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Default Re: Mass Effect- Generational Feud

little commission I did

Generation one

Zack Tildon was sitting at a stool in the bar. It was a dive bar at some dead end of a small moon. He looked outside the window and saw the stars. He watches the ships going by zooming from factor to factor. This is a mining planet mostly, small. A lot of underground businesses were here too. All sorts of a shady deal by backwater scum. But he was not one of them. He was a fighter, a traveler. He always dreams of space, meeting new aliens. Grand adventure of people like Shepard.

He didn’t see himself as the smarted or a leader but what he could do is fight. He knew how to think on his feet and move on his feet. He was talented at it. But watching humans fight regular fights wasn’t popular on earth anymore with people who could move stuff with their minds and bend steel. That was until he heard of inter-species fighting. Aliens challenging each other. They wanted to push each other. The idea of those fights excited him. He got his love of fighting. He was competitive. People underestimated humans. He would use that for his advantage. He wasn’t a bulging muscle. He was in shape. His body was a tone and shredded. He had firm abs. His hair was short and black, and he had a boyish looked. Being not a big guy but having a lot of muscle made him strike hard and fast. He studied every alien’s body and knew how to attack him. Zack took a certain bit of pride in representing humans. They were looked down upon by other people in the citadel. He considers himself the scrappy underdog that would overcome. It was like a hero from old novels like John Carter. He was a conquering hero. He wanted to show humans were the best fighters in the galaxy. He did some surprise wins under his belt. He even had some interviews with some reporters and was slowly rising. Zack had a few small advertising deals and was hoping to get a large endorsement. But an Agent was needed, and he let to pick one.

He always found them a bit shady. He considers himself a renegade working alone like some of his heroes. Also, the idea of cutting what little cash he got he didn’t like. Travel across planets, getting time at a gym, hotels fees were expensive enough. But as he rose, he figures it was time to get one

“Enjoying your drink Handsome” The Bartender Said

The Bartender was a woman with long black hair. X military by the looks of it. She had tattoos down her arm”

There were also benefits that lady love fighters. He always wanted to sleep with aliens. He had some sex at the brothels before with what little money he got

“It’s Good”

“Lady behind the bar order you something.” The Woman Said

It was an Asari. He could tell that she was tall a big girl. He wonders if she was big. After all, he always loves muscle-bound girls. He knew the Asari could manifest fantasies into being. She could be a tentacle monster as far as he knew.

“Watch out for them. There is dangerous” The bartender Said

“That kind of thinking going to hurt in your business servicing aliens”

“Not all aliens the same. Bunch of Succubi” The Bartender Said

The Asari stood up. She was wearing a skintight catsuit. It was blue, with red lines. She looked at the bartender.

“Why don’t you leave us to talk” The Asari Said

The Bartender Left her and worked with other customers

“My Name is Shia-ri” The Asari Said

“That’s a b…beautiful name” Zack Said

His mouth was wide open. He notices it in the mirror and quickly closing. His heart was skipping a beat like she was in a prizefight. He was nervous now. More nervous than he had ever been

“What’s your name,” Shia-ri asked


“That’s a beautiful name,” she Said with smirked

“I am normally much cooler,” Zack said

“Sure, you are. What brings you here”

She was taller than him. Her arms were thick. He could tell even under this outfit. Her breast was massive. She ordered a bottle and took a swig of it

“I am here to fight. They are having an interspecies fight”

“Oh, heard of that. How long have you been doing it”?

“2 Years”

“You are good,” She Asked with a smiley face running her fingers down his neck “small for a fighter”

“I am GREAT. Maybe the best”

“Oh, really now. THE BEST” she Said with a smile

“Yea…The best. I may not be the strongest, but I am the smarter. I built my body for speed and quick Jabs. No one can avoid my rights hooks”

“Heard your defense is pretty good” Shia-Ri Said

“Oh, so you do know me. A bit of a fan I see” he said with a boyish Grin

“Yea. You're cute. Normally the other fighter has a broken nose and cauliflower ears”

“Those people who Don’t know how to avoid a punch”

“Few Stay pretty forever in this fighting game,” she Said

He looked at her. Man did she smell wonderful. It was intoxicating. She didn’t wear makeup except for her eye shadow but she still looked like a supermodel. He never had it with an Asari like this. They were awfully expensive

“Handsome you mean,” He Said “But I take the compliment. You sweet on me”

“More than Sweet. Want to fuck your brains out” Shia-Ri Said

He nearly choked on his beer. She laughed and touched his leg. She felt his cock through his pants. He moaned went to kiss her. She pushed his lips away

“Not today. Tomorrow”

“After I win the big fight hu,” he Said

“Win or lose, going to fuck you. But was hoping maybe you think about taking the fight off.”

“Why you with some Bookie or something”

“Naaaa I was hoping you didn’t get hurt. Heard the fighter you are fighting is tough. What do they call…”?

“Never met him. Pretty sure he calls himself THE DESTROYER. Sounds like some Bullshit. Haven’t seen a picture of him. He is pretty new”

“How you know it’s he,” Shia-ri said

“Well, I mean to be tough as he says it is…Got to be a HE right.”

“That the same underestimation people make up humans you know”

“True…True. What he…she. or whatever you want to say is still not unstoppable. The stuff they say about the destroyer got to be Bullshit”

“You mean the one where the Destroyer put the last six fighters in the Hospital. Could be true. Very little Rules”

“And sure, the destroyer shits THUNDERBOLTS…and took out the Reapers with one hand around his back”

“Well Tell you what. Tell me where you are staying. Tomorrow Be in the hotel waiting for you”

He wrote down his number on a piece of paper. He also wrote where he was spraying

“Wait don’t you need to get the key”

“Don’t worry I will Get in” Shia-Ri Said

She got up shaking her hips. She looked at him

“His next few rounds on me,” Shi-Ri said

He went to sleep thinking and dreaming about this wonderful woman. It was a crappy apartment, but it got the job done. He woke and then looked around

“Damm, I got to get an agent and manager,” he Said

He got a shower and then got himself something to eat. He practices a bit to get in shape. He had been in the best shape of his life. He was ready. The turnout of this fight was pretty good. It was a packed house. He walked to the ring as music was blaring across the loudspeakers. He walked in

“Welcome to the INTERGALACTIC WRESTLER league. On the stage is Zack Tildon of Earth. The MAN with the LIGHTING FIST”

He raised his hand in the air as the crowd cheered


The crowd got louder from some of the humans in the crowd. On the other end, spotlights appeared down the ramp as a figure in a big robe was walking down


The Destroy walked into the ring. He thought he was ready, but he wasn’t ready for what happened next. The Destroyer dropped her robe showing the tone of the body with big tits. She had curves for days and was an opposing figure. Seeing it, the lust of her washed over him like a wave. His cock got rock hard in his tight shorts for the crowd to see. He blushed

“Sure, you’re not hiding a weapon in there,” she Said

“You lied to me. What that some sort of intimidation tactic”

“Didn’t lie cutie. I did put those people in the Hospital. And I do plan to fuck you senseless. But I won’t be as gentle as you thought my little man. But I won’t put you in the hospital for too long. Want to play with you first”

“You don’t scare me”

“Yes, you do,” she Said

She walked toward him. Her breast was bouncing up and down as she walked. They were big and juicy with thick nipples. They were H cup tits, large and full. They were like two big pillows. They waved back and forth slapping together

“I can hear your heart beating and that cock throbbing,” she Said

She faces off against him facing down. She was tall enough where she had to stare at her breast. Her ass was thick and so were her legs. She licked her lips looking down on them. She was wearing a skimpy bikini, two pieces. It was black. The top was struggling to hold into those gigantic breasts

“Try not to kill each other” The Ref Said

“I Do my best”

“This is the first to get three falls match. Submission, knock out or Pin” The Ref Said

They got onto each side of the ring and the bell ring. He went to fight her. She shot off like a rocket spearing him with a tackled. He has lifted it off her feet. He gasped for air and held onto his ribs. He thought she broke a rib. He was moaning in pain, not unexpecting such force and speed. Before he knew it, she was lifted up in a suplex. He was tossed across the ring and slammed into a ring post. He was hanging down

“Come little man put up a fight,” she Said

She ran toward him and slammed her fits into his face. She was smothering him. He was moaning

“Did you say something? Sorry Can’t hear you through this large tit.”

She let him go as he gasped for air. He tried to punch her. His fist was slamming against her breast nearly singing into it. She was slamming her elbows into him. She was backed up and did a couple of punches to his already bruised ribs. Her fist slammed into her stomach. Her tits seem like they weighed a ton to him. She slapped him on side of the face with might mammies and then hit him on the other. He was knocked out cold. She let him lay into her breast so the ref would not notice

“Wake up,” she Said

She had smelling salts she slipped between he breast. She popped open the pilling letting him wake up. He was squeezing her tits trying to push off

“Welcome to the land of the living wimp,” She Said, “See you're getting a nice touch.”

“No, I am not” He Cried out

“Ohhh can already smell the pre-cum. Like it gets those hands around those big sweaty tits. Let me help you”

She slipped his hand under her top. He was squeezing her hard nipples. She was slamming her fits into his face. She was rubbing her thick thighs against him. His cock was thick as steal now. He gasped taken aback by this powerful woman. He was turned on by her power. Her pheromones dripping against her nostrils nearly knocking him out. The scent was an aphrodisiac

“That it no perfume you know. Purely part of my DNA. All my species have it. Ohhh your hands are soft. Like a little boy” she Said

He was trying to punch her stomach and it was doing nothing. She lifted him and slammed him on the ground. She leaped up and slammed ass first. She was watching the trend in her pants as she buried him in his ass. He was kicking

“I did try to warn you,” she Said

His nose was pushed into her asshole. She was grinding into him. Shia-ri was riding her face grinding against him putting her whole weight. He desperately tried to push him off. He struggles to breathe. His blood was rushing to his cock.

“Quit your panicking boy,” She Said “Just hear the roar of the crowd”

He was moaning. He was ready to pass out. She grabbed his wrist to stop him from tapping out

“Study you, Humans. You can breathe longer than most people think. But you always panic at about the 30 seconds marked. Which cut your breathing time in half” she Said?

She lifted her ass as she slammed her huge sweary ass cheeks down. Sweat splashed off her ass. She wrapped her legs around his cock. She was stroking his cock with her thighs. She was rubbing his cock between her legs faster and faster

“Cum on little man,” She Said “You will not get air today”

She felt his cock pulsated. The oxygen was leaving his brain.

“Can’t plan that well when you get hit by a Tank like me Lil human”

He screamed as he came in his pants. The audience saw a stain in paints as cum dripped through his shirt. He moaned with pleasure. The climax being the greatest he ever has. His face got lost in her ass. The audience started to cheer at this display of smut. Shew as making work of his cock. She lifted him up and he gasped for air

“Now you could have walked away” Shia-Ri Said “But you little humans were always a cocky species. Thinking you can overcome things with will and spunk. I do admire it in a way. That positive attitude but it gets you in trouble”

She slammed him in the ring post. He moans as she went to punch. He leaped up with a kick to the face knocking her back. He knew she had to capitalize. He got to the top rope and leaped off. She grabbed him mid-air holding him in both her arms. She slammed him down on her knee. He moaned in pain as she slammed him down again

“Going to get really sexual soon” Shia-ri Said

She held him over her head. The crowd cheered and flashed pictures. She slammed him down with a huge body slammed. She then slammed down on his face ass first. She held his hand down and went for the pin. 1…2…3


He tried to crawl away to the ropes. She just laughed. She pulled him by the legs and swung him across the ring. She got on top of him and pulled off his shorts. She tossed it and grabbed his underwear


“Silly little Human it’s no Rules here,” she Said

She grabbed him off and then took off his boots. She stomped on him repeatedly to stop him from getting up. She grabbed his socks leaving him naked. He tried to cover his crotch. She grabbed him and put him upside down. She started sucking his cock making him moan. His cock was already hard as the thick veiny shaft went into her soaking wet mouth. The salvia dripped down his cock soaking it. He moaned as her tongue did a twister around his mouth. It wrapped around his shaft as her strong muscles. He squeezed her thick thighs

“Ohhh Fuck” he Said his lip quivering

“You little Humans have to learn your place. It’s a VERY DANGEROUS Galaxy up there”

“Damm you. I will defeat you”

She started to suck faster. Tears of pleasure ran down his face

“Really. You think you will be the savior of the humans” she Said

She changed the move and held him in a headlock. She started stroking his shaft with her free hand.

“TELL ME” She screamed out to the audience “Do you want to see me CRUSHED THIS HUMAN”

The crowd cheered. He knew the aliens would, but the earthlings did as well. She laughed stroking and rubbing his shaft. His body shook with pleasure

“See your Humans LOVE to be Dominated. That Why I loved fucking you so much” She Said “Think that why they love Jumping into danger so much. Why do they seek powerful being hoping to find someone they can bow to”?

“Fuck” He cried out ready to cum

“Not Let,” she Said

She put him over her shoulder and spun him around for a slammed. Her thighs wrapped around his waist and squeezed

“arggggggg” He cried out as the steal thighs

“Come try to part them”

He struggled but they closed harder. He screamed as she felt another rip snapped. She took off her top showing her big breast massaging them together. She sucked them in front of him as the crowd cheered

“Thought I show you what you’re fighting for”

He cried out tapping wildly. He was begging for it to stop. The ref told her to let go

“SECOND point goes to THE DESTROYER” The Ref Said

Shia-ri got up and did some shadow boxing as Zack struggled to get up. He saw her Dancing around and went for a leg. She backflipped gracefully and picked him up from behind for another Suplex. She put his ass in her face and straddled his body. His cock was put between her tits as she rubbed his cock between

“Dammit this not fighting,” he Said

“This is FUCK fighting. Should have known what type of fight you were in kid. Well to be fair this is more of a slaughter than a fight”

He saw her gigantic ass coming toward him and could not stop it. She smothered him as her tits battered his cock between them. Her sweat made for a nice slide

“Let me push this G-strung back so you can get your nose in,” she Said

She pushed back her G string and force his nose between her cheeks. It didn’t take long. His cock was like melted buttered between her tits as he came and stuff load. Long ropes shot out off his cock. She sat on him so the crowd could see the cum dripped from her breast. She grabbed his arm and foot a foot on his chest stretching

“You're so cute when you scream,” she Said

She started stomping him senselessly. She picked him up and had his face between her tits smothered him against the ring post. She ripped off her G string and slipped his cock in. She then put a nipple in his mouth

“Suck it,” she Said

His human cock couldn’t take her aliens pussy. It wasn’t mean for just wonder. He cried tears of pleasure as he shot load after load having multiple climaxes. His body was wrecked by them as he was floating in the air sucking like a baby. She moaned grabbed him. She wrapped her arms around him crushing him

“About to CUM!!!” She Spoke

She let out a scream of pleasure as her climax was like she was riding a wave. She pulled him out and stood on his feet. She slapped him with her tit, and he hit the ground. The Red counted the knocked out. It hit 10 and the match was called

“Winner…THE DESTROYER” The Ref Said

The crowd cheered. Zack got up humiliated. Lucky healing has advance broken bones were mending. He went to his hotel. He decided not to take his room. He rented another cheaper one out of fear of meeting her. He was woken up by the door is open up. He was shocked to see Shia-ri standing over him

“Waiting in that room for half an hour. Figure you went rabbit on me. So handsome got the owner of the place to tell me where you were hiding, and he gave me a room key”

“Wait hold on”

She started to take off her clothes and smiled

“Don’t worry Got an ambulance waiting for you. Going to fuck your senseless kid” she Said

She fucked him into the night. Or whatever night passed for her. It was always night. She left the room and had some people she paid to get to the doctor. Another Asari was there. Her manage name “Kia”

“Great fight. People Love it. Shame though. You may be going too rough on them. Few people going to want to fight you. But it was a good payday. REAL good”

“Can you see him up with a manage after going to the Hospital? Without knowing it I. Manager to”


“Why humans used to breed their pets to create new pets for the future. Kind of like that idea. Give him a cut from the sales” She Said taking out a wad of cash “Medicals bills on me. Figure see him again and that will more of them make up for the money”

Day’s past. He was embarrassed and shame. She saw her bragging on the news story of how she destroyed him. She continued to destroy other humans. But that didn’t stop him. He was making a comeback. He was going to get stronger. More enhance if he needs are. The league allowed for exotic supplements that made him stronger. But he had to start from the bottom after the defeat. He fought in underground fights, slowly moving up back to the league. He got a better endorsement to. Learn to play the game, invest his money. His manager and Agent were pretty stand-up guys that help him. He practices as much as he could. He even won some trophies, belts, and money

A year Later Shia-Ra was on earth holding the belt in one of the leagues. It was a few planets; Earth was part of them. There were many outfits for interspecies wrestling and there were talks of mergers. Just got to get it passed through some legal hurdles. Shia-Ra was on the stage

“I think a MERGER will expand the INTERGALACTIC WRESTLING, and untied multiple planets with the love of fighting, and sex. Everyone loves a show. And I hope expanding it will make for a good challenge”

“Challenge then WHY you are ducking me,” A voice Said

She looked out and saw Zack. Zack looked better shaped than before,

“How he got past Security” Kia whispered to him

“I told them to. She said with a whispered

“Guess you don’t remember me”

“Yes, I do ZACK TILTON. Man, who I humiliated a year ago” She Said hearing people laughed “Plus I don’t fight you. You’re a DIFFERENT league than I am”

“That was a long time ago. WORLD champion here”

“You’re a champion of Luna. or what you called Earth.” She said “Not the galaxy”

“Well between me and you. Think EARTH has some of the best. Haven’t you heard we are in a golden age? Arts. Commerce, science. It is why where one of the most visited planets. We cleaned our oceans and made out places beautiful with science. And now you’re about the witness our SWEETEST science. Boxing and wrestling”

The crowd cheered

“It’s time for EARTH to stand UP!!”

“Well, I can’t. Your planet leader won’t allow our league to fight. They clearly think you are weak. Maybe because of your famous failure”

The crowd booed at some of the leaders at the conference to discuss the merger. One of them stepped up

“Now hold…on…I just want people to be safe. Intergalactic fighting is dangerous…for…”

“Human’s senator…I AGREE”

“Now I didn’t say that” The Senator Said

“Well how about I expedition match. To see what our fighting can do”

“SOUND lovely. I can even discuss Earth get a high cut of the broadcast. The highest of the planets involve since were doing it. We could have a few different species fighting. Think of the tourism”

The crowd cheered loudly. The senator held in his anger. He knew he couldn’t say no

“FIND an expedition”

“See their sweetie” Shia-Ra Said

The fighting was happening. It had several fighters. What was one night even turn into a two-night event? It made people a fortune. One of the most watch events with music, and spectacle. Shia- Ra had two fights. One with cybernetic enhances human who spent most her time in space adjust to the heightened gravity. She came out of retirement for this match. Shia-ri let her get some punches in but soundly defeated her. Her name was Bella, a tattoos tough girl. It was time for Zack. Shia-Ra was in the fight. When she walked in the humans didn’t know who to root for. This goddess to dominate him, or the boy from the home team. Zack was ready. Shia-ri was in the same outfit as before. The fight would be Pin only, fall counts anywhere

“Remember this outfit,” she Said

“Will be on the ground after I’m finished,” Zack said

The belly ran. Shia-ri went for a tackled. Zack moved like the wind and caught her in the ribs and back

“Come on a little slow”

He swung and he caught her in the stomach. It didn’t break through her abs. He uppercut her tits and leaped back to avoid a swing.

“Going to dance around all day”

“You bet your ass I will if I knock you OUT”

She caught her with a few rights and left but she stayed on her. He saw an opening and caught her with a right hook. She went to her knee. He went for a kick, but she caught and swung him into a ring post. She was standing over him. He saw a smile on her face. She had fallen to her knees on purpose. She knew he would go for attack

“Silly little man you got greedy. This only one fall so I got to take by the time” she Said

She swung him around and around. The world was spinning as she tossed him. He hit the ground hard. She went for a frog flashed as tons of tits slammed on him. She carried them around like they weighed nothing. It did to her. But to him, it was like a building had fallen on him. She took off his shorts again

“Ohhh Zack I was holding back last time,” she Said

She was slapping her tits against him as she lipped her bottoms off. She came down with a storm of punches as the crowd. She grabbed his cock

“See your muscle weren’t the only thing you enhance”

She picked him up and put him up and put his legs over her shoulder and held him she sucked his cock

“Yes…. YESSSS” The crowd cheered at this amazing bit of strength

He cried out as the rating was going up. More people brought a recording of this. He cried as his cock was getting tossed around like it was his washing machine. He cried out and tears of pleasure soaked his eyes once more.

“I am cumming” He Cried

She climbed the top rope as she sucked him. He exploded in her mouth with long multiple bursts of cum. She tossed him off from this height through the announce table. It's like he falls off the cliff. She raised her hand as gargled the cum. The crowd cheered at this lewdness. Chants of “HOLY SHIT!!” was heard or “AGAIN AGAIN”

She stood on the ring post and leaped off ass first. It came down on his chest. He moaned as he felt a crack.

“Come on Zack…don’t pass out here,” she Said

Jumping off had restarted the ring-out count. He was knocked out. She slapped him to try to awake him then grabbed someone's beer and poured it on him. He awoke

“If it helps, I think you just got me my Merger by the way the crowd reacted”

She tossed him in the ring. He was seeing stars, not knowing where was. She grabbed him from behind holding him doing suplex without letting go. She stood up and did it two more times, her pussy was exposed to the crowd each time she did it. She swung him into the ring post. He bounces like a ping pong. She slapped him back and forth with her large breast. The crowd counted to 10, each number they got louder. She wrapped smothered him with her large breast again

“That it lets put you to sleep,” she Said

He struggled and then his arms went limp. She put him over her shoulder and carried him into the crowd. She straddled him. People were in amazement at this wonderful creature. A lot of the Earthers have never seen anything like this. She poured more beer on him

“Ohhh covered in beer again what a Lush,” she Said

She straddled him riding his cock. He screamed. His orgasmic screamed was here through the crowd and picked up on broadcast across the galaxy. Her mighty tits bounce up and down. He tried to part her legs

“Ohhhhhhh Fuck…Fuck…STOP…STOP” He cried

He tried to tap her legs

“Sorry, sweetie…PINS only” she Said

Kia watches from afar smiling. She had to check what hospital where Bella was at. Meanwhile, Shia-Ri's legs close around Zack making him screamed. She lifted his body with every thrust

“Can you feel my pussy squeezing the life out of your ZACKY!!” She Spoke

“No stop,” he Said banging on those abs

“All those new muscles didn’t stop you from getting his ass kicked. She screamed as she was starting to cum”

She screamed with a climax her body shaking. She edges Zack making him beg to cum. He is holding on for dear life as his knees went to Jelly. She did it for a couple of minutes Letting his cup with a climax that nearly broke his body in half. She laid against him and carried his body

“Think the people in the back seats need to see you HIT it in the BACK” She laughed

Her pussy was dripping with cum. She slammed him against the pillar and slipped his cock between her ass cheeks.

“Please no more. It's too much” he Said

Tears fail down his back soaking her back. They were cheering her on

“Come on Humans BOW DO YOUR GODDESS AS I crush this weak earthling”

The crowd cheered. She loved her dominance. She allowed Zack to cum. He passed out as she put him on the ground. She places a foot on his chest and went for a pin. She smiled and grabbed a few cute looking humans with her

“See you around”

Zack woke up in the Hospital. He has been out for 24 hours. He woke up groggy. He saw a beautiful woman with tattoos standing over her

“Damm thought she beat MY ass,” she Said

“Who are you”

“Names BELLA. I am a fighter. Well, was. Mostly a trainer”

“Yea heard of some of your gyms.”

“Saw some of your matches. Pretty good. Little Sloppy. And that one wasn’t the best. It was like you went to a tank with a rock. There are different weight classes you can fight in you know”

“Well, I like poking the bear,” he said with a smile

“Your cute” Bella Said “If you want you and your coach or trainer can come by the Gym anytime you want”

“Well don’t have either of those”

“You don’t have a trainer or Coach” Bella Said

“It's like to be a loner”

“Or your cheap” Bella Said

“Both can be true. But this last fight got me some money. Could use a trainer. You available”


The years passed on. Bella became his trainer and later lover. He and the Destroyer fought several times having a bit of a rivalry. She was a white whale he couldn’t fight. She would find a way goading him into a match, either by insults, to his ego picking on him, or the money was just to Damm good. She even fought a few handicaps match with him and Bella or other guys.


Shia-Ri laid against the cage with ufc gloves getting her pussy eaten by Zack. Zack was shaking in fear

“Keep Licking Little Earthling and maybe I end this


There were two moons behind them as she had the back of Zack's head resting between her tits. While the moon was behind her, she showed off her two moons. Zack's arms were stretched as she held him


“You just don’t learn Zack pool. You should have bet your ass. Now its MIND for a week”

Omega Mind Colony Street Fight

She had a chain wrapped around his neck and was pulling on it. She was dress in a dominatrix outfit. She dragged him across the dirty as they fought under a dome.

Battle in the CITADEL

She was naked dripping with cum and Zack over his knees. She spanked him making him cry out for mercy. His ass was Red

Zack and Bella got married never knowing it was Shia-ri's secret playing matchmakers. She knew they would hit it off. And their genetic offspring would be amazingly handsome. They had a few kids one of them being the youngest son with something to prove. The Son name was Billy Tildon. His dad had long injuries giving from years of fighting and there was a humiliation to Tildon name. The reaper war had long since ended and the people of his youth were aimless. Fighting was a good thing to do. As far as they knew though The Destroyer was retired after winning several championships. The merger had happened long ago, and the league spread to the galaxy. She had the longest unbeatable streak ever. Her beat down of Zack was legendary

In a high rise, Kia walked into Kira-Li. Several humans were on the bed collared, passed out

“Got news,” Kia Said stepping over the sex toys

“What is it”

“Someone had signed up to Joining wrestling school”

Kia tossed down the file. Bethany opens it up and gave a big smile. Her pussy was getting wet. He saw a picture of Billy Tildon

“He even CUTER than his father. Got his mother's lovely hair” Shia- Ri “It’s his lucky day. Think he going to win something. Where he won’t have to worry about paying bills for that class”

“Who that generous woman” Kia Smirked

“Maybe the one who has a taste for Tildon Cock” Shia-Ri Smiled

The End for now

Generation 2

A trickled of blood was going down David Tildon's mouth. His left cheek was bruised but he had a smile on his face. His opponent had made a mistake left and opening. He could see it like it was in slow motion. The fighter was named Drogon and tall Krogan species with a bad attitude and a mean left hook. A drone had 20 wins and 2 losses. 18 of those wins were knocked out so that meant he was going for a knockout most of the town. The creature didn’t like to keep the fight long. Drogon had to go for the haymaker with a left-it side opening. He knew these species' weak spot. He gave a few punches that side. She moved to the side of him during the punch. The creature was hit with an uppercut that nearly knocked his lights.

The crowd broke out in cheers. He wasn’t going for the key move left. When people could taste the wind is where they made mistakes. They got cocky. They got impatient. She was working the sides and the create kidney hat was a bit higher than Humans. He moved fast working the stomach.

“Come on big guy,” he Said

Drogon growled looking over to him. It gritted its teeth

“Going to break you in half-human” Drongon Said

Drogon had thick eyes, that was purple. It moved a little slower due to the sides of its body. That meant Drogon was a little slower

“Wow he taking his time” One of the Announcer

The announcer was a Valerian named Dex. He was floating on a stand watching the fight. He knew that David always put on a good show due to his smarts and speed. It was very tactical in his fight. It was like a dance. Drogon launched with a punch. He paired to the right and caught him with a punch to the side of the face. The Dragon’s was staggering. The eyes were bouncing around in his eyelids. He ducked under The Drogon and caught him under his elbow and to the side of the face. He knew the Krogon had a blind spot-on part of his eye. He ducked under the Krogon reach and was working the body with rabbit punched. He was slight enhance due to growing up in a different gravity and legal psionics that made his punch faster

“Look like the upstart got him” Talia-Zor

Talia was a Drill woman, very tall and regal. She was an Ex-fighter herself and saw skilled in the young talent. The young fighter had been in the pro game for five years slowly building up his rep. He was put through school through a mysterious benefactor and his Father Zack Tildon. Zack had been a top fighter like him. He was retired after a few humiliating beatings by his Riva Shia-Ri- A woman known as the Destroyer. He was putting the family humiliation behind every punch. It was the anniversary of the last fight

“And here comes the knockout” Talia-Zora Said

David winded up the punches. His eyes had a neon glow. It was hot pink due to spending some time living on a base next to a Nebula when he was a baby. He was touched by a Neon sky. He put his force with his punch using his whole body. He knocked down the Krogon. The ref counted to 10. And he was declared the winner

“Yes…. YES” The crowd Said

“This is FOR YOU DAD,” he said pointing to the sky

Knocking this guy out he would be on in the running for a championship match in a couple of months. The current Champ was a Turian named Braxton. He had multiple belts under his name and was undefeated for 2 years straight. So even though Braxton had other fights before him, David was pretty sure. He walked out and sign some autographs. He walked past a hallway where he kept his head down. This hallway had a picture of Shia-ri standing over her father. In the picture, she was topless with her abs dripping with sweat and cum on her tits. His dad was knocked out with her foot on his chest. It was humiliating to walk past this every day

“David…DAVID” The Cameramen Said

“No time to talk” David Said

“How does it feel to win on the Anniversary of your father last fight” A reporter Said

His fathered had passed. It was a long life. His dad had a lot of daughters and his only Son. He let out a breath of air. He stopped

“It feels GREAT,” He Said

“And what do you say you're known as EARTH Hope. The Human born in space and brought back from the stars to bring the Trophy to earth”

“Think your flatter me,” David Said

“Well just calling them as I see them. You have a FANTASTIC story. And fantastic stories sell Hollo vids” The reporter Said

“What your Name”

“Catherine…Bishop” The Woman Said

She was an older woman quite beautiful still. She had a tall statue figure. He had recognized her. She was pretty high up in the reporting game. David surpassed his father's fighting skills but severely lacked his marketing skills. He always stayed in the shadows being a bit gun shy. He liked just fighting and letting his fist do his talking. But it was time to speak

“It is an HONOR. My father was beaten here…humiliated. For years it took a while for Earth to fight back, saying Asari can beat any Earthly. Well, I am here to say they are wrong. That Earth fighters are some of the best. We have the spirit of commander Shepard in us. Where young, scrappy and HUNGRY”

“You think you can beat her,” Catherine Said pointing to the floor

He smiled looking back

“Let knocked her cane out of her hand. What is she by now like a 100”?

Laughter broke out

“Well, Asari live longer. But I was thinking more in her prime”

“Can spaceship from 100 years ago beat a ship from now? The classic fighter was that…CLASSIC. We learn from them, improve on them and pull fighting into a new generation. The supplement and training regimens we are on are better. The skills we have, and technique surpassed them. This is a natural evolution. Technology approves over time and so does fighting. Sexual, Kung fu weapons, can beat her in all”

“If you had a chance to meet her, what would you say,” Another Reporter asked

He was feeling more confident now. He felt like he had the crowd in his hand. He saw why his dad loved this part of it

“I say BRING it on GRANDMA”

“Grandma,” A sultry voice Said “That makes you my Grandson”

He looked over and was shocked by what he saw. Shia-Ri was standing there. The destroyer herself. She not only didn’t lose her looks but she approved it looking stronger, bustier, and more fit. The Blue Skin beauty was wearing black Latex pants and high heels. She towered over everyone a walking giantess. She had a tight T-shirt no bra showing off her massive arms. Her biceps seem bigger than her head and her breasts were full and firm. Her nipples rock hard pushing against her shirt. She was stunning showing an heir of beauty and magnificent

“How,” He Said

She smiled walking through the crowd. They parted like a red sea. She looked up at the poster.

“Remember that. Your Dad's cock tastes sweet as candy. You might give me a cavity” she Said

She was taller than him she rested her breast on top of her head. She ran her finger down his chest and felt his nipples. He gulps getting an erection. He pushed her away or at least tried to. She had him against the wall

“Come on don’t be like that,” she Said

Her breast was against his face. She felt a reaction against them. Her natural smell was intoxicating. She smelt her sweat and fleshed. The felt so warm and inviting. He was getting lost in it

“Come on like your mother practically. Watch your fight since you were young” she Said

She grabbed his hand and squeezed

“Soft hands just like your father. It felt so good pushing against my ass when I smother him with my Large buttocks”

“ENOUGH,” He Said and slipped it.”

He slides under her legs. She was surprised how fast he was

“That little smothering hold won’t work”

“My Oh my you slippery,” she Said

“W…what do you want”

“Mmmmmmm That stuttering came back. Know you had that as a child. Hopefully those speech lessons I brought you work”

“You…brought me”

“Yes. It was me sending you that money. The Earthling Fight scholarship is funded by me originally. Felt so bad about being rough with your daddy” She Said making a fake pout “You know not the big BAD monster you think I am. That is just for show. Marketing. I and your dad met before the fight and after and little wild night. You almost had another sibling”

His mind was racing at this thought.

“In fact, you can learn some marketing. Mmmmmmm How about an EXHIBITION fight”

“Wait…NO, Not going to fight an old Lady”

“Your cock doesn’t see me as an old Lady,” she said pointing to his erection

He blushed covering himself. He laid against the wall as she punched it making a huge dent

“You’re not SCARED are you”

The cameras zoomed in. People were cheering his named


“Yea KICK HER ASS” Another Said

“I am not scared. You may be able to seduce and play mind games with another fighter but won’t fall for that. This flirt femme fatale stuff may work in the day. But where smart now… were not just macho idiot men who think were dicks. Where train tactician…not just BRUTES like you were…like a caveman”

“Brute…CAVEMAN. Never been called that before. Now we didn’t have that, but I study Earth history. Didn’t they drag little women by their hair to their cave to be fuck senseless? Would love to do that to you” she Said

She walked toward the crowd

“I will donate 2 MILLION ASARI CREDITS to any charity you want,” she Said

People gasp. That went for a lot of money. She walked up to him and ran her finger across his chest.

“I want to see how the NEW generation fight. Sure, the payday for you will be great. And old family rivalry. Sure, it is fun. But you can back out if you like”

“When is it”

“A mother,” she Said

“Yes…. FIND”

“Good old fashion no hold bards fight. A KNOCKout or pin. No holds on sexual attacks bared. A nice fight between old family”

“You’re not my family” David Said

“Yes, but I will spank you like your MAMA,” she said

They left. Catherine gave him her number

“You got a face for TV kid. Do some interview with me and I make you a star”

“Don’t want to become a star…I am a fighter” he Said sticking out his chest

“Everyone wants to be a star kid” Catherine Said and walked outside

She saw Shia-Ri waiting for her. Shia-ri slipped her some cash and kissed her. She pushed her tongue in her mouth and grabbed her ass

“Thanks for goading him” Shia-Ri Said

“People say they don’t want the limelight. But everyone does. Also, he a Tilton he will come to light like a moth to a fire. Try to go east on the kid”

“Don’t worry leave some leftovers for you to play with.” Shia-ri said feeling her hands against her muscles “And make sure not to damage the face. I know you need that for your photoshoots later”

“You better not,” Catherine Said playing hitting her firm chest “It's been a while since we had a fight that pretty”

“It like someone genetic matches him to be that way. Damm Zack. He had fiver DAUGHTERS …Five till I got a hot piece of tail out of it. Lucky the man kept pounding till he got a son”

The Next month David watch all her fights. He studies them like they were ancient tombs. He invests and enhancement to make him faster and stronger. He was ready. He was in shape before this. He had abs, pecs, and nice biceps. It was slimmer but very athletic. He spent hours in the gym training and had people sparing with him. He was ready. David had to admit she wasn’t lying about how big an of the scene this would be. They got a match at an arena opening for an intergalactic fight league. And she did donate the money to the charity. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. Maybe she wasn’t that scary. His dad was a showman after all. He rarely talked about his time with her. So he really didn’t know what went on behind the scenes. The whole being his secret benefactor was probably bullshit anyway. He looked out the window seeing the two moons on the planet he was on. He did a few interviews with Catherine and even got a cover of a magazine

“This for you pops”

It was the night of the fight. He was pumped coming out to his music. He may have been in the best shape of his life. Speed, the technique will win this match. BRAINS vs Brawn. Suddenly music played. Out came Shia-ri. Light beams shot in the sky spelling out “The DESTROYER”. She was oiled up making her 40-inch biceps glisten. She looked like a complete beast. She wore a belly shirt that said “Destroyer” And Gym shorts showing off his massive thighs. All his planning didn’t stop the fear from going up against his spine and his hand from shaking

“Time to fight little man,” she said holding the microphone

She had some dark eye shadow making him look like a Viking. It was battle paint. She had on her black lipstick and black nail polish. She leaped up landing on the end of the ring and flipped into the ring over the ropes

“Ready,” she Said

He nodded. They met and put fist together. The backup and the bell rang. Before he could react with his plan. She was on him with a punch to the face. He moaned staggered. She didn’t light him fall. She punched him in the gut a few tops rocking him. His face was trapped between her breasts

“Silly man…all that planning doesn’t work against a woman as THICK and busty as me. I know your earthling has your stories of fighting against the odds. That is because you have to. Your Humans are small, weak, soft, and cute little things. You live a short life and everything in the galaxy is stronger than you. But you tell your stories and keep fighting. And that so…SO adorable”

She lifted him with a suplex across the ring. He gasped as he hit hard. She grabbed him against grabbed him in a bear hug and tossed him against. His body bounce and hit the ropes. He propelled himself a kick to the chest. She put her palm up

“Almost got me,” She Said

She grabbed him by the leg and tossed him down on the mat. He couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like he was getting hit by a truck. She pulled down his shorts showing his massive ass and thick glues. She tossed it to the crowd. Her pussy was soaked. She bounces off the ropes and came toward her. She leaped in the air and came down ass first on his face. She was smothering him

“That its baby,” she Said

She was grinding against this face bouncing up and down, burying his entire face in her huge buttocks. He struggled to breathe. She rests his arms on her thighs so the ref wouldn’t count. She slammed up and down.

“Let see what that cock looks like,” she Said

She pulled out his cock pulling his shorts. She admires. Years of work come to this. She smiled and spat on her hand. She stroked his shaft using her finger to massage shaft. Her fingers were going against this thick vein. His cock pulsated. She is stroking it with expert skill. Asari salvia dripped in his skin making his cock extra sensitive. Her hand squeezed around his cock like a tight little posy’s. She used pressure pointing edging him

“That’s a good little boy. You want to cum so bad. You want to get all that cum out of your cock. That hot little Jizz for Mama”

She smiled laying back grinding her thick ass against him. His nose was deep against her ass cheeks. He had practiced breathing for this hoping to ride it out. But what she was doing to his cock he didn’t expect. It felt amazing. Like nothing he ever felt. Tears of pleasure soaked his face. She stroked faster trying to beat the bell

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck” He cried

He felt himself to the edge. The heat rising. It felt a gusher cumming as the cum was building. He felt me in balms moaning. The sound was muffled by her sweaty ass cheeks. She was grinding into him. He let out a long moan of pleasure as his cock shot out a stream of cum

“Fuck” he Said

Once it started it didn’t seem to stop. He kept cumming as what seemed like multiple climaxes were coming through his body. He let out a cry of pleasure. The bell rang

“See you soon,” she Said

She walked to her side of the ring. Ge felt bruised all over. Someone put some scent under his hands as lotion was rubbed into him healing him up. She stood against the ring post as the crowd was pumped

“Come on getting it together,” David Said to himself

The bell rang again. He tried to go for an attack. He faked left and then leaped in the air. He caught her with a punch. It caught her by surprise. He started working her abs with pinched lit was like punching steal

“Wow that one caught me by surprise kid,” She Said “But going to take more the one punch to with the fight”

She picked him and smothered him with her large breast. She lifted her skirt and put his face between her large sweaty breast. She was slapping her breast on the side of his face

“Know your practice breathing little man,” she Said

“But have you practice flying,” she Said

She tossed him across the ring and into the ring post. She took off her shirt showing her large tits. She was running toward her and leaped into his tits first. People were cheering the destroyer named just wanting sex violence. Other’s people were awestruck at the destruction she was causing. She did multiple punches to his face and chest

“Come on…. Enough” The Ref Said

“Ok let’s try something different,” she Said

She pulled off his shorts. His cock hung against his cock. Camera’s flash looking at what was a beautiful shaft. She slipped it into her pussy as she ground against him. She was grabbing the ropes fucking him and shaking the ring post

“Gragg yesssssss” she Said

She squeezed his cock to stop him from cumming. Her pussy was soaking his cock as she was pushing against him. His cock was slamming against her pussy walls. A camera flashed as her tits slammed together

“Yea baby Yea” She Screamed

Her plan was coming together. David lay helpless. Years soaked his face as she kept him on the edge

“Don’t you pass out on me? Waited for DECADES for this” she said

She was in the zone and was going to enjoy every minute of it. She was going to keep him right on the peak of cumming till she came. The lovely blue skin alien had his shaft against him. He wanted to submit. She pushed his back against it. He cried out to stop

“Submission doesn’t count sweetie. But keep you quitting our little secret” she Said

The camera zoomed in on her massive tits and the way her biceps flexed with power showing thick veins as she was grinding into him. He felt his cock pulsate inside him. She let out a moan as she climaxes with a nice long multiple

“Ohhhhhhhh that it,” she Said

Her pussy was squirting soaking his cock. She cried out with pleasure.

“That is,” She Said

She picked up the pace making him cum. He shot a huge load in her pussy. She moaned feeling him erupt. He thought this was over but then she slipped his flaccid cock against her ass cheeks getting harder. It sprags to life as her ass cheeks squeeze. He was slipped into her asshole. She squeezed against him

“Ohhh Dammit” He cried against her back

“That’s a good boy…you again,” She Said

He came deep into her ass. She pulled out as the bell rang for the next round. His side help him up

“Tossed in the towel,” He Said

“We can’t if we do You have to pay a massive fine,” One of them said

The round started against. She picked him up in a bear hug. She squeezed. He moaned as he felt some bones crack. He cried out in pain as she slammed him down. She sat on his face riding him up and down. Her pussy was drenched in cum

“Lick me, clean baby,” she Said

She held him down

“Lick me clean and I will end the match next round. If not where going 12” she Said

He did as tell running her tongue against her clit. She grinds as she sucked the clitoral hit. As her citreous got nice and thick fucking his mouth. She moaned squeezing her hand nearly crushing it. She bounces up and down.

“Fuck…fuck. Higher…Lower”

She guided him. The strong scent of Asari pussy juice could make men cum from the smell. He was no exception. He cried out in pleasure. His cock shot out a long stream of cum. The cum sprayed in the air

“Fuck…. fuck” He cried

He came as she rode his face. She started to cum on himself in intense multiple climaxes.

“One more round sweetie,” she said as the bell rang

The bell rang. He was limping. She moved with a big boot to the face knocking him on the ground. She leaped in the air and slammed his ass down on his chest crushing him. He felt the weight of her. She stood up and then her massive ass was over him. She shooed twerking her ass to the pump of people's feet.

“Ready baby,” she Said

She slammed her ass down on his face and went for a pin. She crossed her legs and flexed her arm posing for the crowd. She gave the cameras a wink as the ref finish counting. She won

“Good match handsome” Shia-Ra Said

He doesn’t remember what happened next. He knew he was put on a stretcher and brought to the hospital the next day. The payday had been good, but he was hurting all over. He was laying in the Hospital bed. What happened next was fast. He woke up with Catherine in the seat

“Hello,” he Said groggy

“Hey, honey. You ok” she Said crossing her legs. She was wearing fishnet stockings “You were out for a while”

“How my Career…is it over”

“No…fart from it. The match sold record numbers. A number that hasn’t seen since your father. And it was rewatched time and time again” Catherine Said “People want to see you fighting again”

“NO way. Not going to make the mistake my father did”

He got up feeling groggy. He cracked up an energy drink and started to gulp it down. She had promised an interview with her because he got her some sponsors

“I don’t need to fight. Because I PLAN. I made sure the match with the champions was IRON-clad. Going to kick that guy ass in a few months”

“Who said it going be him”

“Whoever is I got a guaranteed title Shot,” David Said

“Good and can you say that on camera. That you won’t let this match run you out of town. That you will fight the championship no matter what”

“Yes…. YOU DAMM right. I say that TO ANYONE”

“Well, The Champion fighting a challenge” Catherine Said

“Ohm fuck you,” David Said dawning on him who it is

“You may have guessed it…it’s the DESTROYER. Good Luck. I am rooting for you”

A week passed he trained and trained in case she won. It was the night of the match. He watches in a booth in a sports bar. It was The Destroyer vs BRAXTON. When he watches it, his face turns white? It was a slaughter. She tossed him around torturing him for 12 rounds. She looked at the camera sending a message to him. The destroyed complete animated Braxton. He couldn’t watch. He left halfway during the match to his room. He rested and thought about the match

“What the hell I am going to do,” He Said

Midnight the door was kicked open. He saw her standing there with a belt around her waist. It looks so small around her shoulder

“You didn’t go to the after-party,” she Said

“Wait what are you are doing here”

“You know when I first met your father it was at a bar before the fight. He didn’t know I was a fighter then. Didn’t lie but didn’t tell him who I was either. After I beat him, I kicked his door open and fucked him senseless”

She walked up to him and took off her shirt. She grabbed David in her arms and kissed him deeply. She pushed her tongue in his mouth making his arms go limp. Her hand went into his pants and stroked his cock

“You got your mother's smile. FAUGHT he to. Drank from her pussy like it was a sweet tropical drink” she Said

She was like an animal ripping off his shirt and clothes. She held his arm down and licked across his chest. She put a nipple in his mouth

“Suck that fat nipple baby,” she Said

He moaned and started instantly licking her nipple. She pushed her nipple into her mouth. He wrapped his arms around his neck

“I destroyed Braxton in the ring. Going to do the worst to you in the ring. Going to fucked you after that match…and after every fight” She Said “Got a nice fuck Pad going to take you to spend some time there. It's a nice little tropical island. Maybe find some Lovers there, to impregnate and pop out another champion”

She held him in her arms stroking his cock. He moaned with pleasure. She was stroking him to another climax rocking him back and forth

“This as gentle as I will ever be,” she said

That night she took him to her hotel room and fucked him for hours. She used him. He was laid out as she was fucking him hard. He was laid out. The next few months were them of total domination of every fighter she got through. He trained like he never trained before. He fought other Asari. She learns to go without air for a long time. He had goosebumps. Now it was time. He did a lot of sparing to make sure he could take a lot of pain. He entered the ring after those months and was ready. He breathed in the atmosphere. He was fighting in a Dome looking at the rings of the planet he was in. It was mostly a water planet with a few small islands and constant storms. Storms of crystals, shooting neon lights as the moonlights were hitting it. The crowd was pumped. It was known as the CRYSTAL dome. State of the art. The crowd cheered as lighting storms went across. He was ready for it. It was Shia-Ri's time to come up. She was wearing a Cape and Bikini. The top was thin dental floss showing her broad shoulder and thick arms that were nice and sculpted. She walked down the road as the camera zoomed in on her shoulder muscles and traps. Her shoulders were that of a linebacker. She smiled at the crowd. She never took her eyes off him. The bottom bikini was nice and tight showing outlines off her pussy lips. She got in the ring. It was no round. Just last person standing

“This won’t be easy,” she Said

The crowd cheered. His exploding with anticipation. The crowd roared as the belly ran. He came out fast punching her with hard shots to the gut. He found the pressure points. But the destroyer didn’t have in that

“You Just want to eat you up,” She Said

She slapped on the side of the face with her heavy breast. It staggered him. She moved punched him in the gut and moved to the other side of his body and slapped him on the other side. She slapped him again with her tits. She got under him and slammed him with her massive tit. Each tit was like two cannons bigger than his head. She ducked down and slammed her fits into her face slapping back and forth. She didn’t little he fall punching him and keeping him

“Come here baby,” she said

She grabbed him and put his head under the top of it. She moved up and down bouncing so his face was slammed into her tits. A move did on his father. The top of the swimsuit trapped his head under, so he was constantly slamming back and forth against her

“Come on baby lets give them a show,” she Said

She grabbed him by his arm and swung him into the ring post his body bounce off as she caught him and did a back suplex swinging him across the ground

“Fuck” he said

His body was bouncing across the floor. She caught him in her arms and slammed his back over her knees

“Arggggg fuck” He cried out

She pulled down his shorts giving him a hand job as she bent his back. He cried out in pain as she is stroking him. He was shaking with pleasure. She sat against this cock as she stroked his shaft. He was close to cum as she flipped him upside down

“Give me that cock” she Said

She was sucking him as he was upside down. His arms were hanging down. He bangs on her trying to get out. She was playing with her ass cheeks

“Ohhhhhhhh Dammit” He cried

He was deep throating his shaft. He moaned as his tongue slid against her tongue. Her salvia was soaking his cock

“Fuck…fuck” He was moaning

He cried as she slurped his cock. The cum was pumping as he shot a big stream of cm down her throat. She felt it.

“Ohhhhhhhh Destroyer”

“That baby say my name,” she Said massaging her ass cheeks

She was slurping it running her tongue up and down against this massive shaft. Her tongue was dropping salvia down his cock as she slurped the pre-cum from cock.

“Come on give it to me,” She Said

She was milking more and more as tears soaked his face. She slapped his ass spanking him. He was moaning as she was making his ass cheeks. His ass cheeks were red as an apple. She swung him around for a slammed

“Ooooo that has to hurt honey,” she Said

She leaped in the air and slammed his ass on his face. Was she smothering him? She was grinding her ass in the face

“That it smells it,” she Said

She was in complete control of the match now. She slides her body down on and slipped his cock into her pussy. She gripped his legs around his waist. She squeezed her massive thighs around his and was bouncing down on him. She flexed her titanic muscle as lightning strikes hit the domes giving her biceps a nice glow. He was tapping that

“That is your surrender is music to my ears, but it means nothing in this match”

“No more pleasure,” He Said

His cock couldn’t take what she was doing to her. She was squeezing his poor cock with her strong pussy muscles. She slapped him. The sound echoed across the wall. Her legs squeezed harder. He thought he was going to break in two

“AHHH fuck”

He thought he was going to break in two. He cried out as a big multiple climaxes were going through his body. His cock was pumping long streams of cum inside her overflowing pussy. Her legs squeezed like metal walls as she climaxes

“I could destroy. Give you a heart attack right now” she said

He felt his heart stop after the 8th climax. She pumps on his heart with the palm of his hands to keep his heart going.

“My Poor little baby”

She licked across his face. She lifted him up and wrapped her legs around in. She put his face between her breast and smothered him

“Yes, that a good boy,” she Said

She rode him using her ass and pussy. He didn’t think he could cum any more, but she kept him going turning his body into puddy. She lifted him over her head without effort and body-slammed him on the mat. She went for the top rope

“Ready,” she Said

She got to the top. He laid their mootness as she leaped off ass first on his face. The mound of ass fleshed hit him knocking him out cold. She went and picked him up

“You’re not outlet are you,” She Said

She moved his lips and pretended her was speaking

“No, I am now.,. I am READY to fight”

She slapped him awake and held him. She spun him around by the legs over and over. She tossed him into the rope post and leaped again ass first as his poor face

“I never get tired of face shitting,” She Said “Lick my asshole”

She smiled as he felt his tongue deep into her ass. She kept his shoulder up as she is grinding into him

“That it licks it to clean my little man,” she Said

She was grinding into her as she snapped her bra off to the cheering crowd. She tossed it out of the ring to the crowd

“Enjoy boys you can use it as a blanket,” She Said flexing her arms on each side of her tits “People love this pose. It pushed out the breast. You could see nice blue veins up by breast and veins in my muscles come out”

She leaped up and down grinding into him as he slurped

“Know it a lot your cum in there, but you only have yourself to blame,” she said

She changes the position into a scissors hold. She squeezed around him as she beg for Mercy. He tried desperately to try to part her legs. It felt like a solid steal as he tried to slip out

“So, what was your brilliant plant to fight me,” She Said

She laid her elbow on the mat as she flexed her thick arms. It seems even bigger before. He could see not only was her biceps big but doesn’t with thick muscle. She was like a solid steal

“I was arggg…going to try to use pressure point”

“Silly boy Assarai doesn’t have weak spots,” She Said “Well guess you know that now. Namely me. I broke away any weakness a long time ago. It's hard to find weak spots because a lot of the time people see different things when they look at Assari”

She squeezed around his neck now

“We going to be doing a lot of fights. When you heal you're going to be taken to a special hospital. Going to ride you raw”

After 40 minutes of a 5-start match, she pins his broken body. The crowd cheered

“See you later sweetie” She laughed

She walked away as people cheered. It was the start of a very long fighting relationship/

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