to tease, “it’s not too late to change your mind and come with us to visit-“

“Ugh, no thanks.” Jackson quickly replied.

“Thought so.” His mom laughed.

“Just get settled in, and give it a chance.” His dad said. “You might have yourself a good time out here.”

“And like I already told you, she’s a friend of mine. She’s good people, she’ll take care of you.” His mom added.

“But I don’t need anyone to take care of me anymore.” Jackson groaned as they turned in and pulled up to the house.

“Then you won’t be any trouble for her, will you?” She asked him with a stare.

“No, mom.” Jackson droned.

“Alright then.” She smiled. “Here we are. Just grab your stuff out of the trunk, and head on in. Say hello for us, we’d stop in, but we should get going.”

Reluctantly, Jackson unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out of the car, going back to the trunk. “Careful you don’t miss anything!” His dad called out.

Grabbing his stuff and slamming the trunk closed, Jackson slowly began to make his way towards the front door. “Have a good time sweetie! Love you!” His mom called out the window as they waved and began to pull away, getting a half hearted wave back from Jackson.

As their car pulled away down the dirt path, Jackson was soon left with just the quiet of nature, the sun starting to set. “2 weeks. Just 2 weeks.” He thought to himself. Trudging up the steps with his bags, Jackson put them down and rang the doorbell.

Soon after, the door opened and he was greeted by a woman with tied up bleached blonde hair, wearing a frilly yellow crop top that left most of her upper body exposed, tight jean shorts that clung to her hips, and brown boots.

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“Oh, you must be Jackson!” She happily greeted him with a smile, pulling him into a friendly hug. He squirmed a little as her squeezing grip was a bit tighter than he’d anticipated.

He took a breath as she let him go, replying “Yep. That’s me.”, trying to hide his lack of excitement to be there. “Hey miss-“

“Oh just call me Lynn.” She cut him off. “Now, come on in hun.” She told him with a southern twang in her voice. As he hesitantly reached to pick his stuff back up again, she interrupted “you need a little help with that?”

“No no, I’m go-“ He began, but she was already stepping out and grabbing half of his stuff for him, and he was a bit caught off guard by how quickly and casually she scooped it up.

“Oh nonsense.” Lynn said. “Come on now.” She led him inside.

As they brought his stuff over to the stairs and set it down, Jackson took a moment to take in his surroundings. Noticing a picture on a wooden table in the living room, he stepped over to it for a closer look. It was Lynn, posed with 2 girls who looked about his own age, one with blonde hair, and one with darker hair.

“Those are my daughters.” Lynn explained, coming over to join him. ‘That’s Victoria.” She pointed to the dark haired girl with her finger, “and my Presley.” She finished, sliding her finger to the blonde one.

“Oh, my mom didn’t mention your daughters. Must’ve forgot.” Jackson said, looking around as if he expected them to enter the room to greet him at any moment. Though, now that he thought about it, his dad did say ‘meet new people’, not ‘someone’.

“Oh, you won’t meet them until tomorrow.” Lynn said, noticing him begin to look around. “They’re both visiting friends of theirs. We don’t live too close, so they always might as well stay the night too. Just you and me for now.” She laughed with a pat on his back.

“Now let’s get you settled in up there.” Lynn said, but he didn’t hear her at first, his gaze returning to the photo and lingering on Victoria and Presley. If his parents had mentioned the two attractive girls his age, he might not have been as resistant towards staying here.

“Pretty girls, huh?” Lynn grinned, getting his attention.

“Oh-, uh, yeah.” Jackson awkwardly answered.

“Don’t get too excited to meet them, now.” Lynn teased with a laugh, making him look away in embarrassment as he came over to grab his half of his stuff.

As he began to follow her up the stairs, he couldn’t help but notice how toned her bared legs were, muscles flexing with each step upwards. Even as he tried to avert his gaze, he also couldn’t help but notice the rounded bubble butt that her tight jean shorts clung too.

Arriving upstairs, she led him into his room. “It’s not much, but it’ll be cozy.” She said. As they set his stuff down, she sat on the bed while he began to unpack his clothes.

“So Jackson, what’re you up to? Start College yet? Workin’ a first job?” Lynn asked, looking to get to know him.

“Just taking some gap time.” He answered. “No job yet.”

“Well, what do ya like to do?” She asked him.

“Oh, my hobbies are pretty boring, nothing special.” Jackson replied while he put clothes away. “Video games, Watch YouTube, listen to music and stuff on my phone. You know, the usual.”

“Really? That’s it?” Lynn asked, a bit surprised.

“Yep.” Jackson said.

“What about a sport? Football? Soccer? Baseball?” Lynn questioned.

“Nope, I’m not much of an athlete.” Jackson answered.

“Well I don’t believe it! You’re tellin’ me there’s nothing that gets you up and moving, or outside for a bit?”

“Not really. I’m cool with it though.” Jackson replied.

“Well, we’re gonna change that while you’re here.” Said Lynn. ‘Oh, great’ Jackson sarcastically thought to himself, rolling his eyes while he wasn’t facing her.

“Victoria and I do horse riding, you know. Think you wanna learn how to ride a-“

“Um……not really.” Jackson quickly shot that idea down, coming off just a bit rude.

“Hmm……” Lynn thought patiently. “How about a little wrassle then? You’re a strong boy after all, you might like it.”

“Uh……..wrassle?” Jackson asked, a bit confused.

“Come on downstairs, and I’ll show you.” Lynn said, getting up. “The girls like it, they’ve even been settling their arguments that way for years.”

As he followed Lynn out of his temporary room, and back down the steps, he couldn’t quite catch her meaning. His confusion only grew as he watched her begin to shift things over in the living room , creating a bit more space. All he knew was, if this was some girly thing her daughters enjoyed, he wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Actually……..I think I should finish unpacking for now.” Jackson said, attempting to excuse himself.

“Hold on there.” Lynn told him. “You’ll have plenty of time to get that sorted out. Here we go, now.” She announced as she finished making room. “Take off your shoes?” She prompted, as she removed her boots.

“Uhm, sure.” Jackson replied, doing as she asked. Then it finally clicked. “Wait, did you mean……..wrestle?” He asked, still a bit confused though if that was it.

“Yeah. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. Just make sure to tap out when you need to.” Lynn said.

“I’m not sure I really want to-“

“19 years old, and scared of me?” Lynn teased him.

“No, I-, I just don’t want to accidentally hurt you or anything. You know.” Jackson said, feeling pretty awkward about this.

“Mhmm.” Lynn taunted. “Let’s see what you got. I won’t bite.”

Reluctantly, he decided to go along with it. Hopefully after this, she’d leave him alone for the night.

He’d never admit it, but truthfully, he also really was sort of intimidated at the idea of wrestling her. He’d already noticed her visibly strong lower body, and as he sized her up, he noticed the definition in her upper body as well. There was no denying it. Overall, she was definitely a fit, strong woman.

As he’d told her, he didn’t exactly do much physical activity. He wasn’t overweight or anything, but he was a slimmer 5’9. It was hard to feel confident in his ability to overpower a woman built like Lynn, and that was embarrassing to think about. But……he was practically a man now, right? And she was still a woman. At his age, he should have the natural strength to just pin her and get this over with, right? At least that’s what he started telling himself.

He stepped towards her, as she appeared to be letting him make the first move. He didn’t know what he was doing, just having the basic plan of quickly wrestling her down and pinning her. Stepping into her, they locked arms. Jackson tried to quickly and sloppily wrench her to the floor with pure strength, but she was barely budging at all. Looking into her face, she didn’t seem to be straining herself much to hold the stalemate, either.

“A bit tougher than you expected?” Lynn teased with a playful wink.

With a grunt, Jackson summoned a burst of as much strength as he could muster to at least break her set stance, but her body was solid. There was no give in her legs or arms as she held him off.

While Jackson’s breathing already began to deepen, Lynn teasingly warned “Brace yourself, hun.”

Thanks to her vague warning, Jackson managed to hold out for a mere second or two as she suddenly began to show him her real strength, muscles flexing as she pushed him back a step or two, her toned legs hardening as they drove into the floor. Lynn slipped a foot forwards, hooking behind his own, and forced him back just a bit more, causing him to trip and fall backwards with her crashing down on top of him.

Dazed and a bit flattened, Jackson didn’t react immediately after they hit the floor. His first thoughts were, that he now felt quite helpless against Lynn’s solid body. He’d had real doubts about this from the start, but he didn’t imagine he’d end up physically embarrassed to this level.

“Sorry sweetie, I didn’t come down too hard on you there, did I?” Lynn asked with a grin.

“No…….I’m good.” Jackson groaned, his pride forcing him to say it.

Apparently Lynn took it as a signal to resume, as she slid up so that she was seated on his midsection. Before Jackson knew it, she was rolling them to the side while he could only offer small resistance, her thick legs clamping around his sides.

Voicing what was just going through his mind, Lynn taunted “Oooohhhh, now you’re in some real trouble!” as she began to apply pressure, her firm but soft thighs suddenly hardening into tree trunks, muscle rippling underneath her skin.

Unable to stop himself, Jackson let out a pained “ahhh…..” as her thighs began to crush him. His hands went to her legs, but he instantly knew they’d be useless. There was no way his arms had the strength to even relieve some of the pressure, nevermind pry her thick, solid, limbs off of him.

Meanwhile, Lynn just propped herself up on an elbow and watched his desperate, pained struggles with amusement. Once she got a good squeeze on with her legs, it was game over. Even her daughters had no choice but to submit once they fell victim to her thighs, a much less physically active Jackson didn’t have a chance.

“They’re pretty strong, huh?” Lynn asked with an amused smile. “Didn’t get em from sittin around gamin’ all day.”

“Ugh…..there…..killing me.” Jackson groaned, weakly pulling at her legs in desperation, trying to relieve even just 1% of the pressure.

“Tap when you need too.” Lynn chimed. “Don’t be all stubborn and get yourself hurt cause ya can’t admit when a woman’s got ya good. If we’re gonna keep doing this, this ain’t gonna be the last time you’re tapping to a woman.” She laughed.

Jackson had sort of forgot about tapping out, overwhelmed by the constant pain her legs generated around his body, but even still, a part of him didn’t want to admit defeat. He had to hang in there, she couldn’t keep squeezing like this forever………right?

Lynn’s pleased face dropped a bit as she watched him fight to continue enduring her intense body scissor, his sides had to be screaming at him to submit by now. She expected a frantic tap out any second, but it wasn’t coming. She almost admired the toughness, but, it was also very stupid. He was going nowhere, and there was no way he’d in a condition to turn this around even if he did survive this punishment.

Not wanting to risk causing him any actual injury, Lynn released her scissor, letting him flop onto his back like a dead fish. Their match would have to end another way.

A weak Jackson gasped for air, staring up at the ceiling and clutching at his sides as they throbbed with pain. Despite pain and a lot of soreness left behind, it was still a relief to have them free of Lynn’s crushing grip.

“You okay down there?” Lynn softly asked, leaning over him.

“……Yeah…..” Jackson groaned out, a weak one word response all he could deliver at the moment. Once again, his pride blocking him from revealing his real condition.

“Well alright then, I think it’s time I put this match to an end hon.” Lynn teased him. “Tap out this time.”

“No…..” Jackson weakly groaned trying to force himself up, wanting to quickly roll away and back onto his knees as Lynn slowly climbed on top of him, her head facing his feet. His body couldn’t respond to the actions his brain wanted to pull off, as he barely managed to move before her body was on top of his own.

Lining her legs up, Lynn casually reached back and pulled his head up to its doom, deep into a reverse headscissor. She wasn’t even squeezing yet, and having her legs snugly wrapped around his neck was already an uncomfortable experience, especially knowing the power that lurked inside of them.

Jackson simply plopped his hands down onto her warm thighs, dreading what was about to come, but knowing there was now no escaping it. Having a moment to gather himself before the squeezing started though, he couldn’t help but notice the view this scissor came with.

Lynn’s jean short shorts clung tightly to her ass and hips, and her bulging jean clad cheeks consumed much of his vision, the bottom of her cheeks partially spilling out of the shorts. To his embarrassment, he couldn’t help but have a bit of stirring in his own shorts.

Just as she was about to squeeze, she noticed a slight tent forming in his shorts. “Aw, that’s very sweet of you Jackson.” She laughed, just to embarrass him. She briefly brushed her hand against his growing hard-on, making him squirm in awkward embarrassment.

Then, she started to squeeze. As her legs tightened around his neck, pouring on pressure, Jackson quickly lost the ability to breathe, and for the most part, speak. Lynn casually continued, listening to the choking and sputtering sounds that usually followed once she got her legs wrapped around someone’s neck.

Instinctively, he began to futilely tug at her legs, but they of course didn’t budge. His body squirmed beneath her’s as he desperately tried to gasp in air. “Tap or nap.” Lynn teased as his flailing grew more frantic.

“Sto-ah…p.” Jackson choked out, growing weak and lightheaded.

“Just tap on out, and I will.” Lynn told him with a smirk on her face. “Is it really worth going to sleep over?”

Jackson’s vision darkened, more and more of his little remaining strength abandoned him, his mind fogging over as unconsciousness began to take him. Feeling him begin to drift off, Lynn let out a sigh and softly whispered “Sweet dreams Jackson.”

Only a few seconds later, his hands slipped from her flexing thighs, and his body went limp. Lynn released his neck from her death trap scissor, and slowly rolled off of him as she got up. Her original intention wasn’t to defeat him with a scissor knockout his very first time, but oh well. He’d learn his lesson on swallowing his pride and submitting when necessary, sooner or later.

Lynn walked over to her phone, grabbing it and coming back over to Jackson. Towering over his sleeping body, she triumphantly posed with her foot on his chest and a bright smile on her face, taking a selfie to show off her victory to the girls when they got home.

Putting her phone away, she returned to Jackson, giving him a few nudges with her foot as she stood over him. After a moment, Jackson’s eyes slowly began to flutter open, a brief look of confusion on his face as he remembered where he was and what had just happened to him.

“You alright hun?” Lynn asked sympathetically.

“Yeah……I think so.” Jackson groaned. “Just……really sore.”

“Well, that’ll happen when you try to be tough and take way more than you should. I did warn ya to tap.” Lynn laughed.

He was definitely already regretting not tapping out back in that body scissor, now he had a sore neck to go along with his sides. “I think…..I’m just gonna go up to my room now…..and finish unpacking.” Jackson said.

“You sure you’re alright? No shame in losin’ to legs like these, you know.” Lynn joked with a slap of her thigh.

“I’m fine.” Jackson replied, trying to get himself up. Before he could turn down her help, Lynn was already helping pull him to his feet, getting him right up with ease, to his further embarrassment at the strength difference between them.

“Go on up and get some rest then, and I’ll see you in the mornin.” Lynn said with a pat on his back.

“Okay, goodnight Lynn.” Jackson said in a tired, defeated voice, as he slowly made his way to the stairs.

Getting up to his room, he closed the door behind him. He finished unpacking any absolute necessities, but didn’t have the energy left to completely finish it tonight, after having his body pulverized between Lynn’s thighs.

He soon slid into bed with a slight groan, his sides still tender. What a day it’d had been. He couldn’t believe how strong Lynn really was. He knew one thing for sure, there’d be no more wrestling for him. Tomorrow, he’d finish unpacking and for the most part, get settled into his usual routine back at home, here.

As he began to drift off to sleep, he remembered Presley and Victoria, thinking about how he’d be meeting the two very pretty girls the next day, and maybe daring to fantasize about it going ‘especially well’ with one of them.

Their arrival alone, would surely make his first full day here, better than his first night.

End Of Part 1.

- Finally back with something truly new that isn’t a Redlands update, for the first time in a long while. Don’t have a set plan for how long this one runs yet, it’ll probably come down to both how it progresses and the reaction to it, but I think it has the potential to last a while.

- To start off, Part 1 only features scissors, but you’ll get the usual mix of action as it goes forwards.

- Updates
Currently working on both Part 2 to this, and the next part for Redlands. The Softball Girls story is not abandoned, just still on the shelf.
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

Excellent! Lovin it
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

I think it is safe to say that Jackson is facing a life altering couple of weeks in the country. Lynn just overwhelmed him in every way and let him know what to expect. I hope Victoria and Presley take after their mother.

Thank you so much for starting a new and exciting story for us, mate.
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

Great start can't wait for more
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

Great story waiting for part 2 and hope for more parts
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

You're stories are always appreciated!! Can't wait for more of these three women, and certainly looking forward to more Redlands and Softball., maybe even part two for cake.
Thanks for this new story. Maybe to help break him of his male ego he's given a choice in matches like Tapout or after you're knocked out there's a punishment round.
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

The story would make more sense if Jackson was 15. A 19 year old doesn't need a babysitter.
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

Originally Posted by RoadRunner [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
The story would make more sense if Jackson was 15. A 19 year old doesn't need a babysitter.
You’re right, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I did do that intentionally. I’m just not going to write a story with underage characters. I believe there are stories here like that, but it’s a bit of a……..questionable, territory I think, considering the nature of these stories.

If you can look past it and accept it like many other people are, great. If it ruins the story for you, fair enough. If staying within that limit means losing a few readers on a story while many other people are still able to enjoy it anyway, I’m good with that.
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

I think he can easily be 19 and not left at home if we're saying his parents are going to be gone long enough and don't fully trust him at home solo for that length. Plus he has no job at the current to be home for, and he hasn't seen family in years.
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Default Re: A Summer In The Country

Part 2: Meeting Presley and Victoria

(Victoria: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

(Presley: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Wake uuuuuppppp.” Came a faint, distant, feminine voice.

“Waaaake. Up.” The voice repeated, sounding bit stronger as he was slowly being roused from a deep sleep.

“Wake up!” The voice whispered faster.

As Jackson awoke, his eyes blinking open, he immediately noticed a weight high on his chest. His vision was blurred at first as he opened his eyes for the first time of the day, but as things came into focus, he was greeted by a blonde girl sitting atop him with a friendly smile, wearing an oversized baggy t-shirt.

Caught very off guard by the situation he was waking up too, he immediately opened his mouth to call out “Ly-mmm!”

Panicked and thinking fast, she had quickly slid up over his mouth, smothering most of his shout into her panty clad crotch. “Shhh!” She whispered. “I’m not supposed to be in here, but I couldn’t wait.” She giggled.

Mostly silenced now, Jackson lay still, staring up into her face.

“Anyways, hi, I’m Presley!” She cheerfully introduced herself.

His brain still waking up, his eyes widened a bit in realization and embarrassment. This was not exactly how he expected to meet her, her first sight of him being with ‘bed head’ hair. “Immm ummphum” he tried to speak back, but this was clearly going to be a one way conversation.

“You’re kinda cute.” Presley said quietly, making him blush a bit.

Then, the doorknob slowly began to turn, the door creaking. Jackson panicked, but Presley was already flying off of his face in a flash, rolling off the side of the bed and onto her feet. The door squeaking as it slowly opened, a girl with dark hair peeked in. It definitely looked and sounded like Presley hadn’t been casually standing there the entire time, but Presley had reacted fast enough that she was unable to piece together exactly what the sudden movement was about.

A frozen Jackson stared towards the door, while Presley stood awkwardly, brushing a hand through her hair with a mischievous look on her face, trying and failing to ‘play it cool’.

The dark haired girl gave a overdramatic gasp, followed by a “I’m telling!” That broke into a laugh.

“Vic don’t you dare!” Presley shouted as the door was closed. Without another word to him, Presley raced out of the room, pulling the door back closed behind her.

Jackson didn’t move at first as her footsteps faded away, processing the strange surprise, and then brief chaos, that had just taken place. After a moment, he sat up, and decided to get washed up and dressed for the day.

Once ready, he exited his room and made his way to the stairs, hesitating before going down as he thought things over. Now, he not only had awkwardness with Lynn to look forward too, but his introduction with Presley had involved her sitting on his mouth in her underwear. He and who he could only assume was Victoria, first sighting of each other wasn’t exactly ideal either. The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t wait to get back up to his room to finish unpacking.

There was no way around it though, he had to face them, and so, he slowly made his way downstairs. Hopefully they’d each pretend the previous events never happened.

Arriving downstairs, he heard the 3 of them gathered in the kitchen. Presley and Victoria arguing while Lynn made and served breakfast.

“I didn’t mean too, I thought I heard noise comin’ from his room, so I guessed he was up, and since I was already in there-“ Presley tried to explain.

“Oh sure you did.” Victoria replied with a smug look. “You know she told you to-“

“Girls-“ Lynn intervened, just as Jackson walked in.

Presley quickly leapt up from her chair as Jackson approached, wrapping an arm around him. “Jackson! You’re glad I woke you up anyway, aren’t you? You don’t want to sleep too late.”

Caught up in whatever this was, ,with Presley wrapped around him, Jackson just began to stammer “uhm-, sur-“, though he actually much rather would’ve been left to sleep in.

“Oh don’t let her-“ Victoria began.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Lynn sighed, calling an end to their back and forth. “Sorry about her, I told her to let you get your rest today.”

“Oh-, um, it’s fine, I should’ve been up soon anyway.” Jackson replied, made anxious by the last part of her comment. Hopefully neither of the girls would question why he needed the rest this morning. He was also a bit unnerved by part of the outfit Lynn was wearing today, tight short shorts that showed off her legs like the previous day’s jean shorts.

“Feelin’ any better yet?” Lynn asked as she served him a plate of pancakes, as he gingerly sat down with them at the table.

Jackson tensed up at that question, fully expecting questioning from one of the girls on what he was meant to be feeling better from. Thinking quickly of a way to play this off, and hoping Lynn would get it, he started to reply “Yeah, I was just a bit tired last night from the ride out here, that’s all, but-“

As he was speaking, Presley leaned over and poked a hand into his side, making him wince a bit and pause his response. “Wow, moms legs really did a number on ya, huh?” in way that seemed both curious and a bit surprised at the ‘damage’ Lynn’s thighs left in their wake.

Jackson froze, taking a second to process what she had just said to him. The shock quickly turned to horror as he realized that at least Presley, already knew everything. He didn’t have a lot of experience with girls, but he didn’t need to to know that knowing their mother could overpower you, probably wasn’t very attractive.

“If it helps” Victoria added after finishing chewing her food, “we can’t beat her on our own, either.”

It did make him feel slightly better. If Presley or Victoria could handle her at all, while she totally crushed him, it would truly be mortifying, but at the same time, they were girls. He should fare better in physical contests than them.

“They can’t even always beat me when I let them try together.” Lynn laughed.

“But we have!” Presley made sure to quickly cut in.

Finally replying to the original comment, a red faced Jackson sheepishly said “Yeah……I might’ve waited a bit too long to tap.”

“You’re tellin me!” Lynn laughed, “they never try and fight it for that long. “Next time hon, trust me, just tap out. There ain’t no gettin out of these thighs once you’re caught.”

Wait……next time? He was quite sure there wasn’t going to be a next time.

“She’s not lyin’.” Victoria said. “We learned that a long time ago, right Pres?”

“Well……” Presley slowly replied, not totally ready to admit to her own lack of success against her mother’s legs, to Jackson.

“Oh is that a challenge? We can go in the livin’ room right after I clean up here, and you can show him-“ Lynn grinned.

“N-no.” Presley replied with a shy smile. “You’re right.” She knew very well that that would only go one way.

“That’s better.” Lynn smiled.

As they finished their breakfast, Lynn began cleaning up as the three of them were about to get up, Jackson ready to go back up to his room.

As Jackson was about to walk away, Victoria called out “I call getting to wrestle him first!”

“No! You can’t do that, I get him first!” Presley countered.

“I’m older.” Victoria retorted.

“So?! I met him first!” Presley complained.

“Only because you were somewhere you didn’t belong.” Said Victoria.

“Girls, how bout you let Jackson choose?” Lynn proposed a compromise.

“Sounds good to me!” Presley happily accepted. “Jackson, who do you wanna wrestle first, me?……….or her.”

“Of course he’d rather-“ Victoria confidently began.

“Um…….neither of you?” Jackson awkwardly replied. Both girls paused for a moment, as if they weren’t expecting that answer. He almost felt a bit bad to let them down, and it surely wouldn’t help his chances with either of them, but he had no plans to take part in any more wrestling.

After a quiet moment, the girls quickly turned back to each other. “I’ll fight you for it, later.” Victoria challenged her sister with a grin.

“You’re on!” Presley accepted, both girls leaving the kitchen.

Jackson just stood there in confusion for a moment, watching them leave. Did they not hear what he just said? Did they not get it? He wasn’t simply refusing to choose for himself, he wasn’t interested in-

“I’m afraid they ain’t gonna take no for an answer.” Lynn chuckled. “It’s not often they get to wrassle a boy.”

“Lynn……don’t you think you could tell them to stop?” Jackson asked.

“Aw come on, it’ll grow on ya.” Lynn smiled. “I didn’t much care for wrasslin at first neither. It’s good exercise for ya.”

“I guess so.” Jackson shrugged, not really happy with her answer but ready to just escape it all and go back to his room.

As he was about to turn and leave, his eyes drifted back to Lynn’s strong, tanned legs. The sight of her bared legs, flatteringly showed off, gave him a feeling of…….intimidation. He knew what they could do to him, and he couldn’t help but imagine himself trapped between them again. He almost wished she’d wear something more concealing.

Noticing his eyes on her legs as she moved around the kitchen, Lynn teasingly commented “Missin’ em already?”

“N-, no, I was just-“ Jackson tried to make an excuse.

“You can appreciate em more when they ain’t crushin’ the life outta ya, huh?” Lynn laughed, giving him a playful flex of one of her legs. She didn’t mind his attention at all, she was proud of how strong her legs were.

Seeing the muscle in her leg flex made him quite uncomfortable, and he quietly slipped himself out of the situation, giving her a quiet “Yeah……” with an awkward forced laugh.

Leaving Lynn behind in the kitchen, Jackson quickly made his way back upstairs to his room, feeling a mix of embarrassment and shame that Lynn could so easily and unknowingly mess with his head just by dressing in a way that showed off her crushing legs.

Taking his mind off of it all for a while, he finally resumed unpacking his things, getting all of his clothes put away and his things set where he wanted them. The last but certainly not least thing he unpacked, was what he expected to truly make these next few weeks tolerable. His game console. Within a few minutes, he had it set up and plugged into the TV.

Now, he was ready to settle in for a few hours of gaming, forgetting all about things with Lynn, Presley, and Victoria, for a while.

Then, there was a light knock on his door. With a sigh, Jackson answered ‘Yeah?!”

“Hi!” Presley peered in as she cracked it open. “Ouuu, what’cha got there?” Presley eagerly asked, inviting herself in now as she entered and closed the door behind her.

“Oh, um, just my game system. Need something to do these next two weeks.” He shyly replied.

“Cool, you wanna play together?!” Asked Presley.

“Yeah……..sure.” Jackson replied, a bit surprised. He’d have assumed she’d have no interest in that kind of thing. “You game?really?”

“Well not a lot, mom and Vic don’t at all, but I dabble on my laptop.” Presley smiled. “Oh, I know a perfect game we can play! It’s cross play, and should be something you can download on there for free!” She said, racing out of the room in excitement to grab her laptop.

As he waited for her to return, he figured he could give whatever she had in mind a chance, and entertain her for a while, before moving on to what he had already wanted to play. As long as they left the wrestling stuff alone, he was not at all opposed to spending some time with Presley or Victoria.

After a moment, she returned, and they quickly got things set up. Suddenly……..he wasn’t so sure of this.

The game she had in mind, was a fighting game that he had never heard of. He would’ve much rather played something that didn’t remind him of wrestling, but he couldn’t bring himself to voice it and disappoint her. She was just so excited, that he went along with it.

Before starting to play, they had to choose their fighters. Not knowing the game, Jackson quickly chose a pretty generic looking muscled male fighter with short dark hair. Meanwhile, Presley chose a tall, toned, leggy blonde, female fighter. He didn’t think much of it initially, of course she’d choose a girl, but after a moment, her character just slightly reminded him of Lynn, to his instant discomfort.

“What?” Presley asked as it loaded, noticing a weird look on his face. She was completely oblivious to the connection he was making in his mind.

“Um……it’s nothing.” Jackson replied, putting on a small smile. “So, you think you can hang with me? I probably play a lot more than you.” He teased her, changing the subject.

“Oh, I’m sure.” Presley grinned. “This is like the only thing I play.”

As the game match began, Jackson was able to get very comfortable with the basics within seconds thanks to his heavy experience with many different games. Nevertheless, he quickly began to find himself overmatched. No game has the exact same controls and mechanics, and that was a clear edge for Presley on this one, as she knew the game inside and out.

Most of his imposing male character’s strikes were met with well timed blocks and dodges, as the leggy blonde responded with the perfect combos and counters.

“Too bad in a game his muscles are just for show.” Presley teased.

Jackson responded by getting over aggressive, leaving his character open for a takedown. Her character leapt up, wrapping her legs around his fighter’s waist, taking them both down with an exaggerated spin. “Damn it!” Jackson reacted.

“Ha!” Presley cheered, entering a move as her character began to squeeze her legs around the male fighter’s waist, with exaggerated crushing sounds coming from the game.

As soon as the move began, it immediately took his mind back to his real life fight with Lynn the previous night, the game visual making it painfully easy to remember what it felt like to be body scissored by powerful thighs himself.

Only half focused now, Jackson began to button mash in a panic to break free before he lost the game.

“Aaaaaall wrapped up with no where to go.” The female character taunted in the game, Jackson’s character grunting and groaning as he struggled.

“Hey! Just like you against mom last night, right?!” Presley laughed, completely unaware of the real affect this was having on him.

A few seconds later, with one final pulse of her legs, his character’s health bar was drained to zero. “Yes!” Presley exclaimed. “Guess you couldn’t hang with me.” She smirked in victory.

“Yeah yeah, you got me.” Jackson lightly conceded, partially glad it was over.

Her character’s victory animation played out, the blonde fighter dropping into a dominant, humiliating victory pose of a split right on the defeated male character’s face, flexing her arms.

“Ooooh, we should act that part out in real life sometime.” Presley playfully suggested with a flirty smile.

Jackson didn’t react initially, his mind elsewhere, but once he did process it, her flirty comment caught him off guard. He could only awkwardly blush and stammer, making her giggle.

A few seconds later, the awkward moment was broken as Victoria barged in. “Okay Pres, ready to do this?” She announced.

“Oh, yep, just give me a second.” Presley said, shutting off and closing her laptop. “Let’s get it over with.” She confidently grinned.

Jackson sat in confusion for a moment, before remembering their earlier words. Were they really doing this?

As Victoria went back to her room, Presley moved to follow her. “Aren’t you gonna come watch?” She asked.

“I think I’ll just stay-“ He began to say.

“Come on! Please.” She said, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. “Don’t you wanna see your next opponent?”

“Alright, I’ll watch.” Jackson agreed, following her.

Seeing Jackson enter her room with Presley, Victoria taunted “You sure you want him to see you get put in your place sis?”

“Of course I want him to see your little sister’s in charge.” Presley teased. “Wait. hold on, I’ve gotta change!” She said, heading to her room.

“Oh! I almost forgot. I’m Victoria.” She introduced herself, while they were alone for a minute.

“Jackson.” He replied.

She was wearing a white top, with dark blue jean shorts, brown boots, and had a tattoo on her arm and thigh. As he looked her over, he found that her thick legs didn’t seem much less intimidating than Lynn’s. He was really hoping Presley would win this now.

As they waited he slowly spoke up, “Are you guys sure you want to do this? Cause after, I don’t really wanna wrestle either of-“ but he was interrupted as Presley reentered the room, freezing him in surprise as she stood before them in just a bikini, with a black top and white flowery bottom piece.

“Really Pres?” Victoria laughed. It was Presley’s preferred outfit to wrestle in, but she hadn’t expected her to wear it in front of Jackson.

“What?” Presley said with a beaming smile.

Jackson stood frozen, unable to take his eyes off her curvy tanned body, his eyes particularly drawn to her busty chest.

“What do you think, does it look cute on me?” She playfully directed to Jackson, giving him a little spin to see it from the back.

Jackson’s face flushed, making her giggle as he tried to keep his gaze at eye level. “I-it, uh…….looks……great.” He awkwardly replied.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Victoria said with a smile. “Ready Pres?”

Yep!” Presley replied, as Jackson took a seat on Victoria’s bed to watch them go at it.

“Since you’ll be wrestling me next, don’t worry, I’m not as strong as mom.” Victoria told Jackson, mostly to tease Presley. “Now, on three, 3…..2…..1!”

While her sister counted down, Presley gave him a smile and a wink, and then they were off as they both carefully took their fight right to the floor, messily rolling around as they struggled for position.

Ending up on their hands and knees with Victoria’s arm wrapped around Presley’s body, Victoria swung a leg over Presley and took her back, looking for a choke. Presley immediately went on the defensive, blocking her sister’s attempts to get an arm wrapped her neck and under her chin.

As Presley focused on batting Victoria’s arms away, she lost her balance, Victoria’s legs clamping around her waist as they rolled to the side. Once they steadied on their sides, Victoria resumed her attack to sink in a fight ending choke.

“Nope……not losin’ that easy.” Presley grunted, arms protecting her neck.

Growing frustrated as she was unable to slip an arm through Presley’s defences, Victoria abandoned the choke hold attempt, focusing on squeezing her sister’s waist with as much power as she could muster in her thighs.

As he watched on, Jackson winced as Victoria’s focus moved to a body scissor, Presley grunting and squirming between her flexing legs. He knew all too well some of what Presley must be feeling, but luckily for her, Victoria’s legs didn’t seem quite as devastating as Lynn’s. That being said, she clearly did take after her mother in lower body strength.

“Come on sis……tap! He’s mine.” Victoria taunted.

Presley didn’t respond, but she sneakily reached a hand up to one of Victoria’s shoulders, jamming her fingers into her armpit in a tickling motion, Victoria’s loose white shirt leaving the bare skin of her underarm exposed.

The pressure around her waist suddenly stopped as her sister’s legs came open, Victoria’s arms pushing off of her as she rolled onto her back in a burst of laughter.

“Not fair!” Victoria giggled with an involuntary grin on her face as her ticklish spot was taken advantage of.

“Hey, we didn’t agree on any rules, did we Jackson?” Presley asked, before diving on her sister to get on top before she could recover.

Now on top for the first time, Presley quickly slid her stretched out body up Victoria’s as she began to struggle again. Waisting no time, she quickly grabbed her sister’s head once her chest was lined up over her face, hugging it into her bust.

“Say goodnight Vic.” Presley teased as Victoria struggled against her, pulling at her arms and shoulders.

“Mmm ummph urrrmph!” Victoria cried out into Presley’s smothering breasts.

“Aw what’s wrong? It must be soooo soft and warm in there for you.” Presley taunted.

Jackson had to adjust his pants now, trying and failing not to get turned on by the sight before him. He could only imagine what it felt like for Victoria…..

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn later.” Presley grinned to him, snapping his focus back to their fight and away from a fantasy of having his own face buried in her boobs.

As Victoria’s struggles began to lose intensity, Presley shook her head around a bit in her cleavage, playing with her as she fought to suck in air. As Presley looked over to wink at Jackson, Victoria lurched, suddenly rolling them over in a last burst of strength.

Losing her leverage, Presley’s arms weren’t strong enough to contain Victoria face down in her tits. A red faced Victoria popped free from her pillowy prison, gasping for air.

“No no Vic, it’s time for your nap.” Presley teased, reaching up to pull her sister’s face back into her boobs, but her arms were swatted away as Victoria sat up and scooted up her body with urgency, shoving Presley’s arms down now that she had the leverage.

“Alright, now you’re done Pres.” Victoria declared, seated on her throat. “Tap, or you know what’s next.”

“No way! Make me.” Presley defiantly replied.

On cue, Victoria cupped her hands under Presley’s head, and rolled her into a side headscissor. The first chance to wrestle Jackson, would be her’s.

His arousal fading and being replaced with cringing, Jackson watched as Presley was rolled to her side, Victoria’s legs snapping shut around her neck. As Presley’s desperate struggling to break free from her legs began, he could tell from his own experience with Lynn’s legs wrapped around his neck, that Victoria’s thighs would finish her.

Victoria adjusted her hair now that she had a moment to collect herself, with Presley helpless between her legs. “Come on Pres, that all you got?” Victoria taunted, flexing her thighs around choking Presley’s neck.

Her face turning colors, Presley desperately tried to shoot a hand up towards Victoria’s underarm, but this time her hand was caught by Victoria’s. “Aw, you wanna hold hands while you go to sleep?” Victoria smirked.

Getting lightheaded and dizzy, Presley wisely tapped out within a few seconds.

“Woo!” Victoria shouted, releasing her and jumping up to her feet in victory. “Suck it sis! You’ll have to wait your turn.”

“If……I wanted too…….I would’ve had you…..in the smother.” Presley heaved.

“Yeah yeah, Pres.” Victoria replied. “So, think you can do better?” She smirked to Jackson.

“Uhm, like I was trying to tell-“ he quietly began, but Victoria cut him off.

“Come on, let’s use your room. That way lil’ Presley can lay in here and rest for a while, looks like she needs it.” Victoria teasingly grinned.

Getting her breath back and slowly sitting up, Presley playfully shot back “Sounds like someone needs to spend the day bound up in their own closet again!”

“Hey! Using rope was cheating! And you know it!” Victoria complained.

“You call it cheating, I call it usin’ what I got.” Presley smirked. “I’m good with knots.”

“Okay, whatever, let’s go.” Victoria announced, taking Jackson’s hand and leading her prize out of the room.

“I’ll show you sometime!” Presley whispered to Jackson with a grin as he was lead out.

Jackson awkwardly followed her lead out into the hallway with no resistance. He was unsure how to say it at this point, with every attempt to voice the fact that he did not want to wrestle again, going ignored. Now that she and Presley had had a whole fight between themselves over it, he felt much more trapped in the situation than he did before. They were really invested now.

He was also caught off guard that she was looking to do this immediately. Surely she or Presley would’ve wanted/needed some sort of break after their own fight, giving him some time before he actually had to deal with it. Apparently not. She was ready for a round 2, now.

As they stepped up to his bedroom door, he shyly paused her. “V-…Victoria?”

“Yeah?” She replied.

“Do you…….think we can push this to tomorrow, instead? My sides are still a bit sore from…….you know.” He said, embarrassed to be admitting this to her and using it as an excuse.

“From mom’s legs?” Victoria teased, at his hesitation to say it.

“Yeah.” Jackson answers, anxiously running a hand through his air.

“Of course we can.” Victoria smiled. “I’m beatin’ you at your best.

“Thank you….Vic.” He said.

As she walked back to her room to rejoin Presley, Victoria said playfully “Tomorrow night, me and you.”

Once she stepped back into her room and out of sight, Jackson turned and entered his own room.

Well, at least he’d gotten out of it for now, but he knew tomorrow night would come quickly. Maybe if he just gave them what they wanted, one chance each to wrestle him, they’d be satisfied and leave him alone as far as the wrestling stuff went, for the rest of the time he was here. That was probably the easiest route. He could handle 2 matches against the girls, to get them off his back about it without making a big deal over it, right?

That was that then.

He settled down and returned to his games, finally able to play in peace, temporarily forgetting all about having to wrestle Victoria the next night.

End Of Part 2.

- Part 2 is here. It might not be quite what you were expecting, but things will heat up very soon. The F/M ‘action’ is more psychological and verbal in this part, and then we finish with Presley Vs Victoria. I know most of you prefer F/M, and that will be the focus of this story, but an F/F match served a purpose here, and I think it’s useful to give you a bit of a ‘hierarchy’ of the characters.
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